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From Wes McKean <>
Subject [eve] Event Manager
Date Thu, 04 Dec 2003 20:31:05 GMT
I really like the Event Notifier Pattern.  May I take a stab at this?  If so, 
should I write it for Merlin?  Or should I create something generic that can 
be imbedded in any container?  The container could then implement a standard 
interface or something.

Here's my idea...

The Event Manager will establish a queue for the events.  I'm thinking one 
queue is fine, just like in the pattern, although there may be a benefit to 
using multiple queues ( one for every event type ), please comment.

There is a single thread monitoring the queue.  When an event gets placed into 
the queue, the thread picks it up, creates or gets a worker thread from the 
pool, then goes through the subscribers, notifying each one of the event.

The subscriber may or may not have its own thread pool.  We don't care :-)

Let me know...  Looks like it could be fun.


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