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From "Alex Karasulu" <>
Subject RE: [eve] Event Manager
Date Thu, 04 Dec 2003 23:58:06 GMT
> <snip/>
> > > You could have a look at the implementation of this pattern I
> > > mentioned in a previous mail. At least you'll save yourself
> > > a lot of javadoc ;-).
> >
> > Does it follow the conventions in the link you already sent?
> Yes it does.

Then we'll start borrowing from it.  I just got back and have some
repo things to do to get the old stuff to compile.  Then I'm off to
work on the setting up this event stuff which we all can work on.
I'll start pulling over some of your event bus code decoupling it
from the Swing.

> That's the trick. The asynchronous event manager republishes event on
> the bus asynchronously through a queue. It uses a CricularEventFilter
> to avoid receiving events the events it has republished.

That's cool - no need to reinvent the wheel (excuse the slight pun).

> > Here's the link to that doc again and to Vincent's effort:
> >
> >
> Here's the implementation:
> core/src/java/or
> g/d_haven/guiapp/eventbus/
> You will need to remove the Swing related stuff (only a couple of lines
> though).

Great will do.

> > For the time being we'll model the service using Avalon life-cycle
> > methods and target Merlin.  Slowly as we begin to get leads for the
> Pico,
> > Loom, and Phoenix containers we can add adapters for them.
> > I don't want to waste too much time messing with containers but have
> > their adapters prepared in the background.  I'm thinking Vincent you're
> > Pico container proficient
> If you say so ;-0
> > so you go ahead and get a Pico adapter
> > setup for
> > it if you like or when you have the time.
> I will learn tips and tricks of Picoyification on the AAA bits
> and then we can apply all over.

That sounds like a plan.  Hopefully after that I can give a general
Breakdown of the backend setup so we can start Picoyificamationing :-) 

Ok we got plans.


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