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From Vincent Tence <>
Subject Re: [status] Where are we?
Date Tue, 13 Jan 2004 14:52:56 GMT
Hi all,

First of all, happy new year to everybody and all my best wishes.

As far as the security stuff is concerned, I went through a lot of
experimentation lately, and after a nice 3 weeks break (that was good),
I have started a major refactoring/reorganization. The web site is in
place and I have started rewriting the code base. I want to take my time
to do things properly, with the necessary docs and tests.


On Mon, 2004-01-12 at 23:48, Alex Karasulu wrote:
> Hi,
> I was just wondering how many of us are left out there.  I just
> recently had to kick off some work on another project and have
> not had time to work on code for the past week although I have
> been reading heavily.  I just want to get an idea of what people
> are working on and how we are doing over all.  Frankly I'm worried 
> that participation has declined with the old LDAPd group now that 
> we have made the move to the incubator here at Apache.
> <my-status>
> Myself I have resolved several issues I had with the specifications
> after perhaps several hundreds of pages of dry ITU and IETF docs.
> </my-status>
> <future>
> Now I'm trying to get back in the groove with continuing the move
> of the backend code over to the Eve area and fixing it to be POJO 
> based.  This will take some time but in the meantime I'll try to 
> document as much as possible so we can get more folks involved.
> </future>
> Now is a good time to put some of our new years resolutions regarding
> this project out there so we can figure out how we are to work together
> to build this thing going forward.  Perhaps we can have people give
> the list a ping and give some idea of what they're up to and where they
> want to go.
> Alex

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