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Sources for the Apache Directory projects are currently managed through Subversion (SVN). For each project you can find a detailed description how to checkout and build the source on the project documentation. This page is just a short overview.

Web Access to Subversion

If you just want to browse the source code, you can use the web interface to Subversion. This is current at all times.

Normal Subversion Access

Anyone can check code out of Subversion. You only need to specify a username and password in order to update the Subversion repository, and only Directory committers have the permissions to do that. We run Subversion over standard HTTPS, so hopefully you won't have problems with intervening firewalls.

Check out from Subversion

Again, anyone can do this. Use a command like:

svn checkout

to check out the current version of the server, for instance.

The following table displays the URL of each project, and the URL where you can find information about how to build each project.

Subproject/Documentation SVN URL
ApacheDS 1.0
ApacheDS 1.5 (dev)
Apache Directory Studio

Commit Changes to Subversion

Any Directory committer should have a shell account on Before you can commit, you'll need to set a Subversion password for yourself. To do that, log in to and run the command svnpasswd.

Once your password is set, you can use a command like this to commit:

svn commit

If Subversion can't figure out your username, you can tell it explicitly:

svn --username you commit

Subversion will prompt you for a password, and once you enter it once, it will remember it for you. Note this is the password you configured with svnpasswd, not your shell or other password.

For committers to be able to commit modification, they should have had checked out the project files using https instead of http.

Read Only Git Repositories

There are also read only git repositories, which are mirroring the subversion repositories.

directory-clients.git Apache Directory Clients git://
directory-daemon.git Apache Directory Daemon git://
directory-installers.git Apache Directory Installers git://
directory-project.git Apache Directory Project git://
directory-samples.git Apache Directory Samples git://
directory-server.git Apache Directory Server git://
directory-shared.git Apache Directory Shared git://
directory-skins.git Apache Directory Skins git://
directory-studio-plugin.git Apache Directory Studio Plugin git://
directory-studio.git Apache Directory Studio git://

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