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From "Wes McKean" <>
Subject ASN.1 Interfaces
Date Fri, 23 Jan 2004 20:07:11 GMT
There are two basic ASN.1 processes, encoding and decoding.  Encoding is easy and will be handled
by a simple ASNEncoder class that will return a ByteBuffer of the PDU when it is complete.
 I think the existing ASNEncoder interface is a good example of what this one is going to
look like.

The decoder is a bit more complicated.  Again, the picture is clear.  The thread reading the
ByteBuffers is going to look up the decoder by client key, and pass off the byte buffer to
the decoder.  I think this should be a non-blocking operation.  The call which hands off the
ByteBuffer should return immediately, allowing the reading thread to continue on.  If we do
it this way, then how does the new ByteBuffer get decoded?  Will the reading thread pluck
a thread from the pool, and pass the decoder off to this thread to continue decoding?  I'm
OK with that.  Once the decoder realizes it has received an entire TLV tree, it will then
need to notify the translator that a Tree is ready for translating.  I would assume that this
would be another stage?  With its own thread pool?

Tell me what you think!  Jeff, please join us when you get a chance!


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