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From "Alex Karasulu" <>
Subject [general] directory project todos
Date Sun, 04 Jan 2004 16:45:45 GMT


There are a few things that have been left hanging out there.  I wanted to
let you guys know in case there are volunteers:



*	We need to get a simple website together that states our origins,
who we are, what we wish to accomplish etcetera.  We want the community to
know about what we hope to offer them and when these goals roughly will be
*	Update the status file to reflect where we are.
*	Find a way to get more people to get involved.  Perhaps we should
reach out to other open source efforts and see if they are interested in
combining forces.  Note that I'm generally speaking about the LDAP server
effort in this bullet but others can fill in for the naming commons efforts.
Both Wes and Jeff have been working one their own independent pieces but we
need to have better parallelization of development.  Unfortunately the
learning curve is huge.  Noel recommended getting documentation on the
project together before writing code to help get people up and running.  Not
a bad idea.  Any thoughts on this is greatly appreciated!  I will try to
work on documentation but I need help.
*	Find out where we are with the PPMC? Noel I think you can answer
this one.
*	Once the PPMC list is setup we need to revisit a vote to add another
team member once again.
*	We came to the incubator because of the support we can gain.  What
things can we leverage that the incubator offers us to get the project
moving along faster.  Perhaps speed is not an issue.  I'd like to see Eve up
soon personally but I think we need to privately discuss these goals on the
PPMC list together to agree upon where we are and where we would like to go
and how the incubator can help us.
*	Add to this list because I couldn't have captured everything.





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