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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Directory Wiki] Update of "MinaIrcMeeting/20060509" by TrustinLee
Date Fri, 12 May 2006 06:06:08 GMT
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Added the chat log of the mina irc meeting held on May 9, 2006

New page:
= Summary =

= Full Log =

22:10:25 <trustin>      proyal, are you back?
22:12:28              * doniv (n=Vinod@ 님께서 대화방 #directory-dev에
22:12:46 <trustin>      Hi doniv
22:12:53 <doniv>        hi guys.. sorry i'm a bit late
22:13:03 <trustin>      no worries.  we didn't start yet
22:13:03              * doniv is Vinod Panicker
22:13:12 <doniv>        oh cool
22:13:27 <trustin>      Other committers are not responding so we're waiting for them
for a while.
22:13:37 <doniv>        alright
22:13:47 <trustin>      Let's wait for another 7 minutes and start.
22:14:07 <vrm>          Hi
22:15:18 <doniv>        hi vrm
22:15:21 <doniv>        vrm = ?
22:15:28 <vrm>          Julien Vermillard
22:15:33 <vrm>          try /whois :)
22:15:44 <proyal>       trustin: i'm back :)
22:15:48 <proyal>       was i off by an hour?
22:15:50 <trustin>      Great.
22:15:55 <proyal>       (got here an hour ago thinking it was then)
22:16:02 <trustin>      Dunno :)
22:16:10 <proyal>       heh, good then :)
22:16:14 <trustin>      It seems like Dave has a firewall problem.
22:16:33 <trustin>      I pinged him several minutes ago but it seems like he's away
from his PC now.
22:16:54 <trustin>      It's too bad that niklas is not here.
22:17:14 <trustin>      Anyway... shall we start?
22:17:34 <proyal>       yup!
22:17:42 <trustin>      OK..
22:18:33 <trustin>      As all you guys know we've been releasing 5 releases since 0.8.2
is released.
22:19:01 <trustin>      But we still have a lot of issues to resolve:
22:19:16 <trustin>
22:19:42              * luke_red5 (n=luke@ 님께서 대화방 #directory-dev에
22:19:51 <trustin>      And our feature addition is slowing down these days unfortunately
for some reason.
22:20:16 <trustin>      I got a new job and it's taking up quite a lot of time and I
guess it is same for other contributors.
22:20:25 <luke_red5>    ello all, I will probably just hang out, and listen in. 
22:20:31 <trustin>      Hi luke_red5 
22:20:36 <trustin>      Good to see you!
22:21:09 <luke_red5>    :) thanks for working on mina guys. 
22:21:10 <trustin>      In this meeting, I'd like to know which issues are on demand
and therefore required to be fixed sooner.
22:21:39 <trustin>      .. so we can set our road map to 1.0 more effectively.
22:22:18 <proyal>       one thing that would help, is if people voted on issues in jira
that they care about
22:22:30 <doniv>        proyal: thats a good idea
22:22:34 <trustin>      Sounds great.
22:22:45 <doniv>        how many votes are available?
22:22:59 <proyal>       i believe that every user can vote for an issue once
22:23:19 <proyal>       yes, you get one vote per issue
22:23:32 <doniv>        cumulative - no limit?
22:23:35 <proyal>       correct, no limit
22:23:48 <trustin>      JIRA is very slow
22:23:55 <doniv>        lol, yea
22:24:08 <doniv>        is it congenital or is it coz of the hardware?
22:24:18 <trustin>      How can I list issues which are voted mostly?
22:24:24 <proyal>       partially congenital, since iirc they don't ship with any DB
22:24:28 <trustin>      It has been always slow hehe
22:24:43 <vrm>          I heard some Apache Innfra guys saying it's a Java software
22:25:11 <doniv>        possible
22:25:39 <vrm>          was more a troll than a serious statement
22:25:42 <trustin>      OK guys we have 33 open issues so let's just open them randomly
and find out which issues got votes.
22:25:44 <proyal>       trustin: i think you have to add the column to the issue navigator,
i'm trying that now.. but.. it sslow :)
22:25:53 <doniv>        "Service Temporarily Unavailable"
22:26:14 <vrm>          was working 3 minutes before :/
22:26:19 <doniv>        mina effect
22:26:33 <trustin>      Actually the issue with most vote got one vote AFAIK hehe
22:26:52 <proyal>       heh, since no-one is using it yet :)
22:27:06 <trustin>      :)
22:27:10 <trustin>      JIRA is down :(
22:27:35 <luke_red5>    :) lol, i was just about to add that resuse address possible
22:27:50 <trustin>      While JIRA is up again, let's talk about important issues that
everyone here want to address.
22:27:55 <doniv>        luke_red5: isnt reuse address an issue with linux jre
22:28:02 <luke_red5>    yes
22:28:15 <luke_red5>    so its not mina just jre on linux?
22:28:31 <luke_red5>    only happens on linux and osx 
22:28:32 <doniv>        thats what i've seen
22:28:40 <luke_red5>    and only some times
22:28:42 <trustin>      I think people here are the biggest users who got much more
concern than others.  So I'd like to respect all of your opinions.
22:29:16 <trustin>      luke_red5, it is because the file descriptor is disposed when
GC occurrs.
22:29:32 <trustin>      luke_red5, it's a known issue.  there was a JIRA issue hehe
22:29:42 <luke_red5>    ok, cool
22:29:59 <doniv>        DIRMINA-206 is really critical
22:30:06 <doniv>        the outofmemory issue
22:30:34 <trustin>      I didn't look into it yet.
22:31:02 <luke_red5>    thanks trustin, just wanted to make sure it was reported
22:31:06 <trustin>      proyal, do you have any idea on DIRMINA-206?
22:31:48 <trustin>      doniv, could you explain the issue a little bit/
22:31:49 <trustin>      ?
22:32:04 <vrm>          could help,I can't open the jira page :(
22:32:20 <doniv>        2 mins
22:32:21 <trustin>      Me either
22:32:31 <doniv>        will paste the link
22:32:32 <luke_red5>    i found it in an email
22:32:33 <doniv>        to the archive
22:32:36 <luke_red5>    MINA doesn't throttle read or write traffic even if a client
or a server suffers from bottleneck.  It will eventually cause the event buffer become full
can throw an OutOfMemoryError.  We need to prevent it.
22:32:44 <doniv>        cool
22:32:45 <doniv>        thats it
22:33:18 <trustin>      Ah I got it. It was scheduled for 0.9.5 right?
22:34:06 <lneves>       yes.. it was... I was looking at it a while ago
22:34:16 <trustin>      Anyone got a list of all open issues?  If so, it would be nice
he can paste the list to
22:34:44 <doniv>        i've got the first page
22:34:48 <trustin>      I closed all tabs unfortunately.
22:34:58 <trustin>      Great.  Let's start from the first page :)
22:36:15 <trustin>      doniv, could you paste the list?
22:36:35 <doniv>
22:37:19 <trustin>      Great.  Everyone browsing the URL?
22:37:28 <proyal>       yup
22:37:30 <luke_red5>    yup
22:37:36 <trustin>      GReat.
22:38:25 <proyal>       -144 and -196 might be duplicates? or at least candidates for
22:38:25 <trustin>      Any issues you want to address first?
22:38:56 <proyal>       sure! we were discussing -184 briefly before you arrived..
22:38:57 <trustin>      Hmm makes sense.
22:39:02 <proyal>       that's the pluggable ThreadPoolFilter
22:39:06 <trustin>      Ah I see.
22:39:16 <proyal>       was thinking that perhaps we can create a new java5 module to
put that in?
22:39:39 <proyal>       thus, java5 users could then use the alternate TPF that could
use the ThreadPoolExec
22:39:43 <lneves>       jira seems to be up again... albeit slow
22:39:54 <trustin>      What do you think about choosing issues required for 1.0?
22:40:08 <proyal>       a good approach :)
22:40:09 <trustin>      so we can move schedule some issues to 1.1 branch?
22:40:21 <doniv>
22:40:25 <doniv>        page 2
22:40:27 <doniv>        jira is back up
22:40:35 <trustin>      Great.  Now we got the whole pages.
22:41:07 <trustin>      Everyone, could you list the issues which has to be included
in 1.0?
22:41:21 <doniv>        i wanted to add another issue
22:41:26 <doniv>        regarding bytebuffer allocation
22:41:28 <doniv>        reallocation actually
22:41:49 <trustin>      Isn't there 'expand' method already?
22:41:51 <doniv>        a 2x increase that is being done right now can be optimized
22:42:13 <proyal>       optimized in what manner?
22:42:19 <doniv>        instead of 2x
22:42:25 <doniv>        reallocate on need basis
22:42:33 <doniv>        my server also needs to handle file transfers
22:42:47 <proyal>       i think that's partially an artifact of the pooling
22:42:51 <doniv>        so memory allocation will become an issue
22:43:01 <proyal>       since it makes the pool easy since it just stores sets by ^2
22:43:08 <proyal>       if not pooling, no need to do the increases like that
22:43:38 <trustin>      right.
22:44:14 <doniv>        my requirement is only that memory should be allocated carefully
22:44:21 <doniv>        only on a need basis
22:44:27 <doniv>        if that is getting addressed, no issues
22:44:40 <proyal>       doniv: have you had problems with the existing allocation in
your tests?
22:44:53 <doniv>        havent gotten around to a load test yet
22:44:58 <trustin>      hmm..
22:44:59 <doniv>        should happen in the next few weeks
22:45:01 <proyal>       ah, k
22:45:17 <proyal>       since the pool now expires unused buffers, you might be okay
with what we have now
22:45:26 <trustin>      I feel so many issues should be fixed before 1.0 is released.
22:45:43 <proyal>       i think we should at least fix all bugs
22:45:55 <trustin>      Yes.  All bugs should be fixed in the next released.
22:45:59 <proyal>       some things, like filters, as long as the API is stable, they
can be released somewhat independently
22:46:01 <trustin>      released -> release.
22:46:08 <trustin>      Exactly.
22:46:43 <trustin>      Then what we have to resolve is what affects the API.
22:46:56 <proyal>       correct
22:47:06 <proyal>       a decision on ByteBuffer allocation will be good
22:47:10 <trustin>      k then let's list them... let me see
22:47:19 <trustin>      yeah great idea.
22:47:52 <doniv>        i'd also like to see more support for stream based i/o
22:48:02 <doniv>        thats currently kinda on the back burner
22:48:06 <luke_red5>    i have a q about byte buffer methods, but i will wait till you
guys have chatted over the open issues
22:48:23 <proyal>       ByteBuffer allocation is
22:49:11 <trustin>      DIRMINA-210 	Investigate removal of static methods in ByteBuffer
22:49:11 <trustin>      DIRMINA-206 	Prevent OutOfMemoryError when a server or a client
is overloaded
22:49:11 <trustin>      DIRMINA-205 	Create a utility to list ports and sockets being
22:49:11 <trustin>      DIRMINA-194 	Extract Reactor from Acceptor and Connector like
ACE in C++.
22:49:11 <trustin>      DIRMINA-184 	Allow ThreadPool used by ThreadPoolFilter to be
22:49:11 <trustin>      DIRMINA-166 	Common internal messages that can be shared by
filters and transport implementations
22:49:11 <trustin>      DIRMINA-128  	 IoSession.shutdown(TrafficMask)
22:49:11 <trustin>      DIRMINA-68 	Automatic reconnect configuration for client channels.
22:49:39 <trustin>      These are the issues which will affect the API.  Some will just
add a few methods.
22:49:43 <proyal>       trustin, i like your idea about ByteBuffer.allocate, but i'd
want to keep the existing way of doing it via statics, rather than having it check to the
current thread.. ByteBuffer.allocate() would basically be a deprecated way.. IoSession.getAllocator().allocate()
would be preferred (when the user wants pooling)
22:50:37 <luke_red5>    205 isnt critical for us, but I guess it would effect the spring
api part
22:50:47 <trustin>      proyal, yes it's simpler way for us.  But IoSession.getAllocator().allocate()
takes more time to type hmm..
22:51:04 <trustin>      luke_red5, yes it's an API addition.
22:51:29 <luke_red5>    i guess integration isnt that core to mina, at least i dont
mind updating as we go
22:51:59 <vrm>          I don't care much about memory pooling optimisations, I would
hate to need to type IoSession.getAllocator().allocate() :)
22:52:01 <proyal>       trustin: right, that's the downside, more typing..
22:52:03 <trustin>      You're right.  It's a good-to-have feature.
22:52:30 <proyal>       i'm also 100% fine with leaving ByteBuffer allocation as-is
22:52:30 <trustin>      Perhaps we could provide a method in IoHandlerAdapter.
22:52:47 <trustin>      IoHandlerAdapter.allocate(session, size)?
22:53:00 <trustin>      as a static method?
22:53:23 <proyal>       trustin, heck, ByteBuffer.allocate( session, size) then..
22:53:34 <trustin>      ahhh you're right, proyal 
22:53:44 <trustin>      that would be very nice.
22:53:47 <proyal>       dunno if that's mixing the two interfaces together unnecessarily
22:53:55 <luke_red5>    will it still be possible to allocate without a session
22:53:57 <proyal>       but the general idea is fine
22:54:01 <doniv>        that will create an unnecessary dep
22:54:09 <trustin>      hmm right.
22:54:17 <trustin>      though they are in the same package.
22:54:40 <doniv>        starts getting ugly when u test bytebuffer
22:54:57 <trustin>      It might be OK because these static methods are just a utility.
22:55:14 <trustin>      yeah we'll need a mock object.
22:56:21 <proyal>       luke_red5: yes, would be able to allocate w/o a session, just
that there would be an Allocator per-IoHandler or such
22:56:26 <luke_red5>    can someone tell me why the session is needed to be passed in.
Will you set the allocator for the session?
22:56:50 <luke_red5>    ok :) you answered before i asked :)
22:57:03 <proyal>       so you could always instantiate your own allocator and allocate
from that
22:57:46 <trustin>      Anyway, we can talk about this issue more deeply.  I think what
we have to focus now is to decide what issue to consider sooner. :)
22:57:55 <proyal>       yes, lets continue on
22:57:59 <proyal>       i'll add some notes to the jira for that
22:58:11 <trustin>      Great.
22:58:22 <vrm>          for sure ByteBuffer will have a great impact on API so it's
before 1.0 ?
22:58:27 <proyal>       vrm: correct
22:58:56 <trustin>      DIRMINA-210, DIRMINA-206, DIRMINA-194, DIRMINA-166 can affect
the API seriously.  WDYT?
22:59:23 <trustin>      DIRMINA-210 	Investigate removal of static methods in ByteBuffer
22:59:23 <trustin>      DIRMINA-206 	Prevent OutOfMemoryError when a server or a client
is overloaded
22:59:23 <trustin>      DIRMINA-194 	Extract Reactor from Acceptor and Connector like
ACE in C++.
22:59:23 <trustin>      DIRMINA-166 	Common internal messages that can be shared by
filters and transport implementations
22:59:56 <trustin>      DIRMINA-206 will also impact the API because we have to decide
where to throttle the I/O.
23:00:08 <vrm>          206 can't a be Filter limiting I/O  if the memory usage is growing
too much ?
23:00:18 <proyal>       trustin, that list lokos good
23:00:33 <trustin>      :)
23:00:53 <trustin>      The OOM error is thrown when ThreadPoolFilter is engaged.
23:01:26              * niklas ( 님께서 대화방 #directory-dev에
23:01:31 <trustin>      So I thought ThreadPoolFilter is the right place to throttle
the traffic, but it might not work as we expected.
23:01:37 <proyal>       the TPF should limit the size of the per-session queue, and
disable reads when it reaches a limit
23:01:37 <trustin>      Hi niklas!
23:01:47 <niklas>       Hi! Sorry I'm late! 
23:01:52 <trustin>      no problem:)
23:02:02 <vrm>          I don't see 20- impact on API
23:02:03 <vrm>          206
23:02:12 <trustin>      niklas, we chose a list of issues which will impact the API:
DIRMINA-210 	Investigate removal of static methods in ByteBuffer
23:02:12 <trustin>      DIRMINA-206 	Prevent OutOfMemoryError when a server or a client
is overloaded
23:02:12 <trustin>      DIRMINA-194 	Extract Reactor from Acceptor and Connector like
ACE in C++.
23:02:12 <trustin>      DIRMINA-166 	Common internal messages that can be shared by
filters and transport implementations
23:02:15 <proyal>       vrm: right, it could be internal to the TPF
23:02:45 <trustin>      vrm, proyal: right it will just impact the internal implementation.
23:02:59 <trustin>      As you know a user can change the traffic mask.
23:03:12 <trustin>      and now do we need another mask for overload prevention?
23:03:20 <vrm>          at least it's some limit parameters to give to the TPF 
23:03:41 <proyal>       if the user re-enabled reads after the TPF disabled them for
overload prevention, i think they get what they deserve :)
23:03:56 <proyal>       ie, at some point, we need to just say "if you do this, you'll
hurt yourself"
23:04:10 <trustin>      hmm.. what if a user uses traffic throttling filter with TPF?
23:04:32 <proyal>       the throttling filter should only re-enable reads when its okay
23:04:44 <proyal>       it could keep track of whether or not it was the one to toggle
the state
23:04:53 <trustin>      how?
23:05:27 <proyal>       the filter could keep track of when it toggled reads off and
only turn them back on if it turned them off
23:05:54 <luke_red5>    guys, dinners arrived ;) will check back later see if you are
still chatting
23:06:07 <proyal>       i think the problem case is if the TPF had disabled, and the
throttle wanted to re-enable?
23:06:12 <proyal>       luke_red5: enjoy!
23:06:17 <trustin>      For example both TTF and TPF could disable read at the same
time and then TTF might enable the read in spite that TPF doesn't want it.
23:06:38 <proyal>       they can't disable at the same time can they? since they'd be
executed in serial not parallel?
23:06:46 <trustin>      Hmm.. right.
23:06:57 <proyal>       if TTF enabled when TPF didn't want it, TPF would have to accept
it, and could then re-disable
23:07:21 <proyal>       overall, i think its solvable w/o a special "overload" traffic
23:07:28 <trustin>      We need some synchronization in IoSession.setTrafficMask then,
23:07:47 <proyal>       yes, it should be synchronized i think.
23:08:08 <proyal>       since you're right, you could get parallel execution of filters
that are after the TPF
23:08:30 <trustin>      proyal, you're right. hmm this won't impact the API.
23:08:56 <trustin>      But this issue has to be resolved soon because it affects the
stability of the server.
23:09:53 <doniv>        are u guys saying that its possible to do overload prevention
with a filter?
23:10:29 <doniv>        solution for dirmina-206?
23:11:08 <trustin>      yes.
23:11:15 <proyal>       doniv: we'd give the ThreadPoolFilter some smarts to prevent
23:11:44 <trustin>      But the problem becomes complex if a user adds more than one
23:12:00 <proyal>       only the first one needs to do it
23:12:11 <doniv>        maybe i'm missing something... but hasnt the memory already
been allocated if its reaching a filter?
23:12:24 <proyal>       well, no, since the backup can occur at a later filter..
23:12:51 <doniv>        so mina is not read() ing from the network into a buffer?
23:12:56 <trustin>      no.
23:13:28 <trustin>      It reads but filter will disable read operation from the next
23:14:02 <trustin>      So we can limit the memory consumption at certain level.
23:14:32 <doniv>        so ur proposing a new filter that will toggle read() s?
23:14:45 <trustin>      No.  ThreadPoolFilter will do the job.
23:15:02 <proyal>       k guys, i've gotta run for a bit, will be back in an hour or
so, been very good so far, perhaps we should do this on a regular basis?
23:15:13 <trustin>      proyal, of course! :)
23:15:18 <doniv>        bye
23:15:26 <vrm>          bye
23:15:27 <trustin>      If there's no ThreadPoolFilter in the chain, OutOfMemoryError
won't be thrown.
23:15:29 <niklas>       bye
23:15:37 <trustin>      proyal, I'll schedule the next meeting soon.
23:15:42 <proyal>       going to leave my client connected, so i can read the buffer
when i get back
23:15:48 <proyal>       trustin: sounds good
23:15:49 <proyal>       bye all, thanks for coming!
23:15:54 <trustin>      thanks, too! :)
23:15:56 <trustin>      bye
23:16:16 <niklas>       An idea: how about wrapping the TPF instead of adding this logic
to it? Or maybe you've been over that already?
23:16:36 <trustin>      hmm.. that's also a good idea.
23:16:41 <trustin>      wdyt doniv ?
23:16:46 <niklas>       You could measure the incoming messages versus the outgoing
and detect if it's become overlodaded that way.
23:16:59 <doniv>        i was thinking of a read buffer size per session configuration
23:17:25 <niklas>       If the ratio is too high this wrapping filter will suspend reads
for some sessions somehow.
23:17:34 <trustin>      I thought about that option before but it doesn't count for
the case when there's no TPF.
23:18:04 <trustin>      BTW if we can control the read totally, then we could just create
a sole filter which will be located just before TPF.
23:18:23 <trustin>      totally -> totally using a traffic mask
23:19:08 <elecharny_>   Hi guys !
23:19:12 elecharny elecharny_ 
23:19:20 <trustin>      elecharny_: hi!
23:19:26 <doniv>        hi
23:19:28 <vrm>          hi
23:19:30 <niklas>       hi!
23:19:38 <vrm>          BTW anybody is working on the performance monitoring filter
23:19:41 <elecharny_>   I don't know if the meeting is over ?
23:19:45 <trustin>      No, nobody yet
23:19:50 <trustin>      not over.
23:19:52 <trustin>      we're in the middle
23:19:57 <elecharny_>   ok.
23:20:17 <trustin>      We're talking about an issue: DIRMINA-206 	Prevent OutOfMemoryError
when a server or a client is overloaded
23:20:18 <elecharny_>   Don't want to disturb you a lot. I just have a suggestion for
the next version...
23:20:26 <trustin>      No worries.
23:20:48 <trustin>      Another problem we have to deal with regarding OOM error is
throttling writes.
23:21:02 <lneves>       FWIW i had the OOM problem and I just followed the sugestion
of Trustin to use suspendRead() and resumeRead() ... why can't this be pushed to user?
23:21:33 <doniv>        lneves: it would be an unnecessary burden, since tcp already
handles these semantics
23:21:44 <trustin>      lneves, we can, but eventually we want to provide it out of
the box to lessen the burden of the user.
23:22:12 <trustin>      Because MINA should be easy and simple yet powerful. :)
23:22:35 <trustin>      and we'll get less message about OOM hehe
23:23:25 <trustin>      For reads, we can use a filter to throttle the traffic, but
write is another matter.
23:24:19 <trustin>      Let's name the OOM preventer filter as BOP (Buffer Overrun Protector).
23:24:28 <vrm>          when the write load is too heavy just drop writed buffers ;)
23:25:10 <trustin>      like returning a future which immediately returns false when
a user call 'isWritten'?
23:25:22 <trustin>      The chain will look like this: BOP -> TPF -> Handler
23:25:35 <trustin>      Here, BOP can protect reads but not writes.
23:25:36 <lneves>       ok... but at some point the user must to some work :-)  ...
I can't think of good heuristics to throttle reads/writes.
23:25:45 <niklas>       will writes really be an issue?
23:25:51 <doniv>        niklas: yea
23:26:03 <niklas>       i mean you get messageSent when your message has been written
23:26:03 <trustin>      If the client is too slow then we can get OOM there too.
23:26:07 <niklas>       then you send the next
23:26:19 <niklas>       or am i just naive? :)
23:26:34 <doniv>        yea, but the jvm wont give u the write readiness notification
23:26:43 <niklas>       precisely
23:26:53 <trustin>      niklas, it works.  but it won't be optimal in the aspect of
23:26:59 <doniv>        memory someplace will get filled up
23:27:00 <niklas>       you won't get messageSent until messages has been delivered
to the kernel buffer right?
23:27:10 <doniv>        right
23:27:13 <trustin>      niklas, on some platforms, yes.
23:28:03 <trustin>      BTW would it be OK to block IoSession.write() method when buffer
is full?
23:28:22 <trustin>      Otherwise, would fail-fast be the better way?
23:28:28 <doniv>        ideally i'd prefer a future
23:29:08 <trustin>      How can we use a future in this case?
23:29:50 <trustin>      I can't think of a future other than a future which returns
false immediately.
23:29:58 <trustin>      ... when buffer is full.
23:30:02 <doniv>        yea
23:30:28 <doniv>        it has the info of whether the write is pending, failed or completed
23:30:38 <trustin>      sounds like a good idea.
23:30:53 <trustin>      Then how can a user get notified when a buffer has a room for
a new write?
23:31:10 <vrm>          when he retry ?
23:31:12 <doniv>        they can wrap the future
23:31:27 <trustin>      actually they could use messageSent event?
23:31:27 <doniv>        implement their own, that has the retry logic
23:31:47 <trustin>      if messageSent is fired, this means at least the memory is freed
up for the previous message.
23:32:40 <doniv>        but that would cause a control jump
23:32:47 <trustin>      hmm right.
23:32:50 <doniv>        basically, a change of flow
23:33:21 <doniv>        it would be good if we could offer a WriteRetryFuture
23:33:25 <doniv>        or something like that
23:33:44 <trustin>      hmm.. Sounds interesting
23:34:01 <trustin>      Then we have maintain a list of WriteRetryFutures for notification.
23:34:03              * 접속 종료됨 (접속이 초기화됨).
**** 기록 종료 : Tue May 09 23:34:03 2006

**** 기록 시작 : Tue May 09 23:35:58 2006

23:35:58              * 당신은 대화방 #directory-dev 에 참여합니다.
23:36:08 <trustin_>     Sorry I lost my connection
23:36:47 <trustin_>     My last messagE: Then we have maintain a list of WriteRetryFutures
for notification.
23:36:52 <trustin_>     have -> have to 
23:37:00 <doniv>        niklas: dunno... trustin, niklas was asking of the OOM will
occur in user code or MINA code
23:37:25 <trustin_>     user code probably.  But it can also happen in MINA code even
if MINA is not the main cause of the problem.
23:37:35 <niklas>       I mean it seems to me like the user will do the allocation of
bytebuffer when writing so he will cause the OOME right?
23:37:52 <niklas>       True
23:37:54 <trustin_>     yes, but it's just a matter of probability.
23:38:19 <trustin_>     anyway...
23:38:36 <trustin_>     i guess this issue can be solved without changing the API a
lot.  It will be just an addition.
23:38:56 <trustin_>     Let's talk about this issue later.  For now let's discuss the
next issue. :)
23:39:08 <doniv>        trustin_: good idea
23:39:10 <doniv>        :)
23:39:11 <trustin_>     :)
23:39:14 <doniv>        this needs deliberation
23:39:29 <trustin_>     What we needed was just a concensus that this issue won't affect
the API design at all.
23:39:42 <doniv>        are we sure on that?
23:40:14 <trustin_>     Not 100% sure.  I guess we need to try to implement it.
23:40:28 <trustin_>     At least it will add some properties to our configuration classes.
23:40:30              * luke_red6 (n=luke@ 님께서 대화방 #directory-dev에
23:40:35 luke_red5 luke_red6 
23:40:39 <trustin_>     hi again luke_red6
23:40:48 <doniv>        hmm
23:41:06 <trustin_>     or to TPF.
23:41:27 <trustin_>     Next issue: DIRMINA-194 	Extract Reactor from Acceptor and Connector
like ACE in C++.
23:41:52 <trustin_>     I don't know whether we need to resolve this issue.
23:42:00 <trustin_>     What do you think?
23:43:16              * doniv has no idea abt this
23:43:18 <niklas>       I haven't looked at ACE
23:43:34 <doniv>        i'd seen some of it 5 yrs ago :)
23:43:45 <trustin_>     :)
23:43:48 <trustin_>     Me either.
23:44:24 <niklas>       on to the next issue then? ;)
23:44:36 <trustin_>     OK.  Then let's skip this issue untli we have an extra transport
implementation such as AIO.
23:45:00 <trustin_>     The last issue: DIRMINA-166 	Common internal messages that can
be shared by filters and transport implementations
23:45:37 <trustin_>     The idea of this issue is basically to provide some common set
of message objects.
23:45:54 <trustin_>     For example, we can get notified when a TLS session is secured
or unsecured.
23:46:09 <trustin_>     We're using messages which are specific to SSLFilter now.
23:46:25 <trustin_>     What if we use a crypto filter which is not an SSLfilter?
23:47:19 <trustin_>     More explanation is here:
23:47:43 <trustin_>     I'm not sure if this is a good idea though.
23:47:48 <doniv>        secured / unsecured in the sense?
23:48:36 <doniv>        wont sslfilter throw an exception if the ssl handshake failed?
23:48:42 <doniv>        afaik, it does
23:48:44 <trustin_>     It might be better to create a subclass of IoHandler which has
an extra event handler methods.
23:49:10 <trustin_>     Secured is emitted when a SSL handshake is finished successfully.
23:49:39 <trustin_>     Unsecured is emitted when TLS session is closed and the session
is going to transfer data in clear text.
23:50:17 <doniv>        but wont that mean removal of the filter?
23:50:20 <trustin_>     Subclassing has its own problem that it bypasses the filter
23:50:23 <niklas>       Won't this break transperancy? I mean I don't want my IoHandler
to know whether an SSLFilter is used or not.
23:50:27 <trustin_>     It can, but it sometimes not.
23:50:40 <doniv>        any specific case u can recollect?
23:50:41              * luke_red5 has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:50:48 <trustin_>     StartTLS is the case.
23:51:05 <doniv>        alright.. taking that example...
23:51:17 <doniv>        if i want to enable tls over an existing connection
23:51:19 <trustin_>     You can start TLS session in the middle of communication and
then finish the session before the connection is closed.  and then it can start again.
23:51:25 <doniv>        i apply the filter
23:51:38 <doniv>        and set disable_encryption_once
23:51:42 <doniv>        and then write() data
23:51:51 <doniv>        signifying starttls enabled
23:52:04 <trustin_>     yep.
23:52:12 <doniv>        when the user wants to remove tls, he calls remove on the filter
23:52:22 <doniv>        which causes the tls connection to be torn down as well
23:52:41 <trustin_>     hmm yes.
23:52:46 <doniv>        anything i'm missing here?
23:52:56 <trustin_>     Client can close the TLS session.
23:53:14 <doniv>        yep
23:53:16 <doniv>        true...
23:53:20 <doniv>        filter cant remove itself
23:53:35 <trustin_>     hmm it might be able to .. let me think
23:54:00              * luke_red5 (n=luke@ 님께서 대화방 #directory-dev에
23:54:20 <doniv>        if it can, then notifications can be added for filterAdded()
23:54:29 <doniv>        dont remember if they are already there
23:54:58 <trustin_>     hmm..
23:55:26 <trustin_>     I used these messages in LDAP StartTLS support.
23:55:35 <trustin_>     Darn, I forgot the SVN URL.
23:56:14              * trustin has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:56:32 <trustin_>     found it hehe
23:58:10 <trustin_>     When we implement StartTLS and StopTLS(?) in a complex protocol.
23:58:55 <trustin_>     we have to exchange some messages which conforms to that protocol.
23:59:06 <doniv>        yes
23:59:48 <trustin_>     So the Secured and Unsecured event can be part of the protocol.
 For example, you might want to degrade the authentication level when a session is unsecured.
00:00:25 <trustin_>     So a user need to get notified when a session is secured or
00:00:54 <doniv>        thats not necessarily a protocol notification
00:01:11 <doniv>        i mean, the protocol wont have a command to say that the connection
is now secure
00:01:31 <doniv>        atleast the one i work with doesnt have
00:01:33 <trustin_>     right.  It's just an internal message in TLS level.
00:02:01 <trustin_>     We just catch the state of the session and perform an appropriate
00:03:02 <doniv>        a proposition..
00:03:02 <trustin_>     Oops it's midnight here.
00:03:16 <doniv>        currently filters have methods that can be invoked
00:03:21 <doniv>        by external classes
00:03:24 <trustin_>     yes.
00:03:39 <doniv>        so can we have a method that performs a callback
00:03:45 <doniv>        for such notifications, if needed
00:04:03 <trustin_>     We could even define a callback interface.
00:04:05 <doniv>        like for eg, sslfilter can have connectionStateNotification()
00:04:29 <trustin_>     sounds good.
00:04:29 <doniv>        so in this case, IoHandlers dont need to be changed
00:04:42 <trustin_>     Hmm you're right.
00:05:00 <trustin_>     nice idea indeed.
00:05:08 <niklas>       great!
00:05:08 <trustin_>     so we don't need to resolve this issue? heh
00:05:09 <doniv>        thanks :)
00:05:24 <doniv>        dont make me blush now :)
00:05:27 <trustin_>     :)
00:05:35 <trustin_>     Another issue is here:
00:05:43 <trustin_>
00:05:57              * luke_red6 has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
00:06:21 <doniv>        Forever "waiting for"
00:06:30 <niklas>       me too :(
00:06:47 <trustin_>     Allow datagrams to be directed to a specific destination on
a per-datagram instead of a per-session basis.
00:07:01 <trustin_>     It's an issue for broadcast.
00:07:19 <doniv>        hmm
00:07:26 <trustin_>     Broadcast packet basically doesn't have a source address.
00:07:34 <trustin_>     so it cannot write back the response.
00:07:37 <doniv>        dunno abt the datagram support in mina
00:07:56 <trustin_>     :)
00:08:13 <niklas>       broadcast is more or less a black hole for me. sorry.
00:08:27 <trustin_>     We cannot know the address of the remote peer when we receive
a broadcast message.
00:08:43 <vrm>          why not a special session for handling broadcasts ?
00:09:03 <trustin_>     Actually there is a reply-to field in DHCP message.
00:09:16 <trustin_>     Hmm.  that makes sense.
00:09:27 <trustin_>     so the reply should go to that reply-to address.
00:09:28 <doniv>        i agree
00:09:31              * luke_red6 (n=luke@ 님께서 대화방 #directory-dev에
00:10:06 <trustin_>     We have a DatagramSession.  We could subclass this interface
and define a BroadcastSession.
00:10:32 <trustin_>     BroadcastSession.write() has an extra SocketAddress parameter.
00:10:39 <trustin_>     What do you think?
00:10:59 <trustin_>     and setRemoteAddress perhaps.
00:11:04 <doniv>        from whatever i understand, it should be good
00:11:16 <doniv>        am not sure abt the subclassing though
00:11:30 <doniv>        but might be wrong since i havent seen datagramsession
00:11:45 <trustin_>     OK.  I'll a comment about this issue after I summarize this
00:12:02 <trustin_>     No problem.  This is just a brainstorming :)
00:12:07 <trustin_>     niklas, what do you think?
00:12:36 <trustin_>     it seems like he's away hehe
00:12:43 <trustin_>     OK.. it's late here.
00:12:49 <niklas>       Subclassing sounds like a nice idea
00:12:54 <doniv>        maybe it would be better to have BroadcastSession and DatagramSession
at the same hierarchical level
00:12:59 <niklas>       Sorry, got distracted elsewhere
00:13:04 <doniv>        with a common super class
00:13:24 <trustin_>     We had two hours conversation.  It was great indeed.  It would
be nice if we held this kind of meeting periodically.
00:13:47 <niklas>       Yes, I think it would be great
00:13:52 <trustin_>     doniv, but broadcast is really just a subset of datagram.
00:13:54 <doniv>        turned out to be more of a brainstorming meeting rather than
a roadmap meeting, eh
00:14:00 <trustin_>     hehe yeah
00:14:23 <trustin_>     At least we chose some high priority issues.
00:14:36 <doniv>        yea, that was good
00:14:42 <niklas>       Will a log of this meeting be put somewhere?
00:14:51 <niklas>       Could be good for the future
00:14:54 <trustin_>     yes. I'll e-mail it.
00:15:09 <trustin_>     Next release will have to resolve most issues we addressed here
and other bugs.
00:15:20 <niklas>       Ok, great. Maybe we could put the logs on the wiki?
00:15:26 <trustin_>     Sure
00:15:54 <trustin_>     BTW It would be nice if we can shorten the release cycle.
00:16:06 <doniv>        i agree too..
00:16:17 <trustin_>     two to three weeks will be optimal.
00:16:22 <doniv>        but possibly, theres another way to look at it
00:16:30 <trustin_>     yes.
00:16:34 <doniv>        maybe the core features have been completed
00:16:41 <doniv>        thats why the slowdown?
00:16:52 <trustin_>     perhaps.  we're all satisfied haha
00:17:09 <doniv>        exactly :)
00:17:14 <niklas>       well actually mina is working great!
00:17:20 <trustin_>     :)
00:17:26 <doniv>        according to that logic, 1.0 should be out yesterday :)
00:17:29 <niklas>       :)
00:17:46 <trustin_>     :)
00:17:59 <trustin_>     At least OOM and ByteBuffer static method issues have to be
resolved before 1.0 IMHO.
00:18:01 <doniv>        on a more serious note, 1.0 readiness can be judged by the number
of current users as well
00:18:14 <doniv>        definitely
00:18:25 <trustin_>     Ah and Broadcast hehe
00:18:38 <doniv>        if there are sufficient number of users running it successfully
in production systems, we could be 1.0 ready
00:18:41 <trustin_>     and Datagram session management scheme I fotgot to mention.
00:18:45 <doniv>        after these bug fixes, of course
00:18:54 <trustin_>     yeah correct.
00:19:04 <doniv>        "sufficient" needs to be defined
00:19:14 <trustin_>     I feel that we need to take care of datagram side, too hehe
00:19:42 <doniv>        but then there would be todo's piling up all the time
00:19:59 <doniv>        trick is to draw the line somewhere
00:20:12 <doniv>        its a huge psychological advantage if we have a 1.0
00:20:32 <trustin_>     You're right.  My wish for 1.0 is to make the APi design fit
to both datagram and socket nicely so we don't need to revamp the API later.
00:20:38 <vrm>          yes but you need to freeze the API
00:20:46 <doniv>        agreed
00:20:48 <vrm>          heh
00:20:55 <trustin_>     yeah releasing 1.0 will attract much more people.
00:21:08 <trustin_>     and they will start to submit more patches :D
00:21:15              * luke_red5 has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
00:21:28 <doniv>        true
00:22:00 <elecharny_>   trustin : almost done with the session ?
00:22:02 <trustin_>     The changes from 0.8 to 0.9 was huge, but I'd like to minimize
the effect when we move from 1.0 to 1.1.
00:22:04 elecharny elecharny_ 
00:22:07 <trustin_>     elecharny_: yes.
00:22:13 <elecharny_>   ok. 
00:22:32 <doniv>        right...
00:22:39 <elecharny_>   We had a convo with alex lately, about the dependence 
00:22:45 <elecharny_>   between MINA and shared-asn1
00:22:46 <trustin_>     OK.. it seems like we discussed most important issues and basic
idea on what to include in 1.0.
00:22:49 elecharny elecharny_ 
00:22:53 <trustin_>     elecharny_: Oh I see.
00:23:01 <elecharny_>   is it possible to ease this constraint ?
00:23:14 <trustin_>     ease?
00:23:33 <trustin_>     My laptop is running out of battery.
00:23:39 elecharny elecharny_ 
00:23:40 <elecharny_>   relax, get rid of
00:23:54 <trustin_>     hmm.. so MINA doesn't depend on shared-asn1?
00:23:55 <vrm>          BTW can my Session MBean can be integrated ?
00:24:25 <elecharny_>   what about moving this statefull-decoder stuff out of shared-asn1
00:24:36 <trustin_>     vrm: JMX integration is a new feature related to integration.
 We discussed about the issues that can affect the core API.
00:24:38 <elecharny_>   yep.
00:24:47 elecharny elecharny_ 
00:24:48              * lneves has quit (Connection reset by peer)
00:25:03              * luke_red5 (n=luke@ 님께서 대화방 #directory-dev에
00:25:05 <elecharny_>   because if I change something in shared-asn1, then that means
a new version of MINA
00:25:06 <vrm>          JMX need some API change
00:25:08              * lneves (n=cbd00ab@ 님께서 대화방 #directory-dev에
00:25:15 elecharny elecharny_ 
00:25:17 <vrm>          like for displaying ByteBuffer poolsize
00:25:36 <vrm>          but the Session MBean need no API changes
00:25:40 <trustin_>     vrm: it's basically an addition of the API, not the impacting
00:26:13 <trustin_>     elecharny_: ah I see. we could have some middle area between
shared-asn1 and mina.
00:26:14 <vrm>          so post 1.0?
00:26:22 <elecharny_>   yeah.
00:26:39 <trustin_>     vrm: not sure.  it depends on how fast we can add features.
00:26:40 <elecharny_>   It could go to commons-coec, but Alex syas that may take months
00:26:50 elecharny elecharny_ 
00:27:09 <trustin_>     elecharny_: Can we talk about this on the maliling list.  my
battery is almost 0. :(
00:27:29 <trustin_>     vrm: My hope is to resolve all issues we got.
00:28:04 <elecharny_>   ok
00:28:23 <doniv>        alrighty then, gnite trustin
00:28:31 <vrm>          g'night
00:28:35 <trustin_>     vrm: Please keep posting your patches.  I'll make sure it is
reviewed and merged.
00:28:37 <doniv>        gnite everyone
00:28:41 <trustin_>     good night!
00:28:49 <doniv>        or good day :)
00:28:51 <trustin_>     :D
00:28:54 <vrm>          ok :)
00:28:54 <trustin_>     TTYL

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