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From "Wes McKean" <>
Subject Re: [status] Where are we?
Date Tue, 13 Jan 2004 14:54:19 GMT
I've been assigned a money making project at work, so I am no longer
full-time on our LDAP product.  I am having to divide my spare time between
Apache development and work on the company LDAP product.  Thus, I have had
very limited availibility recently, and I don't see that changing much in
the near future.

I have been looking at the ASN.1 protocol as well, specifically, BER
encoding and decoding.  I reiterate my concerns about duplicating effort, as
I understand Jeff is working on this as well.

The ASN.1 stuff fits right up my alley, since it is not a critical path ( we
are replacing an existing sub-system ), and I can work it into my busy
schedule.  I'll be glad to take on another task though.


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