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Subject [CONF] Apache Directory Server v1.5 > ObjectClass Registry
Date Mon, 23 Nov 2009 14:39:00 GMT
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     <h2><s>ObjectClass Registry</s></h2>
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<h1><a name="ObjectClassRegistry-Introduction"></a>Introduction</h1>

<p>The <b>ObjectClassRegistry</b> is used to relate <b>OID</b>,
name and schema for an <b>ObjectClass</b>. The following picture present the relations
between those four elements :<br/>
<div align="center"><img src="/confluence/download/attachments/29475/objectclassRE.png"
border="0" /></div></p>

<p>Basically, a <em>schema</em> contains one or more <b>ObjectClass</b>
(it can contains 0, but we won't see it in the <b>ObjectClassRegistry</b> in this
case), an <b>ObjectClass</b> has a unique <b>OID</b> and may have
more than one name.</p>

<p>A name is associated with only one <b>OID</b> and one <b>ObjectClass</b>.</p>

<p>An <b>OID</b> is associated with only one <b>ObjectClass</b>
but with one to many names.</p>

<h2><a name="ObjectClassRegistry-Implementation"></a>Implementation</h2>

<p>We wil have to use some structures to ease the work of the server. Again, we will
favor speed against memory, because those structures are very often read and almost never

<p>The importants data we want to store are : </p>

<p>We don't really have an <b>ObjectClass</b> object, because as we have
a 1-1 relation between <b>OID</b> and <b>ObjectClass</b>, we don't
need it. As soon as we have found an <b>OID</b> into the data structure inside
the <b>ObjectClassRegistry</b>, we know that this data represent an <b>ObjectClass</b>.

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