BTW a POJO is short for Plain Old Java Object.


Also plain old java object means one that does not have to follow

any conventions like a javabean or an Avalon component by

implementating interfaces or employing standards to participate in

some framework.


Hope that clarifies any questions.  I should have put that into the

original email.




From: Alex Karasulu []
Sent: Sunday, December 07, 2003 2:10 PM
To: 'Apache Directory Developers List'
Subject: Turning Service Impls into POJOs




Take a look here:


Service Interface




Here’s another service:


Service Interface




BTW Subversion ROCKS!!! – couldn’t help but say that!!!


As you can see I have begun to write POJOs instead of services and wrap them

into container specific adapters.  This way all of Eve’s component’s for both the

frontend and the backend will be compatible with any container supplying an

adapter.  Take a look at the Merlin (prefix) based adapters that I have written in the respective

implementation directories. 


The POJOification process has the following benefits:


       dealing with containers.

do not need to be experts in the container world.

       those that actually have the proficiency with a specific container.

It allows us to decouple the component from the container where logging is

concerned.  The monitor interface provided by the POJO service clearly defines

              what is worth monitoring or logging if that’s what the monitor is to do.  For

              more info on this topic take a look at the following Wiki page:




              Take a look at the monitor interfaces in the SPI directories for each of these

              services while reading the wiki page.  This page was originally written by

              Leo Sutic.


Just to clarify this is not an attempt to make things work with Pico.  It’s what’s right to

do to make the components/services easier to manage, more testable with mock objects

and compatible with any container/kernel that comes out of Avalon or anywhere else.


The bottom line is to remain container independent while enabling the potential

use of any container at the same time.  The POJOification process does this for



I personally plan to support Avalon’s Merlin however this opens the door for the

use of these services in any other containers.  If people are willing to support other

containers by contributing adapters we’ll take patches and add em to our repo.