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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: directory project in the incubator
Date Sat, 20 Dec 2003 16:51:41 GMT
> We (three authors) write a little book about LDAP to appear in March 2004. 
> It is in German, the title is "LDAP fuer Java-Entwickler" ("LDAP for Java 

Very cool - wish I spoke the language of Goethe so I could read
your book.

> developers"). In the introduction we recommend the readers to install a 
> test server for their own experiments. We do not favour a concrete 
> product, but try to give a little orientation. 
> Our recommendations include a link to the LDAPd project (it seemed 
> interesting to us because of the pure java implementation and its 
> potential). I noticed that the project entered  Apache's incubator and is 
> called "Directory" there. 

Yes LDAPd has been brought over to Apache.  The LDAPd server itself 
and several of its API's will become projects within an Apache
top-level at once it graduates the incubator.

The server's new name and latest design is Eve (as opposed to AD/AM) 

> I think with this direction the project will be even more interesting to 
> our readers. I would like to update the information, but unfortunatly 
> there is not a lot to find on the incubators web site yet. I am interested 
> in the project in general, but for our book some things would be 
> especially interesting:
> Is there already a final decision about the name of the project and the 
> server?

Yes the server's name is Eve - it will be the flagship server for
the project like Tomcat is for jakarta.

> Will it be a Jakarta, or a Apache toplevel project -- or something else?

There will be a TLP as soon as 
Eve and its ancillary projects makes it out of the incubator.
BTW other JNDI projects that were previously in the commons
will also be hosted as projects under this TLP.

> Is there a durable link we could use in our (printed) book?

Stay tuned.  I just got in touch with Paul Bonkowski to 
see if he can whip something up for you soon.  At least 
we can keep a little info page for you until we have 
get out of the incubator and have a site for the TLP.

> Most of these things are probably not decided yet. I subscribed to your 
> mailing list to keep in touch.

Cool stay in touch and let your readers know about us and
this list.  We hope to make Eve everything they desire.

> Thank you in advance + Greetings from Hamburg/Germany -- Stefan

Thanks for mentioning us.


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