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Subject svn commit: r376450 - in /directory/trunks/apacheds/server-installers: NOTICE.txt README.txt
Date Thu, 09 Feb 2006 22:11:49 GMT
Author: akarasulu
Date: Thu Feb  9 14:11:39 2006
New Revision: 376450

adding notice file and updating the readme

      - copied unchanged from r376443, directory/trunks/NOTICE.txt

Modified: directory/trunks/apacheds/server-installers/README.txt
--- directory/trunks/apacheds/server-installers/README.txt (original)
+++ directory/trunks/apacheds/server-installers/README.txt Thu Feb  9 14:11:39 2006
@@ -1,50 +1,113 @@
-                               Apache Directory Server
-                               =======================
+                            Apache Directory Server
+                            =======================
-To run, build or just to read about how to use the server please refer to the
-documentation.  For binary distributions you can just refer to the local copy
+All installer based distributions include a copy of the site documentation 
+within the docs directory.  Point your browser to:
+    ./docs/index.html
-or online here,
+or go online here for the most up to date documentation,
-To run with defaults,
+The server is designed to run as a Windows Service or as a UNIX Daemon (also
+on MacOSX).  ApacheDS uses commons-daemon procrun and jsvc to install and run
+as a service or daemon respecitively.  These are the only native components 
+specific to the targeted operating system.
+You can start, and stop the daemon on UNIX using the /etc/init.d/apacheds 
+script.  The debug command starts the server without the daemon.  It can be
+used to attach to the server using a debugger and to dump output to the
+console.  Only in debug mode can the diagnostic screens be launched.  In
+daemon mode the proper DISPLAY parameter must be set to launch the diagnostics
+on startup.
+On windows the server can be started like any other service using the services
+console via Microsoft Management Console.  It can also be started, stoped and
+configured using the procrun service manager installed for it: see 
+Start->All Programs->apacheds->Service Setttings. A tray icon can also be 
+launched for the application to monitor it and to control the service: see 
+Start->All Programs->apacheds->Tray Monitor.  The server can also be started 
+in a special debug mode (not for IDE remote debugging though) where it dumps
+output to the command line in a cmd window rather than to the log files.  You
+can launch the server in this mode by selecting Start->All Programs->
+apacheds->Test Service.  The server can also be started in test mode by
+running the apacheds.exe executable from the commandline.  Likewise the 
+service manager can be started from the command line by invoking
+Tool Support
+ApacheDS comes bundled with a apacheds-tools.jar executable jar in the bin
+directory of the installation.  You can run the tools application and list the 
+available commands on all platforms like so:
+   java -jar apacheds-tools.jar help
+The tool contains several commands.  Here's a breif listing with description:
+   help             displays help message 
+   notifications    listens to the server for disconnect msgs
+   dump             dumps partitions in LDIF format for recovery and backup
+   graceful         starts graceful shutdown with shutdown delay & timeoffline
+   diagnostic       launches diagnostic UI for inspecting server partitions
+                    and client sessions
-java -jar apacheds-main-<version>.jar 
+Over time this tool will include clients to add, delete, compare, modify and
+rename entries as well as search the directory.
-or with custom settings,
-java -jar apacheds-main-<version>.jar
-where <version> is the current version of ApacheDS 
-(for instance, apache-main-0.9.1.jar)
+or the bundled documentation.
+Building Bundled Sources
+The sources are bundled with the installers and can be found in the src
+directory of the installation base.  The build system used is Maven 2.  We use
+version 2.0.2 for this release.  In general we try to use the most recent 
+production release of Maven.  You can build the server like so:
+   cd ${install.basedir}; cd src; mvn install 
+If you're interested in the latest sources you can check out ApacheDS using 
+subversion at the following base URL:
-maven multiproject:install 
+We recommend issuing a build command at the top most level in case ApacheDS
+has dependencies on the latest MINA version in trunks.  
- o The kerberos service has been added to this distribution but is off by 
-   default.  Please check documentation on kerberos section of site for
-   configuring the kerberos protocol provider plugin. 
+ o The kerberos service, NTP service, and Changepw service are present
+   however they are inactive by default.  SSL support likewise is present
+   yet inactive.  For more information visit the website or contact us at
+Please direct all issues to or file a JIRA here:
+Thanks and enjoy,
+Apache Directory Team

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