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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: SVN repository
Date Mon, 01 Dec 2003 00:53:48 GMT
Jeff Machols wrote:
> Phil Steitz wrote:
> > The "test" repo seems to be working now.  I just successfully added all
> > the naming stuff.  From the discussions on infrastructure@, this setup
> > likely to change, but for now, to get set up you just need to login to
> >, cd to /x1/svn and then do
> >  /usr/local/apache2.1.0-dev/bin/htpasswd asf-committers your_username
> > The URI for the (temporary) repo is
> > http://
> > I assume that this is a temp setup, yes?  Will we be able to preserve
> > history if we start using this to do real work?  When do we think the
> > "real" repo will be ready?

> To my knowledge, this is just a "play" area to get familiar with
> I have not heard anything about the real repository yet.  I will be
> the test conversion from the old CVS repo tomorrow morning into the test
> subversion.

Once we have the stuff loaded into the test repository, we'll ask the
Subversion guys to take a look at make sure that we're good to go.  Then we
can load into the real repository.  Since the latter is shared by all
projects, I think it is probably good to get things right.  As for the real
repository, we can "pester" Nicola Ken next week to setup the
asf-authorization file.  I can probably give him the necessary content.

	--- Noel

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