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Apache Directory Ser= ver 2.0.0-M2 released !

Blog post added by Emmanuel L=C3=A9charny


Apache Directory team is pleased to announce the release of Apache Direc= tory Server version 2.0.0-M2, which is the second milestone toward a 2.0 ve= rsion.

This version is the first one which include a working Master-Slave repli= cation, plus many other bug fixes.

It has to be noted that we are not using anymore the server.xml configur= ation file, as all the configuration is now stored in the DIT.

Some part of the server are now OSGi compliant, and we want the 2.0-GA t= o be fully OSGi compliant.

Note that this is a milestone, and some parts of the API or configuratio= n can change before the 2.0 GA. We don't have any defined time frame for th= e 2.0-G1 release, we do expect to release a few more milestones before reac= hing the 2.0-GA.

Downloads are available at http://dire=