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From "Phil Steitz" <>
Subject Re: [vote] Vince Tence and AAA
Date Thu, 04 Dec 2003 05:54:04 GMT
Alex Karasulu wrote:
> Guys,
> I would like to kick off a vote on two separate items.
> First I highly recommend Vincent from past experience 
> to join us as a committer.  He has much to contribute
> both in terms of his security knowledge and container
> experience.  Looks like he and Paul already have kicked
> off a dialog on these matters.
> Secondly the AAA framework is a project that we will be
> imbellishing and borrowing ideas from.  Perhaps it in
> its entirity might not be directory specific but I think
> we can come to these conclusions after building them up
> and through experience with Eve and perhaps identity
> management solutions built on top of Eve with AAA 
> components.  The reason why I question the location of
> these components is because I would like to see container 
> support for these services as well as the use of them in
> other Apache servers like James and Geronimo if those folks
> get interested in them.  So having these components available
> is a good thing.  However I know that we will be replicating
> so much functionality here at the directory project in AAA.
> Also Vince will be doing the replicating with us.  He's the 
> guy who manages the project on and I'm the other lazy
> person on that project.  So it just makes sense to bring it
> here until there's enough meat to it to migrate parts of it 
> other more relavent projects. 

I am open to and interested in helping with identity/auth services 
leveraging directory services.  Whether this "belongs" in the Directory 
project is debatable, but I at least would be +1 to including it.

I need to understand better, however, exactly what the vision is.  I 
would like to discuss that a bit before we decide on incorporating the 
SF AAA project code base.  In particular, I would like to understand 
better what the goals are around standards support and applications 
beyond Avalon containers.

> So in conclusion here's my votes for the ballot:
> [+1] Add Vincent Tence as a committer 
> [+1] Engulf the AAAFramework community (Vincent Tence & Alex Karasulu)
>      adopting the code that already exists there at:
> I think if the Apache Incubator people are ok and Vincent is ok with it
> then all Vincent has to do is fill out a CLA form and a software grant form.
> Nicola and Noel would be best to advise on these matters.
> Alex

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