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ApacheDS 2.0.0-M7 released

Blog post added by Emmanuel L=C3=A9charny

The Apache Directory team is pleased to announce the release of= ApacheDS 2.0.0-M7, the seventh milestone toward a 2.0 version.

ApacheDS is an extensible and embeddable directory server entirely writt= en in Java, which has been certified LDAPv3 compatible by the Open Group. B= esides LDAP it supports Kerberos 5 and the Change Password Protocol. It has= been designed to introduce triggers, stored procedures, queues and views t= o the world of LDAP which has lacked these rich constructs.

Here is the release note for Apache Directory ApacheDS 2.0.0-M7:

DIRSERVER-1093 - the ResourceRecordEncoder and QuestionRecordEncoder= have bug for empty domainName
DIRSERVER-1697 - Creation of new syntax fails due to ERR_277 Attribute = m-obsolete not declared in objectClasses of entry
DIRSERVER-1698 - Search on entries with multiple AVA in RDN does not wo= rk correctly if the initial RDN order is not used
DIRSERVER-1702 - Adding an index through annotation does not work
DIRSERVER-1712 - If the index are created using their alias, they are d= eleted immediately
DIRSERVER-1711 - Index initialization is taking way too much time
DIRSERVER-1713 - Error on console with first start of clean system <= /p>

Note that this is a milestone, and some parts of the API or configuratio= n can change before the 2.0 GA. We don't have any defined time frame for th= e 2.0-G1 release, we do expect to release a few more milestones before reac= hing the 2.0-GA.

Downloads are available at http://dire=