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From Robb Penoyer <>
Subject RE: Tomcat uses JNDI to load resources, including JSP pages
Date Mon, 05 Jan 2004 18:47:28 GMT
Sorry for the confused note below. The web mail tool I use is 
not very good. 

As Tim indicates, he is more than willing to share the code, 
it is attached.

>> Tim,
>> I just thought I would pass that along. I know these two 
guys and 
>> hadn't discussed this topic with them before. I know they 
>> would be both be very interested in some detail about how 
you went 
>> about setting up the Tomcat access to LDAP.

>OK. For actual webapps, I'd personally recommend against 
>hooking stuff that would coming from in the WAR/EAR directly 
>into Tomcat, since you're contravening Sun's standard 
>mechanisms and creating a non-portable webapp. OTOH, it 
>seems likely that if you wanted a "direct-connect" between 
>Subversion/CVS and Tomcat, it shouldn't be too hard to make 
>up a suitable JSR-88 client and go in through accepted 
>channels. That would give another advantage as well - it's 
>extremely perilous to change class code on the fly in a 
>system like Tomcat, but JSR-88 can not only start and stop 
>webapps, it can deploy multiple instances of webapps which 
>may allow one to overlap the process better.

>The DataSource resource I constructed doesn't come in via a 
>URL to the webapp and thus the servlet getResource() method 
>doesn't apply there. It's defined as a J2EE JNDI resource 
>found via the standard JNDI path "java:comp/env". Nothing 
>special is required to use it; all the magic is in the 
>factory class that I made available to Tomcat. And there's 
>not even a whole lot of magic there. You've seen the code, I 
>think. The whole thing's maybe 3-4 pages long at most.

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