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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject [vote] Vince Tence and AAA
Date Wed, 03 Dec 2003 17:38:03 GMT

I would like to kick off a vote on two separate items.
First I highly recommend Vincent from past experience 
to join us as a committer.  He has much to contribute
both in terms of his security knowledge and container
experience.  Looks like he and Paul already have kicked
off a dialog on these matters.

Secondly the AAA framework is a project that we will be
imbellishing and borrowing ideas from.  Perhaps it in
its entirity might not be directory specific but I think
we can come to these conclusions after building them up
and through experience with Eve and perhaps identity
management solutions built on top of Eve with AAA 
components.  The reason why I question the location of
these components is because I would like to see container 
support for these services as well as the use of them in
other Apache servers like James and Geronimo if those folks
get interested in them.  So having these components available
is a good thing.  However I know that we will be replicating
so much functionality here at the directory project in AAA.
Also Vince will be doing the replicating with us.  He's the 
guy who manages the project on and I'm the other lazy
person on that project.  So it just makes sense to bring it
here until there's enough meat to it to migrate parts of it 
other more relavent projects. 

So in conclusion here's my votes for the ballot:

[+1] Add Vincent Tence as a committer 
[+1] Engulf the AAAFramework community (Vincent Tence & Alex Karasulu)
     adopting the code that already exists there at:

I think if the Apache Incubator people are ok and Vincent is ok with it
then all Vincent has to do is fill out a CLA form and a software grant form.

Nicola and Noel would be best to advise on these matters.


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