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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject RE: Re: [seda] Re: SEDA
Date Wed, 14 Jan 2004 04:06:36 GMT

Yup it would be good to have Berin's input.  

> I doesn't use anything from sandstorm.  It just takes inspiration from it.  I
> looked at it a while ago too and just revisited it today.  Before it didn't
> really seem complete, but it does now.  And it seems simpler to me than the
> Sandstorm implementation (though I don't think my understanding is complete
> yet).

Oooh I should look.   Please excuse the errors its been so long since
I looked at it.

> In the Excalibur event package there is no use of NIO or anyother kind of IO. 

Again I appologize where I've missrepresented.

> It has ThreadManager's which handle processing of events.  It has the
> CommandManager which, in my understanding, represents a stage.  Then there are
> a couple of queues (DefaultQueue grows, FixedSizeQueue doesn't).  There are a
> couple kinds of Sinks (which is where my understanding is a bit short).  And
> there are some EnqueuePredicates.  My biggest question in the existing event
> package is how an event (called a Command in Excalibur events) moves from one
> stage to the next.  I don't see any mappings between source and sink, though I
> may be missing something.  From my understanding right now it seems the
> EventHandler would decide what the next CommandManager (Stage) to which the
> command (event) should be sent.

I really need to do my homework and look at this.

> I would love to get Berin's input on this since this was his baby.


> I have mixed feelings about commons.  Most of them have already been mentioned
> before and I don't want to start a war here over it so I'll just say that I
> think the stuff in Excalibur events is, at the very least, a good starting
> point for any type of SEDA development.  If you find it's not adequate maybe
> changes should be made within the event package.  This is especially true if
> you are already planning on using the Avalon framework and the Merlin
> container.

Well let me check it out again.  When I looked last time it was still called
silk and that was about a year and a half ago.


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