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From "Phil Steitz" <>
Subject Re: [JXPath] Plans for JNDI, JMX and Filesystems?
Date Sun, 04 Jan 2004 17:10:53 GMT
Alex Karasulu wrote:

>>Yes, a fs context provider would make a good addition to directory-naming. 
> Here, here! I agree as well.  Also on my wish list are the 
> following JNDI providers:
> Webdav/DeltaV 

Also partially there in the naming code.  See DirContextURLConnection 
(uses Webdav attributes).

> Webdav/DeltaV with extentions for Subversion >
> BTW some of the slide code may perhaps come in handy for this.
> Don't know for certain until I do some research.

Let us know what you find :)
> <snip/>
>>  The basic ingredients for this are already there in the sources from 
>>tomcat (see the FileDirContext class in the resources package of 
>>naming/core).  I am working on repackaging and getting the web site out 
>>for this component.  I will post a link back to this list when the website 
>>is out.
> Thats great.  I would love to help on this but I need to get 
> Eve up and running soon.  I've been too busy reading literally
> thousands of pages in IETF and ITU documents lately: refreshing
> myself.
> I can help work on this at a high level however I cannot get
> into the code until after a couple of months of groking Eve.

Once we get the docs, tests and examples based on the current tomcat 
naming impl out, any thoughts that you have would be appreciated.

> <snip/>
> Oh and another thing I think Noel and I spoke about it at 
> some point in time: let's see if we can get file system
> change notification working for filesystems like NTFS which
> support it.  Unfortunately UNIX does not have a filesystem
> with this feature out there.  Don't know why but I suspect
> it may have something to due with the locking model differences
> between NTFS and most other FS. 

I agree that this would be a nice thing to support; unfortunately probably 
hard to implement.


> Cheers,
> Alex

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