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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: RE: [vote] Eve: LDAP Server Name (Was Logo)
Date Mon, 01 Dec 2003 17:03:05 GMT

> From: Tim Walker <>
> Date: 2003/12/01 Mon AM 10:40:06 EST
> To: "'Apache Directory Developers List'"
> 	 <>
> Subject: RE: [vote] Eve: LDAP Server Name (Was Logo)
> Paul you said...
> >>[  ] Use the name "ldapd" (which conflicts with a dead OpenLDAP server)
> I need a status update. I was under the impression this (Apache Directory) was the ldapd
project (especially
> since both have a SEDA implementation, etc.) Can someone please give me a quick update/diary
of this project? 


This directory project contains and subsumes the LDAPd project
that was built and maintained by the LDAPd Group at
A long, long time ago OpenLDAP had an LDAP X.500 frontend (LDAP 
server that just talked to an X.500 server to get data) in C that was
called ldapd.  That was the name of the UNIX daemon.  We want to 
avoid confusion with this name although not much confusion resulted
over it in the past.  We just want to be extra careful.  

The LDAPd Group no longer exists.  The directory peeps are a 
combination of the old LDAPd Group peeps and some Apache peeps.
We have combined forces to offer up naming/directory access clients,
API's and servers to the open source community together as one
team.  So when this project graduates from the incubator there
will be a top level apache project and domain at  Here you'll be able to get the
new version of what was previously called LDAPd on and
the new servers name will be Eve rather than (LDAPd) once the
vote completes.

I hope this clears up the issues for you.  Basically you can
hope to see a better product soon from the Apache Directory


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