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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject [licensing] AAA Framework (Was: Re: Welcome Vince!)
Date Tue, 20 Jan 2004 19:02:07 GMT

> From: Vincent Tence <>
> > We still need to get the CLA and the software grant faxed to the 
> > ASF secretary. 
> Alright. Is there any issue with the fact that the security framework is
> based on some code developed under the ASL at sourceforge? I remember we
> had a discussion about legal issues and licenses, but I'm not sure what
> the conclusion was.

The Apache Software License (the ASL you refered to) should not be an 
issue at all since it is the Apache license.   Plus, you and I (although
I haven't done anything) are the only ones on the project.  But
I understand the need to ask anyway just in case.  Noel probably the one
who can best clarify any issues if they exist.

BTW, this is probably another email altogether, but I intend to use
some of the AAA code within Eve and later use Eve to back some AAA 
implementations down the road as we discussed.  However in the future
I'd like to see most of this code go to the rightful Apache project
dealing with matters of security.  Perhaps in the future a security
subproject or TLP will be formed and the code can go there along with
other security APIs that come out of the directory effort.  There will
be several that I can already foresee especially in the area of X.509
certificates and such.

Seeing how most of the code will be used and some developed with Eve
in mind it does not hurt to have it here for now as it progresses 
forward.  Down the road, we'll figure out the rightful place for it.  
I'm sure it can be used by several other projects besides ours here 
and I personally have a commitmant to making sure others can use our
common code if they choose to.  IMHO this is a good practice for Apache 


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