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TxnLogmanager architecture

Page added by Emmanuel L=C3=A9charny

This class is used to log the transactions in a file. We store = LogEdit instances. Here is the hierarchy for LogEdit :

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When an operation is executed (a modification, we don't log anything for= searches), we will store two or three records :

  • a TXN_BEGIN record, to mark the beginning of a transaction
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  • an optional DataChangeContainer, which will contain all the modified= index and entries
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  • a TXN_COMMIT or TXN_ABORT, depending on the success or failure of th= e operation.

Those elements will be serialized into a UserLogRecord, following these = structures (the UserLogRecord will contains either a TxnStateChange or a Da= taChangeContainer) :

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All those structure will be serialized using the minimal size, so we use= Externizable classes and we use readExternal() and writeExternal() directl= y, to save some bytes and time (this serialization is done in a locked sect= ion).