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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject [eve] status
Date Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT

Here's what I'm upto:

1). Moving the old stuff that was mass imported into subversion 
    into a new structure/layout which hangs off of here:

    I will be deleting the old projects as I move them into their
    new resting places.

2). While moving the code I'm refactoring it to the new 
    POJO+container adapter structure using what Paul had 
    shown us.

3). I'm rearranging things to be optimal for using selectors
    and channels.  Basically reformulating the manner in which
    event processing is handled.

4). While doing all this I'm adding features that existed in
    old CVS branches and cleaning up the code quite a bit.  Its
    surprising how ugly the code looks after sometime - I really
    do think of myself as having been very simplistic in the
    past now that I'm looking at the code now.

5). I'm also breaking up things into smaller subprojects at a 
    per component/service level.  This makes it easier for me
    to track dependencies and will ultimately lead to a cleaner
    segregation of service interfaces and implementing components
    within the classloader heirarchy.

The best place for people to start getting familiar would be to 
checkout the code in the eve folder (trying to avoid the use of 
the word directory) of the repository.  Take a look at the 
projects in the frontend folder.


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