Releasing Studio has been created by Felix Knecht (Sep 17, 2008).


For these examples we'll presume a release on trunk of studio. For releases on the tags or branches change the svn checkout line to accomodate.

$ svn co studio
$ cd studio
$ mvn -Prelease -DdryRun=true release:prepare    # Dry-run first.  
... Make sure the change made by the release plugin is correct!
$ mvn release:clean      # Clean up the temporary files created by the dry-run.
$ mvn -Prelease release:prepare    # Copy to tags directory.
$ mvn -Prelease release:perform    # Upload the released artifacts to the maven repository.
... Make sure the jars/poms and their signature files are properly deployed to the m2-ibiblio-sync 
... repository on before running the clean goal or else you cannot rollback the
... release.
$ mvn release:clean      # Clean up the temporary files.

During the prepare goal's execution you'll be asked a number of questions. Please pay close attention to each question instead of hitting return everytime. In particular there is a question about what you want to call the tag. If you do not specify the correct tag which should be the release number in this case, maven will use build- instead without the build- prefix. We don't want that so pay attention. Look here if you have any questins regarding what release tags should be for the shared subproject:

These commands will build, tag, sign, and deploy studio artifacts and their signature files to the repository. Check the following URLs during different stages of the process to see Maven at work:

Stage URL
after release:prepare
during release:perform

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