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Subject svn commit: r1000675 - in /websites/staging/directory/trunk/content: ./ fortress/download/download-archive.html fortress/index.html
Date Mon, 07 Nov 2016 16:17:55 GMT
Author: buildbot
Date: Mon Nov  7 16:17:54 2016
New Revision: 1000675

Staging update by buildbot for directory

    websites/staging/directory/trunk/content/   (props changed)

Propchange: websites/staging/directory/trunk/content/
--- cms:source-revision (original)
+++ cms:source-revision Mon Nov  7 16:17:54 2016
@@ -1 +1 @@

Modified: websites/staging/directory/trunk/content/fortress/download/download-archive.html
--- websites/staging/directory/trunk/content/fortress/download/download-archive.html (original)
+++ websites/staging/directory/trunk/content/fortress/download/download-archive.html Mon Nov
 7 16:17:54 2016
@@ -184,7 +184,7 @@
-                </td>
+                </td>
                 <td align="right">
                     [<a href="">ASC</a>-<a

Modified: websites/staging/directory/trunk/content/fortress/index.html
--- websites/staging/directory/trunk/content/fortress/index.html (original)
+++ websites/staging/directory/trunk/content/fortress/index.html Mon Nov  7 16:17:54 2016
@@ -188,7 +188,44 @@
 h2:hover > .headerlink, h3:hover > .headerlink, h1:hover > .headerlink, h6:hover
> .headerlink, h4:hover > .headerlink, h5:hover > .headerlink, dt:hover > .elementid-permalink
{ visibility: visible }</style>
 <h1 id="fortress-news">Fortress News<a class="headerlink" href="#fortress-news"
title="Permanent link">&para;</a></h1>
-<h2 class="news">Apache Fortress 1.0.1 Released<em>posted on July 22nd, 2016</em></h2>
+<h2 class="news">Apache Fortress 2.0.0-RC1 Released <em>posted on November 7th,
+<p>The Apache Directory Project announces the fifth release of Fortress.  This major
revision has a couple of changes that have broken backward compatibility with 1.x:</p>
+<p><a href="">FC-183</a> -
Use Apache IANA Number of OID - The LDAP schema uses the Apache Directory's IANA base number
instead of the one from JoshuaTree.  Requires updating existing fortress impls to upgrade
schema using latest:</p>
+<li><a href="">OpenLDAP</a></li>
+<li><a href="">ApacheDS</a></li>
+<li>To ensure the old copy of data works with this release, be sure to export and reimport
data (using ldif format) after the schema has been updated on the LDAP server. </li>
+<p><a href="">FC-194</a> -
Change password representation from a char[] to a String.  Applies to all methods using a
password in the arguments.  If using the fortress-realm, ensure the tomcat instance has the
latest proxy jar also.</p>
+  <li>Other enhancements include:
+    <ul>
+      <li><a href="">FC-116</a>
: Basic ABAC capabilities</li>
+      <li><a href="">FC-144</a>
: Enhanced group-to-role mappings</li>
+      <li><a href="">FC-181</a>
: Multitenancy for Realm and Web</li>
+    </ul>
+  </li>
+  <li>The complete list can be found in this JIRA report:
+    <ul>
+      <li>
+        <a href="">Issues
fixed in this release</a>
+        <br>
+      </li>
+    </ul>
+  </li>
+<h2 class="news">Apache Fortress 1.0.1 Released <em>posted on July 22nd, 2016</em></h2>
 <p>The Apache Directory Project announces the fourth release of Fortress.</p>
 <p>This maintenance release includes the following enhancements:</p>
@@ -206,40 +243,16 @@ h2:hover > .headerlink, h3:hover > .head
 <p>Fortress Web to use Apache Wicket 7.3.0 and Spring 4.3.1</p>
-<p>To learn how to install Fortress and configure for LDAP usage try one of the quickstarts:</p>
-<p><a href="">ApacheDS
&amp; Fortress QUICKSTART</a></p>
-<p><a href="">OpenLDAP
&amp; Fortress QUICKSTART</a></p>
-<p>To understand how it may be used inside a Web app, for access control, check out
these tutorials:</p>
-<p><a href="">Enabling
Java EE and Fortress Security inside an Apache Wicket Web App</a></p>
-<p><a href="">Apache
Fortress End-to-End Security Tutorial</a></p>
-<p>More options:</p>
-<li><a href="installation.html">Installation Guides</a></li>
-<h2 class="news">Apache Fortress 1.0.0 Released<em>posted on April 15th, 2016</em></h2>
+<h2 class="news">Apache Fortress 1.0.0 Released <em>posted on April 15th, 2016</em></h2>
 <p>The Apache Directory Project announces the third release of Fortress which provides
role-based access control, delegated administration and password policies using LDAP servers
like ApacheDS and OpenLDAP.</p>
-<h2 class="news">Apache Fortress 1.0-RC42 Released<em>posted on March 28th, 2016</em></h2>
+<h2 class="news">Apache Fortress 1.0-RC42 Released <em>posted on March 28th,
 <p>The Apache Directory Project announces the second release of Fortress which includes
the Core, Realm, Rest and Web components.</p>
-<p>Dozens of features and bug fixes have been added since the last release.</p>
-<li><a href="">JIRA
Report for fix version is 1.0-RC41 &amp; 1.0-RC42</a></li>
+<p>Dozens of features and bug fixes have been added since the last release.
+    * <a href="">JIRA
Report for fix version is 1.0-RC41 &amp; 1.0-RC42</a></p>
 <p>This is the first time we've released other packages of Realm, Rest and Web components.
 A 1.0 GA release will follow in coming weeks.</p>
-<h2 class="news">Apache Fortress Core 1.0-RC40 released !<em>posted on April
15th, 2015</em></h2>
+<h2 class="news">Apache Fortress Core 1.0-RC40 released ! <em>posted on April
15th, 2015</em></h2>
 <p>The Apache Directory Project is proud to announce the very first release of Fortress
Core, the core library of the Fortress project.</p>
 <p>The Apache Fortress project provides a full ANSI RBAC compliant management and enforcement
system that builds on existing open source applications like ApacheDS, OpenLDAP and Apache

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