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From "Alex Karasulu" <>
Subject RE: newbie question: snacc4j
Date Fri, 23 Apr 2004 16:38:42 GMT
Hi Simon,

Sorry to see you stuck in SNACC4J purgatory as well :-(.

> -----Original Message-----
> From:
> I have developed a dependancy on IBM's snacc4j jar.
> I understand work in this project is underway to solve this problem:
> snickers.
> I have a 'couple' of questions:
> 1.  Does anyone have any of the original snacc4j licence/readme files that
> may elude to the license terms? All I have is the jar.

I have an old 2.3 copy of the entire snacc4j tar ball out on 
sourceforge which should contain the license with it.  You can get
it hear:

Luckily I had it lying around before IBM totally took this off of

> 2.  Has the snickers code developed sufficiently yet to be used as a
> replacement for snacc4j?

Depends on what part of snacc4j you're referring to.  The stub compiler 
might have a while to go but the runtime is pretty much ready.
> 2.  How do I get at the code or pre-release JAR for snickers?

Ahh we can't release while still in the incubator however we should be 
out of the incubator within the next couple of months so we can talk about
releases then if anything can be released then.

For now you can checkout and build the snickers code using 
subversion.  Directions on how to do this are available here:

> 3.  How big a re-factoring job is likely to be needed on a module which is
> currently dependant on* ?

It's a big change.  Basically the SNACC Stubs are really ugly without
any encapsulation at all as you probably already know.  Snickers is designed
to encapsulate things and is a clean approach at the relevant 
algorithm implementations rather than a transliteration of the old 
SNACC C code.  So your code will be better off for it.  Now how exactly 
these stub will look will depend on the final Stub compiler.  

> 4.  Do you have any estimates when snickers/eve will be ready for release?

The runtime will be ready in a couple of months when we get out 
of incubation.  The actual stub compiler is TBA.  Alan may be able to 
comment further.


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