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From "Phil Steitz" <>
Subject Re: Tomcat uses JNDI to load resources, including JSP pages
Date Sun, 04 Jan 2004 22:38:00 GMT
Noel J. Bergman wrote:
> Guys,
> See:
> Craig provided a nice explanation of how tomcat loads resources.  Highlight:
>   Basically, Tomcat models the static resources of a web application
>   as a JNDI DirContext, with nested DirContext objects for nested
>   "directories" in the WAR.  [Two] implementations are included --
>   one for running webapps out of [a directory and one for running
>   from a WAR.]  All the access details [are] hidden inside these
>   implementations.
> I did not realize, but am seriously pleased to know, that tomcat worked that
> way.  This is really wonderful news.  Any data source for which we can write
> a JNDI provider is capable of hosting web resources.  That could include:
>   - a Subversion repository, via WebDAV
>   - an LDAP database
>   - an RDBMS
>   - a CVS repository
> Anyone getting excited about the possibilities, yet?

Yes, this is very cool. This is also a big help to me in grokking Tomcat's 
JNDI use cases.  I have been (slowly, sometimes with much puzzling) trying 
to assemble an initial set of tests for the naming code, based on Tomcat's 
uses. Thanks, Craig!

I am still not clear on what is specific to Tomcat in terms of web 
resource loading and what could be made generic (so that the contexts that 
we could provide would be useful to other containers). Hopefully, this 
will become clearer as I make my way through the code.


> 	--- Noel

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