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Open Group LDAP certification

The LDAP Certified program was defined by The Open Group's Directory Interoperability Forum. It signifies guaranteed conformance of directory servers to Version 3 of the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP).

Learn more about certification at the Open Group here: The Open Group: Certification

Some history

We initially discovered the LDAP services provided by The Open Group in August 2005. Our first action was to get our server listed in a comprehensive LDAP Product Matrix, which was comprised of commercial and open source products that used the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol.

The LDAP certification program was the next thing we were interested in. We were seeking for some confidence that our server, which was designed from scratch, behaves like an arbitrary LDAP client would expect it to do. The certification seemed to be a promising, but also challenging option to accomplish this.

ApacheDS 1.0 and certification

Due to a gracious donation by The Open Group we were able to use the test suite and get our server certified for the base profile of the LDAP certification program on 27-Sep-2006. Here is the press release by the Open Group (title: "The Apache Software Foundation Is Latest Technology Leader To Embrace LDAP Standard And Achieve Open Group Certification").

The following page contains a copy of the Brand Certificate and the environment used for the test.

In September 2007 The Open Group has approved the extension of this certification for ApacheDS 1.0 for an additional one year term. Here is the corresponding press release by the Apache Software Foundation.

In September 2008 The Open Group again confirmed the compliance of our server for another year, and we are very proud of that.

We continue our commitment

We continue to use the test suite to confirm that each official release of ApacheDS 1.0 is still compliant according The Open Group. Furthermore we anticipate continued close collaboration with The Open Group, and aim to gain certification for our current development stream, ApacheDS 2.0, in advance of its first stable release.

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