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From "Phil Steitz" <>
Subject Re: [vote] Eve: LDAP Server Name (Was Logo)
Date Sun, 30 Nov 2003 17:56:58 GMT
Alex Karasulu wrote:
> Yeah I originally was going with Phil's thoughts by naming it the 
> "Apache Directory Server" but then I realized that if we wanted short 
> references to it like say AD Server or ADS we would have confusion 
> resulting from Microsoft's Active Directory Server.  That's why I 
> insist we stay away from "Apache Directory Server" as an official
> name.  Also it is already implied since it is an ASF production.

I am not as concerned about that as leaving the door open for other 
language impls within the Directory project.

Your arguments below are good enough for me and I think in any case that 
the decision should be driven by those closest to the code. I would just 
ask that we tread lightly on the religious imagery and metaphors.

I am +1 for Eve...

> So that disappointed me a little but then it occurred to me that we can 
> use a play on words in several ways by using the name Eve.  Let me list 
> some of them below:
> 1). Microsoft has a version of AD called ADAM which is more a
> general purpose directory rather than a network operating system
> directory like AD embedded into Windows domains.  Eve is intended
> as the next advance beyond the capabilities offered by ADAM for 
> the open source community.
> 2). Eve, the server, like the first female, is unique and the 
> first of its kind in many ways:  
> 	- It's the first scalable Java based LDAPv3 server.
> 	- It's the first LDAP server based on a SEDA architecture
> 	- Eve unlike the first LDAPd version released on
>         will contain support for Java and scripting language
> 	  (Groovy) based stored procedures and triggers.
> 	  No other LDAP server has that capability - it's an LDAP
>         Server with the maturity of an RDBMS supporting all
>         those rich constructs developers like.
>       - Eve is innovative in that it has a server-side JNDI
>         provider for use in stored procedures and by embedding
>   	  applications.
> 3). Eve compliments ADAM in the Java world but ADAM users can 
> use Eve as an open source alternative.
> 4). I like the notion of building a server with a gender namely
> having the gender be female.  Although not PC, I think women get
> the better of men - I know my wife does :-) when it concerns me.
> Likewise I think Eve will get the better of ADAM.  It's prophetic!
> BTW I think ( EVE-2000 is 
> very specialized and not a main stream concern.  It's an Arabic language
> tutor.  How many people out there even know that it exists?  How many
> people are learning Arabic, using EVE-2000, are interested in LDAP 
> servers and are at risk of being confused?  I don't think that many.
> Plus there are no copy rights on the name Eve.
> Like Noel if others do not have a strong sense for or against using
> the name, Eve, I ask that they kindly indulge those of us who have been 
> using the name for some time already to vote +1 for it.  For other 
> emotional reasons that are definitely are not based on logic there is a 
> degree of affection some of us harbor for the name.  Personally it 
> keeps me driven and compels me to work on her no matter how burnt I am!
> BTW I think everyone registered to the list should vote besides just 
> the committers.  This will be as important to our perspective users 
> as well as us the developers.  Don't know if this violates any rules 
> of the incubator so if I'm wrong someone please correct me.  
> So here we go:
> [+1] Keep the name "Eve"
> [  ] Use the name "Apache Directory Server"
> [  ] Use the name "ldapd" (which conflicts with a dead OpenLDAP server)
> Thanks,
> Alex
>>Alex Karasulu wrote:
>>>>Personally, Eve isn't my favorite name for the ldap server, but that's
>>>>just my view.  If you are going with the Garden of Eden reference, go
>>>>straight for the Tree of Knowledge imagery.
>>>Oh I like that - the Tree of Knowledge is perfect in terms of imagery.
>>>understand that you may not have a preference for the name Eve but do
>>>think there may be political issues as with the Geronimo name?
>>I don't know of any political issues, although some people might not view
>>Eve and the Tree of Knowledge thing favorably (getting kicked out of
>>I've found another reference, but I don't know that it would be confusing:
>>Phil asked "What's wrong with "Apache Directory" for the project and
>>Directory Server" for the server?"  The project *is* the Apache Directory
>>project.  The server could be simply the Apache Directory Server.  I
>>do like the Tree of Knowledge alliteration, so I'd want to use that in our
>>imagery, regardless of whether we use Eve as a public name, or just for
>>	--- Noel

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