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From "Alex Karasulu" <>
Subject RE: [eve] Event Manager
Date Thu, 04 Dec 2003 22:08:32 GMT
> > I really like the Event Notifier Pattern.  May I take a stab at

I'm glad you are excited about it :-).  Sure if you want it but
I think I wrote it already but it does not follow the document
identifiers used.  If you want to start from scratch or retro
fit stuff then that's cool.

I have the whole event model we need defined however I think its 
best we do it as a group going over the events and listeners 
rather than one person doing it in isolation.  Basically I also
want to capture the discussion about the design in email to a 
degree through conversation so I can come back to it for the 

> > this?  If so,
> > should I write it for Merlin?  Or should I create something
> > generic that can
> > be imbedded in any container?  The container could then implement
> > a standard
> > interface or something.
> You could have a look at the implementation of this pattern I
> mentioned in a previous mail. At least you'll save yourself
> a lot of javadoc ;-).

Does it follow the conventions in the link you already sent?  I
already see several things I can take and add to the existing 
implementation with your permission of course.

> > Here's my idea...
> >
> > The Event Manager will establish a queue for the events.  I'm
> > thinking one
> > queue is fine, just like in the pattern, although there may be a
> > benefit to
> > using multiple queues ( one for every event type ), please comment.
> If you only want asynchronous notification, then a queue is fine.
> In the GuiApp framework, we had need for both sync and async event
> processing.
> The implementation we did was synchronous (running in the Swing Event
> thread).
> To get the async functionality, we registered an aysnc event manager as a
> subscriber
> of the event bus, responsible for listening for some of the
> events (the async ones) and enqueuing them for aysnc delivery.

Looks as though Vince you hit the synchronous verse asynchronous
question before me.  We should stick to synchronous notification
and use the same trick with a asynchronous event manager as a subscriber.

Here's the link to that doc again and to Vincent's effort:

The best way for us to proceed is to just start going at it.  For now let's
all get setup with subversion.  I want to start fresh reimplmenting some
parts and moving others from the .../directory/ldap/server folder into a 
.../directory/ldap/eve folder in the subversion repository.  I want us
together to start going to town on the event package.

For the time being we'll model the service using Avalon life-cycle 
methods and target Merlin.  Slowly as we begin to get leads for the Pico,
Loom, and Phoenix containers we can add adapters for them.  
I don't want to waste too much time messing with containers but have
their adapters prepared in the background.  I'm thinking Vincent you're 
Pico container proficient so you go ahead and get a Pico adapter setup for 
it if you like or when you have the time.  However we will stick to Merlin 
as the primary and add support for other containers in the background.  
This is just because the rest of the code is based on Merlin and I don't 
want to halt development for the time being.

Container conversations should be minimized just to achieve 
interoperability.  We need to support all of them and will maintain a 
neutral stance towards them all without having any favorites. 

I'm dedicated to supporting as many containers as possible but I would 
like to prevent this project from becoming a container discussion list.  
These conversations can be had on the avalon or jcontainer lists.


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