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From "Alex Karasulu" <>
Subject [snickers] BER Value chunking question
Date Mon, 29 Mar 2004 22:38:45 GMT


For those that are not up to date with the conversation, we added
functionality to the BER decoder to chunk large LTV values so memory
utilization is kept low.  This is expressed externally by the addition of an
extra partialValueDecoded(Tuple) method on the decoder callback for the
BERDecoder.  This method may be called zero or more times for an encountered


BER allows certain string types whether they be BIT STRING, OCTET STRING or
any of the character string types to be constructed TLV's when the size of
the string is large.  This way a massive string can be broken down into
palatable chunks instead of allocating memory for the entire value.  This
helps systems that are memory deficient deal with large values.

Instead of explicitly chunking a value I can have the decoder break up these
string TLV's when it sees them.  This way the large value appears to have
been fragmented by the sender even though it was sent in one big chunk.  

So which way is better?

1). Explicitly chunk the value using an extra callback
2). Implicitly chunk the value by making it appear as thought the sender
already fragmented the value before transmission


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