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From Stephen McConnell <>
Subject Re: Introducing myself
Date Wed, 03 Dec 2003 06:16:12 GMT

Hi Vincent:

Welcome abord!  There are more than a couple of people over in Avalon
land that have been thinking about your AAA content.   There have been
some discussions as to how much of this belongs in the container and
what should be exposed to the client. I've a bunch of my own ideas on
this but would be keen to hear your own!  In the meantime - are you
connected at all with the Turbine guys - they are currently working on
a authentication framework in Fulcrum using Merlin.  Seems to me that
there could be some synergy here.

On the Merlin side of things ... looks like we should be able to cut
a new release before the end of the year.  The new release will
include a bunch of stuff that will make like easier for the Eve
product by generally improving/optimising the overall embedding
strategy. If you have any pressing requirements make sure you post
something to dev@avalon. 

Cheers, Steve.

Vincent Tence wrote:

>Hi all,
>Let me take a few moments of your time to introduce myself. 
>Alex and I have been in communication for several weeks discussing
>Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA) concerns. I have
>been working on a AAA framework for containers at and we saw an
>opportunity to consolidate our effotrs, by both using the directory
>server as a backend to the AAA framework and using the AAA framework as
>the basis to the directory server's security subsystem.
>I have been working recently on finding the best way to make the AAA
>framework both Avalon and PicoContainer compatible (Alex says I'm a Pico
>junky now) and I understood it's also a concern of Eve to run with as
>many IoC containers as possible to broaden its acceptation.
>I hope we can join forces in working towards building the security
>infrastructure of Eve and making Eve compatible with other IoC
>containers variations.


Stephen J. McConnell

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