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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: Jump Starting Development
Date Tue, 20 Jan 2004 17:05:52 GMT

> After being in the incubator for several months, and seeing that the vast 
> majority of code changes and commits are being done by Alex, I thought it 
> would be a good idea to begin a discussion on jump starting development on 
> the directory project.  Oh, before I continue, let me admit I haven't 
> contributed anything :-)

Well that's not true.  You've contributed alot but if you're refering to 
you subversion issues getting in the way since entering the incubator etc
I understand.

> Here's my wish list:
> 1.  I would like to see the server broken up into a list of components with 
> the work that needs to be performed on each.  I would like to see a list of 
> goals for the project and website as a whole as well.

I'll try to work on this although some subsystems right now are
more placeholders.  Their breakdown into fine grained components 
are still to be determine.  I'll try to indicate this where I can.
Perhaps I'll collect this info in
under my user account.

> 2.  I would like to see a who is working on what.

   * C/C++ ASN.1 Stuff
   * Java LDAP Client Code
   * LDAP Protocol & Stress Testing Suite

   * ... give me time to compile this list

   * Don't know.  

> 3.  I would like us all to recruit more developers.

Whhhew! Me too that was one of the main reasons for incubation 
and this is slowly happening.  I'm begining to realize that I
have to work on various things to build and strengthen this 
community.  On the top of my list is documentation, some process
for keeping people in sync with each other - but then again
that's what this list is primarily for.

> I believe that if the tasks are laid out, people would work on what 
> interests them.  The goals would be measurable, and we all would know what 
> we could work on to fit in our schedule.  I also think this would go a long 
> way towards attracting new developers.

+1 but keep in mind members of this team should not be here to
be assigned tasks.  They should pick up whatever they feel they
want to do.  This is not a company - its a community.  No one
should be directing it but there can be facilitators though -
perhaps this is what you mean.

> Let's face it.  Alex has been doing the majority of the coding.  However, if 
> he burns out and quits the project, we will lose our visionairy, and that 
> concerns me.

Me too.  It's very important to me to have more core developers on
Eve.  Back in sourceforge we were working a bit better but the
process of entering the incubator and changing a few things put us
back a tiny bit.  Now though we should be able to gain that loss 
very rapidly through the things we gain from the incubator.  I
personally have to do more to get people more involved and that 
starts with more documentation.

> Maybe we can get some good feed back from the Apache veterans.

I'm listening intently for any advice.

Thanks for asking these questions. Every now and then we need to 
take the pulse of the project and maybe hit the reset button.


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