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This site is in the process of being reviewed and updated.

Architectur= al Overview


A partition is a physically distinct store for a subset of the entries c= ontained within a DSA (Directory Server/Service Agent A.K.A the LDAP server= ). The entries of a partition all share the same suffix which is the distin= guished name of the namingContext from which the stored entries in the part= ition are hung from the DIT. A partition can be implemented using any stora= ge mechanism or can even be backed in memory. The default storage mechanism= for a partition is JDBM. The addition of such a partition is described in = the Basic User's Guide. A= partition with a different storage mechanism simply has to implement the P= artition interface and by doing so can be mounted in the server at it's suf= fix/namingContext (described here).

The server can have any number of partitions (with any implementation) a= ttached to various namingContexts which are published by the RootDSE (empty= string dn "") using the namingContexts operational attribute. So if you w= ant to see the partitions served by the server you can query the RootDSE fo= r this information.