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Releasing ApacheDS

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This will show you how to build and release the ApacheDS subproject. Ke= ep an eye out for warning and note sections that show version specific diff= erences in this process.

Manual Step

Some things have not yet been automated with maven and require users to = manually edit some files. Below are the steps to follow.

Update service/ and service/apacheds.bat

Edit the files in the service project directory to updat= e the revision numbers used in that file to reference non-SNAPSHOT releases= .

Release process

Since we are using Nexus for releases the release process is as follows = (see also http://www.apac=

1. Test the Project<= /h3>
$ mvn release:prepare -DdryRun=3Dtrue

Replace the version by the new version. Be careful, and remove the 'apac= heds-parent-' which is proposed for the new tag. We should just use the ver= sion number.

2. Deploy a Snapsho= t

$ mvn deploy

This is useful to verify your settings in ~/.m2/settings.xml (Nexus pass= word and GPG key)

3. Prepare the Re= lease

$ mvn release:clean
$ mvn release:prepare

This creates a tag here: http://svn.apac=

4. Stage the Releas= e

$ mvn release:perform

This deploys the release to a staging repository. Go to sitories and close the staging repository.

5. Deploy the Site
$ cd target/checkout
$ mvn site-deploy

This creates and deploys the site via ssh to

Edit the dex.html file and add the deployed site to the list.

3D""Now, you have to sign the binary package= s which are in apacheds/target/checkout/target.

Use your PGP key ID (the pub key, 4096R/[XXXXXXX] where [XXXXXXX] is the= key ID)

6. Publish Source and Binary Distribution Packages

$ cd target/checkout/target
$ scp apacheds-parent-<version>* people.apache.or=

Test the new versio= n

The best way to do that is to download the sources, extract them, build = the server and the installers, and check if the installers are correctly wo= rking. Then check that the server is correctly running.

8. Vote

Start a 72h vote at the dev mailing list.

9. Release

If the vote succeeds Apacheds project can be released.

Go to https://repository.apache.o= rg/index.html#stagingRepositories and release the staging repository so= all artifacts are published to Maven central.

Move the distribution packages to ist/directory/apacheds/stable.