How does your proposal contrast/differs/combines with what has been referred to on this list as "streamable" codecs?



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> Subject: [codec] StatefulDecoders
> Hi,
> I've been working on the idea of stateful Decoders designed for use with
> non-blocking reads where buffers are read from channels and used by
> decoders.  As you know you don't always get the complete PDU in a single
> channel read and so buffers need to be handled in a decoding session.
> This JIRA issue contains attachments explaining the new interface:
> First I would like to figure out what the codec people think about this
> stateful decoder concept and then perhaps we can add the interfaces into
> the
> codec for general use.
> Also I'm wondering if we can make the DecoderException and the
> EncoderException extend the IOException reather than just Exception.
> Most of these operations are IO based and it makes sense to me to have the
> Exception derive from IOException.
> Alex
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