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Subject [CONF] Apache Directory SandBox > Implementing a simple interceptor
Date Sun, 07 Feb 2010 09:54:04 GMT
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    <h2><a href="">Implementing
a simple interceptor</a></h2>
        <b>commented</b> by              <a href="">Emmanuel
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	<li>The right place to put this interceptor would be just after Normalization, if we
consider that such an interceptor is adding some semantic to a client request. From the server
logic, it should be considered as an user provided information, before it manipulate it.</li>
	<li>Slight optimization : you don't have to loop on the entry's attributes to get the
password Attribute. Simply get it from the entry : entry.get( "userPassword' ); No need to
take care of the attribute case, it's done internally by the get method (at this point, the
Entry is schema aware and will normalize the value and use the appropriate Comparator)</li>
	<li>Otherwise, it's just fine !</li>


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