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Subject svn commit: r1515414 - in /directory/site/trunk/content: apacheds/news.mdtext mavibot/news.mdtext
Date Mon, 19 Aug 2013 13:47:29 GMT
Author: elecharny
Date: Mon Aug 19 13:47:29 2013
New Revision: 1515414

Added a news in Mavibot and updated the ApacheDS news page


Modified: directory/site/trunk/content/apacheds/news.mdtext
--- directory/site/trunk/content/apacheds/news.mdtext (original)
+++ directory/site/trunk/content/apacheds/news.mdtext Mon Aug 19 13:47:29 2013
@@ -1,5 +1,36 @@
 # News
+## ApacheDS 2.0.0-M15 released _posted on August 18th, 2013_
+The Apache Directory team is pleased to announce the release of ApacheDS 2.0.0-M15, the fifteenth
milestone towards a 2.0 version.
+ApacheDS is an extensible and embeddable directory server entirely written in Java, which
has been certified LDAPv3 compatible by the Open Group. Besides LDAP it supports Kerberos
5 and the Change Password Protocol. It has been designed to introduce triggers, stored procedures,
queues and views to the world of LDAP which has lacked these rich constructs.
+Here is the release note for Apache Directory ApacheDS 2.0.0-M13:
+  * [DIRSERVER-1325]( - Simple Authentication
can not be disabled
+  * [DIRSERVER-1490]( - Not 100% sure,
but the DN caches we have in the 
+Downloads are available [here](downloads.html)
+  * [DIRSERVER-1871]( - Logging Not
Working in M14
+  * [DIRSERVER-1872]( - The JournalInterceptor
is not present in the configuration
+  * [DIRSERVER-1874]( - Persistent search
is not considering the scope of the search
+  * [DIRSERVER-1875]( - Persistent search
is not filtering the attributes before returning entries
+  * [DIRSERVER-1879]( - Incorrect check
on result code done in the PwdModifyResponseImpl constructor
+  * [DIRSERVER-1880]( - ApacheDS failed
to start on boot
+  * [DIRSERVER-1882]( - KertabEncoder.write()
method should take into account the size of the entries list to determine the buffer size
+  * [DIRSERVER-1883]( - Searching for
entries starting at the rootDSE does not work
+  * [DIRSERVER-1049]( - [PERF] Speed
improvement in Search operation
+  * [DIRSERVER-1519]( - [perf] The MoveAndRename
operation is not optimal
+Downloads are available [here](downloads.html)
 ## ApacheDS 2.0.0-M14 released _posted on July 1st, 2013_
 The Apache Directory team is pleased to announce the release of ApacheDS 2.0.0-M14, the forteenth
milestone towards a 2.0 version.

Modified: directory/site/trunk/content/mavibot/news.mdtext
--- directory/site/trunk/content/mavibot/news.mdtext (original)
+++ directory/site/trunk/content/mavibot/news.mdtext Mon Aug 19 13:47:29 2013
@@ -1,4 +1,23 @@
 # News
+## Apache Mavibot 1.0.0-M1 released _posted on August 6th, 2013_
+The Apache Directory team is pleased to announce the release of Apache Mavibot 1.0.0-M1,
the first milestone towards a 1.0 version.
+**Mavibot** is a Multi Version Concurrency Control (MVCC) BTree in Java. It is expected to
be a replacement for JDBM (The current backend for the Apache Directory Server), but could
be a good fit for any other project in need of a Java MVCC BTree implementation.
+This milestone is the first step toward a complete MVCC implementation, it currently does
not handle versions at all. Anyway, it's already a in memory/On disk full BTree implementation,
which is 2 to 3 times faster than JDBM.
+The next milestones will add the missing features :
+- bulk load support
+- multi-version support with free pages management
+- transaction support
+ApacheDS has already been tested with Mavibot 1.0.-M1-SNAPSHOT, and it offers pretty good
performances compared to JDBM, except when we inject a lot of entries in the server.
+Downloads are available [here](downloads.html)
 ## Apache Mavibot added to Apache Directory project _posted on August 6th, 2013_
 We are pround to announce that after less than one year of development in Apache Directory
Labs, the Mavibot project has been accepted as a Apache Directory subproject.

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