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From "Alex Karasulu" <>
Subject RE: [site][all] Coding standards
Date Sat, 07 Feb 2004 20:41:49 GMT

> I just noticed
> standards.html
> which appears to apply to the whole project.  I don't want to start any
> holy wars here; but I would really prefer to keep using the Sun/Jakarta
> coding standards for the Naming stuff.  Can we maybe allow the different
> subprojects to follow different styles -- or just adopt the general
> "follow the conventions of the surrounding code" guideline?

Sounds good to me - I actually prefer using the Jakarta standards
for API's but would like to use the Avalon-like standards we have for
things other than APIs like Eve code.  Every subproject should be allowed
manage its own standards.  

All I ask is one thing.  Let's all provide template files for use with
Checkstyle and Jalopy.  This way we can check and format any code
automatically and not worry about moving code.  If I have stuff to 
move out into the Naming area then I can format it and double check
it then give it back to you and vice versa if the need arises.

That way we can work in the format we like and just reformat to 
accommodate the subproject.  No need to do this immediately or anything
but it's a good thing to have if we're all going to use our own 
coding standards.


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