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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: Re: Logo
Date Wed, 26 Nov 2003 23:59:52 GMT
> > Has anyone thought of logo for the project, or at least the eve part?

Yeah a logo would be good.  But we need to remember that there are
several subprojects as you mentioned.  I think for the overall project
we could use an upside down tree or something like that.  Or even a 
warpped Apache feather that looks like its branching out.  Anyway we 
want to connotate Apache and directories.  This is the hard stuff. 

> I am working on a logo for the web site (eve related..Fig leaf and that).

Cool I like the idea but keep in mind that the Fig Leaf would be specific
to just the Eve directory server; remember there's the JNDI/naming code
that Phil and Henri are working on.

> > Also - should we call the top level of the Ldap subproject Eve, LDAP,
> > LDAPv3?
> > 

Jeff the root of the ldap specific subproject should probably be "ldap" and 
could internally branch out version specific folders later if necessary. 

> The basic web site should be zipped and out for suggestions by Monday at the latest.
> Please send me any thoughts for what you would like to see in the initial release.
> Thanks and cheers to All.

Thanks Paul - can't wait to take a peep!  By the way you may want to ask 
Nicola Ken, Noel or others involved with the incubator about things that need 
to be done with Forrest if in fact Forrest is to be used.  I thought so but 
its best to confirm.

Also these guys would know the guidelines concerning incubator project logos 
and other site related details that are emerging as we speak.


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