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Subject [directory-server] branch jenkinsfile2 created (now e9732ed)
Date Sun, 03 Feb 2019 20:30:25 GMT
This is an automated email from the ASF dual-hosted git repository.

seelmann pushed a change to branch jenkinsfile2
in repository

      at e9732ed  Replace Jenkinsfile

This branch includes the following new commits:

     new 6d524aa  settting up for move
     new e0063f5  big move
     new 9071d97  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new 1cc0e57  added site documentation for eve subproject
     new 49675b7  Need to make some changes so the L&F is the same as the main site.
     new 68131b8  added directory logo
     new 7cc7880  breaking up design overview into peices
     new 6e1d6e6  breaking up design overview into peices
     new a644e76  added more design documentation
     new 1a6ccd8  moving stuff to fit proposed layout scheme
     new 97ed5de  removing old stuff that never belonged here
     new f48187b  merlin specific wrapper implementation
     new 5c57a26  making things conform to proposed layout
     new 3e5317c  now that both impls are in different jars pkg friendly methods between classes fail
     new e147578  now that both impls are in diff jars pkg friendly calls between classes fail
     new fe831b0  now that both impls are in diff jars pkg friendly calls between classes fail
     new e9341d0  conforming to new layout
     new 13a5eaa  gotta do this
     new bbc3cfe  gotta do this
     new b083f48  gotta do this
     new ae91b69  Readded these files.
     new 2b63ecd  moving stuff around
     new c072ed8  movin stuff around
     new 98899da  getting rid of merlin stuff
     new a141596  getting rid of merlin stuff
     new 94e19c9  this should be here
     new 8391af7  following documented layout
     new 8d002a1  ignore stuff
     new 523324d  moving things around a little
     new d10a254  Moving it.
     new d357d95  Flattening out this stuff
     new 6c11009  broke apart component stuff and added more
     new 22f225a  added frontend skeletal structure
     new 38e7dd1  added the requirments, events, status and x.500 content
     new 8a54a8b  added the requirments, events, status and x.500 content
     new 465a938  These are duplicated.
     new d1d09eb  minor edits while going over stuff
     new abaf318  minor edits while going over stuff
     new f0f9fa7  added a little bit of stuff
     new 882009e  Fixed a few problems with the selector usage.  And just cleaning up.
     new c893f2a  fixed issue with not removing selector
     new 35b30bb  Added top level frontend component so I can begin experimenting with stubing out components of the server.   There really is not much here. Also ran into some problems with reactor that I fixed.
     new e06cea5  reactor tweaks
     new 5150dfd  todos
     new f09c841  todos
     new cbf3b82  don't know what this is for
     new 07d3503  Fixed the buffer pool to not hash buffers anymore and all seems to work well. Also added a console loging monitor and more methods to the service of the bp so you can get more information about how many interested parties exist for a buffer and more.
     new eeb501e  Added some extra subscriber functionality to the common api.  Also moved out interfaces for pub/sub functionality to the implementation rather than having the service interface extend them.
     new 9529738  fixed class cast problem and class not found error
     new cfb7311  Changes to copy with JIRA Issue:
     new fe72c13  fixed a bug in maven reactor that seems to exist only on my box
     new 14cbff4  Finally figured out a way to fix those phantom selection keys left behind by clients that dropped connections ubruptly.  This happens under heavy load most of the time.
     new 49599af  correctly detecting only closes and blowing away unused const
     new fa3a253  Simply renaming configuration so it gets used.
     new 4428994  switched official version of the merlin unit jar for 3.2.5 Merlin
     new b69ecb1  use smaller buffer size
     new 7fbf56b  prints info on buffer pool configuration
     new 6560734  prints out listeners and actually reads configuration now
     new 0d483d0  Added decoder component interface.
     new ba02396  House keeping stuff.
     new 0757f1e  added extra synchronous decode() method for things other than inband data
     new deb1261  mostly license changes
     new fb162d5  Added an InputManagerMonitor method cleanedStaleKey(SelectionKey) and made sure we 'WARN' of stale key cleanups in components.  This commit completes the following JIRA request:
     new 2ec2af4  some refactoring going on here.
     new 9534643  Added convenience method subscribe(Class, Subscriber) and the new license header and updated the author tag to point to the directory project.
     new a2a3a02  nothing
     new 309d61c  nothing
     new 41c3324  nothing
     new 1dc7ea0  Added the pojo stub implementation of the decoder which only generates a bind request as a hard coded request every time some data is read.
     new db89d44  Added some classes to support the decoder stub but also massaged over the license header and the @author tags.
     new 3c44e55  Added some stuff to support the use of the seda stage for the decoder.  It was not too complete and could use some helper classes as well.
     new 0797370  misc stuff that has been hanging around for a while
     new 40c7f96  Starting work on a snacc based stateful decoder.
     new c0638f4  Moving this file to another project.
     new 46248e7  o Changed groupId to use incubator-directory instead of just directory.  Also   pointed maven to our incubator based repo here:
     new 9d1f5f9  The abstract subscriber was failing to find an inform method when subclasses of the event type were used.  A test case was created to isolate this bug and a fix was made to find the most specific inform method to use for event delivery upto but not including EventObject.class and its ancestor classes.
     new 7a72835  DecoderManager now works - the next steps are to get the merlin wrapper up and running with merlin unit tests.
     new fa06909  setup
     new 09e0f5c  Ok adding the decoder that works with a mix of snickers and snacc.  Slowly the snacc stuff can be phased out over time until we're ready to leave the incubator.
     new f0da62c  Cleanup code to jakarta coding style
     new 0bb2063  setup
     new a6ac10a  setup for working on the processor
     new 86aab37  do not need reference to a buffer pool
     new d75eac8  creating spi project
     new 140588e  setting up encoder peices
     new 3ee0fd5  more setup
     new 66187fb  Adding the shell for the encoder.
     new 58e77ce  forgot the spi jar
     new 1ce339b  Added stubs for the output, encoder and processor (protocol) components.  We still have much to do before we can fire the server up.
     new 60a9c7f  playing around with old interfaces and ideas
     new 4202428  playing around with old interfaces and ideas
     new dd29b27  Adding initially but need to move and groom them
     new ff905b9  moving them to the right place
     new 0803cce  adding do nothing stubbed out handlers
     new cdb4b06  should be set with the stubs
     new 17862bc  more cleanup
     new 35b08fc  o Found bug where we were not cleaning up threads due to exceptions from   the active worker list to perform graceful shutdowns of the stage.
     new 8f17f3e  Cleaned up the processor code.  I think we're golden here.  I really want the logging stuff to work but I'll retrofit that.  For now we just need a few more test cases for the other message types just to confirm then we move on to the encoder and the output module.
     new 2fb6adf  Ok there were some major pitfall discoveries I've made regarding monitors. Basically they should do as little as possible to effect the code that they monitor.  It's got alot to do with Heisenberg Uncertainty principle: measuring something changes it so keep what you do while measuring down to a minimum.
     new 327e0fd  Added output event and subscriber and masssaged attributes
     new 74fd876  renamed StderrLoggingStageMonitor to LoggingStageMonitor
     new ba6900f  monitor rename changes
     new b291185  ignore stuff
     new a78dd64  stage monitor rename changes
     new ec98220  playing with logging features
     new 2da91d5  ignore stuff
     new 73fda38  stage monitor rename change
     new 9a77b7d  adding deps
     new 75889c9  ignoring stuff
     new 4ae795b  added encoder implementation
     new 6ac7016  added service methods and monitor
     new 11acd53  implemented merlin wrapper
     new 5e225e8  add props for commons logging and berlib provider which will go away later
     new 84a0d83  ignoring stuff
     new 4305d63  added monitor with a few impls and added service methods
     new c41ff69  filled out the default POJO implementation
     new 137c0c5  filled out the merlin wrapper implementation
     new e847288  ignoring stuff
     new e486a43  need to clean this up more but made it disconnect listeners
     new 05550f2  added test case and deps in project.xml and block.xml and filled it all in
     new d6f3f96  added forgotten dependencies
     new 1b7f829  dep fixes and monitor
     new 9830a20  Added test case to weed out that locking issue one selection keys that we also had with the input manager.  Now all works fine its time to test it.
     new 648f166  Setup a test case with merlin wrapper.
     new 5c751b8  relocate monitor notification to right place
     new 52e8f64  add deps to the classpath
     new 15a0c2f  Better logging and fixed bug where stage handler was not being set.
     new 3f6db89  Fixed the configuration to show log info for some other modules and added the needed dependencies to the container classpath in the block.xml.
     new e599468  moving stuff up one level
     new f7b00f6  finishing up
     new e02b085  point to the right sitedocs
     new 3201337  license file and @author tag corrections
     new 60707cd  cleanedup license and @author tag as well as style
     new b60bd02  just a move
     new 6906abd  forgot the constructor name change
     new 3b8f751  Cleanup code style, license, and @author tags.
     new 42623e5  getting ready to create the site RMS subproject site
     new b447fca  consistant names
     new f382f04  Found various problems due to changes in excalibur.
     new 6f08c6e  ignore idea generated files
     new ddfe172  Merged consolidation branch changes r22350:22485 into trunk
     new 0243bd3  First cut at using multiproject plugin to build the web site. Some links might not function properly in subprojects. Need to review each sub-project 1 by 1
     new 3ae1067  Reverting back changes of merge from consolidation trunk.  This essential is a reverse merge operation taking 22486 to 22485 on the current trunk.  It will not effect changes made by Vince after 22486 in areas outside of this frontend directory.
     new 0f2a138  updating list - this should be in JIRA though
     new aa8d5f8  Site build using multiproject plugin should be ready for prime time now (some links still broken, but were before)
     new 763cebc  Merged changes on consolidation2 branch before rename to consolidation. Versions 22523-22570 were merged into the trunk.
     new 851e440  Merged changes from consolidation branch to trunk from revision 22572 to revision 22602.
     new 461c8c4  Updated site to use a single navigation.xml files
     new d583766  Add javadoc package info.
     new 392e966  add decoder package javadoc
     new b357e49  Add encoder package javadoc.
     new 24de923  even package javadoc
     new 3b8bacd  input package javadoc
     new 2658039  listener package javadoc
     new 1b3eb64  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new 6c390eb  processor package javadoc
     new 51658b5  security package javadoc
     new 936fca4  Applying NIclas's patch to project dependencies list.
     new 94b5ce1  add plugin dep
     new 57f2bac fixes to sitedoc sources
     new afc48be fixes to sitedoc sources
     new 3cfebbe  messed up dependency
     new 7e5e925  Corrected a dependency.
     new 643dcc5  Fixing deps
     new 0e8986a  fixed bug in snickers that made encoding indeterminate
     new d483068  ignore idea files
     new deffb2b  Correcting commented out line that caused null pointer exception.
     new 67a86c6  adding another package component to better partition namespace
     new 6cf7352  moving all packages and classes one level down under merlin package
     new 94e4937  completing package name changes
     new 5da2b15  moving one level down under merlin package
     new cdb83f7  moving stuff down a level - still need to fix package names on next commit
     new e41fc09  completing package name changes
     new e83b13b  Correcting the rest of the package name changes.
     new 3e28320  Committing all imports that need to be added now after package name changes.
     new d6c8d57  Updated javadoc
     new f7efcf7  Removed member remnant from the days when POJO services did not exist and the selector loop was handled in this class.  Alan spotted this and brought it to my attention.
     new 38fb422  Transliteration of the Merlin code.  Should probably aggregate the POJOs into a single GBean.
     new ca40291  start api for backend
     new 29a68b3  Moving some classes that were in schema over to commons.  These classes and interfaces can be used in clients as well as on servers.
     new d03c357  nothing here needed anymore
     new d02d3cf  moving around comparator registry classes
     new c4c7e9a  making sure things compile
     new 3e4bfd9  Moving the normalizer API interfaces into the single API project.
     new 4ce40f1  not needed
     new b4fdb62  Moving the syntax checher registry API over to the single API project.
     new 709697e  Consolidating matchingRule registry interface into one API
     new 61f3517  consolidating OID registry interfaces into single API project
     new ed5b180  consolidating syntax registry interfaces into single API project
     new 385a493  Commit changes ...
     new d3e2470  was empty
     new 976b841  was empty
     new 483d320  was empty
     new 34cb7bf  prep for cleanup, and clearing deps
     new 50af96d  moving merlin wrappers
     new acc906c  do not need merlin deployment info
     new b624e99  moving avalon stuff over to merlin
     new 658c742  nothing left
     new 00d2495  Cleaned up code to make it compile.
     new 257f14d  Don't need this anymore.
     new 3bacdcf  no need for bootstrap or solid state distinction
     new 874978a  pruning down number of remote repositories
     new 0f62578  moving parts for impl for consolidation; moving away merlin wrappers
     new 24c3d1a  Consolidating pojos and merlin wrappers.
     new 2b88db8  no longer need this
     new 2f4a72e  Moving stuff around on the server so the code in the sandbox is closer to where it eventually needs to go.  This is a pretty wild thing to do but it should go rather quickly.
     new c7683ba  code cleanup
     new c73c750  keep track of where I am
     new 9625000  More code cleanup and implemented the POJO for ComparatorRegistry service.
     new 41caaf6  changed me mind - consolidating everything into one project
     new 8d2f6cd  Removing impl project - this will only be one project and one jar with wrapper projects around it.
     new 4e34c90  renaming api to core
     new 30ca7fe  renaming merlin to merlin-wrappers
     new 60ffc18  renaming sandbox1 to sandbox
     new 144dc3e  Commit changes ...
     new 1cda3fc  moved from sandbox
     new 9b9a4c1  moving a copy of AttributeType impl to the right place
     new b2950df  copied over and refactored for attributeType registry service
     new 258e32b  Commit changes ...
     new 7f533fc  docos on why this package looks so simple
     new 7b8c5fc  adding DITContentRule registry services
     new 32bbc33  Commit changes ...
     new 414f590  Commit changes ...
     new 3887a0c  fixed so lookup is on MRU name - MRU does not have an OID
     new befafbb  added POJO for NF registry and added more docs
     new 358c33e  updates to state of moves
     new 414199d  Commit changes ...
     new c86e493  Commit changes with copy ...
     new ae0f6e7  preping other pkgs
     new 990e553  let us make the name realistic - broken build right now
     new 82d1fff  Commit changes ...
     new 2a55e01  cleaned up coding stype and removed @author tags and old licenses
     new 9a2a2d1  removed @author tags and old licenses - added right tags and ASL 2.0 boilerplate
     new ef95c76  Commit changes ...
     new 30bbd38  Moving and renaming ConjunctionEnumeratorImpl to ConjunctionEnumerator.  This class is not dependent on jdbm.
     new 4aaa72e  unused import
     new a32a09d  Commit changes ...
     new 333747f  renamed DefaultIndex to JdbmIndex
     new 456b480  renamed DefaultMasterTable to JdbmMasterTable
     new 89b870a  renamed DefaultTable to JdbmTable
     new 909baad  moved the DefaultOptimizer up out of jdbm because it does not depend on it
     new 4924cd3  moved the DefaultSearchEngine up out of jdbm because it does not deps on it
     new 3677840  renamed DefaultTupleBrowser to JdbmTupleBrowser
     new 8faac70  moved EvaluatorImpl up out of jdbm because it does not depend on it
     new 07097fb  Commit changes ...
     new e21bcff  Moving a bunch of reusable classes that do not depend on jdbm up one level to the db package.  These classes can be reused for any underlying BTree implementation.
     new cf499c3  Removed a bunch of do nothing interfaces that extended Evaluator and Enumerator and renamed the Impl class to the old name of the deleted interface.
     new f82f875  Commit changes ...
     new 55f48fd  unneeded stuff and formatting
     new ab0e276  Commit changes ...
     new b3ed112  more javadocs
     new 72c725c  Cleaning up most of the mismatching schema problems.
     new f1f49a5  Fixed missmatch in schemas all is aligned now and compiles.
     new 3ebf1b8  Swapped out 1.1 license for 2.0 boilerplate and made javadoc tags consistent.
     new 4307764  changes to status - I should put this into jira too
     new 1458cf6  Commit changes ...
     new 9aa8f67  Commit changes ...
     new 46e5d25  Decided to rename this thing because of the reasons in the following JIRA improvement which can introduce other types of nexi (is that plaural for nexus).
     new 3701747  forgot to add reason for why we changed name to RootNexus - I put that into the javadocs referencing jira
     new 41576f1  update
     new 842777d  Commit changes ...
     new 8ea36ce  not needed
     new 8db4a51  moved a bunch of tests over now we need to clean em up
     new 381342d  moving tests around
     new 63f2518  still shuffling
     new accfb59  tests are a lost cause
     new 41f75a5  renaming SystemBackend -> SystemPartition
     new e2e492f  renaming DefaultBackend -> ApplicationPartition
     new 708ee41  ignore idea ws file
     new b20a2ce  renaming JndiProviderModule to EveJndiProvider
     new be7de3b  renaming JndiProviderModule to EveBackendSubsystem - the facade
     new b27ef61  renaming ServerContextFactory to EveContextFactory
     new 4234299  a doco
     new 2475d24  moving EveBackendSubsystem one step up
     new 5ff93c1  renaming context to follow more consistent pattern
     new 80226a0  Toying with the idea of temporarily using Java Classes for configuration
     new 27cd297  Making RootNexus specifically take the SystemPartition as its constructor argument.
     new 755830b  forgot to set some syntax names
     new 827fd08  moving config section to under schema package
     new 018e6f5  adding more object configs but will drastically change them soon
     new 13bf06c  correct package names after the move
     new a778514  get stuff to compile
     new ba4dc3c  starting to get the picture of how to handle deps and refactoring
     new e009c88  Commit changes ...
     new 1ab6625  cleaning up constants
     new 2be22e7  more docos
     new 5c99cb4  start maven prj for tools for Eve: just genapp goal run at this point
     new f28a597  Commit changes ...
     new 813d8ae  correcting issues with the template
     new af8b76b  still refining the template
     new 676fcc0  Commit changes ...
     new cc7fe86  added throws
     new 9673071  template only needs setting names
     new 12a4d0e  completed template for attribute types
     new 86c1bf5  getting first stab at a simple OpenLdap attributeType parser
     new 2d88272  More stuff
     new 844a18a  adding a temporary test case
     new a0f588b  add some tracing
     new 88a3b28  works now with attributeTypes
     new b67940f  forgotten null monitor causing NPE
     new 1d7a86a  testing to see comments are parsed out
     new a1884f3  started to generalize parser for entire schema to include objectClasses
     new 53104f2  PROBLEM =======
     new ee9d2de  use top level parse entry point instead of the one for attributeTypes
     new 00c7ef0  Commit changes ...
     new 7447970  renaming test case for multiple construct tests
     new a2c5554  Commit changes ...
     new d09fb5f  Commit changes ...
     new bc29ec8  Commit changes ...
     new 8c943ab  adding more checks to test case
     new 97e4b2c  renamed reset to clear and added changes to grammar
     new ad23b16  Commit changes ...
     new 1729d80  moving schema files used for testing to test directory as a resource
     new c97e7af  Found a malformed objectclass entry
     new b499087  had a few malformed entities
     new b4a76b3  found several malformed schema entity descriptions
     new fc80a3f  Commit changes ...
     new 883fbb1  Commit changes ...
     new b3f6edb  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new 4447ea5  Commit changes ...
     new 4b10bf7  forgot the Matching in class name
     new ef5abc8  made all registries with names and oids to entries populate the OID to name registry
     new 13ca6c2  ok did a rename plus some changes
     new 0552c8d  ok did a rename again - sorry last time hopefully
     new 1f19eee  correcting from move
     new be4734f  adding a few factory interfaces
     new c3d66dd  package rename
     new 6e9dd4d  Commit changes ...
     new 12f8831  added additional schema name lookups for schema objects
     new 37d68d0  moving classes into bootstrap package and changing names
     new 0e1fe33  moving classes into bootstrap package and changing names
     new d60760a  moving classes into bootstrap package and changing names
     new aa676a5  moving classes into bootstrap package and changing names
     new 8ef3f49  moving classes into bootstrap package and changing names
     new a1be17a  moving classes into bootstrap package and changing names
     new 1bed8d2  moving classes into bootstrap package and changing names
     new 5b215e4  some old junk removed until we implement this
     new 427e0c0  Commit changes ...
     new 9c9fec8  finished bootstrap schema loading for attributeTypes
     new 09fb7aa  Commit changes ...
     new 5a0b2af  updating names of classes that are BootstrapProducers
     new 8f6e488  Made matching rule producer implement the right interfaces.  Some package name cleanups on the syntax producer.
     new 872c68c  docs
     new 511492c  switched over to being a producer now
     new cab0d7d  need this for later
     new 17fab12  correcting changes to schema objects in ldap-common
     new 0667080  corrections for changes in schema within ldap-common
     new d6604aa  Finished off abstract bootstrap producer and retrofitted it to CoreSyntaxProducer.  Also made lots of minor fixes and name changes within.
     new 46d3eb0  minor additions to be able to resolve certain things
     new a9e2f98  ooops removed a method by accident
     new bc11480  this is long gone
     new 08a8380  completed attributeType producer generators
     new f3acbdb  Commit changes ...
     new b7ad367  adding plugin files
     new c2de848  nothing major
     new 0179658  moving stuff over to correctly describe the plugin
     new 2d69f7b  changes to project name and removed output unless tracing is enabled
     new c67839f  still messing around
     new 555a274  cleaning up
     new be66dbc  Commit changes ...
     new 9200919  adding more to make bootstrap schemas work
     new cdf0d6c  Commit changes ...
     new 3737859  Commit changes ...
     new b0306f7  Added code to now check if the producer class exists within the src/java directory before creating one from scratch in the target/schema directory. This is done to prevent collisions when static producers are hand woven which is usually the case for anything which is not an AttributeType or ObjectClass producer.
     new 695a6f1  Commit changes ...
     new 12c86d3  caught couple import problems when packages are different
     new c610db5  changing the target from eve to eve:schema since we can have other goals
     new dd6b3f5  moving copies of schema files over here
     new 1f0492b  starting to use the eve plugin
     new c588f5f  corrected some redundancy
     new 22e627b  setting up all schemas for generation except for misc
     new bace8f3  readme with info on how to get the eve plugin
     new 77e2255  todos - jira is broke
     new 973e313  jira back online
     new 8ce52f7  Commit changes ...
     new bfbf962  added syntax checker producer with place holders for all 58 syntaxes
     new 863273b  moving NoOpSC to common and renamed to AcceptAllSC
     new 542a6ca  Commit changes ...
     new 1d0fc20  Added system, eve, and kerberos schemas and the necessary properties to make it all generate.
     new 3479c3a  fixed bug where deployed jar was causing all files to stop generating because they were on the classpath
     new 5adcb51  Commit changes ...
     new 1261636  moving hardcoded core stuff to system schema
     new 31bf896  moving hardcoded core stuff to system schema
     new 8c2a46a  docos
     new ee83916  finalized system schema
     new f0c3ac2  Commit changes ...
     new 17d4b1b  Commit changes ...
     new c83e4d3  Commit changes ...
     new aeeb316  not checking for all matching rules
     new fa727a2  corrected a few bugs in template
     new fc477d6  Commit changes ...
     new d5ae351  ignoring eclipses generated prj files
     new a028197  using cool feature to download and use a plugin on the fly - doing this with maven-eve-plugin
     new b715b09  moving viewer over from the sandbox
     new 97e284d  sandbox no longer needed
     new 6b1d9b6  no longer needed - need to do wrappers all over again
     new 31ab5c4  Changes ...
     new 2690882  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new 2d2779a  formating
     new ba67752  fixed a bug in exception handling service
     new d6b652a  count the bug in EveDirContext that was messing up search
     new 2dcccb4  aesthetic changes
     new a0e90ea  aesthetic mods; formatting
     new f2b72ed  this is in the wrong place
     new 3a81fef  Changes ...
     new 2f3f4a3  Changes ...
     new 83a5ade  Changes ...
     new ddd3c1b  failing test case
     new e50a3a8  Changes ...
     new cb8faaf  naming test properly
     new c9d30e0  factoring out Registries interface from BootstrapRegistries
     new 6fd39ad  adding all the global registries
     new 1bd4ef8  Changes ...
     new ef46897  all is ready for use of schema service
     new 2db7a3e  Changes ...
     new 00a522b  renaming ResultFilteringService and its impl to use FilterService base instead
     new d984a0b  Changes ...
     new 88de2dd  added LdapContext parameters to LookupFilter and SearchResultFilter methods
     new 2b22af6  finished, tested and debugged binary attribute handling
     new 39d0915  switch rdn to uid for defaults
     new 57ceba6  Changes ...
     new 212899f  added code to use env properties to enable multiple app partitions
     new 8da3b4c  forgot this
     new f666275  Changes ...
     new e608168  oops forgot to update this new change
     new 199dc4b  Changes ...
     new b20289c  replacing ConfigurationExceptions with the Eve version
     new ce7f7ba  Changes ...
     new 0f4b1e9  Changes ...
     new 7c1910e  added some javadocs
     new 1a17697  made creatorsName be the DN of the user under ou=users,ou=system
     new 2ac525e  oops need to check this in or the ldif file will not be copied over
     new 4be54ee  moving this over to be a branch - we need to redo all this as a protocol provider
     new 88ea3b6  moving things around to get closer to a clean structure with clean builds
     new 174fd88  removing old garbage
     new f15bac1  ok we need to remove extra directory level
     new d9f85b0  changing project settings
     new 0e08af7  this is way old - thanks to brett I do not need to do this anymore
     new db6bc84  grammar correction
     new 04e8a3d  starting shared maven project to break the dep cycle
     new e75b531  added dependency on eve-shared snapshot before we begin moving stuff over
     new 5954bce  moving over files that are shared between provider and the maven plugin
     new dcbdb1a  ignore maven target
     new 65bd522  refining the project description
     new 30dcbe5  Changes ...
     new ad05638  got the authorization service workign with some test cases - got much more to do though
     new c7a2372  non-serializable LdapPrincipal was causing a problem
     new 95b6308  ooh we do not want to save the principal just the name
     new a43125a  Changes ...
     new 23d1b70  Changes ...
     new 0a97afc  Changes ...
     new d2d4cb4  last changes which get minimal authorization requirements working
     new 3f1b7ee  setting up for protocol provider project; and removed duplicate regexp dependency
     new 32ab40e  consolidating exceptions into one place and preparing for moves to ldap-common
     new f4df100  renaming and preparing for moves to ldap-common
     new a279b2c  pre for package name changes before move to ldap-common
     new d8e80f1  preping for move to ldap-common with package name changes
     new c9d9cc8  Commiting package name changes ...
     new eb06cdb  fixed mistake by resusitating old version of exception that was accidentally blown away
     new 0a3e363  starting work on seda protocol provider for ldap
     new 1641f8c6 moving all the exceptions
     new aac1dc6  skeletal handlers yet a functional provider
     new 9d831b8  a test case to make sure the provider is correctly loading handlers
     new 1f16f54  changed handle() method signatures for all handler types
     new e46e34c  using abstract handlers and changed some signatures to take a client key
     new 0132d1f  Changes ...
     new 50efe81  its coming along
     new c8c95f7  turning on Rev keyword for substitution globally
     new 7665af5  cleanups and adding new exception
     new be30883  implemented add, bind and search
     new e9bdc8a  type making wackyness in idea plugin
     new 668f780  some fixes to the eve cntext factory
     new 6145aec  fixed the class loading issue with spaces in properties
     new de97a9a  ignore some files
     new 344bcd7  nada
     new a45ffc5  Changes ...
     new 2e16a3d  a main to play with
     new 9530b3f  fix a null pointer exception
     new 51a4184  added extra deps to make seda work
     new 3c94612  fixed a couple of broken test cases
     new 64dbdd0  fixed null pointer exceptions on matched DN
     new dcbe396  found nasty bug preventing master table entries to be written
     new 1a222f8  copy that gif over
     new 7bcabc7  fixed a few class cast exceptions
     new 3f30d65  Changes ...
     new b4d058e  Changes ...
     new 5ae7407  Changes ...
     new cef013f  Looks like the changes I made for using relative paths starting at the "" dn altered the environment in the frontend.  I will need to make sure the frontend clones the env it gets as well just in case.  Basically the frontend is over writing the provider information.
     new 4281501  Made sure we copy the environment before modifying it.
     new b3a80d3  fix multiproject build problems by ensuring basedir is used
     new 828c9c2  build clean up
     new 6906a9e  make the plugin a little more robust. - install to repository, not maven installation under Maven 1.0.x version of multiproject More changes are necessary so that it depends less on the environment and passes those values through to the task, as well as do some error handling.
     new 2d9cce5  Fixed bug where rdn attribute values were being duplicated.  Fixed now.
     new 62de168  Changes ...
     new 782cf6f  added and confirmed correct operation of delete request handler
     new 2129a2e  Completed the Modify handler.
     new 82ced44  Changes ...
     new 71246be  found a little bug with removing the oldRdn
     new d0e0d0f  completed and tested compare request
     new 3173f7b  Changes ...
     new 2f35709  directory no longer needed
     new 357d877  cleaning up old SEDA and frontend documentation
     new 5827ca5  still rearranging
     new d27454f  adding more placeholder documents
     new 9a092e4  removing unneeded images
     new e65936d  finish off the architecture document
     new 66efb23  More docs
     new af635ef  Found and fixed bug where duplicate classes were being generated.  Basically the plugin tests to see if a class already exists for the schema file in the ${build.src} directory directory.  It did not use the basedir of maven so it failed to check paths appropriately and regenerated the schema files which should not be generated if hand woven.
     new 53192d9  some doco changes
     new bc58b6e  project now does single level multiproject and skips the parent
     new 087b317  Adding new project for generating an executable jar with EveMain in it.
     new bbc6148  moving main to the right project
     new 0f672a4  making default goal javaapp and adding more deps
     new a57c8f5  ignore stuff
     new f236ffa  make jar creation use javaapp instead for eve project
     new 8a643aa  Test was failing on windows due to file locking preventing deletion of the database files.  We catch the IOExceptions due to deletion and do not respond to them because its not that important.
     new af63214  applying Marks patches in
     new 72aa7d5  Changes ...
     new 7e0d904  Changes ...
     new 569ca5b  Changes ...
     new 70d428d  ignore some stuff
     new 09aa98d  Changes ...
     new ee474dc  Changes ...
     new ca265fa  Added code to clean up eve working database files.
     new 46a4d78  Changes ...
     new ebe2ae1  Consistent look on navigation bars, following order defined in left menu. Fix issues with images URLs
     new 1b1fc75  Changes ...
     new 9e2e537  adding documentation
     new f6d5f26  Changes ...
     new 25d61c3  Changes ...
     new 1ee8c8f  handle generic NamingEnumeration to allow for variance instead of just using a SearchResultEnumeration
     new 4d7fe5c  Changes ...
     new f52dff6  oops broke a test and double adding ou=system
     new 8f27648  Changes ...
     new e22a627  Changes ...
     new 9494e3e  temporarily adding Marks schema
     new cc62a64  Changes ...
     new 015a68b  Changes ...
     new e213c7f  adding incubator disclaimer and packaging into all jar META-INF dirs for eve
     new d31ca71  spelling
     new bd23afa  Changes ...
     new e0868ac  Changes ...
     new 9d22d85  commiting some documetnation on authentication
     new 0fc73cc  Changes ...
     new bb41683  Here is the rest of the bunch, while awaiting Alex remaining reshuffle.
     new f4f5272  sick of cleaning up .db files use unique wkdir name
     new 5b2e1c7  Keeping up with Alex changes.
     new 4dcc292  rename plugin directory
     new 40bb9c0  Keeping up with Alex changes.
     new 9bc405c  renaming a few things and cleaning up deps
     new d45a4ab  better name
     new fc0682b  Changes ...
     new 172d41b  refactored all classes to now use the new package names
     new dc59299  Changes ...
     new 163e261  Changes ...
     new ddb6914  keeping up with Alex changes.
     new 05be92d  fix svn strings for gump
     new a3621b0  appending -SNAPSHOT to versions as recommended by Brett
     new 527f12a  forgot another one to add SNAPSHOT to
     new 3616ee8  looks like this prj was overriding version setting in parent pom
     new 6fc24bc  Commit changes ...
     new 4ccfffe  rename env props
     new 327910b  Added documentation on JNDI provider and all the properties used by the provider.
     new 3884994  Changes ...
     new 6e78129  finally adding these materials
     new 8439200  added scheduleworld schema to defaults
     new b120246  Changes ...
     new a416d3a  fix svn url properly
     new ad24462  use maven generated descriptor
     new e6b20c9  touch ups and pulling docs together
     new a21df2e  touch ups
     new 2b0537d  get rid of misspelled examples crud
     new 6e53b2f  recommit updated gump descriptor
     new 38330f5  new generated descriptor - maintains empty tags
     new 02d0b0a  clarify that some props are required only if others are used
     new 49739a3  Changes ...
     new ed12319  adding extra notice and some reports
     new 4700126  Adding mirrors and enabling project reports.
     new 9cac10b  Trying to fix some of the depend problems.
     new f43f904  fix invalid XML in gump descriptor, and make it automatically generate again
     new c737ec7  Changes ...
     new b0f6ce0  finally found out how to get multiproject:deploy working for plugin
     new 1d67789  fixing typo in deploy goal, backing out overiding incorrect goal
     new 8cf27e2  Changes ...
     new 1217802  Fix for schema problem.
     new 5705ab3  Some updates to the Gump descriptors.
     new 2cc1752  cleanup docos on eve plugin
     new ca25d74  Changes ...
     new 16eec23  add berlib provider property as well
     new 68a89a1  Eve project definition clean up
     new 92ec607  Goals ...   Reorg sitedocs so we can have parent project and subprojects under it with   docs like the other xdoc site documentation in the directory project.  I   guess this is more reverting to the old way.  So here's the plan of what I   am starting to do.  Here are the top level menus:
     new e08ad5c  Changes ...
     new edab2f2  stop generation of reports
     new 1efbfe6  Changes ...
     new cd3cfbb  Changes ...
     new cb3322f  tying things together now at lower levels in navigation
     new 3e2d54f  added the menu in page for the user guide
     new d2c0a56  Changes ...
     new ddc0066  Changes ...
     new bec3736  Changes ...
     new 9baa9f7  Changes ...
     new e260c01  fix repo list
     new d1414ff  unused import
     new c368a25  removing trailing .0 from 0.8.0 verision
     new 4460c4b  cleanup all artifact revisions removing trailing .0 so things like 0.8.0 are 0.8
     new 99e8d1f  renaming dib -> core
     new 726c191  ooops forgot the most important part
     new e9e296f  Changes ...
     new 01cdf77  jira and svn url fixes
     new ca90601  changing old references to dib to new core
     new e932af3  Removed the Gump descriptors from Directory, as they are no longer used. Copies has been made to the Gump CVS and the profile redirected.
     new c0fd693  use jar resouce instead of file to read in templates
     new 1ab639b  checking in changes to docs for switch from eve-dib to eve-core project name
     new 06b2cea  Replaced DateUtils g-differential with g-time-zone using JDK SimpleDateFormat.
     new ba5a299  massive package rename refactoring from o.a.snickers to o.a.asn1
     new 1865d38  renamed snickers provider packages for snickers->asn1 rename
     new 6b859de  cleaning up rest of the dependency issues due to snickers->asn1 rename
     new a0abc9a  Schema for DNS and DHCP.
     new c483242  Changes ....
     new 8421664  Changes ...
     new 28bab24  update gump properties
     new 5711d02  set module name for gump
     new 692b076  Site changes to rename snickers -> asn.1.  This should fix most things out there.
     new 76efa98  changing old nagoya links
     new 171c96b  renaming eve top level directory to ads
     new 48c130c  taking Bretts advice with copies of notices and preparing for the move
     new 6cdf74f  Following through with final names for the svn layout and other names in the project.
     new eb69f0b  setting up for name change to server
     new 06bce04  Changes ...
     new 4805f01  changes ...
     new 046b118  oops need to refer to new main/java dir
     new 8450ad3  changes ...
     new 122d196  fixed paths to license files
     new d99e108  moving things around to use src/main/schema as the default schema dir base
     new fe542fe  changes ...
     new 87c63cc  changes ...
     new c6bb734  moving stuff into src/java/main
     new 241e608  refactored shared classes to use nwe package name
     new 7b47007  changing base package to use o.a.ldap.server
     new 361783a  renamed classes to not reference Eve and changed jelly to use new tasks
     new 1be0893  remove old dir
     new 5ecb39a  renamed old packages and folders in props, pom and in the antlr parser grammar
     new f012547  directory is not supposed to be here
     new f67d329  moving some of the core classes - more to go
     new 7cba580  changes ...
     new ca57a0a  moving over jndi package to new o.a.ldap.server pkg
     new 9c01211  cleaning up redundant imports
     new 493a8b9  moving nexus aspect to right package
     new 293ce41  moving test cases into new pkgs for schema and jndi
     new 746585f  eve pkg no longer needed
     new 1233c1c  moved the exception pkg
     new 57e454b  exception pkg not needed under eve
     new 795e60a  moved auth package to new o.a.ldap.server
     new 80e2fd4  moving db and sub pkgs to new org.apache.ldap.server pkg
     new 0605d30  moving last top level classes to new package org.apache.ldap.server
     new 85cc7de  pkg name refactor for top level eve classes moving them to o.a.ldap.server
     new 40d7d3f  cleaning up imports after moves
     new 699d629  o.a.eve package finally moved to o.a.ldap.server
     new 803ed04  correcting paths for new main layout in this but I do not know if it makes a difference
     new ea83149  moving stuff around to new packages and adjusting configs and build for new pkgs
     new 1387ca2  no longer needed
     new bbc34fd  renaming files with eve name
     new b3e27a9  package name changes
     new 3755973  changes ...
     new 1fffdb0  changes ...
     new 8a221c1  nada
     new a255cf1  Massaged sitedocs where there were references to Eve
     new ec27dba  reverting back to using DIREVE existing JIRA project
     new d071f80  consistant naming
     new c985727  renaming index attributes so they are not eve prefixed
     new c840222  change schema file name to generate
     new de77546  renaming schema also renames classes produced
     new 4f91c1f  correcting names of schemas loaded Eve->Apache
     new fc0e42f  pkg move from seda to apseda complete
     new 9e7c0c3  moving pkg to o.a.ldap.server
     new 82e1fcf  moving pkg to o.a.ldap.server
     new 1142fd1  do not need this dir anymore
     new 17c0643  cleaning up imports with wrong pkgs and changing deps in prjs
     new f9fd1bf  changing navigations
     new 1fcde27  corrections for eve->server and seda->apseda renames
     new 6020eb0  changes ...
     new b89f56f  setting up new site:publish configuration with staging area
     new 7d0a6e4  top level rename of janus->authx
     new 791952e  Changes ...
     new 6c636f4  use velocity-dep in gump
     new d47ea9d  renaming server to apacheds
     new c61da8b  name change of server->apacheds
     new 21da3fa  fixed rename problem that made these properties not work
     new a8e621a  remove eve name
     new a76a259  old server- jar file references cleaned up
     new e49bd46  old server- jar file references cleaned up
     new d3e4a2c  adding for quick start - on request be Alan Cabrera
     new 104494e  use actual release version
     new 83bc47e  freezing internal releases
     new 1fa10b0  freezing SNAPSHOTs
     new 7308cf8  bumping up to use 0.3 and 0.9 snapshots for next round of dev work
     new dd0efaf  set module name to apacheds
     new 4a2b592  Initial context factory correction related to recent package renaming.
     new e39e30c  Removed duplicated import statements resulting from recent package renaming.
     new 650bfa1  changes ...
     new 1039013  checking in with one test still failing
     new 6a85971  all works even though testcases are not put in
     new f748e78  unused imports
     new 451a9b2  adding Dictionary wrapper creation on Preferences and a change log
     new db25af4  some basic interfaces for efficient object and state factories
     new 2b69197  changes ...
     new 8e3118a  finished off adding support for object and state factories
     new 8c50ef3  moving and renaming abs test case so its available in sources - can be reuses
     new 5b58adc  rename file to match new class name
     new 70e9bd8  formatting
     new 58bec40  just to calc the amount of code in trunk and all of directory
     new 779abd4  changes ...
     new 2c66b30  Prefs tests had duplicated or unused imports.
     new 9715159  broken build due to need for a cast - again I have no idea how this was broken
     new c2dce4e  Merged 'mina-port' branch.
     new 71dadf8  Removed two unnecessary casts and one unused variable.
     new 87c17a6  fix npe due to lack of check for attribute and cleaned up javadocs
     new 45d5260  trustin must have forgotten this
     new 57ae942  fixing format changes made by my lil buddy :)
     new 264af17  Fixed: o  No Hashtable.setProperty(), changed to Hashtable.put() o  Duplicated SECURITY_PRINCIPAL
     new b6a939e  one of changes from Marco
     new 05b240d  changes ...
     new f3fbb5c  changes ...
     new a27fe89  changes ...
     new 82c88c9  committing endi partion patch
     new 4abd977  Fixed: 'maven eclipse' doesn't add generated schema source code to build path.
     new 576b62e  Fixed: Test fails if the port 1024 is already taken.
     new d8eae55  Fixed DIREVE-143: Use EnvKeys.PASSTHRU property properly
     new 0d73498  Updates to LDAP wire protocol (apacheds-protocol) POM: o  Removed a couple unused dependencies. o  Updated URLs of remaining dependencies to reflect graduation from incubator.
     new 8ba6d8a  * Revived passthru test. * Renamed FrontendPassthruTest into ServiceRegistryPassthruTest
     new 0ff3228  changes ...
     new e7f1e93  Touched up INITIAL_CONTEXT_FACTORY in javadocs.
     new 151bce2  incubator/directory -> directory/.  promote to TLP location.
     new 5831feb  Updated MINA dependency.
     new 431bc0b  * Updated apacheds-protocol to use MINA DemuxingProtocolHandler * Changed groupId of apacheds from incubator-directory to directory * Updated dependencies under apacheds
     new e2f876d  Fixed: Invalid handler mapping
     new 2f0c2c4  Moved LDAP wire protocol to protocols dir.
     new 729f3ff  * Changed AspectJ file extension to .aj to be Eclipse AJDT compatible * Fixed: The generated Eclipse .classpath file didn't include aspectj directory. * Fixed: Schema source code is not generated when user generates Eclipse project files. * Resolved almost all warnings that Eclipse 3.1M5a naggs.
     new b96b731  fixing group id changes
     new 929e39a  changing @author tags
     new 70968fc  more incubator and rearrangement corrections
     new f59f4d2  changes ...
     new 6ec35dd  Moving the Authenticator based classes from top org.apache.ldap.server pkg to the o.a.l.s.auth package.
     new 52c6b27  fix gump
     new ddecd8a  changes ...
     new ee3204d  * Fixed apacheds-plugin to generate proper eclipse project files. * Optimized imports.
     new e56b2e0  add pregoal to gen schema before idea:module
     new ce1a1c5  The shutdown command is not working because every time an InitialContext is requested the JNDI instantiates a new InitialContextFactory.  So the MINA registries wind up being null.  To fix this I will make it static.  I am not too happy about doing this but it should work and this JNDI ContextFactory is just for apps.  If in a container it should not be used.
     new 032fb35  trustin changed the groupId so we need to adjust
     new cd9412d  changes ...
     new c609917  Fixing old Avalon links that broke:
     new 9e8b617  fixing
     new 40397d8  I'm pulling out of this.  If Mark get's his own IANA number we can add this back, or he can just use the schemas JNDI property to add it himself when embedding.
     new 641c1fd  formatting and minor javadoc corrections
     new d9aba18  corrected the groupId
     new c307d19  minor documentation changes
     new 86763b4  Commiting changes from Trustin's interceptor_revamp branch.  Used the following svn command to merge changes back into the trunk.  svn merge -r 158014:HEAD  .
     new d064222  formating cleanup in SCF and added member for for looking up port in AST
     new 8c8290f  ScheduleWorld schema was no longer used
     new 1f6043b  While fixing the problem with the broken server.disable.anonymous property I noticed that anonymous binds are still possible with the bind operation.  Here's why ...
     new bde7036  adding samba to schemas supported ...
     new ec999bd  InterceptorChain is now able to emulate 'around' pointcut.
     new 1a56295  changes ...
     new 7815c81  changes ...
     new 7ef1647  forgot to move this test case when performing package moves
     new c8c21b5  moving auth package to authn to differentiate from authz stuff
     new 0be08da  renaming Authenticator to AuthenticationService before moving class due to naming conflict in authn package
     new 21158ed  changes ...
     new d5260f7  changes ...
     new 8a6e127  optimized imports
     new dd3a533  changes ...
     new 409158b  renamed SchemaManager to SchemaService
     new f16af16  moving SchemaService to o.a.l.s.schema pkg
     new da26530  changes ...
     new 45e3a8c  changes ...
     new 1364365  no longer need these test directories
     new 3917516  changes ...
     new de1d821  changes ...
     new f5700ca  applying patch for testing mixed case backends - Thanks Endi
     new 534a9cd  Updated to short license.
     new 06ad6f3  applying
     new 6234845  formatting
     new 9b75333  Updating directory dev mailing list.
     new be5d08b  Disabled AspectJ support in Eclipse project files because it doesn't work at all and consumes a lot of heap.
     new acdce94  * Made Invocation serializable * Fixed IndexAssertionEnum warning
     new adfa73f  Cathing up recent MINA changes...
     new a2e361b  clean up incubator references
     new 8285e6b  Suppressed ProviderNexusAspect to throw NullPointerException in case user wants to create Invocations outside of the server context (e.g. Unit testing)
     new 45d92a0  Removed a few more incubator references.
     new 0b723eb  Corrected the typo Heirarchy -> Hierarchy (JIRA DIREVE-153)
     new 703fc23  Corrected the typo Heirarchy -> Hierarchy (JIRA DIREVE-153)
     new 682f571  Corrected the typo Heirarchy -> Hierarchy (JIRA DIREVE-153)
     new 6c33260  Corrected the typo Heirarchy -> Hierarchy (JIRA DIREVE-153)
     new b60c18d  Corrected the typo Heirarchy -> Hierarchy (JIRA DIREVE-153)
     new 9126279  Corrected a typo on hierarchy (JIRA DIREVE-153)
     new cae7bd0  Updated all navigation links.
     new d020a0b  moved protocol to protocol-providers ... it would be nice if people updated these docs when they make moves rather than leaving them in bulk to do .. or unoticed
     new c4727fc  changes ...
     new 3a44fc8  prep for moving ServerContextFactory to main
     new 6cc4ac6  changes ...
     new dd3ed92  changes ...
     new af73aaf  old entries in ldif no longer needed
     new 22aee2b  changes ...
     new 43be2ef  Endi had a great recommendation to add a proectected method to create the LdapPrincipal rather than making its constructor public and exposing the ability to create it to the world.
     new 99a5b6d  changes ...
     new 96c85aa  fixed horizontal navigation for all apacheds projects
     new f332349  using non snapshot deps now
     new a81c0ef  using non-snapshot deps and freezing for tag on 0.9
     new 7d9c0f8  ooops can not freeze yet
     new 36a9c50  changes ...
     new 531cb00  slight adjustments to these files
     new eef4ebc  added more to change log after reviewing everything that was done for 0.9 in JIRA
     new 69058ec  freezing 0.9 so we can tag it
     new 2be1e9e  bumping revision to next SNAPSHOT 0.9.1 feature branch
     new ecd542c  add apachecon to navigation
     new 5a2f163  Fixed: DIRMINA-41 and its sideeffects.
     new 6ce4348  Added some matching rules that were in the extra matchingRules RFC here:
     new 344820c  ok I shall get the txt versions of these rfcs I need later
     new 4dbfae2  Replaced rfcs with PDF versions.
     new d3bb962  Forgot to add these RFC PDFs. :)
     new 7dc9c43  ignore eclipse files
     new 7478673  ignore eclipse metadata
     new 4d9044e  Cleaned up unused import.
     new d906799  changes ...
     new 449c2d8  Added extra methods to set an LDIF file to load as a class relative resource or as a file from disk.  Checks are made to test exactly what is implied.
     new a8efa85  removed some unused methods
     new 65d39b1  fixed bug where added entry names were not being normalized
     new f1abb68  no longer using variable search base ... but should have made this into a constant
     new 46d74d4  updating deps for changes to ldap-common
     new a7237eb  small fix for test cases
     new f492b92  type - put it in a constant
     new a24ff24  Merged the branch 'direve-158'.
     new 387c49b  * Made InterceptorChain unnstable as we discussed before * server.xml demonstrates how to configure interceptor chain now. * Added InterceptorConfiguration * Replaced StartupConfiguration.interceptors with List<InterceptorConfiguration>.
     new aaeb044  Fixed: Bind failure via networking layer
     new 765e0c6  Resurrected the way to override JNDI properties by adding overrideEnvironment() method.
     new 2489b5b  need access to overrides but we must clone them for safty
     new 6889ec9  added static private instance that can be reused instead of creating new SC for every sync operatin
     new bd2f045  renaming ContextFactoryContext to ContextFactoryConfiguration: did same with defualt bean for this interface
     new 0d28383  checking in changes for rename of ctx factory ctx=>config
     new f5df9c1  hmmmm looks like trustin moved stack maintenance to the confguration/context object and i see why he did not call it a configuration now
     new 5ce848b  These two classes should be reverted back to their old names.
     new 16a64f5  Added some hierarchy to invocation package:
     new ec6d00e  AbstractContextFactory requires Configuration object even if it is already started up and users just want to get initial context.  So I fixed it.
     new bf4f4ca  Fixed: POM of apacheds-plugin is invalid.
     new 90d2251  Made the testEntries property use a list instead of a set.  This was becoming an issue due to a user's node that was not created first before the users so order does matter.
     new 899ae18  Fixed a bug where the ShutdownTest was failing because we were modifying the Attributes from the LDIF of the testCases.  On restart the same entry from the LDIF was used again but this time it had no DN and blew a NullPointerEx.
     new f0f7516  merging branch 'db_refactor' into trunk
     new 5d8ae56  Merged DefaultContextFactoryConfiguration which failed thanks to SVN problem.
     new 21462f5  Fixed compilation errors.
     new b424301  AspectJ is not required anymore
     new b8629e6  Fixed test failes due to configuration mistake.
     new 1c70823  Removed TODOs without any explanation; it prevents me from looking for more important TODOs.
     new 7f58976  apacheds-main fails to start up kerberos protocol because authentication information is deleted from environment when apacheds-core starts. I changed core to retain authentication information.
     new a3c5e1f  changes ...
     new 9aaa804  Enabled global access to ContextFactoryService instance by adding ContextFactoryService.getInstance().
     new 7b59017  changes ...
     new 3355b0a  A fix for DIREVE-175: * Prevented users from initiating the first run as a non-admin account. * At the first run, password is set to what user specified as SECURITY_CREDENTIALS instead of 'secret' now.
     new 4a0630a  setup sam subsystem so it can get users with a context
     new 84efbc5  Fix for DIREVE-172: * Added Configuration.instanceId property so that user can speficy the id of ContextFactoryService instance. * Added ContextFactoryConfiguration.getInstanceId() so that user can find out which instance it is working with. * Added ContextFactoryService.getInstance() methods and ContextFactoryService.getAllInstances().
     new 6bf2742  * Moved ContextFactoryConfiguration.getJndiContext() to ContextFactoryService * Added ContextFactoryConfiguration.getService().
     new 3c8ef0b  Fixed: NullPointerEception in checkPermissionToCreateBootstrapEntries().
     new 32fa2b7  changes ...
     new 62222c4  this should be bumped up to mina-0.7.3 instead of using the SNAPSHOT
     new 99bb0f8  adding logging statements
     new 1a74c74  poms to use latest released dependency jars as opposed to their SNAPSHOTS
     new 07d4aec  ooops ldap-protocol has not yet been released
     new efb577b  Added InterceptorChain.get(String) and InterceptorChain.getAll() to let users gain access to interceptors to interact with them.
     new 826c73c  changes ...
     new 49429b3  Added octetStringOrderingMatch matching rule to System schema.
     new 6b9efce  Forgot to add a normalizer for octetStringOrderingMatch
     new 7dd3d57  for this release
     new b8370ae  Added more change list to CHANGES.txt.
     new 2ae3e69  formatting
     new dbff7e9  cutting release for apacheds 0.9.1
     new ed5b825  bumping up revision for 0.9.2 SNAPSHOTS
     new 722bd38  ooops have to bump up revisions of kerberos and protocol jars
     new 567e081  rolling back release
     new d2b3bb0  did not cleanup atlassian schema well enough after applying nicks patch; now plugin works fine
     new e5ae27d  cutting 0.9.1 release after fixing issue with plugin
     new 443f748  Changed the 'Running' paragraphe to explain how to set the version.
     new d991c9a  Applied Nick Faiz's patches from issue DIREVE-206 here:
     new 0198409  Applying Nick Faiz's patch here:
     new 559318e  added vendorVersion to rootdse
     new 51b92fd  adding a slew of binary attributes so people do not have problems with binary attributes
     new c7ead75  changes ...
     new c1661c1  fixing copy/paste error for ou=interceptors
     new 4ee4c80  Fixing broken build.  Looks like the SearchContextTest picked up on the fact that I added more entries under ou=system for managing the server's configuration.  The counts of entries for single level and subtree level search should have been updated.
     new 0bb187f  bumping up the revision of the ldap-protocol dep used to the 0.9.2-SNAPSHOT for changes from stefan
     new 448b219  * Added: ContextPartitionNexus.add/removeContextPartition() * Added: AddContextPartitionConfiguration and RemoveContextPartitionConfiguration * Now you can use Add/RemoveContextPartitionConfiguration to add or remove context partitions in runtime.
     new 0309a31  Added a test case for adding/removing partitions using configuration.
     new eb444a2  Fixed test case JavaDoc.
     new 07228d5  Moved DefaultContextPartitionNexus.destroy() code into removeContextPartition()
     new 42958f9  Removed an empty line at the first line.
     new f64e2ee  changes ...
     new 6609a3e  * Added add...() methods so that users can add interceptors at runtime.
     new cb3ab9c  * Added remove() method to InterceptorChain
     new c668e12  Fixes the following issues:
     new 2256036  changes ...
     new f817322  committing test contributed by stefan from DIREVE-216
     new 0e26528  A fix for DIREVE-217 * Replaced direct calls to the nexus with calls to the nextInterceptor.
     new b629ebc  Adding the supportedFeatures attribute value to comply with RFC 3673.  This satisfied the following issues raised in JIRA:
     new e9899ed  change to add the supportedFeatures for DIREVE-218 now requires this change for the testcase to pass
     new 3ce99ad  adding sn and cn to system admin user to make entry correct: closes DIREVE-176
     new 3e4e066  fixing places that did not properly use Attributes.put()
     new 57fb5a8  not useing lockable features of attr impl
     new 839939d  DIREVE-180 Made ContextPartitionNexus to throw a ServiceUnavailableException when user tries to operate on the service which is not started yet.
     new a88732d  DIREVE-178 * Fixed SimpleAuthenticator not to throw LdapNameNotFoundExecption. * Made AuthenticationService to log unexpected exceptions while authenticating.
     new fe3cc24  * A possible fix for DIREVE-188 ** Fixed that a few part of JdbmContextPartition doesn't store keys as lower-cased strings to existanceIdx. ** Fixed add() method called by modify() methods adds a existance key to the wrong index.
     new 87637e0  changed all incorrect usages of BasicAttributes so they use the case insensitive form for attribute IDs with a new BasicAttributes(true) or a new BasicAttributes(String, Object, boolean).  This was done to progress on JIRA issue DIREVE-224 here:
     new 3b2adb2  The Velocity script was not generating the code to set the objectClass type of the ObjectClass instances in the generated ObjectClassProducer.  This was the case for all ObjectClasses.  As a result the were defaulting to an improper objectClass type.  This commit fixes the other half of Stefan's JIRA issue here:
     new 64b355d  forgot to add an import to the ObjectClasses.template
     new 559f5a5  changes ...
     new 3d13482  Applying patch from Stefan with changes to resolve JIRA issue DIREVE-228 here:
     new c6bbf25  adding stefan's test case from JIRA issue DIREVE-173 here:
     new 86f4794  fixing schema OID conflict: two attibutes had same OID and an objectClass OID conflicted with objectClass in apache.schema
     new 0d92b4b  let us ship with the apachedns.schema from now on
     new cbf864e  Camel notation and clean-up of Apache DNS schema.
     new 44a251d  Adding Stefan's test case from JIRA issue DIREVE-173 here:
     new d1a5386  Added some schema checks to prevent improper modify operations from succeeding. Namely we added checks to satisfy the modify tests submitted by Stefan in the following JIRA DIREVE-232 issue:
     new b92c21b  freezing for apacheds release 0.9.2
     new d2819fb  tagging and bumping up apacheds trunk to next releases snapshot
     new 7bbef55  updating change logs
     new 134f837  fix parse error in POM
     new 878ba1d  changes ...
     new 9676f6d  changes ...
     new 786ba04  broke a few tests by forgetting these changes - all passes now
     new dc63d38  fixing some breakage after kerberos changes and changes to ldap-common
     new 0bd7773  added subentry modify interceptor functionality
     new 08bfb52  added modifyRdn and move operation handlers in the interceptor
     new 01bd61c  fixing a couple bugs with move operations and added entry addition handling
     new de5dbaa  Made contexts implement EventContext and EventDirContext using do nothing stubs for implemenation methods.  This was done to fascilitate hot redeployment capabilities using the OSGi version of the container.
     new 83fbcbd  initial code drop for EventDirContext functionality
     new 2a6cc99  completed functionality additions to subentry service
     new f4fb8f4  fixed couple bugs where we were firing adds when remove ops or change ops were being performed.  furthermore fixed it so that the proper listeners are now notified of their respective event types.
     new b47c169  fix bug to deregister
     new f25d1c3  making sure collectiveAttributeSubentries are only delt with once for both inner and specific areas
     new 87e8ef2  changes ...
     new 5471815  changes ...
     new 140c4fa  changes ...
     new cd2dc3c  changes ...
     new 8d8949d  adding test case for move() overload without rdn change
     new b2a12a5  adding collective attributes schema and integrating into server along with an operational attribute for referencing autonomousAreas
     new b89fe60  changes ...
     new 2e6d101  forgot to add the collective attribute schema
     new 749af13  Added UserClass and AuthenticationLevel entity required to implement ACDF.
     new 87089da  * Moving LDAP common classes from apacheds-core to ldap-common * Fixed eclipse goal for ldap-common to generate right source path
     new 1b71cdc  completed collectivate attribute handling
     new 02f6306  changes ...
     new 85929a7  Added a commented property : TwixProvider. Uncommenting it and commenting the SnickersProvider switch to the new codec
     new c707a70  fixing bug with OID conflict between apache.schema and apachedns.schema
     new 7a90933  Reviewed and applyed Stefan Zoerner's patch for DIREVE-240 here:
     new 30f0996  changes ...
     new 3cd7d09  comming patch from Endi on DIREVE-245 here
     new 26f7d5b  updating deps so we do not get test failures
     new efc4b97  changes ...
     new 8b1bc1b  changes ...
     new 0fffa8d  changes ...
     new 19f3ecc  changes ...
     new 5adaea7  upgrading to nlog4j 1.2.17 to prevent log4j co-existance issues and to satisfy JIRA issue DIREVE-242 here:
     new 9ade7bd  changes ...
     new 36192df  Replaced calls to printStackTrace() with SLF4J calls. (Look at DIREVE-161)
     new 229a176  applying patch from Jacob in DIREVE-169 here
     new 877e928  * Fixed: Maven 1.1 beta2 doesn't accept ApacheDS POM. * Removed strange Japanaes Katakana characters at the end of the comment line.
     new e871533  changes ...
     new 8f47c8b  Completed DIREVE-255 here:
     new 5f183e2  changes ...
     new 69acee6  Completed basic directory-backed record serving (DIRDNS-1): o  Added schema support for SOA, A, NS, MX, PTR, and CNAME resource records.
     new b0b50f2  changes ...
     new 9d487bf  applying patch from Nick Faiz from DIREVE-252 to prevent class cast exceptions
     new e742dc3  applied patch from Nick Faiz for DIREVE-261 here:
     new acb780c  changes to introduce new compare() operation into interceptor chain ...
     new 94e102c  Applied a patch by Jacob Barrett for DIREVE-266: with filter arguments always gets index out of bounds (in two places).
     new f90d68f  Fixed afterStartup hook method is invoked even if startup process failed.
     new 76a5430  oops my ide acidentally added the wrong license header: changing it to ASF license
     new e273840  moved schema checking functionality from the modify handler of the ldap p-p into the schema checking interceptor
     new 3b490f4  Changes in MINA: * Removed forum from the navigation menu * Added developer and major contributor list.
     new b2eff64  added extra overload to search in ServerDirContext to facilitate use with the LDAP protocol provider
     new 3ac5c82  ACDFEngine now supports ProtectedItem.RangeOfValues and UserClass.Classes.
     new c77f185  adding test contribution from stefan in DIREVE-256 here
     new cc307ac  * Implemented UserClass.Subtree and ProtectedItem.RangeOfValues * Changed method signature so that ACDFEnging can access the DIT
     new 0eb33a9  upgrading to jdbm 1.0 as per DIREVE-222 here
     new 45992eb  correcting license - IDE slippup
     new 9820ab5  Implemented ACDFEngine, but we need to review it.
     new 010548e  Used PresenceNode instead of FilterParser.
     new 56d6d33  * Refactored ACDFEngine ** Extracted each tuple filtering phase into multiple ACITupleFilters. ** Moved ACDFEngine and filters into package.
     new 74758c4  Removed unnecessary assertion code.
     new 642781e  Removed unnecessary code.
     new 01e1a9a  Removed unnecessary loop labels.
     new e30f04d  Removed duplicate code in MostSpecificProtectedItemFilter after the removal of unnecessary assertion code.
     new beeace5  Fixed a bug that some scopes are not processed correctly.
     new bb41b15  Modified ACITupleFilter implementations to skip tuples whose size is too small or zero.
     new b2cf84a  Added a test case for HighestPrecedenceFilter
     new afc2208  Added a test case for HighestPrecedenceFilter
     new 844f19e  Implementing a test case for MaxValueCountFilter...
     new 1957a10  Implemented a test case for MaxValueCountFilter.
     new ad8bf08  Added a test case for MicroOperationFilter.
     new a1b6c14  Added a test case for OperationScope.
     new ca1f602  Added a test case for RestrictedByFilter.
     new a6ec785  Added a test case for MostSpecificUserClassFilter.
     new 451a511  Added a test case for MostSpecificProtectedItem.
     new fbdd6e9  Addition to apachedns.schema to support DIRDNS-4 (Add support for service location SRV records) o  Added new objectClass for the SRV record type. o  Added 3 new attributeTypes for SRV priority, weight, and port.
     new 90294f3  Added a test case for MaxImmSubFilter
     new 5d7b35e  Fixed a bug that MaxImmSubFilter behaves in an opposite way.
     new c31f8b2  Fixed a bug that RectrictedByFilter is applied to unrelated attributes.
     new e1d7ae7  Changed method signature to let users specify multiple user group names.
     new b4e85ba  Added a test case for RelatedUserClassFilterTest.
     new 55c907e  Extracted DummyOidRegistry to a separate file.
     new c534083  Added DummyAttributeTypeRegistry to test RelatedProtectedItemFilter.
     new c84fc98  Added a test case for RelatedProtectedItemFilter
     new 64785a8  Fixed that ProtectedItem.SelfValue is not evaluated correctly.
     new a7c71b8  Added JavaDoc for ACDFEngine and its support classes.
     new be9d666  Added package description for
     new 84eab0e  changes ...
     new 188f4f1  Update to apachedns.schema OID's to resolve conflict with apache.schema.
     new c727c60  correcting schema conflicts
     new 2371d7d  compressing spaces between attributes now that we are using a branch schema for OID assignments
     new 3b3e1a9  Update to apachedns.schema OID's to resolve conflict with apache.schema by branching OID range.
     new 03c109f  reverting changes that included group information with the principal
     new 364deda  changes ...
     new 6062fc0  Removed syntax errors from file apacheds-server.bat in order to resolve DIREVE-263 ("apacheds-server.bat of standalone goal fails on Windows platform").
     new dacee98  start using the latest site plugin which has the site:publish goal
     new 0a4e276  changes ...
     new 0e43626  fixed little issue with spring not having a mutable property for accessControlEnabled
     new ad0f83a  added new group for managing administrators
     new 030d0c3  DIREVE-273: Renamed ContextPartition and its related classes to DirectoryPartition.
     new 47962d1  fixed a few mistakes made during renames
     new 4d285e9  Pulled up non-JNDI core classes to org.apache.ldap.server.
     new e08a930  Renamed ContextFactoryService and its related classes to DirectoryService
     new 8c485cb  Fixed compilation errors and warnings.
     new d263fff  * Fixed compilation errors * Removed ContextFactoryService from all source code
     new 51367bf  changes ...
     new ddb485a  moved those three classes from the src/java directory to src/test directory
     new c2c16ee  moved those three classes from the src/java directory to src/test directory
     new f3b48da  Fixed the server.xml wher the bean apachePartitionConfiguration still pointed to MutableContextPartitionConfiguration class, which has been deleted in version 307079
     new 10966d4  Moved back the three classes stupidly moved to src/test without thinking of the consequences. Sometime, Purity is a vice...
     new 61445dc  Moved back the three classes to their initial location.
     new 56ec1d5  organizing unit tests for ACI: added base class and cleaned up add operation tests
     new 973800a  cleanup unnecessary imports
     new 38ae5c0  changes ...
     new ab5b2be  AllUserAttributeTypes and AllUserAttributeTypesAndValues now also covers operational attributes.
     new 3e15dcb  changes ...
     new c754fc1  cleaned up import
     new f042e15  changes ...
     new 2531fe7  fixing broken test ... seems like I broke something in the old authz service
     new 53d09e5  Changed dependent MINA version to 0.8-SNAPSHOT because it is used by ldap-protocol.
     new 13b976e  Fixed wrong version information in recent dependency section changes.
     new 5064687  Added ExtendedOperationHandlers property to ServerStartupConfiguration sothat users cn configure LDAP extended operation handlers.
     new 1b77a5d  changes ...
     new 085ea3a  overview ...
     new b94e3a1  changes ...
     new 2183868  changes ...
     new 52fb2fc  changes ...
     new bdca0e0  Added a log in the hasEntry() method
     new 2933cd6  changes ...
     new a37136a  changes ...
     new 52a45ab  Fixed: ProtectedItem.AttributeType should not affect the result of operations of OperationScope.ATTRIBUTE_TYPE_AND_VALUE.
     new 04ca8d6  changes ...
     new 7bd6c38  changes ...
     new 4c3d1df  Switched commons-collection from 3.1 to 3.0
     new 9067cae  Fixed the Pom Id and the Group ID. Don't understand why they have beed added...
     new 3249719  changes ...
     new d11944b  changes ...
     new 5766e2d  changes ...
     new 50ae0d6  changes ...
     new 6e412aa  changes ...
     new 958b6ac  DIREVE-280 improvement changes -
     new 50d1a66  setting up changes
     new 9cdd922  * Resolved issue: DIREVE-286 - Change ApacheDS to use the default password while initialization step instead of requiring admin credential. * Renamed DirectoryPartitionNexus.ADMIN_PW to ADMIN_PASSWORD * Changed DirectoryPartitionNexus.ADMIN_PASSWORD to String to prevent alteration
     new d5012a8  changes ...
     new 6a1be0b  changes ...
     new 364989b  updating summary of changes for inclusion of NTP, Changepw and new docs.
     new 286deb0  changes ...
     new d1bb191  Added a new test method testAnonymousBindsEnabledBaseSearch in order to cover a problem which is described in DIREVE-283. It is commented out because it currently fails.
     new abbc714  fixing broken tests after admin password was changed to a string
     new 75b6445  changes ...
     new 9099dcd  making the server shut up for tests
     new 0299c53  shut up warning messages and info while running test
     new cc8193b  missing closing tag
     new d598563  bumped up to all the internally released jars
     new 1758e46  Updates to apacheds-core schema: o  Near total re-write of DNS schema to simply administration. o  Addition to apache.schema of objectClass and attribute types for configuring catalogs for DNS, Kerberos, and Change Password.
     new e6b6a56  changes ...
     new ac9f80b  changes ...
     new 7f5488c  disable ntp kerberos and changepw by default
     new f04f3b6  adding missing bouncycastle jar
     new 7414d91  protect services starting after others that may fail to start
     new 40193b5  changes ...
     new d7b5ff2  generated xdocs
     new 98d87e4  Updated default server.xml: o  Changed 'apache' to 'example'. o  Updated the partition to support Kerberos. o  Added prototype props for kdc and changepw configuration.
     new 518c089  removing file from javaapp excludes list
     new 2640f36  Found and fixed bug where the objectClass name was used for the RDN of the loaded LDIF file instead of the RDN attribute.  All works nicely now.
     new d845354  some materials for xdocs and changes to the navigation
     new 2d13118  removing old names for xdocs .. will generate xdocs for existing doco names
     new f5f33a5  committing doco generated from confluence to xdoc converter
     new e2ce337  more generated doco from confluence
     new d2770f4  Fixed some typoes
     new cb26c82  some doco corrections ... regenerated
     new fe5f795  Replace ApacheCon Europe with ApacheCon US, which is the next event.
     new 87a66b9  latest xdoc generation from confluence pages
     new ffa1abe  freezing for tag on 0.9.3 release
     new 30b4804  bumping up version to next snapshot
     new ed37ef3  changes ...
     new c72e9e8  updating deps
     new d412279  moving unit tests to their own package
     new 77a0892  empty packages
     new eec84a8  junit test case changes
     new 599b8b9  changes ...
     new 14ef524  update dep
     new c8d8b2d  moved unit test base classes to core-unit as well as all integ tests that depend on it to core-unit test area
     new a2fed9f  fixing test layout settings
     new 7507ab7  adding log4j resources to quite down log4j
     new 1d39bc8  changes ...
     new e3598bd  renaming main with slight pom modifications
     new e76f7a5  move last test case over to unit testing for server
     new f7fefd2  svn move error corrected
     new 627ceab  fixed changes as a result of move to mina 0.9.0
     new 7e1afcb  ignore some files
     new 96f64da  changes ...
     new 7b47939  fixed bug where binary properties set were not put into environment when binary key was missing
     new 7d57338  fixed bug in test case introduced from changing admin password to string
     new fe188ae  fixed bug in test case introduced from changing octetstring syntax to binary - passwords are returned as binary values now (byte[])
     new edd18b0  array comparision does not work: need to use complete byte by byte compare
     new ec0880d  array comparision does not work: need to use complete byte by byte compare
     new 189d0a7  kerberos realm names according to RFC 4120 are case sensitive generalized strings
     new 4abfe26  fixed bugs due to improper normalization of names in tuple cache
     new c6352d7  fixed bug where cache was not properly removing groups
     new 19c0791  used the path separator instead of the separator char
     new c026fcd  fixed bug with ldif loader
     new eab71c4  * Added some log messages when ExtendedOperationHandlers are added * Fixed ExtendedOperationHandlers is not registered to two ExtendedHandler instances
     new 49d328e  fix from DIREVE-306 thanks to Claus Turkalj
     new a65e2e2  making sure dependencies are on source project for eclipse generation
     new 9e75a85  not needed schema folder is generated for core
     new b256afa  habitual code cleanup - imports and unused stuff
     new 1ada05b  schema updates from yesterday - sorry forgot to commit ersin
     new 7ac4d22  Added a logger
     new b4c469d  Changed due to the renamming of LRUMap
     new fb4e6af  Added binds with passwords stored as one-way encrypted values, e.g. with SHA or MD5.
     new 79aca27  Added binds with passwords stored as one-way encrypted values, e.g. with SHA or MD5.
     new 12d5781  Modified constructor call in order to be 1.4 compliant
     new d37f135  looks like this is a duplicate dependency
     new 8167a39  Fixed: AddDirectoryPartitionConfiguration doesn't work is providerUrl is specified.
     new 0ec6f17  Added some logs
     new 77b930d  Improved a little bit the error log
     new f3b39c1  Added a debug log message
     new 5536852  Improved a litle bit the debug messages
     new a68e2b9  Fixed the buggy compare operation, which was only working for Strings, not for byte[]
     new 2bdf5d1  Creating a branch to work on a refactored DN
     new adca15d  Rollback the modification committed by error last friday, while creating the branch.
     new 7bcce46  Rollback the modification committed by error last friday, while creating the branch.
     new d9a13d4  Fixed a bug in the register method : if a single name was associated with an oid, then the created list only contained the previous name, not the newer one.
     new 5bf538b  Fixed a bug in the register method : if a single name was associated with an oid, then the created list only contained the previous name, not the newer one.
     new fc7b30b  Modified type of quotes in ldap command line tool examples, in order to prevent Windows users from trouble with failing bind ops. As reported on the mailing list.
     new 640773d  Sitedocs: Commented out ApacheCon 2005 banner, menu entry still useful as a placeholder for the next event
     new b5ef9b9  Use StringTools instead of StringUtils
     new b961c50  Use StringTools instead of StringUtils
     new cee7beb  m2 setup complete for apacheds-shared project
     new 338c7d3  added apacheds-plugin to global and apacheds-build
     new 3846152  reverting this since modules section does not allow us to point to a file
     new 95c6fa2  made all groupIds reside under
     new 38504ae  moving trunk to trunks
     new 2c54806  Fixed the subtle issues introduced after applying LDAPS patch: * LDAPS test messages are not logged * Some compilation issues
     new 567ca15  Reorgnizing apacheds repository structure...
     new 19eef26  Reorganizing apacheds repository structure...
     new eddd66e  Reorganizing apacheds repository structure...
     new ed4d51b  Fixed POMs
     new 488a9b7  Made sure that apacheds is built even if a user didn't check out the whole trunk.
     new e7a3cbf  Added more plugin repository to make the build work
     new 423eab8  reorg of rest of repo based on dependencies
     new 340601d  forgot to move these guys
     new 113b7e2  forgot to move these guys too .. ok more to come will announce to the list when I am done
     new 5de6a2a  moving standalone into apacheds ... in prep to move server-main into simple area of stanadalone
     new 648c31b  putting things that depend on the core in one place and massaging more poms
     new 9a96b97  intermediate state will fix soon: reorg of repo in effect
     new 4237afa  moving protocol common up a level so all protocols can have dep for it in their common parent pom
     new 6d07e82  including all protocols now
     new 5d6eaa2  build works with rename
     new 12465a1  moving the server jndi module to proper name
     new 3de0c64  moving "server" code to where it belongs in standalone simple
     new c61e816  more directory renaming
     new de16708  getting simple standalone build to work
     new f2f4a07  everything moved and building
     new a2e2924  old stuff that got lost with all these moves
     new 7aa3bae  implemented referral handling for delete
     new 1034aa3  rm all m1 stuff and fix pom to include slf4j
     new c2f0682  added compare request handling for referrals property is set to throw
     new f7d4c5f  changes ...
     new b45fedc  finished up with search in general including continuation behavoir for JNDI provider
     new b199ca4  fixed 1.4 profile compilation issue
     new b23d7bc  fixing 1.4 build so it does not include the standalone ssl module
     new 32f0a23  fixed 1.4 compilation issue - however until is fixed we cannot compile without building the mina-ssl modile first or pulling it down from the repo
     new 9529eb5  fixed encoding issues and started populating referrals
     new 98dce22  completed referrals but tests are broken
     new 13826b4  initally checking of dumptool - needs serious work
     new 19fedfa  added subentries control logic: now all of rfc 3672 is implemented
     new 411726c  added notice of disconnect and hooked in protocolError trigger, waiting on DIRMINA-166 to complete the other trigger for unavailable resulttype
     new 91f4a07  setup for launching diagnostic ui
     new ebee0b5  enabled diagnostic UI again however it only works with the system partition
     new 1da0b03  now launching a frame for each partition that is based on the default btree impl
     new 178ae98  updated supportedExtention attributes in the RootDS
     new 015fa8b  hmmm weird META-INF directory being created by WTP version of eclipse ... ignoring these generated directories
     new 65892bd  cleaning up the UI a little bit
     new 6e29810  - Get rid of a.o.regexp and oro, replaced them by jdk 1.4 regexp
     new 0baff49  - Get rid of a.o.regexp and oro, replaced them by jdk 1.4 regexp
     new d698617  - Get rid of a.o.regexp and oro, replaced them by jdk 1.4 regexp
     new 4d1a4d6  - Get rid of a.o.regexp and oro, replaced them by jdk 1.4 regexp
     new a80b16c  - Upgraded NLog4j from 1.2.17/1.2.19 to 1.2.21 - Upgraded Slf4j-simple from 1.0-rc3 to 1.0-rc5
     new 4ec4c92  - Upgraded NLog4j from 1.2.17/1.2.19 to 1.2.21 - Upgraded Slf4j-simple from 1.0-rc3 to 1.0-rc5
     new 2fe455c  - Upgraded NLog4j from 1.2.17/1.2.19 to 1.2.21 - Upgraded Slf4j-simple from 1.0-rc3 to 1.0-rc5
     new 3fa91b9  - Upgraded NLog4j from 1.2.17/1.2.19 to 1.2.21 - Upgraded Slf4j-simple from 1.0-rc3 to 1.0-rc5
     new 9cfeed0  - Upgraded NLog4j from 1.2.17/1.2.19 to 1.2.21 - Upgraded Slf4j-simple from 1.0-rc3 to 1.0-rc5
     new 98d17e5  - Upgraded NLog4j from 1.2.17/1.2.19 to 1.2.21 - Upgraded Slf4j-simple from 1.0-rc3 to 1.0-rc5
     new e66af62  - Upgraded NLog4j from 1.2.17/1.2.19 to 1.2.21 - Upgraded Slf4j-simple from 1.0-rc3 to 1.0-rc5
     new efa9b24  - Upgraded NLog4j from 1.2.17/1.2.19 to 1.2.21 - Upgraded Slf4j-simple from 1.0-rc3 to 1.0-rc5
     new ecd126d  - Upgraded NLog4j from 1.2.17/1.2.19 to 1.2.21 - Upgraded Slf4j-simple from 1.0-rc3 to 1.0-rc5
     new 959efc7  Rollback NLog4j to version 2.1.19, version 2.1.21 introduced some deps that are not available.
     new e1b3b74  Rollback NLog4j to version 2.1.19, version 2.1.21 introduced some deps that are not available.
     new 4bf5340  Rollback NLog4j to version 2.1.19, version 2.1.21 introduced some deps that are not available.
     new 42b50e8  Rollback NLog4j to version 2.1.19, version 2.1.21 introduced some deps that are not available.
     new e2c1d9a  Rollback NLog4j to version 2.1.19, version 2.1.21 introduced some deps that are not available.
     new fd56523  Rollback NLog4j to version 2.1.19, version 2.1.21 introduced some deps that are not available.
     new 55c3606  Rollback NLog4j to version 2.1.19, version 2.1.21 introduced some deps that are not available.
     new cc3fae9  Rollback NLog4j to version 2.1.19, version 2.1.21 introduced some deps that are not available.
     new 28fe8e0  Rollback NLog4j to version 2.1.19, version 2.1.21 introduced some deps that are not available.
     new 9bf0c84  Rollback NLog4j to version 2.1.19, version 2.1.21 introduced some deps that are not available.
     new dfd178f  Rollback NLog4j to version 2.1.19, version 2.1.21 introduced some deps that are not available.
     new d4f57cd  added simple session UI for testing and diagnosing issues with the serve
     new be5c38d  cleaned up a couple bugs and converted the pulldown for cursor type to a radio button group
     new a455c04  changes ...
     new 15cc6c5  moving dumptools to just tools since we can use these for many things
     new 4ad4265  Trying to migrate apacheds site structure to m2.
     new b687357  Continue m2 migration..
     new 134fd90  ApacheDS Core site is particularly working.
     new a0a65b4  Removing useless subprojects' site stuff. Mavenize more..
     new 8369906  ApacheDS projects are now available for site generation. I have mostly tried to keep existing url structure. But the "main" project is renamed to "standalone".
     new 3ca4ee9  Small fix.
     new 780d0cf  Making progress with help from Brett. The build is successfull only with trunk versions of maven site plugins.
     new ea2c979  Override default parent pom path.
     new 4b1d1f2  Added a Search Test to check that filters are handled correctly
     new fb1a70c  initial checking ... needs lots of work
     new c352ad0  changes ...
     new 7c2481e  removed some unneeded jars from the assembly
     new 6fe8618  changes ...
     new 1d77dd6  initial commit for commons-daemon installer builder plugin
     new 944d0d3  added all binaries for jsvc and procrun
     new 9399b7f  Changing project name to a friendly one (from apacheds-build to Apache Directory Server) while it's used as the page title for generated site. I do not think that this will cause any problems. We need to do this for all projects.
     new d9f64a6  Removing name element of leftBanner.
     new 952ea47  Add title element for better looking generated page title.
     new 77aebef  Adding inheritance to the menu.
     new 048102c  Small change to page header.
     new 3adb5bb  restructuring plugin
     new 231f72f  all compiles amd builds fine creating the installation image
     new 9bc5086  changes ...
     new 3a02211  got the izpack compiler generating the installers at least for linux
     new 9aa04cb  added dep for commons-daemon
     new 69ff0a6  changes ...
     new be1cd55  fixed mina artifactIds and updated name tag in pom to have nice descriptive English wording for modules
     new dcdf05d  changes ...
     new efd852e  ignore eclipse wtp generated crud
     new 8bcee7a  changes ...
     new a220b1d  changes ...
     new 857f77a  added LICENSE.txt and README.txt for testing and it works; also enabled use of ASL 2.0 when no license is present
     new b458665  import cleanups
     new 621af9a  setting up for inno installer builds
     new 13cea85  fixed tunneling of parameters for app email, url, author and javaVersion
     new 1275d4f  Attempt to fix build errors due to renaming and other issues. Build in trunks still fail because of asn1 related issues.
     new 5aa8615  started working on inno setup installer
     new 15fea04  Correcting dependency spec for asn1.
     new 9044c75  bug in assembly causing build to fail
     new 887215d  Fix dependency artifactId.
     new 5701b22  Wrote an antrun plugin to copy uninherited site.xml to subprojects.
     new ab979e9  enabling inno install
     new 5414665  Creating new site project which extends directory-sitedocs.
     new 0398e91  some finishing touches to the inno installer before I test it out on windows
     new 3deab79  make sure we exit without failing buid on non-windows platforms
     new 8f6f3e1  Finilizing site migration which now works although not perfect.
     new 8877f52  fixing bugs in install file and mojo
     new d726b4c  switching from png to icon
     new a554d3e  fixed build so lib\jars arr copied properly and fixed inno script to create empty var directory structure
     new 9c78b63  reverting infinate loop to test procrun which is exiting early
     new a72ed33  changes ...
     new 56652dd  Implemented Notification of Disconnection
     new 6af1c43  refactored daemon code so dynamics are clear
     new 7bb194c  changes ...
     new 7a6e351  Revert back to rootProject site structure (against standalone site).
     new 8cbb8d1  Move standalone site project to rootProject.
     new 0f672eb  Continue site refactoring.
     new 46a932b  Fix wrong structure.
     new e5ec99a  Fix wrong structure.
     new 85771dc  Refactored the daemon bootstrapper ...
     new 225a126  update the pom so executable bootstrapper jar now uses MainBootstrapper
     new 00a7b95  generating bootstrapper.jar with classpath for logging.jar and daemon.jar in same directory
     new 8af7168  Adding site generation and deployment documentation.
     new 3efb450  Added project meta info.
     new 2749feb  making inno install add -VERSION to installation folder
     new 14f98bc  new application configuration bean
     new 9943d2e  Filling in content.
     new f8b64d1  Small additions.
     new e61edd4  recoved from refactoring which caused sever issues with procrun. everything seems to be working fairly well now
     new 97f777e  Continuing daemon refactoring the correct way:
     new 65adcff  cleaniing up use of properties
     new 4350c94  changes ...
     new 90300b0  changes ...
     new 7dabfd9  changes ....
     new 56ff170  start method with string[] args not needed
     new 354dc3a  changes ...
     new bde0cf1  using callXxxx methods in JsvcBootstrapper as well
     new e81110c  removing old unused class
     new 1681989  changes ...
     new 2e6085e  Started using DaemonApplication interface again for proxied objects across ' classloaders.  Cleaned up use of getMethod() and renamed some vars.
     new 7ab9dda  got shutdown socket working with procrun
     new 53079c6  changes ...
     new c78aab9  changes ...
     new 1c24174  adding solaris x86 build of jsvc for plugin
     new b9b6f1a  changes ...
     new aea2d24  bug fix for i386 solaris build
     new 4fdd620  Added new configuration option to disable the shutdown hook used to force synchronization of the partitions this is in response to DIREVE-330 here:
     new b5e1682  Added two tests : - creation of an entry with an unexisting attribute - modification of an entry adding an unexisting attribute
     new 1f8611b  Added a check of the attributes for an add operation.
     new 2b80ce8  changes ...
     new e25f0c8  cleanup some output generated by these tests as well as some false errors returned
     new 84c0ead  ignore null chain with abandon request competition while shutting down
     new 1f792af  changes ...
     new 98af31f  This is not needed I think.
     new 691c56f  Updating project meta data in the pom for site generation.
     new 529d045  make example exit when connection is lost
     new e002cb8  oops put this exit in wrong place
     new d0ddf5d  changes ...
     new 1996d58  updating example for notification to use separate thread since SUN JNDI even notifications seem to be single threaded
     new 7345d83  refactored file name
     new aa0550c  Enhanced extendedOperation support and plugability:
     new f9c1ff7  moving up daemon bootstrappers into common: which has no apacheds dependencies
     new 129c599  moving up daemon installers plugin into common area: no deps again on apacheds
     new 6cf7246  moved, changed package, gid, aid and structure of daemon related projects
     new 6232e4b  positioning test example to be used as the installers project for apacheds
     new 0f3a3c2  getting rid of the extra layer
     new 7971a08  standalone no longer needed
     new 9548e05  fixing resource locations and broken deps due to package moves
     new 83c3cd0  added finalName attribute and changed application setting for apacheds instead of test
     new 199847c  adding the installers module to the build
     new 81c0dc7  changes ....
     new 829d8d9  fix directory structure
     new 5c07ffb  remove unused directories
     new 5617fca  Added apacheds tools executable with multiple commands:
     new cfbdad2  HACK - need to fix this for long term for DIREVE-333
     new c7ce657  hack noted in DIREVE-333 for dealing with specific apacheds tools jar
     new 07cd788  Inital commit of Simon Temple's jboss sar contribution with some cleanup.  I have not tried this yet - too busy patching the sar plugin for m2 to make it not include every dependency imaginable.  Now it works though and has been deployed to the mojo repo.  This was given as an attachment in DIREVE-309:
     new e5a1cfc  fixing uberjar so it now works
     new fdbdc74  ignore some eeclipse files
     new 32579e6  pushed printing banner in deeper so it shows when installed using installers
     new 84abbd6  reformated things
     new 16d5d4a  added RPM installer code
     new 52c7f14  rpm not creating lib/ext because its not in verification list
     new df3f676  cleaned up double close attempts on context in tests
     new e8efec9  initial commit for bad dn tests
     new 9bd2f1d  (1) cleaned up authentication, (2) added bind, unbind intercepted methods (3) fixed DIREVE-314
     new 4863feb  Adding one of the ugliest hacks on the planet. It's used for generating a modules index site page.
     new c046c2f  Moved the script to proper location.
     new 904f448  Commeting out most of the site distribution information from poms. Will try to make maven do some automagic. Added new generated subprojects index.xml.
     new b79ed6e  Changing subprojects to projects in site doco.
     new 99e6f61  Making links relative.
     new 3cef352  Improve subprojects index for detailed information.
     new 9a6729a  merging back changes in rc1refactor branch ...
     new b22f7d3  Merging from private branch for RC1 fixes:
     new 0fc2709  Fixed another typo errors
     new b102306  repo reorg in progress
     new 9b6932d  more reorg
     new c7fc48f  done with moves of stuff in simple
     new f75c455  reorg in progress
     new 8fa53d1  reorg in progress
     new 3534ea4  reorg completed!
     new f501b91  tweaked project name so all protocols line up and names follow site url order
     new abb149a  adjusting versions for 1.0-RC1
     new 7c15099  moved common to shared to avoid jakarta commons like stigma :) and setup the aid, gid for what was once ldap-common
     new 833ac8d  removed unused import
     new 3c9796e  renamed all apacheds, ldap-shared, and asn1 packages to use prefix
     new d096dcc  ignore server-work
     new f234eb4  removing lingering directories
     new 2b86c7f  removing lingering directories
     new 635c58f  removing lingering directories
     new acc6f76  removing lingering directories
     new 67ab50d  removing lingering directories
     new 6c65248  removing lingering directories
     new 8370d75  removing lingering directories
     new f262dbe  removing lingering directories
     new 255106a  removing lingering directories
     new 5cd5f77  removing lingering directories
     new 52611ab  removing lingering directories
     new bf56f14  removing lingering directories
     new b335224  removing lingering directories
     new 33f5473  removing lingering directories
     new ab55bc3  removing lingering directories
     new 58d9d04  removing lingering directories
     new 83e504c  moving asn1 into shared area since it is now shared across 3 different projects: also we can release shared in one shot rather than in parts
     new 883f161  Renamed artifactId for shared modules to shared-asn1 and shared-ldap so they are sorted and grouped together.  This is also consistent with the pattern in other modules
     new 7c9540c  Preparations for shared and mina releases:
     new 6bf8c73  fixing issues with package name changes
     new d5e79b3  need ssl dep in server-main instead of server-jndi and updating manifest for server-tools for new artifacts and released jars
     new bff8aaa  sar should dep on server-ssl to pull server-jndi as well ... need ssl support in sar
     new 8fcd367  now dep on main which pulls server-ssl will pull jndi and ssl
     new 947021a  fix package rename issues
     new 92f5782  fixed tools classpath, and removed synch thread noise in service, fixed script
     new a76c789  Changing URLs.
     new d7b54ed  Delete old stuff.
     new c2e4554  Added some scripts to automate site generation. Cleaned up pom.
     new 52ae56d  Organizing for new URLs.
     new 79a201e  Cleaning unused images.
     new e6f0fd1  Cleaning..
     new d4eb993  Cleaning..
     new 24a90a6  Move sandbox into site.
     new bf32c83  Included the arch image for standalone doco distribution. Arranged index.xml for arch image. Added site plugin gid.
     new bd4bf90  Make top nav bar non-relative.
     new ae247e7  Update page title.
     new c59ed5b  Updated site generation documentation.
     new 625c18c  Organize resources.
     new af50c3f  Organizing resources.
     new 70d4e5e  Delete tmp file.
     new f04f4db  Updating site generation docs.
     new a242cdb  make it so win32 installer does not end with exe.exe
     new 22898d6  Added site generation to the install phase.
     new 04b9aa3  Added javadoc ant task.
     new 771cc71  changes ...
     new bb5c062  Deleted "currupted" images. Interesting pb..
     new 86dbd31  Again deleting images..
     new c5c94b5  Added new images.
     new 71c2d57  Deleted unnecessary image.
     new f1f4e78  Added new images for apacheds site. Renamed a script.
     new 267e880  Delete images from wrong location.
     new d119a1e  Added a few parameters for javadoc ant task.
     new 1b267e8  adding notice file and updating the readme
     new ffbb063  fixed bug with substring search failure and removed the use of oro which is not longer referenced in any pom it seems
     new 302f074  switching to warn for logging
     new e0c9c86  switching to warn for logging
     new 69cc5a0  enabling macosx installer generation after verifying tests
     new a60d6e3  Updated download links.
     new 7d71f24  Added new pages for modules and new release.
     new 7d8056b  Simplified ant javadoc task usage.
     new 1b3bcc8  checking in changes from rc1 branch for apacheds area
     new 8f07d48  Major issue forcing me to have to bump up to MINA SNAPSHOTs.  This is due to common dependencies between MINA and ApacheDS in shared-asn1 and shared-ldap. Basically we had to bump up the revisions here due to some bugs and could not stick to the 0.9.4 release for these deps.  But mina 0.9.1 asn1 has deps on 0.9.4 of shared asn1 which causes a nasty issue when now having deps on asn1 0.9.4 via mina and 0.9.5 via ApacheDS.  We have to bump up and try to cut another mina re [...]
     new 1567293  reverting back to snapshots and bumping mina filter asn1 codec to use asn1 0.9.5-SNAPSHOT
     new ac2a4d4  Fixed compilation errors in 'apacheds-protocol-ldap'
     new f5e84b1  Fixed compilation errors in 'apacheds-protocol-ntp'.
     new 1f62f6f  Fixed compilation errors in 'apacheds-protocol-changepw'
     new 05ad6b2  Fixed compilation errors in apacheds-protocol-dns
     new af28aaf  Fixed compilation errors in apacheds-protocol-kerberos
     new 54a9191  * Fixed compilation errors in apacheds-server-jndi * Removed ServerStartupConfiguration.minaRegistry for the convinience in implementation
     new 6c03b05  Fixed compilation errors in apacheds-server-sar
     new 9445872  * Fixed wrong dependency in apacheds/pom.xml * Fixed: returns 0
     new c49ff78  Tiny fix for site generation.
     new 576b407  Updated modules index.
     new 8550ae8  use ldap commons rather than using lang
     new 34a89ee  Adding gid for plugins.
     new 757cc8a  Adding some ws.
     new 85e819b  slight changes with exceptions thrown
     new f181f82  simple typo
     new 4c8c872  apacheds does not allow binary attributes to be used in search filters: perhaps a better message is needed for this
     new f94c13f  fixed class cast exception with wrong config object
     new 1da7d2f  Preparing for deploying the new site.
     new cf54f4c  Moving site readme.
     new 1344e75  Update site readme.
     new ed2284d  updating all versions to release versions
     new c8a0cd6  changed regressions switch for running integration tests to integration ... so now to run the integration tests just do a "mvn -Dintegration test"
     new c52fe0c  fixed broken manifest with wrong jar versions for mina
     new 7e9949c  fixing inno build to use custom file ... this seems to be the odd man out
     new 1d984c4  take out the snapshot in script
     new 5d94018  Fixed a deadlock while graceful shutdown; ApacheDS was running in single thread mode.
     new 1a24f12  * Revived MINA apidocs script * Improved performance
     new 503e2d7  fixing broken installer settings and issue with graceful shutdown client showing false failure messages
     new 6dbdcd1  bumping up revision on main pom
     new 2f612e3  fixing rpm installer
     new 59b6962  bumping up trunk for next major feature release - trunk is the 1.1 branch now
     new 97d44db  fixing issue with broken build on daemon dep
     new f0d4369  Fixed the pom.version to point to the correct 1.0-RC1 number instead of the inherited value of pom.version
     new 9a2265a  Fixed the pom.version to point to the correct 1.0-RC1 number instead of the inherited value of pom.version
     new 836da33  removing these stupid mirrors which slow down the build
     new a731966  integrate osgi plugin
     new 8cf1bda  Updated and added some schema definitions for Ldap Class Loader.
     new 7e96d53  Added a basic implementation of the Ldap Class Loader Added a test case which includes both of the search methods available:  - first test finds the class entry somewhere in the DIT  - second test finds the class entry in a predetermined (via a configuration entry) location
     new 27fddc2  general cleanup ...
     new 3fa90da  update shell script for latest version
     new bffbe78  Fixed a problem that the generated eclipse classpath file contains a wrong path
     new 714d90f  Modified all message handlers' throws clause to ease extending the classes
     new 71ed926  Fixed a memory consumption in LdapProtocolProvider : we where construction the encoder/decoder for each request...
     new c8b5909  removed alpha5 wagon extension to get 5x deployment boost
     new b98529d  reverting flawed fix which used static codec for all sessions: reverting to creation of codec per session
     new 2a81e97  merging bugfix on revision 392062 into trunk from apacheds 1.0 branch:
     new 698b7dd  o  Updated the pom build version. o  Removed 3 unnecessary casts.
     new 52ccf82  Removed all Maven 1 files in preparation for a move to M2.
     new bdbf3e5  * Added server-sasl implementation (not finished yet) * I didn't add this module to the root POM due to it's incompleteness.
     new 51081b5  Added some of my old Stored Procedure Extended Operation Handler implementations. They need some rework.
     new e858742  Removed Maven 1 project.xml files in preparation for a move to M2.
     new 48d92ef  Removed Maven 1 project.xml files in preparation for a move to M2.
     new 9f2ad5c  Changed location of Service Binder metadata.xml files to meet requirements for move to M2.
     new 27210df  Deleted MINA OSGi Activator.  MINA will build as a library bundle instead of an active service, due to removal of ServiceRegistry interface.
     new d6216f6  Deleted old Oscar Command interface.  Command interface can now be provided by the Felix project using an M2 dependency on
     new cd3287b  Updated Apache Directory OSGi build to use Maven M2, latest MINA, latest Directory core and protocols, and Apache Felix: o  Added Maven M2 POM's.  Removed all Maven 1 infrastructure. o  Added a parent POM for building OSGi bundles.  This is *NOT* wired into the topmost Directory parent POM. o  Updated to use latest MINA, refactored from ServiceRegistry to IoAcceptor. o  Updated to use latest Directory, refactored to use recent package name changes. o  Refactored to use A [...]
     new 7db1df1  Updated DNS protocol provider to use MINA IoHandlerChain, replacing protocol-common chain.
     new 53e6388  Updated kerberos-shared to use MINA IoHandlerChain, replacing protocol-common chain.
     new 6d21435  Updated protocol-changepw to use MINA IoHandlerChain, replacing protocol-common chain.
     new b4a9820  Updated protocol-kerberos to use MINA IoHandlerChain, replacing protocol-common chain.
     new e8c6f9e  Deleted protocol-common chain.  Replaced in favor of MINA IoHandlerChain.
     new 71bb4c1  Changes to logging in OSGi build: o  Added a thin SLF4J logger bundle to package and export logging packages. o  Removed from all the bundles so logging can be centrally configured. o  TODO - will have to import logging packages org.apache.log4j and org.slf4j in all bundles.
     new 5fd6648  Corrected 2 instances of old CoreContextFactory packages.
     new 06d671a  Checking in the result of mangen analysis with an OSGi R4 release level.
     new c200b54  Renammed OldAutz to DefaultAuthz
     new bb0c020  Renammed OldAutz to DefaultAuthz, fixed bug DIRSERVER-606
     new 54d6c36  Renammed OldAutz to DefaultAuthz
     new 5ae4ec5  Renammed OldAutz to DefaultAuthz
     new 28b2d1c  Renammed OldAutz to DefaultAuthz
     new 8a74b3a  Renammed OldAutz to DefaultAuthz
     new 612aa75  Fixed the tests to reflect the change in defaultAuthz
     new 6e96135  Updated to use convention in protocol providers of working with attributes as Strings, since they are going to come from JNDI thay way.
     new 59bef88  First cut of an OSGi Main for ApacheDS.  This module will retrieve bundle jar dependencies from M2 repos and combine them with the Felix runtime.  At this time it only combines MINA with SLF4J but it demonstrates how to use the M2 dependency plugin and Felix.
     new 231042e  o  Added ApacheDS shell script to start Felix framework with ApacheDS bundles and required CLI options. o  Updated pom to get build order right.
     new 048e046  Deleted the Oscar launcher.  This is replaced by the Felix Main.
     new ef3e482  Updated the ApacheDS OSGi Main: o moved to resources and copied to conf. o  Main class removed in favor of reusable Felix Main.
     new 07f1989  Refactoring in ApacheDS OSGi Main: o  Replaced jar-plugin with resources-plugin since we aren't generating a jar anymore.
     new 985cf38  New bundles for ApacheDS OSGi Main: o  Antlr o  Commons Collections o  Commons Lang
     new 68c2a8e  New bundles for ApacheDS OSGi Main: o  Shared ASN1 o  Shared LDAP
     new beab353  bumping up revisions to next snapshot
     new 56ae169  Added schema elements (two both schema files and source files where neened) for Triggers.
     new e82c3cd  Modified the SubentryService to handle Trigger specific aspects of the Adminstrative Authority Model. Added a tests forked from SubentryServiceTest.
     new 38ad98e  Removed unnecassary autonomousArea related assertions. (They're already tested in SubentryServiceTest.)
     new 4391e04  Fixed tiny typo.
     new 96ad9f0  Added a template for the new Trigger Service Interceptor to be able to work with Alex on it.
     new ef60cc3  Implemented a Trigger Specification Cache. Needs testing tough.
     new dd4f98d  Added two methods for getting Trigger Specifications from prescriptiveTriggers and entryTriggers.
     new 7f378e0  Fixed method naming typo (old stuff).
     new b425345  Made some progress about triggers. The way is more obvious now. We just need coding. Implemented a verbose version of delete trigger handler. (It prints some data to stdout.) Currently there is not SP stuff. Added triggerService to list of interceptors.
     new 20241d5  Added triggerService interceptor to server.xml.
     new 201ffa2  Added a testing framework for triggers (forked from authz test code). Added some test cases for current trigger service stuff. (Not real tests. The service prints out some verbose data.)
     new dd8738c  branch 1.0 merge of commit [akarasulu@newton apacheds]$ svn diff: adding kerberos schema attributes for error code cause 18
     new 1eb328a  merging fixes in 1.0 apacheds for commit revision 399961: Added account disable, lock out, and expiration time to PrincipalStoreEntry and
     new de74668  merging changes from 1.0 apacheds branch for commit revision 399964
     new c47c277  checking in merged changes from commit revision 399966 on 1.0 apacheds branch
     new 221ec59  adding license header
     new 4d65d03  Change to Unix linefeeds
     new 47ebf11  svn propset change: eol-style native
     new 523719a  merging fixes to 1.0 branch for revision 400208
     new 45af1d2  merging in changes from branch 1.0 on revision 400218
     new 464c444  Got rid of System.out.println()s (This is the main purpose of this commit.) Added some SP parameter injection stuff. (This may change later.)
     new a19700e  Changes to DNS protocol-provider: o  Addition of logging to resource record retrieval. o  Changes to make resource record attribute retrieval case-insensitive.
     new a964a3d  Improvements to robustness in the Change Password protocol-provider: o  Corrected error introduced by refactoring to MINA IoHandlerChain.  Chain processing would always return a password policy violation error message despite successfully updating the password. o  Set smarter default for base DN for searches to make out-of-the-box demos work easier. o  Added better error message returned to clients when changepw service principal is not found.
     new 0c5fb56  Updated library shared by Kerberos and Change Password to use case-insensitive attribute ids.
     new 7e1f355  Improvement to robustness in the Kerberos protocol-provider: o  Set smarter default for base DN for searches to make out-of-the-box demos work easier.
     new 52cb9df  Improvements to basic OSGi logging bundle: o  Added Activator to allow reconfiguration of (DIRSERVER-611). o  Updated POM to use Activator, import OSGi core. o  Removed embedded default resource.
     new 21b9d89  Updated the load command to use the Kerberos-aware LDIF filter.
     new cb9a803  Updates to the ApacheDS OSGi build to complete the assembly of the server: o  Addition of a MINA ASN1 Codec bundle. o  Addition of remainder of modules to OSGi build parent POM. o  POM updates to dependency scopes to exclude embedded library jars. o  POM updates to import and export statements based on mangen analysis. o  POM updates to normalize artifact IDs. o  Updates to bundle assembly to include all the bundles. o  Logger configuration update to tune logging levels  [...]
     new 0ad0e38  Updates to the ApacheDS OSGi build: o  Normalized module names to bring them in-line with the current ApacheDS naming convention. o  Modified the OSGi build POM with the new names.
     new a526dc8  * Added the root build POM version 1.0.4 which is already in the M2 repository but wasn't released * Updated all POMs to depend on the latest release instead of the latest snapshot
     new 63ca914  Removed 1.5 dep by replacing Boolean.parseBoolean with custom implementation. It's better to move this simple method to a common place though.
     new 27da9aa  More flexible string equality check for string to boolean parsing.
     new 706cba8  * Made all sub-poms to depend on the latest version of root build pom. * Changed to * Checking in changes in mina which had to be checked in before
     new 4a357ef  Updating all MINA deps to the latest SHAPSHOT version while we have build problems in the trunk because of older versions.
     new 685d64c  Added Ldif operation and fixed some related pieces of code
     new bb6e4b0  fixed a typo in pom.xml to fix the compilation
     new 12ebc94  Merging back changes from optimization branch to the trunks for apacheds proper.
     new 6a6a05f  fixed breakage in build due to merge of normalization optimiization branch
     new 159e5f6  Fixed test failures due to LdapDN refactoring.
     new 8a218b8  Fixed name of the DefaultAuthz interceptor. (Old -> Default)
     new 3f25629  Fixed site deployment server addressed. (minotaur -> people)
     new 3c1929a  adding command to execute stored procedures to apacheds-tools
     new ec3cc0bc adding hello world stored procedure and a test case to try it out
     new e2c5d46  Added functionality to start processing stored procedure requests in the server and have started to make calls into her.  The problem is we have some communincation exceptions being thrown now.  Gotta figure this out.
     new 73b2c9a  make method for sp static in test and use LdapContext instead of ServerLdapContext
     new db793a8  wrong result code
     new 6b3c144  Fixed the SP Extended Operation Handler hanging issue by sending a dummy response back to the client.
     new 1259157  added code to resolve and execute stored procedures
     new cd9eb4d  Fixed a class cast issue.
     new 8f6b126  Added new test for calling SP with parameters.
     new 5916c44  Extended test SP class for new test case.
     new 8934342  Updated the test method which tests SP call with params. Commented out the other test method, because setUp method fails running the second time.
     new 1385da9  Fixed responses to stored procedure requests which failed with exceptions.  What was happening is that a response was not returning an OID and this was causing the CommunicationExcpetion with the JNDI LDAP provider.  Now the request that is produced by the TwixTransformer is an instance of StoredProcedureRequest and it returns a StoredProcedureResponse when we invoke getResultResponse() on it.
     new d78b75b  Made the delete injector class immutable. However it's not reusable now. We need to elaborate on this.
     new d7c8f28  adding new getRootContext() method to the custom context implementation
     new 19578ba  Using new Class Utils for getting method from a class.
     new 0e7a059  Enabled second test method. One of them insists on failing tho.
     new 228a457  Fixed Injector behaviour. Added more plumbing for Trigger-SP integration.
     new 2a76e23  Added a test class for loading as SP. Added test case for firing Triggers with this SP. However tests are failing now.
     new 077d283  adding forgotten dot in stored procedure name to make TriggerService test work
     new 5e4d69c  making test cases one and two work in trigger service tests by adding required stored procedures
     new 1fbabc4  Replaced Trigger Service tests with a one which make more sense. We have AFTER DELETE Triggers and Stored Procedures working now!
     new 9da4593  Cosmetic changes to Trigger test.
     new 92eacd6  Fixed SP loading issues.
     new 2932e29  Adding missing articles link for ADS site.
     new 3216ac7  Minor update for removing unnecassary code.
     new e62274a  Minor update for removing unnecassary code.
     new 860fe6e  Fixed integration test issues. All integration tests pass now. The issue was due to not calling super.tearDown() in the test case. So the server was not shutting down. And also this was causing other tests to fail.
     new 535766a  Removed unnecessary code and ws cleanup.
     new b3781b4  Modularized Stored Procedure Unit Loader utility method. Moved Trigger Test data ( SP Units ) to resources. Some minor changes.
     new baf8235  Tested SP + Trigger Service over the wire (with SUN's LCF) and it works nice. server-unit and ServerTriggerServiceTest in particular needs some polishing.
     new 3fdf0bc  Fixed LdapDN usage errors in test SP.
     new 6099065  Made Trigger Tests use new SP Utils.
     new 9df820a  Modified SP code to return SP result back to client. However, we have problems with this.
     new bbf8d9f  Modified SP test case to handle returning results. And also it now uses new SP Utils. The tests fail getting results back for now!
     new e8330d9  Modified test case to use new SP Utils. Fixed test data ( sample SP ) for LdapDN usage.
     new 82414f4  Adding debug info.
     new 3cf7d2b  Added a new Lookup Bypass which filters operational attributes. We need this in order to get rid of operational attributes of entries which are provided as arguments to SPs.
     new d2e970f  Made the class loader exit on first hit of the searched class.
     new 13b2075  Added some logging for bind operation.
     new 1c64690  Made the DeleteSPParamInjector use the new Lookup Bypass for filtering operational attrs.
     new c24769e  Temporarily disabling Stored Procedure Call tests due to problems in returning results.
     new 45158ba  Updating all inter-project dependencies in order to use latest releases and snapshots as dependencies.
     new 1a55e99  Removes the comment, the test is fixed now
     new ebd9acc  FIXMEs no longer necassary. Emmanuel did great work fixing these.
     new ebe24d0  Added more abstraction to the Trigger service. Implemented ADD and DELETE triggers. Added a dummy security check where only admin is allowed to fire triggers.
     new 555ee14  Fixed a bug in AddStoredProcedureParameterInjector. Added support for Modify type Triggers. But have not tested yet.
     new 935e0bb  Added triggerService to bypassed services list for referral searches.
     new 7300ffd  Little fixes while reading the code.
     new aef7981  Fixed SP Param Injectors to provide clones of interceptor paramters where possible.
     new 8100a8b  Commiting simple code temporarily. Will work on it very soon.
     new 2ed6236  comment out doc and source packaging into installers for now to save asf band- width with svn chechouts on each installer build attempt
     new c0bd42a  fixing which was due to improperly named DefaultAuthorizationService name in server.xml files.  Also looks like maven shifted under our feet again and is requiring an actual classes directory under target.  Added a dummy java file to work around this.
     new df0a5a1  Added trigger service to installer's server.xml.
     new 675b5c7  Fixed TriggerService interceptor config. Added SP Ext. Op. Handler.
     new 7507b07  Adding one more trigger test (well not a test really).
     new 55c24a2  Adding test data.
     new e0f3572  Added Stored Procedure extended operation handler to server.xml.
     new 2bf6aaa  Added a new generic stored procedure parameter for the trigger system: $rootDSE. From now on a stored procedure which is to be invoked via a trigger can specify $rootDSE identifier in the parameter list and it will be passed a rootDSE LdapContext with credentials of the invoker. Before this change we were forcing all stored procedures to take a LdapContext parameter. It's not mandatory now.
     new d0fec7f  Added SERVICE_NAME property to TriggerService for using in interceptor bypass configurations. Added TriggerService to Authenticator's user lookup interceptor bypass filter. Added an message for authn exception when principal is missing.
     new d3da271  Modified the resource copy but swithing the filtering option to false, allowing a binary file to be copied. Thanks to maven, the 'resource' plugin has been updated in the last 5 months, and now break the build. Fixed
     new 05ffe49  applying Pierre-Arnaud Marcelot patch DIRSERVER_679
     new 3b3b721  applying Pierre-Arnaud Marcelot patch DIRSERVER_679, take 2 : deleted files
     new 8173021  Merging changes form optimization branch of ApacheDS back into this 1.1 trunks branch.  Here's the merge command used:
     new cdc66a0  Removed a reference to DirectoryPartitionNexus, which doe snot exist anymore
     new 066f393  Replace the call to method toUpName() to getUpName()
     new 594349f  Cleaned up the imports
     new 943b787  Renamed a reference to DirectoryPartitionNexus, which has been renamed PartitionNexus
     new a20f9ba  Renamed a reference to DirectoryPartitionNexus, which has been renamed PartitionNexus
     new 4293550  - Renamed a reference to DirectoryPartitionNexus, which has been renamed PartitionNexus - Fixed the LdaDN normalization call by passing the Oids map, which has been initialized into the constructor
     new df2f62b  - Renamed a reference to DirectoryPartitionNexus, which has been renamed PartitionNexus - Replace the call to method toUpName() to getUpName()
     new 0a5effe  - Renamed a reference to DirectoryPartitionNexus, which has been renamed PartitionNexus - Replace the call to method toUpName() to getUpName()
     new 93a4558  Renamed a reference to DirectoryPartitionNexus, which has been renamed PartitionNexus
     new 3790be7  The JdbmIndex constructor now get a cache size as third argument.
     new 1bc0700  Applied Pierre Arnaud Marcelot patch (DIRSERVER_688)
     new 1381d5c  Renamed a reference to DirectoryPartitionNexus, which has been renamed PartitionNexus
     new 64bee26  Applying patch from DIRSERVER_690
     new c68823a  Fixed issue DIRSERVER_691
     new 3aed72c  Fixed issue DIRSERVER_689
     new 60d38b0  Fixed a second time DIRSEVER_688, I did it wrong the first time
     new e654be6  fix for DIRSERVER-628
     new 2d6c256  fix for broken integratin tests on windows due to file locking issues
     new 92645ef  Adding test case which shows problem has fixed itself: DIRSERVER-630
     new 00a2922  DIRSERVER-632 fix to only use LDAPv3 for binds
     new 7b34ed3  Fixed parent pom version caused by bad merge.
     new b8b8705  fix for DIRSERVER-637: added schema checking code for required attribute presence based on objectClasses
     new cd1ab1d  fix for DIRSERVER-638: escaped hex and BER encoded hex in DN values
     new 2659028  fix for DIRSERVER-643: adding entry ith two attributes of same type does not combine
     new 1ba49e6  fix for DIRSERVER-645: Wrong search filter evaluation with AND operator and undefined operands
     new 34f4a1b  Fix for DIRSERVER-673: Can not query schema
     new 43fbc82  Fix for DIRSERVER-700: entry add with 2-desc values separated still shows one value
     new 29defd1  Fix for DIRSERVER-701: Replacing existing attr w/ attr w/o values lead to empty attribute
     new 3ccc2ec  Fix for DIRSERVER-699: SubentriesControl causes null pointer exception
     new 3d26b74  merging changes from 1.0-trunks: see commit 430093 for info
     new 4e554a9  Fixed DIRSERVER-249: Filters with less specific attributes do not return matching entries with more specific attributes
     new 3df2522  Fix for DIRSERVER-702: Trying to remove an attribute which is part of the RDN does not cause an error.  This was a bug caused by the move to using OIDs instead of the more faulty first alias.
     new 88ab8a5  Fix for DIRSERVER-702: Trying to remove an attribute which is part of the RDN does not cause an error.  This was a bug caused by the move to using OIDs instead of the more faulty first alias.
     new 2e15099  Fix for DIRSERVER-702: Trying to remove an attribute which is part of the RDN does not cause an error.  This was a bug caused by the move to using OIDs instead of the more faulty first alias.
     new 9bafb0b  Fixes and test cases for DIRSERVER-705: object class top missing in search result
     new d1150c8  Updated the test with Stefan patch for Dirserver-703
     new 54f45a0  Fix for DIRSERVER-704: Values in operational attributes creatorsName and modifiersName contain OID instead of attribute name
     new 5473646  applied jorges patch for DIRSERVER-693
     new 994cd72  Fixed the potential bug DIRSERVER-582
     new 95b2569  Fix for DIRSERVER-614
     new 33202c0  Test cases for DIRSERVER-614
     new 3b0410d  Used LDAP counterpart of the exception class.
     new 3569b9e  Fix for DIRSERVER-609: Compare operations are performed without Authentication
     new 0a8041e  Fix for DIRSERVER-667: Logging level settings ignored in apachedsw.exe windows NT service frontend
     new f119b94  Applying pams patches for DIRSERVER-612
     new 071c9bb  Adding a test case to show that the SubentryService injects subentry operational attributes incorrectly.
     new 4858fda  applying second set of patches for DIRSERVER-612
     new 7d7267d  Made maven and/or junit happy providing an empty test.
     new c6a4303  Cosmetic changes.
     new 61e5390  merging changes in 1.0 branch for DIRSERVER-631 fix
     new e7e81cc  applying emmanuels changes for DIRSERVER-631 to trunks for range of commits starting from 433030 to 433034
     new 10fa8d4  Fix for DIRSERVER-646: Replacing an unknown attribute with no values (deletion) causes an error
     new c882a96  encapsulating access to subtree specification map and adding BadSubentryServiceITest
     new a331eab  refactored subtree specification cache into the subentry cache
     new 7afd7c1  fix for DIRSERVER-708: The SubentryService does not inject correct values for subentry operational attributes
     new 7a89d58  rolling back fix for DIRSERVER-708
     new 02ea808  exclude server.gif from resources UTF-8 transformation while they are copied
     new fcdeffc  Fix and tests for
     new f63084e  fix for DIRSERVER-630
     new 6bc8ff1  Added a test case to show DIRSERVER-630 has not been fixed yet.
     new e78298b  Added a test case to show DIRSERVER-630 has not been fixed yet.
     new 67a59f6  Complete fix for
     new c2f8dea  Fix small comment typo (due to copied stuff).
     new c165044  Fix for
     new 750a049  Fixed DIRSERVER-634 and merged the classes from 1.0-trunks to 1.1 trunks
     new 4f4e4c7  Fixed issue partially: DIR-190 (Check @author tags) * Fixed the author tags where I made a mistake
     new 26b4e26  Merged the @author modifications from 1.0
     new a7d3c0d  Merged the @author modifications from 1.0
     new cc89b2c  Merged the @author modifications from 1.0
     new 40a47a9  Merged the @author modifications from 1.0
     new bc4b81e  Merged the @author modifications from 1.0
     new 8b5165f  Merged the @author modifications from 1.0
     new acd5deb  Named the test file correctly so that surefile will run it.
     new e9fbc93  Commented out the failing test case till some one fixes it.
     new 31db8dd  (Merged from 1.0) Fixed DIRSERVER-708. Got rid of autonomousArea admin area type. Updated Subentry service tests to use collectives instead of removed autonomous stuff.
     new 3253def  Made some cosmetic changes and added some javadoc to Java stored procedure utils.
     new ab46820  Updated headers.
     new 98f10d8  Updated headers.
     new 3f75609  Updated headers.
     new 09743cf  Updated headers.
     new 17169f3  Updated headers.
     new 9f5498b  Updated headers.
     new 7c363ea  Updated headers.
     new 2cf1aa8  Updated headers.
     new 7908d6f  Updated headers.
     new 48648f0  Updated headers.
     new 9487359  Updated headers.
     new ece5300  Updated headers.
     new cde88da  Updated headers.
     new 64bceaa  Updated headers.
     new 9dcdceb  Updated headers.
     new 51bcf29  Updated headers.
     new 199aed6  Updated headers.
     new d97bb5c  Updated headers. Removed useless imports
     new d38940d  Updated headers. Removed useless import
     new 14a6f9c  Updated headers.
     new 81fa61c  Updated headers
     new 9c18311  Fix for DIRSERVER-717: RFC2713 integration test fails
     new c985a7c  partial fix for DIRSERVER-169 and a test case for DIRSERVER-715
     new 8eeb761  changes ...
     new 46d725f  Fix for DIRSERVER-663
     new 25fa17a  Fix for DIRSERVER-619: NamingException messages are thrown away by MessageHandlers
     new 17b0ce3  Fix for DIRSERVER-169 and partially for DIRSERVER-715
     new d9182ed  Fix for DIRSERVER-698: Site: Issues-URL still points to DIREVE
     new dbf145c  Uncommented the failing test, it has been fixed
     new 1e50455  checking in fork of jboss-sar-plugin: fixes DIRSERVER-331
     new f774ddd  fixing things elipse warns about
     new 5d3dd44  Fix for DIRSERVER-624: Concurrency problem when doing load tests
     new d513bbd  Fix for DIRSERVER-721: All extended operations in apacheds-tools no longer function
     new f162507  Fix for DIRSERVER-714: Add proper memory settings -Xms and -Xmx to windows installer/daemon service manager for the JVM setting
     new 332fa89  Fixes for DIRSERVER-648: Make LdapsTest and RootDSETests only run with -Dintegration test profile
     new 0e76a52  Fix for DIRSERVER-291: If configuration object is missing in env to startup server a default StartupConfiguration can be presumed.
     new 218931d  Fix for and Also fixed a few more bugs I found while I was debugging.
     new f6a0d13  Added a new test group for Authorization Service to make sure Authentication works correctly when Access Control enabled. Added different cases with extra comment lines (as if I was writing a tutorial). ACI and Subentries are hard and cool stuff ;-)
     new 2a3e2e9  Added verbosity.
     new 413367b  Test no longer fails. So removed the notifier comment.
     new 6dc7c25  Fix for DIRSERVER-617: Add ACI for Administrators group if not already present
     new 642d5fd  Added support for special SP parameter: $ldapContext.
     new 6b81012  Adding SP Extended Operation handler to server.xml. May have been deleted during a merge.
     new 64150e3  Renamed schema elements that represents Java classes.
     new 398fbcb  Renamed schema elements that represents Java classes.
     new 20a8279  Adopted code for new SP resource loading scheme.
     new a32aac9  Fixed errors due to last schema update.
     new 2150a81  Fixed schema naming conflict for JavaClassName.
     new 4eb3a82  Fixed schema naming conflict for JavaClassName.
     new c0806c1  Fixed parent pom version.
     new 91e67ad  Added svn:ignore items.
     new 7efd159  Fixed build problem in ApacheDS Protocol Providers caused due to API change in MINA 0.9.5. Added Eclipse generated method stubs including TODO comments in case they may need to be filled in for better functionality.
     new 66c7e9b  Update Trigger code in order to complete Basic Trigger Execution Scheme. Renamed some Trigger related operational attributes. Removed BEFORE and INSTEAD OF Triggers. Removed non-change-inducing operations support. Added/Updated utilities in TriggerUtils. Updated parameter injection mechanism. Eats more memory now. (Can be refactored.) Updated all related tests.
     new af6944f  Apply following commits from 1.0 branch: 440927-9 440944 440970
     new b825f84  Applied PAM patch for DIRSERVER-728
     new 0966a92  add more test cases for better test coverage, updating doco
     new 8fecef8  merging btree index optiimization branch into 1.0 branch
     new 32dda27  bumping up to mina 1.0-SNAPSHOT
     new 32abf63  renaming packages in asn1 codec
     new aa748a2  taking advice posted by trustin for DIRSERVER-740
     new a0dff8f  Fix for DIRSERVER-734
     new e18188a  fixing bug where objectClass was not retrieved in subenties searched for on startup
     new 6be8b7e  Fixed bug with filter creation where a single matchingAttribute is used in the JNDI provider
     new 011b8fd  fixing critical bug with JNDI provider where specified attributes were not being returned in ctx.getAttributes() call
     new ea78de4  fix for DIRSERVER-742
     new 1d1d66f  Adding my name to the committers list
     new f001a52  fix for DIRSERVER-752
     new 764b9b2  Added a check for DIRSERVER-756
     new 03c2952  Updating the releases page for the latest release, ApacheDS 1.0.
     new b73c8eb  Updating release related information.
     new f4302ec  Added some news in the main page. Upgraded poms so that they refer to the correct version of the root pom.
     new bd6c194  Added Mitosis in Apacheds subproject
     new ab930fa  added mitosis sources
     new d98811b  Upgraded all interdependencies to latest versions. Moved trigger related test resources from resource dir to test dir.
     new bacaa2f  Deleted unnecessary classes.
     new 5ed4f84  Removed an unnecessary class.
     new 95cc212  More version upgrades..
     new eb49ae4  centralizing version managment in parent pom and removing versions from children
     new 32cf222  fixing issue with dep without version
     new 6babb8c  temporarily removing mitosis code from svn until IP clearance forms have been filed and accepted
     new 56bdf05  Fixed a bug related the the Ldap Class Loader: Now the parent class loader is being registered in the constructor.
     new c8cef71  Changed debug log to error.
     new 402d9bd  reverting deletion of mitosis until ip-clearance forms were filed
     new 8cf27d0  Added a toString method to display the interceptor name. Usefull when debugging :)
     new 73d3e47  bumping revisions to 1.5.x dev branch and removing sar build dependencies: sars will not build anymore
     new b7b1806  making some tests that were integration test use ITest instead of Test as the suffix
     new 895f47e  using latest released daemon bootstrapper instance
     new d842cc5  Fixed compilation errors
     new 1db337c  Fixed a bug that the SimpleCSNTest fails when assertion is enabled
     new dfbbb4a  * Fixed compilation warnings
     new a648ee7  * Added Mitosis to the moudle list * Added more dependency presets
     new 7d402ea  Remove mina from the list of modules to be compiled within ADS. Removed the jdk 1.4 profile, as we are now using java 1.5
     new c696521  removed the <build> tags which was empty, thus let maven use jdk 1.4 instead of 1.5
     new b10c74a  Added mitosis into the list of module to be compiled, as Trustin has fixed the compilation pbs
     new 542c1d0  It seems that maven does not handle correctly more than one level of inheritence... Added a maven-compiler-plugin directive to use jdk 1.5
     new b7128d7  fixed bug in test case where the correct port was only used some of the time
     new ff9a96c  making yellow ticks go away in eclipse
     new 8aecfbb  oops reversing some changes
     new 2a67847  adjusting manifest for 1.5 snapshots
     new 1a8695b  making sure we have choices to install init script and docs as separate packages
     new 3f86e41  trying to get mitosis to bundle with 1.5 installers with some initial configuration
     new 9cced5a  couple serious bugs with configuration
     new 82153c3  changes ...
     new 8c404fc  looks like the server port from the configuration was not being used and this hard coded 10101 port was using instead - need to confirm with trustin
     new 3558a2e  couple bug fixes ...
     new 0b94b9a  fixed normalization bug and added constant for OID of objectClass
     new 43593d1  reformated some code
     new 3900143  reformatting code
     new a82ac98  reformatting and getting rid of eclipse warning
     new 77b526f  quick code pass with cast cleanup and @author tag for director dev list
     new cfc1e0d  changes ...
     new 20e5058  source formatting
     new a79ac96  using generics where appropriate and removing the use of javax.naming.Name in favor of LdapDN: this fixes a serious bug where intercepted methods were not being called and empty super methods were
     new ab4fa0a  source formatting
     new 4bad718  using generics for set of types in getTypes()
     new 6ade27a  making sure we are normalizing the name before we feed it to AddEntryOperation
     new a3a79cb  using generics where appropriate
     new 956a6c7  source formatting
     new c4434f4  Fixed issue DIRSERVER-773 (UTF-8 String decoding missing)
     new 035e828  fixing DIRSERVER-773: failure to hide deleted entries
     new dcf0258  fixing issue with adding entry that was already deleted: DIRSERVER-774; also added socket reuse for config to get rid of bind exceptions
     new 2ee71ef  fixing adds of deleted entries which may have delete marked entries as children: doing a recursive delete on dead branches; this btw fixes DIRSERVER-774
     new e03113e  correcting improper use of getSuffix()
     new dc151c5  cleaning up unnecessary wrapping of an add entry operation in a composite operation
     new 24c7348  Starting to implement a test case for ReplicationService
     new 5560ddf  Added apacheds-server-jndi to the dependencyManagement section
     new 50afba0  DIRSERVER-779: Can't provide an instanceId with ServerStartupConfiguration Added appropriate constructors to ServerStartupConfiguration and MutableServerStartupConfiguration
     new 84179f8  DIRSERVER-780: Create an integration test that tests various conflict resolution scenarios. * Added ReplicationServiceIntegrationTest with setUp and tearDown implementation
     new 99af38c  Incomplete - issue 12355335: DIRSERVER-780: Create an integration test that tests various conflict resolution scenarios. * Added
     new ee33106  Incomplete - issue 12355335: DIRSERVER-780: Create an integration test that tests various conflict resolution scenarios. * Tuned to get the most noticeable messages only.
     new a2fd7e9  Incomplete - issue 12355335: DIRSERVER-780: Create an integration test that tests various conflict resolution scenarios. * Finished implementing ReplicationServiceIntegrationTest.  The first test case is for one-way bind operation.  More tests will be added later.
     new 78895f4  Fixed code formatting
     new 0b4b2a9  Fixed maven compilation pb. maven-eclipse-plugin has been removed, and slf4j is now used in any scope, not only test, in mitosis
     new 6e5dc6a  Related issue: (Manual synchronous replication) * Added ReplicationConfiguration.replicationInterval property that allows disabling automatic replication * Added ReplicationService.replicate() which forces immediate replication * Changed ReplicationServiceIntegrationTest to use this new feature.
     new 9cb8dab  Added a test for the cast that two clients are adding the same entry.  It looks like it's broken for now, so I disabled it.
     new e8413bd  Restored the maven-eclipse-plugin plugin, and removed the osgi module
     new 35969da  Changed the UsageTypeEnum to become an enum instead of an subclass of ValuedEnum (Java 5 migration)
     new 114d680  Changed the UsageTypeEnum to become an enum instead of an subclass of ValuedEnum (Java 5 migration)
     new e6bdf13  Changed the UsageTypeEnum to become an enum instead of an subclass of ValuedEnum (Java 5 migration)
     new 12cc306  Changed the ScopeEnum to become an enum instead of an subclass of ValuedEnum (Java 5 migration)
     new 3ab1670  Changed the DerefAliasTypeEnum to become an enum instead of an subclass of ValuedEnum (Java 5 migration) Fixed the velocity templates to fix some bug related to enum switch
     new ca37063  Changed the DerefAliasTypeEnum to become an enum instead of an subclass of ValuedEnum (Java 5 migration) Fixed the velocity templates to fix some bug related to enum switch
     new 24af080  Changed the DerefAliasTypeEnum to become an enum instead of an subclass of ValuedEnum (Java 5 migration) Fixed the velocity templates to fix some bug related to enum switch
     new 3a73159  Changed the DerefAliasTypeEnum to become an enum instead of an subclass of ValuedEnum (Java 5 migration) Fixed the velocity templates to fix some bug related to enum switch
     new 082bd23  Fiwed a bug in DerefAliasEbum usage
     new 61b68b3  Changed the ResultCodeEnum to become an enum instead of an subclass of ValuedEnum (Java 5 migration)
     new 1a0d55c  Changed the ResultCodeEnum to become an enum instead of an subclass of ValuedEnum (Java 5 migration)
     new 344f621  Changed the ResultCodeEnum to become an enum instead of an subclass of ValuedEnum (Java 5 migration)
     new 0deb93b  Changed the ResultCodeEnum to become an enum instead of an subclass of ValuedEnum (Java 5 migration)
     new ba8c145  Detailed debug message.
     new 96116e5  Adding a new test case for a bug related to handling "subtree refinement selection membership" or "subentry references in entries" upon object class changes.
     new 8bcf1b1  Changed the ProducerTypeEnum to become an enum instead of an subclass of ValuedEnum (Java 5 migration)
     new 6f59c48  Changed the ProducerTypeEnum to become an enum instead of an subclass of ValuedEnum (Java 5 migration)
     new 64f47e1  Changed the ProducerTypeEnum to become an enum instead of an subclass of ValuedEnum (Java 5 migration)
     new bd13f8a  Added one test method to make maven happy. The main test was commented out.
     new a512c41  Added overall description for ReplicationService
     new 46bb143  Fixed typo and a unclear sentence.
     new 16ca819  Starting replication subproject which will be used to contain some configuration classes and parts of the existing mitosis replication solution.
     new 8fc863b  making replication project build with entire apacheds project
     new 038f939  some ideas from reading varios drafts
     new f0cf13a  Making sure that Subentries are visible upon Base Scope Searches with using the Subentry Control.
     new ec2f538  committing some old code I was toying with regarding replication configuration info
     new 76435fe  added generics to avoid eclipse warnings
     new 191bc78  added generics to avoid eclipse warnings
     new c3f33cf  added generics to avoid eclipse warnings
     new 2af5b0e  Removed a few tens of warning by replacing a class by an enum (MicroOperation) and by using Generics
     new fe9e4da  correcting issues with schema pertaining to DIRSERVER-790 here:  It also involves the following OID reorganization:
     new 3c24b50  new meta schema made by emmanuel and edited by me
     new b806b7c  Fixed around 50 warnings using generics
     new c63976a  committing some new primites for meta schema along with meta schema changes
     new ce133dc  Added the DITStructureRule ObjectClass and its associated AttributeValues
     new 2dc95e8  Added the NameForm ObjectClass and AttributeTypes
     new 9d25787  Fixed the typo in OID numbering, and modified the numbers to reflect the new schema
     new 7d465b5  updated name of uberjar
     new def7103  Added the last missing ObjectClasses and AttributeTypes
     new 55a9537  small error in daemon bootstrapper version used for trunks
     new fa85008  Configured the apache snapshot repository properly.  It had been misconfigured to be used as a release repository and caused a lot of problems.  Now maven should use only stable release plugins.
     new 5b1a35b  Updated the pom version
     new 63ffa28  Rollbacking Trustin modification : the maven-assembly-plugin was not found anymore ...
     new 558e564  Fixed a problem with maven-assembly-plugin by updating its version number to 2.1.
     new ee0021c  Modified the import to reflect the move of the SyntaxChecker package
     new 6f1479c  Modified the import to reflect the move of the SyntaxChecker package
     new a8493a4  Modified the imports to reflect the move of the SyntaxChecker package
     new d0353af  Modified the import to reflect the move of the SyntaxChecker package
     new c4e57a0  Modified the import to reflect the move of the SyntaxChecker package
     new daeb7c5  Added JavaDoc for mitosis.operation.Operation
     new 059e0d3  Added JavaDoc for OperationCodec
     new 3602e31  * Added JavaDoc for OperationFactory * Fixed a subtle error in Operation JavaDoc
     new 2371390  Fixed JavaDoc errors
     new 1c5820a  Updated documentation for ReplicationService so that people can understand it better
     new 999a19b  Fixed grammar
     new 6c5bf30  Fixed compiler warnings
     new 1610499  Added JavaDoc for ClientConnectionManager
     new 733f5cc  Explicitly specified that the initial connection interval is 0 second
     new ce804ee  Changes ...
     new ffc36ef  making BTreePartitionConfiguration a protected member in superclass
     new dc29a42  Updated for the 1.5.0 SNAPSHOT
     new eea8a0c  Updated to 1.5.0 SNAPSHOT. Updated pom to use the new felix osgi plugin.
     new d6d3d2c  Use new maven-bundle-plugin
     new 6fa931b  Fixed a lot of bad SYNTAX values. Added a MatchingRuleSyntax AttributeType. Updated the geader with the new Syntaxes
     new 629ea85  Added JavaDoc for ReplicationService.purgeAgedData() and ReplicationLogCleanJob
     new 6418f94  Renamed SimpleReplicationContext to DefaultReplicationContext because there's only one default implementation for now
     new 64e2920  Added JavaDoc for ReplicationContext and its implementation
     new 0cdbdde  Added JavaDoc for mitosis.configuration package
     new 2ca95a2  Fixed the bad version number used for daemon plugin (was 1.0.1 instead of 1.1.0)
     new acb8614  Fixed the bad OID numbers remainding in this file after the modification of OID affection done by Alex two weeks ago
     new 100279c  Fixed a nasty bug in DN parsing (DIRSERVER-796)
     new dde4d0c  Created AssertionEnum and removed the int declaration in ExprNode for the replaced values. Modified the classes which were using those values
     new 15b2441  Upgraded to MINA 1.0.1 stable.
     new 70b01d1  Added triggerService to server.xml. I do not understand why this is deleted periodically.
     new c93872a  Adding triggerService to other server.xml instances.
     new a57b9eb  The BinarySyntaxChecker is not anymore a singleton, so removed the INSTANCE call.
     new 2bf2067  Direct calls to DEFAULT_OID has been prohibited, so they were replaced by a call to the getSyntaxOid() method
     new e5843cc  Added JavaDoc for mitosis.common.Constants
     new 10c408b  Updated JavaDoc for InvalidCSNException
     new 8ec19ae  Added JavaDoc for CSNVector
     new 8323cb9  Added JavaDoc for ReplicationException
     new 0f7e40b  Renamed Simple* classes with no alternative implementation to Default*
     new 9553998  Updated JavaDoc for Default* in Mitosis
     new 2fa693b  nothing ... svn:ignore changes
     new 47c98ba  Fixed Jira DIRSERVER-804
     new c34ad32  Added JavaDoc for mitosis.util.OctetString
     new a9e0c48  Added JavaDoc to package
     new 2948732  Fixed a compiler warning caused by the latest commit.
     new 6db0157  Added JavaDoc for mitosis.service.protocol.handler
     new ad3a6ef  Removed my name from all JavaDoc
     new b32c2cf  Added JavaDoc that describes detailed protocol flow
     new 9a1996e  Cleaned the code following FindBugs suggestions
     new 777cc79  Merging schema branch back into trunks using the following command.  These changes modify several subprojects and modules to incorporate a ou=schema partition into the server which is used to load and store schema information using the meta schema.
     new e74a728  Added a throw if dn is not an instance of a known object
     new 9c81bb6  Added a safety net against potential NPE
     new 793fb14  Replaced a call to ArrayUtils.isEquals by a call ti the util.Arrays.equals() method, which is 2.5 times faster for typed comparizons
     new e482f7a  playing with different concepts on how to handle updates to schema data
     new e273d2d  making plugin generate all containers for schema elements and making it 1.4 source and target compatible to prevent qdox breakage in maven plugins
     new d2d7862  Fixed DIRSERVER-788. The attribute's name were stored lowercased.
     new 933bdb9  Added a test which checks that returned values from a search are binary values if the inject initial value was binary
     new 6719e3d  Fixed issue DIRSERVER-789, and added the associated tests. (was : searching for an attribute either with it's short form, alias, OID, or inherited attributetype, like cn, commonname,, name)
     new 6bee757  Fixed issue DIRSERVER-789, and added the associated tests. (was : searching for an attribute either with it's short form, alias, OID, or inherited attributetype, like cn, commonname,, name)
     new fec162e  The search for a inherited attribute did stopped just after having found one of it's descendant, which was not what could expect the user : searching of 'name' shoudl return all the cn, sn, gn, etc...
     new 35346d6  Applied the patch submitted by Stefan. Removed the @TODO
     new 01f467b  Completed and tested meta schema updates to comparators and its associated handling code to effect registries:
     new ca5895a  ignore lost and found folders
     new 06c2b28  Fixed DIRSERVER-791
     new ef4731a  Fixed DIRSERVER-791
     new 9c58201  Added handler and test cases to make sure changes to normalizers under ou=schema are handled with the proper updates to registries.
     new e941c3a  Added handler and test cases to make sure changes to syntaxCheckers under ou=schema are handled with the proper updates to registries.
     new 94e19e8  added syntax update handler for ou=schema operations
     new 90f5923  fixing various bugs to make the integration tests for syntax update handling work
     new f7b280f  Adding Filtered SubtreeSpecification support to the core. Now, entries can be selected via LDAP filters as well as Refinements. This improves the capability of all services that depends on the Administrative Model: Collective Attributes, Authorization, Triggers. This may have some side effects, we'll see. One thing missing is that I did not update the SubtreeSpecification bean to replace refinement with a more general term filterExpr. Still all API uses the term refineme [...]
     new 5bb7fab  Added test cases for DIRSERVER-816, commented
     new 8a396e8  Simple fix. Replaced incorrect variable.
     new 35d08d0  bad test case causing issues when trying to delete a file on windows
     new 9b3f0e7  Patch for DIRSERVER-783. - No more BasicAttribute and BasicAttributes. Use AttributeImpl and AttributesImpl now. - No more ModificationItem. use ModificationItemImpl now - lot of refactoring of imports : no more import xxx.*;
     new fce6fc1  Patch for DIRSERVER-783. - No more BasicAttribute and BasicAttributes. Use AttributeImpl and AttributesImpl now. - No more ModificationItem. use ModificationItemImpl now - lot of refactoring of imports : no more import xxx.*;
     new a5eebcc  Patch for DIRSERVER-783. - No more BasicAttribute and BasicAttributes. Use AttributeImpl and AttributesImpl now. - No more ModificationItem. use ModificationItemImpl now - lot of refactoring of imports : no more import xxx.*;
     new 81409cc  Patch for DIRSERVER-783. - No more BasicAttribute and BasicAttributes. Use AttributeImpl and AttributesImpl now. - No more ModificationItem. use ModificationItemImpl now - lot of refactoring of imports : no more import xxx.*;
     new 23eff07  Patch for DIRSERVER-783. - No more BasicAttribute and BasicAttributes. Use AttributeImpl and AttributesImpl now. - No more ModificationItem. use ModificationItemImpl now - lot of refactoring of imports : no more import xxx.*;
     new 21f31ce  Patch for DIRSERVER-783. - No more BasicAttribute and BasicAttributes. Use AttributeImpl and AttributesImpl now. - No more ModificationItem. use ModificationItemImpl now - lot of refactoring of imports : no more import xxx.*;
     new 94642a8  Patch for DIRSERVER-783. - No more BasicAttribute and BasicAttributes. Use AttributeImpl and AttributesImpl now. - No more ModificationItem. use ModificationItemImpl now - lot of refactoring of imports : no more import xxx.*;
     new e9bb683  Patch for DIRSERVER-783. - No more BasicAttribute and BasicAttributes. Use AttributeImpl and AttributesImpl now. - No more ModificationItem. use ModificationItemImpl now - lot of refactoring of imports : no more import xxx.*;
     new 9e91054  Patch for DIRSERVER-783. - No more BasicAttribute and BasicAttributes. Use AttributeImpl and AttributesImpl now. - No more ModificationItem. use ModificationItemImpl now - lot of refactoring of imports : no more import xxx.*;
     new 22f7b81  Patch for DIRSERVER-783. - No more BasicAttribute and BasicAttributes. Use AttributeImpl and AttributesImpl now. - No more ModificationItem. use ModificationItemImpl now - lot of refactoring of imports : no more import xxx.*;
     new dacf99b  Patch for DIRSERVER-783. - No more BasicAttribute and BasicAttributes. Use AttributeImpl and AttributesImpl now. - No more ModificationItem. use ModificationItemImpl now - lot of refactoring of imports : no more import xxx.*;
     new 551749b  Patch for DIRSERVER-783. - No more BasicAttribute and BasicAttributes. Use AttributeImpl and AttributesImpl now. - No more ModificationItem. use ModificationItemImpl now - lot of refactoring of imports : no more import xxx.*;
     new b91bd15  Patch for DIRSERVER-783. - No more BasicAttribute and BasicAttributes. Use AttributeImpl and AttributesImpl now. - No more ModificationItem. use ModificationItemImpl now - lot of refactoring of imports : no more import xxx.*;
     new 92445ea  Patch for DIRSERVER-783. - No more BasicAttribute and BasicAttributes. Use AttributeImpl and AttributesImpl now. - No more ModificationItem. use ModificationItemImpl now - lot of refactoring of imports : no more import xxx.*;
     new bd488e6  Forgot to commit the test case for DIRSERVE-783 !
     new a486106  fixing issue where OC and AT dependencies in the same schema for the same kind of schema entity do not cause faults when the order of loading them changes
     new 3e24bf5  Fix DIRSERVER-764 : the temporary files weren't destroyed at the end of the test. Added a tearDown method
     new dc04f83  keep this stuff quiet by logging to std out instead of System.out
     new ecf0c79  make it so we fork test cases
     new 4655253  make it so we fork test cases
     new 5008434  make it so we fork test cases
     new b39afbd  keep this stuff quiet by logging to std out instead of System.out
     new debbfa7  Making it so we intialize at most one OidRegistry for the entire DirectoryService and reuse it.  Eventually we will load all OID's regardless of whether the schema is enabled or not.
     new cbf8646  Fixed NoSuchAlgorithmException in LdapsInitializer
     new 170499f  Added matchingRule entity adds, deletes, modifys, modifyRn and moves under ou=schema.  In the process we have added some additional PartitionSchemaDao methods and changed the MR registry to unregister MRs.
     new 1e8662d  fixing generic type complaints
     new 9564917  fixing tests that required a dependent matching rule and uncommenting them
     new d1704c2  adding handler for dealing with meta schema write to ou=schema for attributeTypes
     new 452149f  > Fixed DIRSERVER-816. > Fixed 2-3 bugs more related to Collective Attribute Service. > Enabled seelman's test cases which were commented out. > Stuff added with this commit, may be improved for performance. > A review of the Collective Attribute Service Interceptor might be a useful. I think it can be better organized.
     new 1670ed6  Fixed more and more bugs related to Collective Attribute Service. Totally refactored the code, simplified and unified it. Improved documentation. Added more tests regarding to newly found bugs.
     new e88d4aa  * Cleaned up Collective Attribute Service code. * Improved documentation and added TODOs, explanations and references related to the newly found bugs/feature lacks.
     new 8b20d1b  A few simple javadoc improvement.
     new 6be4aa3  Used the dn.isNormalized to avoid a costly normalization
     new cc1c200  Use the dn.isNormalized() to avoid a useless normalization
     new 7a21f98  Used the dn.isNormalized to avoid a costly normalization
     new 1ae5a3c  added code to handle updates to meta schema object under ou=schema: specifically for objectClasses
     new 26fbfa9  added base class handler for meta schema entity management to reduce some code; also fixed bug where we were not registering OIDs even when schemas were disabled
     new 0e69ae0  fixed NPE causing bug
     new ecae124  enabled integration tests for not renaming deleting or moving a attributeType while it is in use in the schema partition
     new c13b048  enabled integration tests for not renaming deleting or moving an objectClass while it is in use in the schema partition
     new 600b618  Some clean up on the Coll Attr service.
     new 5bb65bc  Removed unnecessary imports. Mini cleanup.
     new 91932cc  Simplify default server.xml by using another property setting style for simple values and references according to DIRSERVER-825.
     new 3770e32  Added some tests for DIRSERVER-826
     new ec53f82  Added tests for DIRSERVER-759. It seems that the bugs has been fixed, I can't reproduce the problem described...
     new bf827c0  Removing obsolete OSGi wrapping projects.  These dependency modules have been replaced by work in John Conlon's sandbox utilizing the newer maven-bundle-plugin.
     new 3c1340d  finishing up some functionality when schemas are created in the schema partition
     new ba19b09  fixing a couple bugs in meta schema and schema handler for new schema creation
     new b8c2ffd  Fix for DIRSERVER-821 and DIRSERVER-822. May have not handled some extreme cases. Implamented as a specific schema checking for collective attributes. Bound to CollectiveAttributeService  instead of SchemaService. May move to SchemaService later. Added three news tests to test new checks.
     new 7236551  moving apacheds
     new d960e05  Enable resource filtering in order to fix DIRSERVER-829
     new f60a0ae  Resolved issue: DIRMINA-818 (Nested delete fails when replication enabled) * Applied Simon's patch
     new 9cfd31f  Clean up possibly misleading javadoc that claimed classes were generated
     new 10c09e7  Using generics to remove some warnings. Added some newlines
     new 49006c2  Added a test where we do a search and requesting for attribute 1.1 (no attributes returned)
     new 3b0a395  Ligth refactoring (nl added)
     new 0105ab8  Porting fix from ADS 1.0.1 to 1.5 : fixing DIRSERVER-758 and some problems with referrals.
     new 40f162d  Porting fix from ADS 1.0.1 to 1.5 : fixing DIRSERVER-758 and some problems with referrals.
     new 855698b  Porting fix from ADS 1.0.1 to 1.5 : fixing DIRSERVER-758 and some problems with referrals.
     new 74b96de  making schema objects store the name of the schema they are defined in
     new 988384c  ignore files
     new 9b1ab23  Renamed DIRSERVER826Itest to SearchITest
     new 53c641d  Added a test for DIRSERVER-758
     new 339bade  Fixed DIRSERVER-836
     new 80572a9  Added some tests for DIRSERVER-836
     new df2a12a  Added some tests for Referrals
     new 5e3e639  Added a test for DIRSERVER-826. The test is passi,g, the server code has not been modified
     new 914c8e0  Added two more tests for DIRSERVER-826 (imported Stefan's sample)
     new b0b7741  Applied a reverted version of Bastiaan Bakker patch. If the AuthorizationService is not set or incorrect, we now throw an exception.
     new a1a9f43  enabling schemas to be disabled ...
     new 42a92c9  Used the correct method instead of toString() which is semantically speakin, wrong
     new 72ffbf4  Removed some warning using generics
     new d6ef240  Added standard author and version tags to sources in the DHCP protocol provider.
     new bd47c85  Applying patch attached to DIRSERVER-831 (Proposed protocol-dns changes).  Decoding tests are disabled pending submission of binary test PDU's. o  Type-safe enumerators replaced with enums. o  Type-safe wrappers replaced with Lists. o  MINA package-dependency reorganization. o  Bug fix with transactionId type. o  Bug fix with decoding domain names.
     new 16f15e3  Added standard author and version tags to sources in the DNS protocol provider.
     new 267be80  Adding binary test PDUs attached to DIRSERVER-831 (Proposed protocol-dns changes).  Decoding tests are now enabled. o  Enabled MX query test. o  Enabled MX response test.
     new 9128e7b  fixing issues with some casting: I need to reread how to use generics because this was a nightmare
     new 4b697b3  Fixed a problem when searchingfor infos in subschemaSubentry
     new d57393e  Added some tests for SchemaService.
     new 150b8bf  Fixed a problem when searchingfor infos in subschemaSubentry
     new fdc88d1  Added a 'static' keyword for a constant
     new 4b6d4b3  Added a fix for DIRSERVER-835
     new aba0129  Added a failing test for DIRSERVER-835. There is a problem with itr, but it has just been pushed for debugging purpose.
     new 75ad681  fixing bug where AttributeType was showing the incorrect value for its NO_USER_MODIFICATION property: thanks Emmanuel for localizing this bug
     new a5ae689  Added code to disable/enable schemas and tested it.  Moved this code down into the DefaultRegistry where it aught to be instead of the MetaSchemaHandler which calls unload(String) with the schema name.
     new b987933  import cleanup
     new eb93032  Applying second patch attached to DIRSERVER-831 (Proposed protocol-dns changes). o  ByteBufferUtil replaced with MINA ByteBuffer. o  Numerous javadocs.
     new 898db8f  Added standard author and version tags to sources in the NTP protocol provider.
     new 5742774  Filling in more of the MetaSchemaHandler's functionality:
     new e870012  cleanup dangling code
     new 52c57eb  Adding rename functionality for metaSchemaObjects ...
     new dd65beb  cleaing up some junk import
     new 227191a  Added tests for operational attributes modifications and for members od RDN (they should both be forbidden)
     new 63a33d4  Added standard author and version tags to sources in the Change Password protocol provider.
     new ee91ac1  Added standard author and version tags to sources in the protocol-shared module.
     new a3c8bae  Added standard author and version tags to sources in the kerberos-shared module.
     new 73316f9  clean up things in core-unit so we do not get complaints in eclipse
     new 36b32a0  adding extra rootDSE context to the admin unit test case
     new 1c6bd0e  making sure search result reference to the subschemaSubentry says this is not a relative DN
     new f8fd1c8  cleanup some warnings in eclipse around type safty and generics
     new 49d22ee  the start of a new test case class for testing operations against the schema subentry
     new df3714b  changing global schema subentry from cn=schema,ou=system to cn=schema where it aught to be
     new 4c2c85e  adding extra test case for delete of SSSE and just fixing various generics complaints in eclipse
     new 02d32ce  reject various non-sensical operations on the global schema subentry referrenced in the rootDSEs subschemaSubentry attribute
     new 7bf6e9a  fixed various tests to accomodate global subschema subentry name change
     new 41b4100  fix generics complaints
     new 0a96866  fixing issue with importLdif method on AbstractServerTest
     new 34f4d07  fixing issue with importLdif method on AbstractServerTest
     new e76b0eb  changes ...
     new 8bc4e29  putting the operational attribute interceptor in front of the schema interceptor so creatorsName is available to it
     new a46055f  putting the operational attribute interceptor in front of the schema interceptor so creatorsName is available to it
     new ed96f10  Added standard author and version tags to sources in the Kerberos protocol provider.
     new d364f23  cleaning up handler lookup code to make it more efficient rather than using a bunch of if statements
     new fa113fb  fixing for loop to use java5 construct
     new 71fb2b1  making sure we add the modifiersName and the modifyTimestamp when enabling a schema with the schema partition dao
     new e2169ac  removed ServerUtils which has redundant functionality found in AttributeUtils
     new 672c684  fix build - forgot dependency
     new b9c5fc7  schema changes ...
     new 7e71044  Used generic to remove warnings
     new 91e6f0f  empty itest case
     new 314dd75  updated the scm element to reflect the new layout
     new 2b1d768  changes ...
     new d510d3d  changes ...
     new a74a3df  more javadocs
     new 3a16366  changes ...
     new b215dc3  Code refactoring. Using generic instead of Java 1.4 constructions.
     new a0449f4  Integrating seelmann's new parsers for ComparatorDescriptions, NormalizerDesc- -riptions and SyntaxCheckerDescriptions.  When modifies are now performed on the subschemaSubentry these new schema entities can be created, deleted or changed.
     new 80280f8  fixing some constants, adding new apache schema constants, and moving over new schema elements for subentries into apache schmea
     new f75ba08  adding subschema subentry extension for apacheds to include operational attributes: comparators, normalizers, and syntaxCheckers
     new 0a75547  changes for enabling comparators, normalizers, and syntaxCheckers in subschema:
     new d90e226  Fix for DIRSERVER-844
     new 567a5ea  Ldif file used to test DIRSERVER-844
     new 51e073c  Test for DIRSERVER-844
     new 1de18f3  Added a way to modify the OID. It is helpfull when using this class to edit an AttributeType (in LdapStudio, for instance).
     new 032a059  fix some warning due to generics
     new e84708b  changes ...
     new 7b8a778  added more tests for changing comparators, and normalizers
     new 0d38c80  Fixed DIRSERVER-755
     new 2924115  cleaning up some superfulous methods in test cases and some warnings due to generics
     new 7464a91  syntaxes do not have names nor do they use the obsolete flag
     new 0cfd3b3  make sure a syntaxChecker exists for the syntax before allowing it to be added
     new 6bbf3b9  added test case for the addition and removal of syntaxes
     new 6295b61  fixing problem of adding a matchingRule with a non-existant syntax
     new 3fc3d76  added more test cases for matchingRules
     new b2df8ea  fixing breakage with MetaSyntaxHandlerITest
     new 2cbade2  fixing breakage with MetaSyntaxHandlerITest
     new f1bdbfb  changes ...
     new 7a4b21b  changes ...
     new cf4d21f  added configuration options and version for maven-surefire-plugin: lots of changes ... this could be done much better
     new 3e1501a  fixing plugin management to go under build tag
     new 434dd3a  changes ...
     new 4a5149c  fix for DIRSERVER-830
     new 2fead95  Fixed DIRSERVER-784 and DIRSERVER-848.
     new 2a1b701  Added test cases for DIRSERVER-784 and DIRSERVER-848 as they have been fixed.
     new 4bc79bf  Fixed DIRSERVER-820 and added test cases.
     new 5f8a73a  Applying patch attached to DIRSERVER-842 (Add tests for DNS codecs). o  Bug fixes for size calculation in encoders.
     new 299e970  Removed unused import statement.
     new cc58fc4  Applying patch attached to DIRSERVER-842 (Add tests for DNS codecs). o  Unit tests for all implemented encoders and decoders.
     new c16e32a  bunch of javadoc fixes, it still dies with two mystery errors which I have no clue about
     new 6615df5  Added package comment files ( to packages in the Kerberos protocol provider.
     new 5f1dddb  committing a commented out test case for confirming the presence of the issue in DIRSERVER-832
     new 51f3298  Added package comment files ( to packages in the Change Password protocol provider.
     new cae8fbb  Added standard author and version tags to package comment files ( in the Kerberos protocol provider.
     new 9fb3c91  Added package comment files ( to packages in the NTP protocol provider.
     new 6e9b5ca  Added package comment files ( to packages in the DNS protocol provider.
     new 9512c71  Added package comment files ( to packages in the DHCP protocol provider.
     new cdde338  Made changes to allow proper timestamps and name for modifications to schema in the schema subentry.  More tests to follow.
     new b003eaa  fix for DIRSERVER-859
     new 9d38229  Added package comment files ( to packages in the Kerberos shared library.
     new 712cb32  Added common svn ignores to the server-sasl module.
     new db40f99  fixing bug noted with subtree search and the negation operator
     new 320b0f9  Reflected the modification done in Rdn and LdapDN (getUpType() and getNormType())
     new fe96b6f  Added a constructor which takes a Name and an Authenticatord Added some javadoc
     new 765b75a  Switched to Java 1.5 generics Added some logs Simplified the initialization using a new constructor for MutableAuthenticatorConfiguration
     new de30d6f  Added a new constructor
     new fddd483  Simplified the code to cope with DIRSERVER-870 pbs
     new c13b9c2  Reflected changes made in SimpleAuthenticator
     new d12acf0  Added the password into the class so that we can store it into the Authenticator cache. No need to create a new LdapPrincipal when an already stored principal exists.
     new 41f37a0  Added some more modification and simplifications to fix DIRSERVER-868 The cache mechanism has been reinstalled, with a small modification : it's now a LRU cache.
     new f1dc266  Modified the API to use Object instead of BigInteger, allowing someone to write a partition without having to use BigInteger everywhere. This is a first step, we should also get rid of BigInteger completly, to use long instead.
     new e792519  Changed BigInteger to Long, to improve the server performance.
     new 0713301  Moved the Attribute(s)Serializer down to this project, to avoid cyclic dependencies. Modified the JdbmMasterTable to pass a keySerializer and a valueSerializer to the modified JdbmTRable constructor Modified JdbmTable to take two new arguments (which can be null) : a keySerializer and a valueSerializer. If the serializer is null, jdbm will use the default one (java serialization default method) Did the same with JdbmIndex, which creates BTrees too
     new 076bdac  Moved Attribute(s)Srializer to jdbm-store and shared-ldap projects Fixed the tests accordingly to the JdbmTable modification
     new 516ca11  adding test case to confirm the dynamic update to the modifier OP attributes in the schema subentry to close issue: DIRSERVER-852
     new 8d557ea  Use the shared-ldap-constants project to replace the "subentry" ObjectClass from the code by a declared constant
     new 9457ea0  Use the shared-ldap-constants project to replace the "subentry" ObjectClass from the code by a declared constant
     new c574824  Use the shared-ldap-constants project to replace the "subentry" ObjectClass from the code by a declared constant
     new 3b3f884  Update the dependency to reference shared-ldap-constants
     new e6f7bd6  Moved the "objectClass" definition to shared-ldap-constants. Modified the classes which were using the SystemSchemaConstants for "objctClass"
     new 1baabdd  Moved the "objectClass" definition to shared-ldap-constants. Modified the classes which were using the SystemSchemaConstants for "objctClass"
     new 1ca306c  Moved the "objectClass" definition to shared-ldap-constants. Modified the classes which were using the SystemSchemaConstants for "objctClass"
     new b98918c  Moved the "objectClass" definition to shared-ldap-constants. Modified the classes which were using the SystemSchemaConstants for "objctClass"
     new c13cc94  Moved the "objectClass" definition to shared-ldap-constants. Modified the classes which were using the SystemSchemaConstants for "objctClass"
     new 4a078c1  Moved the "objectClass" definition to shared-ldap-constants. Modified the classes which were using the SystemSchemaConstants for "objctClass"
     new eeda6e0  DIRSERVER-834 Separate the bootstrap extraction code from the schemas it extracts, so you can easily set up different collections of bootstrap schemas.  Unfortunately svn got confused and I lost history.
     new ca863eb  Removed the "objectClass" from the code (except from tests and antlr files) and replaced it by a reference to the constant declared in the new SchemaConstants class in shared-ldap-constants
     new 0e7c36b  Removed the "top" from the code (except from tests and antlr files) and replaced it by a reference to the constant declared in the new SchemaConstants class in shared-ldap-constants
     new d1bbdc7  * Changed TriggerSpecification Grammar to allow multiple SP Calls per Trigger Execution. * The grammar is now less flexible about spaces, but we'll fix it. * Changed the TriggerService to execute all SP Call Specs per Trigger Execution in the order they are given. * Reflected changes to the appropriate tests.
     new 18b7f18  Removed the "extensibleObject" from the code (except from tests and antlr files) and replaced it by a reference to the constant declared in the new SchemaConstants class in shared-ldap-constants
     new 575dc01  Removed the "organizationalUnit" from the code (except from tests and antlr files) and replaced it by a reference to the constant declared in the new SchemaConstants class in shared-ldap-constants
     new 78c8dc7  Removed the "creatorsName" from the code (except from tests and antlr files) and replaced it by a reference to the constant declared in the new SchemaConstants class in shared-ldap-constants
     new 8476ae3  Removed the "createTimeStamp" from the code (except from tests and antlr files) and replaced it by a reference to the constant declared in the new SchemaConstants class in shared-ldap-constants
     new 43f177e  Fixed TriggerSpecification.g ambiguity. Made tiny change to test specs to show grammar flexibility about spaces.
     new 5857790  Removed the "objectClasses" from the code (except from tests and antlr files) and replaced it by a reference to the constant declared in the new SchemaConstants class in shared-ldap-constants
     new 3d2849a  Removed the "modifyTimestamp" from the code (except from tests and antlr files) and replaced it by a reference to the constant declared in the new SchemaConstants class in shared-ldap-constants
     new da847c7  Removed the "modifierName" from the code (except from tests and antlr files) and replaced it by a reference to the constant declared in the new SchemaConstants class in shared-ldap-constants
     new aa63580  Removed the "ldapSyntaxes" from the code (except from tests and antlr files) and replaced it by a reference to the constant declared in the new SchemaConstants class in shared-ldap-constants Moved the System constants declared in apacheds-constants to shared-ldap-constants
     new 18970c0  Removed the "matchingRules" from the code (except from tests and antlr files) and replaced it by a reference to the constant declared in the new SchemaConstants class in shared-ldap-constants
     new a630c46  Removed the "matchingRulesUse" from the code (except from tests and antlr files) and replaced it by a reference to the constant declared in the new SchemaConstants class in shared-ldap-constants
     new 029a5ad  Created OID constants for existing constants Fixed a bug in a trigger test : a ';' was necessary at the end of the trigger call Fixed some potential bugs in SchemaService by working with OID instead of names
     new e242516  Replacing some more constants from core and system schema.
     new 6c95f1f  adding svn:ignore property for .classpath, .project, .settings and target directory
     new 58ccd91  Some more constant migration from code to ShemaConstants
     new a1ab29a  Some more constant migration from code to ShemaConstants
     new 75b12d0  Some more constant migration from code to ShemaConstants
     new 2b86a9c  Replaced calls to Attribute.contains( value ) by a call to AttributeUtils.containsValue( attribute, value, attributeType ) or AttributeUtils.containsValueCaseIgnore( attribute, value )
     new dafd5a5  Fixed the RuleId description
     new a4bf418  The getNameInSpace() method now returns a UP version of the NameSpace
     new fe17050  namingContexts contains UP Dn instead of normalized Dn Fixed some warnings
     new 1ce0fdb  Added a member to avoid an indirection minor code cleaning and refactoring
     new b392e8f  The FilterParser is now initialized only once, to fix issue DIRSERVER-732
     new 3077a28  Small optimization in the schema loading : some DNs are not any more built for each schema type : they are statically created once, and used many. The gain is not enormous, something like 200 ms per tests, but it's a small step in the right direction.
     new f0687ee  Switched to commons-lang-2.1
     new 6817ab0  Test case for sealing and unsealing Kerberos CipherText.
     new 5b75950  Changes to kerberos-shared library: o  Refactored to use JDK JCE, replacing BouncyCastle library. o  Removal of obsolete code.
     new 7db2009  Removed bouncycastle dependency from kerberos-shared POM.
     new c6297f7  Minor follow-on refactoring in protocol-kerberos module, resulting from replacing bouncycastle with JDK JCE in kerberos-shared module.
     new 2735bb2  Removed BouncyCastle dependency from trunk parent POM.
     new 7df31ad  Fixed a potential NPE in the code (defensive code added)
     new 77184b5  Switched from info to debug for logs, because it slowed down the tests to much...
     new da5bc63  Fixed the replication configuration, the ReplicaId is not a String, but a class.
     new 16c28a1  Removed the exclusion for commons-pool, this is a mandatory jar for replication
     new 6242a2d  links to doco updated, building source section removed
     new c31da29  Used another constructor for MINA sockectAcceptor, to be able to use processors efficiently. It solves a scaling pbs on multi-processors systems.
     new ef5e576  Fixed DIRSERVER-889 : the ou attribute values where compared case sensitive when they shouldn't have been. This was a consequence of using constants instead of Strings into the code.
     new 6da5de7  Bumped up the version to 1.5.1-SNAPSHOT for apacheds
     new 98db6f3  Switched the string "comarators" into the code to use the constant in SchemaConstants
     new 0e49638  Switched the string "normalizers" into the code to use the constant in SchemaConstants
     new 1d255b9  Switched the string "syntaxCheckers" into the code to use the constant in SchemaConstants
     new 7fae5e6  Removed the last schema static strings to replace them by SchemaConstants elements, except for "syntaxes" (not sure this constant should be declared anyway ...)
     new 7039ec7  Swicthed to SchemaConstants constants instead of direct strings in the code Fixed a potential error : setOids don't contain attribute's nale, but OIDs.
     new d8db2e8  Replaced "subtreeSpecification" by the declared constant in SchemaConstants
     new afeeed1  Cleanup the class from constants which have been moved to SchemaConstants
     new 06ec96f  Changed the bind() operation interface
     new 8c75039  Changed the bind() operation interface
     new f8a7dc4  Added the first Interceptor contexts : BindServiceContext
     new 25aba45  Changed the bind() operation interface
     new 370d1ad  Changed the bind() operation interface
     new 89d3464  Changed the bind() operation interface
     new 3176891  Changed the bind() operation interface
     new 5a678ed  Changed the bind() operation interface
     new bc8b29d  Changed the bind() operation interface
     new 2dcc183  Use a threadsafe map instead of synchronizing the methods. It may save some time.
     new 49dd18b  Fix for DIRSERVER-893: schema changes should now persist across restarts
     new f5ab24a  Modified the unbind operation, using an unbindServiceContext through all the interceptors
     new eae4875  Created a specific context for Unbind operation. It contains the DN to unbind
     new f24a01d  Forget one instance of unbind() call. Fixed
     new 676df2c  Modified the lookup method to take only a LookypServiceContxt as an argument. The direct consequence is that we don't have anymore two methods for lookup, but only one.
     new 6d1b171  Now use the new lookup( ServiceContext ) method
     new e13729c  Added the ServiceContext class for lookup operation
     new fc86572  Now use the new lookup( ServiceContext ) method
     new a11fd17  Remove some useless code, and use the lookup( ServiceContext ) method
     new e302785  Now use the new lookup( ServiceContext ) method
     new 156a956  Now use the new lookup( ServiceContext ) method
     new aaf4625  Now use the new lookup( ServiceContext ) method
     new 829fa83  Now use the new lookup( ServiceContext ) method
     new 182fefd  Now use the new lookup( ServiceContext ) method
     new 92e1e4d  Modified the lookup() methods
     new 245158a  Now use the new lookup( ServiceContext ) method
     new 586b613  adding the appropriate attributions and licenses to all jars for apacheds 1.5 via the NOTICE.txt and LICENSE.txt files
     new 7c9d0be  link to website updated
     new 12504f7  Added some timing instructions, commented (to use them, one should simply uncomment the //TM )
     new 9b6e9a9  Forget this last class yesturday : Now use the new lookup( ServiceContext ) method
     new e8f9d5c  Switch to debug some info logs, to avoid a lot of logs during tests
     new 2b61654  Added some timing instructions, commented (to use them, one should simply uncomment the //TM )
     new 6cc68d1  Added some timing instructions, commented (to use them, one should simply uncomment the //TM )
     new 263e645  Switch to debug some info logs, to avoid a lot of logs during tests
     new 205c3c8  Added some java doc
     new c28b340  Added a toString() method Added a constructor with arguments
     new 208e505  Added an empty constructor
     new bc6d641  Substituted the empty constructor for UnbindContext by the constructor with an argument
     new 073655a  Modified the isSuffix() method : using a SuffixServiceContext instead of a LdapDN
     new a72f150  Completely removed the isSuffix() method, it's never used anywhere
     new 0b98f9d  Added a class for the EntryContext, use din hasEntry() method Fixed a badly named method in UnbindContext class
     new 9947078  Modified the hasEntry class to take an EntryServiceContext argument Removed the useless SuffixServiceContext
     new 729af25  Modified the hasEntry class to take an EntryServiceContext argument Removed the useless SuffixServiceContext
     new 503f70b  Added an intermediate abstract class to handle the DN, and removed the painfull casts all over the code Added a toString() method to the BindContext class
     new a95df30  Added an intermediate abstract class to handle the DN, and removed the painfull casts all over the code Added a toString() method to the BindContext class
     new 81edcb8  Created contexts for add, compare, delete and modify operations
     new 826db30  Removed the dn member inheritated from the super class
     new aea5da6  Modified the interceptors classes to use the ServiceContext class as a parameter
     new 099472c  Uodated the initialization to call the add operation with a AddServiceContext parameter
     new 657bd85  Reflected the modification of the add, modify, compare and delete operation parameters in the services classes
     new dccb3f2  Reflected the modification of the add, modify, compare and delete operation parameters in the services classes
     new 879210f  Modified the add and modify methods to reflect the use of ServcieContext parameter
     new 397272b  Modified the add method to reflect the use of AddServcieContext parameter
     new 89de523  The add, modify, delete and compare operations now use a ServiceContext parameter
     new a384232  Updated the compare method to use a ServiceContext Cleaned some code
     new eb8d2b6  Updated the add method to use a ServiceContext
     new eb0f319  Updated the add method to use a ServiceContext Added some NL
     new 833be3e  Modified the test accordingly to the Interceptor interface changes : we now have a ServiceContext parameter for many operations
     new c077b41  Modified mitosis accordingly to the Interceptor interface changes : we now have a ServiceContext parameter for many operations
     new d6a871e  Forgot to call buildTarget() before transmitting the ModifyContext
     new 3e11291  The modifiedEntryName wasn't initialized.
     new 48820dd  Add a serviceContext for the modifyDn operation
     new 3cad9e7  Added a new ServiceContext and used it in all the interceptors
     new a8d32e1  Added a Replace context for the modifyRdn with a oldDn and a new DN
     new 1637aac  Changed the move( old, new) operation to replace( ServiceContext )
     new 55e81ba  Changed the move( old, new) operation to replace( ServiceContext )
     new ce1164a  Removed a useless cast
     new a3360ee  Added a MoveContext for the modifyDN operation Modified the interceptors and partitions to use this context
     new 941f747  Modifed the code to use the newly created JndiPropertyConstants class
     new 7a43fc3  Added a new class containing all the JNDI properties.
     new 5fa39f0  Modifed the code to use the newly created JndiPropertyConstants class
     new 43b41b7  Modifed the code to use the newly created JndiPropertyConstants class
     new 432d8d1  Modifed the code to use the newly created JndiPropertyConstants class
     new 5094bff  Modifed the code to use the newly created JndiPropertyConstants class
     new b173de6  Added a test to check that a modifyDN without deleting the old rdn is working
     new 8a72658  Simplified the ModifyDN handler by removing a duplicated case
     new 4f8b284  Fixed the deleteOldRdn test which was broken, and was not handling casing
     new ef8dc59  Added the SyntaxCeck pass into the check method, so that Added and Modified attributes are controled before being injected
     new 06c2918  over taken changes from server-main/server.xml
     new dd5b7fa  Changed the ModifyDnService to use 3 different contexts instead : move, rename and moveAndRename
     new eb2c13b  As the ModifyDn operation has been splited into three methods (move, rename and moveAndRename), modified the affected code.
     new fe6f6fb  Forgot to rename the modifyRn() method to move()
     new 05d4183  removed a useless cast
     new 0bd5523  Fixed the binary test to push a real jpegPhoto value instead of a wrong one
     new e4f84e7  Fixed the value stored in the seeAlso attribute, it should be a DN
     new 0724d6e  Changed the PERSON_TELEPHONE so that it is syntaxically correct (letters are not accepted)
     new 3d2097c  Changed the assertSyntaxes() method to get the correct syntaxCheckers
     new b0cbc4f  Commented a test : byte arrays are not correctly passed to the server, dfiving to an error
     new c02491b  Added a test with a bad telephone number, to check that the SyntaxChecker is working
     new 44f8ec2  Replaced the catch-all syntax checker by all the defined ones
     new 0971654  Added an argument to the getRootDSE operation : a ServiceContext. Created the GetRootDSEServiceContext to be used by all the interceptors
     new fd1878c  Created the GetRootDSEServiceContext to be used by all the interceptors
     new 370866a  One more ServiceContext used : GetMatchedDN
     new f5d4b1f  Renamed GetMatchedDN to getMatchedName
     new 3148cb4  Forget to commit this class after having changed the GetMatchedName context
     new 8f11d6d  Modified the getSuffix method, using a GetSuffixServiceContext everywhere
     new ef6ef65  Added the EmptyServiceContext and used it for listSuffixes methods
     new 8a2a2f0  Used the EmptyServiceContext with the listSuffixes method
     new f80862a  Masking getDn and setDN methods
     new 4f65437  Added the ADdContextPartitionServiceContext, and modified the interceptors to use it
     new b19a9e6  Fixed the toString() method, and javadoc
     new 9a49eb5  Added the RemoveContextPartitionServiceContext, and modified the interceptors
     new b59bb7d  Added a ListOperationContext Switched from ServiceContext to OperationContext for every contexts, as suggested by Alex Used opContext in arguments instead of xxxContext like listContext, lookupContext, etc.
     new 74d4988  Added a ListOperationContext Switched from ServiceContext to OperationContext for every contexts, as suggested by Alex Used opContext in arguments instead of xxxContext like listContext, lookupContext, etc.
     new f9b1680  Added a ListOperationContext Switched from ServiceContext to OperationContext for every contexts, as suggested by Alex Used opContext in arguments instead of xxxContext like listContext, lookupContext, etc.
     new bd97bc1  Applied the patch proposed by Chris to fix bug DIRSERVER-901
     new 68177a4  Removed a misused comment, as suggested by Mark Swanson
     new 248fd62  Fixed a warning (a useless throws Exception)
     new ef880e1  Removed useless imports
     new d140cfc  A first version for a DOAP ("Description Of A Project") file for Apache Directory Server. It is needed to be listed at
     new fc0dfa4  Added tests for MD5, SHA and Crypt. SSHA is not working, so it's commented
     new cfb963b  Modified this class so MD5, SHA and CRYPT algorithme are available for passwords. It's not over yet, SSHA and SMD5 should be fixed. The cache is updated for each algorithm.
     new 618848e  Modified the code to update the cache. SSHA still not working :(...
     new 909b3d2  Added some more helper functions for clarity sake
     new f86da2e  Improved the ToString method
     new a92a5c4  Fixed the cache system : it was not storing the principal
     new 02dd943  Fixed a bug in the decoding of a stored password. The length was not correct.
     new f8dc0df  Added a test for SMD5 and SSHA. All the encryptions are now supported (Plain text, MD5, SMD5, SHA, SSHA, crypt)
     new c642bd2  supplimental fix and test which was really fixed by elecharny for DIRSERVER-884
     new adcc73e  issue daemon plugin command to generate x86_64 installer
     new 6c031a8  Modified the ModifyOperationContext, and removed the modify( Name, ModificationItem) method
     new 02f5da5  Used the new ModifyOperationContext
     new b48487e  Modified the search() operation to use SearchOperationContext.
     new f7d7b70  Modified the search() operation to use SearchOperationContext.
     new 8ee9137  Removed some useless imports Don't use anymore strings into interceptor bypasses, but the service NAME constant.
     new f0eedcb  Updated to version 1.5.1
     new b9a8630  Remove the ACI_ATTR constant to use the ldap_constants instead
     new bc00fe2  Using the helper function AttributeUtils.getAttribute( attrs, attributeType) to avoid potential errors if the user used OIDs instead of name (not likely, but who knows ...)
     new aa7a7bf  Removed useless declaration Used AttributeUtils.getAttribute() everywhere Added some logs Used some more constants
     new b1d6739  Added the NumberSyntaxChecker so that the syntax length part can be accepted
     new f84581c  Added a m-length AT to be able to accept syntaxes with a length part
     new cc213e8  Adding some newlines (minor refactoring)
     new 84404e4  Chabged some OIDs which were already declared in X.500
     new 92e182c  Trivial refactoring of the code to avoid too long lines
     new 531c7a2  Using AttributesUtils.getAttribute() to avoid potential problems if using OIDs instead of names Minor refactoring of code, added some newLines
     new 54328d9  Minor refactoring, removing warnings and annotations
     new d6d8082  Using some SchemaConstants element instead of using String into the code
     new 57d40b4  Fixed a typo : the test was not case sensitive when the result was case sensitive
     new 3eec352  Fixed the typo in humanReadable
     new 3232755  Fixed the typo in humanReadable
     new f011420  Updated the svn:externals : felix is not anymore in incubator, it's now a TLP
     new bc98eb1  Fix for the Ldif importer, so that \ does not escape any more hexa chars (like a-f).
     new 02fe659  Implemented a small improvment in the way RDN are used in the getFarthest() method. As the DN parser is not called anymore, this leads to a great boost of performance (40 000 DN parsing avoided when 10 000 searches requests are done)
     new 525513a  Using the ServerSearchResult class to store the result. This save a DN parsing for each entry found
     new fef20b4  Replaced all the reference to SearchResult with the new wrapper class ServerSearchResult.
     new a0135a5  Added a isReferral( LdapDN ) method to avoid a DN parsing
     new 9ff3290  This class now extends the ServerSearchResult, and each constructor can throw an InvalidName exception
     new 414fab7  Used the LdapDN.getNormName() instead of LdapDN.toString() method
     new 8739a64  Replaced all the reference to SearchResult with the new wrapper class ServerSearchResult.
     new a5e5a9a  Useing the ServerSearchResult instance to get the DN without parsing it
     new f74f6de  Using the ServerSearchResult instance to get the DN without parsing it
     new e7812e4  Added a isReferral( LdapDN ) method. Removed the initialization of the private refService in these isReferral() methods, moved it to the constructor.
     new 7f791c7  Forget to initialize the refService in both constructors
     new dd797d0  Added an IS_DEBUG statically initialized value to avoid a lot of isDebugEnabled() calls
     new eb7967d  Used the lowerCaseAscii method instead of toLowerCase
     new c7a0534  Check the DN to avoid a normalization if it has already been done : this save 4% of CPU
     new 6326e68  The isReferral() method has been modified so that the DN is not normalized again if it has already been normalized before. This is a major speedup.
     new 9cbf06f  Call the addNormalized(RDN) method which is much faster than the add(RDN), as the RDN is not normalized again.
     new 9b6e2d2  To avoid a very expensive call to the lookup() method when the DN is empty (rootDSE), call the faster method getRootDSE() instead
     new 9afad34  Added a throws NamingException to avoid a compilation error
     new dbf317a  Ussing two static entries for rooDSE : - one which stores all the attributes - one which stores all the non-operational attributes.
     new 3fce3c2  Fixed some Integer overflow (DIRSERVER-933) Removed useless casts
     new 41653bd  Now using ServerLdapContext instead of InitialLdapContext, to avoid a lookup( "" ) for each request
     new 377b595  Added some pre-optimization code to improve the getBackend() speed. Not finished yet ...
     new 11b8c22  Removed useless imports and static constants
     new 4f528f5  Remove the call to assertHasEntry() from the search() method : it cost a lot of time just to be sure that the entry exists before searching for it. If the entry does not exist, we trap the exception, check that it's really the reason for the failure, and return the correct error message.
     new ef68448  Fixed a potential overflow, thanks to Martin Alderson ! (DIRSERVER-933)
     new a530a38  No need to normalized a Long ...
     new 0243618  Using the addAllNormalized() method to speedup the buildTarget() method
     new ee0ee14  Replaced some call to a LongComparator method when a simple local implementation can do the trick.
     new b487f5b  Replaced some call to a LongComparator method when a simple local implementation can do the trick.
     new f04b90b  Generalized Trigger Service code (with minor enhancements).
     new d1d6a0c  Handled missing operation specific paramters for ModifyDN Request.
     new 8646221  More generalization for Trigger code.
     new 0acc111  Added a new Trigger Service test case for demonstrating an AFTER Add Trigger for registering an added user to some groups.
     new f09db97  Minor cleanup.
     new 59ff584  Minor Javadoc cleanup.
     new 55435c7  Added tests for DIRSERVER-936
     new 282d6f5  Added a 'name' member to help debugging Added a String argument to the SearchResultFilteringEnumeration constructor, which is the name of this enumeration. Added a toString() method which returns the name
     new 6d97027  Added a name to the SearchResultFilteringEnumeration constructore for debug purpose
     new 6418a69  Added a name to the SearchResultFilteringEnumeration constructore for debug purpose Fixed the filterAttributesToReturn method so that invalid attributes are removed from the list of returned attributes. If the list is empty after the removing, then "1.1" is passed to the filter chain.
     new 5edfa73  Added a name to the SearchResultFilteringEnumeration constructore for debug purpose
     new ddf8da7  Merged 'kerberos-encryption-types' branch back into ApacheDS trunk at peg revision r540341.
     new 812f3f1  commenting out some test cases which broke the build
     new f99cb7d  Enabled test cases to work with and without unlimited strength policy installed.
     new 51906ce  Updated the manifest to point to the latest snapshot (1.5.1 and 0.9.7)
     new bebab0a  unused pages deleted
     new ed85408  unused files deleted
     new 6482b07  outdated doco removed
     new e4d2e57  outdated doco removed
     new 6f0bf88  outdated doco removed
     new fc3d61d  deleted files which are already on cwiki or no longer needed
     new 17cc264  Fixed DIRSERVER-941 (ClassCastException raised when unbinding from LDAP Studio).
     new 8221d4e  contents moved to cwiki
     new 459b3a4  contents moved to cwiki
     new 97bd196  Added classes to hold the new Partition structure needed to find the partition suffices for each operation Patched the code to use this new structure (it will be much faster because we don't anymore parse and clone each DN) added some synchronization to avoid a race condition if a partition is being removed
     new a716037  Merged 'apacheds-sasl-branch' branch back into ApacheDS trunk at peg revision r541143.
     new ef1727b  Commented out StartTlsHandler since it is not yet committed.
     new 4a11a99  Changed DNS, Change Password, NTP, and Kerberos protocols to be disabled by default.
     new 66bf5f3  Removed empty directories.
     new d4295c1  Added checks based on installed JRE to selectively skip various kerberos-shared encryption type-related tests.
     new 5fa05e7  o  Added check based on installed JRE and policy to selectively skip kerberos-shared encryption type-related test. o  Fixed warning.
     new 27a8128  Minor warnings clean-up.
     new 693a494  Removing unused code: o  Removed class CipherType. o  Removed references to CipherType.
     new 9c965e4  Removed unused checksum code based on better understanding of real-world behavior.
     new 8f495c2  commenting the failing test
     new 61964a6  Warnings clean-up in protocol-ldap, mostly unnecessary casts.
     new eaef063  Removed unnecessary semicolons from server-unit.
     new ac760f0  Removed unnecessary semicolons from core.
     new ef7dc94  Warnings clean-up, unnecessary casts.
     new 78bd153  Added ASN.1 codec support for the client side of KDC request-response pairs.
     new 93cf62e  Deleted this readme, as the site is not eny more generated from the source
     new 1f03ec5  Change version of ApacheDS to 1.0.2
     new ea86cf6  Moved all the plugin/jar versions to the apacheds/pom.xml file. Added some newlines
     new cb4b922  Warnings clean-up, empty methods.
     new 9f084a0  Added ASN.1 codec support for the client side of KDC error messages.
     new 4982ec3  Warnings clean-up in protocol-shared.
     new 140e531  Warnings clean-up in kerberos-shared.
     new e0005cd  Removed the useless String[] casts to remove thousands of warnings in generated classes
     new 232df19  Warnings clean-up, unnecessary casts.
     new 9b8e82a  Warnings clean-up, unnecessary casts.
     new f854473  Warnings clean-up, unnecessary casts.
     new c8c3baf  Warnings clean-up, unnecessary casts.
     new ae5cfa2  Warnings clean-up, unnecessary casts.
     new 8ecfdb6  Warnings clean-up, unnecessary casts.
     new 55862f8  Warnings clean-up, unnecessary casts.
     new 74fd113  Warnings clean-up, unnecessary casts.
     new 558f36f  Warnings clean-up, unnecessary casts.
     new d6df087  Warnings clean-up, unnecessary casts.
     new 0575aef  Clean-up of KerberosException to better support nested exceptions.
     new ca51f65  Clean-up of ChangePasswordException to better support nested exceptions.
     new a0f3d10  Created 'kerberos' package for Kerberos-related interceptors.
     new 74563ea  Removed obsolete tests from protocol-shared.
     new d22cb6b  Changes to remove core dependency from protocol-shared: o  Added new ServiceConfigurationException to remove dependency on core ConfigurationException. o  Moved port number validation from ConfigurationUtil to ServiceConfiguration. o  Modified ServiceConfiguration to not extend core Configuration.
     new 6491d5a  Removed test and core deps from protocol-shared POM.
     new 70aacbd  Collateral updates to kerberos-shared to reflect changes in protocol-shared.
     new e7966cb  Warnings clean-up, unnecessary cast.
     new 4d117bb  Collateral updates to protocol-dns to reflect changes in protocol-shared.
     new 3e3db00  Collateral updates to protocol-ldap to reflect changes in protocol-shared.
     new 90e3cf0  Moved KeyDerivationService and PasswordPolicyService interceptors from protocol-kerberos to core.
     new 7e355a8  Removed empty interceptors folder from protocol-kerberos.
     new c34f6c9  Updated server-unit interceptor integration tests to reflect move of PasswordPolicyService and KeyDerivationService interceptors into core.
     new 9a7fa48  Added kerberos-shared dependency to core, required for KeyDerivationService and KeyExportService interceptors.
     new 4f54c1d  Expanded coverage of KeyDerivationService to test proper key version number (kvno) incrementation on each password modification.
     new 8e8abcb  Added more Javadocs and comments to KeyDerivationService.
     new 7ab7abb  Updates to server-main's server.xml: o  Removed "Kerberos-aware" LDIF loader mention; it should not be used.  Stored key format conflicts with KeyDerivationService and KeyDerivationService is more powerful. o  Updated interceptor package paths to reflect move of KeyDerivationService and PasswordPolicyService into core.
     new d5902df  changing pom and making it point to the TLP pom: might cause issues until v7 of TLP pom replicates
     new 2f539bb  Added a method to inject entries from a LDIF string, into the rootDSE
     new c733401  Simplified the tests by using LDIF Strings instead of Java declaration (new Attributes, etc ...) No more SchemaConstants usage ...
     new e5329b4  Used previously developed TriggerUtils in TriggerService tests. Did some minor cleanup.
     new 079de47  Removed the useless Abstract Base class for Trigger Service.
     new 84b8ca5  Removed not used imports
     new e2774f7  Removed not used imports Use generic to suppress some warnings
     new 67cec64  Removed not used imports
     new ed4ff2e  Removed unused imports
     new 27a25df  Removed unused imports
     new 0c68ef5  Removed unused imports
     new 3898ef0  Removed unused imports
     new d5b3c5b  Used Generic to remove warnings
     new ab355a5  Used isDebugEnabled() to avoid costly String constructions when not in debug mode
     new 80224cc  Used generic to avoid warnings. Removed useless casts
     new 049b920  Used generic to avoid warnings.
     new 52d2a52  Modified Kerberos principal entry acquisition to make entry key type optional since we now support multiple encryption types and the encryption type is encoded along with the individual keys.
     new 47d67de  Enhancements to kerberos-protocol: o  Added support for TCP using CumulativeProtocolDecoder. o  Removed some empty methods by using MINA codec adapters. o  Renamed classes to distinguish between UDP and TCP.
     new afa0ca7  Updated the jar versions to the one used in the apacheds/pom.xml
     new d1fed45  Bumped up to mina-1.0.3
     new 44a1433  Enhancements to changepw-protocol: o  Removed some empty methods by using MINA codec adapters. o  Warnings clean-up.
     new 03148ca  Added some unit test to check that using BasicAttributes() with case sensitive attributeTypes is ok
     new 895d8b2  Added calls to AttributeUtils.toCaseInsensitive() so that even if a user pass a case sensitive BasicAttributes() to the server, it will get the expected response. Search method now returns an Enumeration<SearchResult>
     new 207a724  Restored the methods and private members which have been lost during a previous merge of the SASL branch
     new 4968091  Replaced the server.xml which has been committed this week with something that can be used to launch the server. The two added interceptors have been committed, because they introduced some problem in the server. I'm sure this has not been tested *at all*.
     new 7542e40  Set the GSSAPI SASL mechanism to be disabled by default.
     new 282211a  Slight optiomization : instead of normalizing the subschemaSubentryDn for each search, declared it as a constant.
     new 6d96bb6  Added a cache for the parent which are known to not be aliases. The gain is great when adding entries, as we avoid a lookup for their parent for each addition.
     new 4114fae  Removed the "alias" and "aliasedObjectName" constants, and replaced them by the SchemaConstants elements
     new c908894  Removed the "alias" constant, and replaced it by the SchemaConstants element
     new e69d3ff  Replaced the stack trace by a simple message. As such a message is now dumped for each bind request, with a full stack trace we will have a gigantic log file on a heavy loaded server
     new 9644922  Revert a bad modification, due to a failing copy/paste (I was copying the logic of the program in a text file to be able to understand the logic of the coce, and I think I did a paste instead of a copy)
     new 8894462  * Splitted the initIndices2() method in two smaller methods, one for user indices and one for system indices * Added some javadoc * removed string constants and used SchemaConstants instead * minor refactoring (\n added, "for ( Type t:list )" instead of iterators.
     new be7b96f  Improved handling of large Kerberos requests when using TCP.
     new 4f843c5  Added root causes to exceptions in kerberos-shared.
     new 5cc9606  Improved exception handling in protocol-kerberos.
     new c1887aa  Added root causes to exceptions in protocol-changepw.
     new 336416d  Added root causes to exceptions in protocol-changepw.
     new e9adf43  Changes to Kerberos principal entries: o  Removed encryption type as an attribute.  Now that multiple encryption types are supported, the per-entry type is unused. o  Added support for distinguished name (DN) and key version number (kvno).
     new c553926  Added distinguished name (DN) to the available attributes resulting from principal retrieval.  This is required for SASL GSSAPI but was not supported by kerberos-shared.  kerberos-shared now supports DN, so the mostly duplicated GetPrincipal in protocol-ldap was removed and the GetPrincipal in kerberos-shared is used in its place.
     new 8797994  As the "subschemaSubentry" AT is now declared in SchemaConstants, using it instead of using a string constant in the code
     new 8d3f723  Used the newly declared constants in SchemaConstants
     new 8ad3103  Warnings clean-up in server-unit.  Mostly Javadocs, some generics.
     new a360725  Warnings clean-up in protocol-dns.
     new 9b6b3b4  Warnings clean-up in protocol-dhcp.
     new 0bfeba9  Warnings clean-up in protocol-ntp.
     new 8528a49  Fixed DIRSERVER-962 (getEquality(), getSubstr() and getOrdering() methods of the AttributeTypeImpl class does not return any MatchingRule from a superior attribute type).
     new c15bb7b  Copied from server-main in order to get installers working
     new 6ffa35f  Added ASL headers to files, to resolve DIRSERVER-961, "Missing ASL header in classes."
     new 42ece7b  added simple batch script for starting ApacheDS as non-windows-service
     new 91e7746  Fixed a NPE when the user send an Attributes without any "ObjecClass" attribute
     new 6d5ecb0  - Removed the PARSED_BIND_DN, which was useless (seems to have been needed a while back when DN weren't parsed by the message decoder) - Modified the BindHandler so that the simple authentication is handled locally, and not in the chain, to improve performances - Added some javadoc
     new 83496ea  - Removed the PARSED_BIND_DN, which was useless (seems to have been needed a while back when DN weren't parsed by the message decoder) - Modified the BindHandler so that the simple authentication is handled locally, and not in the chain, to improve performances - Added some javadoc
     new fe125cc  Removed the useless PropertyKeys class
     new f2d72e7  Added some fixes when the attribute 'objectClass' is null in modify operation
     new e4e1105  Fixed a bug in createSubContext( name ) : the JavaContainer ObjectClass was added but overloaded by the 'top' objectClass Added three tests in CreateContextITest Fixed ExceptionServiceITest to handle the correct exception
     new 6fe1748  Fixed a bug in createSubContext( name ) : the JavaContainer ObjectClass was added but overloaded by the 'top' objectClass Added three tests in CreateContextITest Fixed ExceptionServiceITest to handle the correct exception
     new 44991af  Small improvement : using a Set instead of a List Removing some warning susing generics
     new 5257650  Minor refactoring : - java doc added - using java 5 constructions (for a:A) - added comments
     new ea64c0a  Added the enableLdaps property to the ldapsConfiguration in order to make it clearer that it is necessary.
     new c58bb2f  Minor cleanup for SP and Trigger code. Added one more test for SP: deltree for LDAP.
     new d6fcd03  Added one more test method for Triggers: a simple entry (not prescriptive) trigger test. Organized
     new 10d8c2f  Removed unused Authenticator code from ApplicationRequest.
     new f184d7c  Added Javadoc.
     new a5e109c  Additional codec support for Kerberos applications, such as Change Password.
     new d1121e8  Enabled Authenticator sealing in the CipherTextHandler.
     new b5c78df  Added codec support for the client-side of Change Password.
     new e5a6246  Added a SP Handler Extended Operation entry in extendedOperationHandlers section in server.xml. It's disabled by default.
     new 3ad4e6a  Added a SP Handler Extended Operation entry in extendedOperationHandlers section in server.xml. It's disabled by default.
     new ebeeabd  Fixed a bug in SP Test.
     new 4a020f5  Fixed a bug in SP Test. Was loading wrong SP class.
     new 90f45e6  Warnings clean-up:  Javadocs, generics.
     new 5bbef62  Changes related to client-side Change Password: o  Added new EncApRepPart decoder. o  Enabled decoder in CipherTextHandler. o  Fixed encoding bug in new ApplicationRequestEncoder.
     new 59d35a2  Improvements to kerberos-shared, driven by client-side: o  Added capability to use KerberosPrincipal's when creating new Authenticators and Tickets. o  Some Javadocs.
     new 62c3665  Warnings clean-up in protocol-dns, mostly Javadocs and generics.
     new 686f2f5  Corrected invalid encoding by removing pre-pended domain name length. o  Collateral updates to unit tests.
     new 30c616e  Formatting and imports organization of DNS tests.
     new 377f1b0  Warnings clean-up, mostly Javadocs.
     new f61a449  Added main method class and store stub to demonstrate standalone use of DNS server.
     new 7f3b1e9  Warnings clean-up, mostly Javadocs and generics.
     new 0202791  Javadocs for protocol-ntp.
     new 6500fc3  Test case clean-up in protocol-ntp: o  Converted PDU files to byte[] in test cases. o  Added javadocs.
     new 125987d  More Javadocs for protocol-ntp.
     new 9b3e455  Minor Javadoc changes.
     new a0007b3  Renamed DNS protocol codecs to have "Udp" in their class names, to make way for TCP support.
     new 4e6e656  Added support for "one-shot" encoding of Tickets.
     new c75f798  Fixed an incorrect english message (syntaxically)
     new f592898  Added TCP support to DNS protocol. o  Added TCP codecs o  Enabled TCP vs. UDP in handler. o  Enabled TCP in standalone Main class.
     new e2f8caa  Added TicketFactory, useful for producing tickets without a KDC running.
     new 2e79481  Changing the SC OID for m-name AT
     new 4558723  Injected the new ObjectNameSyntaxChecker into the registries
     new 9806390  Added a test case for ObjectClass creation into the schema
     new f886355  Fixed the typo : metaObjectclass has been renamed metaObjectClass
     new 27e1de6  Fixed the typo : metaObjectclass has been renamed metaObjectClass
     new 5bce8e7  Fixed the typo : metaObjectclass has been renamed metaObjectClass
     new 9030ec3  Added missing setters to Change Password configuration.
     new b443a69  Added some null checks to body checksum verification.
     new 9832f63  Updates to kerberos-shared to support client-side Kerberos: o  Added support for EncKdcRepPart unseal. o  Added body checksum calculation.
     new dbf7e2e  Renamed Change Password protocol codecs to have "Udp" in their class names, to make way for TCP support.
     new b2adb78  Added TCP support to Change Password protocol. o  Added TCP codecs o  Enabled TCP vs. UDP in handler.
     new 8fdc782  Corrected "double-decode" problem in new Change Password error decoder, used by client-side.
     new 05bb013  DNS provider : * improved Exception catching in RecordStore (DIRSERVER-976) * moved JNDI backend to it's own package * a bit of Javadocing
     new 70bc420  Fixed a compilation error, as the JndiRecordStoreImpl class has been moved to another package.
     new 2012ea0  Remove ^M from the files
     new 4a03e1b  Fix for DIRSERVER-979 Excluding transitive dependencies pulled in by commons-logging which masked our internal slf4j calls.
     new 28ef2dc  Fixed a typo : readible instead of readable
     new f001b8b  Fixed a typo : readible instead of readable
     new fdda2cf  Fixed a typo : readible instead of readable
     new ef1a9fb  Fixed a typo : readible instead of readable
     new 79a33af  Fixed a typo : readible instead of readable
     new cfd8dd1  Fixed a typo : readible instead of readable
     new b024a59  Fixed a typo : readible instead of readable
     new 01ef938  Fixed a typo : readible instead of readable
     new 0c25c20  Fixed a typo : readible instead of readable
     new 60f7c55  Forget to commit this modification of HumanReadible
     new c15a640  Bumped up sleep interval to make sure that the replication happens first.
     new 83f1b38  Bumped up sleep interval to make sure that the replication happens first.
     new 9676364  Removed session key links from AS and TGS chains.  Session key generation was better encapsulated in the RandomKeyFactory in the advanced encryption types branch work.
     new b26773d  Logging statement clean-up in protocols.
     new 7962763  Minor logging clean-up in protocol-changepw.
     new 2262f43  Warnings clean-up, mostly Javadocs.
     new 0525342  Minor logging clean-up in protocol-dhcp.
     new 8393976  Minor logging clean-up in protocol-dns.
     new 730a320  Minor logging clean-up in protocol-kerberos.
     new 061b220  Minor logging clean-up in protocol-ldap.
     new bad2be7  Minor logging clean-up in protocol-ntp.
     new 4906dc5  Enabled TCP support for DNS in ServerContextFactory to resolve DIRSERVER-123 (Add support for TCP).
     new d121542  minor error fixed as reported by Markus Pohle on the ML
     new e1343f1  Warnings clean-up:  Javadocs.
     new fc3871f  Warnings clean-up:  Javadocs.
     new f8c3a61  Warnings clean-up:  Javadocs.
     new c5832b0  Enhancements to KeyDerivationService interceptor: o  Added support for deriving keys with only 'userPassword' in modify request. o  Integration test for above. o  Refactored to improve readability. o  Optimized debug statements. o  New Javadocs.
     new ed129fc  Logging statement clean-up in core PasswordPolicyService interceptor.
     new 252b737  Attempting to fix DIRSERVER-988. Need to test tho.
     new 0c17a72  Delete, move and rename operations are now replicated again and search/list operations filter out the tombstoned entries once more (DIRSERVER-929).
     new 6f72526  Fixed a problem where two CSN's generated in the same millisecond could be the same (DIRSERVER-940).  Now the operation sequence number is always incremented which also gives us some protection against system clock changes.
     new d3f5118  Enabled 2 flags based on testing with new Kerberos client component and after reviewing RFC 4120: o  Enabled INITIAL flag for AS requests. o  Enabled setting PRE-AUTHENT flag for TGTs and carrying-forward PRE-AUTHENT flag to service tickets.
     new ebab857  Warnings clean-up in protocol-shared.
     new 470adb8  Warnings clean-up in protocol-dns.
     new 906f68d  Fix for DIRSERVER-989 and minor cleanup.
     new 1135ea9  Removed garbage code.
     new 667cca5  Fixed the way to determine whether an attribute has only one value.
     new ed73e51  Fixed broken test due to new handling of allAttributeValues protectedItem. Added a utility for replacing an existing prescriptiveACI attribute.
     new 2ecd2a6  One more attempt for DIRSERVER-988. Fixed a badly wrong implementation which determines whether a prescriptiveACI is being modified. Added a test case for DIRSERVER-988.
     new 06bf8fe  Modified Interceptor configuration to hold only data.
     new e11c9b2  created new server-xml module with single authoritative copy of the server.xml file in it which is unpacked into the server-installers and the server-main project in the validation phase of maven
     new e85a328  some tweaks to pom for allowing overwrites of server.xml and ignores
     new 414fb29  ignore unpacked server.xml file
     new 9ef589a  Upgraded to the Apache version of the dep. plugin. Making sure that we can still build the project in one shot. (It was not the case with the Codehaus version of the plugin.)
     new bdba6bb  Added new schema elements for Stored Procedures.
     new 46f037b  DIRSERVER-991 & DIRSERVER-992
     new d98ac1a  reducing the amount of memory allocated by the OID registry for each entry
     new 2ec4616  adding the deps needed to make the dump command work properly
     new 476c92f  a quick and dirty fix for the failing dump command: the nasty stuff I had to do here shows just how coupled the internals of the server are we must fix this later once the core is cleaned up.
     new 88f6225  Added integration test for enabled NTP server.
     new d3c13b5  DIRSERVER-977 - Rename parent artifactId to be unique within project. DIRSERVER-995 - Cleaning up slf4j dependency defs in poms.
     new d213740  Cleaning up and Javadoc.
     new 6e68ef0  correcting parent pom in server-xml projecccccccccccct
     new 8428cb0  Corrected the host address types to match the address types listed in RFC 4120 (Kerberos v5).
     new 03cec34  fixing coupling issue between partition configuration objects
     new 28101be  refactored the partition structure stuff so it is clear what and how it is being used: still need more explainations on the data structure and how names are used in it
     new 81a0465  further clarification on this partition lookup tree structure
     new 09f636f  Modified Kerberos protocol logging monitors to use StringBuffer's to build logging messages, mostly to improve formatting and legibility.
     new 5676680  more cleanup on partition lookup tree structure ...
     new dbaa8af  renamed getBackend() to getPartition()
     new 67cf5bd  made it so partition config does not have handle on the Partition object
     new ecdc740  some import cleanups
     new 03232cf  cleaning up functional object dependencies in other core configuration beans
     new 6b14ceb  Cleaning up commented out settings
     new e38d79d  Cleaning up commented out settings
     new 2e358fe  Warnings clean-up:  Generics for Comparable classes in kerberos-shared.
     new 11a89ab  Warnings clean-up:  Generics for Comparable classes in protocol-changepw.
     new 81127ac  Improved Kerberos error message:  Error now differentiates between non-existent principal or existing principal but with no key(s).
     new 2215caf  Removed unnecessary encoding lengths from Change Password message objects.  These lengths are implementation details of the codecs and have no place in the message objects.  Also, they weren't being used during message processing and were cluttering the API.
     new 0c0fa45  Per version 1 of Change Password, the INITIAL flag is required in the service ticket.
     new 3654ae1  Returning additional errors with Change Password: o  Checking for supported version. o  Checking for null service ticket.
     new d013b81  Added support for encoding target principal in anticipation of Set Password support.
     new 716aad8  Improved exception tolerance in protocol-kerberos monitors.
     new f89162e  Added an error check for the protocol version number.
     new adb27d0  Test cases for the Kerberos protocol.
     new f48220a  Test cases for the Change Password protocol.
     new 051299e  Added constants useful for Kerberos ticket request and ticket processing to KerberosTime.
     new a39b1bd  Changes to protocol-kerberos test cases: o  Added TGS service principal to store. o  Add 2 endTime tests.
     new f962d77  Warnings clean-up:  Added Javadocs to the new KerberosProtocolHandlerTest.
     new bc68d53  Added additional tests for the Kerberos protocol.  These tests and related enhancements to ticket generation now bring the Authentication Service (AS) in line with section 3.1 (The Authentication Service Exchange) of RFC 4120 (The Kerberos Network Authentication Service (V5)).
     new 91e136e  Fixed DIRSERVER-1001.
     new 25e3be7  Fixed simple typo.
     new 8e616a6  Minor formatting.
     new 7617678  Added a service principal entry to the Kerberos protocol test store.
     new 743bbe5  Refactored KdcRequest body encoding to ease body checksum calculation.
     new c62340f  Added more Authenticator elements to the replay cache, to help prevent rambunctious replay detection during testing.
     new 96956d6  Enhanced auth header verification to support new replay cache elements and to allow ticket validation by ticket-granting service.
     new 8464b7d  Deleted VerifyTicket base class.  Class did little and behavior was diverging between subclasses.
     new 553b23e  Javadocs and minor refactoring in protocol-changepw handler test.
     new a001fc0  Broke ticket verification hierarchy.
     new 5fccbc8  Minor API tweak to auth header verification to support ticket validation.
     new cd6dfa7  Made body checksum verification configurable (boolean) so it can be turned off during testing.
     new ec72c45  Added protocol version number check to TGS.
     new 43abe26  Enabled body checksum to be disabled by configuration, in TGS.
     new 659663d  Fixed a minor bug where renew-till time as requested by client was not honored.
     new 77ac5ec  Added some additional ticket validity checks and POSTDATED error handling to TGS ticket generation.
     new 42332eb  Minor improvement to error handling when a request is made to TGS without an auth header present.
     new a2dd95e  Minor refactoring of TGT verification to break abstract ticket verification.  Also added some new checks for when the wrong tickets are presented to the TGS.
     new dcf0875  Minor API tweak to auth header verification to handle non-TGT ticket validation.
     new b51e572  Added a new test case for when pre-authentication by encrypted timestamp is used and the timestamp is outside the clockskew.  Minor refactoring to make timestamps selectable.
     new 717171d  Added test coverage for the Ticket-Granting Service (TGS).
     new 9af7d6d  Made the replication service integration test more correct, more reliable and more controlled.  We should now be less dependent on timing.
     new 67e07aa  adding some more syntax checkers and syntaxes to the apache schema producers
     new 97a4a9e  adding more syntax checkers and syntaxes to the server
     new 6a8d2ab  Fix for DIRSERVER-1003 - Modifying an entry gives syntax error for 'entryDeleted' attribute.
     new 55b1b6d  Updated the Authorization Data type and Pre-Authentication Data type classes to the latest Kerberos RFCs (RFC 4120 and RFC 4556).
     new ea5e0ae  Updated the PrincipalName type and Error type classes to the latest Kerberos RFCs (RFC 4120 and RFC 4556).
     new 6857da7  DIRSERVER-1006 - Replaced commons-logging with jcl104-over-slf4j in the manifest to fix breakage.
     new 67104f4  Updated the EncryptionType class to the latest Kerberos RFCs (RFC 4120 and RFC 4556).
     new 293259e  Clean-up of logging monitors in protocol-kerberos AS and TGS: o  Reordered logged attributes to read more intuitively (start time before end time, etc.) o  Minor refactoring to simply make AS and TGS monitors more similar. o  Corrected service names used during logging, which was confusing. o  Fixed error message logging, which never worked.
     new f141578  DIRSERVER-1006: Added slf4j dependency
     new 36ef3a8  Fixed minimal logging statement alignment issue.
     new 47315b2  Fixed DIRSERVER-895, where a server will never accept replication logs until it is restarted if a connection is closed during a replication transaction (e.g. due to a message timeout).  No test for this yet as other issues would prevent it from being reliable.
     new 07e18b2  Changes to protocol-kerberos Authentication Service (AS) tests: o  Renamed test class to reflect separation between AS and TGS tests. o  Extracted abstract base class for re-use with different AS test classes.
     new e1d020a  Further test-driven improvements to protocol-kerberos: o  Added 7 new tests to Authentication Service (AS) coverage. o  Added 12 new tests to Ticket-Granting Service (TGS) coverage. o  Added more robust (anti-NPE) checks for client addresses during ticket generation. o  Improved comments. o  Switched to a shorter, more encapsulated form of getting and setting options. o  Added missing policy checks to TGS per RFC 4120.
     new d6f3de9  Reverting 560042: "Fixed DIRSERVER-895, where a server will never accept replication logs until it is restarted if a connection is closed during a replication transaction (e.g. due to a message timeout).  No test for this yet as other issues would prevent it from being reliable."  It seems to be causing a problem for the test server.
     new 8e8e06c  Added new Authentication Service (AS) test case verifying ability to acquire non-TGS INITIAL service ticket.
     new 5905cbc  Minor enhancements to protocol-kerberos abstract base classes for tests: o  Added SecureRandom to AS base class for use by subclassing tests. o  Fixed incorrect key usage in TGS test base class helper method for building Authenticators.
     new db54ab1  Minor change to configuration to use term "postdated," which is more in line with the Kerberos RFC's.  Collateral updates in ticket generation classes and policy test classes.
     new 892422c  Added error code to Kerberos exception logging.
     new 7266171  Added a check for unsupported pre-authentication types so that the correct error is returned.
     new 56bb1ea  Added 10 new test cases covering various facets of using encryption types with the AS and TGS services.
     new 32547fd  Uncommented 2 TGS policy tests after further testing on different platforms to ensure that the localhost is uniformly resolved so the test wouldn't fail for anyone or the CI server.
     new fbdbd72  Fix for DIRSERVER-998, where replication messages were sometimes timing out as we tried to remove the timeout timer before it had even been set.
     new 27e2ef1  Modified the Authenticator replay cache to allow for a configurable cache expiry.  Since the replay cache doesn't need to store Authenticator information for longer than the configured clockskew, this allows the TGS to set the expiry to the configured allowed clockskew.
     new 5989a38  Modified the TGS to set the replay cache entry expiration to the configured clockskew.
     new 647d88e  Re-committing 560042: "Fixed DIRSERVER-895, where a server will never accept replication logs until it is restarted if a connection is closed during a replication transaction (e.g. due to a message timeout).  No test for this yet as other issues would prevent it from being reliable."  Hopefully the fix for DIRSERVER-998 will have made the test stable.
     new 48cb5d7  Fix for DIRSERVER-1011, where renaming an entry with mitosis enabled would give an LdapNameNotFoundException.
     new 14fdafe  Moved 3 pre-authentication tests from the AS test class to a new test class specifically for pre-authentication tests, in preparation for increasing pre-authentication test coverage.
     new e1370c9  Changes to support in pre-authentication for encryption types: o  Added decoder for ETYPE-INFO to support client-side. o  Added codecs for ETYPE-INFO2, new structure added in RFC 4120.
     new 714f8b6  Fix for DIRSERVER-778, where an OperationNotSupportedException would occur when renaming an entry with java.naming.ldap.deleteRDN set to false.
     new ea6230e  Added a test to protocol-kerberos to check that when an unsupported pre-authentication type is received, that the request is rejected with the correct error message.
     new 592de36  Minor formatting of some comments in protocol-kerberos.
     new 20c0ebf  DIRSERVER-1008 - Missed files from earlier commit
     new 6c7b45e  Clarification in config comments.
     new 8cb76c5  - Removed dependency on relative file path for init file. - Removed old Jsvc file.
     new 2a6df3f  Refactored the ReplicationServiceITest to simplify creation of new ITests.
     new cfc7205  Fix for DIRSERVER-1013, where an extra OID RDN was being created for new entries when the replication service was enabled.
     new 5cde2f6  Fixed a couple of problems stopping the entries marked as deleted from getting physically removed.
     new 99af2b0  - Added som TODO: fix DIRSERVER-832 - using Generic for Collections - using for (Type t:collection ) instead of iterators - removing useless checks for typed collections
     new e2625d4  ignore a failing test and correct some javadoc
     new a167881  Reverting elecharny's commit on since it breaks tests and produces compilation errors.
     new 4fa61da  Modified NTP integration test to use proper InetAddress static method to retrieve loopback address.
     new d1f3aba  Modified Kerberos TGS tests to use proper InetAddress static method to retrieve loopback address.
     new 364c1d5  Fix for DIRSERVER-987 : a bad initialization sequence was the cause of the NPE. My fault ...
     new 98311da  enrique fixed NTP test so we can now include it in the integration test runs
     new 0973bfa  Fixed inappropriately configured thread model in ServerContextFactory
     new df171a7  a little bit more tuning on the mina portion
     new 8d4e508  - Added som TODO: fix DIRSERVER-832 - using Generic for Collections - using for (Type t:collection ) instead of iterators - removing useless checks for typed collections
     new 494bd26  Fixed LDAPS problem
     new c6165d5  reverting emmanuel's changes for
     new 09cc2c0  Fixed bug arrising from corrections made to fix DIRSERVER-1019 ...
     new 48531a4  Using the new constants in shared
     new a92927e  fix DIRSERVER-763 by adding some defensive programming checks
     new 2f2dad1  fixed DIRSERVER-832 for this class, and use the new created shemaConstant
     new 3def672  Adding some TODO fix DIRSEVER-832
     new 3e812e0  Using generics
     new e20c2b3  Removed a unused import
     new 5ac3dea  Fixed a potential error related to DIRSERVER-832, and add a TODO Fix DIRSERVER-832 in another place
     new f7981b7  Fixed potential pb related to DIRSERVER-832
     new ac6e7317 Fixed potential pb related to DIRSERVER-832. Using generics Minor refactoring
     new d29be80  Using generic removing useless checks
     new 7ee3647  Preparing to add negation operator tests by adding some utility methods that will reduce the amount of code in most tests
     new 811ba9b  added tests to try to reproduce DIRSERVER-951 but could not
     new 38ae282  adding a couple more complex negation operator tests
     new 4624c29  just making sure some of these maven plugins adhere to jdk 1.4 rules so they do not cause maven/plexus issues
     new 86f8174  cleaned up warnings with generics
     new 6b4b34a  Fix for DIRSERVER-840: Double modification on a modify ?
     new 36e1114  DIRSERVER-1002 avoid NPE when shutting down server without credentials.  This does not provide proper security for shutting down the server, but does avoid a useless NPE
     new f2e124b  Test case for DIRSERVER-951.
     new 687bdc8  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new a300111  Fix for DIRSERVER-951, where a search with a negated filter on an indexed attribute won't find entries without the attribute.
     new a9dfcd7e Removed duplicated codce Added a TODO fix DIRSERVER-832 Fixed a potential error (DIRSERVER-832)
     new 80510d8  Added a TODO fix DIRSERVER-832
     new 00c854a  Fixed the bad java 1.4 dependence
     new 400595c  ° Added a common inherited abstract class (LdapHandler) to factorise a method used by all the handler (setControls) ° Modified the Handlers to extend this class ° Injected the controls into LdapContext for BindHandler ° Removed the EMPTY_CONTROLS static member, which mya have caused some concurrency access ° Also remove dthe EMPTY_MODITEMS in MidofyHandler for the very same reason
     new 54c5060  Renamed LdapHandler to AbstractLdapHandler, as this class is abstract
     new ea8109f  DIRSERVER-1024 Use maven-remote-resources-plugin to insert legal files into apacheds project.  Includes corrections for jdbm and antlr.  Changes to pom.xml should be reverted when project pom v. 8 is released
     new 3bcf81a  DIRSERVER-1024 remove individual license and notice files from apacheds
     new d89058f  DIRSERVER-1025 use maven-javadoc-plugin
     new 472832f  Added three methods : isStructural(), isAbstract() and isAuxilliary() Renamed the objectClassTypeEnum member to objectClassType
     new 68f5503  Used the MetaSchemaConstants.META_SCHEMA_OC constant instead of a string
     new b49c016  Added an assertObjectClass() private methode to check that the current entry ObjectClasses contain a STRUCTURAL OC
     new 9ae2706  Added three methods : isStructural(), isAbstract() and isAuxilliary()
     new 44dafe4  Code cleaning to avoid useless operations.
     new a30e776  Removed useless calles to getOidRegistry(), as we have a dirct access to the associated member
     new 4f9268f  Tyhe register method now throw a NamingException instead of a RuntimeException
     new dae4c2f  minor pom cleanup
     new eda03db  DIRSERVER-834 make it easier to swap bootstrap-partition
     new 9fd6c3e  Replace the old MINA queue by the default Sun implementation
     new 93bdfc3  Fixed the code as we have switched to MINA 1.1.2
     new 2e6c463  Removed useless concurrent classes as we are now using MINA-1.1.2
     new 5145990  Modified the code to be compatible with MINA 1.1.2
     new 0ccfa47  Modified the code to be compatible with MINA 1.1.2
     new dbd050f  Added Martin's testCase for the server freeze.
     new e0ce3b2  Fixed the pom to use MINA 1.1.2
     new 6c3b12e  bootstrap partition needed for itests
     new 0e87c87  Remove a useless NamingException which was incorrectly thrown by the decoder.
     new 7aafdec  Cleaned the tests by removing useless stackTraces and log messages
     new 1874f0a  better error messages when there's a problem with  bootstrap partition
     new 7f57466  adding some fixes and preparing to add the logic for cascade deletes/modifies on the schema data
     new a3d0d30  Added the Subentries control to the SUPPORTED_CONTROLS Set
     new 7a6b448  adding request and response controls to the operation context so controls can be queried and used within the servers core and added in responses
     new c2d310d  Using typed OperationContext instead of the interface in all the interceptors and partitions methods, to avoid many class casts
     new bde8c15  DIRSERVER-1028 use slf4j-log4j12 not nlog4j
     new 16aedac  DIRSERVER-1028 update versions. Include apache license header in poms.
     new 39fbfae  preparatory changes for DIRSERVER-1030:
     new 77d4509  Added the unit test for CascadeControl.
     new f2c82b2  pass in cascade parameter to handle cascade control based operations in the schema manager: for DIRSERVER-1030
     new 388b55e  DIRSERVER-1032 remove unneeded plugin configuration from some leaf poms
     new 5bc5a43  Added some tests for DIRSERVER-757
     new f4e7ccf  Added a normalizer for the uniqueMember attributeType
     new f22e397  Modified the normalizer for the uniqueMember AT
     new caefd35  Added some tests for DIRSERVER-766. One have been disabled, as the patch is not finished yet.
     new 65200b3  - DIRSERVER-1024 and DIRSERVER-1028 minor fixes to server-installers and server-main to make them work with the original fixes for the above issues.
     new ea38e10  Changes for DIRSERVER-1030:
     new 64b724d  DIRSERVER-1032 Use the new project:8 pom containing most pluginManagement
     new e76e9c4  Added some more tests for DIRSERVER-766.
     new 279e529  Added a return if we get some exception, instead of considering both DN are equals
     new 99dce48  Replaced the DeepTrimCachingNormalizerComparator for uniqueMemberMatch by a ?ameAndOptionalUidComparator. Created a caching comparator for this one, but we can't use it straight as we don't inject the AttributeType registry into the normalizer if it's cached.
     new c18eac0  Added a new NameAndOptionalUID comparator. Fixed the normalizer as there was a bug in the way the DN was computed.
     new 3667576  Removed the commented parts in the code, we don't take care of extensibleObject anymore.
     new 9f6a20b  Fixed three tests where some entries contained no STRUCTURAL objectClasses, which is not allowed by the RFC
     new b5c747c  Fixed one test where some entries contained no STRUCTURAL objectClasses, which is not allowed by the RFC
     new 4480400  Fixed two tests where some entries contained no STRUCTURAL objectClasses, which is not allowed by the RFC
     new 56477c7  Fixed the ldif file so that each entry contain a STRUCTURAL ObjectClass
     new 507afbc  Cleaned the imports
     new e6216c5  Used the newly declared constant for "ref"
     new 9791b26  Used the newly declared constant for "ref"
     new e1bb883  Used the newly declared constant for "ref"
     new c41e899  ° Replaced REF_ATTR by the newly constant declared in SchemaConstant for "ref" ° Used generics for List, Map and Enumerations. ° next() and nextElement() methods are now returning a SearchResult ° using a StringBuilder instead of a StringBuffer (it's supposed to be faster because not synchronized) ° Minor refactoring (affing some NL)
     new 5e9418c  Using the "referral" OC constant
     new 744f133  More minor refactoring (NL, StringBuilder usage)
     new ad8c3ce  Added some tests for DIRSERVER-853
     new 775ddc5  Fixed DIRSERVER-853 : added some checks in the isReferral() method
     new f5d1dc0  fix for DIRSERVER-1033
     new aa02676  looks like someone committed this useless test by accident
     new e50d920  Fix for DIRSERVER-904: Adding two schema elements of different type with the same OID is allowed, but it should not
     new 5484a9f  Added the OIDs for each element.
     new ed8ec62  Using MetaSchemaConstants instead of LdapConstants. The OIDs for the MetaSchema are not ins shared-constants, but in apacheds-constants.
     new 204eab2  really fixing DIRSERVER-904 properly for all schema entity types
     new 863063d  turning mitosis logging off temporarily for the release
     new ec8ff0c  fix for DIRSERVER-925
     new d2c2f3f  - DIRSERVER-1034 Fixes Windows installer when using NSIS 2.30
     new f017e3f  some test cases for DIRSERVER-925
     new 4f6b6c7  cleaing up imports and casts/generics
     new aac4162  added capability to deploy with gpg signatures uploaded automatically
     new a57ee4e  - DIRSERVER-1034 Fixes Windows installer when using NSIS 2.30 - Added absolute path variable ${SourceDir} to eliminate relative paths once and for all.
     new 8c0ac9e  - DIRSERVER-1034 Fixes Windows installer when using NSIS 2.30 - Added absolute path variable ${SourceDir} to eliminate relative paths once and for all.
     new 9094169  - DIRSERVER-1018 Added simple check to verify instance is specified on operational commands. - If no instance is named, then it prints a usage blurb and a list of instances.
     new ca994da  Merging changes from private refactoring trunk:
     new 7df18b5  Adding some missing Apache license headers
     new 5b9e7f3  Adding some missing Apache license headers
     new b7f7576  Adding some missing Apache license headers
     new 509d62e  Adding some missing Apache license headers
     new d139e21  Adding some missing Apache headers
     new d462ed6  adding missing ASL header
     new 2697572  adding missing ASL header
     new 3358abe  adding missing ASL header
     new 001fb45  adding missing ASL header
     new a7306f7  - DIRSERVER-1038 Removed Tanuki jar install from within maven build
     new 559e547  - DIRSERVER-1038 Removed Tanuki jar install from within maven build - DIRSERVER-1037 Added 64 bit rpm with 64 bit daemon wrapper
     new 30ba530  Uncommenting Windows installers
     new 650e1e9  - DIRSERVER-1039 File resource defs were not being quoted which is breaking creation of windows installers while building on windows
     new 6b85bf4  - DIRSERVER-1039 File resource defs were not being quoted which is breaking creation of windows installers while building on windows, also changed forward slashes to backslash
     new 044d8d0  - DIRSERVER-1039 File resource defs were not being quoted which is breaking creation of windows installers while building on windows, also changed forward slashes to backslash
     new 13eecf1  - DIRSERVER-1041 Fixed artwork for each installer - DIRSERVER-1042 Changed default Java selection to JRE instead of JDK - Enabled Suite installer generation
     new e86fb87  - DIRSERVER-1041 Fixed artwork for each installer - Missed adds and deletes for artwork
     new a8ea4d6  o Added constants for "*", "+" and "1.1" special attributes o Modified the code to use those constants o Added a workaround for clients who are sending empty parameters o Correctly handling the "1.1" special attribute mixed with other attributes (=> ignoring it)
     new 63c1794  o Added constants for "*", "+" and "1.1" special attributes o Modified the code to use those constants o Added a workaround for clients who are sending empty parameters o Correctly handling the "1.1" special attribute mixed with other attributes (=> ignoring it)
     new 4010061  - DIRSERVER-1042 Removed JDK from text description on installer
     new e7a96f5  - DIRSERVER-1044 Added ASL license to script and config headers.
     new 8a06786  Refactored external stored procedure execution framework to use new schema elements and corresponding codes.
     new ff738fa  Renaming SP related classes.
     new 5f0b730  ignore downloaded file which realy should be pulled down into target directory
     new 5a358da  merging back to trunks various small bug fixes and generics cleanups
     new 49d9ebd  - Syntax cleanup of init script
     new 8d7a84a  - DIRSERVER-1046 Make ldifDirectory relative to isntance home if it is a relative path
     new abd4374  - DIRSERVER-1046 Make ldifDirectory relative to instance home if it is a relative path
     new b5ff303  - DIRSERVER-1046 Make ldifDirectory relative to instance home if it is a relative path
     new cd748be  - DIRSERVER-1046 Make ldifDirectory relative to instance home if it is a relative path
     new 8c78774  - Fixed connection presets for Studio
     new 523b48a  - Stand alone Windows installer for Studio
     new a5203fa  Sandboxing OSGi
     new f369f98  - Split installers into different profiles to fix text properties and descriptions that were shared with Server project pom - Added jpegPhoto for Albert and Max to example.ldif for some eye candy
     new 9cce62d  moving out server-main into installers area since this will be the basis to the simple non-installer based noarch tarball/zip deliverable
     new 3e70f44  moving server installers to the installers subproject
     new 6e7d3a0  changes ...
     new b56d1a7  update manifest before tagging
     new 14c7326  updating dependent projects to latest release versions
     new 794738d  server-tools does not depend on server-main: do not know how this got here
     new 2d79a7e  fixed various issues with the tools build
     new 552e12b  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release 1.5.1
     new 320cd5d  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 9bc9575  fixing build
     new 9b00654  Fix for DIRSERVER-1055
     new bf14c82  Removed useless imports Fixed some warning by using generic
     new a05bde9  Removed useless imports Fixed some warning by using generic
     new 49c557d  Removed useless imports
     new 3b12161  Removed useless imports
     new 80faeb3  Removed useless imports
     new 7b6c197  Updated the references to 1.5.2-SNAPSHOT, 0.9.8-SNAPSHOT and 1.1.2-SNAPSHOT
     new 6f8b541  Updated the dependencies to 1.5.2-SNAPSHOT
     new 7c3648b  ignore idea files
     new 1291c99  Using generic to remove warnings
     new e9974fc  Using generic to remove warnings
     new 988edaa  Using generic to remove warnings
     new 9c9c317  Removed a useless cast
     new 84dc012  Declared some more schema constants in apachedsConstants Changed the code accordingly to use those constants instead of Strings Remove one OC from the apache.schema (accessControlSubentry), because it was already declared with another OID in another schema
     new 84671ae  Declared some more schema constants in apachedsConstants Changed the code accordingly to use those constants instead of Strings Remove one OC from the apache.schema (accessControlSubentry), because it was already declared with another OID in another schema
     new 8517592  Declared some more schema constants in apachedsConstants Changed the code accordingly to use those constants instead of Strings Remove one OC from the apache.schema (accessControlSubentry), because it was already declared with another OID in another schema
     new 1207fce  Declared some more schema constants in apachedsConstants Changed the code accordingly to use those constants instead of Strings Remove one OC from the apache.schema (accessControlSubentry), because it was already declared with another OID in another schema
     new 98d0545  Remove one OC from the apache.schema (accessControlSubentry), because it was already declared with another OID in another schema
     new 016006f  Forgot to commit the dependency added
     new 50dfaf9  Reverted the accessControlSubentry OC removal from the schema Modified its OID to reflect the one already registred (
     new 9b626f8  Modified to reflect release 1.5.1 of ApacheDS
     new dba30db  Removed some warnings using generics Using the SchemaConstants for the 'userPassword' attribute Minor cleaning
     new 2f7dd81  Removed some warnings by using generics
     new ade1709  Removed warnings using generic and replaced toURL() by toURI().toURL()
     new decc323  Removed some more warnings by using Generics
     new 3640ce3  Removed 25 warnings using generics
     new 9d176d4  Removed warnings using generics and commenting useless code
     new 18a39ef  Remove some warnings by using generics, and cleaning the code
     new d339489  Removed all the warnings by using generics
     new 71f824f  Replaced the call to toURL() - deprecated - by a call to toURI().toURL()
     new 5248302  Removed warnings by using generics, cleaning the antlr .g files from useless imports, removed useless casts.
     new 6126435  Removed warnings by using generics, cleaning the antlr .g files from useless imports, removed useless casts.
     new 3d55f12  Removed warnings by using generics, cleaning the antlr .g files from useless imports, removed useless casts.
     new 6337823  Removed warnings by using generics, cleaning the antlr .g files from useless imports, removed useless casts.
     new 195dff1  Removed warnings by using generics, cleaning the antlr .g files from useless imports, removed useless casts.
     new 6cc5087  Removed warnings by using generics, cleaning the antlr .g files from useless imports, removed useless casts.
     new 22b3a5e  Removed warnings by using generics, cleaning the antlr .g files from useless imports, removed useless casts.
     new c56e84c  Removed warnings by using generics, cleaning the antlr .g files from useless imports, removed useless casts.
     new e90642d  Removed warnings by using generics, cleaning the antlr .g files from useless imports, removed useless casts.
     new bf42416  Removed warnings by using generics, cleaning the antlr .g files from useless imports, removed useless casts.
     new 3c2f378  Some more warning removals (generics)
     new 9f3bf86  o Modified the Filter inheritence tree by adding new specialized classes : - AndNode, orNode, NotNode - PresenceNode, ApproximativeNode, LesserEqNode, GreaterEqNode, SubstringNode
     new 953d27d  removed ^M from files
     new 72db25a  removed ^M from files
     new b2ae8a0  removed ^M from files
     new a0471e9  removed ^M from files
     new 61d21f4  adding initial change log interceptor and various interfaces
     new a1095c6  Removed the ^M
     new 265e595  Using generics
     new 1019635  Using generics
     new eeaa993  Used the toString() method instead of the printToBuffer() for filters
     new 99ca27f  Removed the ^M
     new e3ac5a7  Using generics
     new a5a5ae3  Added a speedup to avoid a DN normalization to be done if not necessary
     new 5b8df2b  Minor fix in a comment
     new 88dd922  Implementing the handling of attribute inheritance in substringEvaluator
     new ee061f1  Minor code cleaning (adding some NL)
     new 63071c7  Implementing the handling of attribute inheritance in filters
     new f89584e  Reorganized this class by creating specific methods for each filter node instead of having one big method.
     new 74842f3  the visit() method now returns an Object
     new 936b3e1  Modified the interceptor search method to fix a bug with filters containing unknow attributes (an exception was returned instead of an empty result)
     new cd28906  Added a speedup to avoid a DN normalization to be done if not necessary
     new 224fb1c  Using StringBuilder instead of StringBuffer
     new 560be22  Removed a bunch of warnings using generics
     new bbf92b5  Rmoved one more hundre warnings using generics
     new 7987e23  Change from LdapDN to Name in generic Set
     new c9ae0da  Change from LdapDN to Name in generic Set
     new c77749c  swed a genric <T> to remove some warnings
     new 0702c27  Removed a commented line of code
     new 15486cb  Added some defensive code to avoid NPE if the attrsId is null
     new 10ce4ec  Used strings instead of SchemaConstants elements, for clarity
     new 8d867bd  Using generics to remove some warnings
     new 23bcc6f  Implemented a speed improvement :  if the user don't use any returnAttributes, then the second lookup which was done in the addCollectiveAttributes method is not done anymore.
     new 64e5a78  Removed ^M from files
     new 505c4c4  Added the svn:eol-style native to all the text files
     new 388674b  moved apacheds/sar-plugin in the dormant subprojects area
     new 8eea34d  Fixed a potential NPE in some cases. Switching from Long to long was not a good idea when the called method can return a null value. My bad.
     new 18be076  Added schema to the svn:ignore property
     new 1b3cfdd  Added some Apache Schema constants
     new f93b600  Using a different approach to have fast tests : JUnit4 allows us to use a BeforeClass initialization. The tests are now launching the server only once. The gain is huge.
     new 19a9785  Minor refactoring
     new a73a4c1  Added some timing information to get the time spent in the test
     new 9ca8001  Added info about the number of tests to run for the timing function
     new eb1ce27  Temporarily disabling a test until some fix is found
     new f60f8d5  Fixed the failing test, and added a comment about the root problem. Many thanks to JNDI for this bug :)
     new 7686ec3  Removed a unused import
     new 9ac4be2  Created this class using JUnit4. Speed improvement for ADD test is down from 22 seconds to 6 seconds, and it will fall to 4 seconds if we replace all the Netscape API usages (each test using this API cost 1 second)
     new e1e8f4e  Revert one test to use the Netscape Ldap sdk, as it was used to close an issue (DIRSERVER-643)
     new f1479bb  branching for bigbang cleanup
     new fb0f9e6  Fixed issue with Filters (the filter parser was not reentrant)
     new 28fc53c  commiting merged changes from trunk from elecharny
     new 58f6ac5  DIRSERVER-984 DIRSERVER-1023 Introduce xbean-spring for easier configuration and remove InterceptorConfiguration in favor of direct construction of interceptors
     new 09e8664  Although the IndexConfiguration and the JdbmStoreConfiguration have not been removed fully they're pretty close to being yangked out - will take care of the rest of this tomorrow.
     new aba01b4  Typo in javadoc documentation fixed
     new a10a7af  DIRSERVER-1074 remove AuthenticatorConfiguration
     new 601a4d2  prep refactoring to be able to remove IndexConfiguration
     new 6f46eda  ignore files
     new dc134a8  removed IndexConfiguration: build is pristine with all itests passing
     new 95426ea  finished removing JdbmStoreConfiguration bean for issue:
     new 897057d  Simple integration test for NTP server added which uses Apache Commons Net to talk to the server.
     new fc0db79  folder for io tests added
     new 584d819  Existing NTP tests moved to appropriate package
     new 7c32e6d  DIRSERVER-1074 move autenticator setup to AuthenticationService
     new d1cdab2  Tests for class NtpTimeStamp added.
     new 0a488a0  Switching from long to Long because it can generate some NPE
     new e0b88ab  Fixed a big bug in the NoOpOptimizer : the branches were not marked with the count
     new 21dac21  removed PartitionConfiguration: now filling StartupConfigurations with actual Partitions
     new 7ceb168  Work around apparent qdox bug trying to compare longs.
     new 5bd4b50  DIRSERVER-1079  Basic test to start a server using xbean-spring and server.xml.  Currently fails
     new 4d1a4df  Way of how to determine the loopback interface changed
     new eb3edbc  got build working again by fixing compilation erros in shared and fixing server-xml file for new configuration with xbean
     new 024fdb7  moving some configuration properties to the right place before removing configuration beans
     new 97f936b  added .settings to svn:ignore
     new b3d98a3  2 test methods added for DIRSERVER-1080
     new 073441c  Changed to JUnit 4 syntax (annotations)
     new f60d62b  Changed to JUnit 4 syntax (annotations), and now derived from FastServerTest
     new 3f3a73a  Changed to JUnit 4 syntax (annotations), and now derived from FastServerTest
     new b8abe2d  Modified to use Java 5 Generics and omit raw type warnings.
     new fff1a0e  Changed from Hashtable to Properties in order to omit many warnings
     new 681d42b  svn keywords added,  comments added
     new f455f34  svn keywords added,  comments added
     new 28474e7  - Replaced the ModificationItemp[] by a List<ModificationItem> to ease the modification manipulations. - Fixed the bug Stefan found about missing modify operationalAttributes - Removed a lot of warnings (generics)
     new 7aab60e  Added Stefan's tests for DIRSERVER-1080
     new 6f48511  Fixed DIRSERVER-1080
     new d3064f7  javadoc added, svn keyword property adjusted
     new cdbd271  Simple test for StoredProcExecutionManager added.
     new 505dc9c  Removed a useless import
     new 5ccbac0  Removed useless import
     new 4bc35b9  Removed warnings
     new b9ed9e2  Added test case (commented) for
     new 13d63f8  Fixed small typo due to copy-paste.
     new a606372  This is big step on the way to fixing all the configuration issues. It removes all the configuration objects from the core minus one property editor thingy.  So all that's left are the config beans for the protocol providers.
     new 10abe1d  Handling a case where no MatchingRule is found : throw and exception instead of a generic exception upper in the stack.
     new 58a6c67  Added a patch to handle cases where we have a missing MatchingRule : a specific exception is thrown instead of a generic one.
     new c8f91a1  fixed breakage in mitosis tests and cleaned up some of the server.xmol
     new 979d6aa  got latest changes incorporated into the server.xml
     new 5468a49  fixed breakage due to exception changing semantics
     new fd234c1  Reverting my saturday's change which cause the integ tests to fail (was a change in the way MatchingRules are handled)
     new 0229d36  fixed mitosis test cases and issues with server-unit tests dealing with binary attributes in codecs: all integration tests now pass
     new d02f48a  Cleaning up LDAP protocol provider and the codec
     new 840f8d5  cleaned up some static structure in LDAP protocol provider
     new 9e30d81  Removed old AddITest, DelITest and SearchITest to replace them with the same tests, but using the AbstractFastTest superclass
     new f71d06a  When the MatchinRule is null, returns the Equality MR a s a default, to avoid NPEs
     new 099c288  xbean 3.2 has been released, so we can revert the qdox workaround
     new ad252e6  Fixed Fixed 1-2 more bugs while working on this one. It seems the implementation was done with misunderstood semantics.
     new d8feaf4  Injected the modifications which fix MR NPE  from trunk to bigbang
     new 0454590  renaming all XxxService interceptors to be XxxInterceptor to be absolutely clear on the functionality and make way for having services that are not interceptors
     new 2b36193  slight cleanups
     new 4c52073  rename a test case and fix a bug introduced
     new ca9c370  Intermediate checkin separating most protocol servers lifecycle from ApacheDS.  This includes 2 versions of the NTP server in the hopes code will help discussion of which alternative is better.  Several classes need to be renamed based on the outcome of this discussion.
     new 4ef3a25  Removed a lonely ';' which was used after a 'if', causing the method to always return and the 'else' to never be executed
     new 36e40ff  Removed the commented ';' completely
     new 64c0a2b  Completed a test to handle a special case
     new 8036b9d  Using "{crypt}".equalsIgnorecase() instead of "{crypt}".equals(). Using the LdapSecurityConstants.HASH_XXXXX constants instead of Strings in the code.
     new e0d0826  simplify the dns record store to use DirectoryService more directly instead of jndi fluff
     new 42fe422  experimental mina-xbean module
     new b6e5a56  Move to direct use of acceptors in protocol servers
     new bfa63dd  changes to changelog interfaces ...
     new bc7e5eb  Rename XXXConfiguration to XXXServer for changepw, dns, kdc, ntp protocols.  Also upgrade to xbean-ized mina version.
     new 4e135e1  breaks a bunch of stuff but commiting for trustin to test something for me
     new f7c4057  alex must have been tired
     new 36a618a  Removed some warnings
     new 20fde0d  Using a constants instead of String into the code
     new 550016e  Replaced a deprecated method by the correct call
     new 38912e1  Using a constants instead of String into the code. Using equalsIgnoreCase to avoid some potential bug
     new 90e4016  Intermediate commit.  Non-integration tests pass.  spring startup test works.  Needs extensive cleanup
     new 849af47  this should fix NPE (untested)
     new c402870  fixing bug introduced in protocol handler
     new 6878b4c  Fix a lot of the NPES
     new f4acd78  fixed bug where we were trying to delete files right after starting the server in LDAPS test
     new f3bf61c  fix MiscTest
     new fd9a6ba  fixing some issues with the abstract test which was resulting in NPE due to order of setUp commands
     new c8fb1fa  fix LdapsITest
     new 5eb3223  redundant clarification to configure methods
     new ec6ea89  ignore some stuff
     new 976f406  if we have ldap servers, start them
     new a5299e2  fixing some compilation errors and some problems with tests
     new e27ad42  adding better logging to mitosis and cleaning up a bit
     new ec07565  Added commented test for DIRSERVER-1086
     new 39f56b3  fix for mitosis problem which was due to a change in mina which returns -1 for the session.getScheduledWriteRquests() method which before returned 0 - modified the check for anything equal to zero or less
     new 2f55450  removing ugly println
     new 6af6de0  removing ServerContextFactory which is now not needed
     new 244a83a  exposing a means to get a JNDI context and create an LdapPrincipal without the need for authentication: we will use a security manager to control access to these sensitive operations so stored procedures cannot hijack the server
     new 77db410  cleaning up ApacheDS object and removing need to authenticate
     new f8a23dc  removed environment from DirectoryServer and using type safe enum for dereferencing mode for aliases
     new fd4b6c4  fixing broken tests because someone messed with the damn derefAliasses property for fun
     new cb32feb  causes several tests to fail in the server unit tests
     new c2b6c6d  renaming DerefAliasesEnum to more descripted AliasDerefMode
     new 598187f  avoid non-error stack trace
     new 422bb75  for some reason this is making my tests fail on a Windows machine: I have no clue why this would happen but it seems consistent on this
     new aece445  cleaning up ApacheDS object
     new a72f80a  correcting djencks coding style and adding some javadocs to explain the purpose for this class
     new 9ca9b52  Remove final vars, use setter injection per Alex's request.  I think this increases the likelyhood of using unitialized components
     new a80c7cf  minimal interfaces for protocol services
     new e2f4b83  Cleaning up ServiceConfiguration with intermediate step and some interfaces: seems lots of unnecessary code was added even through inheritance was used.
     new 0f1e927  Created an interface to hold the QoP constants
     new 3a44a54  Modified the way default LDAP handlers are initialized so that those handlers can have access to the DirectoryService instance
     new 8a5a648  removed two of the 6 classes in the SASL chain. Removed some warnings
     new 46d7930  o Moved some generic Ldap constants from apacheds-constants to shared-ldap o Used those constants in the code instead of strings
     new ce66e78  Deleted the HandleSasl class and removed it from the sasl chain. Deleted an empty package
     new d6a18f6  Deleted the HandleSasl class and removed it from the sasl chain. Deleted an empty package
     new e46ba7d  Merged the GetLdapContext and ReturnSuccess chain's class into the ConfigureChain class. The next step will be to completely remove the chain.
     new 8420fd4  Removed the SASL BindHandler chain completely
     new f1e213b  The BindHanlder now takes two parameters : the directoryService and the SessionRegistry
     new 2135373  Removed some warnings
     new c6c5bd3  Removed some more warnings
     new 248562b  moved constants to core constants and started work on entries for the server
     new 41adf284 correct name of core-constants module
     new 1fc3511  correct name of core-constants module
     new 7c4c84a  experimenting with server entries: doco and tests to come
     new 6c78ecc  Some cleanup in the code (reorganization, switching from log to LOG, using BindRequest instead of Object)
     new 84e04bf  Modified the PrincipalName to stick to the RFC's names. Added some encoding methods using what we have done in shared-asn.1. Created a PrincipalNameType Enum to replace an existing class. Added some encoding tests
     new 702d050  Replaced the HostAddress class with the new one. Replaced the HostAddressType class by a HostAddrType Enum
     new f1919c0  Modified the HostAddress and HostAddresses class to their new form (with the new encoder)
     new 7afa4c7  Modified the AuthorizationData class, and the AuthorizationType enum.
     new 740c0f8  Injected PaData implementation instead of PreAuthenticationData. Added some tests
     new 2abac1f  Modified the EncryptedData class, removed the EncryptedDataModifier, added some tests
     new 3e71ab3  Added the new version of EncryptionKey class, plus some tests
     new 8cf647b  some test cases
     new 18fbffc  Updated the Checksum class Moved the ChecksumType from a class to an enum Added a test class for Checksum
     new 61ac2ce  Updated the TransitedEncoding class Added a test for this class
     new 464579b  Deleted the old TransitedEncryptionType class
     new d97f8a2  more tests and changes to new entry interfaces as ideas are solidifying
     new 9b5fc3f  fixing breakage that resulted from too much generics
     new 0e5c397  some documentation for ServerValue and ServerStringValue
     new b6fee16  fixing odd problem with compareTo calls using wrong implementation
     new 6ec345a  more progress this time on ServerEntry
     new 666e5e1  Refactored the replay cache : - we now use a thread to clean the cache - the entries are stored into a hashMap to speedup the cleaning - the key is the clientprincipal - for each clientPrincipal, we store a list of entries - when the cleaning thread is running, we remove from the beginning of the list all the timed out entries
     new 56e52ae  o Refactored the Ticket structure o Added a KerberosConstant class for common constants like kerberos version o Removed the MessageType class and replaced it with a KerberosMessageType enum o Removed the TicketModifier class o Added a package Flags and all the Flags (kerberos, ticket) o Added an InvalidTicketException o Modified the PrincipalName to returns a KerberosPrincipal o Added some test for Ticket o Fixed some warnings and added some doco
     new 04f97ed  Align this project with the modification made in Ticket
     new 3057f29  o Align this project with the modification made in Ticket o Removed the Authentication chain
     new 0b70010  more added to core-entry classes ...
     new 9e60216  Replaced all the reference on '5' by the KerberosConstants.KERBEROS_V5 constant
     new feb22f5  Replaced all the reference on '5' by the KerberosConstants.KERBEROS_V5 constant
     new d27b72f  o The EncryptionType[] has been replaced by a Set<EncryptionType> o Moved the getBestEncryptionTypes methods to KerberosUtils o Renamed and moved the getEncryptionTypesSting() method (was getEncryptionTypes)
     new 270d172  moved all those sets of objectclasses into a new class: a special ServerAttritbute subtype called ObjectClassAttribute
     new 8ed90db  Reorganized the service : o We don't pass the message anymore (never used) o The methods are not calling each others, they are all called in the first method
     new f540a6e  Removed the message object in the AuthenticationService call
     new 27d5de90 Removed the changepw chain, moved some commonly used methods into KerberosUtils
     new 733244c  removed the TicketGrantingService chain, and all the associated classes
     new 89829cb  Removed the redondant TicketFlags and only use the Enum. Fixed a bad bug in TicketFlags creation (the value was not initialized) and another one in value computation.
     new 84182f6  Applied the patch submitted by Stefan Seelmann for DIRSERVER-1086
     new b3bfd87  Get rid of the IoHandlerChain
     new 407b57d  Updated the package info by removing references to IoHandlerChain
     new f457fda  need area to move changelog tests to
     new 903556d  create test are for core-shared
     new 084ea55  introducing (yet again - did this before in 2002) the concept of a Cursor to replace the use of NamingEnumerations
     new 27555d9  changes to changelog ...
     new 88a51e1  moving the original changelog interceptor out of the way
     new cbfdf6e  changes to ChangeLog service and more ...
     new f7df33a  Added test for DIRSERVER-1096
     new 1c5730e  Added some missing methods ( setChangeLog and getChangeLog )
     new 74092ff  Fixed a wrong addReqesu() call : the parameters have changed, so I changed the call.
     new fc56612  moving test case to its properly directory: anyone know how to make IDEA not do this?
     new c05d28b  fixed compile problem with change log test case
     new 4cc76f6  fixing bug where it is possible to pump byte[] values into with valid utf8 string into normalizers
     new fc6432b  import removal
     new b69d41a  Removed around 50 warnings by removing useless imports and using some generics
     new 43efe93  Deprecated expression: ${version} - missing prefix. Use ${pom.version}
     new d2eff98  Fix syntax for comments (See This will avoid Log messages during build like Nov 18, 2007 9:30:19 PM org.apache.velocity.runtime.log.JdkLogChute log INFO: Null reference [template 'LOG', line 35, column 13] : $Rev cannot be resolved.
     new e09a8c8  Removed a bunch of warning (generic) Removed LdapUrl and LdapUrlParser classes, they are a duplication of LdapURL classes
     new ced7a63  need to document default behavoir in configurations
     new 16a55ba  wiring through spring should not start or stop the services
     new 1350910  NTP service is not directory backed
     new b30a00c  Corrected padding algorithm error in DES encryption types (DIRSERVER-1100): o  Corrected padding algorithm error in DesCbcCrcEncryption. o  Also corrected padding algorithm error in DesCbcMd5Encryption, however algorithm error had no effect. o  Added new test cases for above encryption types.
     new 7bc7bf1  Added dnsjava 2.0.1 dependency to ApacheDS in 'bigbang' branch, in preparation for DNS integration tests.
     new 926b1d5  Adding some SCM tag for continuum
     new 171b4cf  removing the previous scm tag
     new b672236  Changes made to changelog feature:
     new 7de8654  making reverts work with moddn and modify
     new 74e26a5  added tests for the remained of revert operation types
     new 76a3a5f  speed up a test and experimenting with features of JUnit 4.4
     new 533aa10  added new integration testing module for fast tests
     new 04b09dc  new junit 4 based apacheds integration framework added
     new 846e47a  moving over SimpleAuthenticationITest to the new framework
     new 1268978  check pointing some partial work on the core testing framework: using state pattern to reduce complexity and clarify code
     new 53a87fe  added inheritable settings and figured out method signatures for state changes
     new 1587ed6  changes to changelog service ...
     new cc76ac5  changes to integration framework ...
     new 65189b8  added test to check change log persistence across restarts
     new 9cdc4e2  remove old directory
     new b98ef66  moved another test into stock suite
     new 22eadd4  cleaning unnecessary casts
     new a5390d4  changes to integration framework ...
     new 92359cf  remove old directory
     new 5c13998  fixing modrdn and moddn type operation signatures for shared ldap changes
     new eed4486  moving and converting yet another test to use the new framework
     new c2dea10  migrated two more tests to use the new framework
     new 5018ebc  convert another itest to new framework
     new e800311  correct spelling of itest class name
     new a3f45a4  convert another itest to new framework
     new 7c891c7  convert another itest to new framework
     new 793fdc5  converted a few other itests to new framework
     new 878132e  converted another test to use with new framework
     new 08fde22  renamed ListAsAdminIT to ListIT and added tests from ListAsNonAdminITest to it and deleted the old test
     new 0e25d61  converted two more tests to the new framework
     new dbd007d  converted two more tests to the new framework
     new 65cbc1f  made it so setting change for denomalizing operational attributes is immediately felt without a restart
     new cb11be0  converted another test to use with new framework
     new 56f2334  moved all SearchITest test methods to SearchContextIT since they used the same setup data
     new cd0344c  converted another test to use with new framework
     new 02731ad  converted another test to use with new framework and merged one test from BinaryAttributeFilterITest into new OperationalAttributeServiceIT
     new 8887646  merged preference tests and converted them along with op attr service tests
     new c725d95  moved all schema tests but found serveral issues and bugs which were fixed - tests are a bit broken though
     new 5ae4d6c  changes ...
     new 18da4d1  fixed some schema handling bugs: rootDSE issue with optimization and some issues with registries
     new 2b64207  converted all authorization tests to use the new framework and fixed bugs in framework
     new 1e39860  fixed issues with cleanup which caused some false negatives
     new ca8d2d3  these tests have already been converted just deleting them
     new 09a18db  Fixed the failing test in ModifyRDNTest : the normalized value was stored into the backend instead of the UP value
     new 943c29e  converting the trigger tests
     new 9403751  allow using ignored annotation on test classes
     new 116aa40  allow using ignored annotation on test classes
     new 3a9ff4b  o Used an enum to store the encyption algorithms o Created a constant for "ou=system" : ServerDNConstants.SYSTEM_DN o Created a constant for "uid=admin,ou=system" : ServerDNConstants.ADMIN_SYSTEM_DN o Added a Modification, ServerModification and ModificationOperation class, Enul and interface o Lot of small modification in shared-ldap ServerEntry and in core-entry o Deleted the useless fastITests
     new 494426a  moved over subtree tests
     new 3c20d18  fix a accounting bug when removing values on modify remove operation
     new 315ab53  changes to entry and server core entry interfaces
     new 93337f6  converted another test to the new framework
     new 46ec158  converted another test to the new core integ framework
     new 6ec0c16  moving over some ldif that is no longer used but may be in the future
     new 82d0769  these two tests were totally redundant - if the features they test were to break everything else would fail
     new f067ddd  converted another test
     new 71e411c  converting another test over to the new core integration test framework
     new 831af64  making the core unit integration tests run even if the -Dintegration flag is not used
     new ea9ea87  added more tests and renamed some: also moved them around a little bit for efficiently using existing up and running servers
     new 2ead535  cleanup directory
     new 218629c  cleaninig up core unit
     new 8d64dc2  cleaninig up core unit
     new 154a4b3  moved final core unit test over to new framework in core integ
     new 51841ae  Fix for DIRSERVER-1110
     new fb22eb4  changing name of CleanupLevel to Level since we can use it for more than one tag and fixing some buggy issues
     new e056622  Revert from using a java 6 method (Arrays.copyOf), it was not compatible with JAVA 5.
     new d69d8c0  o Moved ServerDNConstants class from shared-ldap to core-constants (the contained constants are not LDAP related, but ADS related) o Cleaned some imports
     new 1dd6339  moving the bigbang now into the apacheds trunk and we should be done with this
     new 212996e  fixes build by replacing missing file
     new 6ff4ebc  replace missing constants file
     new f46f1b0  Added some more constants in ServerDNConstants, fixed some imports, removed some warnings using generics
     new cd208cb  correcting improperly added generics on interface
     new 62c776d  Added tests for DIRSERVER-1055
     new d966dce  Uncommented test for DIRSERVER-1086
     new 6043ea6  Uncommented test for DIRSERVER-1096
     new 07a1de3  Improved the new ServerEntry API by using generics and adding some varargs.
     new 20a920b  Added a empty test for ServerModification class. It will be completed later.
     new b973ce6  Removed some warnings by using generics
     new 7fc9358  my private branch
     new 494b956  move to correct position
     new 5c14a93  check pointing some work that breaks a bunch of things in private branch
     new 17bb892  added additional cursor methods to try to see if we can bypass TupleBrowsers all together
     new 2432845  moving cursor stuff into its own module
     new d3c843a  prep for move of cursor code
     new 2dfe70c  moving cursor classes over to new module
     new ed24f38  move over cursor tests to new module
     new b18b317  ignore some files
     new da6a670  creating new module for managing jdbm specific cursors
     new ca1e4d8  change the name of the modules
     new 1474ceb  o Updated the ServerAttribute classes, implementing the new methods with varargs. o Created an abstract class to be used by DefaultServerAttribute and ObjectClassAttribute o Fixed some issues in the Value classes o Added some doco
     new 3ee57ad  o Completed the ServerStringValue tests o Added a testCas for Binary values
     new e633957  Fixed a bad message
     new 87fef09  Added the DefaultServerAttribute test class, with some preliminary tests for the add() method
     new 9d8b82b  more tests, log file, new key cursor
     new 80fe9f2  still not compiling and moving classes around with new modules, also removed absolute() method on Cursor since this is going to be problematic with most btree packages
     new 250eea6  messing around with using a pattern on complex cursors
     new 01c8935  Bug fix for RecordClass decoding: o  Fixed improper cast causing RecordClass values to truncate. o  Test case for above.
     new 7aa8061  Added a first drop of tests for the DefaultServerEntry class
     new 2ad1dab  Added a test for the toAttribute() method
     new 46dd089  Added a serverUtils class to handle conversions between Attributes instances Added some more methods into the ServerEntry classes
     new bef9d08  Added a public constant for the maximum size of the BitString for Kerberos flags.  Useful in conversions to JAAS Tickets.
     new d08adc9  o Added some helper method in ServerEntryUtils class to convert attributes o Removed them from the ServerEntry classes
     new ce5b92f  Corrected typo in log message.
     new 9e79adb  o  Corrected algorithm for determining checksum equality. o  Test case for the above.
     new d484929  After Enrique fix (there was a bug in the code), removed completely the check against nullity. If the value is not, it's not an instanceof Checksum anyways...
     new b2eaf59  Fixed problem with KdcServer always defaulting to use catalog-based Kerberos principal lookups.  Lookup now properly switches based on boolean value of isCatalogBased.
     new 4589b5e  Added support to LDAP SASL GSSAPI for different Kerberos encryption types (DIRSERVER-1113): o  Call to retrieve Subject now iterates over all keys returned for the LDAP service principal and adds the keys to the private credentials.
     new ef76d8a  adding missing dependency on schema-bootstrap from core-entry in test scope
     new f4936ab  o In NormalizingVisitor :  - The normalizeValue method does not anymore make a difference between an OID or a Name for the attributeType o In OperationalAttributeInterceptor :  - Changed the add() operation to use the ServerEntry API.  - Added a reference to the AttributeRegistry o In SchemaInterceptor :  - Renamed log to LOG  - Added a reference to attributeTypeRegistry  - Changed the code which handle the filters to transform a String value to a byte[] if the AT is not [...]
     new c491efd  committing but will abandon this branch for now since I think we need a simpler version of a Cursor instead of paying for all these additional methods
     new cb6a64e  removed relative() and isXxxx methods and cleaned up things a tiny bit
     new 786bff3  Remove some useless methods in ServerEntry. As we now have varargs, no need to have the same method with a single argument
     new 1a7cab8  Using ServerEntry for the add() operation
     new 15fc771  Removed useless imports. Replaced some import ...*; by the explicit declaration of the imported elements.
     new 3bab787  Replaced some import ...*; by the explicit declaration of the imported elements.
     new a1c0769  Replaced some import ...*; by the explicit declaration of the imported elements.
     new 62778a2  Added a forgotten import
     new ff87fb8  Replaced some import ...*; by the explicit declaration of the imported elements. Removed some warnings with generics
     new 91d55b1  Replaced some import ...*; by the explicit declaration of the imported elements. Removed some warnings with generics
     new db14614  Replaced some import ...*; by the explicit declaration of the imported elements. Removed some warnings with generics
     new 812a89f  Replaced some import ...*; by the explicit declaration of the imported elements. Removed some warnings with generics
     new c2ed5d1  Replaced some import ...*; by the explicit declaration of the imported elements. Removed some warnings with generics
     new b4f656b  Replaced some import ...*; by the explicit declaration of the imported elements. Removed some warnings with generics
     new a4ee07d  Replaced some import ...*; by the explicit declaration of the imported elements. Removed some warnings with generics
     new 7db7ab8  Reflected the name changes from shared-ldap
     new ffaafba  Replaced some import ...*; by the explicit declaration of the imported elements. Removed some warnings with generics
     new 552a069  Added two empty test classes to be completed later
     new 2a22b3f  Removed all the needless generics, as we want to simplify the API, not making it more complex ...
     new 6ba96c7  Added a new constant in SchemaConstants (SchemaConstants.COLLECTIVE_ATTRIBUTE_SUBENTRY_OC)
     new 78448c2  testing new version of Cursor interface with KeyCursor
     new 74917f1  o First replacement of Attribute(s) by ServerEntry and ServerAttribute : the Add operation has been modified. o The KerberosAttribute class has been removed from protocl-shared, as it was already present in shared-ldap. o Slight modifications in the ServrEntry API o The class won't work, due to the lack of a Registries instance available in this class. o Updated the core-entry pom.xml to reference some missing schemas
     new 918c0c5  o Added the Registries into all contexts o Remove some warnings (generics) o Removed some constants and used SchemaConstants instead
     new af9896f  check pointing work done while traveling on cursors
     new 1667d60  removing the jdbm-cursor module which causes cyclic dependency with jdbm-store
     new d77870c  changes to schema handling and entry creation ...
     new de57abf  making DirectoryService extend ServerEntryFactory
     new 98232fa  added new cursor but there are issues here: need to remove this whole TubleBrowserFactory garbage
     new 16fdbe8  changes to store and btree abstraction ...
     new 4c719e3  Making DefaultDirectoryService throw unchecked IllegalStateException instead of a checked NamingException because of the following two reasons which have just been discussed on the mailing list:
     new 96dd3a0  Applied Simon Temple patch
     new fdc888e  Mofified the SetContextEntry to use ServerEntry. Improved the core-entry API with lot of tests additions
     new 5f1481d  changes ...
     new 211ec52  forgot these two new files
     new 44c79a3  o Fixed the build problems we had on the bigbang branch with the last commit. The server.xml file now contains all the beans necessary to initialize the DirectoryServer contextEntries o Added some more tests into the ServerEntry API o Started to write the serializer for ServerEntry (commented) o Added some Attributes to LDIF serialization o Fixed some tests to inject ServerEntry into the server instead of Attributes when creating partitions
     new cf9c02b  Cleaned some useless methods (setContextEntry(Attributes) and such methods)
     new d52b8e1  Modified the Add request to ma,ipulate ServerEntry instead of Attributes
     new 552ee30  cleaned up some more useless methods which can be handled by callers just as efficiently
     new 6e49d0f  Removed a lot of Attribute(s) and replaved them with ServerEntry/ServerAttribute
     new 9003a73  o Removed 206 references to [Basic]Attribute[s][Impl] o Cleaned some useless imports
     new 9cd14f6  o Removed some more refs to [Basic]Attribute[s][Impl] o Using LdapDN instead of Name in some places
     new 3df2068  Some more Attributes removal
     new 4b0e1e4  Some more Attributes removal
     new 23c5f63  more unit tests and some bug fixes
     new 1a96814  making interfaces throw Exception instead of IOException also setup MasterTable to be parameterized so we can swap out what we store inside it easier better etc.
     new f382c45  fixing some generics
     new 507492f  tracking merge
     new 3c10607  merging changes in from big bang branch to start working with all the work emmanuel did with ServerEntry interfaces.  Here's a breakdown of the merge that took place:
     new 164e0be  tracking last merge
     new 648177e  Removed hundreds of references to [Basic]Attribute[s][Impl]
     new eb5708f  Removed some warnings by removing useless imports and using generics
     new d798c29  Removed some warnings using generics
     new d2d496b  Fixed some issues in ObjectClassAttribute : the ObjectClasses names were added more than once in the ancestors
     new f7e7793  o Removed Atributes for the Modify operation o Fixed a lot of issues in the ServerEntry API
     new 4de4932  Some more Attributes removal. Also removed some JNDI Name references. Fixed a test, as some bug has been fixed in DefaultDirectoryService initialization.
     new fe07f59  checkpointing some cleanups and preparing to write more tests
     new 3e6f6cb  seems like I removed this module before
     new a5ce2e7  o Some more Attributes removal. o Adding serialization for ServerEntry
     new 2d89877  removing a file added by mistake
     new b3417d6  DIRSERVER-1123 - applying Kirin Ayyagari patch for JdbmNoDupsCursor tests
     new 3ac5923  checkpointing work where I got stuck realizing that we need something more than a TreeSet
     new 8656ef2  o Removed a useless method (and the associated tests) in SchemaChecker o Reorganized some superfluous calls to lookup() for the delete operation
     new a9d98ec  Renamed Entry to LdifEntry
     new eae42cf  setup new project for splay tree implementation
     new d4a10c0  include the splay module
     new 199daea  oops put this in the wrong branch - reverting from 617742 back tot 617733
     new 7e11b31  setup for the splay tree implementation
     new ac2313d  adding generified linked splay tree implementation using a comparator
     new 160f84b  adding original paper on splay trees
     new 51294ba  o Added serializer for Dn, Rdn and atavs o Renamed some fields to normXXX for normalized values o Switched Ldap Shared name tests to Junit 4
     new 02f023d  Added ServerEntry serialization and tests
     new edb75b8  Fix for DIRSTUDIO-1129 (Move the OpenLDAP schema file parser to Shared).
     new 9cae54f  Removed toString() comparisons, and replaced them by atomic tests on Nodes structure
     new a65b95b  DIRSERVER-1126: Applying patch from Kiran Ayyagari for testing jdbm cursors
     new b6a8f81  DIRSERVER-1130: Applying patch from Kiran Ayyagari for splay tree nodes
     new ac35ab2  DIRSERVER-1130: Applying patch from Kiran Ayyagari for splay tree print function
     new f0d55e9  DIRSERVER-1131: Applying patch from Kiran on splay tree work
     new cdf2411  Moving to the latest version of the project dependency.
     new 0abf621  Moving to the latest version of the shared dependency.
     new dfed862  Making this class 'abstract'.
     new 60b471f  Fix for DIRSERVER-1129 (Move the OpenLDAP schema file parser to Shared).
     new 4cc7e9a  Updating parent pom to 10-SNAPSHOT and shared dependencies to version 0.9.9-SNAPSHOT
     new 83184bf  Making this class 'abstract'.
     new 7df4bd0  Removed some references to Attributes in ServerContext and other classes. Bumped up to MINA 1.1.6. Fixed some wrong Manifest
     new e818b13  Fixed a potential ClassCastException
     new 8348859  Fixed some typo in comments
     new d611a29  Fixed some typo in comments : some 'f' were missing
     new c20f436  Added a TODO
     new ee79469  Defined a ServerSearchResult class to replace the SearchResult JNDI class. Changed the few tests which were relying on ServerResult.
     new 4d0fe85  Update the Javadoc
     new 586221c  Improved the way MR and Syntax are handled. They are not anymore fetched each time, but initialized only once, at the first request.
     new 787d2d9  Another improvement : the mayList and mustList are created only once, instead of being created each time. Fixed some typo in JavaDoc
     new 4fc7f6e  Some more speed improvement : The ServerSearchResult stores a DN, so no need to parse a String very time when we create the SearchEnumeration. It cost extra time for nothing.
     new 79876c9  Replaced the LOG.isDebugEnabled by a direct check of a static boolean initialized with the LOG status, to avoid numerous checks.
     new f8e0699  Merge of next-generation DHCP code.
     new e6f4c8d  DIRSERVER-1138: committing patches from Kiran for new in memory threaded AVL tree implementation
     new e432c2b  DIRSERVER-1138: committing files contributed from Kiran Ayagari
     new 695e8ad  DIRSERVER-1138: Applying patches contributed by Kiran Ayagari for avl tree implementation
     new 222c883  Handling ;binary and any kind of options for AttributeTypes. The options are just dropped, so that the attribute can be handled correctly inside the server. This is a quick workaround to allow requests such AddRequest or SearchRequest with attributes like userCertificate;binary to be accepted. Added a test to check that the server is accepting such requests
     new cbed9e0  Removed useless code
     new cb1f1c8  Added a LdapDNSrializer, some tests for this class, and used it in core.
     new f0e1139  DIRSERVER-1138: patches applied for Kiran Ayyagari
     new 5e3d8d0  minor formatting
     new e5c1478  just using consistent camel humps in class names following other classes
     new c3998ad  Partially refactored the Value/ClientValue/ServerValue hierarchy. Added tests for Client[String|Binary]Value Removed the StreamedValue class
     new f6380e2  adding new signatures for findGreaterOrEqual() and findLessOrEqual()
     new 71485a3  taking OrEqual off signatures for findGreaterOrEqual() and findLessOrEqual()
     new 5b37a6f  DIRSERVER-1142: applying patch from Kiran
     new eec0d76  fix small bug with setting of the last reference
     new a5a6c13  Cursor implementation around an AvlTree
     new a3e7b99  Added some tests for ServerStringValue. Fixed some minor issues in the API Added the hashCode() method into ServerStringValue Removed the ServerValue class Removed the ServerStreamedValueTest class Changed one AT OID in TestServerEntryUtils
     new 13437aa  Added some more tests for ServerBinaryValues Fixed some typoes in javadoc
     new 2a9089a  Removed references to the ObjectClassAttribute, it was far to expensive to process (the gain is 25% speed improvement)
     new a9a93f2  Removed the ObjectClassAttribute class, and the references to it
     new 7225633  DIRSERVER-114: applying patch from Kiran Ayyagari
     new 4254b41  Removing dependency on Serializer from JDBM
     new 6b27077  jdbm store cleanup ...
     new 9d2765d  using LRU map instead of plain map for duplicate BTree cache
     new cb40f4f  added a size variable to hold the number of nodes present in the tree instead f calculating every time
     new 5c98659  changed the AvlTree wire format. Now starts with a Zero byte. Updated the serialize method to assign index numbers to each node present in the linked list of AvlTree
     new 853cdb2  fixing couple problems with avl tree and marshaller but some still do exist ...
     new 27d925b  modifications to jdbm store ...
     new 5757888  [REVERT] temporarily reverting changes made in commit 636469 until the issues are resolved
     new f5523df  adding methods for finding >= and <= keys in addition to > and < since apacheds relies on these and it simplifies the Table implementation code
     new 0d9a780  fixed some bugs getting tests to pass
     new 13c9706  adding default marshaller which uses standard java serialization for any kind of object
     new 220cda9  making plugin compile at least - still does not work
     new f1f59c8  adding more test cases and fixing bugs
     new db54719  cleaning up cursor implementations
     new 4f95451  o Added the DefaultServerAttribute class missing methods and tests o Lot of tests added o Removal of the useless AbstractServerAttribute class
     new c696b0c  Fixed the core code to use the ServerAttribute and ServerValue classes. Fixed the tests accordingly
     new 81e0b5f  Fixed some tests which were failing after switching to the new ServerEntry API
     new 39177d8  Change the call to method isA to use the renamed method instanceOf
     new acc7058  Used some nameSpace to ease the syntax
     new 506e46c  fixing some issues with cursor and found new bug in marshalling which does not preserve the last node reference
     new ce93bf5  fixed bug in marshalling which does not preserve the last node reference when only one element is in the tree
     new 8a08473  adding more test cases and fixing bugs
     new 2056d3e  more tests
     new 91927e7  more tests and some cleanup of last and first methods on dups cursor
     new 2b38fd6  some class renaming and making cursor implementations private to the package
     new d6b0381  Using FindBugs, and fixed : o Potential NPE o Removed useless incrementations o Added a method in LdapURL to return a copy of the bytes o Improved the use of Map iterators
     new ff6ff50  implemented before and after methods for dups cursor and added test cases
     new a2c8182  more tests for greater code coverage of dups cursor
     new 19f8da1  added more test cases and cleaned up useless logic pointed out by coverage tools in DupsCursor
     new 19b76dd  added more tests to dups cursor for 100% code coverage
     new 05e4d7d  need to add test scope dependency for schema-bootstrap to jdbm-store ;
     new 26ff848  removing unecessary code as exposed by code coverage tools from NoDupsCursor
     new 7cd7c9e  more test cases and better code coverage while making BTreeRedirect use 9 bytes with magic number byte at index 0
     new 15d6a0a  more tests and 100% coverage for DupsContainerCursor
     new 5ddfb21  more test cases for jdbm package
     new 886a6c0  changes to Table interface
     new 86f0965  fixed major performance issue with hasLessOrEqual() lookups from older code and greatly simplifed the code with more test coverage
     new b17da56  changes to JdbmTable ...
     new fdedaa6  small doco change
     new 93f6885  making certain index tests active and cleaning up some things in JdbmIndex
     new 6195001  Index interface changes
     new d20116e  changes to Index interfaces and helper classes ...
     new e071e4f  Add site navigation to have a parent link in addition to the report links
     new 70f193a  test commit.
     new a9bd971  added test case for master table and cleaned it up a bit
     new 206674f  100% coverage for master table and more clean up
     new bb53993  adding start of JdbmStore test cases and fixing some minor issues found
     new cd5a977  [MERGE] pulling in changes from the bigbang branch to minimize conflicts
     new 0f808cd  Fix distribution url
     new cf9d480  Updated the links to the team wiki page
     new 934f8f5  test resources for core-avl module
     new e85a284  moved the LinkedAvlNodes array (nodes) from global scope to method local scope to make it thread safe
     new 3357976  replaced sysout statements with logger added a new method to test deserialization with null data
     new c686203  Add ciManagement
     new f2d3ac0  Fix some javadoc
     new 402f444  Fix javadoc generation. We can either package.html or (it's a bug from suns javadoc tool)
     new 7a8bcb9  Add index to reporting
     new 107cfa8  Add snapshot repo
     new f5bc7d7  Adding zero conf StartTLS extended operation and zero conf LDAPS feature ...
     new a2a3337  Put ciManagement to TLP pom.xml
     new 4159249  jdbm store changes ...
     new 53d259e  fixing some breakage in bootstrap plugin module and cleaning up the mojo a bit
     new 4b13113  more tests and fixed bug which prevents stuffing things besides byte[] and Strings into attributes
     new 6db93aa  renaming SameKeyTupleCursor to match KeyCursor
     new 81ed161  more cursor renaming for clarity
     new 4d20ac0  name test to match tested class
     new a5bf098  Inherit entries from parent pom
     new 338d794  Deploying snapshot to p.a.o will omit a repository configuration for snapshots as it's already in Apaches super pom
     new 7c58884  Revert commit 639581. We need to have the repository anyway in to project to know where to load the TLP snapshot pom from ...
     new b2ae226  Move contributors to TLP pom
     new 875667e  Move mailingLists to TLP pom
     new 7785c74  Additional LICENSE/NOTICE files for maven-remote-resources-plugin
     new b498584  Move developers to TLP pom
     new 6113dc6  Some license headers were more equal than others. Use header from Apache super pom for all pom.xml
     new bd9dd24  Move project-info-reports to TLP pom
     new dd4ae48  use correct source plugin version to pick up generated legal files
     new 3b61ffa  Add project-wide LICENSE/NOTICE files
     new cf124af  Adding new project module to contain tools used for dealing with xdbm based partition stores.  XDBM means and partition based on two column datastructures where keys are sorted.  XDBM partition and store implementations use a standard scheme for a partition of the Directory Information Base (DIB).  This scheme is documented in the developer documentation for the JDBM based partition impl. This scheme is the one which has a master table, with system (required) and user in [...]
     new 6310d51  adding xdbm-tools to the be included in the build
     new 5c56829  Changes to jdbm-store ...
     new 04a9ede  fix bug with IteratorCursor
     new 6279a8f  pull out use of utils
     new 1485fec  Add plugin report (add plugin documentation to site)
     new b3828e1  Add some more reporting
     new 40ae51a  extracting out Store interface from JdbmStore
     new 206f45f  renaming packages in btree-base
     new e2c5096  changing module organization ...
     new 462b9e1  experiment to see if I can fix this properties problem
     new 5d27046  trying to fix this damn issue with properties
     new 1c34746  once again trying to fix property editing problem
     new 23faf7d  fixing property editing problem
     new 6c77776  trying to fix properties issue
     new be466c4  fixed properties problem
     new ffac1aa  changes to search engine implementation
     new 2bc6373  general cleanups - everything is still in shambles
     new 569583f  KeyTupleAvlCursor  removed comparator parameter from the constructor and from file  fixed the first() and last() methods  removed redundant code from after() method
     new 88bddab  test cases for KeyTupleAvlCursor
     new 0a4e215  fixing bug where we need to use the value comparator rather than the key comparator
     new 324c3b2  adding disjunction (OR) cursor implementation using blacklists
     new 02b290c  fix compilation error due to exception throws
     new 411711d  test cases for KeyTupleBTreeCursor
     new 7a7837e  workaround for problem where direction change causes jdbm browser to do no-op on getNext() or getPrevious()
     new 3de8e13  test case to demonstrate jdbm browser bug
     new 867a88b  cleaned up unused imports/statements
     new 34fc5cf  properly cleanup
     new bcaaf1c  fix test - broke it - test will now fail and notify to fix workaround if this bug is fixed
     new f8d5ab1  ignore some complaints from IDEA
     new 99784cb  cleaning up and checkpointing some work on the substring evaluator
     new d61ac80  completed initial SubtringCursor and SubstringEvaluator implementation
     new 34a8177  Adding leaf node based evaluators ...
     new 829ee69  checkpoint before mergine code from bigbang
     new 62c846e  [MERGE][638220:642495] Pulling in changes from bigbang since last merge
     new 5e5729f  More Evaluator work ...
     new 35c584f  More Evaluator related work ...
     new 3bb2141  Adding Cursors and Evaluators for BranchNode expressions ...
     new 54e1b7b  Cleaning up useless Builder interfaces, and filling in EvaluatorBuilder with new Evaluators created on last commit.
     new 7420b14  Rigging in logical expression Cursors into CursorBuilder ...
     new 338b3fa  ignore IDEA module files in svn
     new 2b2eefd  Adding equality and approximate match filters:
     new 4e3b486  initial implementation for LessEqCursor and GreaterEqCursor ...
     new ae505b1  added presence cursor and got module to compile
     new bbfc3c2  cleanup dead commented out code in CursorBuilder
     new 4c7a7fe  added Sub Level Index support to JdbmStore added an OID for sublevel index
     new ea2c3cc  adding apacheSublevel attribute type for use with sublevel index
     new fd5168a  fix bad character in schema file
     new f13eb50  changes to xdbm, jdbm-store and various other things ...
     new 8e3f8ee  tidy up ScopeEvaluator to use the new Sublevel index for rapid subtree scope determination - some minor generic fixes in the store test
     new 1e79983  Working on ScopeNode based Evaluators and Cursors ...
     new c26f55f  utility class for loading example LDIF data into JdbmStore
     new a384051  fixed a bug related to deleting from sub level index
     new a40e152  modified code to use JdbmStoreUtil to load data into the store added test cases for sub level index
     new 053f433  cleanup and move of Store utils
     new d6ad319  some notes
     new d31e48c  removing old obsolete tests that were not compiling
     new 9e0b8f6  fixing slight breakage with move operation
     new 3eb9108  minor nit picking and cleanup: still does not compile
     new 0d2f24a  renamed hierarchy index to onelevel
     new c229dfd  toString for these guys was printing key/value in wrong order: swapped em
     new ac93d8c  setup to test presence cursor
     new f6beba0  added code for updating sublevel index during a move operation
     new 63f57ca  improved sublevel index testcase to test the move operation
     new 6fc7131  check point before switching to bug fixes for 1.5.2 release - some additional fixes and tests for the PresenceCursor which has issues.
     new b649cba  minor doco edit
     new 45bdf0b  DIRSERVER-646 fix: moved changes in schema interceptor to new location where we transform JNDI parameters into Server expected parameters based on ServerAttribute.  This stuff will need to be moved again.  Added additional test to Stefan Zoerners test case to test for condition where multiple mods exist.
     new ed5e1ad  Fix for DIRSERVER-1047.
     new 1f497f8  Test to make sure bug DIRSERVER-1149 is actually gone
     new 9ee0e2a  fix for DIRSERVER-990: updated nis and autofs schemas
     new 62ba2b0  Implementation of the new ServerEntry API. Use of this API in the server. Tests + documentation for this API
     new f22e727  some schema tidy up after problems reported by PAM:
     new 8c44c44  added aliases present in the doc
     new fc66810  updated the test case after adding alises to StoreUtils
     new 54f6fbf  moved getIndices method impl from JdbmStore to StoreUtils and renamed as getAttributes removed getIndices method from Store, JdbmStore removed a test case based on getIndices method from JdbmStoreTest
     new b263d00  DIRSERVER-1083: demonstration where having matchingRules make it so you can search on the attribute
     new b45de8d  Removed a useless directory
     new 72d559f  Uncommented the DIRSERVER_832 test case, as it's now working.
     new c9c4de8  Removed unused imports
     new f53949e  Fixed the 3 flaws I found in the PartitionLookupTree synchronization  : o moved the Node currentNode = partitionLookupTree line into the synchronized block o synchronized on partitionLookupTree in getpartition() method, instead of using the partitionLookupTreeLock object o removed the partitionLookupTreeLock object
     new 1d36c01  constants module no longer valid
     new a1c6247  update use of release profile
     new db960df  Updated Server Tools.     o Removed the design pattern that was set up for eventual remote invocation     o Copied the Server Tools implementation from the Apache DS 1.0 branch (with slight modification due to API changes) This commit includes the Index and CapacityTest commands (that were added in the 1.0 branch).
     new 245ac13  Applied code formatter.
     new 1d09434  Reducing RSA encryption key size to 512 from 1024. This is the setting used by the server to enable LDAPS and StartTLS.  The key must be kept at or below 512 bits in size to meet export restrictions so ApacheDS can be classified in the ECCN 5D002 category.
     new 8d35e4f  use shared-bouncycastle-reduced jar
     new ffbfc02  source jars need to be marked as provided dependencies so they don't get included in the installers
     new 99a2d12  rename apacheds-xbean-spring to xbean-spring to conform to apacheds standards rather than maven standards
     new 207ead7  Added export notification into the README file in installers, and into a README.txt file in all the projects (root, apacheds, shared and installers)
     new b4c9ff1  added/modified alias entries to fill the Alias indices
     new 9c824a3  added some tests (coverage is 79%)
     new 4e0ed2b  adding developerConnection which is need by release plugin to properly tag apacheds
     new 8588583  manually updating snapshot dependencies and versions for release
     new 9c1a556  adjusting tools jar manifest
     new 9462442  use correct rev and add bouncycastle reduced jar to dep mgnt section
     new d6a568a  using next snapshot to fix daemon plugin which will be re-released
     new 0f30790  upgrading to latest snapshots for shared and daemon
     new d92c341  updating manifest to use non-snapshot jars
     new fc7cb0a  manually updating dependencies to non-snapshot versions for 1.5.2 release
     new 65e914c  reverting back to using snapshots for project and modules to be able to use the release plugin
     new 6eda463  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release 1.5.2
     new 719ef25  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 547733f  replacing trunk with bigbang branch
     new 472f96f  using latest snapshots
     new b9691eb  replacing trunk with bigbang branch
     new e340d76  [MERGE] bringing changes from apacheds bigbang branch
     new 64b674e  fixing breakage after merge from bigbang
     new 693a52f  Release 1.5.1 replaced with 1.5.2 and corresponding release date
     new 0b4b7ea  fixing PresenceCursor tests and adding organizationName attribute to test DIT
     new 4d5bebe  updated the testModify() method removed redundant entry code from testMove() method
     new e20a33b  changes for presence cursor and evaluator ...
     new 9e19615  100% code coverage for
     new 424c7e1  full coverage for PresenceCursor and PrecenseEvaluator using PresenceTest
     new 5f3a1e1  new test case for SubstringCursor and SubstringEvaluator
     new ab04091  100% code coverage on SubstringEvaluator and SubstringCursor
     new 45ca4ce  added separate test cases for each kind of modify operation renamed the testModify() method to testModifyAddOUAttrib()
     new 9ab1b73  Fixed a typo in javadoc
     new 0fda6d2  Adding some blank lines
     new e58303d  100% code coverage with tests for SubtreeScopeCursor and SubtreeScopeEvaluator
     new 63fa034  fixing bug which caused the onelevel index to incorrectly calculate sibling relationships - crap with shared was broken again - I fixed this damn thing before and someone reverted
     new 583f38d  lots of code coverage for OneLevelCursor and OneLevelEvaluator
     new c41adc7  changes to one and sub level scope cursors and evaluators ...
     new f616d2a  changes to scope cursors to get 100% coverage ...
     new 90e79b6  changes to Index interface and more test cases ...
     new 0b3d5fa  100% test coverage for LessEqEvaluator
     new 106b91d  fix bug with browser unresponsiveness when switching direction
     new d8e5da7  100% code coverage for LessEq evaluator and cursor
     new 078dbf3  checkpointing some work adding tests for the GreaterEq cursor and evaluator - there is some breakage due to the jdbm bug in the substring code
     new 1b5571a  Remove double definition of dependency
     new 8e6cf72  Fix build failure because of missing 'source' dependencies.
     new 8403e63  Add target to svn:ignore
     new c3d545e  Fix parent pom version (suppose it should be 1.5.3-SNAPSHOT like all other modules)
     new 32ad1c9  Update svn:ignore
     new 416d282  Injected the code which serialize ServerEntry into the backend Temporarily added JDBM code into the server as a apacheds subproject
     new c2f9a9a  o Fixed some potential error when searching for RootDSE with (*) instead of (ObjectClass=*) o Fixed some Javadoc and added some more o Extracted the PersistentSearch code from the main handler to create a specific method, for clarity
     new 0b95063  fixed an issue if the last matched tuple is also the last record present in the index. In this case the wrapped cursor is positioning on the last tuple instead of positioning after that
     new f6af944  adding NTLM mechanism type
     new 5b90fea  refactoring this support package
     new 1d92c47  o Moved the invocation stack handling into the OperationContext o Added a @Factory into the AdministratorsGroup test to avoid a NPE when the test is run alone o added a package for core-jndi (not yeat integrated into the build) o Modify te PartitionNexusProxy to use the OperationContext modification with the Invocation
     new 2f0af62  Added NTLM SASL Mechanism and fixed bugs and issues with bind handling:
     new f2f765f  added missing dependencies
     new a9771a1  OrCursor - fixed issue with cursorindex value by initializing it in the constructor OrCursorTest - test cases for OrCursor (code coverage 98.2%)
     new 7e39217  test cases for NotCursor
     new 281c842  removed two test methods in each class which are using a static variable removed unused variable in NotCursorTest
     new 6a739a9  fixed an NPE in CursorBuilder.buildAndCursor() AndCursorTest - added test cases for AndCursor
     new 2834c84  fixed the broken test testOnTableWithMultipleEntries
     new b51e28b  fixed the broken tests
     new 4e60598  adding NtlmAuthenticationResult return type and using NtlmMechanismHandler for GSS-SPNEGO
     new 27e6479  remove unused exceoptions and fixed a failing test case
     new 18d5101  removing test that was starting server which does not need to be the case
     new b696783  making sasl ntlm and gss-spengo work
     new fbecd67  replacing trunk with bigbang to prep for release cycle
     new 2592885  bumping up to to 1.5.4-SNAPSHOT and respective revisions for dependent projects
     new 3c5433d  Fix scm urls
     new 18d19f5  merging in changes from bigbang before replacing bigbang with private branch
     new 02f2016  commiting fixes after merge more to go
     new 5e495e8  replacing with private branch
     new d76691f  reset
     new de1dd07  fixing bug introduced on merge
     new 107f774  fixing yet another bug introduced from the merge
     new a36daa6  removing dumb tests that passed before but should never have passed
     new 9bf68e8  fix merge errors in modify remove test case
     new 2e590c3  fix bug introduced in merge causing CCE
     new ccfb1ef  make ignored test for modify add actually work by fixing CCE it causes
     new 204cc7e  Kiran fixed the cause of this ignored test a while back it seems
     new 74c9112  have some quite tests since we force ERROR for test coverage
     new 24f783c  fix comments
     new 1e9bbcf  some fixes to make things work now using Values instead of the raw data in the value
     new 64c22f7  fixed breakage due to stricter ServerEntry requirements on schema element dependencies within registries
     new dbf0c77  fixing potential NPE bug in NTLM provider result handling
     new e09bfc2  cleanup system.outs
     new e765347  reverting on request from elecharny
     new a68e3c4  fix xbean map handling for sasl mechanisms
     new 289e135  remove log statement from previous commit
     new 669c5c4  adding additional IoSession parameter to be used by the NtlmProvider to temporarily store session specific information there by avoiding threading issues
     new f8c2045  removing NtlmAuthenticationResult since we really never new to return anything but a boolean
     new f183bd6  Fix for DIRSERVER-1171: Improper use of SASL mechanisms and simple binds
     new c2b69a2  o Removed the Tabs from code o Fixed some imports o Removed some useless throws o Removed useless classes (ServerEntrySerializerUtils, ServerEntryPropertyEdit) o Commented some part of a PersistentSearch test
     new a5a9af9  Added the missing Javadoc
     new 3b1fe60  o Fixed DIRSERVER-768 o Commented PSeachAbandon test in PersistentSearch, as it was not stable
     new 05b2a02  o Fixed DIRSERVER-768
     new 7dd96d4  o Fixed DIRSERVER-768
     new d8d1524  adding overloads for Evaluator interface evaluate method
     new 6502f72  test case to test search functionality with a cursor built from deeply nested filters
     new 290bbe7  refining cursors in xdbm search ...
     new 8910214  fixing some generics issues and class cast exceptions due to use of Value instead of raw wrapped value - all tests in NestedFilterTest now pass
     new 94174d9  o Removed some warnings o Used for() instead of while() o Added some javadoc
     new af0f331  fixing issues with generics ...
     new bcbe8d9  make it work with jdk 5
     new 5287939  o Transformed the LdifReader class to implement Iterable o Modified the code to exploit this modification o Added some javadoc o Fixed some warnings
     new 1e7a0e8  correcting information loss cited by Felix on earlier commit
     new 28d2e2d  o Javadoc addition o Some warning removals
     new 0894db6  o Renamed a String[] getNames() method to String[] getNamesRef(), in order to make it explicit that this method returns a reference, and not a copy, of the underlying String array o Added some missing Javadoc o Removed some other warnings (formating)
     new a5175e9  o Added missing Javadoc o Fixed some warnings
     new f2981a5  fixing class loading mechanism which may be an issue if using an application server
     new 2be12df  preparing interfaces to use new partition with Cursors
     new 13cee33  fixing some issues with generics and correcting compilation issues with Cursor returns on search
     new 994193a  more generics corrections and fixing compilation issues with Cursors
     new 065eeab  fixing more generics issues
     new e00790f  fixing issues with Cursor verses NamingEnumeration usage in Interceptors
     new aec5eba  fixing issues with Cursor verses NamingEnumeration usage in Interceptors
     new bf8f24a  fixing issues with Cursor verses NamingEnumeration usage in Interceptors
     new 8433264  fixing issues with Cursor verses NamingEnumeration usage in Interceptors
     new 1ec9ded  Not using NamingException anymore
     new 0e23df4  fixing compilation issues associated with NamingExceptions and NamingEnumerations
     new a267158  fixing issues with Cursor verses NamingEnumeration usage in Interceptors
     new 6051239  fixing breakage by replacing NamingException and NamingEnumeration
     new 02d3428  fixing issues with Cursor verses NamingEnumeration usage in Interceptors
     new 481ee5e  fixing issues with Cursor verses NamingEnumeration usage in Interceptors
     new 76eb192  removed useless imports
     new 5e4e22d  removed useless imports
     new 9dd89b1  fixing breakage by replacing NamingException and NamingEnumeration
     new 01076f3  fixing issues with Cursor verses NamingEnumeration usage in Interceptors
     new aeb6115  Changed the NamingException to Exception
     new 83b7369  Replaced NamingException with Exception
     new 10a6ac3  fixing breakage by replacing NamingException and NamingEnumeration
     new 3006919  fixing schema registries
     new db6226e  fixing compilation problems with NamingEnums and NamingExceptions
     new e11a690  fixing compilation problems with NamingEnums and NamingExceptions
     new 963850e  fixing issues with Cursor verses NamingEnumeration usage in Interceptors
     new e05023a  Replaced NamingException with Exception
     new 3196f96  fixing compilation problems with NamingEnums and NamingExceptions
     new c1fe9c8  fix compilation breakage with NamingExceptions
     new 1d6b987  fixing compilation problems with NamingEnums and NamingExceptions
     new c402abd  fixing issues with Cursor verses NamingEnumeration usage in Interceptors
     new 5412297  fix compilation breakage with NamingExceptions
     new 710fccb  fixing some issues with test failures after fixing NamingException and Enumeration problems.
     new 352eb24  Added a missing initialization of the ValueSerialization
     new 2894833  removing SearchResultFilter and SearchResultFilterEnumeration and replacing with EntryFilter and EntryFilteringCursor
     new ceecf8b  o Modified the OperationContext to store the PrincipalDN into it o Removed the password from the LdapPrincipal structure o Moved the OperationContext from the doAddOperation to the caller, in order to get ready for the JNDI removal o Added a getName() method in the opContext
     new 297a62d  removing SearchResultFilter and SearchResultFilterEnumeration and replacing with EntryFilter and EntryFilteringCursor
     new ea53fe6  removing SearchResultFilter and SearchResultFilterEnumeration and replacing with EntryFilter and EntryFilteringCursor
     new bb8ac41  Changed the getName() method to use the MessageTypeEnum constant
     new 6612534  Updated the javadoc
     new 52d305a  Changed the addOperationContext
     new 3d633c4  Moved the OperationContext from the doAddOperation to the caller, in order to get ready for the JNDI removal
     new d2c3600  fix issue with mock objects in tests
     new 72fc691  removing SearchResultFilter and SearchResultFilterEnumeration and replacing with EntryFilter and EntryFilteringCursor
     new 1f532a0  Fixed a compilation error : the OpContext is not passed to the addOperation
     new a1b2468  removing SearchResultFilter and SearchResultFilterEnumeration and replacing with EntryFilter and EntryFilteringCursor
     new 185c3f5  removing SearchResultFilter and SearchResultFilterEnumeration and replacing with EntryFilter and EntryFilteringCursor
     new 045ad84  fixing generics warnings
     new 4d672ce  Reverted to the working version
     new 91db82b  adding test scope dependency to use xdbm-tools library for debugging
     new 9c9d401  fixing checken and egg problem with interceptors and bootstrap entries required for server operation
     new fb2bfd5  Reverted to a previously working revision
     new db9f34b  Reverted to a previously working revision
     new 4e6171e  Added toString() methods for debug purpose
     new c25fce7  adding convenient context entry id lookup method
     new e9efdf1  fixing bug where we forgot to properly check for condition where the context entry is tested for subtree scope - we do not store the context entry id in the subtree index so we needed to handle it explicitly
     new f2f586c  using proper original entry of cloned entry
     new 0c9df62  fix bug with setting available flag
     new 35a633a  using OID for normalized lookup
     new 3afbccb  fixing returns for search and list operations in the dir context
     new dd89770  fixing regression on Invocation use which caused array index out of bounds exception when Invocation could not be found on stack after processing search request and walking cursor
     new d4de0d0  fixing bug with closiing of wrapped cursor on successful next operation
     new 085146b  fixing bug with closiing of wrapped cursor on successful next operation
     new 6b35782  fixing bug with closiing of wrapped cursor on successful next operation
     new bcd3df2  fixing issues with handling index management which was trying to store attributes instead
     new 86a2fac  Added some missing asserts
     new 238936a  Modify the creation of SearchResults to set the isRelative() method to return false;
     new f8b6cd8  fixing handling of subtree cursor when the candidate is the context entry and all entries in the store must be returned
     new 7e7ad99  fix bug where the fetched entry object was not getting set
     new 5ec461a  fixing several bugs withsearch such as applying controls and with subtree scope processing - also added new enumerated type for SearchScope and added more (better) paramters into SearchingOperationContexts instead of using SearchControls
     new 68640d4  If an attributeType didn't had some comparator or normalizer, return a ByteArrayComparator and a NoOpNormalizer instead of throwing an IllegalStateException
     new b60d631  fixing bug where object level scope was not handled properly in search
     new 280c3d9  fixing index out of bound exception problem dealing with invocations in the AciAuthorizationInterceptor
     new f60a863  just imports
     new cbd27c7  adding test that seems not to fail in clean room env but fails inside the server
     new f53398b  throwing exceptions instead of swallowing them
     new bf0faa1  commiting new test to show how AvlTree.remove is failing by removing more keys than it should
     new db98e98  fix formatting
     new 40a1f1a  o Fixed the failing Search test for attributes with options. o Moved some utility methods from ServerUtils to SchemaUtils in shared ldap o Added some parameters in the search test to check if a bad parameter is ignored o Added a checkAttributes into the schemaInterceptor to remove attributes with options o Added a AttributeTypeOptions class to store oiptions within attributeType in the returningAttributes set
     new afa7eb0  AvlTree - fixed an issue with tree rotation after deleting root node           fixed another issue with detaching nodes after deleting root node AvlTreeTest -added test cases for testing above fixes
     new 4d2e326  fixing some generics complaints
     new 26dc768  fixing major bug with equality and approximate node evaluation
     new d4f015b  Fixing issues with subtree scope scan count determination.
     new b5d5535  removing System.out.println statements and fixing broken test
     new 1b86f3a  formatting
     new e9046eb  use SearchScope enum instead of SearchControls constants
     new 115d4f3  note about things to check out later
     new cba8702  properly deal with setting the returning attributes
     new 9bae03c  making EntryFilteringCursor and interface instead of a class so we can have multiple implementations returned
     new 14c95e8  forgot to add interface
     new ba4d2b7  using interface instead of implementation for EntryFilteringCursor
     new ed6701e  fixing referral handling and referral interceptor
     new d5a57b2  moving test suites into their own package so they can be run together separate from the tests they include or their tests can be run separately to prevent issues with the test launcher in some IDEs
     new ef70ac6  AvlTree - fixed another issue with preserving child nodes while deleting non-leaf node AvlTreeTest - added a test case for the above fix
     new 314937b  removed a sysout debug statement
     new f6ae5db  making entry an ancestor/descendent of itself in sublevel index
     new eece640  AvlTree - fixed an issue with hard coded null value while detaching two nodes AvlTreeTest - added a test case for the above fix
     new 4e5460c  fixing tests after adding {self:self} tuple in sublevel index
     new 2912f1a  fixing tests after adding {self:self} tuple in sublevel index
     new 8519e3f  fixing bug with ACI tuple evaluation
     new 74d2397  fixing breakage of xbean on contextEntry bean
     new 2d4bd42  who cares what the implementation of the returnd enumeration is - why bother testing that?
     new b2c0449a generics warning correction
     new 386a618  fixing bugs in search for returning descendants of an attribute type in addition to properly processing returns of requested attributes
     new 4d69d64  did not have any tests to run which were commented out - uncommented what runs - need to investigate who and why other failing tests were uncommented
     new 28ce5fc  fixing bug with KeyDerivationInterceptor introduced after switching to ClonedServerEntry objects and Cursor filters
     new ccd2783  fixing bug breaking mitosis when it expects a null return from the lookup() operation instead of throwing a NPE
     new 7a2694d  javadoc corrections
     new 0737e2c  new LdapSession interface concept which is not being used yet
     new 5029a6b  Renamed LdapSession to CoreSession since it describes the purpose better and later on we may have an LdapSession interface in client libraries
     new 9e5886f  deleting unused op context and adding more operation methods to CoreSession
     new a74d81a  Injected David Jencks modification to the saslMechanisms handling in server.xml
     new f723d34  o Formating the code o Adding some javadoc o Changed some qualifier
     new e6d9811  removing unncessary lookup operations in filter
     new 1e4fb5f  Table, JdbmTable - modified the method signatures of put() and remove() with return type void
     new 8f12309  some preliminary interfaces for performing operations against the DS - will refine for some time until the best fit is found.
     new 49e5014  forgott to correct some breakage after changes to DirectoryService interface
     new 26820c6  spelling
     new 7f3819d  return proper search result cursor type
     new d307d2d  add methods for bypass instructions into the InterceptorChain
     new 62b5b3e  imports
     new e786ccc  embed check for start into push operation
     new 1a09615  revert last change better to have separate start check from push which may be deleted
     new ea57823  Partial fix for DIRSHARED-8: o merged openldap.g into schema.g o deleted openldpa.g grammar o adjusted to use schema.g o removed test for escaped double quotes in OpenLdapSchemaParserTest o added escape of double quotes in velocity templates
     new 4b69d2c  removed the unused get/setRenderer methods for setting TupleRenderer in JdbmTable
     new 74c2277  major refactoring over weekend removing this Invocation object and some JNDI dependencies
     new e79852b  forgot to check this in
     new 517489e  o Replaced the 7 states by 3 states o Added a lot of missing javadoc o Added an abstract state to handle errors and removing the error message from the inherited classes
     new e0da876  moved IndexCursorAdaptor from jdbm-store to btree-base
     new 9ca1fa0  o Implemented the @ApplyLdifs annotation o Used it in SchemaServiceIT tests o Fixed the tests in this class (for some reason, we where expecting a when the result was cn=schema) o Added some missing JavaDoc
     new 534c028  Adding unit tests for StartTLS control with several iterations of connection formation.  There were reports of StartTLS degradation by users so this test can be used to weed out potential issues in ApacheDS as well as provide some regressions to make sure the feature does not break in the future.
     new 1e5c1b1  fix logging
     new 1b13237  cleaning up bind handling in the core
     new c995881  Step to remove InvocationStack: adding ability to use OperationContexts as nodes of a linked list
     new 0d20d10  Fixing unnecessary log lines
     new 17cad80  Utilizing proper means to handle secondary LookUp operations
     new d7e41c1  adding add() delete() operations onto AbstractOperation for simplifying code in interceptors
     new a36c0b6  fixing authentication issues due to problems with bind context not having some parameters usually expected
     new af247c5  fixing a few more tests as we make binds work again
     new e85be6d  o Merged with Alex's changes o Changed the states to have less of those guys o Added the @ApplyLdifs mechanism o Added Javadoc
     new 68c4cb6  o Reactivated disabled tests o Fixed some failing tests.
     new 28400ab  Replaced a generic NamingException by a more specific exception to avoid a server breakage.
     new 2c27326  Added some javadoc and minor code refactoring for clarity sake
     new 5cb8ff9  The DN was not added to the returned entry on an SCOPE_OBJECT search
     new 4f8c4dd  Fixed one test : the attributes weren't containing the expected values with only a "+" in the controls
     new e5bf1b4  filling in missing CoreSession operations which were making the ChangeLog revert operations fail
     new 7a1680f  fixed bug with setting principalDn on bind and corrected some tests
     new 7f6bb9a  formatting
     new 637d203  Make ExceptionSeviceIT test happy by fixing the way MODDN/MODRDN revert was handled
     new da075a6  triggers broken for now disabling tests until we can revamp this subsystem: some fixes to correct NPE
     new 16cda21  fixing bugs after JNDI and CoreSession refactoring ...
     new e3a3b92  changes to make all core integration tests pass ...
     new 097428a  removing bogus code that presumed simple bind is enabled when some bogus simple mechanism was used
     new e8dbbe6  [MERGE] from trunk since last copy
     new bca6d1c  adding this getNamesRef() method
     new 9b42bcf  copying old protocol-ldap module to start new one from copy
     new 6aa9998  module name change
     new d943a99  package rename to work isolated
     new 36a97e8  Fixed a NPE by returning something in the getNamesRef method
     new 73ed8ae  adding some newldap protocol handler functionality
     new aac4f56  Fixed some incorrect Javadoc
     new 6519640  Added some missing Javadoc
     new 66ab704  Adding new LdapSession class for use by the LDAP protocol provider
     new 3829f5e  ignore the newldap module and add isAnonymous() to CoreSession
     new 734cbd5  checkpointing some work on a new protocol-ldap module without JNDI
     new fce8559  cleaned up AddHandler thanks to changes to CoreSession to support operations with AddRequest objects
     new 0e2b7aa  CoreSession and OperationContext changes ...
     new 6323e0f  added ability to determine the referral handling mode from the LDAP request object in OperationContexts
     new de5d616  added new CompareRequest handler implementation
     new 53bfa31  added new DeleteRequest handler implementation
     new 903e087  setup compare and delete handlers in LdapServer
     new 1f17689  adding new ModifyDnRequest handler and integrating it into the LdapServer
     new 3674cb3  deleting old handlers not needed anymore
     new e4f57e0  adding new ModifyRequest handler while removing old ones
     new 163a948  made it so response controls are transduced from opContext to search and modify requests
     new b2e609f  added isAdminstrator() and isAnAdministrator() methods on CoreSession
     new 296f494  Worked over the new search handler as best as I could considering we now have a mismatch with the way we handle searching now with Cursors and how without JNDI we now have to have another means to enable persistent search.
     new b42cca0  GetBindDn is the MOST retarded thing I have ever seen - it is out of here!
     new e179cd7  addd unbind methods to core session and opContext
     new a3dfe7d  fixed extended handler and other handler issues but many problems remain with search, sasl and extended operation handlers
     new 9e900c5  checkpointing work with corrections after interface changes
     new 6a401aa  fixing compilation error due to UnbindOperationContext constructor removal
     new f90892b  minor hack which will not be ported to other versions for being able to access the client hostname and port on search operations.
     new 8913eb3  some import and generics cleanup and adding user dictionary for eclipse
     new 99fb2e9  New event service initial implementation
     new eae13d8  fixing compilation errors
     new b2fb7ec  Uncommented and fixed test
     new 186c8c6  Uncommented and fixed test
     new 866b81a  Documented tests, formatting
     new 12f760e  Fix for DIRSERVER-1085 and DIRSERVER-1162 o Added support for multi-valued RDN in JdbmStore.rename() o Fixed handling of deleteOldRdn in JdbmStore.rename() o Added checks to SchemaIntercepter.rename() to prevent deletion of must or operational attributes o Added tests to ModifyRdnTest
     new 3aeb3d4  Fix for DIRSERVER-1085 and DIRSERVER-1162 o Added support for multi-valued RDN in JdbmStore.rename() o Fixed handling of deleteOldRdn in JdbmStore.rename() o Added checks to SchemaIntercepter.rename() to prevent deletion of must or operational attributes o Added tests to ModifyRdnTest
     new 6ced5b6  avoid needless normalization
     new 00184b8  forget about loading entry in this simple bean
     new 7afe381  provide access to the target entry
     new 3978f04  adding placeholder for caching the target entry to all OperationContexts instead of a select few and removing them from Add and Modify which now inherits from base classes and interfaces
     new 2e56557  revamping core event service and interceptor
     new b8bff4c  fix collision between AbstractOperationContext and AddOPerationContext on entry property - there is a lot more breakage which I can fix tomorrow night
     new 6b96cd2  Adding confidentiality required feature for LdapServer along with tests: see DIRSERVER-1189
     new 093ef2f  Adding tests for confidentiality required feature for LdapServer which should be implemented differently later on for the 1.5.4 release with new protocol-ldap module: see DIRSERVER-1189
     new 37bf92c  replaced the NamingException with Exception
     new 9b08391  replaced the NamingException with Exception
     new 1abda27  fixing compilation errors due to lack of confidentiality feature
     new 4b3e120  for some reason we cannot count on normalization property to be correctly set
     new 74a8793  applying test for DIRSERVER-1157: where alias deletion was hung
     new fb8ac3f  applying test for DIRSERVER-1157: where alias deletion was hung
     new 323722a  reverting accidental commit of logging info etc
     new 023a98f  cleanup all warnings in file, format and fix generics
     new 2ceeecc  cleanup all warnings in file, format and fix generics
     new 09cf009  commented test case for DIRSERVER-1180
     new 2a35b8b  test case for DIRSERVER-1180 so it will be applied to 1.5.4
     new 49db3ce  Test case for DIRSERVER-1118: multiple partitions with common base like dc=com
     new b2ee1d9  Test case for DIRSERVER-1118: multiple partitions with common base like dc=com
     new 96340c3  test case for DIRSERVER-1151: not able to start two servers at same time
     new 489d904  test case for DIRSERVER-1151: not able to start two servers at same time
     new d1b3cd4  Fixed DIRSERVER-1180
     new 2ef7b26  Temporarily added a commented test until we are ready to make this test pass.
     new ffb2189  Modifying the way DN are parsed to accept escaped chars like # into a value. Fixed DIRSERVER-1192
     new e1ce42b  Fix for DIRSERVER-1180 Migrated the test to Junit 4.4
     new 911c35e  Fix for DIRSERVER-1192
     new c7eb193  Fix for DIRSERVER-1180
     new de6af6d  Added some assert to demonstrate that the certificate is not modified by the server.
     new 8c7ecd0  Added some assert to demonstrate that the certificate is not modified by the server.
     new b33331d  Added a test for DIRSERVER-1096
     new c359d4f  Added a defensive test (demonstrate that we can't bind if the password is incorrect)
     new dca1688  fixing AL headers in files after RAT run
     new 773a2b0  fixing poms still having issues though - build still fails
     new d5c3b34  fixing AL headers in files after RAT run
     new 450ff0c  Removed a blank line
     new 9c73bfe  Added some code to deal with modification of non existing attrinute. The code is currently commented until we fix the changelog.
     new b075bd1  Fix for DIRSERVER-1196 (escaped chars in a filter are not un-escaped)
     new cfb18d8  Patch for DIRSERVER-1196
     new 3b1293e  Reactivated a test which was disabled by mistake. Added a disabled test for NoSuchAttribute errors
     new 571c8c5  Replaced a NamingException by the generic Exception
     new 162aa58  Replaced a NamingException by the generic Exception
     new 676e7ed  Catch a generic Exception
     new 9223fd8  Added a test for DIRSERVER-1196 Minor refactoring
     new 7a8ec77  Added a test for DIRSERVER-1198
     new 1189dd2  Added a quick patch for ;binary values to be returned.
     new 035c637  added toString() method
     new 01f34a8  added two new attributes tagDate and revisionDate
     new 3ac023b  replaced the NamingEnumeration with Cursor
     new 12e102a  added a new operational attribute 'revisions' to use in the ChangeLog
     new 267a15a  Set the class to use the PRISTINE mode
     new b71b14d  The StartedPristine state was lacking a implementation of the destroy() method
     new b81903c  Added a call to delete the tmp file created during the test run
     new 47875ea  Fixed a bug in the way we were storing entries in the backend. If the entry is an instance of ClonedServerEntry, we should not store it as is, but store the cloned entry instead, otherwise we may have problems when restoring the entry back.
     new 6a280d5  Fixed the registration removal of listener : we were removing the listener, not the entry containing the listener. Fixed a comment.
     new a732df0  Added some sleep(1000) in order to get the test happy : as the events are not sent synchronously, we need those sleeps to have the events being processed before we can check they have been processed.
     new ffe6d87  Fixed the isVisible method for subentry interceptor which was returning the wrong value.
     new d755824  o Reformating some code for a better presentation. o Removed a @Test for a method which was not a test
     new 15e787b  The replication execute() method needs to get a CoreSession parameter instead of a OperationContext, as it may need to deal with CompositeOperation.
     new 9e904ee  updating manifest for server-tools jar for next release
     new 56bd35c  minor cleanups while getting ready to release
     new 524c909  upgrading snapshot dependencies in shared and daemon
     new 855d179  removing main() for plugin which seems antiquated also with hardcoded versions and paths.
     new eb2758d  apply cleanup to bb
     new 6d7bd59  apply cleanup to bb
     new c9b6767  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release 1.5.3
     new 9a5ff0f  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 9bc7d74  doesn not seem to be needed
     new 55578b1  DIRSERVER-1201 likely fix and some instructions
     new 1eea00c  fixed an issue related to JDBM browser switch happening when calling browser.getPrevious() after calling browser.getNext() Added a test case to verify this
     new 9af6168  o Added tests for the Simple Bind operation, covering all the different cases o Adding some messages in the exceptions o Using the UpDN instead of the normalized DN for messages and logs o Modified the BindOperation.getAuthenticationLevel() method to handle the case where the DN is empty but not the paword (returns a INVALID authent) o Added an Authentication level INVALID o Removing useless imports
     new 654e71d  o Added a new test for simple Bind requests in server-unit, covering all the cases for a Simple Bind request o Added an UnAuthent level for the case where a user try to authenticate with a DN but no password o Returns an UnwillingToPerform message for this case o Fixed the same test in core-integ test
     new 78b1ecb  Removed a useless imports
     new 04b3ff7  Modified the different handlers. It's not working yet...
     new 19f424c  updated to 1.5.4
     new 0a0d880  updated to 1.5.4-SNAPSHOT
     new a645a9e  unrolling SearchResponseIterator into SearchHandler to do away with it
     new 19a9baf  Added the ResponseDone message write when all the response have been submitted.
     new 6fe8fe8  removing unnecessary for loop
     new 946ec70  Simplified the ResponseDone generation for common case.
     new 4d1e4f7  cleaning up new search handler a bit removing old remnants and preparing for new logic
     new f52557a  no longer need this bogus iterator thingy for iterating over reponses
     new 7ff84c1  getting everything including the new ldap protocol module to compile
     new cfc1a8f  forgot this with last big commit
     new edba880  locking down to version 11 of top level pom and deleting old protocol-ldap module
     new 4bea90a  fixing breakage from moving to newldap protocol module
     new 5b9215d  o Added the code which writes back the result when the add was successfull. o Added some comment
     new bb061c2  Handle exceptions when we get some. The previous code was not generating any response if an error occurred.
     new 18473cd  Added the code to handle RootDSE search
     new fce4676  JdbmIndex and JdbmMasterTable - reduced the access levels of some private variables to protected to use them in changelog implementations through inheritance JdbmMasterTable - added a new constructor which takes a database name and avoids using registries
     new ea1b77d  using allow annon access only on direcltoryService instead of ldapServer
     new 8d918b0  using allow annon access only on direcltoryService instead of ldapServer
     new 4136bbb  removing poor setAllowAnonymous() method from abstract server - this should be explicitly handled in the configureDirectoryService() methods.
     new 4ef3c75  BAD BUG: due to all these classes named the same and careless IDE completions
     new 66ca2ea  imports
     new f9ddbe7  fix major search bug which made no attributes to return seem like 1.1 attribute was provided.
     new 6e4ad0d  The isAuthenticated method should also consider the type of authentication. Anonymous bind is not consider to be authenticated.
     new 8410e34  Added the missing Javadoc
     new d2bfb9b  o Fixed the logic. There where some NPE as the coreSession might have been null, and some other errors o Added some Javadoc
     new 8e1a9cc  o Fixed the tests o Moved to Junit 4 o removed some warnings
     new 0c0c12e  temporarily ignore psearch until we get things in order
     new 68be4ec  Fixed the bad check for UnwillingToPerform exception.
     new 7399d64  o Correctly fixed the failing SimpleBind test by throwing the correct exception (the wrong one was throwed before) o Removed some useless import
     new 5e815f0  o Fixed a big bug in SchemaInterceptor : it was possible to inject entries where the RDN attribute were not present as an attribute. o Modified the rename() method in the SchemaInterceptor to store the "cn=schema" dn in the entry, otherwise the check() was failing o Fixed the tests to forbid the creation of entries with a RDN but no associated attribute.
     new 75f857e  o Fixed a bad setup : the 'Heather Nova' was created with a bad CN. o Fixed a test where we created a second time Heather Nova. Kim Wilde has been created instead... Works well now :)
     new e2d7800  Fixed a bug in a test : bad comparison on a returned value and the expected value
     new 56a9f3b  added a get() method to get the Attribute based on an Attribute's id
     new 2df1573  o Fixed the failing test MatchingRuleCompareTest o Changed the CompareMessage to store a Value<?> instead of a byte[]
     new bfd83db  Correctly fixed the check for RDN AVAs having to be seen in entry (dealing with multi-AVA RDN)
     new d8a057e  adding core-jndi module where we will be extracting the decoupled JNDI provider to from the core
     new c08a60b  oops forgot to change the artifact id name
     new b744c64  ignore some files
     new 4e610de  DIRSERVER-1206: moving code for JNDI into its own module out of core. Note some things like dns, kerberos etc seem still to depend on JNDI but that can be slowly decoupled
     new 68f13f0  empty folders removed
     new eba2fbe  DIRSERVER-1205: removing referral interceptor
     new 5790967  fixing bugs with preferences due to switch to absolute names rather than relative names using JNDI
     new 633caed  fixing unnecessary lookup on has entry when ACI system is disabled
     new 6e310d6  removing referral handling mode checks in server context until the jndi provider devises its own checks
     new 7271721  removing ReferralIT tests from core integ tests until jndi provider is outfited with proper referral handling after removal from core.
     new 022dde1  removing ReferralIT tests from core integ tests until jndi provider is outfited with proper referral handling after removal from core.
     new df74741  removing ability to set referral handling mode in core session
     new f0d81ea  cleaning up some ACI code in hasEntry() method of interceptor
     new b18e8dd  Fixed a compilation error (a JNDI has been removed, we should access to data through CoreSession)
     new eb1dfc5  Modify the code to remove temporary files created during the test
     new eef8d8c  Modify the code to remove temporary files created during the test
     new 2478680  More file cleaning when tests are done. Removed useless imports
     new 4f35726  More file cleaning when tests are done. Removed useless imports
     new 307e64f  Commented a failing test due to JNDI removal (see DIRSERVER-1209)
     new d70a4f9  Fixing bug (due to refactorings) causing the two StartTLS based tests to fail.
     new 1b1fec3  do not need to have member and setter now for directoryService since sessions contain all this
     new 0687b7b  fixing issue with compile
     new 643731c  temporarily moving the old tests out of the way
     new c4bec1a  initial server-integ module implementation for doing same thing that core integ does
     new 02e8f0c  setup the default factory instance properly
     new 8a93d90  making server-unit work and complete - tested
     new 692323b  Minor Javadoc addition
     new b2ecbbe  o Added some methods to return the current Bind status o Added Javadoc
     new 38aa7f4  o Migrated the SaslBindITest class to a new package o Fixed a pb with anonymous not being allowed in Directoryerver
     new fae0bf8  added new objectclass 'changeLogEvent' and 4 new attribute types to be used by this new class
     new e74e900  fixing recent changes that broke the config: removed referral interceptor and injected properties on sasl mechanism handlers
     new 4ba26d8  setting up to fix referral issues using server-integ framework features
     new 8034a48  fixing schema which had some problems as well as hidden characters that was causing schema violation exceptions in the server
     new 05de8c5  remove bogus test
     new dd8cb9b  bunch of stuff I can no longer track
     new d815167  fixing bug in handle that was overwriting authenticated sessions with anonymous ones
     new 731569d  fixing so we do not presume anon users are authenticated
     new 642b241  added a new method to get the instantiated partition of CLS
     new a96d8f5  added a new method to allow exposing the contents of CLS
     new 01e423a  making sure manage dsa it control works
     new 53181e3  implemented toString() method
     new 8f77be8  made the changelog partition suffix configurable included the default values for the same
     new e19eab1  added parameters to take the configured partion suffix and associated changelog containers like tags and revisions
     new a3c036d  Fix for DIRSERVER-1204. We can now control access to subordinate entries of a user's own entry.
     new 721300c  added a new objectcalss for representing the Tag objects present in changelog
     new 7b0cde5  One step further in the JNDI removal : o Fixed PLAIN, CRAM-MD5 SASL mechanims o Fixed Simple authentication o Added a mechanism to handle transition between anonymous/authenticated users o Fixed bugs in the way operation are executed if the user is anonymous o Added more AttributeType constants
     new d8f534f  fixed misleading method names added missing javadoc renamed method arguments to macth the expected values
     new 230119d  TaggableChangeLogStore - added a new method to remove a Tag created for a revision MemoryChangeLogStore - implemented the new method created for removing a Tag
     new 71be330  added a new method to create tag with both revision and a description
     new 2013496  added checks to avoid recording a change in changelog when a tag gets added or deleted
     new 4e369c9  fixing broken code in kerberos infrastructure for accessing principal entries
     new 982d638  fixing bug in mitosis due to shift in lookup behavior
     new a89c16d  adding code and tests to handle referrals in compare operations
     new c533b5c  finishing off last peice of referral handling for compare operations
     new fdb6e7f  Created new base class for isolating common logic to handling requests that have single responses to requests.  This should work with all subtypes and impls of the SingleReplyRequest interface minus the ExtendedRequest/Response pair which is a bit different since it does not contain a target DN to work with.
     new f1a00df  Fixed DIGEST-MD5
     new 04e22c8  adding delete handler code and test cases: referral handling completed for delete operation
     new 8aaf647  moving, consolidating and adapting tests from server-unit to server-integ
     new 752829d  adding referral handling code for add operation in newldap protocol handler
     new fa3e51f  adding more referral handling tests on add operations
     new ad6646d  adding modify operation handling code for referrals: using SingleReplyRequestHandler base class stripping out old crusty code
     new 0667270  sometimes modify requests will contain all non-existent (bogus not defined by schema) attribute modifications. In this case the modification items will be empty by the time it reaches this interceptor.  To prevent it from causing errors in processing we simply ignore the request as far as the changelog is concerned.  The request has no effect so it is ok to ignore it.
     new e15e373  changes to modify operations and their tests
     new 0ec5e0a  renaming some tests to use IT suffix and adding new ModifyReferral test class: modify is done
     new cf0d27f  quieting tests, consolidating tests into a suite, and ignoring individual tests
     new bf3158e  modify dn operation handling now extends the single reply request handler which contains the referral handling code: the crusty old code dealing with JNDI was removed
     new 8d850e4  remove the .classpath file from svn
     new 0d02b5e  remove the .project file from svn
     new 06b6f38  o injext the ldapserver instance into the ldapSession instance, to have a direct access to the adminSession instance o Remove the useless mutex, as the adminSession is available through the ldapServer instance
     new 568a265  Added a init and cleanup method in the MechanismHandler, so that those methods are directly related to the underlying mechanism.
     new a39bf8d  Added a init and cleanup method in the MechanismHandler, so that those methods are directly related to the underlying mechanism. (forgot to commit this class ...)
     new 0cd70ea  Some more cleanup, with the creation of an AbstractMechanismHandler, to move the SaslFilter insertion out of the Bind handler.
     new 5e529bd  Removed useless imports (injected during a bad type completion)
     new 3c21fcc  converted modify rdn tests to use server-integ but some failures occur due to international characters which was working before
     new d6c59e3  DIRSERVER-1216: ignoriong tests until the issue is fixed
     new 7caafa2  added test cases to tesdt modifyDN operation with referrals and added it to the stock suite
     new 16da21e  adding test for Bind operation with referrals as well as small referral handling code - consolidated some tests from server-unit
     new 6a1b66a  fixed bind bug after referral handling introduction
     new 0c9faf8  moving simple bind tests from server-unit to server-integ and adapting to new framework
     new 98be322  Store a LdapPrincipal instea dof a serverEntry in the SASL_AUTHENT_USER, as we may not have a ServerEntry for external users.
     new 02f6d68  o Added the sasl mechanism in the context session, to avoid an exception when binding using NTLM o Made the two last tests for SASL (NtlmBind and SpnegoBind) happy
     new e07c07d  Removed the useless SaslBindITest as it has been moved in another package
     new 53e798c  commented on bind
     new 8260b11  Fix for DIRSERVER-1224:
     new 7f55da3  added handling to better detect differences between move, rename and moveAndRename operations.
     new 7f2459e  Added ModifyDN specific handling pathways on referrals for dealing with the newSuperior when it is a referral or has a referral ancestor.  In these cases we're following section 5.6.2 of RFC 3296 here:
     new 7b31771  added some tests for the move and moveAndRename operations and added tests for newSuperior referral handling in 3296 section 5.6.2.
     new 140a5e6  need to remove import causing breakage
     new 6dd29b7  added cached newDn which is computed when needed and reused in rename based ops; added altered entry in event interceptor to rename based opContexts to be used in change notifications
     new bca8382  converted a number of search tests to new integ framework in server-integ: PSearch still not operational.
     new 6914276  changes for referral handling ...
     new 058d08f  clean imports
     new 0cbd0dd  removing old tests that have been integrated into server-unit
     new 8a307cd  adding referral handling for search operation with base and continuation based knowledge referrence handling according to
     new de55b43  adding referral handling tests for search and various utility methods
     new c4ab096  moving bad bind tests to server-integs bindIT test
     new a6b9b5a  deleting useless redundant test class with single test
     new 08eb8eb  moved some extended operation tests over to server-integ
     new bc764a5  empty directory - referral handling tests all in individual operation packages
     new 3081ec9  fixing false negative due to bad string matching in test
     new 33d25d9  DIRSERVER-1194: added confidentiality requirement flag and made sure LDAPS works like StartTLS
     new 4626ee1  removing crap from old server-unit which this was copied from: no more profiles this will always run to drive all integration tests with fast framework
     new e440f66  moved all ssl related tests to server-integ and started using new framework
     new cb18811  removing old tests from server-unit that were transfered to server-integ
     new 8e221ba  moving various server unit tests in MiscTest to proper places in core-integ and in server-integ
     new e757baa  moved stored procedure test to extend ops area in server-integ and removed some useless/redundant tests
     new 8143740  converted sasl bind test to work with new server-integ framework
     new 9595279  renamed SaslBindITest to SaslBindIT, converted kerberos interceptor tests to work with server-integ
     new 9154e5e  cleaned up the files created during test controlled the console output through logging
     new d887607  fixes and test case to make sure the ldif loading in ADS still works
     new cbbf3bf  o Replaced some of the ServerUtils methods by direct calls to the equivalent methods in the Server Entry/Attribute/Modification classes o Completely reviewed the serialization of entries/attributes/values/Modifications/LdifEnties o Added tests for all those serialization o Used Externalizable,instead of Serializable o Added some missing Javadoc o Fixed some failing tests in ModifyDN class o Fixed the wrong LDIF in referrals tests o Removed a lot of references on Attribut [...]
     new 8f12264  Forgot to commit this file with the previous big commit (serialization rewrite et al)
     new fd2f1ba  Removed a printStackTrace which has been added by mistake
     new ebc6218  o Fixed DIRSERVER-1213 o removed the useless out.flush() o added some out.flush in tests o removed the @ignore annotation for LdapURL tests o Removed some @ignore annotations in some more tests o Added a serialization test
     new a75563d  o Fixed 3 tests in ModifyRDNItest ( cf DIRSERVER-1223) o Fixed the RDN.unescapeValue() method to corretly handle spaces and # in the middle of a value o Added some tests for this fix o The value created when doing a rename is now normalized and unescaped o If a entry is created with an operational attribute as its RDN, the revert operation will now work as it is applied by the admin (added some code to handle this case).
     new c73b9ba  Removed some commented @Ignore tags
     new 51f5981  o Prepared the ChangeLog mechanism to accept more than one revert LdifEntry
     new 8122938  o Removed dead or commented code o Remove some System.out.println calls
     new f371a57  fixed a bug ( DIRSERVER-1211 ) related to modify-replace operation on an indexed attribute whose value is not present in the index
     new 902e607  Added some test for a special case : a replacement of an attribute which is indexed and not part of the initial entry (this has been fixed by Kiran)
     new b2ee59e  Fixed, applying Gerke Forcare patch ( )
     new 6a3760e  fixing breakage before swaping trunks with bigbang branches
     new dbdcbcc  moving old trunk out of the way to move bigbang branch into this position
     new 38eb907  fixed the broken build by updating the version number of parent project pom
     new 6ba0b2c  Renamed newXXXHandler to the previous XXXHandler name.
     new 8728e93  renamed the protocol-newldap project to protocol-ldap
     new e461294  Updated the project name (removing the 'New' from the description)
     new 3682e47  fixing breakage with rename of new ldap to ldap protocol module
     new 72f07d8  fixing persistent search
     new 06e1876  Fixed a failing test
     new 16a95b1  Renamed newldap to ldap in tests
     new 658fff1  Fixed two pom.xml containing references to newldap
     new 6c2b29c  Replaced the MultiHashMap deprecated class by a MultiValueMap
     new 919bc0b  cleaning up cursor package which had useless imports and missing serializiation ids
     new afb694b  changes to cursors:
     new 461ea04  Adding changeTypes and notification criteria handling for persistent search.
     new e047791  o Moved a test from SearchITest to AddITest o Modified the injected entries in SearchITest
     new d095d65  added new Monitor interface for Cursor close handling along with default implementaiton and added setter to Cursor interface with fixes to implementations
     new 7d96263  added setter for ClosureMonitor on cursors, removed unnecessary checks and cleaned up some code comments on tests
     new 9bcaf19  added setter for Cursor.setClosureMonitor() on various Cursor implementations
     new a4d6ecf  implemented search size limits handling using Cursor ClosureMonitor technique and added abandon handling
     new 67a94f3  adding tests for search limits testing, removing empty package and formatting
     new 937ea5d  adding size limits handling
     new 157cdc6  clean imports and adding size limit test cases
     new ad90673  o Replaced sun.misc.Queue  by the java.util.Queue plus a LinkedBlockingQueue o Removed the TimeUnit.MINUTE case in one switch as it's not available in Java 5
     new 8d027a2  o Add a fix for DIRSERVER-851 o Added test cases to check the fix o Modify the tests so that they don't call another tests themselves
     new cde7535  adding javadocs
     new ba27e31  Fix for DIRSERVER-1235: changed the way how a sizeLimitExceeded is detected, added tests.
     new f54432f  Fixed typo
     new 9e4a457  Applied Stefan's fix for DIRSERVER-1234
     new b29ccdc  restructured LdapServer with respect to LdapProtocolHandler and codec
     new f363c41  o Removed the ReplicaId class o Replaced it with a String, and a check in the propertyConfigurator o Cleaned the CSN class, added some JavaDoc o Removed some Iterators
     new b304015  Fixing bug where abandon requests were not working properly
     new 6183ea4  race conditions can naturally occur where a null LDAP session is handed off due to something else removing the ldap session before we cleanup
     new d44f9c4  some doco and adding line to unregister completed search requests that do not use psearch
     new 862609d  adding means to check registrations on event service so we can predictably handle persistant search tests
     new d5d47e9  making persistent search requests test abandoning operations, while also cleaning up the tests considerably
     new 8458ec4  a little more logging and fixing bug with size limits
     new ac96bb4  improving responsiveness of search to client death
     new 3e24c16  cleaning imports
     new 780bd23  Fixed size limit test for admin/non-admin user
     new 8e19f27  o Removed the UUID, DefaultUUID, UUIDFactory and DefaultUUIDfactory, and replaced them by java.util.UUID
     new f8f3d83  Cleaned some warnings
     new 2da7b36  Reverting modifications in revisions that break the build: 688907 688908 688573.  Would have fixed the breakage in two tests but did not have time to figure out what was not committed.  Complaints were about missing signatures.  To correct revert this commit in the mitosis module.
     new efc644d  Re-reverted the changes done yesturday, after having fixed the compilation issue.
     new cfa2152  DIRSERVER-1237: removing need to configure or have a contextEntry set on a partition
     new cf3ac9a  Minor modification (refactoring+javadoc)
     new 69830ba  DIRSERVER-1200
     new 4cf3675  o Removed the JNDI elements out of the Add operation in the frontend o Fixed DIRSERVER-1239 o Added some tests for DIRSERVER-1239 o Moved a test from ModifyITest to AddITest (it was not a modification)
     new b523d37  o Removed JNDI from the searchResultEntry message o Removed a useless method in RDN, with the associated test
     new ccd6baf  Removed a useless import
     new 5d6094d  Removed some more useless imports
     new 24c2bd2  Removed some more JNDI elements
     new 322a9fb  Added some Javadoc
     new c78e0ea  o Removed JNDI elements from Mitosis
     new f40100b  Removed some reference to AttributesImpl
     new f22d837  Removed some reference to AttributesImpl. This part may have to be removed in the near future.
     new 6dd13ea  Removed the useless SerializationUtils classes for AttributesImpl and AttributeImpl
     new 6f60af0  Removed around 150 references to AttributesImpl and 300 references to AttributeImpl. (Those classes will be removed soon.)
     new c125e21  Finishing to remove references to Attribute(s)Impl into core-integ
     new 3c4e0a2  Removed the references to Attribute(s)Impl in dns, kerberos and server-integ
     new 49e2cd7  Some more references to Attribute(s)Impl removals
     new 9e50c39  o Completely removed any references to the Attribute(s)Impl classes o Removed the AttributeImpl and AttributesImpl classes with the associated tests
     new b890d80  o Removed all the references to the ModificationItemImpl class o Removed the ModificationItemImpl class and its associated test
     new fbb8eae  Removed the LdapPrincipal from the session to limit the password visibility to the minimum.
     new cd91e1c  Fixed a NPE when trying to read an operational attribute, as we were using the clonedServerEntry, not the original entry.
     new 91160f1  removing old bb files
     new 6de476d  DIRSERVER-1159
     new e3b9fac  correctly naming jdbm module
     new 52c4a9d  DIRSERVER-900: create apacheds-all jar module so users can just include this one dependency instead of all the individual dependencies
     new 6b65c21  deleting unused directory
     new 9b1f32d  o Removed all the JNDI ModificationItem instances in the server o Removed some asscoiated useless conversion methods o Fixed the ModificationEnum values (REMOVE and REPLACE where inverted) o Partially Fixed some errors in the way ;binay options where handled in modifications
     new 7685244  o Removed all the JNDI ModificationItem instances in the server
     new 7dbaecc  Removed some printStackTrace() I forget to clean...
     new f743d78  DIRSERVER-1140: Rename LdapServer to LdapService. NOTE: Will impact studio plugins for ApacheDS.
     new 2943ca8  DIRSERVER-1148: Adding the name of the result code enumeration to error messages for better comprehension of result codes
     new 88c2cb3  tests in bad form - still in bad for but making them less prone to error: checking strings of error messages is a really crappy way to setup tests!
     new a872e79  Refactore shared version into a property
     new 59ec382  Added some missing ASL 2.0 headers
     new 8a21c56  Remove dthe old TODO.txt file
     new 88060d1  Removed .settings folder.
     new ed91c39  Fixed some rat issues o added MANIFEST.MF to excludes o added Apache headers o removed LAST_BIG_BANG_MERGE files
     new beefb80  bump up to latest TLP pom
     new 0281e03  Add site descriptor
     new 6081be5  preparations for release
     new 789fce5  scm settings before tagging
     new 4d231fd  correcting problem with renamed module not having artifact id properly set
     new ce29f7a  Site generation, layout improvement
     new d185398  Missed one
     new 952db65  new attribute to hold the changelog partition suffix
     new 8171c53  adding changeLogContext value to PartitionNexus
     new e10d2ef  refactored method name getPartition added a new method to create the changelog partition
     new 85fa26b  - Prepare for next release step - Update parent pom version
     new a419dc4  Don't know why some are working without workaround, others don't. Use an encoded dot in all links.
     new d17ec40  Fixed some references to the older versions (1.5.4 and 1.1.5). Moved to ref to SNAPSHOT everywhere. Upgrade the jars to the latest version, except for JUNIT (DIRSERVER-1251)
     new 6ff239d  More jars version fixes to reflect the move to 1.5.5 and the dependencies update
     new 1556ea7  Updated the ADS version to 1.5.4
     new e1660e6  o Updated some maven plugin version o fixed the plexus plugin version o replaced codehaus plugins by maven plugins
     new 14f0f5e  Fixed a bad version for the plexus plugin. Updated some maven plugin version, and added some missing versions
     new fe788a9  Updated more versions. Renamed the jcl-over-slf4j dependency.
     new 1cb3363  o Created a new package o Moved the search operations to this new package o Added a test for DIRSERVER-785 (broken filters)
     new f003088  Removed a useless import
     new a421138  Partiatlly applied patch for DIRSERVER-1255
     new 97de7fc  Applied Norval's patch to fix DIRSERVER-1255
     new 8c61b76  Update parent pom version
     new 3a92325  o Removed the LdifComposer(Impl) classes, as they are a duplicate of some LdifUtils methods
     new 70f8518  Applied patch submitted by Norval in DIRSERVER-1257
     new 853e8b7  Downgrade from Error to Warning when an attribute is not found in the registry. This will fix DIRSERVER-1254
     new 8f5235c  Fixed a memory leak in the searchHandler class : the requests weren't removed from the session if we've got an exception or when doing a search for the rootDSE.
     new 6ebc28f  Added some logs when the services are started or stopped. This will fix DIRSERVER-1165
     new 4292ce1  o Added the Paged Search Control code in shared o Moved the controls into a specific package in shared o Minor fixed in comments and javadoc
     new 36a8c3b  Transform an error message to a debug message to avoid many logs when entries are not present in the server
     new b6c0a5e  Avoid a NPE when the entry is not found. Thiw will fix DIRSERVER-1267
     new 9310472  Added additional verifications for DIRSERVER-1269
     new 76c785e  Added an interface for the Referral management
     new 1fc7b76  Rename the referral manager
     new cfb20bf  Added the declaration of the PagedSearch control
     new 6bfdd87  Added the declaration of the PagedSearch control
     new cdbe98f  Used the new tree manager added in shared (instead of the Partition specific one we had in core)
     new 512bcdc  Used the new tree manager added in shared (instead of the Partition specific one we had in core)
     new 575c8f2  Removed the Partition tree data structure, which has been moved and "genericized" to shared.
     new 07a15e7  Renemed the recursiveAddPartition to recursiveAddElement in shared
     new 9708e7e  Forgot to commit this test, where the recursiveAddPartiton has been changed to recusriveAddElement
     new c1bc175  Fix scm urls
     new 6da1cfa  Add plugin documentation skeleton
     new fafc635  Missed one Add plugin documentation skeleton
     new d0ddc38  o Renamed the Node, LeafNode and BrancheNode to avoid a name collision
     new 3926960  Moved the Partition lookup code to the DnBranchNode class
     new 326c952  Fix missing description found by docck
     new 9cbc095  Add docck checker. Build will fail if an error is found.
     new 9fe6733  Add docck checker. Commented because beta2 fails when using JDK1.5 feature 'type-safety'. Locally build snapshot of docck plugin works, but - isn't available on any repository - would pollute release process with SNAPSHOTs
     new 7cbcf98  o Added a hasParent method o Modified the getParentElement method which does not throw an exception anymore
     new 5acc95e  It seems the once the docck plugin is defined somewhere it's used all over the place by some kind of reverse inheritence :-(. -> Comment it here as well just to make it in the bootstrap-plugin not fail ...
     new 32570fa  Update findbugs plugin
     new 921fcb4  o Added a remove() method o replaced the recursiveAddElement by the most simplest add() method o Added some tests
     new 9f04c95  Added the referralManager implementation
     new 849649b  Add the initialization of the referral manager in the directoryService
     new 75fa70b  For some (yet) unknown reason javadoc-plugin v2.5 produces following error whereas it works with v2.4 if plugins are part of a multiproject site generation.
     new 8a1cb9a  Added the missing getReferralManager() methods in the mock objects
     new 71419e3  Added a gerReferralManager() method in the DirectoryService interface
     new 7378d3f  This repository url has changed and doesn't exists anymore.
     new 711aea4  Fixed DIRSERVER-1269 : the attributeType was lowercased when it should remain the same
     new fc21df0  Fixed DIRSERVER-1253 : added a check before adding a value : if it already exists, do nothing.
     new 46cc497  o Modified the way referrals are handled, to move the handling into the CoreSession o Added Referral tests for all the operations, covering (hopefully) all the different cases (we can now handle referrals using the JNDI layer and the Core-API) o Added a ReferralInterceptor in charge to update the referralManager table in memory o Reworked the Partion tree to use a common structure shared with the referralManager table o Fixed a small bug in the LdapURL toString() method  [...]
     new 9e03ef5  Fixed DIRSERVER-1274 ( a typo in a function name)
     new 047198d  Change an error to a warning. The message could be misleadingtoo, so it has been changed too.
     new 4590cf2  Reverted a bad commit done last night : I thought I was just committing a change in some logs, without checking that I also had imports modifications. My bad ...
     new c838125  First version with MINA 2.0.0-M3
     new 1a1274a  Rollback of Emmanuel's commit (#703486 'First version with MINA 2.0.0-M3').
     new 52bb068  Bump up the shared dependencies, as we just release 0.9.13
     new def8aec  Switch from warn to info a message when an already abandoned message is being abandoned a second time.
     new d352fdf  o modified the booleansyntaxchecker to perform caseinsensitive check o updted the booleansyntaxchecker's test case o added the BooleanNormalizer to SystemNormalizerProducer
     new 5440515  DIRSERVER-1287: o Usage of Pattern.quote() when composing regular expression for substring search o Interim fix in NormalizingVisitor.decodeEscapedHex() to make a filters like (cn=\5C) working o Fixed test in AndCursurTest o Added some tests
     new d24d366  Commit 712718 also fixed DIRSERVER-1181, added tests.
     new 0b4cb7c  Update to latest released parent pom
     new 5ae0392  LinkSources to JavaDoc API
     new f9bd872  Fixed server.xml issue. Added the <referralInterceptor/> missing tag.
     new b1ddc37  merged ads-mina2 branch into trunk (crossing fingers, hands, arm, legs, etc ...)
     new 0f38066  Temporarily commented the failing size-limit tests, to get continuum happy.
     new aa5822e  Moved to MINA-2.0.0-M4
     new 703023c  Restored back the SizeLimit tests, and the simple search code. The PagedSearch are not yet working, but will soon.
     new bc34604  Added some first code to deal with the most common cases of paged control
     new bb42059  Added a paged control test
     new e04f0c6  Added na bunch of tests for paged searches, plus the associated code in the server. Seems to work so far, but it's not over !
     new c2cf84e  Clean all the tests removing the useless code and factorized it into a helper method.
     new 63016a7  o Allowed negative values for the paged size limit (to allow M$ faulty client to work) o Added a test with a negative value
     new 2455319  o Added a test : sending a bad cookie should generate an UnwillingToPerform exception o Modified the searchHandler to generate this error o Minor refactoring : removed commented code
     new bb12a5b  Added a test for DIRSERVER-1139 : seems to be fixed.
     new a7b49d0  o Adding some missing Javadoc o Adding some logs o Added a toString() method
     new 1014b54  o Renamed the PagedSearchCookie to PagedSearchContext, as it's a way better name o Stored this context in the LdapSession instead of the IoSession o Added methods in LdapSession to manage this context (add, remove, get)
     new 9c78487  Added a test for Authenticators checking
     new 5bdcf66  Simplified the Authentication configuration
     new 66fd7f1  Added a test for the replication configuration
     new 87b5cb6  Adding mitosis to server-xml pom to satisfy test scope dependency.
     new e3ab6db  Added a xbean tag
     new eb2eaff  Added a xbean tag
     new 640308a  Fixed the SSL initialization to allow the usage of an external KeyStore, if the user want to. The DIT configured Keystore is still present and will be used if the user does not configure an external keystore.
     new 591639d  Hidden the 'csnFactory' and 'store' setter from xbean. They don't have to be configured.
     new e9cce11  Hidden some setters we don't want to see i the server.xml file.
     new 7f28035  Remove a xbean annotation
     new 5c7ba46  Remove a xbean annotation
     new 5fcb375  Moved a static definition to ServerDNConstants
     new 6a0da0c  Used junit 4.4 annotations
     new 13a70a8  Removed the xbean annotation from the interface
     new cc8b3c0  Hidden some setter from xbean
     new b5b00d1  o Added Javadoc o Used the new form of render() o Passed the DirectoryService to the constructor
     new 80b42b3  o Replaced some constants by the already existing ones to avoid duplication.
     new 859044e  Hidden some setters from xbeans.
     new c0ea58e  o Removed useless setters in DirectoryServer (those setters are already defined in LdapService) o Hidden a setter in LdapService o Minor typo fixes in JavaDoc
     new 7c76bae  Fixed some typoes in the Javadoc
     new 06a6db5  Used ApacheSchemaConstants.APACHE_N_DN_AT instead of the 'apacheDnd' string
     new 5fffa32  Fixed typo in javadoc
     new df7eafd  Renamed apachePresence to apacheExistance and apacheOneLevel to apacheHierarchy, as it is the names used in the code.
     new 7513530  Replaced 'apachePresence' by 'apacheExistance'
     new 6ec9460  Added some code to allow the server.xml file to use names instead of OIDs for index attributes (useful for the technical attributes)
     new d4abdb8  Added a unit test for the JDBM configuration
     new be99d91  Revert the renaming back to apacheOneLevel
     new 5386721  Don't use extenal constants in tests.
     new 30223c0  Don't use extenal constants in tests.
     new 8e595c2  Hidden some setters from xbeans
     new 766524e  Refactored the way the transport are described into the configuration o Created Transport, AbstractTrabsport, TcpTransport and UdpTransport for that purpose o Changed the code in the servers and services to accept this new elements o Changed the server.xml files to reflect those changes
     new 715e479  Fixed a NPE due to a bad initialization of the Transport
     new 6b8d23a  o Fixed the way the Transport acceptor is created : if the constructor does not create it, it is created when setting the Transport(). This is mandatory to avoid using a constructor injection in Spring o Switch Kerberos tests to Junit 4.4 o Disposing acceptors when done with the transport, otherwise we get some 'Too many open files' exceptions
     new 17c1b3c  Forget to commit those classes ...
     new 6ef4ab9  Closed more Acceptors (to avoid some Too many open files)
     new 84ff2a8  a new extended operation for generating and assigning a digital certificate to an entry
     new 7ba4caa  added payload decoding
     new 732c66b  added a new method for generating a digital certificate with configurable values (atm, this method is a clone of the addKeyPair(entry) with minor changes )
     new 00dfe9c  Listed all the added OC and AT in the header
     new f91d3ab  Injected the new data using the ApplyLdif annotation
     new 3c06644  Create a new IntegerOrderingComparator, and injected it into the server MatchingRules
     new 1c81a82  Added tests for Integer comparison
     new 582b7aa  Remove all the executeX methods and replaced them by more explicit method names.
     new 1b88832  o Added new constants to ApacheSchemaConstants (entryUUID, entryCSN, entryDeleted) o Used them all over the code in place of the static strings o Removed the Constants.[entryUUID, EntryCSN, entry_DELETED] declarations o Simplified the search filter for replciation
     new c1b8169  Added some javadoc
     new fe6c6ca  Added a method to return an interceptor from its name
     new 9573ceb  o Removed the useless interfaces and renamed the DefaultCSN/DefaultCSNFactory to CSN/CSNFactory o Used the CSN factory to create CSN except in the deserializer o Switching some tests to use Junit 4.4 o Initialized the factory in the interceptor o Added some javadoc o Changed the Factory behavior : no more synchronization, as we now use volatile variables, and correct the CSN generation
     new 0f6c87d  Switching to junit 4.4 syntax for all tests
     new 752c8e6  Fixed Derby initialization. It would have failed when embedding more than one LDAP server
     new cdfd276  Added some comments
     new 53704f2  Simplified the schema initialization
     new 52c64d4  Removed a useless import
     new ce3be38  o Removed the ReplicationContext interface o Renamed the DefaultReplicationContext to ReplicationContext
     new dae91a9  DIRSHARED-32: Renaming syntax package to syntaxes.
     new db5c87f  DIRSHARED-32: Renaming parser package to parsers and moving all parsers there.
     new d5499dd  DIRSHARED-32: Moving all normalizers into their proper position.
     new a30b13a  DIRSHARED-32: Moving all normalizers and comparators into their proper position.
     new 27e2bd6  updating bytecode file after some package movements to some of its deps
     new 94e4fb8  DIRSHARED-32: Moving some classes into their proper positions.
     new 5ada04c  The TelephoneNumberComparator has been injected into the schema-bootstrap code Added a test for TelephoneNumber search.
     new bc12577  Apply Aleksander patch for DIRSERVER-1300
     new 7c7346b  Fixed the patch, removing the two lines I forgot to remove...
     new 3c0856e  changed the byte code as it was compiled by a Java 6 VM, causing build on Mac to fail. It now refers to Java 5
     new aa1c37a  o Added Javadoc o Added a flag to forbid the store from being changed when it's in use o Some minor code cleanup
     new 9d6a52f  o Some minor code cleanup
     new 6909a0e  o Moved CSN to core-shared o Transformed the CSN to be OpenLDAP compatible o Fixed the tests accordingly
     new a222e30  Fixed DIRSERVER -1303. The @ApplyLdifFiles now works.
     new 5effc27  Added a test to check that searching for a DN attribute works
     new 9aeb736  o Added the first drop of code for syncRequest value o Reorganized a bit the packages in Codec o Added javadoc in PersistentSearch
     new 61d9346  Fix for DIRSERVER-1308: In one case the attribute was not removed from tmpEntry before the check.
     new 9932769  Replace url by property - Have the same construct as e.g. in studio - Make the deployment URL changeable via property (can be set/overwritten in CLI)
     new 771904c  Add customized skin for site generation
     new 597b7e6  Added the controls in the rootDSE and supported controls tables
     new 0f293eb  o Injected UUID and CSN for every new entry in the OperationalAttributes interceptor o Used the Java 5 UUID class to generate the UUID o Added a CSNFactory in directoryService in order to be able to generate CSN accordingly to the replicaId o Added a replicaId info in the directoryService o Fixed the tests to accept the previous modifications
     new 8cb5991  Fixed a NPE in the toString() method
     new 660ea60  Set current version in namespace. ATM there is no easy way to find out to which version the file belongs. There are already many different versions of these configuration files all having the same version in the namespace (...). Having the version not only in the jars file name but also in the file itself can make life easier. To see also in conjunction with DIRSTUDIO-387.
     new 7d21e8c  Added two loggers : one to log every single operation, and another to log every modification operation
     new 5dda15e  Automatic import reorg
     new 5184765  Inverted the logic for the byPass handling. It's now possible to call the methods using a bypass.
     new 34ec305  Changed the operationContext and the CoreSession to be able to pass a paramater to avoid logging when reverting
     new a34957a  Removed useless imports
     new af45091  Added some check to fix DIRSERVER-1313
     new e815061  Use latest Directory TLP pom
     new 59f1fe7  Fixed an error message. If the PrincipalDN was not found, the server sent back a Referral error. Not very cool ...
     new 54ac2a7  Replaced the user explicit message by a generic one to defeat a potential exploit. A malevolent user won't know if the bind failed because the password is incorrect or because the principalDN is non existent.
     new c6bf3bf  Snapshots can now be deploy by ASF CI, thus 'remove me'
     new 148bf92  When we receive a modification request with no ModificationItem, just return instead of writing the same entry again (RFC 4511 says that the modification must be ignored)
     new da48aa6  Disable mitosis module due (see also
     new b861236  o Added the IntermediateResponse codec plus tests o Fixed a tests which was failing after the addition of some operational attributes
     new 514348e  Created the ApacheDS replication branch
     new 638f265  Injected the journal interceptor
     new 15649ba  Removed the core-utils module
     new c34788a   initial code drop for syncrepl consumer agent
     new 012c4c3  added dependency on apacheds-protocol-ldap
     new b3de86f  log4j properties file
     new 501a443  this file is not required as there is already one in src/test/resources
     new 30382d6  a new interface to handle the syncrepl search results
     new afb9431  o implemented the new ConsumerCallback interface o added preliminary support for handling the syncinfovalue control
     new e82b7f2  Fixed the decoder to accept splitted buffers. Added some logs
     new f92d3ad  Shorten the timeout to 5 seconds
     new 8702158   Modified the loop, added some logs.
     new 5c53eb9  Uncommented the mitosis module to be able to debug the shared ldap modules
     new 6694e2d  Fixed some compilation errors so that Kiran can work tomorrow...
     new 029e5e2  o removed handleSyncInfo method from the callback interface o fixed the code in LdapConnectionImpl, an intermediate response can come along with searchresultentries o updated consumer code to handle modifications(atm updates only) o moved many sysouts to debug statement
     new d857535  o updated the pattern layout to just include message and a newline to make the log look like s.o.pln statements o set the mitosis log level to debug
     new b504014  Cleanup configuration files: - Remove CustomEditorConfigurer as it's no longer used - Remove spring namespace as it's useless
     new 59a4393  Use OS specific tmp directory
     new 9f43e02  Partial revert of commit 751687 as suggested by David and Stefan
     new cc4e126  o Created a StringComparator o Fixed the Evaluator to do comparison accordingly to the AttributeType type, when no comparator has been defined.
     new 35eba60  Fix a NPE when we try to create an index on an attributeType which has no EQUALITY matching rule
     new c6afc66  o Fix for DIRSERVER-1324 o Added some logger in some classes, plus some debug logs
     new a9e31ff  Add test to validate sample configurations from module server-xml against the generated schema.
     new 7c86134  Close tags left open to make it validating if used in a xml parser
     new 0f88401  o removed a typo in file name o added handler methods for each type of message
     new 712e1e2  o removed the incorrectly spelled file o fixed the param type name in LdapConnection
     new df74ca5  o updated the search method to just write the search request message only o updated the onMessageReceived method to directly call the consumer based on the message type o fixed the callback interface name
     new 08844a4  o implemented various handler callback methods
     new ea636b5  Modified the generated logs which were too verbose. Fixed the PDU logs
     new c32c43f  fixed the replication of modified entries
     new 248513d  Some cleanup, less logs, minor refactoring
     new 7c30dee  o Moved the extended operations in packages associated to each operation o Created the Cancel extended operation
     new ad1d618  o abstracted the code used for doing a sync search o fixed an issue related to sleeping after performing a insitial syn search with refreshOnly mode o added some javadoc o fixed a misunderstood property setting related to alias dereferencing
     new c76de45  Fix DIRSERVER-1329
     new be57515  Reflect skin artifact renaming
     new d2adcde  Remove Mitosis tests, as they are useless now
     new 2891813  o Added XBeans tags to Journal. o Added the missing setters
     new 9121936  o Added javadoc for parameters and their setters
     new c1df8b5  Added Javadoc for the xbeans config
     new f749d84  o changed the default sync mode to refreshAndPersist
     new 3ad81f2  o implemented a new method to handle the sessionclosed event with a connected master server o removed a unused(now) variable
     new 2fd8842  o added replicaId to the config(it is a dummy till the actual config impl) o added support to store/read/delete the cookie in a file o removed the start/stop code from consumer
     new 457a337  a simple swing UI to start/stop the syncrepl consumer
     new 2ea3b36  o updated the cookie storage dir location o fixed an NPE occurred while deleting a cookie
     new e9ed71a  added a flag to identify the voluntary/manual disconnect
     new 91f6e7a  DIRSERVER-1332 Create apacheds-all OSGi bundle
     new bd8843b  DIRSERVER-1332 Create apacheds-all OSGi bundle - Reverting apacheds-all project to previous state.  Will add new module for osgi work.
     new 2506d87  DIRSERVER-1334 Create module for OSGi bundle
     new 1ed1e14  DIRSERVER-1334 Create module for OSGi bundle
     new b5fb81f  DIRSERVER-1334 Create module for OSGi bundle
     new d95a133  DIRSERVER-1334 Create module for OSGi bundle
     new ff3d569  o moved the modify operation logic to a new method o added code for deleting entries based on UUID(yet to be implemented at the partition level)
     new f703bc5  o fixed an issue with stopping embedded server o made the action methods to run in a separate thread
     new 5ece166  removed the core-cursor project to shared, renamed mitosis to syncrepl
     new f24d2da   removed the core-cursor project
     new d2ca29e  Renamed mitosis to syncrepl
     new 08dda21  removed mitosis
     new cc4cb03  Moved mitosis to syncrepl
     new 59b7b18  removed the core-cursor from apacheds, moved it to shared
     new 2af9128  Changed the code to compile with Cursor in shared
     new 9905502  Changed the code to compile with Cursor in shared
     new 2567cd4  Changed the code to compile with Cursor in shared
     new db93412  Changed the code to compile with Cursor in shared
     new 0c3a7f9  Changed the code to compile with Cursor in shared
     new 140efdd  Changed the code to compile with Cursor in shared
     new 3d19f39  Changed the code to compile with Cursor in shared
     new 6cbbeb4  Changed the code to compile with Cursor in shared
     new 5845ed8  Changed the code to compile with Cursor in shared
     new f875e5f  Changed the code to compile with Cursor in shared
     new 155f4c7  o Changed the code to compile with Cursor in shared o Added some xbean tags o Added some Journal configuration elements
     new d9e3e6e  Changed the code to compile with Cursor in shared
     new 0f98e21  Added a dependence on shared-core
     new 4ff6da5  Commented the replication configuration file
     new 8e49579  Remove classes which are already in shared-client-api
     new 01efabd  Added a dependency on shared-cursor
     new 998e130  Use released skin
     new 9b7b575  Fixed DIRSERVER-1343 (Replacing indexed attribute always grows JDBM database) by applying patch from JDBM CVS (revision 1.18).
     new c7923cc  Renamed all the XXXRequest interface in shared message to InternalXXXRequest
     new cc725fb  Renamed all the XXXRequest interface in shared message to InternalXXXRequest
     new 2cc345c  Renamed all the XXXRequest interface in shared message to InternalXXXRequest
     new da8ebaa  - added id to kdcServer entry in server.xml - removed duplicated Filters from FilterChain
     new fc30d70  started fixing the Kerberos server
     new 9ac27df  Modified the classes to reflect the renaming of codec and standard messages
     new 494a86a  o Added a ReplicationSystem object o Modified the handlers to use the modified message classes
     new fa6eadf  Modified the classes to reflect the renaming of codec and standard messages
     new b6b7bea  Modified the classes to reflect the renaming of codec and standard messages
     new 0d132b8  Renamed the Ldap message elements in codec, adding a Codec postfix to them
     new a85fe0f  Renamed some more messages classes to InternalXXX
     new d104064  o Renamed some more XXXRequest to InternalXXXRequest o BindRequest now inherit from AbandonableRequest
     new a2d24d3  Renamed Referral to InternalReferral
     new 1678a33  Renamed all the remaining request and response messages in codec to XXXCodec
     new b7d299c  fixed ClassCastException
     new 74d187c  removed dead code fragments for adding, deleting and get all Principals from the kerberos server, because they were not used anywhere. This functionality is so far  handled by the LDAP-Server and there are no plans for implementing a kadmin-Service in the near future.
     new 27fd128  Fixed a bad usage of the executorFilter : it led to OOM Exceptions
     new 584bde9  Fixed a potential OOM exception
     new 2634e6d  o Renamed the MutableControl to InternalControl o Renamed the AbstractMutableControlImpl to AbstractInternalControl
     new d2cfa6b  o Renamed the MutableControl to InternalControl o Renamed the AbstractMutableControlImpl to AbstractInternalControl
     new 2752f67  started work on Change Password service
     new 0fe9ff7  First injection of the Syncrepl consumer code. It's not compiling yet ...
     new 378f80c  Moved to the latest version of Shared.
     new 505d1f8  Added the first test for the LDAP api
     new 56a42cd  Added the ldap client api test module, commented syncrepl
     new 310ba8f  Merged the replication branch into trunk
     new f9ebb49  removed System.out statements
     new bbcec08  added ChangePassword server to
     new fe19c97  restored and partially fixed the SaslGssapiBindTest
     new 5c02b12  DIRSERVER-1247: Applied patch from Norval Hope with some modifications
     new 73009b0  DIRSERVER-1347: fixed with DIRSERVER-1247, added an additional test
     new 6de0a0e  Re-enabled and improved tests.
     new f6d3df4  Fix for DIRSERVER-1352 and DIRSERVER-1157: o Applied Marcos Macedo's patch o Added tests o Removed AddIT from suite and added it in pom.xml to make sure AddIT.Factory is used
     new ec373b5  Removed mitosis dependency
     new 934f28e  Replaced the call to BasicAttributes() to a call to BasicAttributes( true )
     new 804cb7e  Fixed the broken build
     new 9d35563  Remove the from the pom, as it has been reinjected into the suite, after having been fixed.
     new a6ae7f9  Splitted the chained calls to help the debugging
     new 025da9d  o Called the journal destroy method (this was missing) o Added some javadoc and some comments
     new 23ab5e4  Ooops... Without those small modifications, the tests ends with a hell lot of NPE :/
     new 752a1e6  Added a fix for DIRSERVER-1333.
     new 9b8f82a  Added some tests for the NormalizerVisitor class
     new d581bc1  Another fix for DIRSERVER-1333. The first two fixes were not enough.
     new 1a11d21  Fixed a failing test on windows by checking that a /tmp directory exist on the machine before launching the test
     new d86ed87  o Removed useless imports o Fixed DIRSERVER-1348 : the indexes added into two distinct partitions were the same, so when the first ones were deleted, the second ones were deleted two, leading to errors.
     new 64fe0c7  Activated two tests, DIRSERVER-1231 is fixed
     new 29cf93a  Fix for DIRSERVER-1311: add unescaped RDN value to the entry; moved code from SchemaIntercepter#check() to NormalizationInterceptor
     new 86a04f1  o Fixed a NPE when no server.xml is provided o Fixed another NPE : LDAPS was not correctly initialized when the default config is used. o Replaced 686 by 636 everywhere it was used by mistake
     new 07406a6  Fixed the way index are updated when removing some element. The cursor was not stopping once the element has been removed, leading to very slow removals.
     new 5f95e6a  removed a line which appears to be accidentally included in Emmanuel's fix at rev 773948
     new 189a60b  Partially revert my fix and applied Kiran proposal to improve deletion of elements in index : it's simpler and it works.
     new b0e269e  Partial fix for DIRSERVER-1198 : We can now inject usercertificat;binary values with bytes above 0x7F.
     new 9e2e519  Switched to Jnuit 4.4
     new 1e74b85  Removed the tabs and replaced them with spaces
     new 0fe518d  Fix for DIRSERVER-1356
     new f63befb  Moved some constant (SUBLEVEL) into the ApacheSchemaConstant class. Modify the code accordingly.
     new 6c57f20  Improved the code generation for AttributeTypes, adding the ASF header, the class header and some javadoc + comments
     new a32adab  Improved the code generation for OC, schema and other elements, adding the ASF header, the class header and some javadoc + comments
     new 1a184bd  Added AT_ before each OID constant when they are associated with an attributeType, to be consistent with the SchemaConstant class
     new 9bb99d4  moving unused module to sandbox
     new c9496e0  removed the core-splay module(it was moved to my sandbox)
     new 25ef9e3  Added a test to check that no user attributes are present is attribute "1.1" is requested
     new d85d318  Fix for DIRSERVER-1367
     new 7aa6302  Removed the  from the velocity template
     new ec74139  Moved to Junit 4.4
     new 8aef808  Added the CSN and UUID SyntaxChecker into the registries. Added a isValid() static method in the CSN class
     new eb4ef11  Minor typo fixing
     new a33968e  o Updated Javadoc o Small improvement in the register() method
     new 3f775cc  Replaced the HashMap by ConcurrentHashMap : it should speed up concurrent access to the oid registry
     new 1e22232  Review of the AttributeTypeRegistry : o Replaced the HashMap by a ConcurrentHashmap o Initialized the oidNormalizer map at startup o Added some logs o Removed the useless getBinaryAttributes() and list() methods o Simplified the getDescendant method o Updated the Javadoc o A few other minor improvements
     new 9a72bf2  Reviewed the ObjectClassRegistry classes. o Added some Javadoc o Switched to ConncurrentHashMap o The OC oid is now injected in the byOid internal structure o Added some logs o Added some checks
     new 6a55d93  o SyntaxRegistry cleanup (+javadoc, +logs, some minor improvements) o Used OID.isValid( oid ) instead of some other technics to validate OIDs
     new 7e367c2  Cleanup of the ComparatorRegistry
     new 2b9d970  Cleanup of the NormalizerRegistry
     new 1fdd960  Without the cast, the compiler will complain ...
     new a876589  o Cleanup of the SyntaxChecker registry o Fixed a test which was failing (NPE)
     new 5880112  Replaced tabs by spaces
     new 02f6053  o Added a fix for DIRSERVER-1368 o Added helper methods (isSchemaEnabled, etc) in the Schema Interceptor o Added tests to check that inheritence is correctly handled when adding OC or AT in the schema
     new 0a995b8  Fix for DIRSERVER-1369: switched to MINA-2.0.0-M5
     new 2fd1545  o Cleanup of the DITContentRule registry
     new 6699a9c  o Cleanup of the MatchingRule registry
     new d7f526b  Applied Andrea's patch for DIRSERVER-1344
     new 9cbad00  o Added some Javadoc o Added Stefan's test for alias (commented atm) o Added some decent exception handling o Minor typoes  fixing
     new 209fd94  o Removed the first parameter (DN) in the Store.add( dn, entry ) method, as the DN is already part of the entry. Reflected the change in all the code.
     new 0db1c27  o Renamed the existenceIdx index to presenceIdx o First addition of a EntryCSN, EntryUUID and ObjectClass indexes o Added the EntryCSN and EntryUUID  AT in entries o Fixed a bug in CSN o Removed the server-core CSN classes (they are already present in shared) o Adding some Javadoc o Minor cleanup
     new 37cc7a3  Added the entryUUID and entryCSN attributes in each entry
     new 47bbf60  o Rename the apacheExistance AT to apacheExistence o Adding EntryCSN and entryUUID to entries
     new 7114e31  o Registries now extend Iterable o Renamed the oidIterator() method to iterator accordingly to the Iterable interfaceo o Fixed the UUID conversion to byte[] o Injected the csnMatch, csnOrderingMatch, uuidMatch, uuidOrderingmatch and csnSidMatch matching rules o Added the associated normalizers o Added the ApacheSyntaxCheckerProducer class o Added a CsnSidSyntaxChecker class (to be completed) o Added a CsnSidComparator class (to be completed)
     new db2dde8  Updated the schema to add the correct OID for CSN/UUID elements
     new bc67077  o Finishing to add the entryCsn, EntryUuid and ObjectClass index o Reflected the renaming of Csn etc
     new a0d0351  Use getResourceAsStream, this makes it possible to load an LDIF from within an jar (Eclipse Plug-in)
     new a7bbcdc  o Fixed the CsnFactory o Switched to MINA 2.0.0-M6 o Started to use constants instead of strings for the Syntax and MatchingRules o Added some missing MatchingRules
     new 77ff5db  Switched to MINA 2.0.0-M6
     new e4e7cc4  Added some more MR constants
     new e602d0e  More constants used instead of Strings in the code...
     new 3062392  Last constant String removal from the code, replaced all the syntaxes.
     new 93b798c  Minor refactoring and comments addition
     new 71b646e  DIRSERVER-1374: o Update to JUnit 4.5 (needed for Studio UI tests) o Refactorings of testing frameworks server-integ and core-integ, due to changes in JUnit API o Removed all deprecated warnings o Only one constructor per test class allowed
     new 2aabcc3  Fixed integer overflow
     new a17bab9  Upgraded commons-cli, net and io to the latest versions
     new fbe8a3d  upgraded sllf4j, xbean-spring and spring framework dependencies
     new e7ec506  o test case for modify operation
     new 403af7b  test case for modifyDn operation
     new 3822df6  Some constants were defined in two different places with the same name and different values, like the entryCSN OID, leading to a problem when starting the server
     new 49d63df  Forgot to update the apache.schema file
     new ff1f59f  removed accidentally committed code
     new f32bc0b  added a test to check the newly added method
     new 1a01d8b  o test case for the delete operation o one test method related to delete operation using CascadeControl is failing (to be fixed, @Ignored atm)
     new 97a0f3b  Injected a first set of data structure to manage the replication configuration
     new 147f164  Moved the suffix from the JdbmPartition to its parent.
     new b01acb8  Fix SSHA and SMD5 authent to accept shortest salt. (DIRSERVER-1375)
     new 727a52d  Added a test for DIRSERVER-1375
     new d8291c9  test case for add operation
     new a3c6bd4  updated the modify method parameters
     new 3208839  o removed unused inports o included test classes in surefire plugin
     new af2fa53  o Reviewed and changed the configuration o LdapService has been renamed to LdapServer o Transports are now handled differently by servers o The Sync thread has been moved to DirectoryService o ApacheDS class has been greatly simplified o SSL is handled by the Transport
     new 668eac8  added test cases for async feature
     new 512e734  Merged more classes and interfaces
     new a1c6413  Replaced the 1.5.5-SNAPSHOT by ${pom.version} to avoid having to change that when we will bump up the version.
     new 8570c96  Added the oinit() call in the constructors Minor typo fix
     new 0e36192  replaced hostname from '*' to 'localhost' to avoid Untranslated exception (happened on ubuntu 9.04)
     new f35eaee  rreplaced 'localhost' with '' to let the server bound to all IP addresses on the host
     new 658cfda  Removed the initialization in Transport constructors  which were causing failures in Kerberos.
     new 68cf679  Fixed DIRSERVER-1376
     new 2f54447  Fixed a simple typo in a comment
     new 64113b2  Removal of a useless LF, for code clarity sake
     new 30aef6c  Another minor code improvement, cosmetic.
     new 885477a  Added a first preliminary class to serialize  index in JDBM. it's pretty much a skeleton roght now
     new 4f2607a  o Added some javadoc on the Index.drop( K ) method o Removed a useless Tuple creation
     new 4463ae5  Added comments in the drop( Long entryId ) method
     new b7c84fc  o removed the wrong control in delete method o changed the @Ignored test comment
     new f383684  Fixed the build on Mac OS X. Added the needed information on Mac OS X JVM.
     new bf3d098  o Injected Kiran's patch to move AVL serialization inside JDBM o Added synchronization in JDBMStore for modification operations and sync() o The JDBM byte buffers are copied before being returned to the caller, to avoid a modification made on a reference o Fixed some double update of the oneLevel index (no need to add a (id,id) entry) o When we can't find the entry, instead of a NPE, an error 32 is generated (NO_SUCH_OBJECT) o Minor cleanup in JdbmTable o Added some logs [...]
     new 650e6c3  The new ArrayTree implementation used to replace the AVL tree, with the associated tests.
     new 8f3e6fa  First version of the arrayTree cursor. Tests need to be added
     new ce12a47  o a test class for AbandonRequest o logging properties file
     new 98234d4  Added the ArrayTree class and the associated cursor to replace the AvlTree
     new 100913a  Added the ArrayTree class and the associated cursor to replace the AvlTree
     new ef20678  Remove references to AvlTree[Cursor] to use the ArrayTree[Cursor] instead. This is to fix DIRSERVER-1377
     new 15b289a  Renamed the KeyTupleAvlCursor to KeyTupleArrayCursor
     new 3f6e2d1  o test case for compare operation o fixed a typo in the method names of add operation test case
     new 824d87c  o Renamed the exposeChangeLog parameter and getter/setter to 'exposed' o Replaced @see by @inheritedDoc o Added some missing Javadoc o Moved some Journal parameters from JournalStore to Journal
     new 92d2981  a test case for testing LdapConnection with SSL enabled
     new ecf6ee5  Added a reference to a RFC for clarity sake
     new 95a799b  Added a comment
     new 22265c5  Added a missing information in a Javadoc
     new cdd51b1  a class to represent the ADS instance layout
     new d994a8c  o fixed the index building command o added a bunch of new options to (ex. the instance path value) o added instance layout support in the toolcommand o commented the code which is loading server.xml using spring (this will go away in the next version)
     new 18c057c  Removed the SaslQop parameter in the server.xml configuration, as it's now useless.
     new 4d3b9ba  Removed the SaslQop setter in LdapServer, as it's statically defined.
     new 25e2535  Fix for DIRSERVER-1383 : A user can still read therootDSE even if not bound (ie doing a simple search), but anonymous access are forbidden if the allowAnonymousAccess is set to false.
     new d04428d  Moved back the 'entryUUID', 'entryCSN' and 'contextCSN' AT names and OIDs back in the SchemaConstants class of Shared.
     new 60cb386  Slight improvement for the AbandonRequest handler
     new 6a420fc  Added some specific code to handle an abandonrequest Added some logs
     new 2ce433f  Fix for DIRSERVER-1381 (problem using apacheds-tools.jar : ClassCastException during import).
     new 33c030c  Fix for DIRSERVER-1386 (Get rid of the MANIFEST.MF file of the server-tools project)
     new 148f19a  Fixed the AbandonRequest test
     new 6716c3e  Used an UnorderedThreadPoolExecutor, filtering only MESSAGE_RECEIVED events, in order to fix two bad bugs : - a potential OOM if some request is sent and as a result returns thousands of entries, all stored in memory until the search has completed - the abandonRequest wasn't handled before all the previous requests were completely processed, defeating its purpose. This is DIRSERVER-1384
     new 7371489  Added the handling of the AbandonRequest for the search operation (fix for DIRSERVER-1384)
     new b1e7cd6  o added some javadoc and cleaned up some redundant comments o renamed deleteChildren() to deleteRecursive() to reflect its behaviour and updated the test case
     new 4d5bfeb  o added async support for recursive delete operation o added a test case to test this new async behaviour o removed @Ignore tag
     new 98b005d  added support for extended operation
     new fb2202e  Fix for DIRSERVER-1276 : o Filters now store values as a byte[] on the client side, and accordingly to the AT on the server side o Modified the Nodes, Evaluator, grammar ... accordingly o Fixed the specific tests
     new ccd2989  o added convenient methods for extended operation o modified test case to use newly created methods
     new c05600a  Switched to a more accurate assert()
     new 0641d8d  o Added the getString() and getBytes() methods in the Value classes. o Changed the Normalizer to take either a Value<?> or a String parameter o Fixed the Filter evaluators and the tests accordingly o Renamed the normalizing visitor for filters in the Normalizer interceptor o Addition of some missing Javadoc
     new cea014b  Added a test for DIRSERVER-1276
     new af90c26  o Applied Norval's patch for DIRSERVER-1391 o Added a test to demonstrate the pb
     new b2817af  Upgrade slf4j version to 1.5.6
     new dc7f52b  o removed the 'deleteChildren' flag, renamed the method to deleteTree and added overloaded this method o updated the corresponding testcase
     new 4b13c19  integrated jetty http server(DIRSERVER-1262)
     new c309ceb  added some javadoc
     new 421a9b5  Added some logs
     new a77bb4c  o Cleanup the Bind operations o Cleanup the Delete operation o Added a Bind operation test o Fixed the Unbind operation (the connection is now closed) o Removed the OperationMutex in LdapConnection
     new d9a2a1c  Added the server-work directory into svn:ignore proeperty
     new bad7883  Added a isSame() method
     new 07d4ecb  Removed ^M in files
     new 649c2ea  Removed ^M in files
     new b186e55  Removed ^M in files
     new 2db510c  Removed ^M in files
     new 468840c  added svn:ignore
     new a01b423  Fix for DIRKRB-1 (GSSAPI Test) o Fixed GSSAPI Bind o Activated test o Moved methods from BindHandler to GssapiMechanismHandler o Refactored BindHandler
     new 93f8511  ignoring test that blocks forever:
     new d1ef956  Fixed the toServerAttribute() methods which was not handling correctly attributes with no value
     new 281c563  Removed a useless lookup done in the modify() operation : we already have the entry loaded in the operation context
     new 26788bf  Added a set of test methods for the Modify operation. The Add and Remove changes have been partially added.
     new 568cf60  adding baseline test for Emmanuel
     new c46020a  Removed a useless printStackTrace()
     new f8452cb  Hack added to deal with removal of not existing values
     new 4e5c14b  Fixed many tests which were failing after the modify fix
     new d51b9e4  Added some comments
     new 8f44ae8  Uses ModificationIterm instead of Attribute in order to keep the modification order
     new 84af6a7  o Removed useless imports o Removed warnings
     new 1051025  Added a skeleton for the MultipleChanges test. The unique test is @Ignored atm
     new 6dd4274  Minor typo fix
     new 93562b3  Added the new modify() method, temporarily named modifyNew()
     new 8d8d48a  Added the list of all the OC and AT on top of this file, for clarity sake
     new 900cd7d  [DIRSERVER-1288] - used technique #1 in comments where we attach additional shaded jar with -all suffix to base file name.
     new e79860d  Added the list of all the OC and AT on top of this file, for clarity sake
     new 30ffd32  Minor typo fix
     new fc5f10a  Removed useless printStackTrace()
     new 7a2f0a8  Removed useless printStackTrace()
     new f0fe735  Removed useless printStackTrace()
     new 83a0e15  Removed useless printStackTrace()
     new 8d991ee  Changed the toString to expose the up DN instead of the normalized form
     new d942391  Removed a useless import
     new 15d6ec9  updating latest releases for shared and daemon
     new 7fa8c11  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release apacheds-parent-1.5.5
     new 5043ecb  [maven-release-plugin] rollback the release of apacheds-parent-1.5.5
     new be1c17f  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release apacheds-parent-1.5.5
     new 4523fdc  [maven-release-plugin] rollback the release of apacheds-parent-1.5.5
     new 534e40b  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release 1.5.5
     new 866f559  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 4ad3cc6  Bumped up 0.9.15, 1.5.5 and 1.1.6 references to SNAPSHOT
     new 24ea724  commented the dependency on server-xml to remove the circular dependency
     new 456366c  o support for reloading ssl context (DIRSERVER-1373) o yet to find solution for some of the issues raised in DIRSERVER-1373 like what happens to existing connections during ssl context reload
     new 26eb2db  commenting the LdapsIT test class cause of its suspected side effect on StartTlsIT test class
     new b4c6624  Created a new branch for the new schema
     new ca05cf3  First drop of changes. Very dirty. Breaks all the server. Lots of errors...
     new ac77196  Reflect the renaming of Comparator to LdapComparator and ComparatorDescription to LdapComparatorDescription. Fixed some method renaming in SC
     new 69cd543  Reflect the renaming of Comparator to LdapComparator and ComparatorDescription to LdapComparatorDescription.
     new 8ccf807  Fixed many places to reflect the renaming of Comparator to LdapCOmparator<? and ComparatorDescription to LdapComparatorDescription
     new 6a98462  Fixed many places to reflect the renaming of ComparatorDescription to LdapComparatorDescription. The getSyntaxOid() method has also be renamed to getOid() for SC
     new 7ce52c7  Fixed an issue during the creation of a SC class
     new 599c143  More various fixes (renaming, etc)
     new b73f791  o Reflected the changes done in Normalizers. o The NoOpNormalizer constructor is now public
     new bca81c0  Fixed the tests to use the new Normalizers Many other small fixes
     new 395542f  Fixed the Normalizer constructor, passing a MR oid
     new a80dd9f  Some fixes for Normalizer and Comparators usage (missing Oid, and such)
     new 90d9354  Rename the Syntax class to LdapSyntax, to fit the RFC name
     new 6cc907f  Moved the Registry interfaces to shared/registries
     new dc85f5e  Reflecting the Registry interfaces move to shared
     new f5f0d3e  Fixes for Comparators
     new 5037bc1  Used OIDs from SchemaConstants
     new 397be35  Some more fixes for C,N and SC registries
     new bb65eb9  Many small fixes
     new 14a74bb  Added some missing OIDs constants
     new 2a795c7  o updated the code to use the latest client-api classes o implemented IntermediateResponseListener o added control decoders o removed checkLdapResult() method o merged connect() and bind() methods into bind() method
     new 643f4a3  resurrecting lost source files
     new bf18302  fixed an NPE occuring while deleting an entry
     new 8ab0f20  added delete functionality to the test UI
     new 3bbf9f4  Removed the LdapSyntaxDescription class and used LdapSynhtax instead
     new 863a31c  Refers to the ShcemaObjetc classes, not to the SchemaObject Description
     new 5c31527  adding schema partition data, need to rename after adding to schema-data
     new 6fbf49e  renaming module
     new 177dcdd  adding schema-data module to build
     new 2f40723  ignore some files
     new b96df77  adding schema loader module
     new 6a96f87  Removed e reference to the MatchingRuleDescription class
     new 7671acd  Foxed some unreachable imports, plus other compilation errors
     new 62fdaa7  Fixed many compilation issues
     new a7cad3c  Many compilation fixes
     new 2ddfa0f  Fixed many compilation errors by using the correct methods
     new ac0c5e3  Fixed many compilation errors by using the correct methods
     new 4829ce5  Fixed many compilation errors by using the correct methods
     new ec9efd9  Fixed many compilation errors by using the correct methods
     new 14f91f0  Fixed an import
     new a53db2b  Fixed an import
     new 6a05860  Fixed an import
     new ba0be1f  Fixed many compilation errors by using the correct methods
     new 3e300e1  Fixed many compilation errors by using the correct methods
     new 672b28d  Fixed many compilation errors by using the correct methods
     new 653aa7b  Fixed the registries constructor so that it takes the oidRegistry as an input, as we need to update it when adding or removing schemaObjects
     new 007230e  o Removed the AttributeTypeLiteral class
     new aeaf04d  Compilation error fixes
     new cf7e47f  o Replaced the getSyntaxRegistry by the getLdapSyntaxRegistry globally o Removed the AttributeTypeImpl class
     new b564ed0  o Removed the ObjectClassImpl class o Added the applyRegistries() method to ObjectClass
     new 0b47fdd  o Removed the ObjectClassImpl class
     new 936de67  moved and fixed various issues with SchemaLoader interface and helpers from apacheds project to shared project where applicalble.
     new ff119e7  Fixed the system provider
     new b08a4d3  Fixed compilation errors
     new 1c50326  Fixed various compilation errors
     new 04aae49  Fixed various compilation errors
     new 4432eae  Some more compilation fixes
     new f15aef8  Various compilation fixes
     new de9d7c8  moved and un-abstracted the AbstractSchema to be the DefaultSchema while moving it from apacheds to shared
     new 3b174dd  o Moved a normalizer to shared o Fixed the ApacheMeta and System normalizer producers
     new 759712b  Compilation errors fixed
     new 95ade49  fixing some conflicts
     new 0023b2f  Compilation errors fixes
     new c07f509  fixing some eclipse complaints
     new 528d88a  o Fixed some compilation errors o Removed useless classes
     new 74e47b9  adding some logging to start debugging and testing the loader
     new af56a66  do not need this extra getSchema() overload with properties argument - never used
     new 463399a  Replaced import * by specific imports
     new 1841557  moved SchemaEntityFactory and started using Entry instead of ServerEntry to marshall schema data into SchemaObject instances
     new 9ed1296  implemented more of the loader to handle various schema object types
     new 1a456a3  Replaced some import * by the specific imports
     new 7a47b19  finishing/polishing off ldif schema loader
     new 77cae52  o Added some LdapSyntax classes o Fixed a typo in a SYNTAX constant
     new 983a2f0  Removed reference to the DefaultOidRegistry
     new f2ce4b8  o Removed useless imports to DefaultOidRegistry o Fixed a few compilation errors
     new e662438  Removed the DefaultOidRegistry class
     new 9e5dc82  fixing initialization code to use LDIF files now for bootstrapping registries
     new a42aa75  adding overlay of schema LDIF files into the bootstrap partition so we can remove dependence on bootstrap producers - this is only a temporary condition for now.
     new 74d0378  removing bootstrap schema loading from producers in default directory service
     new 65d841b  fixing use of server attribute to use entry attribute instead
     new dc3348f  o The AttributeTypeRegistry.getOid() method now throws an exception if the OID can't be find o Fixed many compilation pbs in xdbm-search
     new ac974cd  Removed a useless class, replaced it with a instanciation of an attributeType
     new 5c50c20  fixing some breakage in normalizers and comparators that will be moved shortly before deleting this module
     new 55404a0  moving used normalizer before deleting registries module
     new 366852f  moving used normalizer before deleting registries module
     new 21a3a72  moving used normalizer before deleting registries module
     new 7dc52de  moving used normalizer before deleting registries module
     new f362c3e  removed schema-registries module
     new 909df29  moving inner classes in producers for normalizers and comparators that are referred to in the FQCN attribute of LDIF entries
     new 99c8b5c  moving inner classes in producers for normalizers and comparators that are referred to in the FQCN attribute of LDIF entries
     new bed2e7e  moving inner classes in producers for normalizers and comparators that are referred to in the FQCN attribute of LDIF entries
     new 6c82ff0  blowing away bootstrap-extract, bootstrap-plugin, bootstrap-plugin, schema-extras, schema-bootstrap modules
     new 2286643  removing references to old deleted modules
     new 1486538  removing references to old deleted modules
     new 14ddd38  Moving schema-data over to shared as ldap-schema to hold both the repository andan extractor class for pulling out all the LDIF files from the jar and placing them straight on disk.
     new 1942fb2  Moving the schema loader to shared as well since it will load all the schema data into the registries.  Almost everything related with the registries is already there in position.
     new c0e8bc6  remove module references
     new 0801475  change name of dependency on loaders now that we are in shared
     new 8bff792  moving some constants over
     new f60cb33  bringing back constants file and fixing some dependencies in core
     new 997d9ac  moving some constants over
     new e2bd4b9  copying the inmemory partition created by Alex to the new schema-branch
     new 83234d3  copying the AVLTreeMap and other classes used in avl-partition
     new 95e90ff  copying the testcases related to AvlTreeMap and its associated cursor
     new 9e36de8  o merged test cases according to the refactored AvlTree interface/impl o added dependency on apacheds-xdbm-base o added a cast in ArrayTreeMarshaller
     new 9a96520  updated the parent project version number to 16
     new 9028b8d  Reflect the changes done in shared
     new 6d2b099  Reflect the changes done in shared
     new ff457f1  Reflect the changes done in shared
     new da4befb  o Merged last modifications o Fixed some methods due to the changes in shared
     new aa86282  Removed useless imports
     new 623ed30  Reflect the changes done in shared
     new bc09c9f  Fixed many errors by refering the correct imports
     new 302c4ba  Fixed an import
     new 461ea7b  Fixed an import
     new 5b6737d  Moved to Junit 4.5 annotations
     new f8047d2  several fixes after using new means to load schema from the schema repository
     new 807588e  Initialize the workingDirectory when the env is not set (for tests in eclipse)
     new 8fe21c2  fixing several compiler errors due to api changes in schema
     new 167b495  fixing several compiler errors due to api changes in schema
     new 273234c  fixed most compilation errors
     new 5d612b9  fixing compile error
     new 9bbe1da  added new schemaUnloaded method to SchemaLoaderListener and fixed more compilation errors in the code
     new 32a53d9  all compiles at least - most tests will not pass
     new e1d1d98  Replaced import *; by the specific imported classes
     new 21deed6  Removed the Junit 3.8 constructs and replaced them with 4.5
     new 06545d7  creating new jdbm-partition module to decouple core from JDBM partition
     new 7bc7750  ignore some files and added words to dictionary
     new 44dafb6  Removed useless classes
     new 6ade085  Removed the Junit 3.8 constructs and replaced them with 4.5
     new cde04d6  Removed the Junit 3.8 constructs and replaced them with 4.5
     new 3fbde2c  moved jdbm code over to its own module
     new 5629025  Added Log4j config file for tests
     new ffa3ceb  o Fixed a bug in StringTools.toLowerCase() method o Trimming and lowercase data injected into the SchemaObjectRegistries o Throwing a NoSuchAttributeException for AttributeTypeRegistry operation o other minor fixes
     new 8be2352  Fixed some setup() methods which were referencing a test class by mistake
     new d12cf4a  adding in jar schema ldif loader and cleaning up some code
     new 374fa94  Removed the schema-registries project
     new dd25ce2  removed schema-registries
     new 3a2f07a  Added a check against null MatchingRule passed to the initTables() method
     new e4347a4  Fed the global varibales instead of the locals one, so that the tests can pass (or at least go a bit further)
     new cf4afa3  The SchemaPartition has been put into place to cleanup much of the initialization code in DirectoryService.
     new 991ee34  initial commit after applying changes according to the refactoring of schema subsystem
     new 855f309  test case for AvlStore (yet to finish)
     new ea4ce53  Fixed Registries initialization
     new 9f7dd0c  Speedup the tests by using a @BeforeClass setup
     new e3d673e  added NullPartition and set up the DefaultDirectoryService to use default SchemaService, which uses a default SchemaPartition, which uses a NullPartition for starters unless wired to do otherwise
     new ee7e1ef  ignore some files
     new 83a6992  fixing issues with static and non-static test and class setup teardown methods
     new e7cc52b  Speedup tests
     new 4809766  fixing issue with non-static setUp when BeforeClass annotation is used in test case
     new bf203c6  making test setUp method public to make test work
     new 93a7dbc  making test setUp and tearDown methods public to make test work
     new 72bf550  looks like some tests were failing because we did not load core into the bootstrap set
     new 4a6430c  depending on where the schema loader gets its files it will enable some schema and load them
     new c3f9804  Fixed the test
     new 6c258ea  LdapDN must be normalized before a schema check
     new a086b73  Fixed a test, removing a bad @Test
     new 06e5e11  Fixed a bad initialization
     new 88665ac  ignore this test since its out of place and needs to be reworked substantially to work properly
     new 2a4521b  for now lets load all enabled schema just to be on safe side
     new e9ecae5  oid registry not used - cleaned import
     new 9b9094d  skipping some code if NullPartition is used
     new c3449f3  adding avl-partition to the build
     new b849a4b  Deleted an empty package
     new 5e13e68  Injected Kiran's patch (direct, no modification done)
     new 58d1916  o fixed the getXXXIndex() methods o added protect() checks on property setters o fixed a failing test
     new 6fa2faf  Removed this unused class
     new 4f7d977  o changed the master table counter to start from 0 (same as JdbmMasterTable) o fixed add method of AvlIndex which is not adding to the reverse table
     new 8ac823b  o fixed the getSize() method in both AvlTree and AvlTreeMap o fixed the remove(K,V) method in AvlTreeMap to return null if no value matches in the dupscontainer o fixed the AvlTreeMap testcase
     new 90ae47f  added normalization method call before storing the attribute value
     new bb8af2f  Merged the NexusPartition and DefaultNexysPartition classes
     new ce8646e  fixed the failing testConvertIndex test
     new fac26b4  o added objectclass, entrycsn, entryuuid indices (same as jdbmstore) o fixed a CCE in AvlIndex resulting due to wrong return value of normalized binary value
     new d3f2653  o Get rid of all the upSuffix, suffix suffixDn to keep only one single element : a LdapDN suffix. o Removed the associated useless methods to keep only the LdapDN getSuffix() and setSuffix( String ) methods
     new 88bb087  Removed useless constants from the Partition interface
     new de393fc  No need to implement Partition, it's already defined in the abstract class.
     new cb8f8c7  Cleaned up NexusPartition from useless static methods (getAdminDn and such)
     new b3b1b5b  Removed another useless method.
     new aef9436  removing some old references in poms to modules that have been removed
     new b1f1469  Fixed the breakage due to the Partition modifications
     new e028a42  Added a new sub project for LDIF partition
     new 07ec8ae  Moved the ldif code to ldif partition project
     new 74be218  fixed some javadoc
     new a1a3ed2  added the ldif partition project
     new ddc8bf2  ignore some files
     new 075fe41  Refactored suffix methods on Partition interface:
     new 8e41d25  removed the test scope for ldap-client-api dependency
     new 9d08736  Refactored Partition and reworked Instance/Install Layouts
     new 8318414  o added a new variable to keep track of size o updated the inefficient getSize() method
     new 2667813  adding core-api project
     new b07fddb  refactored several classes creating interfaces so we can break a few things out of the core and avoid cyclic dependencies in maven modules.  For example now you can create a separate partition project without the wory of cyclic dependencies back into core.
     new 9ff091c  fixing dorked dependency
     new 334caf6  forgot to add this class
     new bde4a3a  Added the missing ASF header
     new b185170  getting ready
     new f66d9bf  Removed dead code
     new 3570d26  creating module for commonly used mock objects
     new 4d8c21a  Fixed a typo in svn:ignore
     new 319c08b  First Mock objects addition
     new 651188b  Added ASF headers Renamed a class
     new c6d2c06  Define a @BeforeClass method
     new db37880  new core-builder
     new 2a0f739  Fixed many problems for the LdifPartition Added some first tests
     new 243ccfe  Updated the class to have them public
     new b525136  removed a useless package
     new 1fb32a9  Added a addContextEntry() methods to be able to inject the contextEntry in the store Fixed a DN normalized value retrieval
     new bad8f7e  commiting some builder classes before refactoring
     new 66bec24  Added the missing setSize() method necessary for deserialization
     new 813663d  Removed a bad import, making the build complaining
     new 68ddd6e  Added a dependence on core-mock
     new bc55c23  Used the same version of commons-pool for all the projects
     new a375fb3  o Added a test for searches o Added some tests for deletion o Fixed some bugs in the searches and deletion o Cleaned up the directory at startup if we exit from tests brutally
     new d4824de  Bumped up the dependence to daemon to 1.1.7-SNAPSHOT
     new e8970c5  deleted useless packages
     new 609d882  deleted useless package
     new 4a2ba0b  adding decoupled registry synchronizers which are used by the schema partition to synchronize changes on disk with in memory schema data structures
     new c311050  Decoupled and reassembled schema subsystem.
     new aa080c8  removing old MetaHandlers which are now just RegistrySynchronizers
     new abf3489  making all core module tests pass
     new 0686d82  making it so DirectoryServiceFactory builds the DS properly
     new fa3e135  Modified the tests to make them load the registries
     new 0dba802  Many fixes, core-integ is close to work, but not yet.
     new 265a2eb  Added jdbm-partition in the pom.xml file Added schemaExtractor
     new d410ebe  Removed some printStackTrace() calls polluting the logs
     new 91e9844  Fixed DS initialization plus some  DN normalization
     new a39a365  Injected the registries into the added partitions Fixed Configuration tests
     new 3128c55  Added partitions have the registries injected if it's not already done Fixed a NPE by injecting the working directory in the JDBMPartition
     new 638879e  resetting the initialized flag during destroy
     new da61165  Fixed an error message and an error handling
     new abe6cf7  Directories for SO are now lower cased
     new 18b69e4  Added the hasEntry() method to avoid an infinite loop while calling lookup()
     new affa883  Fixed some pb with the modify operation applied on schema
     new 4476ebf  Fixed some pb with the modify operation applied on schema
     new a8e5de6  Fixed a potential NPE : the MR was null but we were still trying to get its oid ...
     new 3e792ac  Fixed the DS init
     new 80710b6  o Renamed a DN constant for clarity o Cleaned up a bit the modify() op in operationalAttribute interceptor o Added a static constant for schemaModificationAttributesDN in schemaInterceptor o Added a initialize() method in the SchemaService interface o Simplified a lot the modify() operation in schemaInterceptor o Called the SchemaService.initialize() method from the DS initialize method o remobed the 'entry' field from the ModifyOperationContext, as it's already present  [...]
     new b25ac04  Added a @CleanupLevel annotation so that the tests are not poluted by another test
     new e049ccc  DirectoryString are not supposed to be empty. Fixed some tests accordingly, and make the modify operation control the attribute content only when a value is added (we don't care if the attribute is empty if it's a replace or remove modification)
     new 9a96ef6  Declared the Rename operation in the BaseInterceptor, removed it from the CollectiveAttributeInterceptor
     new 619fe7f  Removed useless lookups as we already have the entry in the context
     new db8820a  Removed useless lookups as we already have the entry in the context
     new e095fde  Renamed some method for clarity.
     new 95735bd  Fixed some schema modification problems
     new 83ae7dc  o updated the move operation to delete and re-write the moved entry's LDIF files o added a test case for testing the move operation o some imports were organized (cause of eclipse IDE auto organize)
     new f9f8982  o updated the entryMoved() method to handle rename and moveAndRename operations o added test cases for rename and moveAndRename operations
     new ceb8edb  Replace constants usage in the tests by strings for clarity
     new 60acf7b  Fix for DIRSERVER-1410 (Default LDAPS port is set to 10686 instead of 10636 in server.xml).
     new bc10e8c  Fix for DIRSERVER-1410 (Default LDAPS port is set to 10686 instead of 10636 in server.xml).
     new 21f0db0  Modified the rename() method, the DN has been removed (it's already present in the entry to be renamed)
     new 3662b73  Modified the rename() parameters Added some javadoc
     new de19588  o Fixes for the rename operation o Many cleanups in the interceptors (removed useless lookup, clonings and DN manipulations)
     new 47c3865  The original entry is now cloned to avoid a modification
     new 9ff5d0a  Fixed the Comparator synchronizer : the newRDN was not injected into the modified entry
     new 67d40ab  o Fixed the Normalizer rename() test o Fixed some small issues (like the old DN was sent to the factories)
     new 5ae797b  Fixed 4 failures : the modify operation was not updating the modified entry, but the previous one, when updating the operational attributes, in some cases. That led to a revival of the previous values...
     new abb3c87  Fixed 4 failures : the modify operation was not updating the modified entry, but the previous one, when updating the operational attributes, in some cases. That led to a revival of the previous values...
     new 8d3a63b  o Removed the DN in the delete() operation, as it's already present in the entry o Added some javadoc o Fixed a bug when removing an AT which has a descendant
     new b8d41c4  One more fix for the rename method : the AT with a descendant can't be removed now
     new 96e3f1e  o Fixed the test which inject a Comparator as a byte code o @Ignored the move tests
     new 5727079  o Fixed the Comparator injected classes tests by adding the schema name and FQCN into the generated LdapComparator SchemaObject
     new e4b5983  Fixed the tests for SyntaxCheckers
     new 6cd3215  o Fixed the Normalizer tests
     new 6bde239  Handling ObjectClass superiors when updating the schema.
     new bb9e0bd  @Ignored tests for move and moveAndRename
     new 510b82a  Replaced constants with String values in tests for clarity
     new 22470f3  Fixed the isDisbaled() method which was only checking if the schema was loaded.
     new 2f0382b  o Fixed most of the tests in SSSE, ignored the move/moveAndRename tests o The C, SC and N schema object should not be injected into the OID registry, as they have the same OID than the Syntax or MR they are associated with o Some minor refactoring
     new d286547  Minor refactoring
     new 7942e65  o The Syntax field was not correctly fed o Added some extra check for superiors
     new f5254f8  Minor refactoring
     new 0d836ba  As some method does not anymore throw an exception, removed the useless try {} catch code
     new bcf2a17  Fixed some FQCN and selected a correct comparator
     new 76f6ed5  Some more FQCN fixed
     new bd01c0b  Fixed the isEnabled method
     new 6b3433e  Cleanup presentation
     new 997e736  Many fixes to take care of disabled schema
     new 7c5b96a  Renamed a method for clarity sake
     new 1a24d1f  Removed useless methods
     new 2c1e393  Removed useless methods
     new 9765951  Update the SchemaObject synchronizers so that when a SchemaObject is added or removed from a schema, the list of contained SO in this schema is updated
     new a3ebb86  minor refactoring
     new bcad7ba  Removed a superfluous @author tag
     new 36752ba  Removed two useless methods
     new d2b38ca  Removed the useless add() method : The SSSE can just be modified
     new afaed06  Added a helper static method to easily create Attributes without pain.
     new 5904574  Renamed methods which used AttributeType instead of ObjectClass in there name
     new 4f15f42  Many fixes and improvements in the way we handle Schema
     new e142fc1  Fixed many problems with cross references
     new aa05416  Removed a useless Throws Exception
     new fed70e2  Fixed a breakage I introduced when I removed a throws exception for the getSyntax() method
     new 4383558  Moved the SchemaEntity registering into the Abstract class, to avoid duplication of code.
     new 6a226a7  o The loadAllEnabled()/loadWithDependencies() methods now return the list of errors if the schema is invalid o They also take an additionnal parameter (check) to tell the method if it should check the registries when the schema have been loaded o Added some flags in the Registries class to handle a strict/relaxed checking, and to allow disabled SchemaObjects o Fixed the tests to reflect these changes o Reviewed the registerXXX methods o Reviewed the checkRefInteg method  [...]
     new 1804621  o Added a @Before method o Used the new AttributeUtils.createAttribute() method
     new 9a6419a  Update the Javadoc, removed an import
     new 98339f8  Removed a useless import
     new d596a7b  Fixed the way DS is initialized, as I have introduced the SchemaManager in the whole picture
     new d79f0a7  Fix locations, as documentation is now deployed on p.a.o
     new be119e8  Fix locations, as documentation is now deployed on p.a.o
     new 19fdeb8  Replacement of all the Regisries references by a reference to ShcemaManager
     new aea24a2  Fixed the addition of AT in disabled schema. All additions of AT in enabled, disabled and not loaded schema are now working.
     new 4533cb6  o Added some Javadoc o Move the SchemaManager parameter in all the methods to be at the first position
     new c731dcc  Renamed a test
     new 785d42a  Fix some tests in the ComparatorHandler.
     new f8276ae  Fixed errors in NormalizerHandler
     new 6908b97  Fixed errors in SyntaxCheckerHandler
     new 3d55c37  Fix for Syntax handler
     new f0b09cd  Fixed the MatchingRule handling
     new 15ca042  Fixed the ObjectClass handler
     new 49c3537  o Added Javadoc o Fixed error handling in the add method o Added correct logs o Add comments
     new 110f31f  Removed the temporary @ignored flag
     new 4369d11  Changed the way the registries is cloned while adding an AT. It's now done only if necessary.
     new 73b8418  Fixed del operation for AttributeTypes
     new ae7539d  Added some comments
     new 5a9585c  Refactored the Add operation to avoid useless code and tests.
     new c830837  Added some comments
     new 14ea5a5  Refactored the Add operation to avoid useless code and tests.
     new bf418dc  Registry now takes the oidRegistry as a parameter : reflect this change
     new 66abcbc  Fixed tests to work with the latest modifications on the Handlers
     new b0e4a0f  Many cleanups and bug fixes in the synchronizers, for Add and Delete opersions, on AT and C
     new 1da3ffa  Registry now takes the oidRegistry as a parameter : reflect this change
     new 39fa628  The Registries oidRegistry field has been renamed globalOidRegistry : reflects this change
     new 6f7db6b  Fixed the Add and Del operations for the MatchingRule schemaObject
     new 4c7e8f8  Closed the LdifReader after usage, to avoid a "Too many open files" error during tests.
     new d7e99b6  One more LdifReader closed
     new 8dcb5fe  Modified the surefire configuration to avoid some OOM errors
     new 079fc6f  Registries are not anymore injected into the partitions
     new c7f87c1  Replaced reference to SchemaObject's INSTANCE by a direct call to the constructor
     new ceb969c  Removed the Regsitries injection into the partitions
     new 8f158e6  Replaced reference to SchemaObject's INSTANCE by a direct call to the constructor
     new 651bc84  Small fix to avoid a direct usage of the ATRegistry
     new fb45779  Don't load the schema in the SchemaPartition, it's already loaded at this point
     new a2e1cd1  Removed a Junit fail() call in some normal code.
     new 5d5c9c8  o Added a method taking a (String... schemaNames) parameter for each registry o Used varargs for Schema loading
     new 76cdc6d  Fixed typo in comment
     new bf3befb  Fixed a potential NPE by inverting a test
     new 521902f  Applied the change done last thursday, and reveoverd from my defunct laptop. WARNING : it does not compile !
     new 2ebfafd  o Reflected the method rename (register -> add) o Added a unit test
     new a6b4be7  Fixing compilation errors
     new dada1f9  Fixing all the 'add' methods
     new de3806b  o Moved the add() method to Registries o Removed tabs from source code
     new b93d47d  some more method signature change
     new 15f47f1  Better error handling for schemaObject addition
     new 7bd3cda  Fixed a nasty bug in the binary values serialization, when the normalized value was different from the UP value : we got a OOM error as the length of the normalized value was wrongly encoded as a char, not an int.
     new b3a9841  Fixed tests by injecting all the schemaObject in the SchemaManager
     new 482f209  Moved to the latest version of Shared.
     new edc9b1f  Fixed compilation errors (a new parameter added in a method was missing in the callers)
     new c93046f  o Added a SchemaObject interface o Renamed the applyRegistries() method to addRegistries and setRegistries o Added preliminary tests for del() method in SchemaRegistries o Some fixes in the way the registries are relaxed o Fixed the Registries.clone() method, the schemaObjects data structure wasn't cloned correctly, so was the globalOidRegistry o Some fixes is some tests, Syntax wasn't injcted in the schemaManager
     new 9a7fc41  Bumped up mina to 2.0.0-RC1
     new 53655ea  Fix for DIRSERVER-1437 : the DS initialization wasn't done in a separate place, so the cleanup was destroying the schema partition, leading to exceptions later
     new 8e4b61e  Fixed Javadoc (DIRSERVER-1421)
     new 787de00  added a test for JIRA 1442
     new 34d391f  fixd failing tests due to a bad cleanup of the SchemaManager
     new e9f37f0  Test for DIRSERVER-1442 fixed
     new 5cc79ea  Fixed the tests to avoid a server restart after each class (removed the CleanLevel=CLASS)
     new d268b5f  Fixed the value comparisons : the MatchingRule was not used to normalize values before the comparison.
     new b47c5f9  preparing for refactoring the testing framework
     new b8df492  updated the artifcat name and description
     new 96eaf2c  Bumped up to 0.9.18-SNAPSHOT
     new 7276466  Fixed a bug in the cloning of ServerEntries :we could get some NPE in some corner cases
     new 72fb641  o Fixed the AT deletion o We are no more using the swapRegistries() method
     new cb5564e  Replace all the crippled code by a direct call to schemaManager.add() and schemaManager.delete() for AT
     new a13f913  Add some fix for C/N/SC addition in the server
     new 0cb1f1e  Fixed some error in Comparator addition/deletion
     new 5a7b864  Renamed hasOid() method to contains() for consistency
     new 2400397  Renamed the SchemaManager.getOidRegistry() to SchemaManager.getGlobalOidRegistry() to avoid confusion
     new a85063e  o Fixed failing tests for add/del of AT, MR and C o Using the SchemaManager in AT, MR and C synchronizers
     new c7c6b84  o Migrating some common methods to the abstract class o Fixed the S and SC tests and addition/deletion synchronizers
     new ae2ecc9  Fixed tests for Normalizer
     new f65fdb2  Some cleanup (error message weren't propagated correctly)
     new 134308a  Fixed the OC schema injection.
     new cc13530  Uncommented the checkForDependencies method
     new f33dee1  Replaced the new BasicAttributes() call by the varags AttributeUtils method
     new 7c07ec3  Starting to reorganize the MetaSchemaHandler tests, adding missing tests and fixing failing ones.
     new 8ec8cad  o Added tests for the disableSchema operation o Fixed a big in the disableSchema method in the server
     new 31dc955  o Correctly implemented the delete( schema ) method o Added many tests for schema addition and removal
     new d499219  Removed the core-shared project, updated the pom.xml
     new d3095e2  reflected the removal of core-shared
     new 9ae9e2a  Used the oids instead of the refrences to avoid NPEs
     new 67b5f39  Removed the DOA object which has been replaced by the SchemaManager
     new c2a92ca  Fixed the Persistent test
     new f672896  Used For() instead of while()
     new 1f8f48f  Fixed many potential NPE by using oids instead of the names.
     new 4b67f55  The parsed ObjectClass wasn't used at all, it was replaced by a new object.
     new 90cf686  Fixed some tests
     new 23bcfb0  o The SchemaName wasn't set correctly for AT o Fixed some schema inconsistencies with the tests values
     new 1630fa5  o Delegated Registry removal to the abstract class o Minor cleanups
     new 3542e80  Shut off the logs to have cleaner tests
     new 737637c  Added a default logger in order to speed up the tests in maven
     new 279fa54  Moved a class to a new suite in order to avoid tests collision
     new 8e20591  removed core-integ-2 project
     new 78578b0  removed the core-integ-2 project
     new b4a73d0  o Used a LdifLoader instead of a Jar loader o Minor cleanup
     new 8e8df1d  using overwrite mode for jar extraction
     new a1173c3  Updated the builder to create a real DS instance
     new 672aadb  Added a dependence on jdbm-partition
     new 30d3541  Added a test for the builder
     new 9ec5342  Added an empty logger
     new c72b7fb  moving the test framework to schema branch under a new name
     new ecbe466  renamed the artifcat id, name and description
     new e268110  renaming to adhere to the naming of other modules
     new 8c08c2a  o added support for applying LDIF files' entries o added a test LDIF file o copied the AppliedLdifFiles annotation class from core-integ project
     new 644a266  extracted interface for SchemaLdifExtractor and started using overwrite mode for extraction to prevent exceptions
     new a551cab  o Fixed some compilation errors : you can't @override when the super class does not exist o Fixed other compilation errors
     new a1b512b  Created an annotations package, and moved all the annotations to this package
     new eeddd53  Added annotations for LdapServer and Transport
     new 1b51b9d  refactorings now being committed on shared package changes
     new d27aeb5  reverting Alex's changes because they are breaking the project (some osgi addition make the compiler thinks it should switch to JDK 1.4, don't know why ...)
     new b988bcc  Missing one file in the revert
     new 083f857  Reverting one ast missing file
     new eb03bef  Renamed the package to add the missing 'ldap'
     new cffaa06  Removed a badly named package and move it to the right place
     new 42334a7  Added the new ldap-schema-manager project
     new 6e0dc7b  ignore some files
     new 2e6d2f6  Fixed last IDEA crappiness (insertionof stupid Assert. in front of every assert, missing import refactoring)
     new feac7d4  no longer used
     new 3a43815  Removed useless imports
     new 1261ef1  o Added a SASL annotation o Completed the LdapServer annotation
     new bd0e598  Added a new subproject for core annotations
     new 61544e2  Added a missing dependency
     new 5b8f14b  o Created the core-annotations sub-project o Fixed the test-frameworok so that it uses the newly created sub-project
     new d0da26b  Added the core-annotations module
     new bdba783  Added the server-annotations new project
     new 8213f88  Updating svn:ignore property
     new db75bfa  removed a useless package
     new 29c7eda  o Fixed the dependencies o Moved annotations to server-annotations o Fixed imports
     new 048258d  added the server-annotations module
     new 9145627  o Moved the DefaultDirectoryServiceFactry to core-annotations o Added a LdapServerFactory o Renamed LdapServer to LdapServerBuilder to avoid name collision o Updated the dependencies in server-unit o Removed the factory definition as we are now using the default one o Renamed the FrameworkDirectoryServiceFactory to DefaultDirectoryServoceFactory
     new c65dbf8  Added a new sub-project for the creation of a LdapServer
     new 83b704f  Refactored the Annotations projects, merged the builder and @ projects together.
     new 432d104  Removed the core-builder and server-builder subprojects
     new c445076  o Complete reorganization of the test framework : DS are now launched in each level instead of having all the work done in the Runner.runChild() method
     new 26416d8  Fixed the factory init
     new be0eb1b  Started to migrate core-integ test to use the new test-framework
     new b028a51  Migrated some more tests to the new framework
     new 032ce6a  o Added some Javadoc o Removed useless code o Reorganized the runner
     new 4c35875  fixed a classcastexception when the runner type is not that of FrameworkRunner
     new f925264  migrated to the new test framework
     new ee6f11c  fixed the way shutdown and startup of DirectoryService is done
     new ace3577  o Added a specific DS for this class to speed up the other tests o Removed a BeforeClass method
     new 113d79c  added a class level DirectoryServiceBuilder
     new 9d48e3b  Deleted the old CoreSuite class
     new 0b1a604  Renamed StockCoreSuite2 to StockCoreSuite
     new ba99149  o Normalized the principal before using it o Transports are now stored in a Set instead of an Array
     new e565080  o modified the way a DirectoryService instance is created in the factory o added two more config options to DSBuilder
     new 4a21314  o migrated tests to the new testing framework o removed unnecessary ServiceFactories from AutzIntegrationUtils
     new c98e11d  o migrated SchemaISuite tests to use the new testing framework o fixed an issue with lowering the schema file path in AbstractMetaSchemaObjectHandlerIT.isOnDisk() method
     new d05af19  migrated tests to use the new testing framework
     new 0b3eb30  renamed DSBuilder to CreateDS
     new a18c4b8  added the CreateIndex annotation
     new e6bd512  Fixed typo
     new 0b16d03  o Added a CreateTransport @ o Modified the LdapServerBuilder to accept Transports o Refactored the FrameworkSuite to launch a LdapServer
     new 2e62727  Removed the Transport annotation
     new 390d54d  Used the defined @ in testSuiteServer
     new 97ae5e9  Reenamed the LdapServerBuilder @
     new 12bb794  The 'name' is not anymore mandatory
     new 7df3118  Renamed DSBuilder to CreateDS
     new 2c3c6fc  o Added the ContextEntry and CreatePartition annotations o Renamed the AbstractTestUnit class o Added some @ to the LdapServerSuite class
     new 630645a  o Renamed the AbstractTestUnit class
     new f7f3095  Addind the Partitions member in the createDS annotations
     new 658ef47  Added a method to add partitions easily
     new 3b92cc0  o Renamed the DSBuilderAnnotationProcessor o Added a method to infer the @ using reflection o Injected a test with Partition (not working atm)
     new 796e439  o Fixed the partition initialization (the workingDir and schemaManager weren't injected) o Activated the test to demonstrate that the partition is created
     new 6aeb277  o Aggregated DS creation in a private method o Removed a useless method o Created a Test to check that the Partition is correctly created and fed o Changed the testSuiteServer to call only the test which involves a LdapServer
     new 94c2491  Turn logs to OFF to speedup the tests
     new aab99b1  o Added a reference to core-annotations into server-annotations o Moved some classes into a newly created factory package o Added a test for a standalone creation of a DS with partition
     new 47583d3  o Added the ServerAnnotationProcessor, used to create the LdapServer o Added a test to check that we are correctly starting the server o Improved the FrameworkSuite by calling the ServerAnnotationProcessor methods
     new 9eed2f6  Injected the LdapServer into the AbstractLdapServer class
     new 109250d  Started the tests migration to test-framework usage
     new eba222d  Removed the useless project core-unit
     new 5879b44  o modified the ApplyLdifs annotation processing to take a series of strings without   specifying new lines and concatenating with + o modified the data in ApplyLdifs annotations accordingly
     new 3727ebd  modified the way LDIF data constructed in the ApplyLdifs annotation according to the changed done in the way ApplyLdifs annotation is processed
     new 94f3cb2  o migrated all tests(not all are passing) to use new testing framework
     new 323ffdf  added support for class level LdapServer creation
     new 8fd6bd5  looks like the wrong stuff got into the svn repository
     new 31c96e2  looks like someone removed the core-builder module but did not remove the dependency on these core and server annotation modules
     new 9d082ee  Removed an extra comma
     new 80f55f3  Removed an extra comma
     new 6442b8f  Removed a directory that should never have been injected there
     new 0f553f3  another extra comma to remove
     new 298abb6  interface does not need public abstract
     new 264fe98  modified the way ApplyLdif data is parsed
     new b388ecb  Fixed the port error
     new 4067a08  Using AttributeUtils to create new entries
     new 13b314d  added a flag to support reverting method level data while running tests with LdapServer also
     new 274a072  o migrated remaining test cases to use the new testing framework o fixed the failing SubSchemaSubentryIT by creating a calss level DirectoryService instance
     new 7097197  Fixed the port error
     new 2165488  removing unnecessary abstract keyword in SchemaService interface
     new b22febe  Fixed a failing tests in which we were trying to update an OpAttr NO_USER_MODIFIABLE
     new 62d2164  @Ignored the test class
     new c12fa85  /directory/apacheds/trunk:806623-894866
     new 6d40c68  Deleted the old suite
     new 47f4132  Renamed the new suite
     new 8d6824d  Some more tests migration
     new 2ef4613  Making MiscBindIT tests happy
     new f50e105  Make SimpleBindIT tests happy
     new fc751ac  Make BindIT test happy when run standalone
     new 1c74fe2  Migrated two more tests, make them happy when run standalone
     new af186f9  o fixed the issue of creating a 'file:' folder while running the tests using maven o now uses the system temp directory to store the server-work data
     new 45b33eb  o fixed the way LdapServer is initialized o updated the FrameworkRunner to inject an inherited DirectoryService in LdapServer(i.e a Class level   LdapServer can use its Suite's or a default DirectoryService if not declared at the Class level) o added a test class to test these changes
     new dc1814f  o removed dependency on apacheds-server-unit,this seems to be useless and also causing a dependency cycle   when apacheds-server-annotations depends on apacheds-protocol-kerberos o removed creation of Transports in the default constructor
     new 8291868  o added support for creating KdcServer using annotation o added dependency on apacheds-protocol-kerberos o added a test class for testing CreateKdcServer annotation
     new 74aa0c6  close the LdifReader as soon as the parsing is done
     new a15c6a4  Added a new test project for kerberos to solve cycle dependencies problem
     new 3468679  removed target from svn
     new 7781d8f  moved the protocol-kerberos tests to this project
     new 0885fcf  removed .classpath
     new e3b0751  Moved the files to kerberos-test
     new cd884c5  added the commented module for kerberos-tests
     new 211904a  removing generated eclipse specific files
     new 53a04aa  implemented support for adding extended operation handlers to the LdapServer
     new fcc0508  fixed the failing tests
     new 757c477  o Stopped the server at the end of the test o Minor refactoring
     new 63ac3ea  fixed a typo in the method name
     new 29f09d1  o added config option to enable ChangeLog in CreateDS annotation o removed the default enabling of ChangeLog in DefaultDirectoryServiceFactory o updated the FrameworkRunner code accordingly to get the revision and performing revert operations
     new 373b5ea  fixed the failing tests by disabling the chagelog
     new 40d27e7  Added the missing ASL 2.0 header, minor fixup
     new 2e7b602  Uncommented the kerberos-protocol project
     new 654c0cd  Updated the groupId value
     new 37b1279  Commented the kerberos-test module
     new bd091e0  implemented support for adding SASL mechanisms, NTLM provider and setting SASL host name
     new e52063e  o modified SaslBindIT by setting all the SASL related config in the CreateLdapServer annotation o made BogusNtlmProvider a public class to be able to be accessible by ServerAnnotationProcessor
     new af080aa  Allow the schema extraction even if there is already some existing for tests
     new b84308a  Added bin to svn:ignore
     new 4a71264  annotation for adding SASL mechanisms to the LdapServer
     new 1ca9d58  fixed a ClassCastException when the default NTLM provider class(which is invalid) is initialized
     new 4387d69  o fixed failing tests after migrating to the new testing framework o removed (now)useless factory
     new 8eb4f47  added support for including additional interceptors in the DirectoryService
     new e5a971d  Fixed many tests
     new 2eb3379  Fixed the ModifyDn tests by removing the DS creation when not necessary
     new 7ee1f81  Some fix for standalone tests
     new 15fbe44  o fixed failing tests o removed obsoleted factory code
     new 4b0b74e  o fixed failing test after migrating to the new testing framework o removed useless factory code
     new f65175d  Add LdpaServer @ to get the tests running standalone
     new 2096787  Fixed an error in the rename operation
     new 88102a0  o Removed the useless method Rdn.getValue(), replaced it by getNormValue() o Used AttributeUtils.createAttributes o Added a test in LdapDN
     new 7d67653  o Renamed getUpName() to getName() o deprecated getUpName()
     new a7c429a  fixed testGssSpnegoBind
     new c5207e3  Renamed AttributeTypeAndValue to AVA (plus some other related renaming)
     new 9ab64bc  Fixed the rename operation, Values in DN are already unescaped
     new 2a53d1f  Fixed the rename operation, values in RDN are already unescaped
     new 8c254d7  Added a test change r895686
     new 0be835d  Fixed the rename operation, values in RDN are already unescaped
     new bd6ac55  Fixed the tests
     new b5907ed  Added dependency to apacheds-jdbm-partion, needed to generate jdbmPartition element in xbean xsd
     new 099c2f4  Fixed the PersistentSearch tests
     new a19133e  Removed the enabled global variable : it's already present in the DS, so use this value instead
     new c67055c  Fixed a regression introduced while fixing PersistentSearch
     new b61baa3  Injected the isAccessControlEnabled into the directory service
     new 8f9aa7e  Added all the missing tests n the suite
     new 10ed84d  o added support for setting SASL principal in LdapServer o removed useless imports
     new 3837b2a  o added kdcServer field in AbstractLdapTestUnit o added support for initializing and stopping of KdcServer in the FrameworkRunner
     new d627fc7  o modified the module build order (kereberos-test is now after interceptor-kerberos cause test uses KeyDerivationInterceptor) o added dependency on interceptor-kerberos in kerberos test o added krb5 config and log4j properties files in kerberos-test module o fixed the failing GSSAPI test
     new 9b2c549  Fixed the PagedSearch by using the correct ApplyLdifs
     new d6aa050  Removed a useless import
     new d576625  o fixed the failing tests o removed useless factory code
     new c914310  o removed unused annotations and classes o updated ldap-api-test classes accordingly
     new a5e08fd  Updated imports
     new 6653bc6  removed the obsoleted module
     new 4df24cc  Fixed the ModifyReplace errors.
     new 603e0b8  Removed the noisy printStackTraces
     new 7508b56  Split the Ldaps and StartTls tests to avoid some bad interaction between them
     new b8dd232  fixed the failing tests by adding StartTls extendedOpHandler
     new 0ae71c4  removed the obsolete class
     new 27eb0e1  added all the integration tests
     new c7edbf5  Renamed the Abstract class to avoid confusing it with a test, and removed it from the suite
     new 83426e3  Added missing ASL 2.0 headers
     new 4a859c9  Many fixes : o potential NPE o unused imports removal o useless @SuppressWarnings removal o unused variable removal
     new 94615a5  Merged the schema branch into trunk
     new 89c0308  Bumping up junit to 4.7 and comons-pool to 1.5.4
     new b444547  Bumped up slf4j to 1.5.10
     new bd283a5  removed duplicated dependencies from some pom
     new 939286e  Removed initSchemaManager(SchemaManager) method, schema manager initialization happens init(SchemaManager)
     new bcd9c21  o Added support to create non-jdbm partitions o Added type parameter to @CreateDS annotation which defaults to JdbmPartion.class o Added test that initialzes and AvlPartition
     new 3332864  Moved some method implementations to super class
     new 9d6237a  Ignore test, schema manager isn't properly initialized from spring. Method can be removed when CiDIT if finished.
     new 97313f7  o moved remaining classes of package o.a.d.server.core.partition.impl.btree to apacheds-xdbm-base o removed gui reference in BTreePartition o moved package o.a.d.server.core.partition.impl.btree.gui to apacheds-xdbm-tools o added AbstractXdbmPartition class for common code of XDBM partitions (AvlPartition and JdbmPartition)
     new 8c0cb4c  Removed reference to sun package
     new 5600c86  Deleted empty package
     new 0152b3d  Moved icon
     new 0af2a79  o use shared-all in apacheds-parent, removed all other dependencies to shared o cleaned up internal transitive dependencies o moved commons-io (scope test) dependency to apacheds-parent, because most modules use it as test dependency o moved ServerEntrySerializer from core-entry to jdbm-store, removed dependency from core-entry to jdbm-store o listed all modules in apacheds-all o fixed some project names to use upper case
     new 7034b4a  Fix deprecated configuration for aggregated javadoc reports
     new ae10cef  Added some file in svn:ignore
     new e224049  Fixed the BindRequest client API so that the async bind returns a Future and not a BindResponse
     new ea2860b  Bump to latest skin
     new fc4dbe5  Fixed some tests accordingly to the addition of the adsConfig schema
     new 18c5ad8  merging the changes from CiDIT branch
     new c0362a6  created the svn:ignore
     new a0c62b3  o Added the "version: 1" line in each ldif file o injected the correct entryUUID in each ldif file
     new 38a86b1  Set the setReuseAddress to true to avoid issue when opening the port again
     new 1dba4a1  added the default config module
     new 78b063c  Minor refactoring (removing warnings, adding nls)
     new b154114  removing unused directories
     new b1e470b  o fixed compilation issues related LdapDN and JdbmPartition o added schemamanager reference and fixed the initialization of DireService
     new 9dedb77  logging properties
     new 4127151  o Removed the entryuuid AT
     new 4fcaf42  merging the changes applied in the CiDIT branch
     new e8930f9  o chaged the UUID syntax to human readable o updated the UUID syntax checker and comparator to use String instead of byte[] o added a method in StringTools to convert given byte[] of a UUID to string o updated the code wherever the entryUUID AT value is set as byte[] to take UUID in String form o fixed the test cases
     new b41bdc6  fixed the testcase by changing the entryUUID AT value type to String
     new 1452d41  o updated the getAttribute() mthod to return attributes as a array o fixed the modify operation o simplified the logger names and updated the logger config for better readability o updated the client-api dependency name
     new ecddea5  o started handling refreshOnly mode of synchronization o lots of code reorg and formatting
     new e71510d  o Reflected the rename of Rdn to RDN in all apacheDS o Added a AddFuture class o Some refactoring in a pom
     new d2c3113  Switched to JUnit 4 @nnotations
     new 5d7a5e8  Add I18n module for error and message translations. I've found a lot of errors I adapted for i18n, but surely not all... 'Normal' message i18n is prepared, but none is adapted yet. Please see the i18n module and the testcases to see, how it can be done. Both property files for translation (, messages.propertes) is part of the i18n module. It make things easier to maintain and translate if they are in on location and not spread all over the ApacheDS proje [...]
     new 5998f45  This Exception is never thrown and results to a compilation failure when running mvn clean install -Dintegration.
     new dda5234  This got lost somehow
     new ddfc347  I know there are still more I missed
     new fd30b8c  Fixed a compilation error on java 5
     new 776a268  I know there are still more I missed
     new 1ad18ae  Applied Steve Hammond's fix for DIRSERVER-1455
     new 37a0f5b  Added a test for DIRSERVER-1459
     new 2fea069  throw Exception to avoid compilation error
     new 99d4151  I18n
     new 730f039  I18n
     new bdcdfdb  Commented the ldap-api-test module as it generates some hang
     new 846a722  Set the SSL port to be 10636 instead of 10686
     new 9ec06b9  removed the client-api-test from the list of modules to build
     new 16572aa  I18n
     new 101078e  I18n
     new e472887  I18n
     new 15895c8  I18n
     new 06b5b74  I18n
     new d84157b  I18n
     new c208cca  I18n
     new e54aaf7  I18n
     new 8abbc47  I18n
     new 50a7b71  Has no parameter
     new e70e050  I18n
     new 3520316  I18n
     new 159d99c  I18n
     new 295121e  I18n
     new d945cd4  I18n
     new ab95ac0  changes ...
     new e5cf2d3  all formatting
     new e88aa75  I18n
     new ca0417d  all formatting
     new 6957f96  Fix property
     new f89cec5  - Remove duplicates - escape '=' in properties file - fix found i18n replacement I replaced in a mistaken way (hope there aren't more)
     new ca3f862  deleting the secondary BTree used for values does not free blocks as one would expect but this is the correct way to do it
     new 634b667  Let the test fail if an exception is thrown (now two tests fail...)
     new 67f3f4d  Fixed schema search test
     new 187db3f  Fix SearchIT.testSearchAttrC_L(), collective attributes can't be added by the revert operation
     new 48603c4  Remove useless package
     new 41252b2  o implemented delete phase in consumer o added a index on entryUUID AT o added a logger
     new 0a50ecc  o made the server launch from UberJar using the server.xml o added dependency on jdbm and ldif partition sub projects (cause of the way we now initialize the partition changed. We need to set the schema manager and partition dir to initialize)
     new 6be1de6  Used 'method.getName()' instead of 'method' to get the exact name of the method printed in the log output. Applied code formatting.
     new 6677b0a  Fix for DIRSERVER-1314 (Helpless error message while a LDIF import fails in unit tests). Applied code formatting.
     new ec71d6a  o Moved JndiUtils methods to shared-jndio Cleanup of many pom.xml o Reflected the modification done in shared
     new 22be618  o Cleaned the poms o refers to version from the parent's pom
     new ca86bd4  added version for the jars
     new 10e2e97  moving the tests to ldap-client-test module
     new 18363e4  moving the test utils to ldap-client-test module
     new 5a4e18d  updated the last pom.xml
     new a8c1d0a  Update the pom.xml
     new 0a4d58d  removing unused module (the contents have been moved to the ldap-client-test)
     new 4e016ac  Removed the empty LdapDecoder class (the name will be used by the TwixDecoder class when it will be renamed)
     new 5098281  removing this file after moving to the ldap-client-test project
     new 747d31a  o let the test fail if creation or start of of directory service or LDAP server fails o replaced 'instanceof JdbmPartiton' check by 'instanceof BTreePartition'
     new c9b6db3  Index creation depending on type
     new 1cc52a3  o Removed the InternalControls, now using only the CodecControls o Removed usage of any JNDI controls in the server o Fixed the tests
     new 6547abc  o Rename the Controls by removing the 'Codec' part o Reorganized the Control classes hierarchy
     new d4bf5a3  Create a package for internal messages, and moved them all to this package
     new 08f16aa  o added dependency on ldap-client-api o added a utility method to create a client-api's LdapConnection o migrated some tests of AddIT to use the new client-api's LdapConnection
     new b8add69  o Fixing the ResultCode sent for the SimpleBind operation o Added a test in the API Bind method
     new a1fcde2  updated some more tests to use client-api's LdapConnection
     new 71e980c  o added dependency on ldap-client-api o fixed imports o fixed the way controls are decoded
     new 3882577  Cast to BTreePartition only to allow other partition implementations (LDIF, HBase)
     new fdedaa2  formatting
     new 2282b75  Removed a duplicated dependency
     new f7ef5b3  Cleaned the pom.xml
     new 487ef25  Fixed the double referenced jar problem
     new d9f0974  Refactored the MessageCodec hierarchy. Refactored the client API
     new 9887997  Forget to commit this class with the previous commit
     new 45ae1f8  formatting
     new bf20653  formatting
     new a31c683  formatting
     new 967303a  formatting
     new 1cba75f  formatting
     new 6e0cb08  some formatting
     new 161cd5b  some more formatting while reading the code
     new 6c4a6ec  Avoid excessive checks if the AT value has already been validated.
     new fa0a2fe  Fixed failing tests due to i18n transition
     new 504a0e2  Restore back the assert.
     new 4e38526  a temporary work around for DIRSERVER-1459
     new ce7d478  formatting
     new c0386e3  o Adding two BindStatus : SASL_AUTH_PENDING and SIMPLE_AUTH_PENDING, and used those status to handle the BindRequest processing o Returned a UNWILLING_TO_PERFORM errors when a user tries to send a request while we are processing a BindRequest o Removed the clearMaps() call done in BindRequest, as it makes it mpossible to issue two binds at the same time o Added an error message in i18n o Minor refactoring
     new 1aa83e7  Started to remove the JNDI SearchControl class from the code : some preliminary fixes in SearchScope
     new 7922927  more formatting
     new a1b4f28  o fix for DIRSERVER-1380 o also fixed the way noAttributes flag is handled o added test cases
     new 88a12f3  Fixed detection of method with Java5
     new 8665ad1  more formatting
     new ad94968  more formatting
     new f45b1a8  added support for hashing userPasswords with sha-256 algorithm (DIRSERVER-1466)
     new 5a4a825  Removed a reference to the "cn" AT and replaced it by a reference to the associated SchemaConstants
     new f40c688  Removed some reference to JNDI SearchControls in shared-ldap, fixing the code accordingly
     new bb05f1b  fix for DIRSERVER-1401
     new d3d2df7  an efficient fix for DIRSERVER-1401
     new cd199e9  removed @Ignore
     new 3845573  committing the test case attached to DIRSERVER-1340
     new a1373eb  Fixed LdapUrlTest, removed usage of JNDI SearchControls
     new d87ae2a  formatting
     new ff5c91c  formatting
     new b5d63bb  formatting
     new 8f48d61  formatting
     new 003d4cb  formatting
     new 472b956  formatting
     new 426195d  formatting
     new feca9c0  formatting
     new 2718754  formatting
     new 2a5a691  formatting
     new dacb299  formatting
     new e25633e  Fixed build on Java 5, changed major version 0x32 to 0x31, hope that makes Continuum happy...
     new d26dae9  Fix for DIRSERVER-1472 (Use Generic Type Parameter for ID in XDBM instead of Long)
     new 3337f2d  Added type parameters
     new 2c26e12  o fix for DIRSERVER-1214 o a new cursor implementation to evaluate entries returned from various partitions o added test cases
     new b2ab64c  fix for DIRSERVER-1473
     new e906291  fixed the failing test (the eralier code was checking for the presence of a Attribute OBJECT inside a Attribute instance instead of its value)
     new a9a03a8  o moved the tests related to time and size limits on seacrh from core-integ to server-integ (cause core-integ's jndi code doesn't handle these cases) o fixed the testSearchSizeLimit
     new c01a20c  fixed the testAbandonnedRequest method
     new aa1b92e  Replaced a static constant by the StringTools constant
     new 4c234ee  Update the dependencies
     new 3344385  o Renamed the getJndiName() method
     new 9fb70fe  Minor refactoring
     new d907e7b  o fix for DIRSERVER-1474 o changed the getAcceptor() method to abstract in AbstractTransport o overwritten getAcceptor() in the TCP and UDP transports to recreate the IoAcceptor if it was disposed o removed the unused methods getTcpTravsport() and getUdpTransport() from the TCP and UDP transport classes respectively
     new a8a0a8b  o Removed some useless code o Created a dedicated method to handle the rootDse search
     new 8bd3123  String.isEmpty() doesn't exist in Java5
     new a388272  Renamed LdapDN, applied to apachedDS
     new eb6cc8b  Renamed LdapDN, applied to apachedDS
     new 94ac6bc  Renamed LdapDN, applied to apachedDS
     new 66310a7  Renamed LdapDN, applied to apachedDS
     new e24c60d  Some preliminary step to get rid of the SearchControls in the server
     new c8e4eed  Removed the constructor of OperationContext which take a AliasDeref argument. It's now set using a setter.
     new d6026b0  o migrated test case to use client-api o added dependency on client-api
     new e3eb496  The aliasDerefMode is not anymore an argument to any constructor
     new e5dd219  Fix for DIRSERVER-1475
     new 662f2b2  fixed a NPE which can happen if the suite is not null and no suite level LdapServer was defined
     new b2bcb92  o reverting the test case updated to use client-api o removing the dependency on client-api
     new d4eef73  Try to fix
     new 1eef8e1  Catch concrete exception, removed stacktrace of expected exception.
     new 43c94e2  Removed stacktrace of expected exception
     new 5bd2e08  Log set to info level instead of warning
     new d37dd33  Changed some wornings to be info
     new c0c3864  Fix for DIRSERVER-1465 (objectClass, entryUUID, entryCSN indices not used in search optimizer) o added hasIndexOn() and getIndex() to Store interface which combines user and system indices o use those new methods in the DefaultOptimizer, Cursors, and Evaluators o optimization in PresenceEvaluator: for system indices (objectClass,entryUUID,entryCSN) it always evaluates to true
     new 55580fd  fix for DIRSERVER-1404
     new b0198a8  Updated parent pom
     new f741113  o fixed a bug related to setting a method level DirectoryService in a class or suite level LdapServer instance o added a test case for the fix
     new 11bc74d  Reverted some changes done in the bootstrap and daemon classes in order to fix the installers. Fixed the classpath of the wrapper in the wrapper configuration file.
     new f242528  Fixed DIRSHARED-46
     new 6c9db06  Removed useless imports.
     new 49690a7  Injected the new Exceptions
     new 59d2360  o Injected the new Exceptions o Moved a test in a different package
     new 44ad1be  Removed some useless contains() check.
     new c3c167d  updated to use the new exceptions
     new ec0ba4f  replaced jndi exceptions with ADS specific exceptions
     new 31a593b  replaced jndi exceptions with ADS specific exceptions
     new 90e51d2  o removed NamingException o updated isSchemaSubentry() method to throw LdapException
     new e5792ae  more classes updated to use the new exceptions
     new 2169552  replaced jndi exceptions with ADS specific exceptions
     new 62d76ce  replaced jndi exceptions with ADS exceptions
     new b2c5273  replaced jndi exceptions with ADS exceptions
     new 4d6a996  few more exceptions were replaced
     new 08d58bc  removing unused class
     new 215890d  fixed the wrong exceptions
     new e7f94a4  replaced jndi exceptions with new ADS exceptions
     new 7438096  some more jndi exceptions were trashed
     new d873142  replaced jndi exception
     new 35f2b1b  o fixed exceptions o modified a method call in DefaultDirectoryService o removed 'configuration' package (now obsolete)
     new f0ed748  o fixed exceptions o replaced references to javax.naming.Name with DN
     new 147652e  migrated the test to use client-api (yet to run after migration, just committing the changes atm)
     new b524a66  Fixed the exceptions
     new 9dcad33  fixed the failing test
     new 8a9e71d  o Fixed Exceptions in core-JNDI o Added some more new errors in i18n
     new 6fbf8c5  Fixed Exceptions
     new ae79c8e  Fixed exception
     new 62d4996  o added dependency on client-api o fixed a JNDI issue in IntegrationUtils and added some convenient methods to get LdapConnection for the associated LdapServer o migrated all the classes under the authz package to use client-api o added LDAP server and DS annotations in AuthzISuite
     new f2d023a  Removed the NamingException class
     new 47e42fb  Split a line in two to ease debugging
     new b14ff92  removed jndi specific code with client-api
     new cd0d884  No need to implements Partition, as the PartitionNexus interface already extends it
     new 35d838e  Fixed the wrong filter containing escaped #
     new 9242a96  fixed two dumb mistakes( 1. forgot to add entry 2. wrong search base) DAMN jndi
     new cb1b3d0  fixed the filter expression
     new e36a740  Fixed a parameter for the ServerContext() call
     new 8490895  Removed useless imports
     new 28b00db  Removed useless imports
     new f538387  Fixed some incorrect cast of Name to DN
     new c4fc01e  replaced jndi code with client-api
     new 40a7e35  fixed exception
     new 75b8095  fixed exceptions
     new 374ee54  fixed the exceptions for core-integ/schema
     new 2db390a  Fixed the exception
     new e81b626  replaced jndi with client-api
     new 544f2f8  Fixed exceptions
     new 0ba7f2a  o Fixed the SimpleBindIT test o CoreCntextFactory now throw a InvalidNameExcetion if the principal is invalid
     new 961918c  Inverted two operations accordingly to the if()
     new e13050b  resurrected some jndi exceptions in order to make these tests compile
     new 92800d6  fixed the test case
     new bd51371  resurrected the jndi exceptions to make the tests pass
     new 2dec7b8  resurrected jndi exceptions
     new c8791d8  o fixed an issue where the class level DS is not set in the suite level LdapServer o fixed another issue related to restoring the LdapServer's actual DS instance after it gets replaced with DS instance declared at a lower level test unit   (e.x Class level DS for a Suite level LdapServer) o reused the test case by making appropriate changes to test this behavior also
     new 7671e6d  o added a new test suite to run all the test classes that use client-api o removed the same test classes from StockCoreISuite
     new fac5acd  Fixed the excpetions
     new dd00108  Fixed the exceptions
     new 9d371da  Fixed the Exception errors
     new 91bf744  Feed the LdapReferralException with the associated info
     new 16493ee  Fixed the last exception
     new 6a35885  Refactored the Partition classes inheritence to be more consistent (DIRSERVER-1483)
     new 5593338  Cleanup some useless imports
     new 688a8b4  added generic index implementation, use it in tests
     new eca84ac  Partial fix for DIRSERVER-1480: o added PartitionFactory interface and implementations for JDBM, LDIF, AVL o system and custom partitions are created via PartitionFactory, if no explicit partiton type is provided
     new 30c9606  Partial fix for DIRSERVER-1480: o use partition factory to create partition and index
     new 462975c  Partial fix for DIRSERVER-1480: o Added profiles to core-integ and server-integ to run test with all partitions o Fixed AvlPartition and AvlStore to pass core-integ tests   - removed reset of initialized flag because tests that restart the server won't work otherwise   - fixed alias index o Fixed LdifPartition to pass core-integ tests   - handle case that context entry isn't specified on partition creation   - delete old LDIF file in move/rename operations, even if delet [...]
     new 4a3f69a  Made the assert a bit more relaxed. HBase partition doesn't store the full DN but only RDNs so the reconstructed DN doesn't contain the space.
     new 95d14be  o added a cleanup method to run after a method execution o added a global connection to be reused in the recursive methods performing ldap add/delete operations
     new a603d09  formatting
     new 9374312  added a cleanup method to run after a method execution
     new 7e0abdc  Use LdapName from javax.naming.ldap package
     new e9cc756  Fixed the rename() call: the second param must be a RDN, not a DN
     new bb2d819  o Modified the RDN.compareTo() method to take a RDN as a parameter o Fixed DIRSHARED-57
     new ecfb111  Renamed the RDN.getUpName to getName (will fix DIRSHARED-57)
     new b9f605d  Updated version in pom.xml files.
     new 5e3d0ef  Updated version in pom.xml files.
     new 9fe5125  o Removed a unused directory o update the version for shared, apacheds and daemon (some remaining versions) o updated the svn:ignore
     new 50d5842  Delete this empty package
     new e45a74a  Delete this empty package
     new 1c7d63b  o Removed the DN.getAll() method o Fixed a class cast issue
     new cb0aa36  o the DN.toNormName() method is now private o replaced the call to toNormName() by a call to getNormName() all over the code
     new 5c4f215  follow convention for pom names
     new 1669529  o Renamed the DN.startsWith() to DN.isChildOf() o Added a isParentOf() method in DN o Minor refactoring
     new 59a5f66  Moved the ServerEntry interface to shared-ldap
     new b40ceb2  Moved ServerAttribute to shared-ldap
     new 6a68a68  Moved the ServerStringValue and ServerBinaryValue classes to shared-ldap
     new a0a05f5  Moved the DefaultServerAttribute from core-entry to shared-ldap
     new b242d85  Moved DefaultServerEntry to shared-ldap
     new e2debb7  Moved ServerModification to shared-ldap
     new 7df098c  o Started to merge DefaultServerAttribute and DefaultClientAttribute o Removed the ClientAttribute interface o Removed the ServerAttribute interface o Fixed some AttributeType which had some wrong entryUUID in schema
     new 6a3d2a5  o Fixed DIRSERVER-1488
     new 1b025af  o Moved the fields from ServerBinaryValue to ClientBinaryValue o Moved the clone() method This is a first step toward a merge of those two classes
     new fc5fbe7  o Merged ClientBinaryValue and ServerBinaryValue o Started to merge ClientStringValue and ServerStringValue
     new d619c37  o Moved tests from core-entry to shared-ldap o Renamed and moved ClientStringValue and ServerStringValue tests o Moved some more methods to CLinetStringValue
     new ea098729 o Removed the ServerStringValue o Removed dead code o Fixed the way we are dealing with DN in the ACi engine related users filter o Minor refactoring o Removed commented code
     new 8e38574  Move the ClientStringValue down one level in the package hierarchy
     new 1a4d2c7  Rename ClientStringValue
     new ff8e51b  o Removed unused imports o Removed a catch() which can't be reached
     new 82ed1bb  fixed doc
     new fd8285d  o changed the dependency version of ldap-api to the latest released version instead of using SNAPSHOT   (this is a temporary fix till we merge the client-api with shared and this fix also removes the cyclic dependency between apacheds and client-api)
     new bbb7037  Added license header and class javadoc
     new fc6cbe7  changes made as part of implementing DIRSERVER-1492  o removed normalized and userprovided DN indices  o added a new index for RDNs  o added a new comparator for internally comparing RDNs  o updated the methods performing modify and modDn operations to use the new RDN index  o updated the test cases
     new 9c56dcd  Fixed UTFDataFormatException in test
     new a2d5371  o updated client-api dependency version o fixed the errors introduced cuase of the refactoring done in shared and client-api
     new 2fd078b  o fixed handling search results o fixed deletion of entries based on entryUUID
     new 89b1559  o various changes done to run the test runner  UI o added error level filtering to JDBM RDN index
     new 6df278f  o renamed the bind() method to connect()
     new 1e9542d  o fixed the UI freeze while running in refreshPersist mode
     new 676bfb2  o added the 'ref' opeartional attribute to the set of returning attributes o added ManageDsaITControl to the search request o removed the useless syncrequestvalue variable
     new af8ba8b  calling sync() on RDN index during a store wide sync() operation
     new e88c068  Some more simplification in the Value classes : o Tests are now using an AT supporting null values o Added some @SuppressWarnings o Updated the javadoc and added some missing pieces o Added some logs o The syntax is checked when doing an apply(AT) o Removed the useless getNormalizedValueCopy() method
     new e0656d6  o moved all the config schema element names to a constant file o updated the config partition reader class
     new 00f8f7b  o added support for configuring and reading changepassword server o added dependency on apacheds-protocol-changepw
     new c4d34ca  Fixed building of DN when suffix size > 1
     new a838bf6  changed the log level to debug
     new 54bde64  o Removed the DefaultServerAttribute class, merged all its methods into the DefaultClientAttribute class
     new f982b95  Moved and renamed DefaultClientAttribute to DefaultEntryAttribute
     new e7103dd  o Renamed the EntryAttribute class test o Removed commented test
     new 8e0468e  Fixed the quote problem (args need to be double quoted)
     new 57ec929  removed unused attribute
     new 6fd21e1  removed unused directories
     new 72defca  o Fixed some error message (double quote) o Modified the ERR_04442 message code
     new 2e2b7b4  removed setting transports in the constructor (this leads to conflicting and/or unnecessary transports when user specifies transports in the config)
     new 83bf3fa  o added a new LdapConnection implementation based on CoreSession o a new cursor to convert Entry objects to SearchResponse objects o added dependency on ldap-client-api
     new 2a90913  Declared a property for the client ldap api version
     new 4d90607  Used a property to refer the ldap-client-api version, instead of a number. The property is declared in the apacheds/pom.xml file.
     new 996786e  added missing $ symbol for qualifying a property value
     new efcdf39  Bumped up version to 1.5.8-SNAPSHOT
     new 7be23fd  updated the version to 1.5.8-SNAPSHOT
     new 47649c8  o fixed various issues to make it compliant with the LdapConnection network based impl
     new 079a627  o updated all the test cases dependent on client-api to use new CoreSession based LdapConnection implementation o removed the CreateLdapServer annotations from the suites
     new da86c38  Updated version to 1.5.8-SNAPSHOT
     new 76edcca  references the property for client API
     new b7f01da  Referes to the property for client API
     new 7c8edfe  replaced LdapConnection with LdapNetworkConnection
     new 72438f4  replaced LdapConnection with LdapNetworkConnection
     new 73b04dd  o Added versions to dependencies
     new 6a5eb64  moved the client api test code to apacheds
     new b0fc044  added the client-api-test project
     new c5bcabe  Slight improvement in the code organization to favor debugging and step through
     new 62bcf7b  o Fixed a typo in a method name o Set the AccessControlEnabled to true for Authz test o Added the grantRename for the rename tests
     new c507c8a  o Fixed a typo in a method name
     new f8e92e0  Added a missing class header
     new b593958  Modified a call to facilitate debugging and step thorugh
     new bc3c363  Added some files in svn:ignore
     new 90f36de  Updated the daemon-bootstrapper version
     new 02b4712  Migrated to Junit 4.8.1
     new 8bb6d33  Added missing dependencies declaration
     new 25754bd  Updated log4j to 1.2.16
     new 6b23e89  added code for handling configuration for duplicate count in JdbmIndex
     new c93dbf4  removed eclipse files
     new ba7d2e7  o Merged ClientModification and ServerModification o Removed ServerModification class o Modified the impacted code
     new 1df9811  o fixed the index value set in beforeFirst() and afterLast() methods
     new 358ae86  Moved and renamed the ClientModification to DefaultModification
     new 0f309bf  added a test to test the CursorList when a search request on rootDSE goes over wire
     new 2529622  Created AbstractStore class for common code of all Store implementations, moved some properties to AbstractStore
     new 46f3d8f  Renamed get/setWorkingDirectory to get/setPartitionDir, use same method names in Partition and Store
     new 83bef38  Renamed get/setName to get/setId, use same method names in Partition and Store
     new 0feca60  Removed duplicate suffix getter/setters, moved suffix getter/setter to super class
     new 76b3107  Changed getEntryId(String) to getEntryId(DN) in Store and BTreePartition, to avoid DN parsing
     new 07d57e4  Removed unused class LdifStore
     new 5c21867  Changed Evaluator.evaluate() parameter from String to DN
     new b683d2e  Removed the useless toClientAttribute() method, we can use clone() instead
     new 02e7c5f  o First step in the merge : the Attribute are stored in a Map using either the id or the OID as a key to retrieve the associated Attribute. o We don't need anymore to have AbstractEntry to be generic
     new d8f48e2  Another step forward : ServerEntry now extends ClientEntry
     new aad58b9  Some more methods merged : toString(), getAttributes(), isValid(), hasObjectClass(String)
     new 7b4f95e  o moved index initialization to AbstractStore class o removed set<System>Index methods form Store and BTreePartition
     new 9d75c52  Migrated the contains(String) and containAttributes() methods to ClientEntry
     new ba06ede  Moved the hasObjectClass() and set( AttributeType...) methods
     new bf4f431  Prepartion for RDN index: o removed updnIndex from BTreePartition and Store o removed getNdnIndex from BTreePartition
     new edeff99  fixed an issue with missing requested attributes while searching
     new 40c0ea0  added a method to find if duplicate keys are supported by the index
     new f8377b3  o added an extra check on the non-null index to see if duplicates are supported by the index   (if duplicates are not supported then a call to reverseGreaterOrEq or reverseLessOrEq will fail with UnSupportedOperationException, in order    to avoid that we should check if the index supports duplicates else we fall back to evaluation of the Entry after fetching from master table )
     new e8c6ab6  test case for the changes made to the LessEq and GreaterEq evaluators at revision 938457
     new f28c074  Added comment to an @Ignore annotation
     new a936592  Finished the Client/ServerEntry merge : o Removed the DefaultServerEntry class o Removed the ServerEntry interface o Fixed the code accordingly
     new 7ae0afb  Removed the useless EmptyEntry inner class
     new cab52e3  Moved and renamed DefaultClientEntry to DefaultEntry
     new ce9477d  Renamed some test classes
     new 90da1d6  Removed useless files
     new 90c138b  o Fixed the way binary values handle null values : the syntaxChecker is called if the Value is schema aware o Added some error messages
     new 80024c1  added a convenient method to get the EventType from the given standard event mask(i.e those explicitly declared in EventType class) value
     new 42c350f  o added support for storing the contextCSN attribute used in replication o added set/getSyncPeriodMillis() methods to the DirectoryService interface o updated the classes implementing DirectoryService
     new ac10f87  uncommented the code setting SyncPeriodMillis value on DirectoryService
     new b683987  Minor cleanup and refactoring for clarity sake
     new 54cbc62  Fixed a compilation pb (missing method declaration)
     new 4c250a7  o The lookup operation now returns an Entry instead of a ClonedServerEntry o Renamed Entry inner class to Element inside the InterceptorChain, to avoid a name collision with the Entry class o The Exception interceptor does not anymore check that the entry exist before returning it : if the entry does not exist, then we will get a null value, and will generate the appropriate exception. We then save a call to the hasEntry() operation o Added some missing Javadoc
     new f123252  Added the ou.lg and ou.db files to the svn:ignore property
     new ae90f31  o added ParentIdAndRdn class and use it for the RDN index o removed parentId from RDN class o removed unused getParentId(String) method from Store interface o removed unused getParentId(Sting|ID) method from BTreePartition
     new 6a4b0a2  no need to build the new DN, just update the RDN index
     new 7d896c7  Allow multiple RDNs for the context entry
     new f2e0627  o No need to complete the ObjectClass when doing a lookup : it has already been completed when the entry has been added.
     new 172e0c7  lazy initialize the transaction manager only if needed because it is expensive to create and close it, speeds up xdbm-search and jdbm-store tests
     new 4133866  Removed System.out, added assertion for person OC, formatting
     new 85878a6  o moved common methods from JdbmStore and AvlStore to super class, more to come o added rdnIndex to AbstractStore o removed getEntryUpDn() methods from Store interface and BTreePartition
     new 6c2a007  Introduce type parameter for master table
     new affe5bb  Added javadoc
     new 1951580  o Use RDN index for AVL partition o Moved remaining common methods to AbstractStore
     new 5e5f91d  Forgot AVL RDN index implementation
     new 7e881de  No need to check exact result order
     new 498947c  Creating test jars
     new 76d61b6  Use UUID index for walking all entries. Adapted tests as UUID index doesn't garantee insert time ordering.
     new f27e6e0  Throw error if something goes wrong when applying an LDIF, makes debugging easier.
     new fceece1  o fixed a corner case in evaluate(IndexEntry): alias derefencing wasn't checked when the search base was the context entry o fixed evaluate(ID): special case for context entry wasn't checked o merged evaluate methods to avoid duplicate code
     new ccb074e  use simpler way to get count for system indices
     new a4de714  Handle nondeterministic order of search continuations.
     new 2852194  Handle nondeterministic order of search continuations.
     new fb42545  o make it possible to derive the ID from the entry itself (e.g. by using the entryUUID) o fixed some typos in javadoc
     new 2c4f0d3  Added basic alias search tests
     new fc579e2  Removed ndn index
     new eba375c  o Some method are now private instead of public o removed the 'static' keywords for some methods too o slight optimization : we check the filter before normalizing the subschemasubentry DN
     new d3529b3  Split a line for debug ease
     new 8d7ddb1  Minor cleanup and Javadoc additions
     new beb73f0  Removed the call to the eagerlyPopulateEntry() in the search request
     new e4ae809  Split the rename referral tests in order to avoid issues when reverting operations
     new dc60b67  Added a temporary class that will be used for search operation as a replacement for the default ClonedServerEntry. Some operation (probably rename) is modifying the ClonedServerEntry original entry, which is wrong and costly, as we have to clone it.
     new 4875fdf  Modifed the class so that it can be extended
     new c3e0b73  Used the newly created class ClonedServerEntrySearch
     new c9cdbaf  Avoid a useless DN normalization when it's already done
     new 9531bea  Removed the filterObjectClass() method, as it's not called anymore. It was used to add the missing OC when returning an entry, but as those OC are added when the entry is added into the server, it's useless and time consuming.
     new bca459c  Split a line for debugging purposes
     new ed0e70e  One more optimization : if the DN is already normalized, no need to do it again.
     new 2c285bf  Merged the abstract ReferralAwareRequestHandler with the SearchHandler, as we dn't ave any other extending class. It makes it easier to understand how the search request is handled.
     new 8153f14  Added a Timer interceptor that can be used to get some information about operations duration.
     new 99dfcfd  Added missing Javadoc and class header
     new 261ba8e  Minor refactoring
     new 951dfbc  adding idea module ignore lines to svn:ignore
     new 88d5176  Added some Javadoc
     new 22733ad  Added a TODO
     new fce69a0  Replaced ${groupId} with ${project.groupId} in poms (same for version)
     new 8b0c802  Replaced ${groupId} with ${project.groupId} in poms (same for version)
     new f6c4068  Replaced ${groupId} with ${project.groupId} in poms (same for version)
     new a0a8b1d  Replaced ${groupId} with ${project.groupId} in poms (same for version)
     new 0520db8  Replaced ${groupId} with ${project.groupId} in poms (same for version)
     new 6909e2a  Replaced ${groupId} with ${project.groupId} in poms (same for version)
     new 3f32145  Replaced ${groupId} with ${project.groupId} in poms (same for version)
     new eaeeec8  Replaced ${groupId} with ${project.groupId} in poms (same for version)
     new a23a248  Replaced ${groupId} with ${project.groupId} in poms (same for version)
     new 99b1edb  o Added some javadoc o Added the toString() method o Refactored the hashCode(), compareTo() and equals() methods o The writeExternal and readExternal now call the same methods from RDN, instead of depending on the base java readObject()
     new 6081d8d  o Added missing Javadoc o Removed useless method
     new 4b8c731  Modified tests to more accurately make sure the switch from in memory data structures to B+Trees occurs for key duplicates surpassing a configurable threshold
     new 37b6f61  removed commented dependencies and unused repositories
     new 9f1f252  Fixed test failure with Java 5
     new b3d0547  fix for DIRSERVER-1502
     new 9373a2a  o refactored the configuration parameter names and methods o added support for ApacheDS specific MODDN operation control
     new 733793a  fixed the issues after Entry API refactoring
     new b8968a5  fixed the issues after Entry API refactoring
     new 7062ad1  overwritten with the contents from the file with the same name present in syncrepl module
     new 25470d9  moving syncrepl consumer implementation to protocol-ldap module
     new 99f02d6  deleting after updating the copy of the same file present in protocol-ldap module
     new e41245f  updated the package
     new 7e5d80e  o added a interface for configuring replication provider from within LdapServer o updated SearchHandler and LdapServer classes
     new 1968497  o added new schema elements to the list of constatnts o added support for setting up replication provider in the LdapServer o added support for loading the replication configurations of providers for a consumer
     new 7fdc7c4  o Added some performance tests o Made the build not launching those performance tests
     new 6b642a0  o Added some performance tests o Made the build not launching those performance tests
     new ad0661e  Reformating
     new a5f5e89  Started to make JDBM using Generics. Atm, only BPage and a few other classes have been changed.
     new 6c51672  Add Apache Snapshot repository to make 'mvn install' working when running from a clean trunk checkout (not trunk-with-dependencies)
     new 5d2e5d1  o integrated syncrepl consumer's start/stop cycle with LdapServer o added a cookie saver thread to syncrepl consumer implementation
     new 845e60f  fixed an issue with reading the provider configurations from config partition
     new 25e5a51  o fixed an issue with handling present entries sent with syncinfo message
     new ba08b67  Add basic site containing - Link to parent module - Information block - Report block
     new 3c3c81a  - Fix xref in findbugs report - Add report about plugins/dependencies/properties of which a newer version may exist
     new ea3a61f  From PMD report "Avoid empty catch blocks"
     new 92d8d6b  From PMD report "Do not hard code IPv4 or IPv6 addresses"
     new f091328  From PMD report "Avoid empty catch blocks"
     new 57c3940  added wildcard type to remove compiler warning
     new 49b79f5  Removed unnecessary null check
     new 8506ff9  o refactored some variables and methods to match the corresponding schema elements o updated the user configured attributes are handled o added an option to store the cookie in file/DIT o added support for storing the cookie in DIT o removed cookie updating thread (cookie is now saved as soon as it is received) o added support for handling network failures
     new 7b62d51  removed unused file
     new 2cf6417  o added a new branch for storing provider configuraion on a consumer o updated a changed method name
     new 38f5dfa  o logging exceptions instead of leaving the catch blocks empty o removed PMD annotations
     new bfce278  Throw IllegalArgumentException instead of NPE.
     new 5f47c97  Added some tests
     new efc527c  Moved constants from class to interface
     new 4e23291  Moved remaining classed from core-entry to core-api, delete core-entry module
     new ea6c70e  Moved remaining class from utils to core, deleted apacheds-utils module
     new ed2d89b  Removed undue System.out.println
     new ff903ce  Removed undue System.out.println
     new 0a7f279  o The fin() method is not anymore recursive o Added some generics o Removed commented code o Improved the compare method o Added some javadoc o Added a toString() method o Minor refactoring
     new 97a226f  No shutdown hook for tests
     new 17cc1d2  Some clean up: o removed some suites because tests were listed in multiple suites, in the maven build those tests run multiple times which caused longer build time o sorted test classes by package and class name in suites, to make it easier to track missing test classes o added missing test classes into suites o added @CreateDS annotation to some test classes to make it possible to run within eclipse o renamed * to *
     new 4846e56  Fixed reload of SSL certificates in case multiple transports are configured. Caused sporadic failure of LdapsUpdateCertificateIT.
     new e978a8a  Added SSLContextFactory that reloads the trust store each time it is used. Use this factory for TLS tests
     new 36d75b9  o handled e-synrefreshRequired error code during content synchronization o removed some unused variables o formatting
     new 159e7d0  Removed some warnings by adding @SuppressWarninds
     new c0adb19  Some clean up: o sorted test classes by package and class name in suite, to make it easier to track missing test classes o added missing test classes into suites o removed test includes in pom as all test classes are now included in the suite
     new 0c36cef  Add missing methods from change Shared Cursor API
     new b0dcfb1  o Stores the PagedSearch context in a ConcurrentHashMap o Removed the useless synchronizations
     new a34b167  The pagedSearch cookie is an Int, not a Long
     new 2cf7cbc  o Used an AtomicInteger for the cookie o Compute the cookie to avoid collisions
     new eeea6cc  o Added a connection close after every test o Added some delay after the connection is closed so that the unbind request is correctly sent o Also closing the NamingEnumeration
     new 406d523  Fix for DIRSERVER-1503: Use a Position enum for more fine grained positioning before or after a node
     new b232fc2  This has been removed
     new 45490ab  o Added more generics o The static methods are not anymore static
     new b1baf2c  Added some more generics
     new 6630970  Branch for XDBM refactoring
     new e85cdf0  Part for DIRSERVER-1505 (Merge XDBM modules): o move Tuple, TupleCursor, AbstractTupleCursor, and TupleRenderer from xdbm-base to shared-cursor o remove dependency xdbm-base from avl-core o add dependency xdbm-base to jdbm-store
     new bdb4b5b  Part for DIRSERVER-1505 (Merge XDBM modules): o add package in xdbm-search o move AVL store classes and tests from apacheds-avl-partition to xdbm-search o use AVL store instead of JDBM store for xdbm-search tests o add dependency core-avl to xdbm-search o remove dependency jdbm-store from xdbm-search o remove dependency xdbm-tools from avl-partition
     new 0ea4dc9  Part for DIRSERVER-1505 (Merge XDBM modules): o remove dependency xdbm-base from jdbm-store o add dependency xdbm-search to jdbm-store o merge java and test classes from xdbm-base into xdbm-search o replace dependency xdbm-base to xdbm-search in xdbm-tools o move StoreUtils class from xdbm-tools to xdbm-search o remove dependency xdbm-tools from jdbm-store o remove dependency xdbm-tools from xdbm-search o remove dependency xdbm-base from xdbm-search o add dependency core [...]
     new 5536933  Part for DIRSERVER-1505 (Merge XDBM modules): o deleted xdbm-base module o remove dependency xdbm-base from all o remove xdbm-base from parent pom module section
     new 3c21da5  o Removed the createInstance() methods used to create BTree instances, replaced with plain constructors. This allow the user to define generic BTrees easily o As the Tuple is now generic, modify the using code accordingly o the BTree.load() method is not anymore static, for the same reason than #1 : generics don't like static methods.
     new fbac3d7  Fix scm urls
     new 48562aa  o Removed the Nestable interface,it's already presen in commons-lang o Renamed the ExceptionUtils class to LdapExceptionUtils, and used the common-lang ExceptionUtils class all over the code wxhen necessary
     new 242a292  Removed the ArrayUtils class as it's already present in commons-lang
     new d272cf1  Deleted the SystemUtils class
     new 3507dbc  More generics...
     new fbe5d4f  Merged trunk
     new ce0dad4  DIRSERVER-1505 (Merge XDBM modules): merged xdbm-refactoring branch back to trunk
     new 993248d  Reapplied changes from commit 946132. They disappeard during merge due to tree conflicts.
     new d0111f6  Added a first test for BTree
     new 1467253  Renamed the TestObject to avoid a failure in the test
     new 342c1be  Added one test case for btree
     new 9db7285  Changed the nbEntries to be an AtomicInteger, removed the synchronization around the getSize() method.
     new f29b27f  Fixed a NPE I introduced yesterday night. Rule #1 : always run full build before committing Rule #2 : don't commit at 4 am if you are too tired to wait 10 minutes for the build to end...
     new c5ef392  o Modified the PrincipalDN interface o Slight optim in delete : avoid a useless normalization
     new d9f3ef1  From PMD report Various 'Avoid unused *' removed
     new 6f579ae  Speed up the delete operation by removing useless calls to lookup(), entry existence, child existence. Minor refactoring done
     new b93d140  Removed two calls to the lookup() method
     new 3d6aed0  Looks more logical to me ?
     new 35131a3  From PMD report Various 'Avoid unused *' removed
     new 94f4083  Fixed hashcode() and equals() methods of ProtectedItem o use Set type for ProtectedItem elements as stated in X.501, Annex E o adjusted hashcode() and equals() methods o adjusted and activated test cases
     new 1c5233e  Fixed hashcode() and equals() methods of UserClass o use Set type for subtree specification elements as stated in X.501, Annex E o adjusted and activated test cases
     new b279f05  Fix NPE
     new ce936ba  Add simple tests, ignore test for hashCode
     new 562953d  - Override hashCode when overriding equals - Adding simple testcases
     new 061e151  Minor refactoring
     new 1393f6d  Some more minor refactoring
     new 4839010  Added perf tests for the delete operation
     new 114d327  o Added some more generics o Minor refactoring
     new 66f112f  o Renamed a field o Added a getter/setter for the recordId
     new 588612f  This method has been renamed in commit 947213.
     new 94bb3b4  Remove unused imports
     new 80e50fd  Combine nested if statements
     new 2cc50f7  Remove unnecessary final modifiers. When a class has the final modifier, all the methods are automatically final.
     new db5ac66  o removed unused sources o updated LdapServer class accordingly o removed NamingException from LdapServer
     new a3e8db9  o fixed serving the same search results to a syncrepl consumer twice by adding 'else'
     new 5be33f1  o fixed an issue with updating entry sent to a consumer in refreshNPersist mode   (when such a consumer can't be reachable for some reason and a MODIFY event happens on provider's DIT during that time    then that will be sent to the client as a ADD event when the consumer comes back and resumes the session again)
     new fc25043  o injecting the synrepl based replication provider implementation o added dependency on activemq-core to use its queues for storing the operations performed on DIT as event messages in chronological order
     new 08153be  Javadoc
     new cce277a  Formatting
     new 87c1b31  Edited the Javadoc of the wrong method in previous commit
     new 590d3ef  Unnecessary return statement
     new 7d12bf1  Remove empty statement (semicolon)
     new faa7197  Refactorings: o no need to set the entry DN after rename/move o removed unused methods o less lookups during move operation
     new 45db9b6  - Avoid explicit casting of (HostAddresses[]) - Fix equals for null value - Override hashCode when overriding equals - Adding simple testcases
     new 859306a  o Added a setPageSize() method to allow a user to configure it once the BTree has been created. o Improved the search for a key : if the key already exists, we can spare a useless compare(). Everytime the key is not the rightmost element of a BPage, we don't call compare() for nothing.
     new b20a447  If values are added the values must be added to the objectClass index.
     new 01d47c7  If all values are removed the values must be removed from the index.
     new 78a84c7  Fix wrong test cases
     new 51530a1  Enable ignored tests
     new 333ca99  Synchronize remaining write methods
     new e074d55  Added a toString() method Minor refactoring
     new 39d636b  o added support for storing and updating the context CSN
     new 3219264  o fixed updating csn index after modifying an entry o added test case for testing the updates on csn index
     new 1335532  o Replaced legacy classes like hashtable by Map o More generic added o Code refactoring
     new 5992ed9  o renamed the attribute 'ads-replBase' to 'ads-searchBaseDN' o updated the referring objectclasses and java sources
     new 8394d42  o added ads-searchBaseDN property to the catalog based server which will be used by LDAP and KDC server instances
     new 656d221  added default SASL mechanism handlers
     new 3dbdf4f  capitalized the SASL mechanism names
     new f713b7e  o added support for adding extended operation handlers o fixed an issue with processing a disabled entry's config
     new 90164319d o migrated the complete default config present in server.xml o removed the unnecessary operational attributes that are maintained by the server during add/modify operations
     new 696e279  fixed failing test after adding the new ads-Id attribute in adsconfig schema
     new 71bc37b  o removed the attributes which are used for pointing to the configuration of entries required in configuring a service/server o updated the config partition reader's code accordingly
     new befa950  o removing empty directories
     new fe0b09a  Removed useless SystemOut
     new 1a3d108  o Added more generic o Minor refactoring (source formatting, renaming) o Added a test
     new 7b08c95  Bumped up slf4j to 1.5.11
     new 33d4808  Minor refactoring (removing some PMD warnings)
     new 9235aba  Second sep to fix DIRSHARED-59 : the apacheds i18n class is now an enum.
     new 0a336c9  Update PMD version DIR-241, add reports to Daemon, Installers, Ldap-Client
     new 06e3ec7  Kill the test if it lasts longer than 15 minutes (I think this should be long enough). See also
     new d079b90  o Added a fix for DIRSERVER-1448 : w don't throw anymore a NPE if a modification removes all the OC for an entry. o The associated error message code has been improved
     new 412c6ec  Deprecated configuration for surefire plugin
     new 89207e1  fix for DIRSERVER-1417
     new 63c4264  DIRSHARED-60: added tests and TODOs
     new 46f0f17  o changed the exception thrown when a non admin user tries to add entryUUID and entryCSN attributes to LdapNoPermissionException   which will send the result code INSUFFICIENT_ACCESS_RIGHTS (this change was done to keep it uniform with the behavior of SchemaInterceptor's checkModifyEntry() method) o added test cases to test this behavior
     new 2fe7d498 Applied Stefan's patch for DIRSHARED-60. After having removed the useless checks, the test is now passing
     new 5cb0c53  Removed tabs from code
     new b87dd09  Removed a useless synchronization
     new abde77a  o fixed an issue when the context entry gets updated it's corresponding LDIF file   is getting stored at a wrong location
     new 58f040f  fix for DIRSERVER-1416 (we now allow modification of modifyTimestamp and modifiersName operational AT by admin user, this is needed by the replication system)
     new c5f69a7  fix for DIRSERVER-1487
     new e23d69a  fixed test case after fixing  DIRSERVER-1416
     new dfa1df1  Added a try...catch to avoid some potential failure if some file don't exists anymore.
     new afbf993  Revert the previous commit.
     new a0f1781  Fix xreflocation to make links work in the generated reports
     new 1e83297  o Removed useless lookup() for the modification operation
     new 6c06491  Minor refactoring (applied the formatter)
     new 0b7305b  o Really removed the calls to lookup() mwhen it's useless o Removed commented code
     new 0ba12ff  Some more cleanup for the modify operation : mainly cleaning DN operations.
     new a5eb165  Add custom checkstyle configuration
     new 50c45c2  o Removing some more useless lookups o Small improvements o Added some missing Javadoc, minor code refactoring
     new 07320d8  Updated some error code
     new 4e9e08e  o One more lookup removed for the modify operation. o Code refactoring o Added a AttributeTypeReistry lookup when adding an Attribute to an entry
     new 54a2c47  o The Store modify() method now returns an Entry
     new 2129abc  Added Javadoc
     new 5d6cea9  Removing one more lookup
     new 8d28aad  fix for DIRSERVER-1121
     new 8511086  added setters and getters to satisfy the requirement stated in DIRSERVER-1424
     new bee9577  Updated the TODO. The lookup must be removed, but I wasn't succesful in doing so...
     new 3a9704b  Added perf tests
     new 86cc7a3  Don't use "/tmp". There is a Java property to get the temporary directory.
     new 14a45ad  Fixed another system dependent file creation : using '/' won't work on windows
     new b3afea6  Fixed tests on Windows.
     new 06a9e07  updated the package name of LdapException class
     new 3a4227a  o overloaded convertEntryToLdif() method to include version info in the generated LDIF o updated the LdifPartition to call this new method while writing back LDIF to disk
     new c43b603  o The DS getSession now throw an LdapException o Eliminated a potential NPE when transmitting a null password o The bind() method now throws an LdapException o Fixed the InterceptorException o Fixed tests as bind() throws an exception now o Added tests where we send a null password, to show that DIRSERVER-1309 has been fixed
     new 6e7c711  o Added loggers and logs in authenticator classes o the getAuthenticationLevel() and authenticate() methods now throw a LdapException instead of a NamingException o The authenticatorType is now an enum, not a String o Added missing Javadoc
     new a968e9a  Removed the jcl-slf4j dependency, it's not used
     new 459f71b  Added a test for DIRSERVER-1389
     new 3e181e6  o Added an (ignored) test for DIRSERVER-1389 o Prepared the SubstringEvaluator for when we will be ready to do SUBSTR filters on binary values
     new 0f42d07  o added a method to build any newly added userindex after the server was already loaded with some data (look at DIRSERVER-1327 for the complete details)
     new 23d8e91  o The Interceptor.bind() method now throws an LdapException o The Partition.bind() method now throws an LdapException o Don't do a eagerlyPopulateFields() call for the bind() operation
     new f308ab6  The unbind operation now throws an LdapException instead of an Exception. Applied the modification on all the impacted classes and interfaces.
     new 9872d1b  fixed a wrong DN
     new 76898a8  o JdbmIndex files are named after the corresponding AttributeType's OID (see DIRSERVER-1510) o updated test cases
     new 29ff926  fixed file name
     new 3ad6c67  Save string values larger than 64Kb - DIRSERVER-1319
     new 42e6f80  Avoid log4j warning during test
     new 435f4f9  DIRSHARED-40: RDN.get{Up|Norm}Value() now returns the Value object.
     new d014cdf  Cleaning in pom.xml files:   o Removed versions from the pom.xml files of sub-modules  o Declared a dependency management for each sub-module  o Removed unnecessary tags
     new 4ff2d30  o removed a sysout o lowered the log statement in convertAndInit() method to debug level o fixed a typo in AvlStore.convertAndInit() method
     new 3f9b902  Exclude constant files from cobertura report - they will not have any tests.
     new d0905f8  o The Interceptor/OperationManager/Partition methods now throw a LdapException instead of an Exception o Minor refactoring (mainly removed commented code) o Closed cursors when it was not done
     new 7219319  Demoved many NamingException from the server (either in Javadoc,or replaced them by LdapException)
     new c7f1da9  o Removed some NamingException, replaced by LdapException o Removed commented code
     new 6890db3  Don't resolve translation twice for logging and exception
     new b5faa7d  o moved AvlPartition to xdbm-search module o removed avl-partition module o moved AbstractXdbmPartition to its own package to avoid cyclic package dependencies (detected by JDepend)
     new d85d76e  Renamed xdbm-search to xdbm-partition
     new 8313958  o password policy configuration holder
     new 67fa255  Replaced the throw new NullPointerException by throw new IllegalArgumentException
     new dbd85ec  o moved mock classes to core-api/src/test/java o create a tests jar for core-api o use this tests jar in ldap-partition and core o removed duplicate mock classes in core o removed core-mock module
     new a49ef59  Removed the addPartitionContext from the Interceptors, it's never called and can't be called anyway.
     new cf51f1f  Replaced new Integer() with Integer.valueOf()
     new 09d2f94  Removed the AddContextPartitionOperation class, which is not used anymore
     new 9cfdcee  Removed the removeContextPartition from the Interceptor, and removed the RemoveContextPartitionContext, as they are not used.
     new 55e7ee4  Avoid NPE if list==null
     new e689e9a  Probably vice versa
     new f57098a  I don't believe that this ever has work that way
     new c6cadb8  Compare apples with apples not with pears
     new 0b785c5  Constants are uppercase and static final
     new ec24fa3  Fixed build on Java5. If a dependency uses findbugs annotations the dependee also needs to know the findbugs annotations at compile time.
     new 3c36f3a  Respect return value of method
     new d9537ae  Missed in Respect return value of method
     new 7e13f0a  Merged jdbm-store into jdbm-partition, deleted jdbm-store
     new fde087b  forgot to delete folder
     new f54d45a  Removed the getmatchedName method and getMatchedNameContext : they are useless.
     new 13a1e0a  - Implements the LdapServerFactory - Clean up
     new a67fa6d  Avoid file descriptor leak when stream is not closed by keyStore.load
     new c4cb1b4  Move JBoss 3.x SAR module to attic
     new 344fc0e  Moved JBoss SAR module to attic, removed non-existing modules
     new 7f896e2  Cleanup
     new 373adf6  Added a perf test for the getRootDSE operation
     new 5ffdf79  Cleaned up the getRootDSE operation : the interface returns an Entry, instead of a ClonedServerEntry, and we don't create anymore such an instance : we just return a clone of the actual rootDSE.
     new 147e39e  Avoid 'ST: Write to static field from instance method'
     new fe21060  Removed System.out, added to avoid log4j warn messages during test
     new 8446ad8  Moved to src/test/resources, use log level OFF
     new d7716b6  Removed System.out, added to avoid log4j warn messages during test
     new 167e548  Removed System.out, added to avoid log4j warn messages during test
     new c864d4a  o Added a perf test for the hasEntry method o Added a isRootDSE() method in the DN class o Minor cleanup
     new 0cf9ab4  Removed System.out
     new 51f82a9  Removed System.out
     new 1b67b46  Fixed NTP test: o offset can be negative o delay can be zero o formatting
     new 3f49602  No logging during tests
     new 5e9efc0  Move StoreUtils to src/test/java, it is only used in tests.
     new cd40d2b  Use StringBuffer for string concatenation
     new 44ef896  Using StringBuilder, thanks Emmanuel
     new 52e4e8f  Remove the apacgeds-server-xml and xbeans modules : they are not used anymore
     new 2c35928  o Removed the getSuffix() method from the OperationManager and from the interceptors o The Partition.getSuffix() and Partition.setSuffix() are now returning a DN and take a DN parameter. o Removed the Partition getSuffixDn() method o Renamed the getSuffix( DN ) method to findSuffix( DN )
     new 3e05734  Removed the xbean annotations
     new 07de776  Removed the server-xml and xbeans-spring modules
     new e780f3f  o Removed the listSuffixes() method from the Interceptor and OperamationManager interface. o This operation now only exists in the PartitionNexus interceptor, and takes no parameter o Removed the associated OperationContext
     new 4c42825  Reverted a commit made by mistake
     new 1d1d774  o Added a perf test for the List operation o Removed the eagerlyPopulateFields for this operation
     new 78e57c4  Slight speed-ups by using a DN ref instead of a clone. Used DN instead of Strings.
     new 120af00  Remove @version annotation from comment header
     new 45c5662  cleanup svn keywords/properties/eol-style for xml/java/porperties/ldif files
     new 70e112c  Remove unused parameters from constructors
     new 9c7fe2e  Former BEA JRockit has become Oracle JRockit in its latest release
     new 2f9ab88  Computation of average could overflow
     new 883eaef  instanceof will always return true since all jdbm.helper.Serializer are instances of
     new ce3bb3e  use Long.valueOf(long) instead
     new 5ba4165  Yellow lights are bad, they warn you about something ;-)
     new c087af5  Reverted a wrong check on the keySerializer.
     new 13d5ba7  Throw the exception
     new ba2014c  Drop if tests
     new ada6db1  Added a rename perf test
     new d2570d4  Removed a $version$ tag
     new 0f2de9a  o Modify the eagerlyPopulateFields to throw a LdapNoSuchObjectException if the entry does not exist o Removed spurious lookups for the rename operation o Removed a check for existence in the Exception interceptor, the check is already done in the eagerlyPopulateFields o Removed some useless normalizations o The MODIFIERS_NAME_AT and MODIFY_TIMESTAMP_AT operational attributes are now added directly into the renamed entry, in order to guarantee that the modification is ato [...]
     new b3b11e4  Added some more decent traces
     new 9875d46  Added a rename() method which take no entry parameter
     new ff9ca29  o Removed the Entry cloning in the ClonedServerEntry creation o Added some more accurate informations in the perfTest
     new bc34acc  o Adding some perf tests for the move operation o Modified some error message
     new 3ca4fa2  Fixed a potential problem in the way we compare a DN with a String. Strange that it ever worked ...
     new 6d7c669  Removed some useless normalization for the move operation
     new f8a6961  Fixed the Move perf test, it was totally wrong...
     new 41e1c4d  o Added the newDN into the MoveOperationContext o Removed useless DN clone and computation, as we now have the newDn present in the OperationContext o Removed one lookup in the Move operation
     new 8fa1bea  Removed three lookups in the Move operation, gaining 10% speed
     new 8ea311c  Small improvements in TriggerInterceptor.
     new bc86f10  o Added computed rdn, oldSuperior into the MoveOperationContext class o Renamed the 'parent' to newSuperior in the MoveOperatioContext class o The DN.getParent() method does not throw anymore an exception
     new 0006556  o Adding some missing accessors into the MoveOperationContext class o Remove useless lookups o Adding some more normalization
     new eb2cf81  o Cleaned up the TriggerInterceptor.move() operation.
     new 3048547  Removed a helper method, using a DN isChildOf() method instead
     new 529b7c5  o Added missing Javadoc o Renamed opContext to moveContext
     new 87e6cee  o Added a test in MoveReferralITTest (@Igored atm) for DIRSERVER-1518 o Changed an error name to be more explicit o The move() method in store which takes a RDN parameter has been renamed moveAndRename o The Move() operation can now take an Entry parameter to make the operation atomic (not yet implemented) o Added some missing Javadoc o Reviewed the move() operation, which now does nothing but a move o Fixing tests accordingly to the changes
     new 006b836  o Cleaned the OperationContext hierarchy, removing some duplicated methods o Added some asserts in the Move perftest
     new d9354f6  Split a test in two parts because the revert operation does not correctly handle referrals
     new f807485  o Modified the Move operationContext to store the OriginalEntry and the ModifiedEntry (we are not anymore using the ClonedServerEntry) o The entry operational attributes are now updated before calling the backend, in order to make the move operation atomic o Removed a useless lookup in referralInterceptor
     new 81b4203  Added a test for MoveAndRename
     new a68c960  Add type safety
     new 41b0b11  Fixing a pb in JVM detection when running on an old Applce computer
     new c311c4f2 Add type safety
     new aee445e  o Sped up the Compare operation, removing useless lookups, etc o Renamed opContext to compareContext o Moved the originalEntry from AbstractChangedOperationConext to AbstractOperationContext
     new 9caa5a0  Forgot to commit this file
     new cedc838  Commented an assert
     new c86261d  Add type safety, but there are not test in here?
     new 83edecf  Make all the tests working the same
     new 554c7fe  o Started to clean the moveAndRename operation o Re-organized the referral tests to make them passing o Added the controls into the LDIF reverter
     new 7fb7c5d  Renamed the opContext param to moveAndRenameContext for the MoveAndRename operation
     new 8a2be7a  Renamed the opContext param to moveAndRenameContext for the MoveAndRename operation
     new 13af175  Renamed the opContext param to moveAndRenameContext for the MoveAndRename operation
     new c8feb03  Renamed the opContext param to moveAndRenameContext for the MoveAndRename operation
     new e942e86  Renamed the opContext param to moveAndRenameContext for the MoveAndRename operation
     new 21acecc  Renamed the getOldDn() method and parameter to getDeleteOldRdn
     new 6b5fb68  rename the MoveAndRenameContext method getNewSuperior() to getNewSuperiorDn()
     new 727f545  Replaced a clone by a call to the getNewDn() method
     new 525f5b6  Replaced the lookup by the original entry
     new 0ee68a1  Cleaned the OperationContext from duplicate fields
     new 3811a9c  o Removed some useless DN clone o One less lookup
     new df14852  o Reverted the last two commits that were braking the build o added a @Ignore for Ldif tests : there is a difference between Java 5 and Java 6 when dumping Attribute
     new b9d8049  Cleanedup (again) the MoveAndRenameOperationContext, removing duplicated fields (alteredEntry and newDn
     new 7fe3081  Avoid a clone()
     new 5f79d1e  cleaned up the NormalizationInterceptor.moveAndRename()  method
     new 38e909c  Cean up the changeLogInterceptor.moveAndRename operation
     new 2878813  o Renamed some error codes o Added some check in AbstractStore.moveAndRename operation o code refactoring in Excetion interceptor for M&R op
     new c96eb49  Removed the checks for existence in the Exception interceptor, as those checks are already done in the backend.
     new 012f232  The entry is modified before the call to the backend is made for the MoveAndRename operation, we don't need a second call : the operation is now atomic.
     new 4b1dee3  o Removed one more lookup
     new 0355860  o Removed a lookup o Some more cleanup, and removal of clone()
     new b948fad  Rename opContext to addContext for the add operation
     new e86b9ec  Rename opContext to compareContext for the compare operation
     new 9ae7c1d  Replace the opContext by its more specific XXXContext name parameter when possible
     new a2cd0c6  Fixed DIRAPI-17 : the Substring filter was not containing the Attribute, leading to a NPE when encoding it.
     new b6e9814  Adding concurrent execution to test classes, also the ones containing only one test as there will probably more tests in future (test coverage is not complete).
     new 6bfd6e5  Switched the logs to FATAL and OFF
     new 69a2bab  Removed unused imports
     new 1809adb  Removed unused imports
     new 2444d0c  Removed unused imports
     new af7d87b  Removed unused imports
     new 95ee1d5  Supressed some warnings
     new 425f333  Removed the @Ignore annotation as DIRSERVER-1518 is now fixed
     new b726024  Added a missing test from DIRSERVER-1198
     new aeff1a4  Commented some tests from the suite as there are some bad interactions between them.
     new c159741  Renamed the test
     new db6a162  extracted the referral tests from the suites, and added them as individual tests
     new d03e972  Activated the test for DIRSERVER-1918
     new c7d3e2b  o Switched the changeLog to true o Added a test o Removed commented code
     new c2544a7  Removed @Ignore tags for some tests
     new 6d4eaca  Removed @Ignore tags for the NTP test (I don't know why it was back again ...)
     new ceb5d77  Removed @Ignore tags for some tests
     new d4b682e  Removed @Ignore tags
     new 65b6c46  o Removed @Ignore tag o Removed teh @Test annotion from a method which is not a test
     new 4d1c339  Removed the @Ignore tag, partially commented a test
     new 4658c16  o removed one @Ignore for a working test o minor typos fixes
     new 1272ae7  Added a test to demonstrate that DIRSERVER-1285 has been fixed
     new d53264c  Added a JNDI test to demonstrate that DIRSERVER-1285 is fixed
     new 74b1b80  Added a test to demonstrate that DIRSERVER-1330 is fixed
     new a6c3df4  o Removed the AlteredEntry field in the ModifyOperationContex, it's a duplicated field o Ignored the testTimestampAndModifierUpdates test, as we have an issue updating the operational attributes in the schema
     new 1bab4c3  o Added a test for DIRSERVER-1330 o Fixed the problem by catching the exception got if the AttribiteType does not exist in the filter
     new 2d93db9  Removed the @Ignored annotation and fixed the test
     new e9d0b45  renamed default-config to server-config
     new 82cbfa0  Updated the module name
     new 1adb386  Fixed rev 956186 issue
     new 0fe84e1  reverted back to a rev that builds : 955985
     new 5e232ea  applied back
     new 5258ab7  reapplied
     new 8c465cd  reapplied
     new 6e98f25  applied back rev 955622/623 and fixed 039
     new ae43a88  Replaced some System.out.println by calls to LOG.debug
     new a1dc204  o Added a toStrng() method in the ACIItem class o the precedence is now an Integer instead of an int, to be able to know when it has been set
     new f95b0ac  Fixed some failing tests (NPE)
     new 0a7ffe7  o Added a dependency on the new ldap-aci modue o Ignoring a failing test temporarily, until the ACI parser s made schema aware o Removed any reference to JNDI Attribute into the ACI parts o Make the authz part using the modifed ACI module
     new 0e17021  o Make the ACIParser Schema Aware o Inject the schemaManager in the instance of AciParser in the code
     new db20c07  Added the ldap-aci dependency
     new bc7ff8d  moving ppolicy config to core module
     new 6df49f8  fixed the package
     new 7ea49ed  Fixed the tests accordingly to the modification done in the ACI parser
     new 1bee659  Moved some inner class out of the ProtectedItem class
     new 673fc52  Moved some inner class out of the ProtectedItem class
     new 1fb31b9  Moved some inner class out of the ProtectedItem class
     new a504239  Exported the last classes from the ProtectedItem class
     new 3b6fa70  o Make the MaxValueCount and RestrictedBy elems using AttributeType instea of String o Modified the hasPermission and filter methods to take an AT as a parameter o Fixed the tests accordingly
     new 4150cd4  o Removed the OidRegistry parameter when the SchemaManager is already a parameter o Removed useless global variables
     new 7f6c0d7  o Minor refactoring in the ACI interceptor o Formated the ACI in tests
     new f452c9b  Some more ACI formating
     new 9674990  Some more ACI formating
     new b913abd  Some more ACI formating
     new 79eb3b9  o changed the default values of min and max lengths to 0 o added a method for validating the configuration
     new dcfdd60  o Added 3 tests which were commented due to some bad ACI o Fixed a problem in the RelatedProtectedItemFilter
     new 6c3e4ed  o Added a test for DIRSERVER-999 (ignored) o When the ACI tuples is empty, don't go through the filters o Added a dedicated logger for ACI (ACI_LOG)
     new dbecaa3  o Added a dedicated logger for ACI (ACI_LOG)
     new 359ae3b  Some cleanup
     new d205a96  Moving Admin GUI to server-tools module. See also
     new 7290cd9  Minor cleanup, and removal of some useless cloning
     new b580359  o Added a test for Lookup with authz o Added a AciContext structure to be used for filter() checkPermission() and hasPermission() methods o Replaced the methods taking 10 parameters by methods taking a structure (ACDFEngine and others) o Fixed the code and tests accordingly
     new ff60c6d  o Added a constant in SchemaConstants for the 'administrativeRole' AT o Used it in the server
     new 89b59d8  Fixed the code accordingly to the modifications made in shared
     new 7c8c479  Created an Enum for the administartive roles, and used it in the subentry interceptor
     new f95a0f2  o Reworked the Subentry cache : - added a max size - used DN instead of String as parameters - added Javadoc o Cleaned and improved a bit the subentry interceptor
     new 5897510  Added the cacheSize handling
     new 2fffbf4  Some more improvements : using DN.getParent() instead of computing it in code.
     new 8e00dbc  removed the deceased modules
     new 3ac83e6  o Added some constants o Added some Javadoc
     new f086d29  Fixed the javadoc : the DNs are the subentry's DN, not the AP's DNs
     new 7c67c75  o Removed the unused methods isSibling, inferLdapName, isDescendant and hasCompositeComponents from the NamespaceTools class o Fixed some Javadoc o Using DN.isChild() instead of NamespaceTools.isDescendant()
     new 256005a  o added a new method to get SearchResultDone message from the SearchCursor o updated a test case to test the above change
     new 22c5892  Fixed a NPE in test
     new 1052d98  o Added a SchemaMnager.getAttributeType() method which does not throw an exception o Removed many AT lookups o The RefinementEvaluator now takes a SchemaManager instead of an OidRegistry
     new c5b8ee7  o The MaxImmSubFilter constructor now takes a SchemaManager parameter o Removed useless imports
     new f45c4dc  o Reflect the change in Filter that are now Schema aware o Ignored some tests which wee failing due to DIRSERVER_971. They will be fixed later o Many small improvment in all the server code (using AT instead of String constants when possible, to avoid useless lookup in AT registry) o Formatted back some Entry creation in tests
     new 828e388  Increase the read and send Buffer default size
     new 03e3067  o Moved some initialization from JdbmStore/AvlStore down to AbstractStore o Created a hasUserIndexOn( AttributeType attributeType ) method to be used instead of hasUserIndexOn( String id ) o Minor refactoring
     new 9ff3c89  Added the methods getIndex/getSystemIndex/hasIndexOn/hasUserIndexOn/hasSystemIndexOn taking an AttributeType parameter
     new 22af9c0  o Modified the getSystemIndex/getUserIndex/hasSystemIndexOn/hasUserIndexOn methods in AbstractXdbmPartition to take an AttributeType instead of a String o Fixed the code and tests accordingly
     new 4275ae6  o Some optimization in the FilterVistor o Cleaned up the Evaluator, adding some Javadoc o Minor cleanup
     new 0ec18ef  Created an Abstract SimpleEvaluator class to gather some common informations
     new 6539bae  Renamed SimpleEvaluator to LeafEvluator, so that it can be used by PresenceEvaluator and SubstringEvaluator
     new e0d8f74  o added a new method to perform password policy checks before authenticating a user
     new 67c4e4a  o a utility class containing methods related to processing passwords
     new b3538a4  o a exception class defined for PasswordPolicy related errors
     new 2a2c30a  o a class to hold the data of historical passwords of a entry
     new 73fade5  o moved some methods to PasswordUtil class for reusing o updated to perform ppolicy checks while before authenticating
     new d77264f  o updated the methods to prevent losing controls added the the OperationContext in the case of a LdapException while performing the   actual operation   (this is required in the case of ppolicy implementation where a PwdPolicyResponseControl is added even when the operation throws a policy related exception)
     new 8eb4716  o included the ppolicy related checks (99% of the policy related checks are done here)
     new cfaa1b1  o added some pwdpolicy related operational attributes to be skipped
     new 3306870  o fixed a false positive which will arise when maxAge value is zero
     new 11a15e5  o added a default pwdpolicy config entry o updated config reader to read the pwdpolicy config
     new 9b2f333  o added two utility functions to create a LdapNetworkConnection
     new b3f62b5  o test case for pwdpolicy implementation
     new b0790ee  Major speedup in a search request : replacing a call to by a call to cursor.available() increase the speed by 30%
     new 770b34e  o Small improvement in the CollectiveAttributeInterceptor o Port numbers are now selected to avoid a collision in the server-annotation tests o Modified the printing of perf tests results o Minor refactoring on CursorBuider
     new 4d8793e  o Created an UndefinedNode to be used when parsing a Filter and having a unknown AttributeType o Modified the FilterParser to fix DIRSERVER-971/1525 o Removed the @Ignored tests in SearchIT class
     new ab7a134  o added a getter for accessing the pwdpolicy config object
     new 015234b  o added checks to not use the credentialCache when password policy is enabled   (when pwdpolicy is enabled, we need to fetch the user entry with all OP ATs to perform the pwdpolicy state related checks)
     new b6c451e  o added a set to hold the pwdpolicy state OP ATs to be accessible from the BaseInterceptor o updated OperationalAttributeInterceptor and SchemaInterceptor to use this set to restrict the modify operation on these attributes by users
     new e8996a8  o removed many redundant AT lookups o fixed some NPE bugs o used the ModifyOperationContext to bypass the interceptor chain when the pwdpolicy state information needs to be updated o removed the @CreateDS to use a default DS instance with changelog enabled o @Ignored a test
     new fc9fb8d  o forgot to commit the @Ignore change (was mentioned in r964358)
     new 746af8c   Reflected the deletio  of the shared-ldap-aci module
     new 7c58724  o Minor refactoring and Javadoc update
     new bfa013b  Some cleanup for the subtree interceptor
     new 310f859  Some more cleanup in the subentry interceptor (mainly using AT instead of Strings for lookups in entries)
     new c260bbd  First step of refactoring : o The subentry cache now use the DN (and not the String DN) as a key, as it spares some useless DN normalizations o Some helper methods has been added and used in the add() operation, they will also be used in the other operations o Many other small cleanup and improvements done o Added some javadoc and comments
     new bb7bad0  o The delete operation has been reviewed, and now uses the common methods. o Some more cleanup.
     new 4b737a5  o cleaned up the modify() method code o formatting
     new 44a38d8  o fixed a failing test by disabling changelog(this is just a workaround)
     new 48d9f4f  o Factorized some code by creating a new helper method.
     new 9692d35  Used the LdifEntry.createEntry() method in those tests
     new d1b36bc  o Redefined a AddSubentry test with a new hierarchy of objects for completness. o Added some helper methods. o Used the API
     new fba0ca0  Added some more tests : definition of a AP under another AP
     new fead358  Reverted to commons-net-2.0 as 2.1 has been removed from repos
     new 3a9ad3f  o Fixed a bug in the getOperationalModsForAdd() method : the opAttr wasn't cloned thus it was shared upon many entries o Added some check in the add test
     new c176191  o Added some Javadoc o Fixed the getOperationalModsForReplace method (it was only working for access control)
     new 7184787  Created a branch to experiment with another way to deal with subentries
     new 4503645  Sligth optimization of the subtree evaluator.
     new 300cb11  o Merged the CollectiveAttributeSchemaChecker code into the CollectiveAttributeInterceptor class o Cleanup and removal of useless code.
     new 7585f50  o Added a modify( DN, Modification... ) method in the LdapConnection for convenience o Migrated the CollectiveAttributeServiceIT test to use the API o Added a test for addition of collective subentry without a collectiveAttribute o Fixed a bug in the reverted which was failing to store a revert addition of a collective subentry o Refactored/cleaned the CollectiveAttributeInterceptor class o Added errors in apacheds I18n o Removed the tests in the apacheds I18n module : t [...]
     new b180cfd  o removed static initialization to avoid NPE while running in eclipse
     new af2901c  o Added the handling of exceptionCaucght() events in the client API o The responseFuture now contains the cause of error if something went wrong during the request sending o Added a test to demonstrate DIRAPI-20, and prove that it's now fixed. o Fixed a NPE in some tests by using non static fields
     new fd11fd1  merged back the subtree branch into trunk
     new f493508  Made the subentry cache thread safe
     new d9a8a2f  o Added logs o Created a helper method o Modified the delete method to delete the subentry after the entries referencing it has been updated
     new 3169d92  o removed call to DN.normalize(oidMap) wherever possible
     new a5f10c0  o removed call to DN.normalize(oidMap) wherever possible
     new b1245cb  Converted the tests to use the new LDAP API
     new 5629f45  Removed commented code
     new 3a4fab7  renamed to server-config
     new 6cf3d8c  Merged modification done in subtree branch
     new 52f1a13  Fix for DIRSERVER-1529 and DIRSERVER-1530
     new 9364e20  Migrated the test to use the API instead of JNDI
     new c0c23d5  Removed all the useless JNDI constructions
     new e03b00f  Minor refactoring
     new 18ca2b0  The SearchRequest message now takes a DN as a baseDn
     new b8d411f  o Added methods in the LdapConnection classes (to be able to pass a DN as a String) o Modified the impacted tests o Fixed some failing tests due to the modifications done in the collective attribte handling in the schema manager (see DIRSERVER-1529/30/31)
     new b7334f0  o fix for DIRSERVER-1354
     new cf0b7ae  Added direct dependencies, as stated by mvn dependency:analyze
     new 43958d8  Removed duplicate dependency declarations
     new 2fff8b9  Removed duplicate dependency declaration
     new 2ca6fec  Added apacheds-core-constants dependency. It's incorrectly reported as 'unused declared' by dependency:analyze, but it is used.
     new 52004c7  Fixed the test by using the correct admin rold : collectiveArributeSpecificArea. I don't know how possibly those tests ever worked ...
     new 7c0d114  Added the AdminInterceptor
     new 19f5077  o Added tests for the AdministrationPoint interceptor o Modified the administrativePoint interceptor to fix some issues o Renamed the AdministrativeInterceptor to AdministrativePointInterceptor o Injected the SchemaManager into the ObjectIdentifierComparator for future use o Added two methods in the LdifUtils class to create entries
     new 835f845  Removed the old class as it was renamed
     new 57bcfdb  Injected the error message into the LdapResult
     new 5b085e9  Added code and tests for move, rename and move&rename methods. atm, it just throw an UnwillingToPerform exception when applied on AdminsitrativePoint.
     new 1bee514  o Added some tests for the Modify Add and Replace operation o Fixed the AdministrativePoint interceptor
     new 90c8d73  o Added tests for modifications of administrative roles
     new 63e1897  o Fixed DIRSERVER-1532 o Uncommented the AdministrativePoint test o Ignored the failing NtpTest
     new f8fdf74  Added a ModifyRequest.replace( String ) method
     new 807bc70  o Merged the modifications made by Kiran in the dnFactoryExperient branch. o DN is now immutable. o We have a DN cache too.
     new 0a546a7  o Merged the modifications made by Kiran in the dnFactoryExperient branch. o DN is now immutable. o We have a DN cache too.
     new 21256d4  o Merged the modifications made by Kiran in the dnFactoryExperient branch. o DN is now immutable. o We have a DN cache too.
     new 314d83e  o Merged the modifications made by Kiran in the dnFactoryExperient branch. o DN is now immutable. o We have a DN cache too.
     new c7d87da  o Merged the modifications made by Kiran in the dnFactoryExperient branch. o DN is now immutable. o We have a DN cache too.
     new 68631ef  o Added the AdministrativePoint classes o Removed the AdministrativeRole class from core (we will use the one in shared-ldap)
     new 26e2246  o updated to use OID instead name of the attribute
     new 36ace7a  o fixed the failing test after updating DefaultEntry to normalize the DN
     new cb3d165  o added a static schema manager reference to the DNFactory o updated directory service init() method to set the shema manager in DN factory o fixed the failing tests
     new fbc8780  o fixed an issue related to the values used after normalizing the DN o fixed an issue related to adding user provided values
     new 1bd1466  o updated LdapCoreSessionConnection to collect response controls added to the response object by the interceptor chain o made LdapCoreSessionConnection to handle exceptions and use them to send proper responses o fixed the test cases after changing the LdapCoreSessionConnection's bind operation
     new 1bbea87  o Refactored the DnNode code : there is now only one class instead of three plus an interface o Modified the DnNode class to allow branches to store an element (we need this for overlapping partitions and APs) o Changed the api to be more consistent and more explicit o Added extensive tests for the api o Removed a test in the PartitionTreeTest class, as overlapping partition will be accepted in the partition tree o Added code in the AdministrativePointInterceptor to crea [...]
     new 3fe1d75  Replaced calls like : dn.normalize( schemaManager.getNormalizerMapping() ); by calls like : dn.normalize( schemaManager );
     new c8d27c6  o Removed useless imports and some other minor refactoring
     new a0f734d  o branch created to merge various codec classes and their similar looking structures
     new 380d3d7  o Moving the toName and fromName methods from DN to JndiUtils o Making the normalize(DN/String, OidMap) package protected o The getRdns now returns an unmodifiable list of RDNs, using the revert order o The getAllRdn() methods has been removed. One should use the Iterator() instead o Fixed the code accordingly to the previous modifications
     new 92ca823  merge back trunk into the branch
     new 98686d6  o Merged the DelRequestCodec, CompareRequestCodec, AbandonRequestCodec and UnbindRequestCodec with the Internal messages o Added a ControlEnum class to list all the existing Controls o Fixed the tests accordingly to the modifications
     new 4dbb229  o Removed the Asn1CodecEncoder class o Removed the DecoderCallbackImpl inner class in the Asn1CodecDecoder class o Added a getCallback() method into the AbstractStatefullDecoder class o Added the mina dependency in the shared-ldap project o Added the LdapProtocolEncoder class in the server o Removed the MessageEncoder class o Added some missing Javadoc
     new eb4244a  Removed references to the BindResponseCodec class
     new 7ab0fe4  o fixed the missing config support for keystore file o improved the way web apps are searched in the config
     new 245a4ff  o Removed the ExtendedResponseCodec class, and fixed the code accordingly o Renaming some fields in the ExtendedResponse class
     new 4eb70d7  o fixed the setting of keystore password
     new d37c2f9  o Removed the IntermediateResponseCodec class o renamed some ExtendedRequest/Response methods
     new 03a6702  o Removed the SearchResultDoneCodec class o Renamed the SearchResponseDone(Impl) class/interface
     new 3f2588f  Renamed the SearchResponseEntry and SearchResponseReference classes
     new a0a726b  o Merged the Response from API and shared-ldap. o Removed all the ldap-API responses
     new fbde5fa  o Added some missing toString() methods in responses o Modified the ExtendedResponse API o Removed the encoder dedicated methods from the ExtendedResponse interface
     new cd1a4ae  o Moved the LdapProtocolEncoder close to the message o Removed the 'public' qualifier from the messages' method dedicated to the encoder o Some renaming to get close to the RFC
     new 05ace8f  Renamed all the InternalXXX message interfaces to XXX
     new d4b7670  Merged UbindRequest
     new b3f4bb9  o changed the suffix to 'create' instead of 'get' to reflect the actual work done in the functions o changed some functions scope to public (this is first step towards making config schema changes dynmic without restarting the server)
     new ca4568b  Applied Richard's patch
     new 9a4dff6  o Merged the API BindRequest, BindRequestCodec and BindRequestImpl classes o Renamed some of the methods (addControl, addAllControls) o Added a constructor for the BindRequestImpl that does not take any argument o Added s setMessageId() method o Added the handling of SASL bind in the API (DIRAPI-22) o Using the shared LdapEncoder class in the API o Removed the BndRequestCodec and the associated authentication classes o Removed the DelRequestCodec class o Added the Delete [...]
     new d8beab9  o applied patch provided by Andreas Oberritter o removed 'ads-serverDS' attribute o added all the default values used in the change password server to the config
     new c924b19  Merged the DeleteRequest casses
     new 10ed228  o Merged the AbandonRequest classes
     new 253485b  o added all the configuration attributes which have default values in the code
     new 895b569  Renamed methods in LdapMessageContainer
     new 949936a  o Merged all the AddRequestXXX methods
     new 377572f  o fix for DIRSERVER-1540
     new ea2c81b  o Removed unused code o Merged the CompareRequest classes
     new 7bef481  Renamed the InternalIntermediateResponse class and removed the IntermediateResponse class from the API
     new 603aed5  Merged the ExtendedRequest message
     new 1454988  Forgot to commit this class after having merged the ExtendedRequest classes
     new 1f4e25c  DIRSERVER-1536 Move guides from sandbox to trunk
     new 1f6e546  Cleanup pom.xml after moving to trunk
     new c7a62d8  Merged the ModifyDnRequest classes
     new 10ac626 added, todos fixed
     new 9f57f61  DIRSERVER-1536 Create footer for PDFs
     new 5a553e8  Add user-guide module Built it in a lifecycle after the common build lifecycle -> use pre-site
     new 75d1e46  Make it deployable. mvn site-deploy will deploy the guides to
     new 4cd614e  Merged the modifyRequest classes
     new 31880fa  Merged the modifyRequest classes
     new dda08d2  Move to own sub-project
     new 5bb32bf  Moved to own sub-project
     new f4b764c  passing directory service instance to the start method of http server (useful for future work based on http as a transport)
     new 62b0859  Merged the SearchRequest messages
     new 952146d  Removed useless methods and dead code
     new 5973442  Renamed the InternalXXX messages to XXX
     new a13c74a  o More codec classes removal o Commented the code inside ImportCommand, which needs to be rewritten to use the API instead of plain socket.
     new 4fc53da  Moved the messages interfaces from internal to message package
     new 69a3e77  removed dependencies added during a test (commited accidentally)
     new 9c74673  o added 'ads-enabled' attribute to all the config entries with applicable default value
     new e6a4e20  Removed the @Ignore tests, as they have been fixed
     new 0b946db  Merged trunk into the codec branch
     new cc33485  Merged trunk into the codec branch
     new 6296843  Merged trunk into the codec branch
     new a66fde6  Merged trunk into the codec branch
     new 57aacb5  Merged trunk into the codec branch
     new aae162e  o merging changes done by Emmanuel in codec message merge branch
     new be9b31a  o added the default value for config attribute 'ads-enableReplProvider' o updated config partition reader to use this attribute
     new bb2fef4  o updated lookup() method to return Entry (DIRAPI-8) o updated tests
     new a006ddd  o updated lookup() method to return Entry (DIRAPI-8)
     new 29125c4  o fixed class cast exceptions after fixing DIRAPI-15
     new 13fb0ff  o a schema loader based on the network connection o associated test case
     new 984adc7  o fixed the modifyDn method
     new 3004ad4  o fixed an issue while searching on RootDSE with one level scope (when the partition's context entry is not present the search is not returning correct results)
     new 3154a07  o moved the ads-directoryServiceId=default entry from ou=directoryservice to ou=config (to make the resultant DN small and to keep the directory service config immediately under ou=config)
     new 82cb74f  o removing unused directories
     new e444e01  o fixed the DNs
     new 834efaa  o adding a cache service based on ehcache
     new babb014  o added dependency on ehacache-core
     new 76e26e4  o added methods to access cache service from directory service
     new 6a23e9b  o updated GroupCache to use the ehcache instead of a map o changed the constructor of GroupCache to access the cache service from directory service
     new 58e741f  o fixed illegal state exception caused by destroy method of cache service by just clearing all caches instead of shutting down o added cache configuration for DN cache
     new c3e6bf0  o updated DN factory to use ehcache o changed the DN factory initialization order
     new 8b3a803  o removed call to set reuseAddress flag on acceptor, this flag will be already set during the creation of the associated transport   (this fixes DIRSERVER-1420)
     new 6572b2f  o added subject name based on the host name of server (fix for DIRSERVER-1164) o changed the comparision condition in corekeyspi to use issuer DN instead of subject DN
     new 5511b4b  o added method to clear DN cache
     new d2ebf3d  o removed the check for empty string   (this was preventing the server from returning a response with AUTH_METHOD_NOT_SUPPORTED result code when a empty string is passed as SASL mechanism value)
     new ce98d93  Removed the SchemaChecker class, as it's not used anywhere
     new 5048fbe  o Some more reviewed files o The UniversalTag class is now an enum o The TLVStateEnum class is now an enum
     new fcff878  o a module to bridge the ldap directory service to a http web app   Using this module the DirectoryService instance can be made accessible to web applications
     new 59c92a6  o Formatted the code o Renamed an interface
     new 6ed02ad  o injecting DirectoryService into a webapp's context o added support for loading web apps from the working directory of directoryservice (only war files, yet to support exploded format)
     new 7f5115a  o added http-directory-bridge module
     new 878675f  o added ads-enabled attribute to ads-httpWebApp object class o disabled the default example web app in the configuration
     new 6306d89  o removed the ineffective allowAnonymousAccess flag from the LdapServer and associated configuration o updated tests
     new e947f4a  o Modified the error messages to have the error number just after the ERR o Fixed Javadoc, reviewed some files
     new b9b2b64  Fixed a compilation error
     new 88befe0  Added parameters checks to avoid NPE (DIRAPI-18)
     new 86fd7bb  o Added a LdapConnection.exists( DN ) method o Fixed the lookup method so that it can be called with "1.1"
     new 01b23dc  Reformating
     new 2198900  Added some missing Javadoc
     new c4c81e6  Added one more case for the addition of AdminRole : we should not be allowed to add a role more than once in an entry
     new f4d1df4  Added a toString() method
     new 6af6bf9  Updated the AdministrativePoint cache in the admin interceptor
     new 71760a6  Updated the cache at init
     new d4f317d  Added the target directory into the svn:ignore property
     new 7abd022  Modified the reference to the ldap-client-api project, as it's a part of shared now.
     new 7f9605c  added more files into the svn:ignore prop
     new 079388f  Fixed two more references to client-api
     new da201d1  fixed the reference to client-api
     new 1bc6096  fixed the ldap-client-api dependency version
     new 56e7b44  Use new groupId for client-api after move to shared
     new b755567  Updated the 'started' flag when the LDapServer is stopped (it was still 'true')
     new 087dc99  o Added an instance of LdapServer into the annotationProcessor o Renamed the getLdapServer() methods to createLdapServer() o Added a getLdapServer returning the created instance o Fixed the code accordingly
     new 704766c  Reformatted the server annotations which have been dorked by the formatter
     new 7dc459e  No need to add a ldapServer field, it's a static class...
     new ed665ee  Added some test to check that the Administrative Points were still present after a server restart
     new 7dd56c9  reformating
     new f429b78  Fixed a potential NPE
     new 8be3d1b  Delete Eclipse project files
     new d7053de  o fixed a NPE which will arise when replication is not enabled
     new 24a428f  Use unicode notation
     new d1641b7  o added tests for StartTLS
     new 2dfabf4  o migrated the some SASL tests to use the client-api
     new 318b3fb  updated name (to be consistent with other names)
     new 9df469c  o Moved the AdminPoint cache up to the DirectoryService class o Added some tests to check that the cache is correctly created when the server is started after having been stopped (ie the AP are reloaded into the cache)
     new dd2a5c9  o Removed the sysout from the code o Used the DirectoryService to access the AP cache
     new 9bb48bc  Added bin into svn:ignore
     new 2fc39fb  o Removed reference to MINA in shared-ldap o Renamed the LdapProtocolEncoder class in shared to LdapEncoder, making it just encode a message without using any MINA related things o Added a LdapProtocolEncoder class into the client-api module
     new 4679594  DIRSERVER-1549: use JUnit TemporaryFolder rule
     new d4ed7ee  Fix for DIRSERVER-1541 (Numerous JUnit tests failing on Windows), thanks to Richard Feezel for the patch
     new deb3be2  o Fixed DIRSERVER-1553 : the link to the top level filter was lost during the processing in some cases. o Reformted some ldif files in some tests
     new a3c91f6  o moving to client-api
     new 68ab633  o fixed package name and import
     new 5c27772  o added SASL GSSAPI mechanism support o added a test o some code cleanup
     new b9ba5fa  Merged all the shared schema modules into shared-ldap-schema
     new 11e33da  merged shared-ldap-constants with shared-ldap
     new 554dba7  merged shared-ldif with shared-ldap
     new e86bbec  Merged ldap-converter into shared-ldap
     new 6e2fb4a  merged shared-cursor into shared-ldap
     new 437f079  removed the asn1-codec module, it's not anymore needed
     new b6147c3  merged asn1 module into shared-ldap
     new ae0fdb4  o added a method to remove all the nodes from a tree and a associated test case o removed some empty blocks from the test class
     new edc11cd  o added a check to preven adding an existing entry (this check is useful only when a partition is not fronted by  interceptor chain, by default this check is disabled)
     new ae9a8f3  o implemented the destroy() methods
     new b5158c9  o a base class for LDIF file bases Partition implementations
     new 004f229  o made LdifPartition extend AbstractLdifPartition o fixed the method which is adding an existing entry
     new acf052e  o disabled the flag used for checking existence of an entry before adding it
     new a783cae  o a partition implementation backed by a single LDIF file
     new 7ae36b0  Fix for DIRSERVER-1551 (LdifPartition file names on Unix and Windows): URL encode all characters that may cause trouble in file systems
     new 30ab145  o added support for inserting LDIF entry in the middle of the other existing entries o added entry's id to the  EntryOffset class
     new ad3b613  Set version of checkstyle maven plugin in reporting section. Version number in pluginManagement isn't used for reporting plugins, see
     new 82c957e  Fix GSSAPI tests on Windows 7 and Server 2008, hopefully.
     new e03dfc4  Better way to set service principal dependent upon hostname
     new b96e096  Don't hide thrown exception
     new 03792f1  Added test to demonstrate DIRAPI-30 (Sporadic NullPointerException during SASL bind)
     new eecadb7  o implemented all the cases of modify operation o made numerous changes to the code for clarity sake
     new cdf549a  o implemented delete operation
     new b16124c  o When we can't find a SaslFactory for a mechanism, throw an exception instead of forging a BindResponse object o Added some comments o Included Kiran's patch for DIRAPI-30 o Fixed some potential NPE
     new 26cbdec  Minor refactoring
     new cb91b58  Added code to check that the added AP is valid (ie, IAP must have a parent AAP or a parent IAP/SAP with the same role)
     new 6116d14  Added a test to check that the AP addition only accept valid APs (ie, IAP under AAP or SAP/IAP with the same role)
     new 38b14b2  Added some more test for SAP additions
     new 3ef796f  o implemented rename() method o added a method to replace existing entry in the LDIF file o formatting and code cleanup
     new 45ffc42  o Added some class to test the deletion of AP (no tests yet) o Fixed the AP cache o Fixed some tests for the AP add operation
     new d6a0eb2  Reformated the ApplyLdifs element
     new 90d2d42  o implemented move operation (the same functionality is also used by moveAndRename operation)
     new cbe145b  o test cases for SingleFileLdifPartition   (many tests need to be refined though they are all passing at present)
     new e9f0b98  Clarified the Add operation by gathering many of the checks in a helper method, which will be used by the modify operation.
     new 46220da  o fixed delete test o added a reusable method to check the existence of an entry
     new 801bc12  Interesting what one can find when eliminating javadoc formatting issues... And astonishing enough it's working. That's what I call a stable and fault-tolerant application :-)
     new eaec03f  Comment method again, but better visible it's done on purpose
     new 7cc09fe  Added some better support for parent inheritence managements in APs
     new 3f7d43f  o fixed some more tests
     new cbd25c4  The acceptor is created lazily in TcpTransport and UdpTransport. There is no way to set it from outside. So let's remove the setAcceptor() method from the Transport interface.
     new d6a67e1  Fix some javadoc issues, mostly wrong formatting or wrong method parameter naming
     new 1fe239e  o used an explicit object as a lock to acheive serialization o EntryOffset now has a separate comparator impl o added a method to clear the temporary buffer file o code formatting
     new 7b2a172  o fixed an issue happening while replacing a entry in the file o removed sysouts o closed temporary buffers
     new 64671e0  o refined some more tests o added test for concurrent modifications
     new c4e83e1  Temporary fix to close RandomAccessFile and FileChannel, has to be moved to finally block
     new 92c5d5f  Requests that the file or directory denoted by this abstract pathname be deleted when the virtual machine terminates.
     new 317d4e1  o added code to cleanup temporary file resources o removed some code added during testing
     new eee460d  o new parent pom o updated plugin versions o added reporting plugin configuration for hudson
     new a5a8256  o setting partition and working directories
     new a58162c  o Renamed some methods o Make AVA and RDN partially immutable (more to come) o Slight improvement in decoding
     new a090c56  o the complete server configuration in a single file
     new 86b7300  o added a method to extract the config.ldif file
     new a31f4a4  o updated config reader to work with any sort of LDIF partition o fixed an issue with loading disabled webapps o updated test to use SingleFileLdifPartition
     new ea5f5c9  Switched to MINA-2.0.0
     new 6aa2c79  o replaced the logic for writing the partition data back to file   (this new logic is quite simple and rude, this just dumps the partition data back to disk whenever an update happens,    this makes the user's life more simple while editing the config by hand(there were some issues with the earlier impl if a user includes a comment in the config)    Note: comments cannot be retained after an update operation) o fixed the tests and added a new test
     new 4b33f37  o fix for DIRSERVER-1558   (this is not the server's fault but it is more to do with the way we initialize the config partition    during which we don't have a interceptor chain to perform some schema checks)
     new 80fa900  o committed the patch for DIRSERVER-1560 provided by Felix, thank you
     new f178cba  No debug
     new 9e4e780  Delete api.listener package, interfaces aren't used.
     new 0d58bd5  o Fixed the add and delete opertion for the AdminInterceptor o Created 4 caches, one for each type of AP o Added some mutex to protect the access to AP caches o Redesigned the AP class hierarchy, creating the missing objects
     new 2848659  Added the missing methods in the MockDirectoryService class
     new 0fe8112  Deleted the Del test class, it's useless
     new 82a0a75  switched to MINA 2.0.0
     new eb86e08  o Added some comments o remove system.out calls
     new 7a0c124  Deleting an entry has no impact on the AP hierarchy, no need to do any extra check, as the deleted entry has no child
     new 673be52  Merging the service project from my branch.
     new d19949a  Merging the wrapper project from my branch.
     new e3fc2c0  Merging the installers-plugin project from my branch.
     new 13fbb57  Merging the apacheds-installers project from my branch.
     new c3d3fde  Renamed new projects. Added them to the build
     new 877f6df  Removed old unnecessary files.
     new 411408d  Fixed eclipse files generation.
     new 9d50983  Moved back modifications from kayyagari while I was working in the branch.
     new 1759fd3  Made the creation of the schema and config files instance-layout aware.
     new 23815ab  Added shell script to run ApacheDS from the 'service' project.
     new 3e63049  Move logger to WARN level.
     new 9ae2aaf  Added bat script to run ApacheDS from the 'service' project.
     new 0e9dc91  Added folders creation in bat script.
     new 6248ec7  Added the extraction in the 'generate-resources' phase of the 'config.ldif' file in the 'src/main/resources/org/apache/directory/server/installers' folder (the file name was added to svn:ignore).
     new be5f690  Remove duplicated line in spec file.
     new f58d241  Integrated the use of the 'config.ldif' default config file in all installers.
     new 3697c69  o added a assertion for checking the use of ParentIdAndRdnComparator of RDN index
     new 1327eba  o Added a check on the currently running OS when creating Bin, Deb and Rpm installers (it must be either Linux or Mac OS X to continue). o Fixed the Bin installer with the inclusion of the config.ldif file. o Commented the commands in the postflight script for the Mac OS X installer to not launch the server upon successful installation (it must be started by hand).
     new 452bc30  Removed 'server-installer' profile from the module. Installers build is now triggered by the 'installers' profile defined in the parent pom.
     new 8903d39  o Fixed the tests on the running OS. o Added documentation in pom.xml
     new 2f47b41  Made the server not registered automatically at boot time on Mac OS X.
     new 03e5560  Added some test for the modification operation on APs
     new 99a8dd3  Fixed bad tests (SAP where added in the same entry than an AAP)
     new 912e624  Added an entryUUID to the rootDSE
     new 1cbd4ef  Added some code to handle the modify operation (not finished yet)
     new ac29890  Moved file utilities (dpkg, PackageMaker, makensis and rpmbuild) to the generate mojo and added expressions for them, so they can be overriden by users in Maven settings.xml file.
     new 5694256  o Created some beans to store the configuration read from the ldif files. o Added methods to read the Ldif config into beans before instanciating the real objects
     new 14d088c  Test alternative way to get localhost address
     new 20e345d  Revert change from r1004580 (Test alternative way to get localhost address)
     new 84ed037  Removed dependency to daemon; commented server-tools module because it depends on deamon but doesn't work and needs to be fixed
     new 9d702fa  Added the readTransports()  method
     new ceb5c8f  Removed old deployment profiles. Cleaning.
     new ff84e9c  Moved versions to the root pom.
     new bb75d90  Added settings to build installers on Hudson OSX slave
     new 142208c  Test to use dpkg-deb command directly
     new dff99ea  Replaced ${version} by ${project.version} as requested by Maven 3.
     new a0def7a  Updated the Archive installer command to exclude the wrapper dependencies (Tanuki Wrapper and Apache Wraper implementation).
     new 59b6aa2  Reviewed the way the codec is used in the server: o the provider has been removed (with all the associated classes) o we inject some configuration in the sessionCreated() event o the MessageDecoder class has been deleted
     new ca7c711  o Added a test for big PDU using the LDAP API o Added a cancel() method in the ResponseFuture o Added a Modify<DoN>response : this is a dedicated response to add in the Modify queue when we get a NoticeOfDisconnect o Correctly handle the NoD in the LdapNetworkConnection class
     new 9e193b3  o closing the open cursor
     new 22c7b3e  o closing the wrapped cursors
     new ae300c4  o fixed a possible NPE
     new 892fe1d  Added the ChangeLog bean
     new fd06b14  Added the KdcServerbean class.
     new d97c32f  Added the NtpServer bean
     new 9aa7688  Added the JdbmIndex bean
     new c17aca2  Reorganized the inheritence scheme as the NtpServer does not need a reference to the DS.
     new d1302d8  Remove the injection of the DirectoryService into the NtpServer class
     new 82de715  Added the DHCPServer and DNSServer beans
     new f36678c  Fixed the Javadoc
     new b5fe0dc  Added the IndexBean class, and read the indexes
     new 6472a7f  Removed the IndexBean class, it's not used anymore
     new 295142e  Added some missing Javadoc
     new 7266eca  Added the JdbmPartition Bean
     new 6282396  o added TLS related configuration support o added a new X509TrustManager to validate the replica peers' certificates
     new 0ff0288  o added javadoc
     new 1adf6c6  Moved the schemManager field and accessors to an upper class
     new 74db10c  fixed some maven warnings
     new f27d35f  o refactored the code for better configuration of trust manager
     new 5948783  o added support for reading the TLS related configuration
     new c43aee5  o added some javadoc
     new 9c26fbe  o fixing some more placess where a NPE *might* be possible
     new f971f3e  Added the Interceptor Bean and the code to read it from the DIT
     new b9af7a8  Split the method that reads the PasswordPolicy config.
     new 24165e8  Renamed the createTestEntries method to readTestEntries
     new 8be9050  Created the readPartitons method
     new 81d7b8b  o deferring creating the system entry till it was found missing
     new a72a2a8  o added few checks for null values
     new 806f36f  o removed a call to ApacheDsService.start()   (this call is not necessary, cause ApacheDsServiceinit() will call the start() method internally)
     new 8067f3a  o removed obsoleted 'passwordHidden' parameter and its associated methods
     new 2a84f6e  Updated the javadoc Header
     new c9d6759  o Reverted the removal of the HiddePassword parameter o Added the DirectoryService bean o Added a test for AttributeType parsing with spaces in the DESC element
     new fe062fb  Rename directory-checkstyle to checkstyle-configuration, set skin version
     new 6a6232e  o renamed initXXX() methods to startXXX() to actually reflect their actual implementation behavior o removed useless methods
     new fb6843f  Fixed build issue. ApacheDsService.init(...) was renamed as ApacheDsService.start(...) in a previous commit.
     new 3bce42a  Updated the doco with the ChangeLog part Fixed some typoes in code
     new 4ce7750  o avoid redundant initialization of handlers, extended handlers and SASL mechanisms o check for the existence of a OC before adding it (to avoid warn messages by the DefaultEntryAttribute class)   (see DIRSERVER-1512)
     new 6ac6211  Next checkstyle configuration snapshot
     new df3813a  o adding the default config value for 'passwordHidden' option
     new 3f39081  Fixed a test, added the missing AT
     new 0ee0084  o Added all the missing beans, except the replication beans o Fixed the config reader accordingly to the added beans o Modified the config ldif
     new 950c613  o added a test for anonymous bind
     new 99f05c9  o fix for DIRSERVER-1567
     new 443188a  o another patch for a fixing DIRSERVER-1567
     new 3e1e35f  o fixed the comparision logic)
     new 210a898  o fixed the synrepl search to handle the exceptions properly o moved the common code to handleException() method
     new c1b5ea9  o fixed exception handling
     new f4e721b  o added code to  check for the existence of the base DN till it is available   (this is only relevant for refresh and persist mode only)
     new aea8be0  Created a branch to play with config
     new dc81f78  o fixed some irrelevant null check and updated the log statement o removed an unused import
     new c8f958b  o applied patch provided by Victor Antonovich for DIRSERVER-1548 o added a test case to check the intended behaviour of the bind handler
     new d94cf57  Updated the beans used to store the config, added some missing ones, removed some useless ones, and modified the contents of many of them Not 100% done yet
     new 7fd1c98  First drop of the new config reader, using rflection : it's not compiling yet...
     new 8a3fe7d  Interim fix
     new 9bc05a9  Modified the config to reflect the new ATs and OCs
     new 5e18119  Fixed some of the attributes in beans
     new e1b80b5  Fixed a typo
     new e2b106c  Added the missing ou=servers.dif file
     new afbaacc  Reordered the config.ldif file
     new 0450e71  Changed all the fields' name to lowercase, as LDAP AttributeType names aren't case sensitive.
     new 0b6e4e9  Switched from ads-catalogBasedServer to ads-dsBasedServer
     new a45a3a3  Moved the ou=servers.ldif entry under the directoryService entry
     new 6053fb3  o Added a toString() method o added the enabled field
     new b7e3d99  Added toString() methods
     new 00b6108  o Switched the Set to List o Fixed some toString() methods
     new dfffc7b  Fixed some OCs
     new 1d3864c  o Fixed some toString o Modified some AT names
     new b82a861  Rename the SearchCursor.getSearchDone() method to getSearchResultDone()
     new 95846c2  o Activated commented test o Formatting
     new 27a924f  Fixed some AT names in the config file Added a LdapServer config file
     new 861fdc3  Added the SaslMechHandler bean, fixed an issue in the LdapServerBean
     new 20d5224  Added a bean for PasswordPolicy configuration
     new 784cf3e  Renamed the SaslMechanismHandler Bean
     new 0969d38  o Fixed an issue in SerahcHandler when the user has abandonned the search o Added some code to test the config reader o First drop of code o read the config using reflection
     new 76635c9  o moved reusable code from SimpleAuthenticator to PasswordUtil class and EncryptionMethod class to a new public class o added support for SHA-2 group of algorithms(SHA-256,384 and 512 including the slated versions)
     new 74bcaa0  Made the reader process the PasswordPolicy
     new 11ad41d  Added the code and test for replication consumer. Works fine.
     new e4bb4fc  Added the code and test for replication provider. Works fine.
     new 301149e  Added a tst and config file for NtpServer
     new 0292a20  o Added the code for DhcpServer config (test, and config file) o Minor other fixes
     new 87f0096  o Make the tests succeed
     new a988a98  Fixed some more errors
     new 43cbbb2  Added the DnsServer test
     new 23fd746  o Lists are now processed as Sets were o Added a toString() method to process longs o Fixed some issues with the EncryptionTypes o Added the KrbServerBean toString() method o Added a test for KrbServer config
     new aa917f0  o Added the test for the ChangePassword config o Fixed some typoes
     new 1ac6bb2  renamed ntpserver.ldif to ntpServer.ldif
     new 278ba1c  renamed some files
     new 8a35d2c  renamed dnsserver.ldif
     new cf8a3de  deleted renamed files
     new d2c5eb0  renamed kerberosserver.ldif and ldapserver.ldif
     new db57f2f  deleted renamed files
     new 7b22fd8  Reflected the ldif files renaming
     new d1c553e  Added the missing OIDs, and reorganized the file
     new 4661b7f  Added code to process httpServer config
     new c48c98c  Added the webApp processing
     new 89be132  Made the DS config reader be almost happy
     new 2047551  Fixed some errors in the DS bean and config
     new df9421a  Fixed the Index configurtion processing
     new eb2281a  Added code to process Journal and Changelog
     new 576659e  o Added a ConfigurationException o Started to add Logs and error handling
     new 05b01bc  o Added logs o Added Exceptions o Added corener cases handling o Dealt with case sensitive fields
     new 5e1bc9a  o Modified the field name to be camelCased again o Improved the getField error message
     new 0b217ba  Updated the fields to be able to process DNs
     new 55506aa  Removed all the code used to instanciate the components
     new 5cdcfa2  o Fixed the failure in the config reader test
     new ab47678  deleted the file
     new 8d5b2e2  added the ldapServerLidf with a fix
     new 7ba8bf9  Added the initial code that instanciate the DS and all the dependent component. It's not finished, by far !
     new 374f28e  Fixed a typo
     new ba601c0  Removed the PasswordPolicy AT from LdapServer OC and also removed the field in the LdapServer Bean
     new e369c58  Moved the ContextEntry from BTreePartition to AbstractPartition
     new 68bd306  o moved the code comparing credentials to a new method in PasswordUtil
     new 59df10f  o Added the ads-contextEntry AT o Added this AT to the Partition OC o Added it into the Partition Bean
     new ff23166  First drop for the creator : creates all the classes for LdapServer.
     new 727f867  Changed the qualifier for the ContextEntry field to protected
     new a0d02ff  Added methods to return the atomic beans.
     new 9bb3df5  o moving password policy config to core-api
     new 0e902e6  o fixed the package after move
     new 57ab990  o a container to hold all the password policies
     new d46d70a  o added new methods to deal with password policy
     new 731bc1e  o fixed a bug in creating a string representation of a hashed password using CRYPT algorithm
     new 249549a  o removed the set/get methods for ppolicy from the Authenticator interface o updated the auth interceptor to use ppolicy based on the changes made to support more than one policy as configured in the server
     new dcc1019  Renamed a field
     new ef8082b  added a reference to the bcprov dependency
     new a84c5ac  o Made the methods static o Added the Kdc, Http and Ntp servers
     new 03e6694  Fix for DIRAPI-35 ( methods should return a SearchCursor instead of a Cursor object in order to allow access to the SearchCursor.getSearchResultDone() method).
     new 65c1bde  o Renamed the ConfigCreator to ConfigBuilder o Added the missing create methods o Used it in the ApacheDsService class
     new e73c299  o We don't any more need to pass the DS name to initialize it by default o Added some more accurate logs in ConfigBuilder o Removed the dsWorkingDirectory field from DS? as we don't need it o Removed the ads-dsWorkingDirectory AT and also removed it from the ads-directoryService OC
     new 6e22407  o Added the SchemaManager into the System partition instance o Fixed the ContextEntry parsing o Avoid a call to the testEntries loader if it's null
     new a92b367  o fixed the test case using CRYPT encryption scheme
     new ee4c877  Fix DIRSERVER-1559 Thanks to Aaron J Angel for pointing the typo.
     new 74dc69f  Fix DIRSERVER-1568 Thanks to Andrew Swan for pointing.
     new 2d585c2  Fix import to make it compile again
     new b3f4b40  o fixed an NPE issue which can arise when the pwdpolicy is setting and the interceptor was not yet intialized o updated test case
     new 6fce16e  Added the Layout classes in core-api
     new 31cb9be  Moved the InstanceLayout from this project
     new fd5f0d4  o Using the InstanceLaout in all the areas we were using the workingDirectory before o Added the InstanceLayout into the DirectoryService with setter/getter o Made the index correctly being created in the right place with the right name o Fixed the config.ldif file o Removed a duplicated AT
     new ce4693a  Fixed some more failing test
     new dba831a  Found some more "TODO: should this be an enum?"
     new dec95b2  o removed the call to connect() from the startTls() method o updated test case
     new 635c4f9  Fix for DIRAPI-37 (Refactor the SASL bind methods to accept the username as a String and not a DN).
     new 8d08593  Fixed the path issues for indexes
     new 168f46b  o Created the default directories when the DirectoryService is created
     new 471f1b0  Fixed a NPE
     new a2c33cb  Fixed the patch used to store the schema
     new e4409b9  Applied the fix from trunk to make the build working
     new d8df5dd  Merged the trunk modifications into the branch
     new d8e0bb7  Merged the trunk modifications into the branch
     new 1daab3a  Merged the trunk modifications into the branch
     new 32d0a48  Merged the trunk modifications into the branch
     new 75df43c  Fixed a typo in a DN
     new d4982eb  Merged the trunk modifications into the branch
     new c4fc0c8  Merged the trunk modifications into the branch
     new 8eea446  merged back the config branch into trunk
     new 94a8afb  merged back the config branch into trunk
     new 855d028  merged back the config branch into trunk
     new 966b81b  Added a missing import (it was removed while solving a tree conflict)
     new afd70b9  o turned off disk storage in ehcache
     new e01d580  o removed creation of unused workdir
     new 4c843cb  o removed code which is creating unused workdir
     new 76f6e0f  o removing the workdir after stopping the server in the test
     new 6935919  o removing workdir after the execution of tests
     new 62595e3  o turning back the 'overflowToDisk' flag to 'true'
     new e96e1e1  o some more cleanup related to removing workdir
     new 51625d1  o removing unused directories (these were accidentally committed)
     new da29132  o Fixed a pb when the schema has already been extracted in the DS factory o Used defined type instead of ? in JdbmIndex creation o Added some missing javadoc
     new 44e1c44  o Added an Abstract class for IndexEntry o Fixed some typoes
     new 32e132e  Removed the hierarchical config files, we now use the simple ldif file instead
     new 433e0f5  switched to MINA 2.0.1
     new c57d0a4  Fixed some inconsistencies created by the merge in the config.ldif file
     new 645dde3  o added dependency on interceptor-kerberos module
     new 075066a  o overloaded createStoragePassword() method
     new 85ed680  Removed the cacheSize parameter from the CreateIndex @
     new f5316bb  o Removed the cacheSize parameter from the CreateIndex @ o Directly use the JdbmIndex instead of the GenericIndex when instanciating an Index in tests o Added some checks to avoid dropping when the element does not exist in a index o Added some Javadoc
     new b9b4f43  o adding a new interceptor for hashing passwords (while performing add and modify operations) o associated test cases
     new 91ccc5c  Fix compile error
     new 935a81d  o Added an AbstractIndex class to hold fields common to all indexes. o Modifed the Jdbm andAvl index accordingly
     new 3f58ddf  Start server via apacheds/service/ (
     new f36fb04  o adding password hashing interceptors per the supported hashing algorithms   (generated using antlr's stringtemplate)
     new 76e39c7  Removed some fields and methods, as they are already present in the AbstractIndex class
     new f6d0073  o fixed the value for RDN attribute
     new 80bdb62  camel case for interceptors
     new 6b55976  o use EncryptionType.getByName() o simplified lookup by name or ordinal o add required ads-searchBaseDn into kerberos server config
     new 0756cc7  o fixed the disabled bean handling o added a convenient method to check if the bean is disabled
     new f1c72fa  o turn off password hiding by default
     new 18413c9  o removed now obsoleted code related to ppolicy setting (now the ppolicy is set in the directoryservice)
     new 92fdb70  o removed passwordpolicy interceptor, added password hashing interceptor in its place and enabled it by default
     new c18afaf  o removing the now obsoleted ppolicy interceptor
     new ca2c78e  o @Ignored the test class for now, will be removed after migrating any important test cases to PasswordPolicyTest class
     new b89fa2f  Kerberos UDP and LDAPS should listen to all network interfaces by default
     new e2de917  Change order of keyDerivationInterceptor and passwordHashingInterceptor, required to derive krb5Keys from plain text password
     new 3dba542  o removed a duplicate value
     new de96422  o added a null check for ldapserver
     new d61fa22  o use BTreePartition instead of AbstractLdifPartition
     new 451bdd6  Added an Eclipse launch configuration for launching ApacheDS using the Service class within Eclipse (especially useful for debugging).
     new 8565f30  o added support for https by using the certificate and private key of uid=admin,ou=system entry present in the system parition o added TcpTransports to configure http and https (they are not used really by the http server but just to get port and host address) o added dependency on protocol-shared
     new 8dcafbe  o added code to handle configuration of http and https
     new fb00aea  o fixed http server configuration
     new a910c34  o un-commented the call to startHttpServer() method
     new bbabcda  o use lookup instead of search o renamed test method
     new 3fccda0  Fix moveAndRename() in core session connection
     new d044060  First drop of the new kerberos codec
     new cf94879  DIRSERVER-1579: Save operational attributes (modifiersName, modifyTimestamp) for moveAndRename() operation, added test to check operational attributes are set for rename, move, and moveAndRename.
     new e36a6c9  Use modifiedEntry instead of clonedEntry for rename operation. RDN changes are not applied in modifiedEntry, so must be applied in the backend.
     new 6792279  Must use attribute OID to get count from presence index. Removed a warning.
     new 3dfe876  Added test for normalization of presence filter. Formatting
     new 00ddece  Closing multiple open Cursors and Connections to avoid ERR_171 Failed to bind an LDAP service (1,025) to the service registry. Caused by: Too many open files
     new 24ee3a8  o Reorganized the project o Added a test for the PrincipalName element only
     new ae4cc8d  o Added tests for wrong PrincipalName o KerberosString should be ASCII only, with no control.
     new 8e0d1c7  Replace tabs by spaces
     new c1ada84  o Added @CreateDS with name to each test, avoids interferences between tests o Added missing tests to suites, now all tests can be run from the suites
     new caf9dc6  o Calling the PrincipalName grammar from the Ticket grammar
     new d734b55  o Added decoder for EncryptedData o Moved the checkNotNullLength action to a common place
     new c16acbc  Finished the Ticket decoder implementation
     new 0795636  Some cleanup
     new 8f913e5  Done some renaming
     new 9cabe16  o Added the codec for HostAddress o Fixed a few typoes in other codecs
     new 6563614  o Added the Options and KdcOptions classes o Added some tests
     new d6509bc  o Moved the types to a dedicated package
     new 46ce67d  Added logs to svn:ignore
     new 1f6039e  Added the KrcReqBody class
     new cbad51c  Fix description, can't be taken from parent
     new 31c0751  o Added the KDC-REQ-BODY computeLength method o Added a test with a complete KDC-REQ-BODY to check that the encoded length is ok o Fixed the way PrincipalNames were handling the name-string o Fixed a bug in the ticket length computation
     new aa9bc6f  o Almost completely implemented the KDC-REQ-BODY encode method o Improved the test
     new d4191b7  o Almost completely implemented the KDC-REQ-BODY encode method o Improved the test
     new b0c8ed9  o update entryCSN attribute during modify operation (earlier this was handled in DefaultPartitionNexus) o updated the test case
     new 0dc3b24  o removing an unused method
     new 0a69716  Override super equals instead of creating custom equals method. Both (hashCode and equals) should be overridden in case of.
     new 6b35a90  Remove as it does nothing
     new 8918103  o Made the Options class inherit from BitString o Fixed some few minor things
     new 2aa33a4  Add server-config to module all
     new 02d0e58  o fixed the logger names
     new 2011c40  o implementation of AuthorizationData component
     new ba0c2c8  Some more fixes for BitString (the last ones, I hope !)
     new 1cf0b41  o Added the KerberosTime class o Finished the KRB-REQ-BODY encoder o Added a fully decoded PDU in the test
     new 6791143  Transform the grammar to deal with SE of SEQ
     new 4574d11  o added two more test cases
     new 874b0ae  o @Ignored a failing test, should be verified and fixed after completing the kerberos-codec work
     new 47cc0a8  Fixed the toString() method
     new 692c6f0  o Rename the getordinal() method to getValue() o Added the first part of the KRB-REQ-BODY decoder
     new 8cbc550  Some more elements for the KRB-REQ-BODY decoder
     new 6e31bd0  Some more states handled for the KDC-REQ-BODY
     new 04da20f  Updated the Javadoc
     new 8d1b2e3  DIRSERVER-1580: Shutdown service before deleting directory
     new 2b97e49  DIRSERVER-1580: Destroy config partion so directory can be deleted on Windows
     new 6f7bd31  o adding a empty package before moving some files from kerberos-shared module
     new 60cc098  o copied from kerberos-shared
     new 232815a  o copied from kerberos-shared
     new c907b1d  o fixed package names and imports
     new 1b56dcf  Updated the tags
     new d2130f6  Added the till and nonce
     new 6e82c8f  Added some missing options
     new 2f8d48a  Added the EType processing
     new 8c3817a  Added the decoder for HostAddresses
     new db3a8e1  Fixed a typo
     new dd358f3  Added the EType action
     new 2f21e0b  o renamed 'ordinal' to value' (updated in method name too)'
     new 81e139c  o removed printing stacktrace
     new 7f4df3b  o added tag constants for Checksum
     new 43f7faf  o implementation of Checksum codec and test cases
     new e5009c0  o copying from kerberos-shared
     new accbd46  o copied from kerberos-shared
     new cce7c5b  o fixed package names and imports
     new 348c58b  o fixed logger name
     new fa78bc8  o fixed a typo
     new a0895f1  o renamed 'ordinal' to 'value' o added PaData tags
     new 980077b  o implementation of PaData codec
     new be3b237  o Added the Adresses processing for KDC-REQ-BODY o Fixed the way it's processed, by adding an atrocious hack to get the decoder called inside the decoder called from the external decoder does not fail due to a bad expectedLength. Not proud of it :/
     new 0fc5e2e  o Added the enc-authorization-data decoding o Added some log, removed some printStackTrace
     new 2eac920  o copying from kerberos-shared
     new a796bc6  o fixed package and imports
     new 1637916  Some slight modifications in the Javadoc
     new a28e2e4  o fixed the tag value
     new cbb05c5  o renmaed 'getTypeByOrdinal' to 'getTypeByValue'
     new 5c6f96f  o added EncryptionKey tags
     new a379f4c  o implementation of EncryptionKey codec
     new 130dacf  Created a separate package for the Ticket decoding
     new 83ff763  Used the TicketDecoder to decode the Ticket
     new 029b8c9  Minor javadoc fixes
     new 27898c2  Added tests for corner-cases. The last test is currently failing, because we expect one more element but the way it's handled by the encapsulated decoder force the decoding to stop. One more ugly hack to find ...
     new d1a624e  Added the missing tests for the Ticket decoder, with all the corner cases
     new 200e911  o Finished the KDC-REQ-BODY decoder o Added a first test for it, some other will be added
     new a094cce  Removed some warnings
     new 80d9f59  Minor Javadoc fixes
     new ec88610  o Fixed a bug in the KdcReqBody encoder o Added some more tests for corner cases
     new c8f5436  Removed some useless SystemOut
     new 1a85c3b  o Fixed/Added some Javadoc o Fixed a call to ordinal(), replaced by getValue()
     new 65b666b  o Added the KDC-REQ component o Fixed some few other minor things.
     new 151db72  First drop of the KdcReq codec (the grammar is not completed)
     new 73e5237  Added the processing of PVNO and msg-type for the KDC-REQ message
     new d0f3caf  o Completed the KdcReq grammmar o Fixed some errors
     new a60e30a  o fixed a NPE
     new a6ec643  o remove the invalid AT
     new ef867b4  o Used the Container.rewind method o Fixed the names to follow the naming conventions
     new cd7c260  o Added an updateParent() method in the base Container o Used this method in the grammar actions
     new 4b71004  Added the AS-REQ message decoder
     new a0c481c  o Modified the KdcReq decoder to deal with AS-REQ messages o Added a test for AS-REQ message decoding
     new 35e922f  Added the missing parts to be able to handle AS-REQ message decoding
     new d3158c7  o Added the TGS-REQ decoder o Added some more tests
     new fad3777  Fix for DIRSERVER-1581, and added tests to demonstrate the issue.
     new 2d9fb28  o Added <pre></pre> tags in Javadocs o Added some missing Javadoc
     new ff35e65  o Added the KdcRep class o Fixed some Javadoc
     new 245cbeb  Renamed the 'server-config' project to 'apacheds-server-config'. Extracted the 'ConfigBuilder' class into a separate new 'server-config-builder' project to reduce the number of dependencies on the 'apacheds-server-config' project.
     new 7392569  Renamed module 'apacheds-server-config-builder'  to 'apacheds-service-builder'. Renamed class 'ConfigBuilder' to 'ServiceBuilder'.
     new 7a9b78b  Fixed tests for KdcReq
     new 2550a59  Added the KDC-REP grammar
     new ba66317  Added the AsRep grammar
     new 50168bd  Added the TgsRep grammar
     new 2a7ce69  Added the ApOptions class
     new c044ff1  o added tags for KRB-ERROR structure
     new f0144a6  o added a new constant to be used in KrbError
     new 302cdcb  o class representing the KRB-ERROR ASN.1 structure
     new dd37baf  o an abstract class intended for reusing the code for reading pvno
     new a298a19  o now extends AbstractReadPvno
     new 171a45e  o made it extend AbstractReadPvno
     new 22a8073  o added a common action to check message type o updated KdcReqGrammer to use this new common message type checking action o deleted the old class used by the grammar for message type checking
     new 682a776  Fixed a NPE if 'directoryServiceBeans' list is null.
     new 1f977f2  o use the common action for checking message type
     new fbc1496  Minor Javadoc fixes
     new 4db895c  Added the AP-REQ tags
     new f164458  Added the AP-REQ message
     new aa550f9  Fixed a typo in some Javadoc
     new 346f53f  o resurrected the deletec CheckMsgType class from kdcRep package o renamed the common CheckMesgType to AbstractReadMsgType o fixed the grammar classes
     new 156b975  Minor refactoring
     new 5171a3e  Added the AP-REQ grammar
     new 734f791  o an abstract action class to read KerberosTime
     new f9ca9b9  o extended AbstractReadKerberosTime
     new cb8e42d  o Added some tests for ApReq o Fixed a few errors in the grammar and actions for AP-REQ
     new a0c7c9f  Added the AP-REP tags
     new 547a96a  Added the AP-REP class
     new 7516793  Added the AP-REP codec
     new 4a7f43a  o abstracted the code to read a realm value
     new d18103c  o abstracted reading PrincipalName
     new 92669c9  o moving to the correct package
     new 7175b1d  o used mesgType enum o fixed encode() method
     new 7bdf7b3  Fix variable switch, add test case
     new 96761d9  - The first byte containing the number of unused bits isn't of use here, but gives a false result - IMO value should contain the new int value after quitting this method and not the old value (getBytes() holds still the old bytes value, the new bytes value is set on the following line
     new 4b5c867  o Added the missing Javadoc o Fixed the encode() and compueLength() methods
     new 66034f3  Using constants instead of magic numbers
     new 6d8da47  Added a first drop for the Authenticator component class
     new e0db554  o removed unused imports
     new d642aa0  o an abstract action to read the integer values
     new e788859  o added KRB-ERROR application tag
     new c325560  o implementation of KRB-ERROR codec
     new 52c9497  o log4j configuration
     new 37fe496  o test cases for KrbError codec
     new 48ad078  Fixed the PrincipalName transitions
     new 1d04c13  Fixed the code by removing commented code and updating the getter/setters
     new 657d086  Fixed the KRB-ERROR codec
     new 465ca27  o Removed useless states o Fixed some Javadoc
     new 5cc8c9d  Make the inheritence scheme consistent across all the classes
     new 8c85b8a  o Added the Authenticator tags o Shuffled the the declaration, separating messages from components and ordering them by message type and alphabetical order
     new a1f6cd1  Added the Authenticator class
     new 8ccf8e8  Moved the Authenticator from components to messages
     new b858217  o fixed a possible NPE while performing unboxing of cusec value o added more tests
     new f501db2  o added some more test cases
     new 32c3ac4  Fixed a type in Javadoc
     new 2c0f38a  Added some more abstract class to manage composite elements
     new aeb5f49  Added the Authenticor decoder
     new 7fb5c4c  o fixed many errors in Authenticator o Added some tests for it
     new e09a72c  Added the TransitedEncoding structure and tags
     new 44f0aca  Added the TransitedEncoding types
     new cc13f1b  Added the TransitedEncoding grammar
     new 76d213b  Let test fail with a more specific description than just resulting in a class cast exception
     new 825cdc7  o renamed method for better semantics
     new c0bd209  o remove generated files
     new 8a48f2d  Added tests for TransitedEncoding
     new 2162748  o Added the ETYPE-INFO-ENTRY grammar o Fixed some Javadoc typoes
     new a2706d4  o Addd the tests for ETYPE-INFO-ENTRY o Fixed some errors in the grammar and data structure o Renamed the EncryptedDecoderTest
     new 36d5419  Simple test for TicketFlag construction
     new 2314491  Fix TicketFlags test
     new c874434  o added a new error constant to be used in KrbSafeBody
     new 2ca6e84  o added tags for prcessing KRB-SAFE-BODY
     new 610b12a  o removed generated file
     new c54f597  o an abstract action to read HostAddress
     new 0033a09  o implementation of KRB-SAFE-BODY codec
     new b59930b  o added more tests o fixed the actions of optional transitions to s-address
     new 25f4319  o removed a generated folder
     new 94de093  o added a new constant to be used in KrbSafe
     new 8c8a313  Add some more tests
     new ae202b6  Respect the first flag containing the number of unused bytes
     new cf2a52d  Add some more tests
     new d064c09  Respect the first flag containing the number of unused bytes
     new 7d42ef9  Clean up YAGNI syndrom
     new b4e05eb  We do have an additional byte in the beginning, which will increase the length by 8 (Respect the first flag containing the number of unused bytes)
     new c512ab0  Update release info
     new d231ced  Fixed license header, fixed homepage, typo in shortdesc, use description from homepage
     new 79a405f  Ignore failing test ATM
     new 352894f  o added tags for KRB-SAFE message
     new a2722b5  o codec of KRB-SAFE message
     new a83a052  Move test case to where it belongs and cleanup
     new 9ee6355  Transform to enum
     new 1f36217  From a logical POV they belong to the ...messages.value.types package
     new b96d4a2  Transform to enum
     new c7b82c2  Cleanup
     new c8735f8  Transform to enum
     new 9a0ef16  o test case for KrbSafe
     new a9030c8  Transform to enum
     new fab2180  o added some comments to detect the tagged elements
     new c36459b  Fixed the KRB-SAFE first tag
     new e8d1ef9  OOps, its not 64 but 74
     new 5dfd72e  o fixed a test and added another
     new 03f1ebc  Transform to enum
     new c9a6b16  Transform to enum
     new 9c8b5a0  o added tag constants for EncKrbPrivPart
     new 8d48361  Cleaned some Javadoc and added some missing javadocs.Nothing serious.
     new f799d4d  o implementation of EncKrbPrivPart's codec
     new 494d15a  o fixed the log message
     new 8ec0eb7  o added error message for KrbPriv message codec
     new 3cf7093  o added tag constants for KrbPriv message
     new 4d50378  o abstracted the action code to read EncryptionData
     new 799a9dc  o Fixed the Kerberos tests failures o Removed some sysout
     new 525e911  @Ignored some PPolicy tests, the control codec is buggy
     new b190edb  o implementation of KrbPriv codec
     new 38f6506  Transform constant interface pattern to class.
     new 3498f09  Fixed a typo in comments
     new bd42dd0  Minor Javadoc fixes
     new 5012c32  o fixed some actions where grammar can end o fixed control's length calculation when no data is present o fixed all @Ignored tests
     new 4da5a8f  o copied from kerberos-shared
     new 2895796  o fixed package names
     new cef2986  Added the ETYPE-INFO codec
     new 36db6fd  Added the ETypeInfo class
     new 57b3d11  o added tag constants for KrbCredInfo
     new 57acd6c  o Added the ETYPE-INFO2-ENTRY tags o Reorganized the orders o Switched from int to byte
     new 895661a  Added the ETYPE-INFO2-ENTRY grammar
     new b2a8eac  Fixed the ETYPE-INFO2-ENTRY grammar
     new 3a62f3f  Reverted the int -> byte modification. It breaks all the tests !
     new c19f717  Fixed the grammar
     new d3b72a5  Added tests for ETYPE-INFO2-ENTRY
     new b07a5aa  Use context class loader instead of annotation class to load LDIF file. Required to use unit test framework in OSGi environment
     new 2c5d3c5  o KrbCredInfo ASN.1 sequence representation
     new 0972365  o added a new error message for KrbCredInfo
     new 173ad55  o casting integer tags to byte
     new 81b2bbd  Avoid convertion from DN to String to DN
     new 3db5211  Minor Javadoc fixes
     new c5155fc  o Added the ETYPE-INFO2 gramamr o Fxed some typoes in Javadocs
     new 22d97f8  Fixed problem with many ehcache threads in integration tests o Shutdown CacheManager in CacheService.destroy() o DNFactory is now managed by DirectoryService o Extracted DNFactory interface and removed unused methods from DNFactory
     new bffb6fa  Fixed memory leak when running integration tests
     new ab0d781  Added two new types
     new c07e0aa  Added the AuthorizationData grammar
     new 3040862  Added the LastReq grammar and tests
     new f7fb4ec  o fixed javadoc (showing up in wrong searches)
     new 40472c7  o abstracted reading of HostAddresses
     new d164f41  o implementation of KrbCredInfo codec
     new 5ec14c8  o renamed getOrdinal() method to getValue() for consistency and clarity
     new 88ced66  Removed dead code
     new e529c70  First drop for the EncKdcRepPart grammar
     new a3f8247  Added the EncKdcRepPart tags, and the encode method (except the flags)
     new 0ee4606  Fixed the way we deal with KerberosFlags
     new aaa2599  getOrdinal() has been replaced by getValue()
     new 85afed9  Added a fix for the KerberosFlags handling on values Added a TicketFlags test
     new fea8ff1  Added some more tests
     new 12fed07  Added dependency to junit-addons. Added MultiThreadedMultiInvoker rule to some test classes. Fixed issues with unclosed resources
     new b9434f0  extending the AbstratReadInteger class
     new 020ad01  o fixed equals method signature
     new b1290f6  Fix sporadic failing test by calling cache.cleanCache() manually
     new 8eb944a  Added the EncKdcRepPart grammar
     new 1786447  o added hashCode and equals methods
     new 6ac2a07  o added tests for KrbCredInfo o fixed grammar
     new ac1b699  o removed confusing types from PrincipalNameType o renamed getTypeByOrdinal to getTypeByValue
     new 2508101  Added tests for EncKdcRepPart, some minor fixes.
     new add59f6  o added a error constant to be used in EncKrbCredPart
     new eaca47b  o class representing EncKrbCredPart ASN.1 sequence o added tag constants to be used in EncKrbCredPart
     new 2fb0d0e  o Added the EncAsRepPart and EncTgsRepPart tags o Added the MessageType for those two messages
     new 643bbee  Created the class
     new cac2c9c  Changed the inheritence scheme
     new 74f34a0  Temporarily make it a EncAsRepPart message
     new 486dbc4  o fixed the computelength() and encode methods
     new a9a78f2  o implementation of EncKrbCredPart grammar and tests
     new 44142d3  o added optional transitions o added another test case
     new 3286c46  o Added the EncAsRepPart grammar
     new b82ed1f  o Added the EncTgsRepPart grammar o Some minor fixes
     new 1a0926e  Minor javadoc typo fix
     new e4b4493  o fixed typos
     new ccaea92  o extended AbstractReadEncryptedPart
     new 8455c99  Added the EncApRepPart class and added the tags in KerberosConstants
     new 6349b6b  o added hashCode and equals methods
     new ff4fd85  o added error message used while encoding KrbCred
     new e4127d5  o implementation of KrbCred codec and tests
     new 724cf50  Added the EncApRepPart grammar and tests
     new ca97239  Fixed minor typoes in comments
     new 912c531  Removed useless states
     new 83ef95e  Renamed the class (uppercasing a letter)
     new 6d3469e  o Added the METHOD-DATA grammar o Renamed a class
     new 6e57199  o added a error message to be used in EncTicketPart
     new fe1192a  o implementation of EncTicketPart ASN.1 sequence o added tag constants used in EncTicketPart
     new 5cac10e  Added the AdIfRelevant grammar
     new 357e398  Added the AdMandatoryForKdc grammar and test
     new ad3ec34  Fixed the Javadoc
     new 64bf750  Added the PA-ENC-TIMESTAMP grammar and test
     new 426c6e3  Fix the class so that the flags are correctly stored
     new c757857  New fix, forgot to store the bytes
     new 6528a6f  o an abstract action class to read a byte array from the TLV's value
     new 394930e  o extends AbstractReadByteArray
     new 0c55faa  o fixed the way TicketFlags is encoded
     new aac7827  Added the AD-AND-IF tags
     new 0374622  Added the AdAndOr grammar
     new 8aef0bd  o fixed a NPE in toString() method (this error popped up while running with logging enabled)
     new 5e211cc  o added hashCode and equals methods
     new ad8aa36  o fixed encoding of flags and crealm o renamed set/getAuthzData
     new 9f865ed  Added the PA-ENC-TS-ENC tags
     new 51b34cf  o implementation of EncTicketPart's grammar, associated actions and test cases
     new 68c105a  Added the PA-ENC-TS-ENC grammar and tests
     new 9abdf8c  Added the AD-KDCIssued class and tags
     new d2b67ba  Added the AdKDCIssued grammar
     new 7d19582  o fixed a bug in encode method (counter is not incremented) o updated the test case to demonstrate the issue and the working of fix o fixed a type in javadoc o removed a line doing redundant initialization
     new 9722ce5  o added a error message to be used in TypedData
     new 3e02a77  o fixed the PDUs
     new 82ceea9  o TypedData ASN.1 seq and associated tags
     new c493f47  o grammar, actions and test cases of TypedData
     new 98c9f43  Added tests for AdKDCIssued
     new 68388e6  Test for DIRSERVER-1585: - added MultiThreadedMultiInvoker rule - moved ldapServer.setMaxSizeLimit() into test method to make method invocation thread safe
     new b4bc47d  Moved some of the AsbtractReadXXX methods to shared, as they are used by some other codec.
     new 037a2c4  o Used the AbstractReadEncPart everywhere it's useful o Fixed the logger
     new 83abffc  o Added a constant in Asn1Decoder used by all the decoder loggers o Used the AbstractReadAuthorizationData when useful
     new 43bed54  o Minor code refactoring o Using the ASN1-DECODER as a logger
     new a39b441  Moved back to the class name for the logger. We probably can use a MDC context name to manage the logs.
     new 90e2d5f  Used the AbstractReadPrincipalame everywhere
     new 0f5ef51  Using AbstractReadRealm all over
     new aaaea4c  Close resources
     new 93e84b3  Some cleanup
     new ec52557  Cleanup the Ticket class, updated the logs
     new 983bda3  o Renamed the AbstractReadByteArray class o Added an AbstractReadOctetString class
     new 0e4145a  Used the AbstractReadOctetString all over the codec code
     new 9493a74  Used the AbstractReadPvno all over the codec
     new 015b10d  Typo
     new e07afaa  o Improved the way we use the AbstractReadMsgType in all the messages o Fixed many problems in the containers hierarchy
     new 105e71c  o Reviewed the EncryptedData code o Added some tests o Used the AbstractReadInteger for this class
     new cb9c73c  Reviewed the PrincipalName classes, added some logs, tests etc...
     new 3e86078  Reviewed the HostAddress grammar, tests, etc
     new 6f97e5b  Review the AuthorizationData class and tests
     new d0f65c3  o Reviewed the EncryptionType class, tests, etc o Added some logs
     new 6befd26  Forgot to commit the modifications
     new 653ff5c  Fixed the Logger names and the getGrammarName( Grammar )
     new 63d532f  Some more fixes
     new 1f7d3b0  Renamed some constants
     new df495a6  Implemented the global Kerberos grammar, capable of decoding all the grammars.
     new d599e53  Added some tests for the KerberosMessage
     new 8a20c5a  Removed some warnings
     new 11312db  Fixed a bug in the KDC-REQ codec : when no PA-DATA were present, the decoding and the encoding were wrong.
     new 4c823bd  o branching for updating the protocol-kerberos with new codec
     new 15c5888  o Updated the pom to include the kerberos-codec in the build o Injcted the kerberos-decoder into the kerberos protocol handler (it has compilation failures atm)
     new f58c68b  added the kerberos-codec module
     new c354e21  o extracted the container key as a constant o removed line printing stack trace
     new 17f36cf  o use only one protocol codec factory for both TCP and UDP transports (the term 'UDP' from ProtocolCodecFactory and the encoder/decoders will be removed in next commits)
     new e0b8822  o removing unused classes
     new 02c6085  o fixed import
     new 3160ac4  Fixed some errors in the way we handle the first decoding layer for Kerberos
     new 75d4b19  o fixed a bug by moving code adding protocol codec factory
     new bebad0d  Added a dependence on kerberos-codec
     new 5fac5d0  Added a dependence on kerberos-codec
     new 110f8b0  Removed the SystemOut.println
     new 2f7526a  o Replaced the EncryptionType class o Replaced the EncryptionKey class o Replaced the KerberosMessageType class o Replaced the KdcRequest class
     new 38d58dd  o Replaced the EncryptionType class o Replaced the EncryptionKey class o Replaced the KerberosMessageType class o Replaced the KdcRequest class
     new 00820d8  o Replaced the EncryptionType class o Replaced the EncryptionKey class o Replaced the KerberosMessageType class o Replaced the KdcRequest class
     new d45402e  Replaced the KerberosTime data structure
     new 290e817  o added lessThan and geaterThan methods o added javadoc
     new 9ca7242  o changed the PrincipalStore interface to use the new PrincipalName class from kerberos-codec
     new 5bb0ebf  o replaced KerberosPrincipal with PrincipalName o removed jndi classes
     new 522e204  o replaced KerberosPrincipal with PrincipalName
     new 0794b71  o removed a unused field
     new ddf3a3d  o changed eType collection to Set
     new 91284bd  Fixed some parts of the KerberosTime methods, added some missing others
     new 01a3cd6  Replaced the Checksum and ChecksumType classes
     new 755b72a  Replaced the PrincipalName and PrincipalNameType classes
     new db2cd0a  o partially updated with the new kerberos codec
     new 54c4816  o replaced Authenticator
     new 11b830f  o replaced KerberosUtils
     new 9e5caa4  Fixed some issues with the Authenticator constructor call
     new e0c157c  Catch some exception in the constructor and throw a Runtime exception instead
     new ea9679a  o replaced EncryptedData
     new 9ea128d  Extracted the AuthorizationData.AD class from AuthorizationData, and renamed it AuthorizationDataEntry
     new 1024744  o fixed a bug where milliseconds are not removed while creating a new KerberosTime object
     new 190b0e3  o use LinkedHashSet to preserve the ordering (useful for testing with hand crafted PDUs)
     new 645e1cd  Replaved the AuthorizationData class, some other fixes
     new eaf4aa5  Some fixes
     new 74814fa  Some fixes
     new 728fcdb  o replaced HostAddress and removed the associated tests
     new 3a37b09  o removed HostAddress
     new df3082e  Removed the AuthenticatorModifier class. Some other fixes
     new 269e81e  Removed the PaData and PaDataType structures, using the codec's ones
     new 728f2f6  o removed TransitedEncoding and associated test and decoder
     new 2cff678  o removing some unused encoder/decoder classes
     new 767ff8f  o removed EncTicketPart
     new cc8988c  o removed all encoders
     new 448beeb  Split the LastReq in two classes : - the LastReq itself, with additional methods - the LastReqEntry
     new c139297  Removed the LastRequest, LastRequestEntry and LastRequest type classes, using those from kerberos-codec instead
     new 9450345  removed the encoder package
     new 92e2d4e  o removed some more decoders o fixed CipherTextHandler class
     new 3fd1d10  Fixed the encode method, removed the Encoder map
     new a8a82ac  Various fixes
     new 2d1456e  o Various fixes o removed the encryptedTimestamp class o Removed the TransitedEncodingType class
     new 2e799ce  Fixed a compilation error
     new 700f01b  o Removed the Ticket class and replaced it by the kerberos-codec one o Various fixes
     new 98581a8  o removed unused classes
     new c7326fc  o removed EncApRepPart/Modifier
     new 95992f4  o removed EncAsRepPart
     new 514571e  o removed EncKdcRepPart
     new 881eaba  o removed EncKrbPrivPart/Modifier
     new 6b331a1  o removed KdcReqBody/Modifier
     new bc4d98a  o removed EncKrbCredPart KrbCredInfo classes
     new 22dc2a1  o removed flags
     new 6ff984e  o removing the options classes
     new b781888  o fixed some compilation errora
     new 42a2194  Some fixes
     new 99ab632  o Added a field to store an EncTicketPart into the ticket o Fixed compilation failures
     new 1f9eaa9  Fixed a compilation error
     new 5948b35  Using KerberosPrincipal to access data from the backend instead of PrincipalName
     new 37fb200  Fix a compilation error
     new e9b59bd  Some renaming and constructor addition
     new 19c9d5e  Many fixes to get the first AS-REQ and KRB-ERROR exchange to work
     new f264b7e  Solved some compilation errors
     new c71c5f3  Replaced reference to RequestBody by KdcReqBody
     new 2a12221  Some renaming
     new a558704  o Some methods renaming o Using KdcReqBody instead of RequestBodyModifier
     new 6a702ec  Renaming the ErrorMessage class by KrbError
     new 750c8cc  o Removed the KdcRequest class o Removed some decoder o Fixes some compilation errors
     new f18a1c9  Some compilation error fixes
     new 9b8b248  Fixed some encoders
     new e7df80a  o used ehcache as store for replay cache implementation and renamed InMemoryReplayCache to ReplayCacheImpl o moved the instantiation of replay cache to KDC and ChangePassword server classes o removed the static replay cache instances from ChangePasswordService and TicketGrantingService o added cache configuration to the irectory-cacheservice.xml o removed set/get methods for replay cache from TicketGrantingContext and ChangePasswordContext
     new 8a71f20  o renamed the test calss
     new 18a483d  Added the EncryptedData decoder
     new 4058847  Added the EncryptedData decoder in the CipherTextHandler class
     new d9fac9c  Moved the decoding of data structure to the KerbeorsDecoder class
     new 8378ab3  o removed thw word 'Udp' from encoder/decoder classes
     new 4a6f28e  o Renamed the unseal method to decrypt o Fixed an issue in verifyEncryptedTimestamp o Added the decodePaEncTsEnc method
     new 824be31  o Removed some decoders o Added the decode methods in the KerberosDecoder class
     new 88149db  Removed the EncryptedData, EncryptedTimestamp PrincipalName and Ticket decoderq
     new 90efbb5  o removed unused methods and updated javadoc o added generics to the default ciphers' map
     new 107df31  o replaced AuthenticationReply with AsRep and fixed AuthenticationService
     new 5bec26a  o replaced TicketGrantReply with TgsRep
     new a567b22  o replaced KdcReply with KdcRep o fixed the debug logging methods and removed KdcReplyDecoder
     new 0d149b1  o added a setFlag() helper method
     new f1ac285  o added methods to decode Authenticator and AuthorizationData
     new 1bba104  o fixed many compiler errors
     new 31e7cdd  o fixed the compilation errors with a FIXME note
     new 4298cbd  o Some more decoder removal o Some fixes
     new 261f40b  Removed the ApplicationRequest class, replaced by ApReq
     new b9cd58b  Fixed many compilation failures by adding the EncKdcRepPart in AsRep and TgsRep
     new 9788bb8  Some more compilation fixes
     new e4c484b  Using the KrbDecoder class
     new 174f25f  o updated to use KerberosException class present in kerberos-codec o removed exceptions package from kerberos-shared
     new fd4a491  o removed remaining decoders from kerberos-shared
     new da6e197  o moving SamType to kerberos-codec
     new 23bf44e  o fixed package name of SamType and the imports section of dependent classes
     new d59dbcd  o removed some more unused classes o replaced KerberosConstants with the one present in kerberos-codec
     new 710f68c  o moved the CallbackHandlerBean class to SaslGssapiBindITest o removed the jaas package from kerberos-shared
     new 95f70bb  o moving the main java sources of kerberos-shared to kerbero-codec
     new d3cb5b0  o moving the test sources from kerberos-shared to kerberos-codec
     new abe8a0f  o removing kerberos-shared (the classes part of this module were moved to kerberos-codec)
     new fc167ab  o replaced(or removed) dependency on kerberos-shared with kerberos-codec
     new b3ec52f  o removed kerberos-shared from the list of modules
     new f71cf29  Moved the Kerberos encoder/decoder to kerberos-codec Some more fixes
     new e8242e2  Some compilation failure fix
     new 9bc4e5b  Fix the clockSkew computation
     new 29b1acf  The kerberosTime is internally represented using ms, not seconds
     new d9ca937  o fixed compiler errors
     new 3eb5fa5  Fixed the KDC-REP data generation : if the PA-DATA was empty, we still generated an empty sequence
     new 42886a9  Injected the realm
     new 8f1af42  The PaData length was still counted in the global PDU length. Fixed
     new 5b95284  Fixed the decoder : the stream is now passed to all the message containers
     new f2fd3de  Transformed the PrincipalName to a KerberosPrincipal before doing a comparison
     new 1efefd1  o fixed few compiler errors
     new a147b5d  o fixed few more compiler errors
     new d7c1511  o removed EncTicketPartModifier o replaced EncTicketPartModifier with EncTicketPart
     new ff8dfb7  Injected the stream in all the composite decoder containers
     new 58332b4  Injected streams into the decoder containers
     new 4b845fe  o fixed a compiler error
     new 7a625ea  Fixed the generated length for TGS-REP messages
     new 1cbd27e  Many fixes for the TGS-REP generation
     new 1013e5e  o Removed some constants o removed some printstacktrace
     new 711adbf  o removed an unused method
     new 40fb69c  o moving KerberosProtocolCodecFactory to kerberos-codec
     new 2272d91  Fixed some test failures
     new 61aa552  Fixed the PrincipalName tests
     new c79756e  Fixed some failing tests
     new e7291fe  o fixed a typo in comment
     new 575e066  o fixed an assertion which is failing on fast machines
     new f4f69c9  Fixed some compilation failures
     new 6eb7163  o added a null check on ReplayCache reference to avoid NPE (tests are using KdcServer as config so they are not calling the start() method but   stop() is called after every test method run which is resulting in a NPE)
     new 5b37b8f  Fixed some failing tests : the error code was checked using the ordinal value
     new a3f410b  Some more test fixes
     new a350ce6  o commented the code and dependencies related changepassword module
     new 0641408  o Using System.arraycopy instead of loops o some minor code clarification
     new 720a56d  Reordered some code for better clarity
     new 3d1b2ea  Fix a test : we were creating a wrong principalName
     new fa874b4  Fixed a error when the received message is not a request
     new fdfcabd  Fixed the check for the message direction
     new 9d2afaf  o Added the setters/getters for the encKdcRepPart for the AsRep message o Fixed some issues in a test
     new 9542fda  o Modified the integer actions to use correct limits for seqNumbers and milliseconds o Fixed a PrincipalName in a test
     new 9f627b7  A fix for a test, using correctly the PrincipalName and KerberosPrincipal
     new ef7d471  Moved the store for encKdcrepPat to the KdcRep class, so that the AsRep and TgsRep can access to this data structure as well.
     new ff027f5  o Initialized the TicketFlags in EncTicketPart o The Kerberostime creation will now remove the milliseconds o The KerberosTime.lessThan() will return true if the current time and the given one are equal.
     new ece7d16  o Fixed an error that produced 5 failures : the KerberosPrincipal was used instead of the PrincipalName
     new 488cd99  Removed the remaining useless classes and packages from the old kerberos code base
     new 9aacd70  Removed a last empty package
     new 169dae2  removing unused setSchemaPartition() method from SchemaService
     new 026714f  o renamed KeyUsage constants
     new 645e792  o removed a print stacktrace line (left accidentally)
     new 4e1bee5  o Fixed some initialization issues in the computeLength() method
     new 5d03cc3  Some cleanup...
     new 4b877d0  Ignoring a test that does not make a lot of sense...
     new 2cdee4b  o fixed an issue with sending a empty LastReq component as part of AsRep
     new a35ec51  o added a method to decode EncAsRepPart
     new 1c5be61  Merged the kerberos-codec branch
     new 426f87c  Merged the kerberos-codec branch, 2
     new 08b32f6  Merged the kerberos-codec branch, 3
     new dfaf0a6  Merged the kerberos-codec branch, 4
     new 620bc60  Merged the kerberos-codec branch, 6
     new c161b16  Merged the kerberos-codec branch, 7
     new fffa4e6  Merged 'server-config-annotations' branch ( back into trunk.
     new ae5568d  Removed some spurious printStackTrace
     new 0b96778  Removed unused import.
     new c6b690d  Closed the left opened LdifReader instance(made the tests fail on Windows).
     new 4707b01  Added 200 ms more before checking the values.
     new fb232c9  Merged Antoine's branch into trunk
     new 0687dd2  Fixed a compatibility issue : OException(String, Throwable) is only available in Java 6. Thanks to Antoine for the heads up
     new 8b5456f  o Rename a getOrdinal() method to getValue() o Some added Javadoc
     new 56d3aaa  Committed too fast just before going to bed... Fixing a compilation error
     new 7da1fb6  Fixed DIRSERVER-1564
     new e9e3dce  o Fixed PartitionSchemaLoader so it can be used to initialize a SchemaManager from an existing partition o Moved to core to be able to use FilterNormalizingVisitor
     new 77bb38a  Added a schema extractor that adds LDIF entries directly to a partition. This can be used for bootstrapping the schema partition in case the schema partition isn't a LDIF partition.
     new 479719d  Added some missing Javadoc
     new 0b9b7a5  Renamed 'write...' methods. Added a new 'writeToString()' which convert the configuration to simple a string.
     new c63c97b  o No two-arg IOException constructor in Java5 o Removed misleading comment
     new 19c86b5  Removed unused 'partitionsDir' parameter.
     new a11a940  Added a read-only configuration partition which is initialized from a input stream (needed for use in Studio).
     new fa6db27  Fixed javadoc.
     new ff2b3f0  Removed the shared-ldap-jndi module
     new d721700  Consistent usage of 'URI partitionPath' for all partitions
     new 47468e2  ignore idea module files
     new 801dd8e  ignore idea module files
     new b28c2e9  ignore idea module files
     new a501d41  ignore idea module files
     new bc32286  Consistent usage of 'URI partitionPath' for Stores
     new cc49ede  Fix test under Windows
     new 3d3d636  Added missing attribute 'ads-authenticators'.
     new 88e3884  Removed "ads-transportbacklog: 50" values as '50' is the default value.
     new aeb5595  Added an 'optional' flag and a default value to the ConfigurationElement annotation to allow the writer to exclude attributes with default values from the generated LDIF entries.
     new 54b130c  Update descriptions (DIR-271)
     new 7087aad  o added a reference to KrbError to give more information about the exception
     new 6453331  o fixed a wrong request length value being encoded o added methods to reset the transient fields used in computing lengths
     new ca80211  Explicitly set default values.
     new e6ffeb8  Inverted the CollectiveAttributeInterceptor and SubentryInterceptor interceptors
     new 8655404  Inverted the CollectiveAttributeInterceptor and SubentryInterceptor interceptors
     new a940d06  o fixed the typo in DS instance name (will help in avoiding debugging nightmares)
     new 8cf2281  o close the underlying cursors
     new 47b7490  o Added some missing At in the metaSyntax ObjectClass : m-obsolete and x-humanReadable o Fixed a potential NPE when a schema object is injected without name o Moved the ChangeLog interceptor at the end of the iChain o Removed the isFirstOperation() check in the ChangeLong operations, it's not used anymore
     new 42d42b5  Reverted a swallowed exception.
     new 0b13cdc  o Added some check to see if the AP cache is correctly reloaded if the server is stopped o Fixed an issue in the AP cache modification
     new 6d22a7a  Fix for DIRSERVER-1594 (Avoid extra lookup in
     new 354a80d  o fix for DIRSERVER-1600 o added a test case
     new 2835e82  Simplified the getMemberAttribute method
     new 4fb2a8a  Fix for : the tuple and group cache are now reloaded at startup.
     new a65e8aa  Fixed
     new 6d5c4dd  o Added an Enum for ADS controls o Handling Control transformation to ADS controls in the JNDI layer
     new b4696a1  Fixed the failing tests that were previously Ignored
     new 5c66860  moved the instance to DirectoryService and SharedManager to the BaseInterceptor class.
     new 1ad7b23  Moved the AttributeType initialization into the BaseInterceptor class
     new 04362f3  Fixed two issues related to the OSGI-fication of the Shared modules. Shared-ldap and shared-ldap-schema were sharing a package with the same name. Shared-ldap-schema's 'Import-Package' directive for MANIFEST.MF file was missing explicitely named package names. [Part 2]
     new 6dbe74b  o included attribute names for better understanding of the attributes present in the reported error
     new 263b0b4  Removed a useless import
     new dc63a5a  Removed a printStackTrace()
     new 64accef  Added a test : search on subentries with Subentries control sent
     new 1635c05  o The lookup() methods in CoreSession and in LdapConnection now takes Controls as a parameter o Added some tests for lookup with controls
     new 8acda2e  Fixed some tests
     new 2aaf997  Added an Ignored test for a future fix
     new 6e5145c  o remove one @Ignore annotation for a test o Some formating
     new a9341b9  moving some files in oads.asn1.codec really belonging to asn1
     new 94ba39b   removed deps on springframework and spring-xbean. Upgraded to more rcent versions of commons-* libs
     new 565cc47  moving hex decorder into asn1 where it is used
     new 2e06307  moving actions out of codec into asn1
     new 3bd2249  moving primitives classes into utils package for asn1
     new 2b4c59f  bumped up slf4j and junit versions
     new 63d76ba  Bumped up mina and xml-apis jars' version. Removed a dep on server-xml
     new aa19ba6  BER related primitive handling code moved to tlv.ber
     new 4ab8c7d  moving dumpBytes to Strings to break dep and move remaining classes to asn1-ber
     new f172194  For internal lookups done in eagerlyPopulatFields, call the nexusPartition directly.
     new 13a2897  o Added some commented traces in InterceptorChain (we have to transform them to logs) o Added some test for DIRSERVER-1605 o Removed some useless code o Moved a check for a null entry in lookup in the defaultPartitionNexus code
     new 5022051  Cleanup in dependencies.
     new b98568f  Cleanup in dependencies.
     new 34a6dba  Migrated some methods from StringTools to Strings
     new bb88bfa  Shared refactoring continued ...
     new f5ff06e  Refactoring shared:
     new 3ced34f  Shared refactoring:
     new ac700f8  Shared refactoring continued ...
     new 4d9f7b7  Shared refactoring continued ...
     new 5c862ad  Moved cursor package from base oadsl to oadsl.model;
     new 5d2f69a  ignore bad concurrent test using Thread.sleep() instead of proper synchronization and taking way to much time
     new b87f972  Shared refactoring continued ...
     new 1127cae  moving entry classes over to model area
     new 5d7c226  Shared refactoring continued ...
     new 1d59046  applied updated ignores llist to apacheds modules
     new 229662f  Shared refactoring continued ...
     new ac1b787  moving constants into oadsl.model
     new e46a48e  moving schema elements
     new 55d5594  moving schema normalizers into model area
     new 1b35ed2  moving schema registry classes into model area
     new 66f2e42  moving schema syntaxChecker classes into model area
     new fd6e8b5  moving schema parsers, their tests, under model area
     new 12d2a45  updating bytecode files used for testing purposes
     new 2eb8114  fixing failing tests due to lookups of schema entities with old package names
     new 3ca16d4  fixed issue with DummySyntaxChecker bytecode
     new 3d6f9be  Added missing dependency to "shared-util".
     new d7c0f13  Fixed some warnings in the code
     new 1cb0b70  Rename DNFactory to DnFactory
     new 50905aa  Shared refactoring ...
     new 6f2c6c7  Shared refactoring ...
     new ac27335  fixing refactoring glitch on DnFactory
     new 4715acd  removed any reference to SpringFramework and xbeans
     new da972af  Renamed the DNFactory to DnFctory in one class
     new df4b789  Shared refactoring ...
     new 8ea887f  added encoding decorator to decouple AddResponseImpl
     new 70d0afe  added encoding decorator to decouple BindRequestImpl
     new e8f1244  added encoding decorator to decouple BindResponseImpl
     new ad79c1a  added encoding decorator to decouple CompareRequestImpl
     new 55e416d  added encoding decorator to decouple CompareResponseImpl
     new 36b3edc  no decorator needed for DeleteRequestImpl
     new abc3ea9  added encoding decorator to decouple DeleteResponseImpl
     new 1c1bb55  added encoding decorator to decouple ExtendedRequestImpl
     new 0d57266  added encoding decorator to decouple ExtendedResponseImpl
     new a566617  added encoding decorator to decouple IntermediateResponseImpl
     new eefaf67  added encoding decorator to decouple SearchResultReferenceImpl
     new e4d8e0f  added encoding decorator to decouple ModifyDnRequestImpl
     new 01eb041  added encoding decorator to decouple ModifyDnResponseImpl
     new ae39d61  added encoding decorator to decouple ModifyRequestImpl
     new e2fa9a0  added encoding decorator to decouple ModifyResponseImpl
     new bd27fbc  added encoding decorator to decouple SearchResultDoneImpl
     new 148fd54  added encoding decorator to decouple SearchResultEntryImpl
     new 799f307  Shared refactoring ...
     new 642e9fc  moving SearchRequestImpl into model.message package
     new 4e75576  preparing to fix some issues with controls
     new 717c0d8  converted Cascade Control into new pattern
     new 63b0a7a  using decorator pattern with EntryChange Control
     new 5576747  processed PersistentSearch and PagedResultsControl for decorator pattern
     new c303edf  setting up decorator pattern on Subentries Control
     new bb41bed  fixing bunch of compilation problems with various controls
     new 0929073  fixing various compilation errors resulting from controls
     new 9e6be88  Avoid package / duplicate imports
     new dd45568  Use maven-site-plugin 3.x for report generation
     new 101e5bb  fixed issue with core-integ test dealing with subentries control encoding not occuring
     new b70a9d8  Commented the passwordPolicy test atm. It's starting a server, which is not good
     new c7fbcf2  formatting
     new 5e7e4f7  extracting interface for EntryChange control
     new c3dd29d  moving cleaned up control interfaces and simple implementations to model
     new aa155fd  moving cleaned up control interfaces and simple implementations to model
     new 380f8fb  moving cleaned up control interfaces and simple implementations to model
     new 8f9e555  moving cleaned up control interfaces and simple implementations to model
     new 99d2402  moving cleaned up control interfaces and simple implementations to model
     new ca5931f  extracted interfacce for subentries control
     new 7ce4205  moving cleaned up control interfaces and simple implementations to model
     new 9199489  cleaned up control codec classes after changes in subentries control classes
     new 8baf0e6  cleaned up control codec classes after changes in ManageDsaIT control classes
     new 83dabce  cleaned up and extracted interface for Cascade control classes
     new 073f67a  removed plugin versions from this pom, they are already present in the project/pom.xml file
     new 1486890  renaming controls to use Impl suffix instead of Simple prefix
     new 1a399c1  Heavy refactoring of codec classes, revamping several concepts:
     new 7950586  fixing and migrating more controls (replication related)
     new d86e84c  fixing and migrating more controls (replication related)
     new e081965  fixing and migrating more controls (replication related)
     new bdfb45d  fixing and migrating more controls (replication related)
     new e4dd1ed  adding unimplemented method
     new 3c47727  fixing compilation errors in apacheds
     new 417931b  fixing compilation errors
     new 3a60c1a  removing static instances of no value Controls like ManageDsaIT which are unsafe: thanks to Stefan Seelmann
     new 0a3f9ad  moving trunk into branch
     new b919850  moving back trunk for Emmanuel
     new 64b90fc  Fix the way we convert controls
     new ce80137  Removed the import ....*;
     new 57c8ece  Fix for SaslBindIT tests. We were using the BindRequestImpl in a check
     new 76bddaf  uses interface instead of plain classes.
     new aa2e69f  Using PSearch interface instead of the plain class
     new 35c39ae  Working on password policy control:
     new 9fe8323  Fixed some failing tests
     new c445239  Fixing the last PSearch tests
     new adf23b4  Some minor addition : o added a commented log filter in LdapServer, which can be used to dump to the console all the received and sent messages
     new 09c54eb  copy trunk for m1 branch
     new a685f96  Use new parent-19
     new 2f4b97e  avoid performance tests in integration tests
     new 84fe973  merging in changes from trunk today
     new 18c6e7f  Removed a duplicate plugin usage (shade)
     new 5dc28eb  Applied the changes done in the pom.xml in trunk
     new cad1317  removed a duplicate dependency on shared-ldap
     new 6481b12  Merged back trunk into the branch
     new 6fd064d  moved some of the codec interfaces into API pkg
     new e19a03b  reverting 1066650 since something went wrong with the refactoring
     new 3e63353  Moved around codec controls in one single controls package for clarity
     new 74bb194  o Created the AbstractControl class o Renamed the BasicControl class to OpaqueControlImpl
     new 191b327  Moved the replication controls
     new 3cdb5d6  o Moved the SyncDoneValue control to Model o Some renaming o Some minor fixes
     new 21370fc  Moved the SyncModifyDn control
     new 57c6fe3  merging from trunk to m1
     new 68272c0  Moved the SyncRequestValue control
     new a53d0b7  DIRSHARED-81: created new area for extra optional class II controls
     new d5463f5  DIRSHARED-81: moving ppolicy implementation into extras optional class II controls
     new a26d8c2  DIRSHARED-81: moving replication control POJ[O|I] into extras optional class II controls
     new 75ca0d5  DIRSHARED-81: applying class/interface naming conventions to ppolicy control
     new 3da89cb  DIRSHARED-81: applying class/interface naming conventions to sync state value control
     new cd65025  DIRSHARED-81: moving syncrepl implementation classes into extras optional class II area for controls
     new 0cb0681  Fixed a potential pb with Java 6
     new 05ec754  DIRSHARED-81:
     new 00ca26c  Moved the SyncStateControl classes
     new 2584972  DIRSHARED-81: making decorate() into newControl() overload to be consistent
     new 4d55875  DIRSERVER-81: more renames to comply with naming convention
     new a976d10  Removed loop in test
     new 754a966  merging in changes from trunk
     new 1ad9b62  Fixed LDAP API integration test issues o Added LdapApiIntegrationUtils which provides a pooled connections o Use pooled connections in tests where possible to reduce number of opened sockets o Use a Suite for all test o These steps reduced test run from 40s to 20s o Removed catched exceptions in tests, better show them to see what went wrong
     new 1131798  Forgot to commit suite class
     new c82ae76  DIRSHARED-80:
     new ead2d89  Removed unused method
     new d150205  merge minor changes from trunk: TRUNK ==> M1 branch
     new fa6e8db  o Moved network connection methods from core-integ to server-integ o Changes in PasswordPolicyTest needs review
     new 536a742  BinaryAttributeDetector is codec specific and used by protocol handlers - moved to codec.api
     new 172c75a  moving the default implementation into exported package, and just exporting what is necessary
     new cd8abc3  cleaning up
     new c2c0bf4  moving some extended operations out of ldap into codec extras area since they cause issues with OSGi
     new 23c986d  Updated dependencies.
     new 2279c96  merging trunk to m1 branch
     new 5b49f5a  copying m1 branch into trunk
     new a20f7e1  Fixed some warnings
     new fc4a938  Use external concurrent JUnit runner
     new 8e0c2b8  merging iin changes from trunk
     new 7846857  Remove com.mycila:mycila-junit dependency, use copied classes in junit-addons instead
     new ab20b29  umped up the jars version
     new 5a43e6b  fixing issues with build due to cache directory
     new 20c2a37  fixing various issues with Felix cache locking in concurrent tests
     new 68d93fc  fixing tests and felix-cache locking issues
     new b3c4e6a  Bumped up project to 20
     new 09dace0  New parent
     new a45ba6e  Removed wrong properties related to 'org.maven.ide.eclipse.launchconfig.*' which makes the launch configuration fail in Eclipse.
     new e79abb5  Typo.
     new dfa0368  Bump shared version to 1.0.0-M1-SNAPSHOT, use released versions
     new 47e538a  Fix for DIRSHARED-84:
     new 7e7f7ac  DIRSHARED-91: moving and renaming standalone LdapCodecService implementation to be moved to the ldap-codec-standalone module shortly
     new 5ac7e68  Small refactoring
     new 359147f  o Removed some useless classes, fixed the tests that were using them
     new 902f916  DIRSHARED-91: work in progress
     new 81ec9af  commiting some pom changes to make things compile
     new f48ed86  DIRSHARED-88: fixing dependency on new aci module
     new 05fd201  DIRSHARED-88: fixing dependency on new trigger module
     new c970557  DIRSHARED-88: fixing dependencies for new extras util module
     new dab634b  o Inverted the SchemaManager and String parameter of the DN constructor o Removed useless constructors o Added a Dn.add( int Rdn ) method o Fixed the server code accordingly to these modifications
     new b23178d  DIRSHARED-88: removing references to non-existing shared-ldap module
     new 6348803  DIRSHARED-88: fixing build after removing shared-ldap
     new 1e69b48  DIRSHARED-88: fixing build after removing shared-ldap
     new 244a4bb  o Removed the Dn( Dn ) and Dn( SchemaManager, Dn ) constructors o Transformed the Dn( Rdn ) constructor to Dn( Rdn... ) o Added a Dn( SchemaManager, Rdn... ) constructor o Fixed the ADS/Shared code accordingly
     new 393c640  o Created the Dn.ROOT_DSE constant o Using it in the sever when it's semantically relevant
     new 700b718  o Added a DefaultSchemaManager() constructor which loads the enabled schemas o Used this constructor in the tests and in the server o Moved some tests from shared-model to shared-integ o Removed some uesless systemOut
     new 779b4f8  o The Dn class is not anymore implementing the Cloneable, Serialiable and Comparable interfaces o Updated the Dn Javadoc o Renamed the Dn.clone() method to copy() o Added a addInternal package protected method for deserialization o Added two methods in DnSerializer that take no Input and Output Stream (they are created internally) o Removed the Dn.compateTo() method, it's useless o Fixed the tests and the server accordingly to those modifications
     new 3979e3d  DIRSHARED-91: changes for apacheds modules
     new 7e5256b  merging in from trunk
     new 5c4041b  Fix for DIRAPI-42 (Add additional classes and clean method arguments for SASL binds (CRAM-MD5, DIGEST-MD5, GSS-API)).
     new ba9378b  Fix for DIRAPI-42 (Add additional classes and clean method arguments for SASL binds (CRAM-MD5, DIGEST-MD5, GSS-API)).
     new 519f0a2  Updated to latest version of Shared.
     new d366f6c  o Removed the Dn.getPrefix( pos ) method o Added the Dn.getParent( Dn ) method o Fixed the code accordingly
     new e4a4dc9  o Added a new constructor that takes a RDN and a DN o Removed a thrown exception in the Dn.addAll() method o Added a test
     new 86ce1a9  Fix for DIRAPI-42 (Add additional classes and clean method arguments for SASL binds (CRAM-MD5, DIGEST-MD5, GSS-API)). Added support for specifying: o Quality of Protection o Security Strength o Require mutual authentication
     new 7269e57  o Added a Dn( SchemaManager, Dn ) constructor o Used the Dn( SchemaManager, Dn ) constructor in the server o Made the service field private in AbstractLdapTestUnit o Fixed the tests accordingly
     new 7864b0d  o Made LdapServer private in AbstractLdapTestUnit o Fixed the tests accordingly
     new f988ae8  Removed the Dn.add( int, String ) method
     new 8a492b3  Renamed the Dn.isChildOf() methods to isDescendantOf()
     new a6cfa7f  Used getParent() instead of remove() in many places in the server
     new 7bf6654  o Renamed the getParent( DN ) to getAncestorOf( Dn ) o Some other minor refactoring
     new 7123b8a  o Removed the Dn.remove( int ) method o Removed the DnUtils.getRelativeName() method o Fixed the tests and code accordingly
     new c6bfb65  o Removed the Dn.get( int ) method o Added the getDescendantOf( Dn/String ) methods o Fixed the tests and the code accordingly
     new 8c42180  DIRSHARED-86: cleaning up cert generation handler which now because of the codec does not need to handle decoding
     new 2ce8aad  DIRSHARED-86: generics and cleanup of codec implementation usages
     new 86a17de  Fixed the logger declaration
     new ca0ef31  Removed the infinite TimeOut set for debugging purposes
     new eacbf02  Closing the connections when done with them
     new 7e3d2bc  Ignored two tests that make the server-integ tests to fail.
     new 42f413a  merging in from trunk before swapping out trunk
     new ff5a506  putting m1 branch in place of old trunk
     new b921c4b  renaming m1 to milestones
     new e4bfb2f  creating a personal branch to be used over time
     new b3252a5  adding needed pluginDirectory information to poms
     new 0d94909  moving the extended request and message decorator into API
     new a4e32ce  o Using one single LdapDecoder for the client and the server o Created a LdapMessaegContainer when a session is created on the client API o Closing connections when done with them in tests
     new cb67f14  Decoupled the codec classes from the network layer.
     new b6e0864  o Some more cleanup (useless methods removal) o Added some Javadoc
     new 6da904c  DIRSHARED-86: fixed various generics compilation issues
     new c5362e9  Moved two classes (LdapMessageContainer & MessageDecorator) used by other bundles in the '' package which is exported in the MANIFEST.MF file.
     new b614b96  Replaced a RDN comparison using RDN.CompareTo by a direct String comparison
     new 4a02381  merging apacheds trunk into personal branch
     new 511e30f  merging apacheds milestones into personal branch
     new f9dfea5  Moved the SchemaManager parameter in first position in the Rdn constructors, to be consistent with the Dn and Ava classes
     new e3286df  DIRSHARED-86: re-enabling ignored SP tests
     new 2da426a  o Removed the last Rdn.normalize(Map) method
     new a34aef2  o Renaming the Rdn.getAVA() method to getAva() o Some simplification in the code
     new a531374  o Removed the serialVersionUid from many helper classes o Updated some other serialVersion Uid when used
     new 6e4736c  Made those classes not anymore serializable
     new f23f46a  Made those classes not anymore serializable
     new 32aa672  Removed useless usage of the transient keyword
     new a81224c  merging in changes from milestones branch
     new fc5350a  merging in changes from trunk
     new 2aab757  Added a test case (ignored for now) for DIRSERVER-1610 (No error is reported when adding an entry with a non-existing attribute).
     new bb4e33e  o Reworked the Ava/Rdn/Dn Serializer classes : they now take a SchemaManager as a parameter o Created dedicated constructors to be used by those serializers o Removed an AtomocBoolean in Dn o The LdapPrincipal class now have a SchemaManager field o Propagated the SchemaManager in SASL mechanism handlers o Deleted the LdapPrincipal.ANONYMOUS element, replaced by an instance in CoreSession
     new 2238b4b  Added a LdapPrincipalSerializer class
     new f7ab683  early initialization of the codec is best considering some of the operations occuring before the initialize method is called
     new 7e91f72  o fixed a typo in function name
     new b983da2  o adding DN property to link the bean to the corresponding entry   (this is helpful while exporting the config data right after reading using config reader, in this case we need not compute DN using ConfigWriter.getDn())
     new bd7cc6a  o make the the config bean enabled by default, this eliminates the burden of adding ads-enabled=true for every entry by user
     new 76158b4  delegating ext op instantiation to codec service
     new f826b21  DIRSHARED-92: making both clients and server use the same ProtocolCodecFactory implementation
     new 404574d  removing direct dep on LPC factory and using getPCF instead of newPCF()
     new 2782242  renamed ldap-client-api to follow conventions with shared- prefix for the artifact name
     new 1c7f5b0  Fixed the test case (ignored for now) for DIRSERVER-1610 (No error is reported when adding an entry with a non-existing attribute). Added another one (active) to test the addition of an entry with a non existing object class (the test pass).
     new 2ec9e78  merging in from milestones
     new a638879  merging in from trunk
     new fce22e4  swapping in personal branches for milestone branches
     new 134b6bc  fixing rename of shared-ldap-codec to shared-ldap-codec-core
     new e9f6f82  updated poms for shared-ldap-schema => shared-ldap-schema-data artifactId change to comply with naming conventions
     new 58148b4  fixed compilation issue
     new 004423c  swapping out trunks with milestones to begin M2 release cycle
     new 9bff79e  Replaced the serializers
     new efcb530  Added the missing serializer
     new 5072b40  Used a AtomicBoolean instead of a simple boolean to remove some potential synchronization problem
     new 31b5532  o Used the RdnSerializer instead of the readExternal() method
     new e71d837  o Removed the readExternal and writeExternal methods as the class is not externalizable
     new eeb0186   Bumped up some dependency and plugin versions
     new b511624  Removed unnecessary generic constructs which caused compiler failure with Java 5.
     new a06881c  Updated parent to Project version 21. Updated RAT configuration to avoid build failure due to false positive license issues. Added missing licenses.
     new 394b3a1  Reworked the Serialization to remove the duplicated code, and to have the Externalizable interface implemented correctly. Done for Values, Ava, Rdn, Dn.
     new c5b1bbd  o Using the LdifUtils class to create entries o Injected the SchemaManager in created entries
     new faea342  o Modified the EntryAttribute class, removing the setId() method p Modified the EntryAttribute.getId/getUpId methods semantic o Removed the serialize/deserialize methods from the DefaultEntryAttribute class o Added a applyAttributeType method in the Modification interface o Eliminated duplicated code in the EntryAttributeSerializer class o Fixed the places where the EntryAttribute.getId() method was used o Normalizing the Modify Context
     new 651dc3c  Bumped up Shared version to match the trunks version.
     new 30836cb  Slight modification in DN creation
     new 16b4544  Moved the serialization from DefaultEntry class to the ServerEntrySerializer class
     new d096c90  o Using the readExternal/writeExternal methods instead of the Serializers for entries o Refactored the LdifEntry serialization
     new dfaca95  Used the readExternal/writeExternal methods
     new b94c3f1  o Removed the AvaSerializer and RdnSerializer o Split the tests in two classes o Renamed some tests
     new dd93e19  o Removed the EntryAttributeSerializer, LdifControlSerializer, LdifEntrySerializer and DnSerializer classes o Renamed some tests
     new 16bc91f  o fix for setting attribute's user provided Id properly while creating a server modification o fixed test case (see DIRSERVER-1612)
     new 7d36a5d  o Modified some error message o Correctly injecting the SchemaManager in Rdn when normalizing it o Fixed the tests to use valid RDN and DN (DN and RDN that can be parsed by a schema manager aware parser) o Moved some tests in shared-integ
     new c00a861  Renamed two methods in RDN : isNormalized() and normalize()
     new e0bfe38  o Cleaned up the Ava class, removing some useless methods, adding some other o Cleaned up the Rdn class, removing some useless constructors and methods, some renaming o Added a LdapInvalidAvaException class o Modified an error code
     new 930ce69  Switched from OID to Oid
     new f09455f  o Moved the NameComponentNormlizer to the normalizers package o Don't use the DnParser anymore in tests
     new a1bb920  Used the variable created above and used anywhere else.
     new 30f7299  o Removed many useless methods in DnUtils o Deleted DnUtilsTest, moved the tests in StringsTest o
     new ee063d2  First round of cleanup for the Dn class : o Removed the normalizeInternal() method o Removed the toNormName() method o Used the normalize(SchemaManager) method instead
     new c44891f  o Renamed the isNormalized() method to isSchemaAware() o Modified the impacted code o Fixed the failing tests
     new e167418  o Removed the getSuffix( int ) method, which is replaced by the getDescendantOf( Dn )
     new 5be1d32  o Renamed the normalize() method to applySchemaManager()
     new 0796c32  o Removed the Dn.addAl( int, Dn ) method o Fixed some tests and code accordingly
     new 9074845  Forgot to commit this class (dealing with the exception)
     new 2a623e5  o Removed the Dn.getUpNameSuffix() method o Removed the Dn.addAllNormalized() method o Removed the Dn.addInternal() method
     new c13a2a5  Last Dn cleanup : o Added the remaining Javadoc o Removed the normalized flag o Removed commented code o Some other minor refactoring
     new a03ecc8  Replaced some methods by other more accurate
     new 73ea31c  o Renamed the addAll( Dn ) method to add( Dn ) o Fixed some potential NPE o Minor other refactorings
     new ed744b0  Reverted the order in which the getRdn( int ) returns the Rdn to be consistant with the getRdns() method
     new 67143bf  Fixed ApacheDS code accordingly to the fixes made in shared (Value classes refactoring)
     new f1a99d5  Renamed the applySchemaManager method
     new 67cb3a7  Renamed the applySchemaManager method
     new 75339fa  Moved the SearchScope class from filter package to message package
     new dcd50d6  Escaped the ' character properly.
     new c6d06c7  Moved and renamed the LdapURL class to the url package with the LdapUrl name
     new 82a6290  Renamed the Value.get() method to Value.getValue(), to be consistent with the Value.getNormValue() method
     new ac31646  Renamed the isHR and instanceOf methods, following Pierre-Arnaud suggestion for a better readability.
     new abf8707  EntryAttribute cleanup : o Removed the isValid() method o Fixed the tests o Adding a test when a Modify Add operation is done with an empty value
     new 140d75e  Renamed the isHR() method to isHumanReadable()
     new ae60088  Renamed the instanceOf() method to isInstanceOf()
     new ab8dc9a  Removed the setHR() method
     new 36cbe86  o Removed the setAttributeType() method, and renamed it to apply(AttributeType)
     new 6664943  Modified the isIntanceOf() method to take an AttributeType parameter instead of a String
     new 08e33a5  o Renamed the EntryAttribute interface to Attribute
     new 8b9d90a  o Renamed the DefaultEntryAttribute interface to DefaultAttribute
     new 98b195f  o renamed ReplicationProvider to ReplicationReqHandler to avoid the confusion with provider/consumer semantics while configuring the server
     new 0c70e37  Removed the contains( String ) method. It's a duplicate of the containAttributes( String...) method.
     new 1885787  Removed useless methods
     new fda5fe1  o interface for replication consumer/client o a marker interface for replication configuration
     new 0dd8e00  o removed the unused constant o added a new constant for replication request handler AT
     new 35f1043  o updated to implement the newly added replication interfaces o fixed a bug in setting the alias deref mode in the replication configuration
     new be3bf0a  o added support for reading replication configuration and starting the replication consumers o added a new entry in config.ldif for holding the replication consumer configuration
     new 260230a  Fixed a NPE : the replConsumer list was not initialized
     new 18fb7b5  o Fixed the searchScope value o Added the replConsumers container
     new 216f1b3  o Fixed an issue in the Attribute.apply( AttributeType ) : the values weren't copied into a new Set, so the hashCode weren't modified, leading to some failing Attribute.contains( ... ) calls. o Using the clone() method instead of a local createNewAttribute()
     new 713bf27  o The Value isValid() method throws a LdapInvalidAttributeValueException instead of a LdapException o The Attribute isValid() method now takes an AttributeType instead of a SyntaxChecker o Moved the schema aware tests to shared-integ o Fixed the impacted tests and code
     new a43bcd8  Removed the Attribute.getAll() method, it's a duplicate of the iterator() method.
     new f01abe4  Minor refactoring
     new f8e4d33  o Removed the set( AttributeType...) method o Removed two unused DefaultEntry constructors O Fixed tests accordingly to the upper changes
     new 80fe81f  o Created the DefaultEntry() constructor which takes a LDIF entry as a parameter. o Removed the LdifEntry.createEntry() methods o Modified the tests
     new 2b48e97  Moved some schema aware tests from core-api to shared-integ
     new 55f1e4c  o Modified the hasObjectClass method to deal with more than one objectclass o Added a isSchemaAware method in Entry o Removed unused constructors o factorized some constructors o Fixed tests
     new 2f70137  Removed dead code
     new 438e927  o Removed the set( String... ) method o Fixed the impacted tests
     new bd1a33b  Added an Entry.setDn( String ) method for completeness
     new 865a4c6  o Fixed a bug in LdapUrl : wrong Attributes were allowed o Cleaned up the LdapUrl tests o Removed the useless LdapUrl( byte[] ) constructor
     new 603b480  o Added a constructor for Entry that takes a Dn as a String o Fixed some Javadoc
     new cea066e  Renamed the applyAttributeType() method to apply()
     new c6dacc9  o changed the way SASL mechanisms are registered and added to the RootDSE   (this fixes a warning displayed while starting the server)
     new ad6240d  o Removed the Message consructor taking a MessageId as a parameter o Added a Abandon test
     new 3ad028d  o Added a tests for a simple bind request and an (ignored atm) anonymous bind request. The Anonymous bind fails because we have a NPE in the BindRequest encoder when the name is null.
     new e37bdf2  o added a test to for DSML engine to demonstrate an NPE raised in SearchRequestDecorator while processing a DSML search request o added a dependency on dsml-engine and added the required test resource
     new 3e17ab2  o fixed the testcase o added license header
     new 7c63458  Add ApacheDS.launch to apache-rat excludes
     new 5fa276f  Commented a sysout that was showing in the tests.
     new 859e0cb  o Added the bind( Dn ) and bind( String ) method in the LdapConnection interface o Ignored the SASL PLAIN bind test, it's not working in the LdapNeworkConnection o The testAnonymousBindReques is not anymore ignored, the NPE ha sbeen fixed o Added a check in the LdapNetworkConnection.bind( username, password ) methods to forbid a call when the password is null but the username is not o Fixed a NPE in the BindRequestDecorator class o Updated the BindRequest Javadoc
     new 40bfc8b  Added a test
     new c45efe7  Updated to MINA 2.0.3
     new 445e441  o pass true flag to the constructor to create ppolicy response
     new 75cb3a4  o added a test for password lockout feature o fixed the ppolicy response control creation
     new 1c842e4  o apply all mods instead of just password failure time modification
     new 65d463e  o lock account permanently if the lockout duration is zero
     new 4a22344  o Renamed a package, removeing the _impl name from it o Created a ppolicy package
     new ffe68ad  Forgot a commit
     new 3e30867  Added the copy of codec-extras bundle
     new bc5f522  o added a new container for password policies in config file o added support for reading multiple password policies
     new f3a8655  o moved the ppolicy configuration and container to a new package
     new f147f29  o moved PasswordPolicyException to core-api
     new 143f07f  o Made the extras-codec bundle provided in pom.xml
     new 3f1b56d  o created an interface for validating password quality and added an implementation o updated the authenticator and policy config to use the validator o added dependency on shared-ldap-extras-codec (required to resolve PasswordPolicyErrorEnum)
     new 4dc64e2  Buped up the commons-pool, felix and pam.exam dependenciy version
     new f637478  added a missing dependency
     new c5a451e  cleanup the code
     new d985231  o removed the dependency on codec-extra module o fixed the ppolicy exception class to use numeric values instead of ppolicy error enum, updated the dependent code
     new 32d26f9  Moved the PPolicy classes out of core-api to core/authn interceptor
     new 7f0d572  Added an exists( String dn ) method
     new 95d6d7b  Removed the ppolicy empty package
     new 0e70553  Added some more tests
     new b10ac8c  Moved the PPolicy elements from DS to AuthenticationInterceptor
     new 071c9b2  o Changed the get/setErrorMessage to get/setDiagnosticMessage, as define din the RFC 4511
     new 510cd5b  o updated the shared version
     new a3dd755  Minor refactoring
     new 4ba39b9  o Added a test o minor cleanup
     new 8d3e1f9  o Renamed some methods in LdifEntry
     new bcea7c0  o Done some methods renaming in LdifUtils
     new 4689663  o Done some methods renaming in LdifUtils, and forgot to commit those files (or they weren't committed but I didn't saw the error)
     new 3d1610f  Fixed a bug which could lead to empty attributes (without any values) or attributes with a 'null' value being created. Fixed typos in javadoc.
     new 05bb3fb  Fixed typo in the naming of the constant.
     new 8ce17df  Fixed a typo.
     new 9154fde  o Applied the LdapConnection modifications to the LdapCoreSessionConnection class, and to the tests using the modified methods o Fixed some tests that were wrong
     new 7d03ecb  o Movd the processResponse from AbstractResponse to ResultCodeEnum o Cleaned up the ResultCodeEnum class, removing the useless methods and fields o Added the missing exception associated with result codes
     new 1ee4486  Added a shutdown method to stop the Felix container if it has been used.
     new 45a635f  Added shutdown() method to the LdapCodecService interface to avoid importing the '' class which breaks OSGI (and Studio) compatibility. Applied code formatter.
     new c89a055  o Changed the search API to return an EntryCursor instead of a Cursor<Response>, for simple searches o Removed the LdapConnection.shutdown() method
     new 1e0f57f  Added some helper methods in the SearcCursor interface to ease the access to entries, referrals, etc
     new cb57e70  o replaced index ids with attribute's name instead of OID o removed index configuration for apacheUpDn and apacheNDn (these are not used in the server) o added configuration for apacheRdn, apacheSubLevel, entryUUID and entryCSN indices
     new 41f5023  Modified the search for entries containing the prescriptiveACI AT, as it's an operational attribute. It was not get back from the backend, thus the TupleCache was not correctly updated.
     new 945daa1  Made the DS accessControl enabled
     new 61c1e08  o added the remaining configurable attributes for convenience while configuring
     new 108f5e0  o added a getter
     new 5957571  o allow deactivating a password policy
     new 2c755f5  o fixed an issue with setting ppolicy container in the auth interceptor
     new d335162  o changed the way authenticators are created from the configuration based on the new authenticator configuration options o made createAuthenticator() throw ConfigurationException o added a check for discarding the disabled authenticator configuration beans o updated the config.ldif
     new 2f3b575  o added a -debug option to enable remote debugging
     new 9e6a559  o removed the Dn serialization while serializing the entry
     new df7f4f4  o Handled the ExtendedRequest loading o Created some sub-package for extendedOps
     new 8031938  o break out of the loop after successfully getting authenticated by an authenticator
     new d5b5e34  Updated apacheds after the merge of shared-osgi
     new 6de5416  o Fix for DIRSHARED-70 o Some few other related fixes in ADS and studio
     new c3b39a3  Fix for DIRSHARED-115 : made the bind() and asyncBind() methods using the LdapConnectionConfig, and created a anonymousBind() and anonymousBindAsync() methods
     new b9d24dc  o fail the attempt to start TLS when useSsl flag is set to true (DIRSHARED-117)
     new c6991b7  o set the keystore file path and password in LdapServer instance if provided
     new 6759671  o use the keystore if provided
     new 31ede50  o removed ignore annotation and added another assertion (DIRSERVER-1610)
     new 915cac6  o added a test for moveAndRename operation (DIRSERVER-1579)
     new 63f67a3  allow creating DS from the annotation directly
     new 5ee9f29  o allow creating LdapServer too directly from annotation
     new 22a3978  Clear the cacheManager when the test is terminated
     new fd2db54  Removed an empty package
     new 558fc35  Fix for DIRSHARED-124 : we call next() in the cursor, and if there is no result, we catch the exception, and set the available flag to false. The test has been changed to use a foreach instead of a while, to check the fix.
     new a3a8758  o refactored the createLdapServer() code, moved the instantiation of LdapServer to a new method
     new 613413e  o Added a test with a control o Fixed the method chain for requests
     new a62daa2  o Removed commented sysout o minor refactoring
     new 46fc3ed  o Removed an @Ignored annotation o Formated the ACIs
     new 486d0cc  Removed @Ignored annotations
     new 060f53e  Formated the ACIs
     new 48a4779  o Fixed the lookup operation when providing some attributes or the '+' special attribute o Handled attribute removal for BtreePartition.lookup() using the OpAttr and UserAttr special attributes o Reestablished an @Ignored test
     new 8e36c79  o Fixed a test that was not working o Added a test to check that we can correctly read AT using a parent AT (cn and sn when providing name)
     new 5cdf8e9  o fixed the ads-replConsumer entry attribute values
     new 9ebd059  o fixed a stackoverflow error raised due to invalid control creation
     new cbe3fc8  o fixed replication consumer instances getting added to the same collection
     new 6b30ff6  o added a test class for testing replication with one test (more tests will be added) o updated integration profile in pom
     new 5927257  o fixed an NPE (getEntry() is returning null in moveContext)
     new 79c7c71  o fixed the config entry Dns
     new 7cd973a  o fixed a NPE in handling the SyncModifyDn control o added more tests
     new ce4a484  o fetch operational attributes also while loading the user entry for authentication to check against the password policy o fixed the ppolicy test for account locking o uncommented ppolicy test in suite
     new 98df684  o tests for moveAndRename and delete operations
     new 8f29b3a  o changed some configuration options for handling cookie storage
     new ffc546e  o removed the call to truncate from destroy method and renamed destroy() to stop() o improved exception handling and logging in syncrepl request handler
     new 106d3b4  o added a test to check the replication of data to the client when the client goes offline and reboots after some activity on the master server
     new 2136010  o upgraded ActiveMQ version to 5.5.0 o upgraded shared version to M5
     new c54e306  Removed an @Ignore, minor refactoring
     new 541f360  Fixed an issue in LDIF entry injection : addition of entries weren't correctly handled
     new dbf28f5  Fixed the @Ignored test
     new 3c423c9  Removed an @Ignore annotation
     new 7a1985f  @Ignored a failing tests back.
     new 4536e01  o added 'entryParentId' attribute type o updated the AbstractStore to save/update the parentEntryId along with the Entry o resuscitated the storage of RDN in Entry o added a new test in AbstractStoreTest and fixed other tests
     new e28ea29  o increased the sleep time to let the consumer sync after reboot before performing any checks
     new d0ef7a4  o Fixed the lookup method, so that it returns the correct attributs.
     new a4c77b9  Added a test to demonstrate that we can now inject strings longer than 64K in the server (cf DIRSERVER-1319)
     new 749a1fd  Fixed a pb in training escaped spaces in RDN (DIRSERVER-1440)
     new a364e1b  changed to 5.4.2 cause 5.5.0 was compiled with jdk 1.6 (we still maintain compatibility with 1.5)
     new bed0ce7  o fixed an issue with accessing attributes, cause of the changes done to lookup() method recently we need to explicitly mention the return attributes
     new a3744ec  o use put() instead of add() to overwrite the 'entryParentId' attribute when an entry already has it   (this scenario raises only in cases of a partition implementation is backed by a wrapped parition e.x LdifPartition)
     new 0ba17e6  o do not filter userPassword attribute
     new c5e75fd  o ignored the reboot test
     new ac42e7e  o replaced the hard coded algorithm with the default value
     new 2430f5f  o removed the unused ReplProviderBean class
     new 339e636  o cleaned up the consfusing parts of syncrepl configuration  ( renamed the 'ads-replConsumer' OC to 'ads-replEventLog' renamed the   'ads-replProvider' OC to 'ads-replConsumer' and updated the allowed attributes) o updated the code and test resources accordingly
     new 40d9a20  Fix for DIRSERVER-1440 o Fixed many tests in core-integ and server-integ to correctly handle auto-injection of RDN in entries o Do not anymore inject the RDN in the JNDI layer o Use the normalized value when injecting a RDN in the entry
     new 053ad38  o added support for setting binary values
     new 08acbaf  o updated a log message o fixed an NPE
     new ddf0538  Added a test to check that DIRSERVER-1457 is now fixed : all is fine
     new c3b5222  Added a hashCode and equals method (DIRSERVER-1516)
     new e7ab0b3  Reformatted the LDIF entries
     new 0da0aed  Fix the way partitions are added in the DS : if we have an error in the backend while adding or removing the partition, it's not added/removed from the partitions set in the DS (cf DIRSERVER-1561)
     new 2ba8036  Removed the useless addPartition() method from the FrameworkSuite class. It's useless.
     new f4019e7  Popagated the original exception as a cause in the newly thrown exception. This will address DIRSERVER-1299
     new 1638906  o Added a missing class header o Reformated the enum
     new ff993ce  o Injected the IoSession into the BindContext o Injected the clientAddress and serverAddress into the LdapPrincipal o Modified the LdapPrincipal.toString() method to print the client address and server address
     new e5f8d01  Forgot to commit two files (injection of IoSession into LdapPrincipal and BindContext)
     new 2cb526f  Forgot to commit this last file (IoSession injection in BindContext)
     new 34bc552  Uncommented a test, and marked it as @Ignored
     new f40839e  Added two tests to demonstrate that DIRSERVER-1357 is now fixed.
     new 544bb0b  Fixed an Java 5 error
     new 328cbcb  Fix Java5 compile errors
     new 93f8e3d  Removed the Cycle detection check in the addAliasIndices() method.
     new 820e119  o Added a test to demonstrate that we can create a cycle on aliases o Activated the test_DIRSERVER_1357() test o Minor typo fix
     new 050ff44  o Added a test to check that we can't add an entry under an Alias o Improved the associated error message
     new 84735fc  o Added classes declaration for the search filters instead of anonymous classes, for clarity
     new 7f103c9  Some more cleanup : used Entry instead of ClonedServerEntry
     new f29b903  Fixed the port selection : the MINA availablePortFinder is buggy, and does not return a free port.
     new 8b2f40a  Modify the LdapSrever declaration so that a distinct port is selected when running tests.
     new 8f6a80e  o fixed an NPE and removed some unwanted code
     new 942ce79  o fixed an NPE
     new 34d825b  Prepared the loop on aliases in the doSimpleSearch method.
     new e7c1bc4  Reverted the change made yesterday (
     new 1028b55  o close the server socket after finding the available port o removed an unused variable
     new 80b91e1  o added a new method to reset the master table sequence   this fixes an issue with the value assigned to 'parentEntryId' attribute when a context entry gets deleted   (this is crucial for properly building rdn index during recovery)
     new 57b3d33  o set the properties to load default and external controls, extended operations and responses
     new 03412db  added 'entryParentId' to ignored attributes list
     new 405ce28  o Removed the isElementReused() method from the cursor Interface : it's not used anywhere.
     new a64e20b  Converted the test to the LDAP API instead of JNDI
     new 37f66ae  Added a server restart so that the index can be created.
     new 98236db  Added javadoc, minor code refactoring
     new c99825e  o Replaced ClonedServerEntry by Entry whenever possible in the server o Added some missing Javadoc
     new bca6adf  Removed the entry field from the context : it's already present in the abtsrcat class
     new edcf58a  o fixed an issue with storing the current context CSN (the if block was never getting executed if the DS has a null CSN during startup)
     new f4bcf0e  o replaced sysout with logger
     new 7a56e0b  o Added Javadoc and comments o Slight code refactoring o Added some generics
     new 1a8b194  Bumped up MINA to 2.0.4
     new cd22810  Added some missing Javadoc
     new 4c8b1bb  o fetch all attributes while doing lookup (DIRSERVER-1625)
     new 718f3f6  o Some more Javadoc addition o Some more minor code refactoring
     new 2ad9f31  o add the available controls to the RootDSE dynamically (DIRSERVER-1626)
     new e4cf4e2  Fix for DIRSERVER-1621 (No controls are loaded when the server is started from the script).
     new 559c478  Bumped up some dependencies
     new 9c03f79  o Added some missing Javadoc o Minor code refactoring, removal of dead code.
     new 6c73a76  Deleted remains of a no longer maintained solaris pkg installer (Bin installer is here for our Solaris users).
     new ba6ad11  Bumped up to project version 22
     new 677317c  o Made the groupCache eternal, in order to avoid NPE o Added some protection against potential NPE This is to fix DIRSERVER-1627
     new 08f2263  Minor refactoring and improvement
     new 84f6bcf  Added a test (not complete yet) for alias cycle detection
     new 4697605  get rid of the TTL/TTI flags, as the group cache is now ertenal
     new 778bd16  Bumped up to 1.0.0-M5 in order to cut the ADS release
     new 569ecd8  Bumped up the shell and bat used version to 2.0.0-M1
     new ed23b30  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.0.0-M1
     new 3533e2e  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 190ebd7  bumping snapshot deps on shared
     new 728608d  Removed the getCurrentId(E), getProperty(String) and setProperty(String) from the MasterTable interface and implementation classes, those methods are never used. (YAGNI principle)
     new cb3d657  Removed the isCountExact() method, as it's not use anywhere but in tests.
     new 033a196  Removed methods from the inherited classes when those methods are already defined in their parent.
     new cbfa7ca  Fixed some compilation errors due to the removal of the Dn(Dn) constructor.
     new 3202c6c  o Fixed the isDupsEnbled() method o Improved the getSuffixId() method
     new 6c12950  o Removed the unused evaluateId(ID) method
     new 6e841a1  o Simplified the ParentIdAndRdn.equals() method o Removed the StoreUtils.getAttributes() method, it's not used
     new ec16c8d  o Replaced the ClonedServerEntry by Entry whenever possible o Made some protected methods public o Improvement in the ParentIdAndRdn.toString() method o Some other minor refactoring
     new 9194e0f  o Factorised the Store.destroy() method into a common method in the AbstractStore class o Removed the useless rename/move methods which take no Entry parameter in Store
     new a7cae09  Set the properties to load default and external controls, extended operations and responses
     new bb9188f  Added back the Apache License header which was removed by the automatic generation of the file via Eclipse.
     new c815e4e  o Improved the getEntryId() method o Added a test for the Dn.get( i ) method
     new 88d3e7d  o The AbstractStoregetEntryId(DN) does not have to check if the DN is normalized. o Made the tests passing after this modification
     new 01c87cf  o Check that the entry does not exist in the store, not in the ExceptionInterceptor. o Correctly propagate the exception
     new 242f0c3  Added two tests (ignored ATM) demonstrating a decoding issue while setting SASL QoP to 'auth-inf' and 'auth-conf'.
     new 600ec6f  o PA-DATA can be optional (DIRSERVER-1631)
     new 2e1a51f  Added/Fixed some tests related to DIRAPI-49 (LdapNetworkConnection.anonymousBind() uses name and credentials from configuration instead of empty values).
     new 73bfaf5  o Fixed some small issues in AbstractStore.add method o Fixed some error code o Modified the way the buffer is dumped in the LdapDecoder
     new ff8ef9d  o Injected the SM into the Store, so that the index can be defined by the AT name, and not only by the AT oid
     new a7e127b  o fixed the test case related to empty pre auth data value (see DIRSERVER-1631)
     new 0f44c29  o Improved the buildEntryDn() method o Added some comments and Javadoc
     new 9b0d0f0  o Removed the Store.getNdnIndex (we use the entryUuid index instead) o removed the unused Store.getIndex( String id ) method o Fixed the code and tests accordingly
     new 9aeffad  o Renamed the apacheExistence AT to apachePresence
     new 035da41  o Renamed the apacheExistence AT to apachePresence
     new 627953d  o fixed the wrong attribute name
     new ff77a10  Moved compilation target to Java 6 (1.6). Associated vote thread:
     new 8bbee46  o The getRootId() method has been added to the Store interface o Removed the Store.hasIndexOn( String id ), Store.getUserIndex( String id ) and Store.getSystemIndex( String id ) methods. o Added some Javadoc o The Store suffix ID is now computed only once o Fixed the tests accordingly to those changes
     new 3e6b6b6  updating installers to the latest version
     new f0c2746  DIRSERVER-1633: fixing issue where server fails after second startup
     new 269bd61  Updated version in launch scripts.
     new 1f77e2d  o Revertd the change for DIRSERVER-1633 : we have to find a better fix, the JIRA remains opened o Removed references to ClonedServerEntry whenever possible o Moved the index setup from the inherited classes to the AbstractStore o Removed the Store.hasUserIndexOn( String id ) and Store.hasSystemIndexOn() methods o Removed the AbstractStore.isCheckHasEntryDuringAdd() method
     new fc6b32c  o Removed the ServerDNConstants.SCHEMA_MODIFICATIONS_DN constant, it's already defined in SchemaConstants
     new 4bbea15  minor cleanup of unused fields
     new 720ea2b  session member should be reset to an admin session when the directory service is set
     new aa81483  o Created a DefaultModifictaion constructor taking an AttributeType with no value o Renamed the userIndinces() method to getUserIndices() o Renamed the systemIndinces() method to getSystemIndices() o The Store.modify method now takes a Modification... instead of a List<Modification> o Renamed the AbstractStore.protect method to checkInitialized for clarity o Added some missing Javadoc o Removed the Store.modify method which takes a Entry as a parameter o Made some method [...]
     new 6a79cfc  Fix for DIRSERVER-1633 (Startup failure after first startup).
     new 37260f2  Fixed the following exception showing up in the logs while executing tests: ERR_279 Required attributes [ads-replConsumerId(] not found within entry ads-replProviderId=localhost,ou=system
     new b9e5cd7  o Renamed the BTreePartition to AbstractBTreePartition o Impacted the code that used this class o Removed the duplicatd SchemaManager injection into the embedded Partition o Added a AvlStrore constructor
     new 82c92c8  o Added a toString() method to the AbstractStore class o Fixed the destroy method in Store tests
     new cfe0feb  o Removed the useless NullPartition o Removed the useless @override annotations o Removed the useless abstract method from AbstractBTreePartition
     new 41e843e  Refactored the Partition hierarchy : o merged the Store and partition iplementations o redesigned the Partition initialization o reviexed the DS initialization o Partition now takes a SchemaManager when constructed o the get/setSuffix methods have been renamed get/setSuffixDn o Added some missing Javadoc
     new 7de3941  Removed the @override annotaion
     new fc84854  o Removed the AbstractXdbmPartition, as suggested by Stefan o Added some Javadoc o Added a doInit() method in the AbstractBTreePartiton, to setup the indexes
     new ce2bf5c  o Removed the ContextEntry field from AbstractPartition : it's useless o Added some missing Javadoc
     new df75c52  o Cleaned the Partition.doDestroy() methods o Removed commented code o Removed useless printStackTrace
     new bd52de6  Fixed NPEs due to recent refactoring of the Partition hierarchy.
     new 35f5020  o Get rid of the SchemaService class : it still exists, but all the remaining methods are static (we don't need anymore to have a schemaService instance in the DirectoryService) o Gives access to the SchemaPartition in the DS o Replaced some calls to the schemaManager.getAttributeTypeRegistry().lookup by the schemaManager.lookupAttributeType() (same for ObjectClass) o Some other minor improvements o Added some Javadoc o Renamed the AbtsractStore test to AbstractPartition [...]
     new 6e17e2b  Renamed the DefaultSchemaSrvice class to SchemaService
     new 1f40e0d  Fix NPE when starting up the ApacheDsService
     new 3ecd4e9  Fix NPE: if one transport is disabled the Transport array contains a null element.
     new cf2be32  Moved initialization of schema partition to ApacheDsService
     new de74c74  Use the same mechanism to inject the KDC server into integration test as used for the LDAP server
     new 305f847  Added Kerberos tests to obtain TGT and service tickets. TCP tests are ignored since they are failing.
     new 95533ac  (ugly) fix for DIRSERVER-1636. I don't like the try/catch I added to deal with the decoding of a ByteBuffer with 4 more bytes at the beginning...
     new 59d7d80  Added first basic test case for the ApacheDS Service UberMainJar class.
     new e74b94e  Added a default '' to fix initialization and launch lags.
     new 6b9831a  o Removed the @Ignore flag o Improved the wait loop, speeding it up. o Added some checks
     new f9e14c2  Added another test. Removed debug output.
     new 531262a  Fixed naming.
     new ae4bf13  Added names to checksums
     new f093edc  Fix for DIRSERVER-1635: Use the session key and right key usage to verify the checksum. Reworked the tests to be able to set the checksum to use. Note that the tests are highly coupled to the Sun Java implementation, as fields in internal classes are modified using reflection.
     new f273ffe  @Ignoring the test which is still randomly failing
     new 5d8656f  o Minor refactoring o Javadoc addition
     new 73ff3be  The consumer is not erased in the testReboot test, we restart the existing one
     new cc30109  Deleted those useless classes
     new be1588f  Added two commented lines that are sometimes useful
     new 277810b  o Added some Javadoc o Some minor refactoring
     new 9f8beb3  o fixed compiler errors
     new 4b29a64  fixed compilation errors
     new 5d529be  o fixed the failing test(it is all due to timing), removed @Ignore
     new ec8ec0b  o Removed useless import
     new 3c0d2a6  o Declared the replication constants in SchemaConstants o Used them in the code
     new d952db9  Forgot to commit those patches (replication constants moved to SchemaConstants)
     new 2e3a20a  o Added missing Javadoc o Added toString() methods
     new 9bfd493  o More Javadoc o More comments o Added a error handling when the SynReplHandler is not installed in the producer o Removed a useless method
     new f3c6364  Added some Javadoc and a toString() method
     new 3137f26  Fixed the jenckins regression : shut up the testReboot by @Ignoring it.
     new 183450f  Added Javadoc and toString() methods
     new d44cbbf  o Added a Mock object for SyncRepl consumer o Added a test to check that we correctly load 1000 entries added in a producer
     new b63cdde  o moved log statement to the finally called method
     new 4afe50c  o improved logging
     new 1ba73f4  o Stored the SchemaManager into the MockDirectoryService o Improved the CLientInitialRequest test by isolating the consumer creation o Make the MockSyncReplConsumer inherit from ReplicationConsumer
     new 85ffe59  o fixed a regression caused by an accidental removal of the default constructor o removed the @Ignore annotation as the test passes now
     new 94625dd  o fixed the way sync info value is accessed
     new 1e3d6d6  o Added a test that do the initial update, and then receive one more entry o
     new c2b5ecc  o Added a reset() method to clear up the number of added entries o Added a test that stop and restart the consumer
     new cfebc96  o Added a test with 4 consumers o Fixed a race condition making one test failing randomly
     new ec3e0cc  Renamed the disconnet() method to disconnect()
     new f7845d0  o Renamed the disconnet() method to disconnect() o Fixed a potential race condition
     new 3e8e07a  Fixed a Jenckins compilation failure on tests due to the lack of scope test dependency declaration of the core-api module
     new 9b1eaa2  o Moved some DSAnnotation code to a single method, as it will be reused by the ServerAnnotation method o Removed the port parameter when creating a new LdapServer, as we always use the Transport port, or define a random unused one. o Added a CreateConsumer annotation o Modifie dthe CreateLdapServer to have it calling the common method from DSAnnotation o Removed the call to AvailablePortFinder method, it's useless
     new fbd01cf  o Added some javadoc o Exposed the startProducer/Consumer methods in LdapServer o Added the creation of the replication consumer in ServerAnnotation o Fixed tests accordingly
     new eaf53c2  o Created a AnnotationUtils class o Moved a method from DSAnnotationProcessor to AnnotationUtils o Used this helper class in tests
     new fd7ab7f  o Renamed the replication handler init() method to start() as it goes better with the stop() method o Added some Javadoc o Removed the ReplicaDitStoreUtil.coreConnection field, we use directly the adminSession now
     new d062564  o Renamed ReplicaDitStoreUtil to ReplConsumerManager, to reflect what this class is doing in a better way. o Added some javadoc o Added some error handling o Added a method to delete consumer from the provider config
     new c9f5a3a  o changed to the shared version
     new 65d3681  o added a log statement
     new b834e51  o Some more Javadoc addition o Used the Interface instead of the class decorator for SyncModifyDn o Created some helper class to make the code more readable
     new 9bb3758  o Added the missing Javadoc o Minor refactoring
     new 9a2bd50  o Added Javadoc o Removed a useless method
     new 4979fc0  o Added the CoreSession.modify( Dn, Modification...) method o Used it where it's convenient o Fixed the Modification handling in ReplConsumerManager o Fix dthe cookieModifciation handling in SuncReplConsumer o Added some Javadoc (never ending story...)
     new f33f07d  o Added some constants o Slight improvements o The modsMap is now updated o Javadoc added
     new f82b976  Made the DN in createEntry schemaAware
     new 9648dd4  Revert my last change on createEntry, it was stupid and useless
     new 27e1f20  Fixed a typo in Javadoc
     new f1125cc  o Updated Javadoc
     new ed8e96e  o made changes to log the event first before sending to the client for guaranteed delivery   (the older entries will be purged from log while doing content update) o pruned the log statements
     new 4102315  o Added missing Javadoc o Added some commented sysout
     new 7817351  o Added a dump method in case of error
     new d953d81  Removed a useless class
     new 602ecbb  o removed some log statements (now these events will be logged directly in sendResult() method)
     new d23ce1c  Moved the AnnotationUtils class from core-api to core-annotation
     new 1326e49  Synchronized the partitionLookupTree where needed
     new f086ffa  o Extracted the DefaultEventService class from the EventInterceptor o Removed the addListener( DirectoryService ) method o Injected the Criteria in the EventService when adding a listener in ServerConext/ServerDirContext : the criteria was created but never used o Added some javadoc
     new acd6aea  Moved the 'package' declaration after the Apache header
     new 40fcba8  o Added an AbstractTable which gather the common fields and methods for Table implementations
     new e133ff6  Added javadoc
     new 807ca15  Fixed a typo in a method name
     new b8d084a  Deleted a useless import
     new 7dd9d40  o Added a Journal implementation based on a JdbmTable o Added some tests for it o Updated the protocol-ldap pom.xml adding some dependencies
     new 4f9f011  o Minor refactoring
     new d1e1988  o A bit of speedup (waiting 50 ms instead of 100ms) o Added a loop for moddn test (ignored atm) o added some comments
     new e37ea8f  o Renamed the ServerEntrySerializer class to EntrySerializer
     new 3a8b18b  deleted empty packages
     new 5e820c6  o a cursor on the replication log implemented using JDBM
     new 3a9a558  Fixed compilation failures
     new 6b6cde8  Fixed last compilation failure in tests.
     new fe567d5  Fixed method names typo
     new 6bc7fc3  Initilize the DS instance before calling the loadChangeLog method to avoid a NPE
     new 6e9f9d6  o Removed useless import o Minor refactoring
     new 4477695  Refactored the replication process : o used a JdbmTable instead of ActiveMQ
     new 52a8ae1  o fixed the event message serialization (this was causing the rebbot test failure) o changed the order of event message content serialization to avoid if-else block during deserialization o use replica journal log cursor instead of the tuple cursor
     new b290cf6  preparing the release, removed references to SNAPSHOT ins scripts
     new a385fbe  removed references to ActiveMQ
     new 17673b3  removed dependency on ActiveMQ
     new 04b604c  bumped up ehcache and plexus-util dependencies. Point to shared-1.0.0-M7 instead on its SNAPSHOT (temprorary modification for the release)
     new adfd2f1  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.0.0-M2
     new 308c3a9  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new b6db14b  o updated to use latest shared snapshot version
     new 21d238f  Updated to the latest version.
     new 404a220  o Added two packages for the replication subsystem, provider and consumer, and moved the associated classes to those packages (it helps to understand what class is used on which side) o Added a dedicated Provider logger
     new ec3e888  o Renamed the ServerEntryCursorAdaptor to EntryCursorAdaptor o The AbstractIndexCursor now extends the AbstractCursor class o The AbstractCursor.checkNotClosed method has been made public
     new 86ca5c7  o Moved the 'available' field to the AbstractIndexCursor class o Created a setAvailable() method o Modified all the classes inheriting from the AbstractIndexCursor to use their parent's available field
     new 1ab220e  o moved the after() method to the AbstractIndexCursor class o created a getUnsupportedMessage() method
     new a5db9ea  Removed a local after() method
     new 8c12253  Moved the before() method to the AbstractIndexCursor class
     new 8bfab0c  o Moved the beforeValue and afterValue methods to AbstractInexCursor o Added Javadoc
     new a0a91cf  o Removed the second generic parameter from the IndexEntry and ForwardIndexEntry : those interfaces are already using Entry o Modified all the impacted classes
     new 4241d38  o Added some missing Javadoc o Extracted a inner method and made it an external helper class to avoid code duplication o Some minor refactoring
     new 5dcf98a  o fetch original entry from master table before performing rename operation o closed an open cursor o added few assertions and fixed a typo in DN
     new 7bf2781  o removed the final keywords to allow overriding
     new 015f95a  added many Javadoc and comments. Refactored some parts of the code
     new 7ba2868  o Added many Javadoc o Some code formatting o small improvments o made some method private
     new 5305296  Used Strings.toLowercase everywhere
     new a5b685d  Removed unused classes
     new 8b35b42  o Removed the MODDN control used in replication o Renamed the SyncReplConsumer class to ReplicationConsumerImpl o Ignored the replication reboot test, it's failing atm o
     new 9cbada6  Used the interface instead of Decorator classes i the code
     new 32e9cf9  o Merged back the apacheds-jdbm branch into trunks
     new 1688673  Fixed a nasty bug : the moveAndRenameContext.getEntry() always returns null, when we should get back the original entry.
     new 881c222  Fix for DIRSERVER-1652
     new 2ab696c  o Decoded the SyncInfoValue part from the IntermediateMessage's value o Added a dedicated CONSUMER_LOG logger o Get bacl all the attributes when fetching the consumer config from the DIT. It's mandatory, because the ads-replCookie AT is an operationalAttribute, and it was not read back from the base.
     new 5fca4bf  Some additional tests I created for DIRSERVER-1642, adapted to new snapshot feature.
     new 9f3cafb  Bump up to current snapshot version. Seems the maven release process doesn't update those guys.
     new dfb85d4  Fixed test case
     new eb749d4  Use JUnit temporary folder rule to get rid of *.db files
     new 798047c  Renamed tests to meet surefire-plugin naming standards to let them run in maven test phase
     new c450d95  A better fix for DIRSERVER-1652
     new bf6f3db  o Fixed some bad logs o added a loop in the rebootTest, fixed some logs
     new c81a270  o removed a partition implementation specific annotation to make the test independent of implementation
     new 1e053ee  Configuration for m2e (Eclipse Maven Integration)
     new fcfb098  Applied Selcuk's fix (use of readFully instead of read). DIRSERVER-1653
     new d67e8f6  Cleaned up the test from all the logs and traces
     new 3e1cff2  Used the Interface instead of the Class
     new 1eb55be  One more readFully replacing a buggy read
     new dc925af  One more readFully replacing a buggy read
     new 0c296e4  o moved the utility methods dealing with syncrepl cookie to LdapProtocolUtils class o changed the cookie format to be compatible with OpenLDAP (DIRSERVER-1651)
     new 7f68788  Close cursor
     new 7f1bcf7  Padding the replicaId with 0 at the beginning
     new 73a60ec  Re-integrated the 'installers-maven-plugin' and 'installers' sub-modules in the default build. Installers generation is triggered by the use of the 'installers' profile ('-Pinstallers').
     new 7727b4d  bumped up many dependencies
     new 120c052  bumped up shared reference to 1.0.0-M8, for the release preparation
     new b250b2b  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.0.0-M3
     new 325d00d  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 569cd0a  Bumped Shared/API dependency to the latest SNAPSHOT in trunks.
     new e46f6e6  bumped up project reference to 23
     new 4177f69  o fixed the version number o fixed an issue with loading the now non-existing control factory(SyncModifyDnFactory)
     new e8412d6  o fixed the version number o fixed an issue with loading the now non-existing control factory(SyncModifyDnFactory)
     new 0de0031  Reverted to 2.0.0-M3-SNAPSHOT, as the vote has been canceled
     new 112a4e9  Reverted to M3 as we have canceled the vote for the release
     new b32fc00  Reverted to M3 as we have canceled the vote for the release
     new 01302a6  Removed the dependency on SNAPSHOT for the release
     new f787bb2  some fixes and more tests for the recent jdbm related changes.
     new ec4ce2d  Code formating
     new d04c5d8  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.0.0-M3
     new 89c38d3  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 1cfd3fc  Fix performance findings by findbugs (DIRSERVER-1658)
     new 89eaab6  Fixed a bug when adding entries from the input stream (Context entry was added several times). Improved Javadoc.
     new c7d2c5b  o Replaced the getClientApiConnection by getAdminConnection o Added Javadoc o Added the getAdminConnection and renamed the getClientApiConnection to getLdapConnection
     new ded3792  Moved to the latest version of the Directory TLP Project pom.
     new 3827b7b  Get rid of LdapSDK to use our LDAP API instead (we should create a new subproject for LdapSDK tests)
     new 8d4a61b  o Added some Javadoc o Minor refactoring (mainly java cleanup and style correction)
     new 399ec87  point on shared 1.0.0-M9-SNAPSHOT instead of M8
     new fb7e355  Make the shade plugin generate the correct jar
     new ebc28e0  removed useless imports
     new 5649e3c  Moved the latest version of the TLP POM (24).
     new 7c56fd5  o Get rid of the Entry.getAttributeTypes() method o Replaced it with a getAttributes() method which returns the Attributes, not the AttributeTypes
     new 972f05e  Added some tests with some Schema elements injection using @Applydifs
     new 27779ae  First set of changes towards a transactional system over parititions.
     new b46f04d  Add license header
     new ef5b198  Avoid NPE
     new 5ba6ba7  Write log file from tests in target directory
     new d0bf38c  Add license header
     new 2ec938a  Add license header
     new 18f5d7a  Add license header
     new 15f8dfb  - Add empty relativePath - Use released maven-site-plugin - Create (and deploy) site descriptor for pom packaging project. This was default before maven-site-plugin-3.x
     new feba872  Undo latest change
     new ee90b04  Add reports to generate site
     new 34d63a8  Configuration for reports is inside plugin configuration since maven-site-plugin-3.x
     new e631d07  Throw IOException if method returns false (DIRSERVER-1664)
     new 5cb80a3  In case of thrown Exception in between the add try finally block the file would stay lock otherwise
     new babe937  Remove unintentionally in one of the last commits
     new db23736  Readded the Netscape SDK tests in a dedicated package
     new 70d95ae  Re injected the Netscape LDAP dedicated methods
     new f80272a  o fixed the issue with modify operation(DIRSERVER-1665) (the getOriginalEntry() is returning null value on modify operation context) o fixed another NPE arising while checking the pasword's age
     new ac8eabf  o fix for DIRSERVER-1666
     new 92aadfc  o fixed the environment variable creation
     new f6ae48e  Added to avoid warn messages
     new 22ded4d  Use JUnit assert instead of Java assert. When running the tests from within Eclipse Java assertions are disabled by default and thus browser.getNext() got never executed.
     new 28a0d28  DIRSERVER-1667 (OSGi: solving package conflicts): first set of package renamings as suggested by Emmanuel and Göktürk
     new ae067e0  DIRSERVER-1667 (OSGi: solving package conflicts): second set of package renamings as suggested by Emmanuel and Göktürk
     new e7664b1  DIRSERVER-1667 (OSGi: solving package conflicts): third set of package renamings as suggested by Emmanuel and Göktürk
     new e4032aa  Modify jdbm files to use IllegalStateException rather than asserts.
     new d059a5a  Applied patch from Göktürk Gezer
     new 4628639  DIRSERVER-1667 (OSGi: solving package conflicts): 4th set of package renamings as suggested by Emmanuel and Göktürk
     new 2f0bba2  o fixed the wrong copying of controls
     new 988b4a5  o fixed some issues relatd to password expiry cause of not converting the current time to zulu time o added tests for checking the length, age, expiration and grace authentication count of password
     new abb79a2  o fixed an issue with maintaining the password history o added a new test
     new f8b3247  o fixed the EXT_CTRLS after the recent refactoring
     new 350124e  o closed open cursors
     new dfda1d6  Added the interceptors project
     new 68f7bc1  removed the target directory SVN stupidely injected
     new e8d1499  added the interceptors projects
     new 889895a  added the interceptors projects
     new daee8b2  Decoupled the interceptors
     new 063eafd  some more interceptors decoupling
     new abbf083  more Interceptors decoupling
     new 740c9ca  more Interceptors decoupling
     new 1b3b238  more Interceptors decoupling
     new bea6b7e  last drop of modifciation for the interceptors decoupling
     new bab6b70  Forgot to add core-shared
     new b52f70e  Still having some files to commit for interceptors decoupling
     new bcd4440  Still having some files to commit for interceptors decoupling
     new 44d59fd  added some elements in svn:ignore
     new 8c688f8  Applied Kiran's changes
     new aed6635  Applied Kiran's changes
     new 3584876  Fixed compilation errors
     new f4d5101  Remoevd some cross-dependencies between inteceptors
     new 06ceb04  Applied patches from Görtürk (DIRSERVER-1668)
     new 25084f7  o Decoupling completely all the interceptors : none is actually depending on another one.
     new 37698ee  Removed useless packages
     new 94e03da  Applied Göktürk patch for DIRSERVER-1669
     new 31258e8  Applied Göktürk patch for DIRSERVER-1669
     new c941a69  Applied Göktürk patch for DIRSERVER-1669
     new 1b20e06  Fixed the duplicated XML Launch Configuration definitions.
     new 80bbe78  Added files to svn:ignore.
     new cd21bc6  Added files to svn:ignore.
     new 124dbaf  Removed duplicated pom definition.
     new b7d1aa9  o Removed useless imports o Minor refactoring
     new 8b6f71c  Apply patch for DIRSERVER-1671
     new 09da501  Update the svn:ignore property
     new 219ed32  Update the svn:ignore property
     new 67118cb  Fixed moved class.
     new 7e9b0ba  Moved interceptor helper classes from core-shared to core-api
     new cd08c07  Had to remove the commented License header which is causing an error when generating the DEB package (looks like the comment is not correctly recognized...).
     new 2efc345  Removed unused classes
     new 6de033a  Added 'bundle' back to svn:ignore.
     new cd6d23c  Added 'felix-cache' to svn:ignore.
     new 891eb89  Fixed ApacheDS name branding.
     new 14b44c3  Switched back to specified bundle symbolic names. 'MANIFEST.MF' files are now generated in the 'META-INF' folder.
     new 9609779  Added files to svn:ignore.
     new 8ee348e  Added files to svn:ignore.
     new d199cfe  Added files to svn:ignore.
     new 27e7fe5  o closed the cursors after searching
     new 700f82f  Added the 'bin' directory into svn:ignore
     new e14b045  Removed a useless field
     new dda4bba  Fix for DIRAPI-59 (Some projects shouldn't depend on 'shared-ldap-codec-standalone').
     new 30ef204  Fixed warnings at Maven build start ("[...] found duplicate declaration of plugin org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-jar-plugin [...]".
     new 9733ecb  Applied changes made in saya's branch into trunk
     new 88d0321  Merged back the osgi modifications relative to Bypasses to trunk
     new 3b683e2  Brought back the scope 'compile' for the 'shared-ldap-codec-standalone' module to allow launch script to succeed.
     new 9eac85f  Merged back modifications on bypasses from osgi branch
     new 11a5388  Added some Javadoc
     new 79abcec  Small improvement : do not add the operationalAttributes when we are modifying the subschemaSubentry
     new 2913467  No need to inject the EntryCSN into a subschemSubentry modification
     new 55896b2  First drop of modifications in the way we process operations : the chain is now computed in the DS, and we don't go though the BasicInterceptor when interceptors are bypassed. The getRootDSE, delete and unbind operation have been modified, not the other operations.
     new f73f81a  Merged back the osgi branch into trunks
     new c7e4eaa  o updated javadoc
     new 32c6dee  Fix a failing test with the latest JVM version on mac (1.6.0_29).
     new 4c4ec86  Moved the Bind operation out of the InterceptorChain
     new 5f82c0d  Moved the List operation out of the InterceptorChain
     new 5b316f7  Small improvement = compute the list of intecreptors into the OperationContext classes, instead of doing it outside, when we have a session.
     new f8a5fb6  Moved the Compare operation out of the InterceptorChain
     new f8e2d8b  Moved the List operation out of the InterceptorChain
     new 464b1b1  Moved the Lookup operation out of the InterceptorChain
     new 36cdd64  Moved the Rename operation out of the InterceptorChain
     new 2c08f5e  Moved the Move operation out of the InterceptorChain
     new c7913cb  o moved the add operation out of InterceptorChain o updated the logic to collect the valid interfaces for an operation in DS
     new db6405e  o moved the modify operation out of the interceptor chain
     new 83d3a59  Moved the MoveAndRename operation out of the InterceptorChain
     new 9b4c974  o Moved the Search operation out of the InterceptorChain o Completely get rid of the InterceptorChain and all the associated data structures
     new 2a4ae43  o Added missing Javadoc o Cleanup o Reorganized the order of methods
     new b876c3e  o removed the InvocationStack and updated the operation manager
     new 3198c5f  Renamed the EntryOperationContext to HasEntryOperationContext
     new 1ce2286  Renamed rootDSE to rootDse (as we renamed DN to Dn, etc...)
     new a609e3b  Replaced tabs by spaces
     new 7782145  o Created a InterceptorEnum class to store the interceptor name o used this enum in code
     new daae325  Moved the interceptors initialization so that it's not called in the DefaultDirectoryService constructor.
     new 90e8be1  bumped up slf4j to 1.6.4
     new abd7abd  Get rid of JNDI completely
     new 96afc6c  Get rid of some more JNDI constructions
     new 3854ad9  Some more JNDI classes removal
     new ab1cbd7  Fixed fetRootDSE issues
     new 0058b26  Forgt to commit a test for getRootDse
     new ca965f3  Some more JNDI references removal
     new 41ad309  Some more JNDI references removal
     new 2c7c1f2  Protected the constructors against a NPE when the session is null
     new e8227fd  Some more JNDI references removal
     new 1b3b4e5  Removed the JNDI imports
     new a64e85e  Better consistency between methods and fields names.
     new 4e1321b  Inverted the OpAttrInterceptor with the SchemaInterceptor.
     new ab6f914  Modified the way we handle modifications done on the SSSE : we don't enter the chain anymore.
     new aef865a  Code cleanup : - removal of useless methods - added some Javadoc and comments
     new 113055a  First work on ApacheDS ComponentHub ( the IPojo based main plug-in layer).
     new af19477  o fixed the failure to modify pwdPolicySubentry by an admin user o replaced schemav iolation exception with the more appropriate no permission exception
     new e1408b8  First set of cleaning for ApacheDS pom.xml files. Fix for DIRSERVER-1677 (Dependencies cleanup).
     new 965ac9d  Added files to svn:ignore.
     new 373d212  Fix for DIRSERVER-1677 (Dependencies cleanup).
     new 5c9f14b  Fix for DIRSERVER-1677 (Dependencies cleanup).
     new f460415  bumped up dependencies
     new c8ec17a  bumped up to project-25
     new 567a597  Fix applied for DIRAPI-47 : the connection is now closed when we get an exception during the SSL handshake (and even when we get an other exception), and the writeRequest( request ) method does not block forever (waiting for the timeout) as we check that the session is still valid every 100ms.
     new 41e4f50  Bumped up to project-26
     new 70e2480  DIRKRB-83: ignoring a couple tests until we can figure out a fix for test failures on ubuntu
     new c276288  Added a check on the delete operation done on schema entries to deal with entries with children
     new 802907f  Fixed a NPE in the search request
     new d01c766  Removed the Bind operation from the Partition interface
     new a5985d6  o Removed the next and previous fields
     new fa64a39  Fixed build breakage (missing dependency).
     new 5049ed9  Used the released version of shared (1.0.9).
     new 47ed93b  Copied Felix's clever trick to change the default tag name format to what we want ('@{project.version}' instead of '@{project.artifactId}-@{project.version}'.
     new 9568891  Added support for 'scp', 'scpexe', 'sftp' site deployments to avoid to following error while deploying the website:
     new 50e459f  Removed duplicated pom.xml definition.
     new bcc8860  Commented OSGI-related bundles for the release.
     new 9dcc402  Added Apache License
     new d79e014  Updated RAT plugin exclusions.
     new 3476456  Updated RAT plugin exclusions.
     new 3028ba7  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.0.0-M4
     new b03a4ec  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 2278904  Updated version to the next snapshot.
     new 9eb0104  o applied the patch from Aleksander Adamowski, thank you
     new bd23167  Fix for DIRAPI-68 (Unable to bind on an Active Directory server using 'domain\userid').
     new 04c1ac8  Fixed failing test, thanks to Aleksander Adamowski.
     new b157550  o use EncryptionType.AES128_CTS_HMAC_SHA1_96 as the default key generation algorithm
     new 4c739f6  Moved launch scripts to the latest snapshot version.
     new 9e0b3c6  Fix for DIRSERVER-1688 (Using rm -d is not portable to Slackware). Thanks to David M. Syzdek for the fix.
     new 7ee7db0  o Made the KerberosTime serializable (fix for DIRKRB-81) o Added some javadoc
     new 6d70a8f  Formatted the code using Directory formatter
     new 740f57a  Formatted the code using Directory formatter
     new 84402fa  Formatted the code using Directory formatter
     new 62bc102  Formatted the code using Directory formatter
     new 3bad73e  Formatted the code using Directory formatter
     new 02d6331  Formatted the code using Directory formatter
     new 43722d1  Formatted the code using Directory formatter
     new cb08384  Formatted the code using Directory formatter
     new 27e3ab3  Formatted the code using Directory formatter
     new 2075b78  Formatted the code using Directory formatter
     new ba2c3a0  Formatted the code using Directory formatter
     new 656f167  o Stored the EncryptionType into a List instead of a Set
     new fceaad3  Ignored a failing test. This test may be wrong, and if so, we just have to remove it
     new 18cdc26  Fixed typos.
     new 128d0f7  o Added the USERS_BASE_DN constant o Made it impossible to list the ou=users content by default
     new fc49bd9  Fixed the ListIT test : the ou=users, ou=system is not anymore visible
     new f7cd9ba  Fixed the failing test
     new fe5b444  Fixed DIRKRB-84 : We now use a List instead of a Set to store the EncryptionTypes, and the selection of the valid EType has been modified.
     new f10df55  Removed SNAPSHOT version.
     new 8579f79  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.0.0-M5
     new 9d8d125  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new db2bfb3  Moved to the next snapshot of Shared.
     new 9be5578  Updated version.
     new 300b93c  o Fixed DIRAPI-70 : the encoding of the value in a filter was not done properly. HR attributes were considered as binary, and non HR were considered as String, due to a wrong If. o Added some test to demonstrate the issue
     new da9567d  o Fixed the test with Unicode chars in the filter o Fix for DIRAPI-71 (the filter is first translated to an UTF-8 byte[] before being parsed)
     new c558de4  o Fixed DIRAPI-58 : The loadSchema method has been renamed loadDefaultSchema
     new 4d0b508  Added the modified JDBM taken from Selcuk's branch into trunk
     new 694ebb2  Point to the modified version of JDBM.
     new f061091  Bumped up to the latest snapshot version
     new ce675df  Fixed build issues with the addition of the jdbm2 module.
     new f8bfaf4  o Moved the AttributesFactory from server to shared, as it will be used by the SSSE loader too. o Some stupid modifications done by the formatter while I was looking for some files... (I thought I have formatted all the files 2 weeks ago, but the formatter seems a bit dumb...)
     new cb68836  o Fixed an issue in the AttributesFactory o Added a SubschemaSubentry loader
     new 6645117  Added a dedicated test for the SsseSchemaLoader, and moved the test out of the NetworkSchemaLoaderTest class
     new 839e236  o Reflected the changes made in the API in the server (about the X-NOT-HUMAN-READABLE)
     new e01b7cc  o Moved the handling of the humanReadable flag in the LdapSyntax class o Added the missing use cases handling in the BinaryAttributeDetector o Added a flag in the LdapSyntax class to know if we have read the syntax from ADS/OpenLDAP or from any other server
     new 8275949  o Defined a NoSchemaBinaryAttributeDetector to simulate a connection to a server which does not expose the schema o Added some missing ASL header o Injected the BinaryAttributeDetector in the LdapConnectionConfig o Fixed some failing tests (due to the above change) o Renamed some SchemaLoader test names
     new f91e1e3  o Refactored the BinaryDetector hierarchy o Applied the modification into teh API and the server o Added a list of binary attributes in the DefaultConfigurableBinaryAttributeDetector class o Added some missing Javadoc o Some other minor refactoring (use of the Interface instead of the class)
     new 749ff19  Used the constants created in LdapDecoder for the dapSession's attribute
     new b7b370f  o Used the X-SCHEMA-AT constant in the server o Added some tests in lda-api-client-test to check that we are correctly loading the schema from the server
     new 1e7086d  One last fix in the UberJarMain test class : we have to pass null in the SchemaBinaryAttributeDetector() constructor
     new 68633c5  o Removed the LdapConnection.loadDefaultSchema() method
     new 27770dd  Removed the NetworkSchemaLoader, as the DefaultSchemaLoader already does the same thing
     new ee38a9e  o get rid of direct references to the Registries class, we now use teh SchemaManager instead.
     new 6f4f851  Reverted the previous change : we can't get rid of the registries here, this is the place where we modify an existing SchemaManager by changing a copy of its internal Registries. Trying to modify the SchemaManager instead will lead to very painful potential schema breakage !
     new abc071d  o Moved the addToRegistries() method out of ObjectClass to a dedicated helper class (ObjectClassHelper) o Create a sub-package helper in registries for the helper classes o Removed a useless import o Fixed a test
     new 3187011  o Renamed DITContentRule to DContentRule (fist step toward the rename of this class to DitContentRule, as all the other camel cased classes)
     new d8e8bf4  Second step in the renaming of DITCOntentRule to DitContentRule. We can thanks Apple for his stupid case insensitive/case preserving FS !
     new e9d75a1  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new d3b558c  Some more camel-cased classes renaming
     new c7382bc  Some more Camel Casing...
     new 72902a8  Fix for DIRSERVER-1696 : its now forbidden to create an entry with a RDN containing an AT more than once
     new 2c9bb4a  Fixed a test
     new c60edd2  Fixed two failing tests
     new a8232b6  One more test fixed
     new 2e30286  Made the connection schema aware
     new c673814  Used UP values instead of Norm Values
     new eac87e9  Fixed another test failure :/
     new 9194b79  And back to the version I reverted ...
     new c7a4513  And back to the version I reverted ...
     new 24922eb  @Ignore two tests that need to be fixed later, when we have fixed the global DN/RDN/AVA issues we have.
     new 77fa575  Renamed the Ava.getUpName/getUpValue/getUpType() methods to getName/GetValue/getType()
     new b06ea37  Fixed the RDN handling of special characters
     new 776f7c4  Renamed the Rdn.getUpType() and getUpValue() methods to getType() and getValue() to be consistent with DN methods
     new e724fff  Fixed the rename operation : it's now allowed to rename an entry on itself.
     new cf2e21a  Applied a fix for DIRAPI-81 : we now can create entry with a RDN containing escaped values that are stored in the server as is.
     new 14eb2e3  Fixed 3 failing tests
     new fbd74fb  Referenced the JDBM project which is not anymore part of ApacheDS project
     new a410b4f  referring to jdbm2 instead of jdbm
     new f3b072a  Fix for DIRSERVER-1700 (Version in Root DSE is reported as '${pom.version}'). (Also moved to the recommended ${project.version})
     new ddb8df9  Fixed build issues with the inclusion of 'jdbm2' project as dependency.
     new cec4dc0  Removed jdbm and jdbm2 sub-projects. They have been moved at revisions 1292731 and 1292441. They are now located at
     new d099bd4  Updated Shared and JNDI dependencies to released versions.
     new 46e5093  Moved to non-SNAPSHOT version before the release
     new f1f2e78  Fixed environment variable creation.
     new db7b1aa  Removed stange half of Apache License header at the end of the file.
     new b8e31a4  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.0.0-M6
     new ea96f9c  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 2eacbc6  o Fixed the compareTo() method in the ParentIdAndRdn class, to allow comparison of RDN with more than one Ava o Added a ParentIdAndRdn test class
     new 1fdb5f5  Moved to next snapshot versions.
     new f332ef2  Fix for DIRSERVER-1093
     new 4a6d4d5  Added a test for DIRSERVER-1681
     new 9ddb069  Updated version to the latest snapshot.
     new fd5f1b8  bumped up the dependencies revisions
     new 1fddcf8  reverted the upgrade of ehcache, it generates some failures
     new 86ec2d8  Reformatted the code
     new 7b6865d  some formatng
     new 086b357  Fixed the OC config constants. Many of them were incorrects.
     new 2099b04  Updated DOAP file.
     new f28fbf5  Removed the setRegistries() method from SchemaObjects
     new f23737d  Referenced the latest parent's SNAPSHOT
     new 6c234f4  removed the acces to private fileds in the sun classes
     new dd3566a  Fixed a port conflict in kerberos tests
     new 05cc06a  Removed the '<relativePath />' tag which seems to be causing some build issues.
     new 6e3707a  Added javadoc
     new 041d56a  minor refactoring
     new 2b01dcc  o Added a AbstractLdapConnection class to gather the common properties and method for the LdapConnection implementations
     new e31c116  Removed the LdapConnectionFactory class
     new 852b77f  o Created a MutableAttributeType class o Removed the modifiers from the AttributeType class o Modified the impacted code in the api and Studio
     new 598c524  o Created a MutableMatchingRule class o Removed the modifiers from the MatchingRule class o Modified the impacted code in the api and Studio
     new 1ce7992  Uncommented the check on attributes in the equals() method of the DefaultEntry class. We are now accurately comparing entries.
     new e45aff8  fixed the way deleteOldRdn flag value is deduced
     new 4ff7ece  o The AVAs in a RDN are now order if the RDN is schemaAware, in order to be able to compare cn=doe+gn=john with gn=john+cn=doe o The ParanetIdAndRdn now uses the RDN normalized name in order to speed up the comparison method. o Added some tests
     new 72e4b96  o Removed the apacheNDn and apacheUpDn index and declarations, as they are not used anymore o Fixed some tests accordingly
     new 4c084d8  Moved the index creation into the specific implementation, using an absract method. This will lead to the removal of the GenericIndex class later.
     new da09309  Removed the useless GenericIndex class
     new 283339f  o Get rid of the getNormalized() method in JdbmIndex and AvlIndex : the values are already normalized anyway o Fixed a couple of places where the values weren't normalized before being injected into the index o Some entries formating o Fixed the parser that was not creating an Assertion Value depending on the AttributeType syntax
     new ec9551c  Removed the keyCache, it's not used anymore now that the value are already normalized
     new c315bd7  o Fix for DIRSERVER-1702 : we now inject the added index in the system or user indexes o Some refactoring of a test
     new 48dbea2  Added a test to check that the presenceIndex is correctly updated after an attribute removal
     new a8ae8fb  Modified the test to start from a baseDn instead of the rootDSE
     new 43631e1  o Removed the @Ignore, as the perf test is filtered by Maven, and not executed unless a special Perf profile is used o Some refactoring
     new 9e15be6  Create a branch to play with index
     new a11aa64  o Added a flag in the Index Interface to allow an index not to have a reverse table o Modified the JdbmIndex and AvlIndex table to check this flag before manipulating the reverse table o Initialized the Presence, ObjectClass and entryCSN index with no reverse table o Modified the SubstringEvaluator to use the evaluateWithoutIndex() method when the index does not have a reverse table
     new 999cbe4  Bumped up to project-27
     new 6a82cdf  javadoc additiona nd minor refactoring
     new f697f8e  o Added the nbChildren and nbDescendant values in the ParentIdAndRdn classes o Updated the ParentIdAndRdn instances when adding/moving/removing entries to get the correct number of children and descendants o Added a dumpRdnIdx() method to dump the modified RdnIdx in debug mode o Changed the ParentIdAndRdn.compareTo() method to get a way to find all the children of a parent while browsing a tree o Added the allowsDuplicates field in the AvlTable (should be moved to the Ab [...]
     new 0828f2f  o Minor refactoring
     new 76dfcae  Moved a field to the AbstractTable class
     new 14398be  Use dthe rdnIdx instead of the oneLevelIdx in the evealuateId( ID ) method
     new 27063ba  Used the rdnIdx instead of the oneLevelIdx in the evaluateId( IndexEntry<?, ID> ) method
     new d6b2171  Removed the use of oneLevelIdx, replaced by RdnIdx
     new 50c9272  Removed the AbstractTupleCursor, and replaced it by AbstractCursor<Tuple<K,V>> in the classes that were extending it. One less class in the tens of Cursors implementations...
     new 74e9654  Removed duplicate methods (using those of the inherited Asbtract class )
     new c2acc1d  o Used the RdnIndex instead of the OneLevelIndex for the List( ID ) method o Made the IndexCursorAdaptor class extends the AbstarctIndexCursor, removing some of its duplicated methods o Removed the useless TupleCursor o Fixed the ParentIdAndRdn compareTo() method o Added a ChildrenCursor to be able to browse the RdnIdx to find all the children of an entry o Fixed some tests, improving the checks
     new 3a0789d  Used a better solution to fetch the children from the RdnIndex than simply counting the children we already have fetched. We can also now browse the index forward and backward.
     new a7fbd34  Added some tests for the Move operation using the LDAP API
     new 163c6a0  o Fixed some compilation error o Added a parameter for indexes to configure them to use the reverse table, or not
     new 42e37a6  o Fixed the rdnIdx update when moving an entry o Get the SingleFilePartition not using the oneLevel index o Modified the rename operation to minimize the code duplication and limit the number of operations done on entries and DN
     new 1305ee7  o Removed the last places where we were using the OneLevel index and replaced it by the RdnIndex o Fixed the ChildrenCursor to return Tuple<Long, Long> elements
     new d0fb707  Complete removal of the OneLevel index from the server
     new 1421387  Added some cursor.close() calls
     new 48255a1  Added some cursor.close() calls
     new 8805832  Closing a cursor after it has been used
     new 3f98972  Closing a cursor after it has been used
     new adafdf1  Closed many cursors that were not closed in tests
     new 8f6e394  Closing cursors in tests
     new a76c0cf  Closing cursors in tests
     new 8eda045  Closing cursors in tests
     new 4353213  Closed a NamingEnumeration to close the underlying cursor
     new 505bcc0  Closing cursors in tests
     new c1b467f  Dixed some NPEs
     new 172c84c  Formatting
     new 9136486  Closed cursors and NamingEnumarations
     new ee63d9d  Closed a cursor in the SchemaPartition getChildCount method
     new 5bebbf0  Closed the NamingEnumeration
     new 5771139  Close the pending cursors for pending PagedSearch when the session is unbound
     new b6bf968  Closed cursors
     new e8f3ead  Closed some cursors
     new 9ddd4b2  Closed some cursors
     new 8e74c66  Closed cursors
     new b160add  Closed cursors
     new 1732b33  Closed cursors
     new 06b30f3  Closed many cursors
     new a8330f9  Closed a cursor in the revert method
     new a95adaf  o Added a LOG_CURSOR logger o Added the close() and close( Exception ) methods when it was missing
     new 573f9d8  Closed a cursor
     new 48dfe3d  o Added a dedicated logger for all the cursor open/close operations o Traced all the openings and closings of cursors
     new 48e2b6a  Merged the index branch into trunk : the OneLevelIndex has been removed, and all the cursors have been closed
     new b42e188  o Moved the partition initialization out of the JdbmParitionFactory.createPartition() method. It's now called explicitely after the partition creation.
     new 2f0a0ad  fixed two issues : - the indexed AT are now listed usig their OIDs (otherwise, the created index are deleted immediately after having been created). Fixes for DIRSERVER-1712 - the index creation is now faster, as we don't iterate over the indexes, browsing the full MasterTable for each index to create. We now do the opposite : we browse the MasterTable only once and update all the index in one shot. Fixes for DIRSERVER-1711
     new ab6f94c  Fixed issues with JDK 7, as the KerberosPrincpal class is now more strict.
     new 610971e  The index were rebuilt every time the server was started, because we were looking for the files using the AT name instead of their OID.
     new 9def824  test for DIRAPI-84
     new 5f0202d  Minor refactoring to avoid confusion between local variable names and global variable names
     new a17f044  Typo
     new 28cbba5  Applied the trunk modifications to make the index be correctly built at startup
     new 8d2a929  Uses JDBM2
     new ce58285  Removed the subLevel index tests
     new 6f92c3a  o Removed the SublevelIndex, replaced by the RdnIndex o Added a DescendantCursor to browse the RdnIndex for SUBTREE searches o Changed the IndexEntry interface to reflect the nature of the stored elements : namely, a key and an ID. The getValue/setValue have been renamed getKey/setKey
     new 43dd635  Added OneLevel and SubLevel perf tests
     new d6b1081  Improvd the results by removing the first 500K searches to be sure the JVM will be warm when we start the measure.
     new 589c0d6  o Propagated the ID in the ScopeNode, to avoid recomputing it in two other places o Fixed the tests accordingly
     new be9e372  Slight optimization that save us 7% of CPU consumption
     new ba67859  Cleaned the test, to get more realistic results
     new 9fe871a  Improved the way the Dn is built from an ID : we don't parse the DN again. It speeds up the server by 15%
     new 9b158ed  Added a prefetched field in the cursor to avoid a double fetch on the master table
     new 37e37f7  The Entry.removeAttributes() method does not return the removed attributes, it's costly and never used.
     new 712a304  Simplified and speeded up the RDN comparison
     new 55aab18  Added a lookup( ID, DN ) method that save us the time needed to rebuild the DN, when we already have it. The provided DN will be injected into the found entry.
     new acc9fe4  o Closed the conext after usage o Closed the NamingEnumeration after usage o Reformating the class
     new 8e21740  o Removed the useless Scope class from core-api (using the SearchScope enum instead) o Get rid of some useless calls to searchContext.getSearchControls()
     new e66640b  Added a test that search for the rootDSE through a searchRequest
     new a77762c  Fixed some error due to the wrong DN being passed to the lookup(ID, Dn) method
     new 4890b08  Fetch the entry before doing an evaluation on it, for OBJECT scope searches. It saves 17%...
     new f9ce0b4  Fixed a typo
     new 1b83285  Added tests for OneLevel and SubLevel searches in server-integ
     new e7f4337  used the Dn normalized name for the pwdResetSet, in order to speed up teh retrieval of Dn in this set.
     new 57a2ce0  Added an (ignored) performance test for searches done on indexed attrbutes
     new 904de25  Merged the index branch into trunk
     new 4edf0a0  fix for DIRAPI-84
     new 26b4bf9  o Remove unused imports o Complete the Value -> BerValue rename o Removed dead code
     new e4ae1e5  Removed the call to getSearchControls(). The gain is around 10% in performance.
     new 63a79ee  Removed a useless add
     new d500a83  Bumped up ant and commons-io to latest versions
     new bd4616b  Formating
     new dcd5123  updated to shared-1.0.0-M12 and jdbm 2.0.0-M1
     new 8b1f965  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.0.0-M7
     new e1044dc  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new daa82c8  [maven-release-plugin] rollback the release of 2.0.0-M7
     new e92ce67  removed a useless file
     new 033ec29  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.0.0-M7
     new d6e2878  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 04d6e8d  [maven-release-plugin] rollback the release of 2.0.0-M7
     new 5091746  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.0.0-M7
     new 10ecdbd  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 43944e5  rollbacked to 2.0.0-M7
     new 0559c92  closed a cursor that remained opened
     new cf4cbcb  aded 'bin' to the svn:ignored property
     new 736ebeb  Added (commented) specific logs for cursor opening/closing
     new 0959788  Made all the server-integ tests thread safe
     new 2e22b35  Added logs into a file to slow down the tests, to avoid some stall
     new 6a5e425  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.0.0-M7
     new 846ecf8  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new c57d1ae  Closed all the cursors associated with a PagedSearch when an AbandonRequest is received by the server for this search request
     new b8185b7  [maven-release-plugin] rollback the release of 2.0.0-M7
     new 6559ce5  removed the logs for Cursors
     new 944e518  Removed useless casts
     new 85056af  Temporary ignore the PagedSearch control test where we send a wrong cookie.
     new 9c27b0e  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.0.0-M7
     new f2efe6a  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new c7a2bd9  Bumped up shared dependency to 1.0.0-M13-SNAPSHOT
     new fa4bfec  Added a test to check that the modify operation is working on an indexed AT
     new e5264f4  removed the useless java directory
     new 0522aad  Removed the empty authn directory
     new 254aba8  Removed the empty sp directory
     new 97f35b6  test case for parsing batch response present in a soap envelope
     new 37a99ca  Modify the way we handle the search on rootDSE (and for searches with Scope BASE, when the filter is ObjectClass=*, but it's not yet implemented), so that it uses a lookup instead of a full search, creating less cursors.
     new 36fe63c  Changed teh constants by String for clarity in the test
     new e778b8f  o Removed useless imports, minor refactoring
     new 6f84c48  Split the line in two for clarity
     new e0392df  Stores the normalized value into index, otherwise the Substring evaluator is failing on indexed String attributes (uppercase/lowercase mismatch).
     new 004b1b1  Fixed some more potential errors when modifying some indexed attributes without normalization
     new b2bb370  Fix for DIRSERVER-1735 (When ads-pwdmaxage attribute is set to more then 2147483, then all user passwords are expirer forever.).
     new 91d6e76  Added a test to demonstrate that a search using an empty baseDN works
     new d3e3f28  The formatter has done a bad job... Fixed
     new c9cc4c6  * Fix for objectclass index to don't contain "top" as a key which will bloat the index unnecessarly since it's present on every entry. This was documented but didn't applied in the code.
     new 2fdcb22  * Removed the 'top' check on objectclass index at removals as a cleanup mechanism when old partition files are used directly. * lookup method is fixed for this scenario:     LookupContext has attributeIds containing ALL_OPERATIONAL and couple of user attributes. Before then, code was discarding the all user attributes completely on this scenario.     *Formatted the code with Directory formatter
     new a074a6b  *Fix to updateCsnIndex which was leaving the old Csn in place because it was removing the tuple which is keyed to new Csn value.
     new d886b47  * Forgot to put WITH_REVERSE flag in CsnIndex creation in previous commit to fix updateCsnIndex() method.
     new afc9793  Simplified the removal of an ID when we don't allow duplicates
     new 50a0dac  Removed methods that are already present in the parent class.
     new 9209ad8  Handle a search on BASE_OBJECT using a lookup instead of a cursor
     new 91a3d27  Removed methods that are already present in the parent class
     new a9fb2b3  Simplified the drop when we don't have duplicates, not using a cursor.
     new 595cdee  added a test for checking the removal of ppolicy graceauth attribute
     new 26ce241  Fixed the computation to reflect the way we do it in core-integ
     new 98499fe  Merged mvbt branch into trunk
     new 3ced4e8  forgot to commit those file while merging mvbt branch into trunk
     new 9cf3084  Removed a useless package
     new 9326c1a  Added a test for DIRSERVER-1738
     new 82cd20d  Removed the @Ignore test : it's now passing
     new b8c0fa2  Added a test for DIRSERVER-1718
     new d704eb3  Added the admonistrativeRole index
     new f092fa0  Discover the JAR using a find command, so that we don't have the hard coded version in the file
     new 4228680  Modified the Index addition so that if the indexed Attribute does not exists in the Schema, it does not forbid the server to start. Now, we get an error, but the server can be launched. (of course, no index is created)
     new da1e5c9  Bypassed the empty tokens (two consecutive non alphanumerics) and token with less than 4 chars. Fixes DIRSERVER-1726
     new ecc100a  Added some missing dependencies declarations
     new 992d677  Bumped up the dependencies versions
     new 8c38da2  Moved the Subentry class to shared, along the other subtree classes already there.
     new be5158c  Moved the Subentry class to shared
     new 3121c24  Fixed a Javadoc typo
     new 8604376  mdified with better log filter packages
     new 06bac5f  turn off the logging by default
     new 107cff2  Bumped up the project version to 28
     new 9ab466d  reverted from mina 2.0.7-SNAPSHOT to 2.0.4, otherwise trunks won't compile
     new f618d8e  Migrated the test to use the API instead of JNDI
     new 1337641  Migrated the test to use the API instead of JNDI
     new 6a48d28  Removed an empty import
     new 6832396  Migrated the tests to use the API instead of JNDI
     new a5fe156  Migrated the tests to use the API instead of JNDI
     new b5546be  Moved the AddIT test to the operations package
     new cd06919  Migrated some tests from JNDI to API
     new 89a3756  Increase test timeout as 15 minutes are not enough on some Jenkins slaves.
     new 89133ba  Migrated teh SimpleBindIT test to use the API
     new cb1494d  No nedd to unbind when the session is anonymous
     new e57d769  Added a sysout to know which test is being processed (it's useful when running the suite, as the tests are quite long)
     new 32dbc3a  o Migrated some tests from JNDI to API o Moved the RootDseIT test to the operations package o Moved the API tests and JNDI tests that won't be migrated to MigratedStockCoreISuite
     new 20070a6  added more logger filters to reduce the output when DEBUG level is used
     new f4d27cd  o fixed an issue with delay in locking out account when less than 60 seconds is given for pwdFailureCountInterval in ppolicy o fixed an issue where an account locks out permanently when locout duration is specified (this is due to the missing fractions in time) o fixed DateUtils where fractions are missing and updated the kerberos code to use a separate date formatter
     new 7a4259d  o removed a duplicate PasswordUtil class present in authn-interceptor module (copied the changes to the one in core-api) o removed a duplicate EncryptionMethod class present in authn-method o fixed the imports and method signatures after making above changes
     new bfd1f25  Removed some spurious System.out.println
     new 6f2e93e  Removed useless System.out, now that we decided to get rid of the Suites
     new bf2fbad  Removed useless System.out, now that we decided to get rid of the Suites
     new 35aa71c  Renamed *Test tests to *IT, to simplify the core-integ profile declaration
     new 91cf991  o Removed the QuikcTest profile o Removed the Suite invocation
     new 9294f1f  Fixed the AddIT tests from ldapsdk
     new 952be4c  o Removed the suite o Renamed the test to *IT so that they are executed o Modified the pom.xml to reflect those changes
     new e9831e8  Forget to commit the deleted file (deletion due to a renaming)
     new 0cc7425  Another file has been renamed, here is the commit for the deleted file
     new fd18479  Created the AT we use before using them. It speeds up the addition a bit.
     new 6c9b1dd  Minor cleanup
     new da2423c  Speed up the log by using a static variable
     new fddac9f  Removed the suite
     new 0c0bccf  fixed the launcher, the jar name ends with service not server
     new 19d1d77  Bumped up Mina, Project and Shared version
     new 8c2d99d  Updated the version to M8
     new 47ad303  Added  missing header
     new 6d66896  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.0.0-M8
     new 50643af  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 0b7a8b9  Moved to the latest *-SNAPSHOT version.
     new f17090c  Added missing to avoid warn message when running tests
     new 1b30003  Remove test log file, /tmp does not exist under Windoze.
     new 2d18acb  * Shutdown directory service instances to unlock the DS lock file which causes test failure on Windows * Enable two tests that seem to work, to be verified on CI
     new dbec320  Add system.out to debug test failure on Windows
     new 73f24be  Reduce logging level
     new 4ec852a  Removed unused code that also exists in ClientServerReplicationIT
     new 5d0cec0  Made check whether entry is replicated more reliable by comparing the entryCSN of the source and target entry.
     new 4ef7e74  * Moved code that injects 100 entries to setup * Added MultiThreadedMultiInvoker to demonstrate occasional failures of testAbandonSearch()
     new 77b0a23  Fix for DIRAPI-94 (Random failure of ClientAbandonRequestTest). Slow down sending of results. Extracted DelayInducingInterceptor from SearchLimitsIT for reusability.
     new 33e5752  * Wait for initial add to be replicated * Renamed some variables and methods
     new bfd37cd  Made this file depends on shared Strings class, and not on BouncyCastle file
     new bf5c03e  Made this file depends on shared Strings class, and not on BouncyCastle file
     new 4ffe1c2  Made this file depends on shared Strings class, and not on BouncyCastle file
     new d8e1bc3  remove the useless BouncyCastle dependency
     new 35eb4f8  removed the Derby anc commons-dbcp dependencies, they aren't usefull
     new e067a2f  Removed anything related to suites
     new ff5a86e  removed the Xerces dependency : we don't use it
     new bfa6190  Removed the unused velocity dependency
     new b032cd2  Removed the unused jug and quartz dependencies
     new 6e5e590  stop the worker thread first
     new 4c61dcc  more log filters
     new 01ce3a7  more constants
     new e22ca03  added a directory for holding the replication logs
     new ae1aa9f  Fix for DIRSERVER-1751 : a substring filter now uses the index to speed up a search
     new 2f6e431  Removed the reference to antlr, as we don't use it in ApacheDS (all the references to antlr are in shared)
     new 7aeefbf  removed the antlr dependency: we don't need it
     new 6943f86  check if the cursor is already closed
     new 76c5e27  first drop of changes for supporting MMR
     new bb5f8f2  tests specific to MMR
     new 9282e14  changed the package (accidentally left the keydap package while merging changes back to Directory trunk)
     new 43fee70  ignore generated files
     new fc146b8  Fixed a potential OOM for big searches : we were keeping the entry into the IndexEntry element, even if it was not valid.
     new 15c9988  missing files related to replication
     new 3e8edf0  Fixed a potential OOM when dealing with many candidates
     new 89153d1  Added a performance test for the Add operation, through the network. It will also chck that we can retreive some entries using a substring index.
     new c6a3a9f  Fix for DIRSERVER-1752 (Adding a context entry (ads-contextentry attribute) in the configuration of a partition has no effect).
     new d7ccae7  Fix for DIRSERVER-1752 (Adding a context entry (ads-contextentry attribute) in the configuration of a partition has no effect). Fixed a bug when the context entry was already there (typically when restarting).
     new ea794be  Fix for DIRSERVER-1754 (Add a default value for the context entry of the example partition in the configuration).
     new ce2fc96  Moved the PasswordUtil class into shared
     new 8b46f1a  o removed printStackTrace call o improved log and exception messages
     new ba33935  simplified the lookup of admin entry
     new 5739fe0  do not set 'done' to the return value of
     new 5c815e0  o removed the duplicate code related to initializing SSL context in LDAPS and StartTLS handlers o removed hard coded supported control OIDs (now they are taken from the codec service)
     new eb59c3d  changed the log level
     new 46f70a4  moved the storeCookie() method call into a finally block
     new d4cd303  delete the work dir after running the test
     new 50b7bdf  removed the useless try-catch block
     new b6199ab  o set the synreplsearch flag based on the control o added dependency on extras-codec-api
     new 362e52b  added a directory for cache
     new a27716d  o completely changed the way CacheService is initialized o added methods to let Partition implementations handle the Entry cache o moved the ldapServer.start() statement out of the try-catch block to fail fast o added some sample cache configurations
     new 196bee2  added Entry cache
     new 8ae80d4  set CacheService at the time of instantiating DirectoryService
     new 8692294  o set new or updated CSN value in PartitionNexus after an operation completed for replication o improved cookie handling in mock consumer o added various fixes to ClientInitialRefreshIT and also reduced the number of entries added (the behavior would be same for higher values)
     new 5577310  more log levels for better debug output
     new 43538c3  Fix for DIRSHARED-142
     new be34b14  Fixed the hasReverse type : it's a boolean, not a String
     new a13d2ac  Fixed typo (wrong method used).
     new 97f4880  Fixed a compilation issue
     new d9afe98  Avoid an exception when the members are not defined
     new 23cca3c  o Added the ads-replEnabled flag in the config o if the ads-replreqHandler is not set, use the default syncReplHandler class
     new 70a6ef7  Renamed the SyncreplConfiguration class to SynReplConfiguration (all the other classes are starting with SyncRepl, with a 'R')
     new acd15a9  If the AliasDerefMode is not 'never' or 'finding', default to 'never' and log an error instead of throwing an exception and stopping the server. That solves DIRSERVER-1758
     new 6e7ab4e  Fixed a comment typo
     new 7b1fbc3  Removed a useless if (true )
     new 85db367  Part of a fix for DIRSTUDIO-847 (Add support for replication editing in the ApacheDS 2.0 Configuration Editor)
     new 6641641  Fixed typo.
     new 1deb0f7  Fixed renamed method name.
     new a8251d4  Updated the Javadoc to reflect the addition of a replication directory
     new 46f3245  Fixed the setAttributes method which was still keeping reference of old attributes.
     new 3f4821f  Fixed some build issue on Windows by shutting down the cache service properly.
     new 1e7b6c0  Added an extra wait to fix an intermittent build issue on Windows.
     new 89a7247  Modified the UberjarMain so that we can stop the server when the UberjarMain test is finished. This is necessary if we want to be able to release the handle on the master.db file.
     new d86c43c  Fixed failing test on Windows.
     new 6b85377  o removed ads-enableReplProvider attribute o enabled replication proider flag by default o fixed the LdapServerBean to handle ads-replEnabled flag properly
     new 8865819  Removed a useless private method.
     new 1065579  Renamed a constant, for a better understanding
     new ccc315f  Minor improvemnts
     new 017d515  Formating
     new d186075  Improved the serialization
     new be8c61c  Avoided a newInstance() call when we know about the class : call the constructor directly.
     new a9176fb  Made the LOG a protected member, to use it in inherited classes
     new e814c31  Renamed a field and the associated methods
     new 23813fd  Renamed a field and the associated methods
     new 6ace70e  Some reorganization to  avoid useless operations if not necessary
     new 7d6d112  Renamed a field and the associated methods
     new a91d95a  do not remove operational attributes from the requested attribute types
     new 552bf8b  always store the modified entry in the event message
     new 465f4c3  resources to create a test MMR setup
     new 545ffd2  o removed the modification of attributes in replication configuration o added operational attributes to the search/lookup request in replication consumer and handler
     new 1c2f500  o Added the handlers for the MessageSent event o Adding missing Javadocs
     new 04dda8f  Replaced tabs by four spaces
     new baf4d54  Added a test
     new c687d82  Replaced tabs by four spaces
     new a04f62e  Removed some tabs
     new 5e18766  Added a data structure to hold a SearchRequest, a cursor and the time and size limit. It will be used to manage the messageSent events and eventually send the next results to the client.
     new fdc1fdc  o Register each searchRequest into the session, to be handled by the messageSent handlers o Added some preliminary code to deal with the MessageSent event for SRE and SRD o Added a Map in LdapSession to store the pending SearchRequests
     new 2fff5db  Added some minimal code to manage messageSent events in the SearchhResultReference handler
     new 029b86a  o Created a specific method to handle replication o renamed the readResults method to writeResults : this is what this method do, anyway...
     new bb283af  Added a test for RootDSE
     new fdede8c  Added a toString() method
     new a8d5eae  o Added some more explicit logs for the consumer connection o Simplified the reconnection code : we now call the start( now ) method instead of having the (almost) same code in two places o Logged some trace when the baseDN does not exist, instead of throwing an exception
     new 0ffdd04  o Added a convenient method in config to return the provider as host:port o Added some logs for consumer o made a lot of methods private o Renamed the _deleteEntries_ metho processDelete
     new 77ccdaa  Small javadoc improvements
     new d93c141  Added more logs
     new 99f7380  Refactored the way we were handling threads in replication.
     new 7e5496c  o Improved the ReplicationStatusEnum usage, by removing some useless states o Simplified the consumer creation loop in LdapServer
     new f6bb88d  enable replication by default
     new 218cee4  Added a (commented) pattern for better logs
     new e59aaac  o Added a Pinger thread that check regularly the connection we are using for replication : it can detect brutal disconnections o Added a ping() method in the ReplicationConsumer interface o Added some checked to avoid doing useless operations if we are already disconnected
     new 72729fd  o made many attributes which are mandatory for the server to function as MUST o removed the composite configuration attributes like 'ads-partitions' and 'ads-servers' from the config.ldif   (reader can work even without these values present in the parent entries) o renamed ads-dsMaxPDUSize to ads-maxPDUSize o moved maxPduSize variable from DirectoryService to LdapServer (this is a network related variable so LdapServer is the right place)   (updated the config schema and [...]
     new ed7f763  Added NDC to add some incormation about the consumer in the logs. We now know which consumer is logging what.
     new f2066d4f Removed the 'stop' flag, we now use the disconnected flag only
     new e744b49  So NDC does not work in slf4j, replaced it with MDC
     new 5af5cfc  Wrong log leverl for the CONSUMER_LOG
     new 3100e43  Initialized  some more AT
     new ff22de7  o The Store.delete( String ) and Partition.delete(DeleteOperationContext) methods now returns the deleted Entry o The AbstractBtreePartition.lookup( String id ) method now calls the lookup( String, Dn ) method, instead of duplacting its code o Removed the EntryDN attribute from the atrrinbutes to be replicated o Fixed a test issue
     new 2fdae78  Forgot one commit for the previous patch
     new 65c7a56  Added a pretty printer
     new c106ad6  o Added a toStrng method in BaseEntryFilteringCursor o Added the toString( String tabs ) method in the EntryFilter interface o Added the issing toString method in ClonedServerEntry
     new b345e63  Moved the filterContents(Entry) method to ServerEntryUtils, so that we can use it elswhere
     new cfa5b30  o Closing streams o Adding toString() methods o Removing dead code o Removing useless imports
     new 5f49d21  o Closing resources o Removed useless imports o Returning the deleted entries in Partition
     new d45513d  o Removed useless pragmas o Removed useless imports o Closed some resources
     new 591a1a0  Minor refactoring
     new edcdbd1  Closed the file too quickly...
     new fcdbe44  Added a common root class for the lookup and search context, as we are sharing many of the filtering elements
     new 605b619  o Using the changes done on Lookup and Search context all over the server o Fixed some wrong tests doing lookups o Temporarily ignoring replication tests : we have some failures o Using the ServerEntryUtils.filterContent() method in the backend o Minor refactoring
     new d1550e8  Forgot one change i the last commit
     new 9c8f089  Another forgotten file in the last commit :/
     new cd6d0dc  One more... Subversion is using a very bad way to signal that some file have been modified, compared to Subclipse
     new 64d0458  un-@Ingoring some tests that are ok
     new e2f0a3d  Fixed some NPE
     new 4f5d5e4  un ignored a test, I fixed the NPE that was making it fail
     new e01dbcd  Replaced the Boolean fields, now using simple boolean : we don't need to check for the existence of those elements.
     new 72c9a2b  Removed all attributes that maintained references to configuration sub-entries. Updated the configuration reader/writer to look for information on the fields in the annotations of the beans, rather than in the schema (where we can't store enough information).
     new 8c7bca0  Added the SchemaManager as a parameter in the FilteringOperationContext.contains() method to rget rid of a NPE
     new a5075ae  Added missing 'ads-enabled' attribute values.
     new 0621f76  Extracted the parameters from the function call to ease debugging
     new 773ac8b  o We don't anymore pass a set of Attributes to a search/list/lookup operation, but only a lost of Strings o Many fixes if the ServerEntryUtils.filterContent() method : we can now filter Lookup operations correctly (DIRSERVER-1777) o Removed useless calls to getOperationContex() when the field is accessible in the class o Completely reviewed the way we create instances of SearchOperationContext/LookupOperationContext/ListOperationContext, especially the way we handle the  [...]
     new 1a66212  Removal of spurious spaces
     new 4189b55  o Moved the attribute filtering from the AbstractBTreePartition class to SchemaInterceptor o Fixed a huge issue that was introduced 7 years ago : when we were going through the ACI interceptor and doing a lookup, wth a standard user (not admin), then we were fetching the entry directly from the backend, instead of going through the whole chain o Removed some filtering done in the OperationalAttributeInterceptor whil processing the Lookup Operation
     new c5c9f2e  A bit of minor refactoring
     new ff61d0c  Replaced <classifier>tests</classifier> by <type>test-jar</type> as mentionned on the Maven website (
     new 46ed3e5  Removed the useless Binary filter
     new 0c98f1a  Added some more perf tests
     new b06847e  Improved the test to return more usable numbers
     new 8180802  get rid of the getAttributes() call when it's not useful
     new 1323528  Removed useless imports
     new c11862a  Somplified the lookup() methods : we don't need a _lookup() method anymore
     new a62373f  o Renamed the internal Store.lookup(id) to fetch(id), to avoid any confusion with a standard lookup o Replaced the filterAttributeType() by a call to ServerEntryUtils.filterContent() in the TopFilter (SchemaManager) o Removed the lookup method from the ExceptionInterceptor : the subschemaSubentry processing is now done in the OperationalAttributeInterceptor o Moved the code that was grabbing the subentrySchema to the OperationalAttributeInterceptor lookup method o Added  [...]
     new 7609979  Removed dead code
     new bad9b6a  o Removed the list() opration from the backend (Partition, Intecreptor, Store) o Removed dead tests o Reemoved unused methods in OperationalInterceptor o The list() operation now calls a search in ServerContext and in CoreSession
     new e6680f5  Deleted the test as it's not anymore useful
     new 1feddda  Deleted the empty package
     new 030170d  o Injected the 'EntryDN' virtual attribute in entries o Fixed many tests accordingly
     new 2237201  o The ServerEntryUtil.filterContents() method gets one more parameter : the SchemaManager, so that it can be used without any DirectoryService. Beware : the opContext and Entry parameters have also been inverted o Fixed the code that uses it
     new e4dd77e  o Deleted the SearchingOperationContext, it has been merged with the SearchOperationContext (we don't need the abstract class anymore as we have removed the ListOperationContext class) o Fixed the places where we were using this class
     new 4db2e25  Removed the EntryDN attribute for all operations that update the masterTable
     new 3714c62  Removed the warnig produced when we were adding the EntryDN attribute : if it's already there, we don't try to add it again (the EntryDN attribute is present because we are fetching the entry from an AvlPartition, which is in memory, and contins entry that are not immutable, thus contains the EntryDN once they have been read once)
     new 556c922  Moved the lock() calls out of a try{} and moved the unlock inside the finally{} clause. This is a fix for DIRSERVER-1782
     new f2434aa  The search() operation does not need a null parameter when there no attributes to return are given
     new 68344cc  Deleted the Log implementation : it's not used in trunk
     new 7d25441  o Deleted some unused classes o Removed unused code o Closed some streams o Fixed some warnings (improper Generic) o Used a MINA class to find an available port o
     new 1e633a2  Deleted the xdbm-tools classes : they are broken anyway
     new d9c4094  Removed the Log classes : they are not used in trunks
     new 50e9a6e  Removed the unused classes
     new 305dab6  Removed references to xdbm-tools and server-tools
     new 1670f2d  Removed the xdbm-tools module, it's not used anymore
     new 5d4eb1c  Removed the server-tools project
     new 995dc5e  Refactoring the Cursor exception handling o Created a root class for cursor exceptions CursorException o The Cursor close(), isCloased() and close(Exception) method in cursor are not anymore throwing an Exception o The Cursor get() method now throws either a CloseException or a IOException o Fixed all the cursor implementations accordingly o Fixed the handling of CursorException in the SearchHandler
     new 0c0134e  o Most of the cursor methods now throw an LdapException o Added some missing Javadoc
     new b08e935  We now pass a SchemaManager as a parameter of the BaseEntryFilteringCursor. That alleviates the need to have an instanciated DirectoryService when dealing with a Partition directly.
     new a1ed3a8  move the default interceptor configuration setting call to the constructor (DIRSERVER-1783)
     new c2a9eb0  Created a branch to do the shared-ldap renaming"
     new 5668a08  Renamed the shared-i18n and shared-asn1-ber packages
     new de926bd  Renamed some shared package to api
     new 66e2e50  Renamed asn1 module's package to 'api'
     new 167565e  Updated apacheds after the renaming of shared-util to api-util
     new 21fc211  Renamed the shared.ldap.model to api.ldap.model
     new aa69b9b  Renamed the shared.codec package to api.codec
     new 6db439a  Updated the bytecodes to reflect the package rename
     new f503782  The DummyNormalizer constructor was protected instead of public
     new 62ec4cf  Renamed the shared-codec-standalone package
     new 038174e  Renamed the shared-dsml-parser package
     new 882da39  Renamed the shared-ldap-extras-aci package
     new 51b9b2a  Two more shared packages renamed to api.
     new 14372b4  Renamed the dsml-engine package
     new d77fdeb  Renamed the extras-util package
     new 2ed7961  Renamed the shared-ldap-extras-sp package
     new 440e3da  Renamed the shared-ldap-extras-triggers package
     new b237cf2  Fixed apacheds after havng renamed the shared modules
     new a00d785   Copied the refact branch into the trunk
     new 583a50a  Fixed a reference to shared in log4j property file
     new 1df2c3b  Refers to api instead of shared in log property files
     new b9f2227  o Added a Cursor exception to handle the LdapReferrals o Added a Client test to check that we are correctly receiving referrals o Added some missing Javadoc o Modified the EntryCursor to throw a CursorLdapReferralException when it receives some referral. o We don't anymore loop for ever in this case (DIRAPI-89)
     new 25b88e3  Removed some sysout
     new fc969df  Bumped up some depedency version
     new 0cf1b97  Bumped up to API-1.0.0-M14 to prepare the release
     new 307cc9b  Fixed a failing test : the syntax was injected more than once with the same name
     new d3a4020  Added the code that allows a user to load and enable a schema using the @nnotations, like in :
     new e6eb77d  Formating
     new a388762  Added the missing ASL 2.0 header
     new bea83e3e [maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.0.0-M9
     new d2b28db  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new bebb446  Fix a trailing comma
     new 35098d8  changed the default port to 10389
     new b3ff5a7  removed a trailing comma
     new 29b675a  Moved the LDAP API dependency to the next snapshot version.
     new 63bebe1  Fixed the way the @LoadSchema annotation is being processed : it should not be associated with the Partition
     new 39fead0  Minor formatting
     new 404da59  Added a test to demonstrate that DIRSERVER-1787 works.
     new bdaa229  Fix for DIRSERVER-1788 (ConfigurationReader fails to correctly read byte[] values)
     new 41f6695  Committed two files that are necessary for a test to run successfully.
     new ee89e88  fixed the log level and a typo in the function name
     new 2e190ac  Deleted the useless server-replication module
     new 46f33d4  Removed the server-replication references in poms
     new 7321a47  Minor refactoring, and Javadoc addition
     new 82a88ff  Formatting
     new 775beed  A few ranmes, plus formating
     new 42eed49  Added some Javadoc
     new b35ae5f  o Added some PROVIDER logs o Fixed a bad import
     new fdedf7b  Removed a ;; at the end of a line
     new d97b0a9  Added a logger
     new 652ca1a  Fixed the connection closing in the perf test
     new 152a445  Switch back to jdbm1
     new 9c44028  Reverted to JDBM1
     new 114d895  Added a transactionManager for every opened BTree
     new 306b3a9  stale replica event log detection and removal
     new cbffa1d  Temporary fix ApacheDS build till JDBM 2.0.0-M2 is released.
     new d8209fa  added more logger levels to make debug logs clutter free
     new a2145bd  Moved to the latest released versions for JDBM and Apache Directory LDAP API.
     new 409aa69  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.0.0-M10
     new 2b597b9  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 7f8d1fa  Moved to the latest SNAPSHOT version of the Apache Directory LDAP API.
     new 81c242e  Added two tests to check that the rootDSE can be accessed by an anonymous user, even if the ACI subsystem is activated
     new d50cfcc  o Added some checks in the LdapNetworkConnection API for async operations so that we don't get NPE
     new 7baa095  Added a test to check that the Dn is correctly returned in all cases.
     new 38b0b8b  o Added a dedicated KERBEROS logger o Added an init() method o Used pre-initialized AT all over the class o Added the missing Javadoc o Simplified the code by using the LDAP API more closely o Used StringBuilder instead of StringBuffer o Made some methods private
     new db7ea76  o decoupled kerberos codec from MINA o added changepassword server implementation with support for rfc 3244 o fixed EncTimeStamp  preauth o sorted the default encryption types based on their strength o removed the ads-kdcprincipal attribute o fixed tests and compiler errors o added a new annotation for change password server
     new d48ad37  fixed the package name
     new 7dd9592  o Added some better toString() methods in many kerberos classes o Added some missing Javadoc o Added a dedicated KERBEROS logger o Removed useless imports
     new 9cbd128  Added the kerberos client to the apacheds code base
     new 102f2c0  removed ignored files
     new e63b473  Used for-each instead of an Iterator
     new e05690d  ignore unknown encryption types after logging a warning
     new 49379e4  changed the default log level to WARN
     new 3078d3f  Removed the concurrency config, it seems that it beaks some tests when the schema is being modified.
     new 8daebbb  Rmoved dead code
     new de678de  Fixed a missing dependency, and removed the version property
     new 04adc87  Added a test to check that the ticket can be granted after a password change
     new 551c278  o Added the AdministrativeROle index o Injected the elements in this index o Fixed some specific issues with the presence index
     new 872f69e  o Added the AdministrativePoint interceptor in the config o Reordered the interceptors
     new 264a595  Fixed a failing test as we have added an index
     new f185410  o Removed a useless entry modification o Added some comments
     new 59ca58e  Improved the test used to check that the indexes are still valid after a reboot
     new 8899911  Removed the 'ads-replPeerCertificate' attribute.
     new 5dcf2b0  Fixed ApacheDS classes after the removal of the 'ads-replPeerCertificate' attribute type.
     new 4098ba3  Ignored the perf test, it makes the modify test failing
     new d292f19  o Fixed the AdministrativePoint cache update o Removed the EntryUUID from the list of system index o Fixed the Presencevaluator.evaluate() method to bypass only the OC, EntryCSN and EntryUUID index (and not the AdminRole index)
     new fc5b1d6  added a configuration parameter for search base
     new 76545dd  Don't add the authenticator if it's disabled, otherwise we get a NPE later.
     new f3b89a0  Declared a variable directoryService to avoid many indirections
     new c0187e6  Another fix for DIRSERVER-1802 : we were creating an array which is too big when we remove a disabled Authenticator, so we end with a null value in the array, which produces a NPE
     new 383e836  o Fixed the setAuthenticators() method to really reset the list of authenticators when setting new ones o Added kerberos logs in StoreUtils o Added a SimpleBind test to check that we can't bind when providing a bad user if the SimpleAuthenticator is not enabled
     new 448165b  Fixed a bad logger. We should just use JdbmIndex.class (Fix for DIRSERVER-1804)
     new 36aaa7b  o Fixed the Logger problem (removed the XXX.class.getSimpleName()) (See DIRSERVER-1804)
     new 595b812  o Added a counte rof commmits done o Only commit after N operation (depending on the previous counter o Synchronizes only after M transactions Those changes improve the server performance additions by x3.5
     new f471d59  o Used the Loggers class instead of declaring a string for logs
     new a678117  Used the Loggers file
     new 6cb57be  Fixed logger class names in the files.
     new 303f7c3  Adding some logs
     new 60ca50e  o Added logs for kerberos o Cleaned some logs
     new 17f4921  o Fix the update of the presence index when deleting a value of an indexed AT (DIRSERVER-1799) o Added a test to check that the presence index is correctly updated
     new 8993ead  Added a test to demonstrate that DIRSERVER-1793 is fixed with trunks
     new 135e9cf  Fixed the MatchingRule as an OctetString syntax does not work well with an caseIgnoreIA5Match...
     new 2a119cb  Small improvement : we pass the AttributeType in the filter, as we have it.
     new 1638b80  Slight modification (declare a variable to avoid accessing the value twice)
     new aefb20a  o Exposed the lockWrite() and unlockWrite() methods in OperationManager o Protected the backend in the syncWorker thred, by using the OperationManager lock, otherwise we may have some concurrent modification in JDBM o Flushed the JDBM journal in the sync() method, otherwise the *.db file remain empty.
     new 35ec794  o Fix the update of the presence index when deleting a value of an indexed AT (DIRSERVER-1799)
     new 9f753c3  o Removed the useless SynchWorker : we now use the JDBM transaction manager instead. o Correctly flush the data on disk periodically o Substring, <=, >= index now return 10 instead of the number of elements in the index. That save us a hell lot of processing when a substring is used in a filter. o Removed a printStackTrace
     new 40abd26  Fix for DIRSERVER-1805  we now use a notify to stop the janitor worker.
     new ee39183  Moved the PasswordPolicy tests to server-integ, as we start a server and connect to it using the network
     new 110ec57  o Removed the (ObjectClass=*) from any filter o Added a EmptyEvaluator and modified the evaluator, optimizer and searchengine to take care of this modification o The scope is always added after the other node in the filter
     new 454d03d  Bumped up some dependency versions. Added the mavibot module (commented). Added the Kerberos-client module
     new bf0a60b  Updated the file to rever to the latest version
     new 0a1c2f5  Bumped up the ldap-api version
     new 9a40245  Added some missing licences and @author tags
     new 9e224c3  Added the missing AL2 license
     new 4466a62  Revert back to M11-SNAPSHOT
     new e147f04  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.0.0-M11
     new e389cb0  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 33af3a4  Created a branch to play on Value
     new a81c956  Refers to shared SNAPSHOT
     new 0e59816  Moved to the latest SNAPSHOT version.
     new fb2051f  Ignored a failing test case.
     new 249ac5c  Removed useless default constant (the associated field was removed a few days ago).
     new 8820015  Fixed the way we select the Encryptiontype : we are now selecting the strongest algorithm
     new 44ead75  Fix for DIRSERVER-1812 (The default admin account should never get locked forever)
     new 32a8607  We don't have to serialize the RDN into the entry. Remove dthis useless serialization.
     new b2979db  Revert my mast modification, the RDN must be present in the entry.
     new 045b410  o The Alias index now contains DN instead of a String o Added a DnSerializer and comparator to manage the Alias index o Unconditionally replace the Entry's DN when we pull the entry from the Master table (it was containing the RDN before) o Exposed the SchemaManager in the EvaluatorBuilder class
     new 126d3b8  o Fixed a NPE in the SASL PLAIN authentication o Fixed the SASL PLAIN authent test
     new 82fa4e8  Added the support for SASL PLAIN bind
     new d02b74d  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new defa061  load the ppolicy attributes irrespective of the state of ppolicy configuration this should let an admin unlock users even if ppolicy is disabled (DIRSERVER-1812)
     new 1777715  The package has changed for the SASL mech handlers
     new 55b92a2  One more SASL callBackHander with the wrong package...
     new fd2efc7  The connection are set with no time limit, for debug purpose
     new 5dfde0f  removed EhCache warnings
     new 58b4b17  Bumped up the ldap-api revision to 1.0.0-RC1
     new d355715  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.0.0-RC1
     new 1226a93  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 086d15a  Organized imports.
     new 3fa822b  reverted to M11-SNAPSHOT as the release has been cancelled
     new a0d0005  Removed an empty package
     new 41c6130  Removed an empty package
     new 9c40ab1  Removed an empty package
     new e3d2297  Added two tests
     new fc08a15  o Added a test to check that when we have reach a number of failed attempt, the password is locked, and that it get unlocked after a delay.
     new aaa8917  o Fixed a bug (DIRSERVER-1826) when the pwdFailureCountInterval was set : the modified pwdFailureTime was modified, but not injected into the backend. o Added a test for pwdFailureCountInterval o Closed all the admin and user connection in the PP tests
     new 9192477  Removed a commented @Ignore
     new b4ce512  Added an ignored test for the pwdMin/MaxDelay
     new ccb6b35  Added a test for a PDU
     new 593d40b  Changed the version to 2.0.0-M12-SNAPSHOT
     new 82b0e96  o Added some helper functions, some refactoring
     new ec5a867  Added an enum for the CheckQuality password
     new 632ce4d  new kerberos client that uses new kerberos codec and does not depend on MINA for network communication This code was initially developed at, now it is donated to community by granting full copyright to ApacheDS project
     new d13ef60  added new kerberos client module
     new cb99ab5  o Fixed a NPE if the pwdGraceAuthNLimit is set to 0 with an expired pwdAge o Added some more protections against NPE in PP code o Added some tests for PP o Renamed a class (type) o Renamed two methods (typoes too, I guess)
     new 68119bf  Added a test to demonstrate the pwdAllowUserChange parameter
     new 7a1dd8b  Added a test for the pwdMaxIdle parameter
     new 6a05d04  Added a test for the pwdExpireWarning
     new 2b74bd1  o altered UDP transport handling to work on localhost o fixed the wrong UDP response buffer size o added a test for UDP connection
     new a286ee6  Fixed some failures due to the duplication of entries
     new 9310977  o Fixed the parsing of PrincipalName : the realm is not anymore part of the PrincipalName. o Fixed the tests accordingly
     new c15f69e  o turned off preauth flag by default o modified getTgt() to try two times while getting a TGT o getTgt() now gets the etypes from the KrbError received from the server o made the use of useUdp flag consistent o added utility methods to parse EtypeInfo and EtypeInfo2 structures
     new ed38f32  updated svn ignore list
     new e90739b  set the principal name without realm component
     new 6a5baf0  avoid creating KerberosPrincipal for creating a PrincipalName
     new 88e769f  applied patch provided by Steve Moyer with minor modifications (DIRKRB-91)
     new 77ff6c6  applied the patch from Steve Moyer (DIRKRB-92)
     new 72e8822  removed unused imports
     new da60410  o Added the PwdModify extended operation in the base configuration o Many fixes in the codec
     new 3808794  Committed to avoid compilation failures. It does not work yet but won't harm
     new 80f5a6c  Added some utility methods to bind anonymously in tests
     new 377b389  o Fixed the isAnonymous() method in coreSession
     new fbbdd63  Don't null out the credentials when the session is anonymous, as it may be a pwdModify operation
     new 6848d46  check for null reference before closing
     new 927be17  o added ChangePasswordResult class for holding the return value and message text sent by the changepassword server o modified changePassword() method to return a result
     new 3fd8dfe  fixed the wrong mask (the max allowed code value is 0xFFFF)
     new 811741b  no need to flip if the buffer was wrapped
     new d0308ed  Added a test for the pwdModify extended request
     new 6ff43bc  o Transfered the allowAnonymousAccess flag from the LdapServer to the DirectoryService in the server annotation processor o Fixed tests that were expecting the server to be anonymous o Added helper methods in LdapApiIntegrationUtils to bind anonymously o Added a set of tests for anonymous searches (DIRAPI-80)
     new 06d9d60  No need to bind : if the server does not allow anonymous access, the tests will fail otherwise
     new 89fde6a  Made the DirctoryService reject anonymous operation by default
     new 28a7651  Removed an empty package
     new 0f0bd230 fixed the changepassword payload issue. Now we send different payload based on the protocol version specified
     new e928513  added missing optional transitions from timestamp field
     new b77c204  set the same search base on changepassword server
     new 6f42ed4  set the realm value
     new 002abac  added a new logger
     new 963bac8  o moved the KDC configuration to a dedicated class and updated KdcConnection to use it and fixed tests o enabled the changepassword test
     new 05aa686  Get back the adminSession directly from the DS
     new 6576b9c  o Modified the way we initialize the Anonymous session in the DefaultCoreSession constructor to avoid creating a new LdapPrincipal everytime o The isAnonymous() methods work slightly differently o Don't erase the credentials when we do a bind as admin with another DN : this is a password reset o Added two tests for the pwdModify extended request o Added some missing Javadoc
     new eb9206a  o Remove the bind() method from the Normalization interceptor o Normalize the BindContext DN before injecting in into the OperationManager in the coreContextFactory, LdapCoreSessionConnection and getSession() methods in DirectoryService
     new 41b34f5  o make replication pinger thread's sleep time to be configurable (DIRSERVER-1831) o allow cipher suites to be configurable (DIRSERVER-1584)
     new 22d839a  allow cipher suites to be configurable (DIRSERVER-1584)
     new aeea603  Added the management of some other pwdModify use cases
     new 7dc60ef  Added some tests for pwdModify
     new c781750  Fix for DIRSERVER-1814
     new 803e2f9  Added the pwdModify extended operation configuration
     new b432abf  added pwdSafeModify extended operation factory to the list of extended operation handlers to be loaded
     new d889da6  Added a removePasswordPolicies(...) method.
     new c57949d  o Added a check when a connection is pulled from the pool of connections. If the connection is not anymore valid, we will create a new connection. o Added a test for the connection pool
     new 931daf6  Switched to LDAP API M17 in order to release
     new a821fe0  Added the PwdModify extended operation in the launcher
     new d3cc037  Removed the propertiy that break the release
     new a643f35  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.0.0-M12
     new 8254b36  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 6234643  Don't inject the interceptor in the list of selected interceptors for an operation if it's name is already in the list. This solve a issue when we add an interceptor which extends an existing one (otherwise the operation would be executed twice)
     new 4981f54  Added some comments to clarify the code
     new 790d35a  replaced old kerberos client with the new client code
     new d84aff5  Fixed a bad constant for replication log (See DIRSERVER-1840)
     new bd54563  o Get the pwdAttribute from the passwordPolicy configuration
     new 9ac38e7  Added some Javadoc
     new 5754e78  Added utility methods related to the "cipher suites" field.
     new 29c9266  Applied patch for DIRSERVER-1730
     new bb729e4  o Fixed the testModDn test by waiting for the consumer thread to be initialized before accepting incoming requests o Initialized the handlers, partitions and replication before opening the server
     new 7f54484  o Added a logger for operation time o Added a dedicated logger for codec o Fixed the dedicated loggers o Fixed some files o Added the dump of encoded requests in codec, using the CODEC_LOG dedicated logger
     new c7808fc  Fixed the file
     new 33b9d41  Referenced the SNAPSHOT for API
     new 3f9acad  fixed the typo in DS name
     new 133a2f4  o The LDAP principal now stores all the user passwords (we may have moe than one) o Fixed some logs o We now check all the userPasswords when processing a simple authentication o Added a test to see if we can bind using 2 different passwords for a given user
     new daf6991  mavibot based partition implementation
     new 5340d4e  added level names to the output statements
     new 0cab075  o Added svn:ignore property o Removed a useless import
     new 0354fba  o Added the SSL parameter and the BaseDN in the DelegatingAuthentcator o Made the test passes for delegatedAuthentication (without SSL atm)
     new 5a84ae9  Made the delegated authentication working for SSL and TLS (default to NoVerificationTrustManager atm)
     new 3098e73  Fixed a broken test : we were having an infinite loop in delegation...
     new 3cbf4f4  No need to add a TM when we don't do SSL/TLS
     new f9de755  Turn the delegateTls flag to false by default
     new e85b1bd  Made the interceptor register method update the list of authenticators
     new c5669ec  o Removed useless imports o Replace deprecated declarations by some that aren't
     new 4fc1798  Changed the thrown exception when we try to delete an entry which has some children
     new bb815d0  o Removed the authenticator cache invalidation for a compare operation o Improved the cache for modification (we only invalidate it when the userPassword is being modified)
     new 4d5c828  Forgot to commit the baseInterceptor
     new 7203d7d  Fixed failing tests on kerberos and sasl. This is due to the way Java resolves localhost.
     new 9230775  o Removed classes that are never used o Fixed many warnings
     new a288514  Deleted unused and empty classes
     new 04424e5  Close the right cursor
     new 38f0bf9  Added test to demonstrate DIRAPI-140
     new 01a371b  Changed the way we close the connection, we don't share it anymore
     new 0dbdb26  Made the test working by correctly trying to read all the results.
     new 9fd1a3f  Fix for DIRAPI-140 : We don't close the cursor in the AbandondListener, we now do that when the session has been canceled, in the writeRequests() method
     new bac03fa  Speed up the test, by moving some operations out of the @Before method, so that they are executed only once for all the tests
     new 1ea31b8  Another attempt to fix the GSSAPI bind tests on all platforms.
     new b3e7cb3  Speed up the SearchAuthz tests
     new 613c03c  Some cleanup, a bit more speedup
     new 1a106ad  Minor formatting
     new 87fdc2e  o The connect() and various bind() method don't throw an IoException anymore
     new e9d6864  Bumped up some dependencies
     new 3803d84  o Injected the IoSession into the CoreSession, when we do have an IoSession o Implemented the CoreSession.getClientAddress()/getServcieAddress() methods.
     new 133aaca  Fix another failing Kerberos test. Make code that fixes service principal reusable.
     new 9c1e771  Fixed sonar warnings
     new ab29929  o Fixed a potential synchronization issue on the DirectoryServcice o Closed a stream that remained opened o Remove unused fields in some classes o Simplified some if() code o Removed a method that was looping
     new d181904  Fixed a potential bug in MODDN operation : there were a missing 'break'
     new a4a83e8  Simplified the code
     new d631b68  Various Sonar warnings removal
     new d21e472  Basic formatting
     new 16ec866  Move some protected members to private, added the accessors.
     new d501e18  Added a reference to some copyrighted software from (Avl code)
     new 985ea9e  Fixed many sonar warnings
     new fa16d67  o Fixed many potential NPE detected by Sonar o Fixed a bad list access on CursorList o Initializing a default CacheService if none is given at startup
     new c5c88d5  Speedup the core-integ searchIT tests
     new d949fa9  Slight speedup : we don't anymore inject 1000 new entries for teh AbandonTest
     new dd10364  Removed some System.out.printlen in tests
     new 07e0a81  Commented some System.out
     new 2225196  Commented some System.out.println
     new 939fa9b  Switched back to project revision 29 instead of 30-SNAPSHOT
     new 283590c  Added some synchronization between the thread that initialize the replica store and the init method. We should now not be able to sstore any modification before the store is ready (which may fix the DIRSERVER-1810 issue, hopefully)
     new 57ecc53  Added some (temporary) logs into the CollectiveAttribute interceptor, in order to understand why we have some random failures (see DIRSERVER-1845)
     new 32168a7  I have ignored the test_DIRAPI140 as it takes 180 seconds.
     new 9e379b9  o replicate createTimestamp and creatorsName attributes o cleaned up connectionClosed()
     new 228ecc6  Added a name="apacheds" in the ehcache config file, so that we don't have issues with applications using ehcache and embedding ApacheDS
     new 052ee6f  o reverted the attributes removed in commit 1486738 , they will never be modified o fixed the disconnect() method to try to store cookie always at the end
     new 95c4b37  log the attribute name
     new 27a9acb  Fixed a typo
     new 89b9730  fixed some compiler errors due to upstream changes
     new 433d248  turned off logging by default
     new c5fca1c  o added a flag to start TLS layer o connection now starts TLS in connect() method o changed the test to use this new flag
     new 6b2ead4  Used the more appropriate getAlgorithm() method.
     new 19c947e  o Removed the printStackTrace o Removed the double cause init, which hides the original error
     new f382f39  Removed some System.out.println
     new 49e981a  reverted the changes to allow debug logs from collective attribute interceptor
     new e3b467a  Removed the extra logs for CollectveAttributes : I have got what I wanted
     new b998a5e  Fixed the index updated when doing a modify with a replace when we have indexed attributes (cf DIRSERVER-1854)
     new a644022  Added various tests to check that the index are consistent after a Modify operation (DIRSERVER-1854)
     new 6549c9c  Fixed some typo in Javadoc
     new c7d3dc4  o allow custom password validator implementations (DIRSERVER-1858) o added a new attribute in config schema to inject the FQCN of the custom password validator
     new c2a9f61  Added a test to demonstrate that we have an issue when doing some concurrent adds and searches, when the sync() kicks in. The test is ignored atm, when ran, it fails after 15 seconds. See DIRSERVER-1862
     new 5c3accc  o Exposed the OperationManager RW lock so that we can use it when processing a Search cursor, to avoid breaking the backend when running a search while modifying some entries (fix for DIRSERVER-1862)
     new b51d582  Commented the mavibot partition module
     new 3b1a22d  commented the mavibot dependencies
     new 4e76ba4  Update the dependence to project 30
     new fe692af  Remove dsome useless file and package
     new cee91a0  Added the AL.2.0 header
     new 3f1c971  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.0.0-M13
     new 237c50d  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 2e2e637  Indicating that the 'ads-pwdValidator' attribute is optional.
     new 3523167  moved back to the previous M13-SNAPSHOT in the poms
     new 166eb18  Applied the fix that make the config to work
     new 0b981b2  Commented the checkstyle and pmd plugins
     new 10188b2  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.0.0-M13
     new 4af7b3b  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new d51e183  Update copyright year
     new cc29c97  Moved to the latest snapshot version of the Apache Directory LDAP API.
     new f3acb65  Keep the stackTrace in the message when the errorCode is OTHER
     new c4b99fd  Fixed some potential NPE
     new 55ee2d1  Simple refactoring of imports
     new f4c5d5a  Adding tests to check that we can insert null values in Attributes that accept such addition
     new 2c2c36e  Added a test to check that we can't add an attribute with a null value when the syntax does not allow it
     new 15a095d  bumped up the version
     new 144fc7c  Moved the latest SNAPSHOT version of the project pom.
     new 3967ce5  Fixed the modification of null values when doing a modification
     new eee020f  Modified the test that check we can modify an existing entry by adding some attributes with null values
     new 0a652b8  Added a test to check that we can replace an attributeType either with a null value or with no value (in this case, the attribute will be removed)
     new ffa1944  Bumped up shared to M19 and project to 31
     new 7b3aac5  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.0.0-M14
     new a23c8d5  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 3773cfa  Updated the pom to point to the API M20 SNAPSHOT
     new 2a92af4  o replaced the mavibot comparator with serialized comparator o updated the version number
     new e6a2ef7  no need for a lookup as the updated entry is already available in the operation context after a successful modification
     new 0672980  updated cursor implementations after removing IOException from throws clause
     new fecb248  Removed useless imports
     new acea4ca  Removed useless imports
     new 5b07674  Removed useless imports
     new 427e9d5  Removed useless imports
     new 2b838fc  Removed useless imports
     new 3f3a915  Fixed an error message
     new 016451e  Split a call to a method to ease the debugging
     new feb8724  provide access to remote connection info when an operation performed anonymously (DIRSERVER-1489)
     new e3b927c  Added the missing JournalInterceptor in the configuration. Fixe for DIRSERVER-1872
     new 59f8814  Fixed a typo.
     new 00fcf1d  Removed some useless casts
     new 49140aa  Removed the IOExcepton
     new 383d424  consider the scope before evaluating the filter (DIRSERVER-1874)
     new b65f03d  filter the attributes before returning an entry (DIRSERVER-1875)
     new 885f1f6  The search should return an entry which DN is the one given by the requester
     new 4bbade3  Always replace the Entry's DN when the search is a OBJECT scope, and the user has provided a DN
     new 40eb8d8  clone the entry before filtering to avoid concurrent modification error (DIRSERVER-1875)
     new ccd117b  added a file appender
     new 8eeb75f  no need to call btree.flush(), it has no effect in managed mode
     new 3bd0afb  disable duplicate support for entryCSN and entryUUID indices
     new 64dd17c  Fix for DIRSERVER-1871 (Logging Not Working in M14). And an improvement to the Mac OS X installer.
     new 91dab22  o The Index/Table/Store count() and related method now returns long o
     new e75a816  Increase the number of addition to have better results
     new fa5561b  print the scope along with the numbers
     new 854190a  Fix for DIRSERVER-1876
     new 6ebb64d  Added a new constructor with diagnostic message. Used that new constructor in the handler to report better information to the user in the case something went wrong.
     new c5522b8  Removed the MultiThreadMultiInvoker from the tests
     new ad49cc0  Added a perf test where we add 10 000 users before doing a search
     new 866f79f  Added a perf test where we add 10 000 users before doing a search
     new b8a73bc  o The get(key), cursor() and count() methodsnow avoiding doing a call to haskey()
     new fa11993  Part of a fix for DIRAPI-151 (Result codes from extended operations are lost).
     new 05cce4e  Start the replication consumers thread after the configuration has been read, otherwise we may have a null configuration.
     new f23bb5c  Added a 500ms delay in the testModDn test to make it working with Mavibot
     new 2dfd62f  o Construct the set of candidates for the equality ExprNode, to avoid fetching it again in the build() method
     new ea7caed  Limit the number of gathered candidates to 100 to avoid the construction of a huge set of candidates (for instance if the filter is something like ObjectClass=person with 1 million entries)
     new 91febaf  Small improvement
     new 647ca39  Made the valueCursor() method to get the values directly, without testing about their existence, to spare a search in the underlying database.
     new d367d61  updated the references to mavibot structures after moving mavibot to directory project
     new dbe5e06  o partition factory for mavibot backend o enabled mavibot partition (now mavibot snapshots are available in maven repo)
     new fc80583  Reset candidates annotation for the case that the filter is reused during a RootDSE based search.
     new a131e81  Fix for DIRSERVER-1880 (ApacheDS failed to start on boot).
     new 08b785b  Fix for DIRSERVER-1882
     new df8f2b5  o Fixed the pwdModify tests o Generated a UNWILLING_TO_PERFORM error when we try to generate a new password on the server
     new 7e8142b  Upadated LDAP API dependency to the latest trunk version.
     new 8083257  Hack to set the NormalizingComparator server flag to true at startup
     new 9d0d967  Fixed some generic warnings
     new 438217b  Pointed to stable version of the APi and Mavibot
     new 6bd00e4  Fixed the artifactId for mavibot
     new 44c5b21  [maven-release-plugin] rollback the release of 2.0.0-M15
     new 5a4c397  Fixed the artifactId for mavibot
     new fd10e2d  [maven-release-plugin] rollback the release of 2.0.0-M15
     new 4e83f97  Fixed the artifactId for mavibot
     new 9a63f94  Fixed the mavibot artifactId for core-annotations
     new e303b69  Fix for DIRSERVER-1883
     new 33e3444  Added tests to check that DIRSERVER-1883 works
     new 58dceab  fixed the previous method (see DIRSERVER-1883)
     new b59f7c6  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.0.0-M15
     new 1ec8088  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 51d37d0  Use next api and mavibot snapshot versions. Manage mavibot dependencies in parent pom.
     new d9c6a46  removed RecordManager from constructor paramters
     new 5fc6661  o configuration beans for mavibot partition o initialize mavbot partition from the configuration (DIRSERVER-1886)
     new a786727  Leverage the cacheSize in the MasterTable, instead of using a hardcoded value of 500
     new 6a86c55  Make the cache configurable, instead of using a default configuration
     new 2adf20a  o Avoided a clone of the rootDSE when we need to get back a single value from it o Added a method in the PartitionNexus interface to grab a single value from the rootDSE o Improved control that a searchRequest is done on the subscheaSubentry, by avoiding the parsing of the associated DN for every request
     new fb86f5a  o Leveraging the new getRootDseValue() method in some interceptors o Cleanup in some intecreptors (removal of duplicate AT declarations, removal of useless Dn.apply(schemaManager))
     new 3449846  Testa failing test due to a modification in the Attribute.toString() method
     new 4167854  o Added a shallowClone() method in the Entry interface, implemented it n the various classes o Augmented the cache in JDBM search perf tests o Closed the ByteArrayOutputStream in MavibotParentIdAndRdnSerializer o Changed the default cacheSize for the RDN index in the config o Added the registering of AttributeType in the LdapNetworkConnection.addSchema() method, as it was missing (DIRAPI-156) o Storing the attributeType as a byte[] in the AddAttributeTyp.action() method
     new 2972875  updated after fixing MAVIBOT-8
     new 3c77c70  o start consumers after starting the network, and o do not wait for the consumers to start (DIRSERVER-1894)
     new 31be6bc  Fixed the format
     new 3775067  removed the use of the ClonedServerEntrySearch class
     new c273a8a  Removed the ClonedServerEntrySearch class, it's not used anymore
     new e1b8d0c  o Added a reference to the dnFactory in the BaseInterceptor o Used this reference in all the interceptors o Removed a few commented code
     new 3b31bbc  o Added core-shared to core-annotations, jdbm-partition, ldif-partition, mavibot-partition, server-config, server-integ, xdbm-partition o Added commons-io to core-api
     new e84dd28  o Made the DnFactory available in AbstractBTreePartition o The CacheService can be configured with no provided layout o The Partition constructor now takes the DnFactory as a parameter o Fixed the tests accordingly o Minor refactoring (mainly tabs removal)
     new 500d38b  o Added a setDnFactory() method in the DirectoryService interface, as we need to inject the DnFactory into the DS o The DnFactory instance is nullified when the DS is shutdown so we can restart it with a brand new DnFactory
     new 5634b59  Merged two methods into one
     new 587d784  No need to set the DirectoryService into the LdapServer, it's already done by the serviceBuilder
     new 5aaa57a  Made a field private
     new 2cc016a  Applied patch from DIRSERVER-1889
     new 366b675  Added a constructor with no DnFactory parameter.
     new 34252e4  Fixed sysout.
     new 2a1afc4  Added missing method to clear the list of partitions.
     new f66f19e  Removed useless generic types.
     new 92727c9  replace the plain text password with the hashed password (DIRSERVER-1900)
     new 1474915  support for PKCS5S2 hashing mechanism (DIRSERVER-1898)
     new 13da1be  tests for all the password hashing interceptors
     new d09f597  do not remove the attribute instead add or just replace the value of the existing entryDN attribute (see DIRSERVER-1902)
     new edb30ee  o do not add entryDN attribute to the original entry (DIRSERVER-1902) o filter entryDN attribute from cloned entry o fixed a failing test that is trying to compare entryDN attributes
     new 737f6bd  edited javadoc
     new 9fe6015  o Using the managed Mavibot BTree
     new 5109b16  use '/' instead of '\' (DIRSERVER-1905)
     new 4f1c4e6  added missing getType() method
     new 41f4d84  Fix for DIRSERVER-1906
     new 42a306d  Fixed a failing test due to the path applied on AbstractBTreePartition last week
     new 8c1e5f9  treat the filter "(objectClass=top)" in the same way as "(objectClass=*)"
     new 69fa46a  Applied the fixes needed to build the code with the changes made in Mavibot. Note : we still have issues in some serialization (ParentAndRdn)
     new 5013369  No need to create a new DefaultEntry when the addEntry is already schema aware. This save a lot not doing so.
     new 0ec8702  Applied a patch for DIRSERVER-1909
     new 5c50887  o The DnSerializer was not returning the right type, leading to the impossibility to allocate an array of RDN values o Removed the size which was stored before the serialized entry o Totally refactored the MavibotParentIdAndRdnSerializer class to use the new RDN/AVA/StringValue serializer (major speedup) o Don't decrement the counter on MavibotTable when we remove a value, do it only when we remove a key o Many fixes in tests
     new 7461584  o Removed the third parameter of the Index interface. o Reflected the change o, the JDBM/AVL/Mavibot idexes
     new 2b7deb8  Fixed the failures in the mavibot partition, now that we have a new version of mavibot
     new a30ff39  o Removed the forwardGreaterOrEq, forwardLessOrEq, reverseGreaterOrEq, and reverseLessOrEq methods, they are useless and never used anyway.
     new d73aaa3  Passes the cache size down to the Mavibot BTree
     new 159590a  o Injected the CacheService into the partitions created by annotation o Injected the real cache size set by annotation into mavibot partitions (the default value of 500 was used instead) o Added an Alias cache in all partitions o Used this alias cache in SubtreeScopeEvaluator and DefaultSearchEngine
     new f463b38  Reverted some changes with the alias cache, it's breaking some tests
     new a5b09c2  Fixed a deletion issue : when we were trying to remove an element from a MavibotTable, if it was a table not allowing duplicate values, the deletion was not done, due to an exception being generated and swallowed.
     new 8bf3240  Removed a useless fetch, used for debug purpose during deletion.
     new 534db6a  added mavibot logger
     new 010873a  updated to version M3 of mavibot
     new 4b0160e  set the size limit (DIRSERVER-1914)
     new abc6720  test for DIRSERVER-1908
     new 0708ab2  allow setting a SchemaManager (DIRAPI-159)
     new 21b5451  o Reflected the changes made in Mavibot
     new e6e29e7  Use new SchemaObjectRenderer
     new f34f07e  minor changes for extendability (DIRSERVER-1920)
     new 1ffef0a  Use SchemaObjectRenderer
     new 33cf838  o fixed a NPE when an expression node contains zero count (DIRSERVER-1922) o added a test to verify the fix
     new 6f9e09c  o Fixed some wrong cursor move to nextKey() instead of next() o Don't close the recordManager while closing the MavibotMasterTable o Insert the value even if it already exists into the btree because the value might exist but it might be different even if it's seen as equal.
     new e2f061e  Added a test to check that we correctly handle the Dn MR
     new 85d2dbf  o No need to drop the parentID from the RdnIndex when updating it, it's already done by the insert operation. This is a net gain in the server peformance (around 10%)
     new da2c836  Minor formating
     new 0604fa6  Minor formatting
     new 641e8b6  Added a alias cache to speed up searches
     new 1fbc7c1  Added a alias cache to speed up searches
     new d416d96  Improved the testSearchCore100kUsers test
     new 13f4426  o Set the correct size for the entryCache and aliasCache o Added a ParentIdAndRdn cache o Added a test in SearchIT
     new 10c00a8  o Initialize the alias and ParentIdAndRdn caches in the AbstractBTreePartition class o Fixed NPE when those caches are not existing o Updated the alias cache when some aliases are added/removed o A small improvement in the dropMovedAliasIndices method = don't do two reverseLookup o Used the alias cache in the SubtreeScopeEvaluator and the DefaultSearchEngine
     new b92b300  o Don't update the alias cache in DefaultSearchEngine
     new 78e3b2c  intiial commit related to bulk loading data into a mavibot partition
     new 47bb948  Small speedup : don't do a revertLookup if the alias cache returns null
     new 9f6ac9a  Use SchemaObjectRenderer
     new e3db941  Removed a useless reference to Mavibot
     new 2359307  allow access to Entry object for more control in custom validators (DIRSERVER-1926)
     new c9c66b1  o fixed the missing 'requestID' attribute of BatchResponse o updated test (DIRAPI-160)
     new 2ef1832  Added the RUN_AS_GROUP variable, so that the user can define a different group when installing apacheDS (cf DIRSERVER-1911)
     new 0617197  Modified the MavibotTable to reflect the recent changes in Mavibot (BTree renaming and package shuffling)
     new 994b070  As some packages have changed in Mavibot, modified the imports accordingly
     new 46c0034  As some packages have changed in Mavibot, modified the imports accordingly
     new 938e356  Bumped up the Mavibot version in use
     new a79e4bf  Use the Attribute ID instead of the UpId
     new 1393cff  applied patch from Lucas Theisen for DIRSERVER-1932 with slight modifications
     new a30c261  o included ppolicy response control in the pwdmodify extended operation's respone (DIRSERVER-1935) o added the test case(with some modifications) provided by Lukas Theisen
     new b21dac7  no need for ou=system context entry, this will be created by default while creating the partition (otoh, due to the presence of this entry server fails to restart)
     new aecf64d  Reflected the package changes done in Mavibot
     new dd0bd27  Use the BTreeFactory instead of the removed PersistedBTreeFactory
     new 4142c07  o Fixed a wrong count when adding an element in a btree which does not allow duplicate values o Fixed a test which was expecting the index to allow duplicate values, when it was not the case o The MavibotDnIndex forward index was not allowing duplicate Values wrongly
     new 06e8354  changed the CoreSession interface to return Cursor instead of EntryFilteringCursor from search() method
     new 38cdce1  added support for sorting entries based on the sort  request control (DIRSERVER-264)
     new 5f9459a  Stop swallowing the exception
     new d46c607  set the default cache size to 10k
     new 33c3e76  added sort control factories
     new 889b970  added sort control factories
     new a42313f  no need to use decorator instance (this is to prevent users following a wrong example)
     new e66aa59  retain replica event logs active forever by default
     new 0c79ef3  o Removed some unused imports
     new 3a6a8b6  o Removed some unused imports
     new 3ae8098  modified list() method to return a Cursor instead of EntryFilteringCursor
     new 22c909e  add response controls
     new 7c6f71a  merged loggers and modified some log statements for better understanding
     new 09a88b8  updated to use the latest snapshot version
     new 84fe9d6  o improved the deleteRecursive() method by using sort control instead of recursive searching o added a flag to detect the full reload condition (eSyncRefreshRequired) o fixed an issue in syncrepl event listener where moddn operation is sending modified entry while sending a delete event o fixed delete operation in the consumer to detect 'delete' replication events
     new ea4a8e2  o added DnFactory to the mock service o updated test to set a DnFactory instance
     new d39ed44  sort only when more than one element is present
     new 2994720  added mavibot logger
     new 1564c33  added a new test to verify when an entry moves out of replication branch scope
     new 89146c0  o do not apply schema manager, in this cache all DNs will be schema aware o replaced a sysout with logger
     new c8548a5  o added a cache for holding <entryUUID, Dn> pairs o fixed an issue with the wrong ancestor Dn calculation, updated tests
     new 00863ed  use the subKey that was used in ApReq to decrypt the KrbPriv part present in the reply (DIRKRB-97)
     new 8d6d18d  log cleanup
     new 22837b8  DIRSERVER-1928: PasswordPolicy should be ignored from Admin session
     new 272d16c  DIRSERVER-1948: NPE in AuthenticationInterceptor when password policy is in place and user does not have a pwdChangedTime
     new 1f46915  DIRAPI-167: Make LdapConnection extend
     new 067c737  preverve 'entryDn' attribute if requested DIRSERVER-1953
     new 559a5b3  fixed warnings
     new 5f77a87  DIRSERVER-1950: Unsafe cast to int in getPwdTimeBeforeExpiry calculation of AuthenticationInterceptor
     new ee3c616  load stock control and extended operation factories by default
     new e07ef5b  asserts for testing DIRAPI-173
     new 7ea9ca7  added logger for schema subsystem
     new 3005ede  more loggers
     new 9b36846  no need for system properties, the StandaloneLdapApiService loads the stock controls and extendedoperations by default
     new 5834501  o updated to add contextCsn to each partition instead of maintaining one global value for all partitions o fixed the wrong partition sync() order in DefaultDirectoryService o moved the cache initialization block in JdbmPartition before checking the context entry o piggy backed on few tests to verify the context entry
     new 6627ec4  no need to load the FrameWorkRunner anymore, the controls are loaded by default
     new ea5b4c5  o updated the handler to reuse the methods by passing the appropriate session handle o used CoreSession to perform the operation (this is needed to replicate the changes) o fixed an issue where password cannot be changed if the old password is hashed o added a test
     new 0f9ab47  check for password attribute in all modifications
     new 6b90d37  check if the password was hashed after modification
     new 8ff3e5f  o added default binary attribute detector instead of the one based on schema manager (DIRSERVER-1959) o removed a unit test invalidated by the above change o updated a test to check the replication of binary attributes o set the schema manager in consumer's connection o update LDAP message container to access the internal binary attribute detector
     new db44e03  added a test for DIRSERVER-1873
     new 8ffdca3  test for DIRSERVER-1961
     new dc7cdaf  Fix for DIRSERVER-1961 : - the transformation of an EmptyEvaluator into a BaseLevelScopeEvaluator is not anymore done - the removeObjectClass() method has been fixed to not keep a more selective node than necessary.
     new 8072907  some more tests for DIRSERVER-1961
     new 27a5ba1  Removed some commented code
     new 0f62310  removed single quotes around a non-null binary value (DIRAPI-171)
     new e555782  o fixed a typo in a log statement o formatted code block for better readability
     new fb0c89e  o fixed the wrong etype used while decrypting the TGT (DIRKRB-101) o initialized encryptionTypes in the config
     new d832065  disabled RC4 encryption type by default till DIRKRB-100 gets resolved
     new 8f026f5  avoid copying the buffer
     new e162223  o included message into exception instance before throwing o removed duplicate loggers
     new 9192c1d  Used non snapshot version for API and Mavibot dependencies
     new 05f9a7d  Added some missing ASF headersé
     new 0b710a7  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.0.0-M16
     new bb666e0  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new f7915af  use the kerberos logger
     new 22cf9c6  do not activate disabled replication consumers (DIRSERVER-1962)
     new 2d5bf06  o ignore contextCSN while modifying entries (DIRSERVER-1963) o removed an unused import
     new 0519605  Rollbacked the release to M16-SNAPSHOT
     new 715d90e  Fixed a potential error related to the local setting of /etc/hosts
     new 4bd0204  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.0.0-M16
     new 06ce3b1  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new c9b5f90  Bumped up the project to M17
     new 8093f48  Bumped up the revisions to api M22 and mavibot M5
     new d98193f  Added an unbind in one test
     new ba4bc7f  Added missing generic and other casts
     new 74faa48  Partially fixed DIRSERVER-1929 modifying the regexp. A better solution would be to rewrite the parser.
     new 3e83885  Used the interface for the PwdModifyRequest instead of the implementation.
     new 6f943f1  Used the static serializers instead of creating a new instance everytime
     new f588b24  Fixed a comment typo
     new ee439ca  o Used the interface instead of direct references to classes for controls/extOps o The ControlFactory interface now only take one generic parameter o We don't return anymore a decorator when creating a new codec control, but a CodecControl instance o Moved the controls into sub-packages o Renamed the SortRequestControl and SortResponseControl to SortRequest and SortResponse
     new b5591f8  o Removed some useless generics in the Requests and Responses o Removed the TYPE and RESP_TYPE from teh message classes : we don't need them.
     new 9f5eb30  o Removed the AbstractAsn1Object class o Renamed the CertGenerationObject class to CertGeneration
     new b132b46  o Removed the useless PasswordModifyRequest/Response classes o Renamed the PwdModifyRequest/Response classes
     new 041cb96  Removed some bad javadoc
     new 7fb417a  Updated the date to 2014 in Notices
     new 0af3c4b  o Added the support for the WhoAmI extended operation in the server o Removed a useless method in PwdModifyHandler and BindRequestHandler
     new 6db2002  Renamed the KeyTupleArrayCursor to KeyTupleValueCursor to avoid a name collision with the xdbm project
     new 45e41aa  Renamed the BaseEntryFilteringCursor to EntryFilteringCursorImpl
     new 10839a0  Fixed for DIRAPI-188. The TLV.getNbBytes is now used when it shoul.
     new 76b4c12  Use a static instance of a String serializer
     new 74cf1f4  Removed a sleep
     new c023bda  Replaced a call to the BerValue.getNbBytes method by a call to the correct TLV.getNbBytes method
     new cad8a14  Made the Entry API fluent (DIRAPI-187)
     new 8bca7a3  Make teh server know about the newly added StartTLS operation
     new 6d8ca35  Added the AdDirSync contro to the launcher
     new a80507f  Removed the AdDirSyncResponse control
     new 7463f89  o Added support for Referral ignore in the API o Added some enum to support the referrals Following soon
     new 9d396e3  Removed a warning (closing a connection)
     new 60cc39a  Removed warnings
     new 56275e7  Closing connections
     new d901f82  Removed some warnings
     new 0e3e224  Removed some warnings
     new de4a0dd  allow modification of operational attributes in replication mode (DIRSERVER-1971)
     new 72ea9a9  set the start time in ticket (it was incorrectly enclosed in a if block)
     new 8729072  o changed the principalType to int o fixed test
     new c8d11ec  Use API M23-SNAPSHOT, to fix compile error
     new 0ccb1db  Fix test
     new eeebdf3  Fixed the attributes.put( String, xxxx ) method to inject lower case keys into the map (DIRSERVER-1972)
     new cf9d523  Added a test to see if we can't add a second value for a single-value attribute while doing a MODDN with deleteOldRdn to false
     new a8fc849  Added tests to demonstrate issue with moddn/moveAndRename operation and deleteOldRdn flag (DIRSERVER-1974)
     new 796605c  Updated to detect apacheds root (rather than assuming the script was run from the bin directory itself), provide start and stop methods, and added cygwin support.
     new a27e7d6  Added TestRule's that can be used instead of FrameworkRunner and some unit tests that show how to use them
     new 9e71632  Added required comments for new TestRules
     new 7f1a69b  fixed building of a new index that was added after adding data to a partition (DIRSERVER-1976)
     new f7b094b  DIRAPI-163: Unit tests and @TestRule's for testing LdapConnectionTemplate.
     new 9c09002  Fixed a failing test
     new 5c24600  We also have to add the list of system index into the list of index to rebuild, if they are missing.
     new 34ffd7b  o fixed the deleteUnusedIndexFiles() method, this was deleting system index files (only happens in embedded mode) o reverted the commit made in rev. 1594050
     new ed2dfb0  adding a new interceptor that increments any configured numeric attributes' value before adding the corresponding entry
     new 5164651  Fixed some compilation failures due to the modifications done in mavibot trunk
     new e570c19  added additional unit tests for LdapConnectionTemplate
     new 616a11e  added a logger
     new bfcc08a  initial version of bulk loader (no javadoc yet)
     new a46ca00  logging config
     new 2de02ad  fixed the page corruption issue due to freeing the newly created root page
     new bb603f0  added support to build presence index
     new b5810c1  o Added some timing o Duplicated the main method
     new 883841b  o excluded indexing 'top' value while building OC index o commented some debugging code
     new e1bd206  o added package protected getters for use in tests o moved the LDIF file to test/resource
     new e4152c1  o created a new type of LdifReader for collecting an entry's DN, length and offset values o used this new LDIF reader in the bulk loader to avoid parsing all entries during first pass
     new ffe465a  o a schema-aware LDIF reader implementation o updated builder to use the new LDIF reader and re-use created time value o pass the relevant flag to storeRevision() method
     new f86bb9d  o avoid re-instantiating attributes that have constant values o load certain frequently used attribute types
     new 78be379  added mavibot and replication loggers
     new 0252f15  replicate ppolicy operational attributes pwdReset and pwdHistory (DIRSERVER-1980)
     new 84ef29d  o Added a test that we can read an Entry with some attributeType containing underscores o Added a test that checks we can't injected an AttributeType with underscore in the name
     new 8b29d84  avoid creation of an ArrayList while we always send the LDIF string of a single entry
     new efa5af5  improved the way a BTree is built by clearing off leaves from memory after linking with a node
     new a18e466  Added a test that demonstrates that adding a child entry after a shutdown will result on this entry not to be visible on a subtree search. The test is currently @Ignored
     new 5261fee  used a new partition to make it easy to inspect RDN index contents (system partition has too many unrelated entries)
     new b20124b  o drop the parentId before updating the same in RDN index (DIRSERVER-1979) o cleaned up the test code
     new a4d364d  Added a log to tell when some anonymous bind is done
     new a02ec45  leaves are removed from memory after creating the size equivalent to numKeysInNode
     new 377ba7f  turned off DN validation
     new 68d242d  o fixed OOM issue while processing > 45k entries o renamed some variables for better readability
     new ad9d409  bumped up slf4j version
     new b0cd4a1  added CLI to bulk loader
     new 7dc13d8  module skeleton for mavibot based bulkloader
     new e0f82b0  deleted duplicate folders
     new cf3f80c  moved to the newly created module
     new 0d2a83e  added bulkloader module
     new 45bb194  moved the test ldif
     new 0d8a389  moved the test class
     new 5ba336b  svn ignore
     new d3a8169  Added svn:ignore properties for this module
     new 9cc6107  added logging configuration
     new e45d2ee  fixed the wrong parameter used in initCause() method
     new ef80518  delegateSsl is optional
     new a637b88  used spaces instead of tabs
     new 290d3cb  Bumped up shared and mavibot versions. Bumped up some dependecies
     new e9fd4df  update some directory changes
     new 62258a0  added the missing AL 2.0 license
     new ed4fe0e  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.0.0-M17
     new 481150e  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new e2a8241  return index count rather than Long.MAX_VALUE (DIRSERVER-1965)
     new fddf7a4  keep searching for matches in full index scan mode (DIRSERVER-1965)
     new 15169d4  o changed the default min and max heap sizes to 1GB and 2GB respectively o removed the default controls and extended operation handlers properties
     new 5e9b575  Removed an empty directory
     new 6a2326a  Removed an empty directory
     new 412f001  DIRAPI-199,DIRAPI-198,DIRAPI-200: Added unit tests, updated the pom dependency versions for next development iteration
     new fd61b1a  Fix for DIRSERVER-1989, thanks to mwillbanks
     new ccb29f9  test for DIRSERVER-1992
     new 84dbfea  o replaced LRUMap with ehCache instance (DIRSERVER-1992) o protected saveContextCsn() with a semaphore o updated the affected tests due to replacing LRUMap with ehCache instance
     new 73f155f  replaced the cache size to the default value (it was altered for testing purpose) (DIRSERVER-1992)
     new 84c0f18  Bumped up the LDAP API version to 1.0.0-M25-SNAPSHOT
     new fce9f95  o Added references to the ldif-partition and server-config projects o Added some missing Javadoc o Modified the FastLdifReader to work on Windows o Initialized the CacheService which is necessary now that we are using EhCache in the partion as a replacement for LRUMap o We can inject the configuration file as a parameter, so that we can index the configured AT o Correctly initialized the test o Added a file test with 30 k entries o Added a BufferedReader that keep a trac [...]
     new d01fce3  added some log property to avoid a huge dump
     new 32830f3  o removed a lookup call in put() method of MavibotTable o fixed the RDN index test after adding the support for replacing an existing key's value in Mavibot
     new 77e5037  changed the log level
     new fb02141  added unit test for DIRAPI-202
     new 053c92b  Inject the cache size into the Master table when creating it
     new cc91a89  Initialized the cache when we start the Store2 instance
     new 07ef2f2  Added missing javadoc
     new 53e0b16  closed cursors
     new e51b804  modified tuple writing
     new d054854  LDIF loader
     new 12c242f  call startTls() after connecting to the server (DIRSERVER-2001)
     new 5e6ff07  fix for preventing OOM issues while importing large number of entries (DIRSERVER-2002)
     new 290baee  added a dedicated logger to log the time taken to perform a simple search
     new 8704ce1  fix for preventing OOM issues while indexing large number of entries (DIRSERVER-2002)
     new 35d2eec  Added the missing BouncyCastle licence
     new f4da7f0  fixed compiler errors
     new 73dc9f5  use the given complete file path instead of just the name when the given path is not absolute (DIRSERVER-2010)
     new bd191f5  using a shorter BTree name as a possible for DIRSERVER-2007
     new 3df3971  Fixed a package as we changed its name
     new 49bb4b7  set the useTLS flag in connection's configuration (DIRSERVER-2012)
     new a08261c  fixed the divisor value to match with the maximum number of transaction log count
     new a3c8fe0  o applying the same changes made to JdbmPartition as part of DIRSERVER-2002 to JdbmIndex o changed the default cache level to 100, cause 2000 is also leading to OOM even when with 1GB heap size
     new 81af8ad  DIRSERVER-1978: Unable to import ldif when operational attribute pwdChangedTime is present
     new add919c  restart the consumer if disconnected (DIRSERVER-2014)
     new 98f376a  updated to add run action and print PID in messages
     new 2214c76  added status action and externalized
     new 0c1dec1  Bumped some plugins versions, removed the 'bundle' part for jdbm1 dependency
     new 19ee976  Reinstated the 'bundle' type for jdbm1
     new eec1216  fixed compiler error after updating MINA version
     new e573dcb  Added a testRebindNoPool method
     new 36774f1    o Created a Lightweight Poolable config that does not validate the connection, nor it is binding them when they are released. It goes 3 times faster than the standard config. This is the DefaultPooleableLdapConnectionfactory class.   o Renamed the PoolableLdapConnectionFactory to ValidatingPooleableConnectionFactory   o Created an Abstract class that is the root of the two previous classes   o Used the default pool factory for the tests
     new 97f6d61  Using a Validating LdapConnection pool configuration to make some test happy (a connection was get from the pool, and rebound to the wrong users before being put back in the pool)
     new b20aef2  Using a Validating LdapConnection pool configuration
     new 6704b08  Fixed the failing test when using Java 8 (DIRSERVER-2015)
     new 6036589  moved testRebindNoPool to LdapConnectionTest as implied by the name
     new 0a99e87  Another fix for DIRSERVER-2015 (the test was still failing on linux with Java 8)
     new 58967e1  Fixed two other Java 8 failing tests (DIRSERVER-2015)
     new 51cde1b  Improved the tests to make them independent of the Java version in use, and to reflect what they were testing before : checking that all the elements we fetch from a cursor are present, in both direction.
     new ceb1652  Fixed compilation failures
     new dab73b0  Bumped up the parent project version; Used non-snapshot dependencies for directory project for the release; commented the bulkloader module
     new 9606507  Switched from bundle to jar
     new b107e5e  Switched from bundle to jar
     new 0a13c8b  Switched from bundle to jar
     new 2efa493  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.0.0-M18
     new 6743b16  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new f4aac8e  Fixed a bug in the construction of cursorList
     new 2fcfc35  o Declare the host name otherwise we can't connect with Java8, as it tries to solve localhost to a local address which is not o Test the JDK version, des-cbc-crc and dec-cbc-md5 are disabled by default in JDK 8.
     new 826d9a0  Fixed a race condition in the Bind handling
     new 88d162c  [maven-release-plugin] rollback the release of 2.0.0-M18
     new 110eb36  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.0.0-M18
     new 05c027a  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 2a3287a  [maven-release-plugin] rollback the release of 2.0.0-M18
     new e4944f5  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.0.0-M18
     new 7a86403  [maven-release-plugin] rollback the release of 2.0.0-M18
     new bbd4cc3  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.0.0-M18
     new 1fd2827  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 389aa7e  Inform the SslEngine that we aren't supporting SSLV3 explicitely
     new 45e1e58  Making the pom pointing to LDAP API 1.0.0-M26
     new 54f99f7  Fixed a potentila issue on Java 8
     new 0a88e46  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.0.0-M19
     new 2e5347b  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new cf8a988  Fixed a typo
     new 83e21ae  o Deprecated methods in LdapServer that were managing teh CipherSuite o Added some missing SSL configuration into the StartTlsHandler class (needClientAuth, wantClientAuth, enabledProtocols) o Those parameters are now associated with the TcpTransport, not the LdapServer o Added the required elements in the TcpTransportBean to manage those extra elements o Cleaned up some generic o Added some missing Javadoc
     new 024a00f  Added a test for DIRSERVER-2026
     new c42302c  updated API version to latest trunk
     new 7b4b3db  removed the casting (DIRSERVER-2030)
     new 564d17f  store the sorted entries in JDBM BTree (DIRSERVER-2025)
     new be085b9  Added tests using the Sort Control with core-integ. Two failing tests are @Ignored (but they need to be fixed)
     new 77e7cc2  o added the controls and non-null result from SearchRequest o removed @Ignore
     new b9f39f0  allow replaycache entries to be serializable (DIRSERVER-2034)
     new de61857  Bumped up the BouncyCastle version (DIRSERVER-2033); reference Mavibot 1.0.0-M7-SNAPSHOT
     new e02844d  Applied patch for DIRSERVER-2035
     new 1b2ff91  Fixed the wrong name 'reponse' as it has beenfixed in LDAP API
     new 850b384  Reflecting the change done on DIRAPI-212
     new 6d4daad  One more fix for DIRAPI-212
     new 6bc9858  One more fix for DIRAPI-212
     new 8dfc005  Updated the places where controls are declared
     new 5d0582d  Fixed a typo that was breaking the sript to work : the bcprov dependency was badly named
     new 55bd478  Fix the bundle name
     new a36715a  Configure generation of and attach sources
     new d77dbf0  DIRSERVER-2039: replace ehcache-core by OSGi-ified version provided by ServiceMix, need to downgrade from 2.4.4 to 2.4.3 because only that version is currently available.
     new 173d44c  DIRSERVER-2041: Add OSGi (pax-exam) tests for ApacheDS
     new f05cd12  Additional test to debug failure on Jenkins
     new 90207a1  Remove some sysouts in tests
     new bcb5ff1  Move KerberosEncoder and KerberosDecoder class into other package. Avoid split package problems in OSGi runtime.
     new 68fcc50  Modified the test for connection pool, it was wrong.
     new 8f34589  [DIRSERVER-2037] - ClientInitialRefreshIT test failures
     new bf2f502  Added some missing Javadoc, and clarified the existing one.
     new fdad18b  Added specific profiles for each unique installer (debian, rpm, mac, windows, bin, archive)
     new 44f15bf  [DIRSERVER-2036] - Upgrade EhCache dependency
     new 6fd579d  [DIRSERVER-2031] - Use a properly random port when creating a KDCServer via annotation
     new a55f79a  Write temporary data to the "target" directory of each module, rather than using polluting /tmp
     new 5163df2  Switching to LDAP API 1.0.0-M28-SNAPSHOT
     new 14bf715  Applied the changes made in the installer maven plugin
     new 4869eec  Make some constant public so that they can be reused by the installers
     new a5b9c7e  Added a toString() method
     new 2d8f10e  Updating some dependencies
     new ffd4245  [DIRSERVER-2031] - Adding some tests
     new fcd27e3  Created three tests to check that the pool of connection is now working fine, even under heavy load. The tests are @Ignored because they are quite long to execute.
     new f851c0a  Used LDAP constants instead of Strings
     new 1156fdc  Kai is testing his commit
     new 3c616d0  Kai is testing his commit, removing the test file
     new 9d681b1  Use current API snapshot
     new fc264b5  Upgrade parent pom and slf4j version, to make OSGi tests happy
     new 7f0b622  Make the project accepting only Java 7
     new 3f4c3d3  - Updated CreateLdapConnectionPool annotation and CreateLdapConnectionPoolRule to support different pool implementations - Removed redundant unit test from PasswordPolicyIT that was flaky due to Thread.sleep() race conditions - Updated LdapApiIntegrationUtils to use DefaultLdapConnectionPool because it casts the returned connection to LdapNetworkConnection which does not work if the connection is wrapped
     new 277880a  Removed modules from hbase experiment
     new 419f5b2  o Added Javadoc o Removed the unused attachCache() method o Added some logs
     new a4c1577  Added a constant for config DN
     new 548ec77  o support for applying password policy config changes dynamically (DIRSERVER-1809) o updated the ppolicy config container to support dynamic configuration o updated authentication interceptor to return default policy when the user is anonymour or the custom policy is missing o refactored ConfigPartitionReader to avoid searching when an entry is already available o updated tests
     new 6e29986  Added a test for DIRSERVER-2048 : searching into a server for entries with a MV attribute and many values.
     new 6e99c3a  Speed up searches using a MV attribute with numerous values (DIRSERVER-2048)
     new 8f8b857  use multiple LDIF structure for storing configuration (DIRSERVER-2050)
     new d72bf7f  o changed the pattern layout to include date and tz information o made it easy to turn debug logging o changed the default log file size to 10MB o changed ehcache logger level to WARN o added mavibot loggers
     new a9ed9f6  Added suppport for MavibotIndex in annotations
     new d3a85aa  added additional unit tests for search using filter builder
     new 20d19d3  Introducing some try-with-resources blocks to make sure that streams are getting closed
     new 8dd0b5a  o Added a Table.toString() method o Added some missing Javadoc
     new beaeb73  Updating BouncyCastle
     new 9a152dc  Override new delete methods and add @Override annotation
     new da7e5d1  Include exception cause for better error analysis
     new 314ba11  Move initialization and migration of config partition to its own class. Want to reuse the code in Studio (DIRSTUDIO-1016)
     new 4706ad6  ignore MINA logs
     new 4fb00b4  Made teh serRetirningAttributes public, to be able to use it in Studio
     new 2a4245c  Use mavibot release version
     new eecba30  Additional OSGi test
     new 3060d93  Add class parameter that is used to obtain class loader from which LDIF file is read. Required for OSGi environment.
     new 61d6946  Bumped up LDAP API and Mavibot revisions
     new c92163c  Fixed a renamed attributeType in the Apacheds config
     new 273e076  Added some tests for DIRAPI-230
     new d4628ea  fixed typo
     new 5cc5b46  Add script to test Debian installer within Docker container
     new 69cf626  Print stack trace (DIRSERVER-2060)
     new 62e8a05  Check that the bindDn is a descendant of the delegateBaseDn attribute, otherwise simply don't authenticate
     new 2fe4217  The authenticator may return a null Principal, just check that
     new 3dbc158  Make the DelegatingAuthenticator disabled by default
     new 7291031  Fixed the check for the delegateBaseDN
     new ff9da65  Register the authenticator always, also when another authenticator with same type already exists (DIRSERVER-2060)
     new cb65b41  removed changepassword module
     new 0236182  Change to info level. At startup the cache never exists and is newly created so it isn't really a warning.
     new 8e9dcaa  Change default log level from FATAL to WARN (DIRSERVER-2061)
     new 0ecfd74  Renamed the ads-enabled[Cipher/Protocol]s to ads-enabled[Ciphers/Protocols]
     new 72318b4  o Added a baseDn filed in the AbstractAuthenticator class o Made all the authenticators have a base DN from which they will be active o Added authenticator constructors that take a baseDn as a parameter o Added a selectAuthenticator() method in the AuthenticationInterceptor o Removed the AuthenticationInterceptorTest test o
     new b948bc6  Removed the addEnabledCipherSuites/removeEnabledCipherSuites methods from the LdapServerBean : the field is now associated with TransportBean
     new df1f06a  Added a test that inject schema into a Mavibot based LDAP server
     new afae005  DIRSERVER-1934: added in the patch unit test to demonstrate the issue, currently ignored to not fail the build
     new c13881e  Fixed issue DIRSERVER-1934 : the controls are now injected into the BindOperationContext instance
     new fd14f81  Added test scripts for rpm and bin installer, refactored and renamed deb installer test
     new 42665df  Changed the AT for ads-enabled[Cipher/Protocol] to ads-enabled[Ciphers/Protocols] in TransportBean
     new 0119bc7  Move test scripts to installers module. Use maven resource filtering to replace version and paths to installers in test scripts.
     new 3bdecfe  added requried license and class level javadoc to LdapCoreSessionConnectionTest
     new 9498840  Update size
     new 8775b46  DIRSERVER-2064: Delete whole instance dir when unistall deb package
     new eb15593  DIRSERVER-2055: Change shebang to bash to support  in line 105
     new dcf15da  DIRSERVER-2065: Make executable in tar.gz
     new 17b3d13  Add tests for zip and tar.gz archive (DIRSERVER-2055, DIRSERVER-2065, DIRSERVER-2063)
     new 4f85189  No tty on Jenkins
     new bded208  m2e issue
     new 57b443c  Correctly return referals even if the '+' parameter is nt provided for searches (DIRSERVER-2057)
     new 67cbe82  Testcase to demonstrate DIRAPI-236, disabled
     new d1ccda6  o Cancel all the future in the session map when an unbind is sent o Improve the test that was hanging for ever before (DIRAPI-236)
     new f89f221  Another test to demonstrate DIRAPI-236
     new 51edaee  Added a perf test.
     new 63a8e85  Added a perf test with Mavibot partition
     new db79434  Bumped up the LDAP API to the latest revision
     new 0d16e80  Also bumped up to the latest Mavibot revision
     new e7494b7  Added the missing AL 2.0 header and a class header
     new a76bdef  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.0.0-M20
     new 9bd5040  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new b3fc696  Bumped up references to Mavibot and API to the latest SNAPSHOT version
     new 5427524  Fix version number
     new e65de6a  configuration for creating a mavibot partition
     new 1c3ff06  fixed the RDN attribute
     new cd551fe  o Replaced a direct access to grammar by a call to teh accessor, as the field is now private o Removed some warnings
     new 0d791f9  dockerfile/java:oracle-java7 images no longer exists, switch to another
     new e662947  handled the case where request data might have been spread over multiple TCP fragments (DIRSERVER-2071)
     new 92c6ef2  clear the session attribute after decoding (DIRSERVER-2071)
     new 81b51fb  o merge fragmented packets before beginning decoding (DIRSERVER-2071) o added tests
     new 0d51aa2  applied fix for DIRSERVER-2075
     new ac10035  DIRSERVER-2075: creates a file called '0' during stop action
     new 7d9b763  DIRSERVER-2080: Add a way to politely stop apacheds from
     new 3bdd4c3  DIRSERVER-2080: Add a way to politely stop apacheds from, part 2
     new 1c580bd  DIRSERVER-2081: ApacheDS taking up to 30 seconds stop stop politely
     new 9b1570d  o moved the shutdown thread creation to a separate method (DIRSERVER-2080) o let the server socket listen on localhost only to avoid remote shutdown o avoid creation of InstanceLayout by using the already created instance o start the shutdown listener after starting the service o removed calls to e.printStakcTrace() o use the 10390 as the default port instead of 0 o updated the shell script o trivial formatting
     new 6ad7b89  interrupt the sleeping thread to prevent delay at the time of server shutdown (DIRSERVER-2081)
     new 91274c4  corrected log message
     new 1838241  updated apacheds pom.xml to point to new shared snapshot version
     new 455c95b  choose a random port if one is not configured (DIRSERVER-2080)
     new bf4c8fb  o fixed the checkPwdReset() method by removing the wrong negation (DIRSERVER-2082) o added a flag to DefaultCoreSession to detect if the session requires a password reset o updated a test to check these changes
     new 75ba349  stop the service gracefully if the shutdown listener didn't start
     new f2bdb25  Includes:
     new fcd2ac0  fixed leak of information when password policy fails authentication attempt
     new b00340d  removed commented out code
     new 0c733ec  A bit of cleanup : - the long modify method has been reduced by calling private sub-methods - added some comments
     new f1c6580  Added a new private method used by the modify() operation
     new 10fdce4  Moved some code out from the processStandardModify method to a helper method.
     new 45b85c4  A fix for DIRSERVER-2085 : we are now comparing the AttributeType, not the ID
     new 304ec50  Resolved:
     new e53dfa9  Fix checkstyle issues
     new b91da5d  Fix checkstyle issues
     new ea990b7  Delete unused test class in main
     new 46fff09  Fix checkstyle issues
     new 23a082b  Fix checkstyle issues
     new f0051ad  Fix checkstyle issues
     new 74b408d  Fix checkstyle issues
     new 947a336  Fix checkstyle issues
     new ea57279  DIRSERVER-2088 - Add the ability to specify additional fields that should be hashed by the hashing interceptors
     new 0c957ec  Fix checkstyle issues
     new 3444823  Fix checkstyle issues
     new 57ca95d  Fixed incorrectly named hashAttribute setter method HashInterceptorBean
     new bb458b8  Removed the reference to the removed InterecptorChain interface
     new 74abd5a  o Used Strings.toLowerCase() instead of String.toLowerCase() o Used Strings.toUpperCase() instead of String.toUpperCase() o Removed a uselessimport
     new cbd6fb3  Added a test to check that escaped values get correctly normalized
     new 3ce5601  Bump Mavibot version
     new 9cafaa5  Fix Mavibot version
     new d65385a  Fix checkstyle issues
     new 361050a  Fix checkstyle issues
     new 9d861df  Fix checkstyle issues
     new 41696c4  Fix checkstyle issues
     new 0174a42  Fix checkstyle issues
     new ee98820  Fix checkstyle issues
     new 146063e  Fix checkstyle issues
     new 12cc0e5  Fix checkstyle issues
     new dc6d536  Fix checkstyle issues
     new b0351d4  Fix checkstyle issues
     new 47602c4  Suppress checkstyle issues in Kerberos modules
     new 1b531a6  Fix checkstyle issues
     new 764768e  Fix checkstyle issues
     new 9271319  Used InetAddress.getLocalHost() instead of InetAddress.getByName( "" )
     new 09291d8  o Added the loadSchemaRelaxed() method in LdapCoreSessionConnection o Used InetAddress.getLocalHost().getHostName() instead of "localhost" or ""
     new 8f8d764  o Using InetAddress.getLocalHost().getHostName() instead of "localhost'
     new 4b9c050  o Using InetAddress.getLocalHost().getHostName() instead of "localhost'
     new bcea154  Fix test, set host and principal to actual hostname returned by InetAddress.getLocalHost()
     new 6404aa7  Replace one more occurrence of localhost with InetAddress.getLocalHost().getHostName()
     new f6cda03  Revert back to because that address is hardcoded in the encoded stream.
     new 1cef3ac  Replace one more occurrence of localhost with InetAddress.getLocalHost().getHostName()
     new c9373f0  Replace more occurrences of localhost with InetAddress.getLocalHost().getHostName()
     new f7bdaa8  Replace more occurrences of localhost with InetAddress.getLocalHost().getHostName()
     new 1eadd43  Used the SyntaxChecker.isValidSyntax instead of asserSyntax method
     new c180563  Replace localhost with InetAddress.getLocalHost(), simplyfy test setup.
     new ad5fc5c  * Introduce AttributeTypeProvider * Remove non-final static variables that hold AttributeType references * Fix checkstyle warnings
     new 39c1402  A fix for DIRSERVER-1901
     new 6af1444  Fix checkstyle warnings
     new 4baa4dd  Enable checkstyle check. Remove inactive checkstyle reporting config. Bump parent version.
     new 3ade5bc  fix for DIRSERVER-2100
     new bdeb71e  Cleaned up teh NOTICE file accordingly to DIRSERVER-2099
     new ce5aeb8  Cleaned up the NOTICE file, updated the LICENSE files to contain what was in NITICE (AVL Set code)
     new e59aaed  Removed the Safehaus JUG reference, we are not using it anymore. Also updated the slf4j license and version. Also removed the Spring part from N&L, we are not using it anymore
     new 277eb65  DIRSERVER-1974: added a unit test to demonstrate how rename can corrupt the indexes
     new 17eb116  DIRSERVER-1974: fixed bug in unit test... not it does not demonstrate the issue, back to the drawing board
     new f8661fb  moved integration test showing rename issue into separate class
     new 5bd7bad  o Changed applied accordingly to the changes in the LDAP API Value o Fixed some tests accordingly o Change dthe Rename operation handling to avoid the creation of a SingleValue attribute with more than one value
     new 2eb5b8c  Fixed two failing tests
     new 67709df  Bumped up the LDAP API version
     new 5454c15  Attempt to fix kerberos related tests that fails on some systems by using FQDN.
     new 5805591  Updating some dependencies
     new 7d644f6  Updating Apache Commons Collections
     new 7fbe6ad  Make sure the replay cache is alive before clearing it
     new baff112  Added a test that demonstrates that searches done with a '#' in a DN in a filter, either in the middle of a value or at first position of a value, works (cf DIRSTUDIO 1078)
     new ae7aa4a  Replaced the usage of the deprecated Strings.toLowerCase() method by the Strings.toLowerCaseAscii() method
     new 8f5ef69  bumped up to MINA 2.0.10
     new 919c814  Bumped up ldap API to the latest version, reverted the bcprov version to 1.52
     new b56e0db  Added some tests
     new 0841c59  Pointed to the right version of the library
     new 2d43fa7  Modified version of the launcher
     new 831626f  Fixed some bad javadoc
     new 7065bf9  Disabled the Java 8 javadoc lint
     new 63e6a28  Disabled the Java 8 javadoc lint
     new a4a1077  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.0.0-M21
     new 423842c  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 66ec0bf  Test for DIRSERVER-2109
     new 88426de  Increase timeout
     new 554d356  Move maven-checkstyle-plugin exclusion to parent pom
     new 433502f  Comment failing test
     new 9558a6a  More tests to demonstrate DIRSERVER-2109
     new 4d9379b  o Added the repair() method in the Partition interface o Added the abstract doRepair() method in the AbstractPartition class o Implemented the doRepair() method in the JdbmPartition o Added a repair option in the UberJarMain class, and in the ApacheDSService class o Added a test to check that the repair works
     new 427bcf2  Forgot to commit the SchemaPartition changes
     new a4dd649  Fixed some PMD errors
     new c830fce  Fixed a PMD error
     new 6998544  Updating a few dependencies
     new c704bac  o Changed the classes implementing the Cursor interface to have their close() method throw an IoException accordingly to the change in teh LDAP API Cursor interface
     new e9652d2  We don't need to pass the SchemaLoader as a parameter, it's not used at all
     new e05e159  o Fixed a class header comment o Removed commented code
     new cff62af  o Added the kerberos dependencies in the ldap-client-test to test the SASL bind o Fixed a couple of tests to use the SchemaManager.getAllSchemas() method
     new 2f18145  Get the schema from the SchemaManger instead of the SchemaLoader
     new a2bd577  switched to the API SNAPSHOT version
     new 10c7b1b  o Applied patch provided by Peter Jamieson for DIRSERVER-1020 o Added a repair() command
     new 98b4a43  o Applied patch provided by Peter Jamieson for DIRSERVER-1020 o Added a repair() command
     new 0011f34  Applied patch from DIRSERVER-1843
     new 5be9a22  DIRSERVER-2120: Add assertions about exit status to installer tests
     new c24b482  Revert BC version till DIRSTUDIO-1093 is fixed, update to latest Mina version
     new a6dad91  Delete unused code, password hashing is now handled by PasswordUtil
     new 8fa0d77  Bump BC version again
     new a397335  o Removed the references to, replacing them by references to the classes in the LDAP API o
     new 02c4708  removed reference to
     new 9493fcf  Use loopback address to avoid DNS lookup
     new b5e7c74  Fix compile error
     new fda24ee  Restore the code as it was before the removal of
     new ef22067  Fix for DIRSERVER-2125
     new 6f7b209  o Some AttributeType constants have been moved from SchemaConstants to ApacheSchemaConstants
     new e82e1b2  Fix constant name to make PMD happy
     new 541edee  Added some missing Javadoc
     new 3d5d18c  o Added the support of subordinates for the Lookup operation (DIRSERVER-2129)
     new 98fa383  Added the Subordinates class that is used to provide the nbChildren/nbSubordinates  AT.
     new 6864a0c  o Added the support of subordinates for the Lookup operation (DIRSERVER-2129)
     new daefc4f  o Added the nbChildren/nbSubordinates attribute to the search operation results. o Fixed the tests accordingly
     new ce047dd  Created a branch to play around the value refactoring
     new 2c5832b  minor improvement (avoid checking for the presence of UUID in the set, instead check the return value of add() before incrementing the result count)
     new 5cda92e  avoid checking for the presence of UUID in the set
     new 2323319  Applied patch from DIRSERVER-2139
     new 0528640  Fix for DIRKRB-583. The read size are checked to avoid creating byte[] taht would be too big (check for negative sizes, or for sizes that would be greater than the original file size).
     new 2dd4354  Applied my changes for the value branch. It' snot completed yet (server-integ has faiures) but I'd like to have a backup.
     new 3cd8652  Use API release
     new 561df8b  Fix tests with newer Java 8 releases which require RSA keys with 1024 bit minimum
     new 2f0835e  Multiple fixes and speedup in the server code : o store either a String or a byte[] in an Attribute when converting it from a JNDI Attribute o Refactored the SortedEnctry comparator to take care of the special case of the entryDn attribute o Fix a bug in the applyRdn() in the schemaInterceptor class o Store the normalized target DN in the searchRequest context o Handle correctly a null DN for NTLM o Correctly return the list of evaluators in the AndEvaluator optimize() m [...]
     new 4c50fc8  Fixed an unit test
     new 406a48f  Don't normalize the key twice...
     new 1380f8f  Applied Emmanuel Bourg's patches (
     new 09549b8  Create a normalized form of the EntryDN value, to avoid a costly and useless DN parsing
     new d1e7d0e  Fixed some compilation error
     new b2685e8  Fixes in tests
     new 1dc8ac8  Applied Stefan's patch on the Key length
     new 86f1802  Parse the context Entry LDIF with a schemaManager
     new c9765e3  Used the parameter instead of the class variable
     new 9422875  Applied Stefan's patch for Key length
     new a1f08ac  Spare some useless normalization by using a global Value for the 'top' ObjectClass, which is used in every operation.
     new 5b83034  Removed useless imports
     new 6a823bc  Added SASL IT tests
     new 1fff0da  Applied Emmanuel's Bourg patch
     new 8af2316  Use a String for the Partitions data structure instead of a DN.
     new cd6af7e  Improved the test accuracy
     new 38cb8cb  Added a dedicated test for Move and Rename
     new bd26f6f  Added code to run the repair command
     new c8f94d4  Added teh 'repair' command
     new 6e12e0f  Applied the http patch from Emmanuel Bourg
     new d5b5fc1  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.0.0-M22
     new 44ed995  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new e14d4bf  Fixed the startup script for installers
     new 21c7d4b  Handling the repair command in the wrapper
     new 9f87c40  Fixed a type
     new 3cc30c2  Added the client address in the authContext if we have it
     new b6a20ef  Applied patch for DIRKRB-595
     new 69aea5b  Added a test for a move to a non existent parent
     new a2bb242  Added various rename tests
     new a58ad7a  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.0.0-M23
     new cf14876  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 7391447  Fix for DIRSERVER-2155
     new 4113335  Applied patch for DIRSERVER-2155
     new 7cc4e49  Bumped up the version to 2.0.0-M24
     new 7aed5af  Added the installer maven plugin code
     new 7359314  Added a flag for Microsoft
     new 5248ee4  Used the isRequestCompleted method instead of the doesFutureExistFor
     new 6842891  Used the isRequestCompleted method instead of the doesFutureExistFor
     new 8508746  Add gitignore
     new 01889e7  o Fixed Checkstyle errors
     new f467b5e  o Fixed Checkstyle errors
     new eba57ae  o Fixed Checkstyle errors
     new ed331fe  Added a bolean paramter that tells if the various srrvers should be started or not (that was necessary when in repair mode, where we don't want to start the servers)
     new 25b2308  Use loopback hostname instead of localhost
     new fdfa437  o Fixed some checkstyle error o Fixed a potential NPE
     new 6e9f87f  Don't store the client address in the AuthContext if it's null
     new 954fda4  Fixed a checkstyle error
     new a0286ad  Fixed some test failures
     new c6b0a43  Added the parameter to require or not teh servers to be started when we start the service
     new ec8d2fd  Change the exception caught when we are checking the use existence in the BIND operation (the user might not be a valid DN)
     new e9beaa8  Changed the exception caught when we are checking the use existence in the BIND operation (the user might not be a valid DN)
     new 3060e73  Fixed a CheckStyle error
     new 2783178  Fixed a checkstyle exception
     new 2fe0b83  Added a search test with index
     new 3032bef  Added a test on the person OC with index
     new 16e2a5a  Update dependencies, should fix tests that expect AuthenticationException instead of InvalidNameException
     new 5f10366  DIRSERVER-2173: Fix usage of RUN_AS_GROUP variable in bin installer
     new 4267b6f  Add test for DIRSERVER-2173
     new 10780f4  Ported Stefan's fixes to the branch
     new 603344b  Ported fixes provided by Stefan to the branch
     new 4cb1dd0  o Use Strings.EMPTY_BYTES instead of StringConstants.EMPTY_BYTES
     new 362d99a  Removed a useless import
     new 8186166  Fixed the certificate and factory to work with Java 8
     new 2bfce31  Fixed some failures introduced in a previous commit
     new 5f7baf9  Fixed the TrustManagerFactory class
     new e4404db  Added some SSL/TLS tests
     new 0d12295  Added some SSL/TLS tests
     new f2cc41c  Fixed a failing test
     new b415100  Used try-with-resources
     new 6d93e27  o Fixed a failing test o Used the try-with-resource syntax
     new 2501a8b  Added a test
     new dc80144  Added a test
     new e263815  Fixed teh apacheds starting script
     new 7aa5b43  Fixed teh ApacheDS starting script
     new 3b4cb65  Set the log4j property file to avoid printing useless informations
     new c12d3b8  Set the log4j property file to avoid printing useless informations
     new 314bf80  Used Strings.EMPTY_BYTES instead of StringConstants.EMPTY_BYTES
     new 47a8c74  Used Strings.EMPTY_BYTES instead of StringConstants.EMPTY_BYTES
     new 816e504  Used Strings.EMPTY_BYTES instead of StringConstants.EMPTY_BYTES
     new 7f42900  Used Strings.EMPTY_BYTES instead of StringConstants.EMPTY_BYTES
     new 78203db  Added the code that launch the database repair
     new cdea8cd  Bumped MINA revision
     new 4369559  Bumped up to the latest shared revision, and the latest skin revision
     new dd57c43  Bumped up the skin revision
     new a6b0bd3  Fixed a NPE
     new 3a27ad7  Fixed a wrong expected exception
     new 5d7b4aa  Improved one test
     new de15352  Improved one test
     new 064d19a  Bumped up dependencies
     new 5347dd7  Bumped up dependencies
     new fc29595  Updating NOTICE year!
     new cff04d4  o Removed useless import o Used a try-with-resource for a connection
     new b94d8f2  Patch for DIRKRB-619
     new 26442a0  Fix for DIRKRB-620
     new 849bc29  Added a server test for bcrypt hash
     new d77de39  Added a server test for bcrypt hash
     new e245a67  Removed an unused import
     new 0f2a674  Removed an unused import
     new 4e1903e  o Used SyntaxChecker.INSTANCE when needed
     new 15b85e4  o Used SyntaxChecker.INSTANCE when needed
     new f2fcaca  o Used SyntaxChecker.INSTANCE when needed
     new 727848e  o Used SyntaxChecker.INSTANCE when needed
     new 6605c2e  The getPrincipal method now throws a LdapException, and not a generic Exception
     new e0e3384  Used teh Strings.EMPTY_STRING_ARRAY constant
     new 97a931a  Used the Strings.EMPTY_STRING_ARRAY constant
     new 5dd60be  Disable tests, loading syntax checkers from bytecode doesn't work
     new 081197c  DIRSERVER-2186: Fix repair command * Repair now only repairs and stops the service again * Cleanup wrapper, shutdown port is not used
     new 09e1abc  DIRSERVER-2186: Fix repair command * Change scripts to run repair command followed by start command
     new bbd4245  DIRSERVER-2186: Fix repair command * Adapt docker tests
     new 7c9ec39  Fix test under Windows
     new 4565b49  Made the event interceptor using daemon threads
     new 162b6c0  Removed the Ignore as the pb with the SC classloader has been fixed.
     new 0dd3270  Removed the @Ignored tag now that the SC has been fixed to support inner class
     new 1d3005e  Added the jar containing the test SC
     new 1a9af16  Added the jar containing the test SC
     new 6d112b7  Ported modifications made in trunk
     new 4990579  Modified the exception thrown
     new 5cb4a85  Call the Interceptor.destroy() method in the shutdown() method
     new fac15ee  Added a shutdown() method that shutdown the executor (see DIRSEVER-2190)
     new cce59a7  Check that the ads_pwdValidator is not null, and if so, use the DefaultPasswordValidator class
     new 404a01f  Applied patches from trunk
     new 07c4466  Switching FileInput/OutputStream to Files.newInput/OutputStream  - See
     new 0365e9c  Applied Colm's changes (FikeIn/OutputStream)
     new 35c82d3  Bumped up some dependencies for the next release to come
     new 740b00b  Bumped up some dependencies
     new 708546c  Downgraded some dependencies
     new 5021c2c  Downgraded some depenencies
     new c4e2f58  Using project-39
     new d18def8  Swicthed to LDAP API 1.0.0
     new 5124273  Used the latest project version
     new 85300e3  retried with an older version fo felix, to see if teh osgi tests are passing
     new 3646d7d  Forgot to uncomment the osgi-integ module...
     new 6f02ec4  Bumped up felix dependency again
     new ebb4372  Moved back to felix-5.6.1, and enabled the osgi-integ module, as it seems that felix 5.6.4 is randomly failing
     new 6183232  Commented the osgi-test module as it fails randomly, and bumped up the felix dependency to 5.6.4
     new 887f022  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.0.0-M24
     new 761a6eb  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 19974b1  Added a log to tell when the server ca't create a temporary file (DIRSERVER-2091/DIRSERVER-2007)
     new 081964a  Fixed a double definition of a variable
     new 878bec7  No need to create the temp file twice...
     new 9aa7e4b  Fixed some compilation failure (missing '+')
     new 2142f74  Applied patch for DIRSERVER-2007
     new 42e76ad  Fixed a checkstyle error
     new e492451  Fixed a checkstyle error
     new 916b67e  Formatting
     new d672316  Added a bind(SaslRequest) method
     new b22fbbe  Switched the apacheds value to 2.0.0-M25-SNAPSHOT
     new 905c6e9  minor formating
     new 155bd94  Get rid of a deprecated mina function
     new 9b3ca30  o Added the OSGi Import-Package/Export-Package elements o Switched to 2.0.0-AM25-SNAPSHOT
     new d3fed1f  o Declare a range for slf4j o Used the slf4j bundleversion to please Eclipse which expect an older version than the one we declare o Fixed a wrong export for the pool jar
     new 0e97511  Added a missing Import-Package, fixed some checkstyle errors, used non deprecated API
     new 9a1c092  Added one more missing Import-Package
     new d24a195  added test for DIRSERVER-2206
     new 2602ec8  Added some Export-Package and Import-Package
     new bba29ac  Made the "ads-baseDn" attribute not mandatory to avoid NPEs
     new 4d12c58  Revert a previous change made for DIRSERVER-2077 : the ads-baseDn Attribute is not optional, it's part of an ObjectClass MUST
     new 62acdb9  Added some check for Attribute which value is null
     new a6ea1fc  Fixed some sonar issues, renamed a method parameter
     new 88a85ff  Solved a compilation error
     new 4077a74  Fixing a few typos
     new 54f1170  Removed a useless import
     new 8edd92a  Git test
     new 20a76cf  Add package imports to fix OSGi tests
     new 8fb0666  Add .gitignore file
     new 7d4eee0  DIRSERVER-2109: Enable tests and assertions
     new 40fc8e4  Fix OSGi imports/exports
     new 19af188  Merge branch 'master' into apacheds-value
     new 770e88f  Update parent pom
     new 4ad6223  Fix checkstyle error
     new 6ae7af2  Try to use new JVM for each test class
     new b18ea82  o Added a test for PersisteSearch that uses the LDAP API o Fixed a typo
     new 1a6205e  o Fixed Java 8 warnings o Removed useless comparator in JdbmMasterTable o Removed the useless adminTable in JdbmMasterTable o Removed the unused resetCounter method in JdbmMasterTable o Removed the useless close() method from the MavibotMasterTable
     new be82b0c  Adding transaction to partitions
     new f62c716  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 1399b77  Fix for DIRSERVER-2220
     new 2ea9990  o Added support for operation transaction
     new 9e4c4ed  o Fixed replication to use the SyncInfoValue intermediateResponse instead of the control o Reflect the changes made in LDAP i18n class
     new 83e7c47  Fix startup scripts:
     new 6200fa2  Update bouncycastle, new version fixes OSGi BREE issue with Studio/Tycho (see
     new 94c7d9d  Fix uber jar generation, bcprov signature file names have changed
     new 1260c13  Add missing import
     new cda85b2  Bumped up a few dependencies : o mina (from 2.0.16 to 2.0.17) o felix (from 5.6.4 to 5.6.10) o pax-url (from 2.5.2 to 2.5.4)
     new 9978097  Reverted to MINA 2.0.16, as the new version is causing some failure in SSL tests
     new 8e228c2  Applied the suggested change in
     new b89589c  Don't initiate the handshake on the server side
     new c810c1e  Switched back to MINA 2.0.17 now that the startTLS issue is fixed
     new 655264c  [DIRSERVER-2229] - Remove duplicated declaration of versions-maven-plugin in pom.xml
     new 0438719  [DIRSERVER-2230] - SCM pointing to gitbox instead of svn
     new 353425e  Applied patch from [DIRSERVER-2230] - SCM pointing to gitbox instead of svn
     new cc016df  Applied patch for DIRSERVER-2229 - Remove duplicated declaration of version-maven-plugin
     new 9b359b3  Merge pull request #3 from khmarbaise/DIRSERVER-2229
     new 732138c  Merge pull request #4 from khmarbaise/DIRSERVER-2230
     new 4a0a6b0  Fix for DIRSERVER-2231. If the entryDnCache is not existing, we don't try to read it and get a NPE...
     new 7124084  Merge branch 'master' of
     new f739ec5  Fixed compilation error caused by some LDAP API package renaming
     new 445196a  Fixed some I18n bad codes
     new 4918ebc  Fixed apacheDS now that the Fast schema parser is teh default parser
     new 57213b2  Fixed ApacheDS to use commons-pool 2.5
     new 3e75194  Change the import package name to commons-pool 2
     new eab1260  Add tests that add and delete member attributes with DN values
     new 0179ba9  Added the missing session.closeNow() call when the inputClosed event is received.
     new f0e6f06  Merge branch 'master' of
     new e9d808c  Fixed a toString() method
     new af4c072  o Extending IoHandlerAdapter instead of implementing IoHandler o Added the event() message for LDAP o Calling closeNow() instead of close(true)
     new e49a170  o Using MINA 2.0.18 o Fixed an error message o Extending IoHandlerAdapter instead of implementing IoHandler
     new 1d6d8cb  un-ignoring some tests
     new 030791a  Fixed some error messages
     new 2aa383e  Removed a useless 'final'
     new 41a98c8  Fixed a LDAP API call, as the API has changed
     new 25d4617  Bumped up to 'project' version 42'
     new 8fb5a14  Remove tests not working with Java8+
     new 8ecbf60  Fix test with java 9/10/11, behaviour of LdapContext.reconnect() has changed
     new f43be07  Update to LDAP API release
     new f6e08c4  DIRSERVER-2244: Support AES Encryption with HMAC-SHA2 for Kerberos 5 defined in RFC 8009
     new fbf65dd  DIRSERVER-2242: Keystore change from JKS to PKCS12
     new afae463  Add Jenkinsfile
     new cfb8673  Fixed some ApacheDS Javadoc errors and warnings
     new bc917ba  Hundreds of Javadoc fixes... More to come (Around 2 000)
     new 84cab1d  One more file with Javadoc fixes
     new 28fd771  Some more ApacheDS javadoc errors/warnings fixes
     new 14bbb14  Some more ApacheDS javadoc errors/warnings fixes
     new caadb1d  Fixed some merge issue
     new 37be382  Core-Jndi and protocol-ldap javadoc fixes
     new 30b512c  Ignored javadoc lint in installers-maven-plugin
     new b8d4d87  Fixed server-config javadoc errors and warnings
     new ca3b275  Fixed server-annotations javadoc errors/warnings
     new ee4383a  Fixed core-annotations javadoc errors and warnings
     new 4b2353d  Fixed the xdbm-partition javadoc errors and warnings
     new 17bf80c  Fixed some of the kerberos-codec javadoc warnings
     new e674273  Activate javadoc with lint, make it so warnings limit is above 100
     new 9eca5ab  Added some missing N&L
     new 40ab08d  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.0.0.AM25
     new 2c7a1b9  [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
     new 7963f3b  Moved the reporting parts out of the maven-site plugin configuration
     new 5396c62  bypass the iteration on attributeTypes
     new 8ba2d05  Use a Dn method to see if an entry is a descendant, instead of checking using the Rdn index
     new c9d8aed  Update the ctxCsnChanged flag when we have written the contextCsn on disk. This saves a lot of useless writes
     new 3dd90c3  Fixed many SonarLint issues (and some potential bugs)
     new 9ba3865  Some more sonarLint fixes
     new 351f253  Some more sonarLint fixes
     new a19cb97  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 66f8cfb  rolled back to surefire 2.19 for osgi-test, to speedup them. Bumped up some dependencies. Refering to LDAP API
     new 1878659  o Fixed many Sonarlint errors
     new b882feb  Updated the copyright date, changed some outdated AL 2.0 license headers
     new 0b95bc1  Bumped up the commons-pool2 version
     new 86929a0  Added the beginTransaction support in the server
     new 6db80d9  Removed useless cursor on reverse index, they are never used
     new e5d1491  o Fixed the StartTransaction implementation: we now generate a transactionID o Referencing the LDAP API 2.0.0-AM3 in ApacheDS
     new 861aff2  Formating
     new 8dba015  o Using Decorator in handlers to avoid using a big switch while encoding messages o Added the EndTransaction Handler o Added the missing txn extendedOperations in the ldap config o a bit of formating
     new 1ea037f  Fixed some compilation errors following the abstract classes renaming in LDAP API
     new 3b5f789  Fixed a compilation error
     new d416575  Minor cleanup
     new b19d715  Remove superfluous plugin configuration. OSGi tests anyway spawn a new JVM because  is used.
     new 4adfc98  Applied patch for DIRSERVER-2247
     new 09a0168  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 21a9a17  Adding a check for Azul JVM. This test class function has to be completely rewtitten, it's complete non-sense...
     new ab92d11  Removed spurious sysout
     new a5f582a  Fixed the test to use the static LdapEnoder class
     new d5e8015  Bumped up commons-collections and commons-lang to version 4 and 3, respectively
     new 8bf99a5  Added the commons-codec explicit dependency
     new 44a22f5  o Applied the SortRequest/Response renaming
     new a5d0e43  Fixed ApacheDS compilation error accordingly to the changes in teh LDAP API controls handling (there are some tests errors that need to be fixed)
     new 7d155cf  Fix OSGi
     new 873b508  Fixed teh server accordingly to the LDAP API control modifications
     new 41ff0c4  o Simplified the replication code, using the SyncInfoValue class
     new 23afdb1  Don't write decorated messages anymore
     new 59d35df  DIRAPI-330: Improve TLS handshake error handling (tests)
     new 9163f20  Fix connection pool tests
     new 6214985  Fix assertions
     new 13fb268  Fix compile error
     new a967693  Fix replication tests
     new 2f415c5  Remove inifinite timeout settings in tests
     new 6300181  Remove inifinite timeout from replication config
     new 0df3a39  Fix wrong property check
     new 55ce3a3  Improve replication tests, remove duplicate wait method, also wait for sync info intermediate response
     new 23e88d8  Reduce test output
     new 4e8a2e6  Extract certificate exception classification to make it reusable. Cleanup test annotations.
     new f28f4aa  Fixed the server compilation issues following the changes in the LDA API
     new d9f4e8d  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 6489706  Used the static Asn1Decoder class
     new a1ffff1  Updating BouncyCastle
     new 46bdfbf  Upgrade Jetty to latest version
     new d560fc9  Merge pull request #10 from coheigea/jetty-upgrade
     new 5d40c41  Bumped up ehcache version to 3.6.1
     new 4ce5d95  Merge branch 'master' of
     new 5b599ac  Fix OSGi issues with ehcache 3
     new 2d1eb6a  Fix OSGi issues with ehcache 3
     new 598558b  Disable Java 7 tests
     new 298ae23  Applied the modification in the LDAP API for the Value.getValue() to Value.getString() method renaming (DIRPAI-328)
     new 08b0c2e  Merge branch 'master' of
     new c93fbc1  Fixed the tests after the change in the default config that now use a default TrustManager
     new 2a7dc89  o Fixed Apache DS build following the removal of Mutable classes
     new bbddbd9  Added the core partition package import which is needed for the kerberos interceptor
     new e9732ed  Replace Jenkinsfile

The 9611 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "add" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

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