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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject [eve] General Strategy
Date Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT

You know for LDAPd at sourceforge I took a top down strategy.  I had a rough 
server up to play with even though everything was not quite that functional.

A few weeks ago via email and tonight via phone Noel and I spoke about how
difficult it is for others to get involved with this effort.  In the hope of
getting some of the ideas in terms of the server's design out I began working
on a site and documentation.  This was what Noel had recommended and he was 
right.  Now I'm just getting back on track with grokin the website.  Both
Noel and I think I bit off a lot to chew by using the very nice Avalon site
as a template.

Regardless of these hurdles I should have something polished up within a
couple of weeks on the website.  Intermittantly I will tap on people's sholders
to ask for help in filling in certain sections where their expertise fits best.
I intend to give the basic skeletal layout to you guys wherer you can fill
in some of the stuff you're best at.

Once the site is up I intend to move on to writing some documents outlining
the architecture so new comers can start to get the same mental picture I
have regarding the server.  I expect to have these documents up and ready w/i
two weeks after getting the site deployed.  That should be a month out from 

Since I'm getting sick of writing documentation (not my favorite) perhaps the
members of the team can review it and determine how good they are and if there
are improvements that need to be made to them.  

Next I would like to reassess the current state of the new server code.  Take
this reassessment and draw out a plan to glue the parts together as fast as 
possible stubbing out or hardcoding some operations and subsystems.  This might
take a couple weeks as well.

Now I'd like to hit the code hard to get a rough form of the server no matter
how bad it may be up and running.  This way new comers playing with the server
code can make changes and see what happens when they fire her up.  This is a
great idea although it is not mine.  It's Noel's by the way.  We and most 
importantly I need to find a way to get more people on this project - the
best way to do this are 1). have good docs, 2). have a running server.

I don't intend to bastardize the internals of this new design to accomodate
a speed build of a running server.  It will take a couple of months but will
payoff quickly I think especially if we can get 2-3 new server developers on
board and working.  So my goal for this quarter is to finish the site, the
design docs, the assessment and the new plan, and start building out the 
rough running server so others can play.  

Hopefully by the end of April I can have a rough server up and running.  Our
goal for people should be to add 2-3 more core developers to the team within
the next 3 months afterwords.  So by the end of July we should have 4-5 people
working together to build out the Eve server.

That's my strategy after agreeing with basically everything Noel had to say.
BTW I think by July we can also have a solid release out the door.  And may
look towards walking out of the incubator soon after.  I don't mind graduating
on our 1 year anniversary personally but if others feel differently we can
talk about it.

Any thoughts?


Please chime in anyone.  I feel somewhat overwhelmed with the shear amount
of work in front of us.  It's very intimidating any help or advice is good.


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