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From Mark Hayes <>
Subject Re: [bdbje] [rms] Using int verses Integer and native key/value ordering
Date Tue, 20 Apr 2004 14:26:19 GMT
On Apr 19, 2004, at 11:18 AM, Alex Karasulu wrote:

> Now after my tests showed a nominal 7% improvement using primitives
> over wrappers I realized this was stupid of me to do.  However you'll
> hear this argument over and over again and not every one is going to
> test this out.  They'll complain about though :-).  Might save you an
> email or two just to expose it - that's my take now that I have the
> numbas after the stress tests.  Plus it just completes the picture.

I think your opinion is very reasonable.  I have filed an enhancement 
request (SR#10138) internally and we'll consider adding this.

> BTW your Binding API's are very nice - I like them.  It would be
> nice to have such an API in general.  I see many incarnations out
> there like the Jakarta-commons convert project in the sandbox, but
> none are as simple and intuitive as this one.

Thank you very much!  I hope it makes your job easier in using JE.

It is possible to use the bind package independently of JE proper, 
although you must import the DatabaseEntry class from the je package.


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