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Subject svn commit: r901735 [2/2] - in /directory/apacheds/trunk: core-integ/src/test/java/org/apache/directory/server/core/operations/bind/ core/src/main/java/org/apache/directory/server/core/ core/src/main/java/org/apache/directory/server/core/authn/ core/sr...
Date Thu, 21 Jan 2010 15:18:21 GMT
Modified: directory/apacheds/trunk/i18n/src/main/resources/org/apache/directory/server/i18n/
--- directory/apacheds/trunk/i18n/src/main/resources/org/apache/directory/server/i18n/
+++ directory/apacheds/trunk/i18n/src/main/resources/org/apache/directory/server/i18n/
Thu Jan 21 15:18:08 2010
@@ -249,5 +249,175 @@
 ERR_225=[36] aliasDereferencingProblem - the alias points to an entry outside of the {0}
namingContext to an object whose existance cannot be determined.
 ERR_226=[33] aliasProblem - the alias when dereferenced would not name a known object the
aliasedObjectName must be set to a valid existing entry.
 ERR_227=[36] aliasDereferencingProblem - the alias points to another alias.  Alias chaining
is not supported by this backend.
+ERR_228=Anonymous bind NOT permitted!
+ERR_229=Cannot authenticate user {0}
+ERR_230=Password not correct for user '{0}'
+ERR_231=Failed to lookup user for authentication: {0}
+ERR_232=Unexpected protectedItem: {0}
+ERR_233=Unexpected userClass: {0}
+ERR_234=The rootDSE cannot be moved or renamed!
+ERR_235=Undefined modify operation value of {0}
+ERR_236=The ChangeLog has not been enabled.
+ERR_237=The underlying changelog store does not support searching through it's logs
+ERR_238=The underlying changelog store does not support searching through it's tags
+ERR_239=revision must be greater than or equal to 0
+ERR_240=revision must be less than or equal to the current revision
+ERR_241=Collective attributes cannot be stored in non-collectiveAttributeSubentries {0}
+ERR_242=Cannot operate on collective attributes in non-collectiveAttributeSubentries
+ERR_243=Negation has no child: {0}
+ERR_244=Unrecognized branch node operator: {0}
+ERR_245=Unrecognized leaf node type: {0}
+ERR_246=Unknown match type: {0}
+ERR_247=Unrecognized search scope!
+ERR_248=SubstringNode '{0}' had incorrect syntax
+ERR_249=The global schema subentry cannot be added since it exists by default.
+ERR_250={0} already exists!
+ERR_251=Parent {0} not found
+ERR_252=Attempt to add entry to alias '{0}' not allowed.
+ERR_253=Can not allow the deletion of the subschemaSubentry ({0}) for the global schema.
+ERR_254=Trying to add existing value '{0}' to attribute {1}
+ERR_255=Can not allow the renaming of the subschemaSubentry ({0}) for the global schema:
it is fixed at {1}
+ERR_256=target entry {0} does not exist!
+ERR_257=target entry {0} already exists!
+ERR_258=Can not allow the move of the subschemaSubentry ({0}) for the global schema\: it
is fixed at {1} 
+ERR_259=Attempt to search under non-existant entry\:  
+ERR_260=Unknown assertion type: {0}
+ERR_261=Failed to expand node
+ERR_262=System partition has wrong name: should be 'system' not '{0}'.
+ERR_263=Duplicate partition suffix: {0}
+ERR_264=The id cannot be set for the partition nexus.
+ERR_265=Grouping many exceptions on root nexus sync()
+ERR_266={0} not found within the attributeType registry
+ERR_267=The current partition does not have any suffix: {0}
+ERR_268=Cannot find a partition for {0}
+ERR_269=userRoot() in not implemented!
+ERR_270=Failed to set up node.
+ERR_271=Failed to get SPI.
+ERR_272=Modify operation leaves no structural objectClass for entry {0}
+ERR_273=Modify operation attempts to delete RDN attribute {0} on entry {1} violates schema
+ERR_274=Modify operation attempts to delete RDN attribute values in use for {0} on entry
{1} and violates schema constraints
+ERR_275={0} not found in attribute registry!
+ERR_276=At least two name components are expected for the dn
+ERR_277=Attribute {0} not declared in objectClasses of entry {1}
+ERR_278=More than one value has been provided for the single-valued attribute: {0}
+ERR_279=Required attributes {0} not found within entry {1}
+ERR_280=Attribute value '{0}' for attribute '{1}' is syntactically incorrect
+ERR_281=The value is not a valid String
+ERR_282=The value stored in an Human Readable attribute is not a String
+ERR_283=Modify REPLACE operations on schema subentries are not allowed: it's just silly to
destroy and recreate so many \nschema entities that reside in schema operational attributes.
 Instead use \na targeted combination of modify ADD and REMOVE operations.
+ERR_284=Undefined modify operation: {0}
+ERR_285=Unknown index into handler array: {0}
+ERR_286=Failed to get BC Certificate factory for algorithm: X.509
+ERR_287=Bad certificate format.
+ERR_288=Failed to get key factory for algorithm: {0}
+ERR_289=Bad private key format.
+ERR_290=Bad public key format.
+ERR_291=Cannot generate key pair for TLS
+ERR_292=Cannot generate self signed certificate.
+ERR_293=Class {0} not found in DIT.
+ERR_294=Stored Procedure Language, {0} is not supported.
+ERR_295=node cannot be null
+ERR_296=objectClasses cannot be null
+ERR_297=Attribute objectClasses should be of id 'objectClass'
+ERR_298=Negation has no child: {0}
+ERR_299=Unrecognized branch node operator: {0}
+ERR_300=node cannot be null
+ERR_301=Unrecognized assertion type for refinement node: {0}
+ERR_302=Refinement leaf node attribute was {0}
+ERR_303=objectClasses argument cannot be null
+ERR_304=objectClasses attribute must be for ID 'objectClass'
+ERR_305=A subentry must have an objectClass attribute
+ERR_306=Administration point {0} does not contain an administrativeRole attribute! An administrativeRole
attribute in the administrative point is required to add a subordinate subentry.
+ERR_307=Failed while parsing subtreeSpecification for {0}
+ERR_308=Will not allow rename operation on entries with administrative descendants.
+ERR_309=Bad value for the OID {0}
+ERR_310=The change log must be enabled to revert to previous log revisions.
+ERR_311=There must be at least one tag to revert to the latest tag.
+ERR_312=can't rename the rootDSE
+ERR_313=revision must be greater than or equal to 0
+ERR_314=revision must be less than the current revision
+ERR_315=cannot create an entry under a referral when the Context.REFERRAL is set to 'ignore'
+ERR_316=Directory service is not started.

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