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Subject svn commit: r574267 - /directory/studio/trunk/docs/Release Notes.txt
Date Mon, 10 Sep 2007 14:49:26 GMT
Author: pamarcelot
Date: Mon Sep 10 07:49:25 2007
New Revision: 574267

Updated Release Notes

    directory/studio/trunk/docs/Release Notes.txt

Modified: directory/studio/trunk/docs/Release Notes.txt
--- directory/studio/trunk/docs/Release Notes.txt (original)
+++ directory/studio/trunk/docs/Release Notes.txt Mon Sep 10 07:49:25 2007
@@ -1,5 +1,11 @@
 Release Notes
+Apache Directory Studio 1.0.1
  * [DIRSTUDIO-162] - Delete old RDN on rename has no effect
  * [DIRSTUDIO-180] - Connection
wizard and properties tabs are out of order
  * [DIRSTUDIO-183] - It's not possible to select
a Connection in a New Search
  * [DIRSTUDIO-186] - When copying an entry it isn't displayed
correctly in the browser tree
  * [DIRSTUDIO-190] - SSL connections are no longer working

 * [DIRSTUDIO-185] - Provide completion for all attribute types in the attribute wizard

 * [DIRSTUDIO-181] - Update the documentation of the Schema Editor Plugin
  * [DIRSTUDIO-188]
- Move LDIF Editor help to its own help plugin
 Apache Directory Studio 1.0.0
  * [DIRSTUDIO-131] - Rename package names and plugin IDs for ldap browser plugins
and features
  * [DIRSTUDIO-140] - Add Eclipse Intro mecanism to the Apache Directory Studio
RCP plugin
  * [DIRSTUDIO-141] - Add content to Apache Directory Studio Intro
  * [DIRSTUDIO-177]
- Update dependencies on Apache DS jars

  * [DIRSTUDIO-73] - Password appears in clear
 * [DIRSTUDIO-96] - installation into existing Eclipse ruins key bindings for JDT
  * [DIRSTUDIO-101]
- Configuration lost on brutal exit
  * [DIRSTUDIO-110] - No DIT shown when opening a connection
with the 'open' icon
  * [DIRSTUDIO-117] - Double click attribute to rename entry displays
two dialog boxes
  * [DIRSTUDIO-127] - Missing ASL 2.0 headers in files
for ACIEditor
  * [DIRSTUDIO-149] - Problems with the slash / in DN
  * [DIRSTUDIO-168] -
NPE when opening search dialog and connection is closed
  * [DIRSTUDIO-172] - Syntax length
definitions in schemas exported from LDAP Studio th
 rows exception on Apache DS start-up.

  * [DIRSTUDIO-47] - Improve filter widget
and filter editor dialog
  * [DIRSTUDIO-67] - Clear "Modification Logs" functionality missing
 * [DIRSTUDIO-75] - Improve LDAP Studio build system
  * [DIRSTUDIO-93] - Add server detection
for ApacheDS and TivoliDS on RootDSE property page
  * [DIRSTUDIO-99] - Display both OID and
text for controls etc. in the property page of the Root DSE
  * [DIRSTUDIO-102] - Add descriptions
for OIDs for LDAP controls and extended ops specific to IBM Tivoli Directory Server
  * [DIRSTUDIO-103]
- Include Apache brand in splash screen of RCP application
  * [DIRSTUDIO-104] - Add "Apache"
prefix to window title of RCP Application
  * [DIRSTUDIO-105] - Add descriptions for OIDs
for LDAP controls and extended ops specific to Netscape Directory Server
  * [DIRSTUDIO-106]
- Add descriptions for OIDs for LDAP controls and extended ops specific to MS Active Directory
 * [DIRSTUDIO-108] - Superlasses
  [DIRSTUDIO-122] - Schema editor should allow a user to add an OID in the Syntax input box
 * [DIRSTUDIO-125] - Bootstrap Ivy
  * [DIRSTUDIO-151] - Simplify IValueEditor interface
 * [DIRSTUDIO-158] - Create a separte connection plugin
  * [DIRSTUDIO-165] - Add the version
number of Apache Directory Studio in the "About window" of the RCP application
  * [DIRSTUDIO-169]
- Make connection parameters editable even if the connection is opened
  * [DIRSTUDIO-174]
- Use an unique ID as connection identifier instead of the connection name

New Feature
* [DIRSTUDIO-90] - Add a Welcome view that is displayed at first launch

  * [DIRSTUDIO-113]
- Rename "LDAP Studio" to "Apache Directory Studio"
  * [DIRSTUDIO-129] - Rename project names
in trunk
  * [DIRSTUDIO-130] - Rename package names and plugin IDs
  * [DIRSTUDIO-159] - Create
a separte feature project for the LDIF Editor

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