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Subject svn commit: r375847 - in /directory/trunks: ./ apacheds/ apacheds/kerberos-shared/ apacheds/protocol-dhcp/ apacheds/protocol-dns/ apacheds/protocol-ldap/ apacheds/protocol-ntp/ apacheds/server-ssl/ daemon/ mina/ mina/core/ mina/examples/ mina/filter-co...
Date Wed, 08 Feb 2006 04:33:31 GMT
Author: akarasulu
Date: Tue Feb  7 20:33:00 2006
New Revision: 375847

Preparations for shared and mina releases:

 o mina pom.xml now extends the top which is set to 1.0 
 o top level pom has to have some extra resource sections to cover for default
   resource handling otherwise resource handling is overriden and bad things 
 o stuck mina at 0.9.1 
 o stuck shared asn1 dep of mina's to 0.9.4 along for shared-ldap
 o formated source for shared libraries using the directory project formatter: 
 o updated apacheds to refer to new release tags although we have not released

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which exceeds the limit of 50 ones, so it was shortened to the summary.]

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