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Subject svn commit: r345346 - /directory/
Date Thu, 17 Nov 2005 22:21:56 GMT
Author: ersiner
Date: Thu Nov 17 14:21:46 2005
New Revision: 345346

Changes up to the old (other) version:
Added missing check out command for directory/shared/protocol/trunk
Added some verbosity

    directory/   (with props)

Added: directory/
--- directory/ (added)
+++ directory/ Thu Nov 17 14:21:46 2005
@@ -0,0 +1,53 @@
+echo "Changing to parent directory..."
+cd ..
+echo "Checking out directory/ (non-recursive)..."
+svn co -N directory
+echo "Checking out directory/shared/ (non-recursive)..."
+svn co -N directory/shared
+echo "Checking out directory/shared/ldap/trunk..."
+svn co directory/shared/ldap/trunk
+echo "Checking out directory/shared/kerberos/trunk..."
+svn co directory/shared/kerberos/trunk
+echo "Checking out directory/shared/protocol/trunk..."
+svn co directory/shared/protocol/trunk
+echo "Checking out directory/sitedocs/trunk..."
+svn co directory/sitedocs/trunk
+echo "Checking out directory/network/trunk..."
+svn co directory/network/trunk
+echo "Checking out directory/naming/trunk..."
+svn co directory/naming/trunk
+echo "Checking out directory/protocol-providers/changepw/trunk/trunk..."
+svn co directory/protocol-providers/changepw/trunk
+echo "Checking out directory/protocol-providers/dhcp/trunk/trunk..."
+svn co directory/protocol-providers/dhcp/trunk
+echo "Checking out directory/protocol-providers/dns/trunk/trunk..."
+svn co directory/protocol-providers/dns/trunk
+echo "Checking out directory/protocol-providers/kerberos/trunk/trunk..."
+svn co directory/protocol-providers/kerberos/trunk
+echo "Checking out directory/protocol-providers/ldap/trunk/trunk..."
+svn co directory/protocol-providers/ldap/trunk
+echo "Checking out directory/protocol-providers/ntp/trunk/trunk..."
+svn co directory/protocol-providers/ntp/trunk
+echo "Checking out directory/clients (non-recursive)..."
+svn co -N directory/clients
+echo "Checking out directory/clients/kerberos/trunk..."
+svn co directory/clients/kerberos/trunk
+echo "Checking out directory/clients/ldap/trunk..."
+svn co directory/clients/ldap/trunk
+echo "Checking out directory/authx/trunk..."
+svn co directory/authx/trunk
+echo "Checking out directory/asn1/trunk..."
+svn co directory/asn1/trunk
+echo "Checking out directory/apacheds/trunk..."
+svn co directory/apacheds/trunk
+echo "Changing to directory/ again..."
+cd directory

Propchange: directory/
    svn:executable = *

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