First let me say happy holidays and happy New Year to all.  Hopefully 2004 will be an incredible year for us and to all involved with the ASF. 


There appears lately to be very little activity on the list.  That’s a good thing when the holidays are hereJ. Personally I have been reading and rereading several IETF and ITU documents savoring them like a fine wine.  Ok I lie not really the docs are dry and I sometimes find myself rereading the same sentence over and over again. 


I’ve been trying to settle some questions I have had regarding matching rules and syntaxes and feel that I have them understood now although I do intend to continue reading the specifications.  You never really stop reading the specifications!


I took some time to start moving the code late last year into the new eve folder within the repository for a fresh new start and a new layout while reviewing the code as I moved it over.  I added as much of the front end reworked for NIO as possible without getting too deep.  Wes was going to look at writing some non-blocking code to perform the ASN.1 BER encoding and decoding and we can continue from where I left off once he is finished.  Or we might just patch that with blocking code for the time being. 


Next I focused on moving the new backend code over and stopped where I had some questions about syntax and matching rule usage.  Now that I’m clear on this I intend to forge ahead once again.