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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: Re: Jump Starting Development
Date Tue, 20 Jan 2004 20:29:31 GMT

> From: "Wes McKean" <>
> Before much more coding is done, I would like to see our incubatino web site > brought
up to date, on par with at least Geronimo.  I would like to see the > list of components/tasks
that need to be worked on, designed, developed 
> whatever.  I understand that we don't assign these to folks.  They volunteer > to
work on them, and then we note it on the web site who is working on that > module.

Deal.  I'll focus my attention primarily on the website and on the
process of how we prevent duplication of efforts between ourselves.

> 1.  ASN.1 stuff (Java side)
> 2.  Database stuff (I've rewritten it twice now :-)  and I want to share 
> what I have done with the community.

Great.  You should always be working with it in the community rather
thank developing everything outside and then importing it back.  This
way you can get help and peer recommendations.  Anyway we both spoke
about this offline.  Let's focus on working with one another and using
our cumulative knowledge to lead to better designs and implementations.

> 3.  Project Coordinator ( I won't say manager here :-)

Awesome - thanks for stepping up to the plate.  I will do my
best to facilitate you.  

> Let me know Alex, and I'll help you compile a project plan/list.  Who has 
> volunteered to keep the web-site up to date?

Sure you're the plan/list dude.  I was thinking some of this stuff 
may actually go into JIRA when we get setup with it.  Is JIRA up and
running for the directory project? Perhaps you can manage this list
from there.  Why don't you hunt down our status with JIRA and manage
setting it up and putting the right TODO tasks and Eve features 
information into it.  Also if you can hunt down and find people to
commit to working on the elements within the list we compile in 

There have been a couple volunteers but I'll personally do it instead
of waiting.  There was a guy named Paul who wanted to work on it but I
have not heard from him.  Anyway so much of it is in my hands that I 
just need to stop coding and take care of it for a while.  This will
be my focus for some time now.


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